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Supreme Court of Washing
ton Reviews Decision in
Magnuson Suit.
SEATTLE, Oct. 4V Directing that
Bishop Edward J. O'Dea of Seattle be
dismissed as a party to the suit, tbe
state supreme court ordered today ji
new trial in tbe damage case of Lizzie
Magnuson against tbo corporation of
the Catholic Bishop or! Nisqually, the
Sisters of the Visitation, a corporation,
and several individuals.
The suit grew out of the alleged kid
naping of Mrs. Magnuson 'a 16-year-old
daughter, Marjoric liilman, and her de
icntion bv the Sisters of tho Visitation.
Mrs. Magnuson was awarded $23,033
damages by a jury in tho superior court.
It was held by the supremo court in
its decision today that passion and prej
udice wero shown in returning a ver
dict against Bishop O'Dea and that he
should not have been made a party to
the suit. Tho court held also that the
damages awarded were excessive as
Mrs. Magnuson had testified thai she
expended only $3000 in effecting the
release of her daughter. Tho mother
was the proper custodian of tho girl,
said the decision, but ,"he was entitled
oulv to compensator- damages.
Tho alleged kidnaping of Marjone
Tiilman Jed to a series of sensational
trials a vear or moro ago involving at
tempts in the juvenile courts of Seattle
and San Francisco to prove Mrs. Mag
mifon to be an improper person to have
control of the girl. In awarding dam
ages to Mrs. Magnuson, a jury in tho
superior court here hold that she had
been persecuted and allowed extra judg
ments for malicious persecution.
Figures Show Large Excess Earnings
Over Dividend Requirements at
Present Prices.
Special to The Tribune.
NEW YORK, Oct. 4. Ray Consoli- ;
dated earnings are showing up very sat- )
isfactorily, not only because of the bet- -j
tor market price of copper but because j
the company is making steady progress
in approaching its rated 37,000 tons a
day capacity, i
The company showed earnings of j
ncarlv 1,500,000 in the first half of ij
this year, or .$280,000 in excess of pros- 3
nil dividend requirements. Earnings
in the second quarter wero figured on
35 cent metal. Estimating tho selling j
price of copper for the third and fourth jj
quarters at 16 cents a. pound, would
make Rav ("'on 's earnings for the vear g
well in excess of tho $3,000,000 mark, 3
o. about .$S80,000 above dividend re- ij
quirements. If the copper market aver- i
ages 17c in the last three months of 5
this year, nnd the mine shows the ex- 5
peetetl increase in production, the com- jj
pany will show in rouud figures $1,- a
000,000 in excess of a fullo'car's divi-
(lend requirements. fj
Free Speech League Will Ask Governor B
Lister to Pardon Victims of f
Judicial Wrath. G
SEATTLE, Oct. 4. Thirty-eight per- 1
sons six women and thirty-two men U
are still in tiic county jail for refusal wj
to pay the fines imposod upon them E
for contempt of .court by Superior ra
Judge .lohn E. Humphries. One man 1
grew weary of his cell today and paid jq
I he .$100 fine assessed against him. g
The women in jail aro Mrs. Minnie g
IS. Parks, who told Judge Humphries aj
that the "resolutions of defiance'' she Jg
signed were not half strong enough to ft
express her contempt for him; Mrs. fj
Mary Jarvis, who exclaimed in court
thai, in England judges had less power jyj
than in America; Mrs. Ella Price, Mrs. 1
L. Freed, Mrs. Catherine Stirlan and 1
Mrs. Hannah Anderson. p
At tomorrow night's meeting, called
by the Free Speech Defense league, a 1
resolution will be presented asking Gov- B
ernor Lister to pardon the persons con- 0
victed bv Judge Humphries. H
The Seattle Municipal league in- m
structed its committee on county af- ra
fairs today to investigate the admmis- Q
tration of justice in King countv I
courts. "
I Religious Tolerance. 1
LIMA, Peru, Oct. -i. Peru in future is B
tp enjoy religious tolerance Heretofore W
the exercise of any religion other than 1
the Roman Catholic hus been prohibited. H
The chamber of deputies today adopted 1
by G6 votes to i an amendment to the D
constitution, dealing with this subject. H
The amendment had been alrady ap-
proved by the senate. In splte of the 1
constitutional prohibition tho government 1
some time ago permitted the building of M
a number of Protestant churches and D
mission schools In various parts of the S
country. n
I A Marvel oub Escape.
"Mv little boy had a marvelous es- 1
capo," writes P. F. Bastiams of Prince 1
Albert, Capo of Good Hope. "It oc- 1
curred in the middlo of the night. He I
irot a very severe attack of croup. A9 1
luck would have it, T had a largo bot- m
tie of Chamborlain's Cough Remedy in m
the house. After following the direc- 0
tions for an hour and twenty minutes Q
he was through all danger." Sold by 1
all dealers. (Advertisement.) I
I May Out Steel Prices. 1
NEW YORK, Oct 4. Steel manufac- H
turers were reported here today to be
considering a reduction of from ?2 to $3 9
a ton In the price of their products to H
meet the lowering of steel duties in ef- I
feet today under the new tariff sched- H
nle. The possibility of competition from H
German and British manufacturers was u
said to be responsible for the move. 1
I Skull Not Fractured. I
CHICAGO, Oct. 4 Tho Rev. Briscoe 1
Hall, who was reported fatally Injured
by the blows of a man frenziod with drink Fa
last night, will recover, it was stated to-
day when examination uhowed that bis H
skull wns not fractured.
The changeable weather of early fall H
brings on coughs and colds that have
a weakening effect on tho system, and
may become chronic. Use Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound. It has a
very soothing and healing effect on
the irritated and inflamed air passages
and will help very quickly. It is a
well known family medicine that gives J
results. Schramm-JohnBon, Drugs,
"The Never Substitutoje," fivo (5)
good stores. (Advertisement.) g
I Again Monday won, Mio
Matinee Tickets to Pantages
Wjfjj WtAjkJ The great HideTn! si
I new programme this week at Pantages positively Jffijy YOUR number isn't among those of todnvJ
the best in town. Phone Exchange 300 State and Broadway may find it tomorrow. Come every day m If
rrr ; when we purchased six thousand matinee tickets for the panta- - JuJPtL
t0 !L 'e GES VAUDEVILLE, we imagined that we had a very adequate supply. However, the popu- WmnpTl'e A AflWOl
tub T ' lar clamor for these tickets has been so sensational that they vanished like the proverbial hot- d bUI
I Jk Mm Mn j cakesJ and by .Thursday night the supply was completely exhausted. We immediately pur-j I10S
j mm h H ; chased an additional six thousand tickets, and by Saturday night the last one of these had been wrt
IWOTNTTi given away. Hundreds who saw the Pantages Show came back for more tickets. They were j gfi &h ffk fib
Nearftat stnTfnfuTe I surPrised and delighted with theunusual excellence of the bill presented. 1 1 1 1 W
I whatsis the pit? Sutis our The Pantages management found it impossible to sell 'us any more tickets for this week's nil mji n mjr mMm(foi
$ New Bargain Square the pit, Into -r-, . 0, . . V , . ... . , . $ vgT mm rM"
Jmn&tlXBmwtIinTl anta'es ohow, but we have bought six thousand Pantages Matinee seats tor the week com- 1 1
!S'I8"iiiaZ&iSi! mencing next Wednesday, Oct. 8th. ST
in?ion . Commencing tomorrow morning, one of these Matinee tickets will be given free with each to k0 ISpiJaj1! hM
I p.t , , rnMTfl, I cas purchase. Come early as the supply will last but a very short time. THE NEW tiibki a
i 1 1 aC'3 'NeW'1' '" ' ' ' c I fl
j Prices t Cause Enthusiastic Buying p- zzsk,
jZrj-ES II I Misses' and Young Women's Women's SuitS-ffiu?derM pl?i;
one houe speoxai,. B Ull l . BWCUig FtOCliS 0 Suits, Worth to $31.50, for $22.50 . J ," "fe
Monday, 3 p.m. to 4 p. m.j ff Instead of $18.50 fcllj.llv Suits, Worth to $20.00, for $13.95
Ladies' 25c value Fleece Lined! Wffli . p.nSdbAS KNW- EthlDS KU' w" I Monday at 3 p. m. uatll M$
Hose at, a .1 MM o a pi"h. but a,. M mav.n, o wodi.- tanora wear m I inn maSar X to!3s-
a g "(Pl lli III II Q real charm Is in tho garments themselves thoy lend America wao ready tho other day to dlspouo of a group of ft " j5t -Dlcaoupfor
Pa11 HffiH.n IflnM themaelvoa gracefully to tho swaying movements of the danco suits made up as earn pi bb and now not to bo duplicated be- Hemmed Huck Towels, sfr&tf?
Am -HJ JJ and are altogether t!le mOSt fascinating froclcs for young -U8BVng 020x38, C5
TO , mainjj till ' ffiuf!vL . ' j women we evr had to Bhow. Made of handsome shadow lace Novelties, cutaways, etrictly tailored street costumeB, plain, pair BJolK1 1"
V H s&fl fW'l jr-d and sheer chiffon in white and ecru, with soft folds of measa- belted, novelty back, new flounce drapes on skirts or the more 1- Mftdr
ONE HOUB SPECIAL i fH line girdle and corsage of pastel shade. The most charming "-gesnk 21 1 tuMX
MONDAY, 4 p. m. to 5 p. m. Z'wl "SUnSbIn" models-1Uve ?18'50 values' on Bal c(, homoBpun3- ntU da dlQonals' No phono or rnai defilkJ
Values np to $2 in Ladies' I
W01 Efll KuN'lRAKI? UIsJtH'.n.e..d..00.a.TE.E.$13.95 CAT ? Af? WOMFIf' HftAT fMonday, 3 p. m. to 5lp.
each ' d9C 111 a11 th6 now ratlno and wo1 fabrIcs and ln 811 8,zes' WmM-SMsM V WW VltVAUAl W VVrt. A M 12y2o Fleece Lined ftjg:
.-, ,, ,' ,, 1 NEW ARRIVALS IN SHADOW LACE, NET, MESSALINE AND . df A ?7I..A d10 TA a jFlaimels at yaxd Q ABfe Tc
FSilf $5.95 Values $17.50, CI 0 QC Values $13.50 JA A
ONE HOUR SPEOIAIi. 1 High, roll and low necks. La Salle models, lace and frill novelties as
$20 $22.50 3t rijurji and $16.50 3t th I etSaaiiin5t 12 vl. im08' qu mu
MONDAY, 10 a. m. to 11 a, m. 1 wdl as beaumul net yoko elTecta- see window display I m noom$u
Ladies' $1 Blist Sup ort - - No phone or mail ordara filled., jde
sizes 34 to 4i,6 "j jj Unusual Values in ' s.vethEocE. Second Week of Harvest Sale . 'ft
coKat repartoouaecond Hoc,! qq Rmsewm E DEUGS AND TOILET AET10LES B S,fP,iav?iJS lMoiid from m . to a
No phone or mail orders filled. 1 ffi.. S SPECIAL CUT PRICES FOR CONFERENCE WEEK. 1 LHJlfcj 311(1 LHILiytvLTS J Hm, Bordered lllA-
ItemS 1 WHEN WE CUT PRICES ON ANYTH I YOU'LL NOTICE THE D.F- 1 lnppi.Ap J i Cnrtadn Scrim lUK,b.
ii ii ii . 26c Wire Broiler or Toaater, special LiBterinQ iBc 100 Compound Cathartic Pills 23c I UlllltKWIlAK 3IlU J In new fall designs. limit i
!at E0c Llsterlno 30c 100 Acetanllld Compound Tablets. .25c I MONDAY SPECIALS. 8 yard3 to a customer. 'ft H(
50c can Floor Wax, special at 43c ?1.00 ustorine ..69c 100 Aspirin Tablets 73c i units' Fall Weight Union Suits, g Vn ,na nr or(wfflaedf th
?1 can Floor Wax, special at 86c H 25c Formolld 15c 100 Fhonolnx Tablets 42c H Harvest Sale Or. U JN0 Pnon or maU oraers nueuh
axexx. g - i 50c Formolld 29c .100 Calomel Tablets 25c price, per suit 03C JB-Tr
t A -r -,. , V 1 at5 Garbasf0 and Covor' I?1 1 25c Glyco Thymollne 17c D'Artagnan Natural Roue with j Made with the new patent non- 'WW.
Just 34 Ladies $1 BraSSiers. R ' 5,.0,c AG1y,C0 Thymollne. 34c PitZ 39c 5 stretching shoulder, elastic around the 1 Bitib
.,:00 oa i. AO aaijfe a -25 Garbage Can and Cover, special fl $1.00 Glyco Thymollne 67c Violet Iulco Dry Rouge 34c armSt adjustable across tho bust and L- , M mmsMia
Sizes d4 10 Ol?I a.t 99c 2Bc Ilublfoam 14c TOILET WATERS I comfortable around the hips. High I Monday, 10 a. m. Until SOl(w.
at ffSSHil S 25c Sanltol Tooth Paste 15c iwiuci w i cko. h an(i iow nccv iODff and elbow Bleeves ne Cft A4- .Ja. ?ne
81 1 $1-00 Garbage Can and Cover, special E 25c Kolnos Tooth Paste 14c 50c Colgate's Toilet Water 38c fi ankle lengths. All hand milshld. Slot of 25 ?6 , ilB,
,iB iibiTTTnm-iiTrinTTmTiTmH-n? at S 250 Woodbury's Tooth Powder. .. ..14c 75C Colgate's Tollot Wator 50c U Comes IrT every size. SSauare RUffS at each WbJibB"
5n Bluii' Enamel Sink Strainers sne- 50c Newbro's Herpiclde 29c .-ji.oo Colgate's Tollot Water 74c G , ., .. . H IBred
ii.nJi.ii folium vii i i imi ituj, Blue Enamel Binic strainers, spe 1 S1.00 Newbro's Herpiclde.. 59c 1.00 Plnaud's Lilac Vegetal 59c 1 Ladles' extra quality fleece lined Boom size 9xlO:G feet. ImarindWrfc
I Clal at 150 I 50c Sage and Sulphur Hair TonIc.35c Vantlne's Wistaria Blosiom 75c H unIn auIt8' at- Qn ffl ra to cover aTooV for bo SSwJil!
ONE HOUR SPECIAL. 1 75c Tubular Lantern, special at. .. .63c 1 31 00 Sage and Sulphur Hair Tonic. 65c Vantlne's Geisha Flowers 75c U each fw 1 t i f 0fr Mnu?",ni
Monday, 3 p. m. to 4 p. m. I l Tubular intern, special at.. 93c g-ffli tTTh 1 leSST. neclc' 0,bow sleeve3 and anlde Ip
15c grade Children's AI van eclal at-C9c 1 fBoC ln0c:::::SS & I Jj. lESfS0 wSeret. .ate$S 1 aTdlum We,9ht flne fliade y Phono or mail ordera flmJtot
RlopV TTnop SIR! 85c Galvanized Tub, special at 63c g 10c Bromo Bellzer 6c H. & J. MUgnot Tollot Water. .. .$1.00 (a'hn 8UI" at' 7Qfi ssiBHBaT( fai
JiaCK nose lt nhron. . . n.nlnl nt Rtlf, I 25c Bromo Seltzer 15c Hudnut's Violet Sec Toilet Watcr.75c E a " : aSWP
lTPar Sfcatn StrfiBfc Entrance I '5 GalvanlZfia Tub' fipecInl at 59c 50o Bromo Soltzer 29c Hudnut's Extreme Violet Tollot Wa- I v Mad the highest grade yarn, all mhhhJ(0i
Near btate Street Entrance Famlly scale with Scoop, spo- U.00 Bromo Seltzer 59c ter 75c I hnd "nlshed, with high neck, long , in 19 ,11.
nr w I clal at . $1.49 W 250 Sal Hepatica 16c Violet Dulce Toilet Water 75c W sleeves or low neck, short sloev3 and iluOnOay, J.U a. HL HO xu Hiflc ij?9
Main Floor. I g Roc Sal Hepatica 39c Harmony Wood Violet Toilet Wa- i ankl length. flor wT1jle iey M lg0 PUlOTB I
-T . a a , I 36o 8-arm Handy Clothes Raclc, spo- E $1.00 Sal Hepatica 77c ter 75c I $1.75 values of the famous Harvard 1 . atW)t rnf
No phone or mail orders filled. I clal at i 23c g 35c Castoria 20c Harmony Rose Buds Toilet Water.76c Mills Vests and Pants, fC 1 Oases, at, OfltatT
I W.SOje-inohHand Saw. special at 85c I o Cagart IttleLiver Plllgc 7Bo o. Verona Violet Sachet, at. special each at JSC each
BaMEB!ai!iaaiK 00 Ash Can and Cover $1.43 1 Pill, 42c (One to a customer.) - 1 S'sSfcftrLfflffSJSu I Size 42x86. limit 6 to eortCW
mT mAT 1 58.00-60 White Flour Cans, $2.19 We carry a p, ,Ine of Madam FIemIng.a Famoua Prepar. SSSdn0aajSS J,,e5nff S I ObIj 20 dozen in the lot. It triBM
ONE HOUB SPEOIAi. I JapELline(1 our 3.. 93c atlone, and call your attention to the fact that by special arrangement 1 2Sgfe SJ. WAJi ST J'erfSt ondt- 1 Pa toa b V, ZtAm filled. U
MONDAY, 3p.m,t04p. m. L50 Cop. Bottom Wash Boller..$1.14 'p''" "0 DsVr ISSsSfi I "on but some are Whgy soiled. phtme or mail orders ffled.-,
-r j. j icv. 14- VT A m I S-drawer Spice Cabinet... 87o street entrance. We carry a most extensive line mmB!amm --j&"fr
UaOieS lO-DUtton ilia UlOVeS, 1 150 Nickel-Plated Tea Kettle. .$1.23 I We also carry Dr. Dawes' Ideal Corn Remover, which Is guaranteed to 1 of approved l D. S. Garments In eaaamKfflBsaes'! the
Values up to $4r, lg Nickel-Plated Tea KotUe, .51.16 J """ "",m ii II II HM ggM, slree,aht nd 3 fU" rQn0 f I " ONE HOUB SPECIAL. Sjj
In red, brown, gray and black. I X ? I MONDAY, 9 a, HL to 10 a. wSjh
Giovea-Near corner Entrance.! Blankets, Bed Comfortables at Harvest Sale Prices T9iiiyci af- Qnial rici !lc.t0yar Sa!T saAS
No phone or mail orders filled. 1 Cold weather demands warm coverings, and cleanliness an ample supply i fPfclU Jtk A M,?&S& $ , ilbb0nS m .
II ot OOQ bed ?lD,ons- housewife will Indeed reap a harvest in sav- j; During our Harvest Sale Is the opportune time for fitting up your home I COlrS' &t ! ' '1 " '
s Ings If she makes her purchases of these seasonable items during our Har- ; with a new rug 3 Widths from 1 to 2 inehes. ; .
s"38 i; vest Sale. !; 15.00 Tapestry rug, full room size, 9x12. Only a limited num- OQO I T,1M,m qortion Main HiwK?181
I 1 i1 ber. Until sold, during our Harvest Sale, at each 2).3 O I BlDDon oecuon Jiutm A"?e f&ei
ONE HOUB SPEOIAL. SHEET BLANKETS, THE SOFT, LONG NAP KIND. i $l7 BQ Seftmeas TapeHtry Rus room 8, 9xl2;.now patterns Cl iJ )lfl 5 I No phone or mall orders fflleiW!,
TvrriTimAV 11o tn rt10r ', 05c grade, gray or tan, during our Harvest Sale. 49c and colors; during our Harvest Sale aL each $ I I' I lBii v
IViUJNiAY, XJ. a, m. 10 J.5 m. J, 8Bc grade, gray or tan, during our Hurvest Sale 66c imnrlal Axmintr R,,n aaaBMaaHBsss,.
Ladies" 60C Value Vests and ij &!? gSSj S.S5 rCSt ,loV flnc allt Conve.Uona'ko'rSal designs, In all wanted j M
PantS, Slightly soiled, 2 75 gradj gray " DURING OUR HARVEST SALE. ij ONE HOUB SPECTIAL.
, each it 2U !; ;3.00 grade, gray, tan and white, during our Harvest Sale $2.19 g SuSllfi? s.xe 9x&1;& SSJ f I MONDAY 10 a. HL to 11
Main Floor. 1 !; COLORED WOOL AND WOOL NAP BLANKETS. !; eM n , $37.50 IMPERIAL VELVET RUGS. "" , Trnnrlbflra J
T , I !' $2.25 grade, homespun gray, during our Harvest Sale, pair $1,49 , 'Urin90 "L0'0" pattorn8! Q9Q A ! I Indies 0c dozjn Mi
No phone Or mail orders filled. I iSO grade, wool nap, gray or tan, during our Harvest Sale, pair $1.59 ! during our Harvt Sale )0.0 i Ichjefs With -inch hemfititOilflMJtr dg
B !- $3.75 grade, gray, during our Harvest Sale, pair.... $2.69 J. $55.00 ROYAL WILTON RUGS. Bkj- of tOMti
i '"ii"! in , J4.G0 grade, gray wool, during our Harvest bale, pair $3.49 In tho new browns, greens and tans, size ntx OOracr, at, IJlfc.nt
, 1 mail mnrrrmMnn niLiuni $6.25 grade, gray nn' "" vJ!)iIlllJi Sa, -...VoO.oS Idozen I y mn
MONDAY, BEGINNING AT 1 .-.-. Neckwear SSiBif
9AM AND WHILE TTTP.vS ill bsms BKnaas , Nq hono or mail ora6rfl fUlwUlfl
JjAS1, II S,ALf' a I CIAL' I Monday, 11 to 12 m. I SALE Monday, 2 to 3 1 We place on sale 1 C'AL, I " ' ' , itiJ1, 'i
II Mondav'3to4 I Monday, 4 to 5 I Monday, 4:30 to 1 p. m. ffl 2S Vises, worth I Monday, 10 a. m. 1 KX
A limited number of Ladies' I I 25c t0 p'40m' shear8 1 m ( Small BOJS' $11 s p m I S3 89 I B to 12 I I one houb special. pi
unQS7a?ra4h 6ic 8c & ff-SwW Men's 75c $1.25 Tailored --f
Gome iu high neck. lonR Bleeves and I c each Hair Nets, on line grade Swiss ffl Jackets 3UC Plain white twill, 1 All whUo linen dre68es mado of d nge WhUe I in plain and dotted GtteGW
ankle lenKtn. Ldmt 2 to a cuBtomer. ffl ch 1c JjJ, Jf 2-lnch JJr M to 6 "ffifg 38c I taohable collars: erge and wors- ffl only Size 54 Inches ffl as0 open mesh veilings W0l,a
MainPloor. g Notions- EmbrSd?ry section 1 coflaT Limit 1 to Limit 3 to cus- I hhour' 50C T?? SSS- section- I 1 odd pieces of Valine, Rgj;
TCn n an I Ma'" F'0f. Main Floor. I customer. tomor. 1 eacn www ffl and checks. Tail- I Ini";"H pip I ffl i. JiM. vovrl WWhLi3
Pb0n r mSl1 yrd6ra flll0d' I No phono or mail No phone or mall I Boys' Section- Men's Section- Waist Section- 3 ored and Sailor 1 hoL or ?nall 1 at Pel yald ,,,
ansiaBKaraHB orders filled. orders tilled. Annex Bldg. MnrMNM

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