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; a British Scientist Points the Way to A(tS ' I
k - Cutting the Cost of Living in Three ' fZL - SlZT I
W Nk A Frog'8 Egff Made to De-
llP VelP Int a TW"
W- WlM Headed Tadpole in
W Wliil Professor Roux
jKor Bailees Experiments, Showing How Oats Treated
swith Radium Grew Three Times as Fast as Those
-"Br Without It
at the recent meeting of
British Association inBlr
'England, made the aston
aonncement that by treat
's egg -with radium he had
Dg three times the normal
e species,
plication of this discov
have several very Im
portant results for hirmantty. Per
haps its first, or at least the most
obvious, value is that it will furniBh
us with a meanB of increasing the
food supply and thereby keeping
down the ever-Increasing cost of
Even at its present stage of de
velopment the experiment is capable
of greatly reducing living expenses.
Frog's legs are delicious, succulent
food similar In taste to fine chicken,
and in many wayB superior to the
choicest quality of beef. Progs are
very easily raised, and when they are
bred to a large size one leg will yield
a dinner for a largo family at very
'small cost, probably not more than
ten cents a pound. Frogs are now
quite oheap, and when increased in
size they will become relatively
It seems reasonably certain, honr
ever, that the process can be ap
plied to all the food animals, includ
ing beef creatures.
A steer three times the normal
size will certainly represent a very
great economy 'in the production
of beef. In fact, it has already been
calculated by the scientists of tthe
British Association that such an anl
,mal would cost one-third less than
the present type, owing to the econ
omy of feeding one animal Instead of
three and the great saving of time.
At present an important item in
the cost of raising a steer is the
fact that the breeder must wait for
three years before the animal
reaches a profitable size for food
purposes. If the steer grew three
times as large in three years It
would be equivalent to 'a saving of
one-third in time.
After the successful application of
the process to many animals It will
doubtless be tried on man.
Of course, in its application to man
it must be considered in a very differ
ent light from the mere increase in
A previous speaker at the BritiBh
.Association, Professor Dickson, had
demonstrated that within another
century the food supply ot the world
would at the present rate of con
sumption become insufficient to
keep the race from starvation. Pro
fessor Dawson Turner's experiments
Bhowed that science would have at
least one way of meeting the deficit.
DawBon Turner's experiments were
a continuation of those already be
gun by Professor Roux, of the Pas
teur Institute, Paris; Professor But
ler Burke, of Cambridge University,
and many others. At an early period
after the discovery of radium it was
found that this wonderful subBtanoe
would promote growth under certain
conditions. If radium of a certain
strength be turned on a living ani-
t the Stars Promise for October
. October lunation promises a
Jfcaleldoscopic time In political aB
tpHell as other avenues. Every
jjjftBplanet is above the earth, show
rfPndency of the ulterior forces.
jftoccuples the quarter that will
!iHtlie underworld and make crime
B conflagrations will occur iu
LrfjlHi and penal institutions, disgrace
rfHih. to those in authority thereof,
'malcontents will be much in
; pHl looks as if a public functionary
jpjW&d the bars.
iii'W' affects legislators; official
4fi)tHCQ will bo brought to the sur
DBlso much Illness in these circles,
,jlB?a unusual death list.
jBis strongly posited in the second
y4HtareIa she will benefit legitimate
IfPjal enterprise, and a general
OTBot expenditures will infuso new
domestic trade relations, and
jilifBe aSairB will be on the whole
(jry, with agricultural prospects
, "'lFShter than the earlier part of
ffjBP1 save reason to expect.
hear the following days are
lKr incidents:
fljjf 2 A railroad calamity In
the fire department unusually
.L4 excitable happenings In public
5flH?8' a pubIc building disaster.
"jP.r 3 Excitement on -the market;
JHprB ot a financial house. A
WSjjMperlod Biirrounds these early
J jBlo mouth, more likely in the
fijflK States, nnd the autumnal ele
be much in evidence.
jHfi "ad better take notice.
yjjjBt -Very active for the social
JjlBW1 some function of thiB nature
T BS,ct notlce; may concern the
"JjTBonBe. A benefit to the navy,
ujlBi or a special appropriation.
T'fPf Pino weather from this to
2 Bb,a lowor temperature and snow
5yRm northern latitudes on 10th
,J JKBoclal scandal publicly alrod
Hfc'13"? diplomatic Imbroglio, in
jlE at a breaking point The po
if3K?n usually disturbed, with
iME?i-nary In lbo heavens.
dEL T16The public mind and
ifflK$i4Sical conditions equipoised
i reslme. A satisfactory
JK?1 In the financial world, mar--fK
loJj publlc Request announced.
jfjFtt TQl Pliant social augury,
WHmLj v1 nature in higher circles,
the Sunday publications.
"Travellers on a certain
Eastern line of transit had better look to
their accident insurance. Market and
tveather conditions much upset, a condi
tion that extends practically to close of
month, with temperature and quotations
very much lower between 25 and 28th, in
clusive. Railroad travel dangerous around
the 27th, especially on electric lines.
October 20 'Death of a public function- f
ary, with the Coroners' calendar augment- h
ed. Autumnal storms due at immediate fl
close of month. jj
During October Jupiter will rule bener- r
olently In the lives of those born in the Jjf
early dayB of January, March, May, Sep- 2
iember or November of any year. Busl- 1
ness and personal affairs may be pushed em
with confidence, favors sought, while W
those of the fair sex so disposed will en- 1
tertain new admirers; these natives may, i
safely make Investments, enter partner
ships and form new friendships, a good
organizing Ipfiuenco that should be
taken advantage of.
Much caution will bo advisable this v
month if born between the 7th and 11th of
March, June, Septcmbor or December of
any year; business and personal affairs
will be dull and tedious, the mental and
animal spirits depressed, and in some in
stances the health affected, for Saturn,
throwing an evil ray to their sun, will vi
tiate the magnetic aura and render them
susceptible to ulterior influences; attempts
to force interests will but bring a strong
er opposition to cope with. While gen
cral, this has an especial applicat on if
born in '62, early '63. '69, '71, '77 early '78
82, '84, early '85, '91 or '99. I thought
well to designate theBo years as being of
special importance.
People born in the first three weeks of
July must be careful of bums, scalds and
about water; home affairs disturbed for
The 2d shows accident or feverish com
plaints in the coming year of life; money
losses if born on 2d-3d; preferment if
born beneath 4th and 9th; bereavement If
on lOth-llth, but with probable legacy ac
cruing therefrom; females born on these
' dates will have affectional disappoint
ments or domestic anxieties.
The 14th to 29th are excellent birth
days as also on the 23d-24th, The 20th'2Bd
are unfavorable, Bhowlng loss in business
or speculation, as also between the 2oth
and 31st t
Those of the fair Bex born near the
cIobo of January must be very careful
throughout this Winter in attachments;
men of business reversal; each should
avoid radical changes of any nature and
keep matters as near to the accustomefl
grooves as possible.
nial, it has the effect of destroying
'micro-organisms, such as disease
germs, and "thus It favors the growth
of the animal. If the radium has
strong germicidal powers, however,
its long-continued application will
destroy the cells of the animal and
the main organism Itself. But experi
ment has now shown that the radium
rays may be so modified as to ex
ercise only a favorable effect on the
animal's cells.
Other experiments have Bhown
that radium will greatly hasten the
development of plants. A tube of
radium of 2,000,000 activity was bur
ied In the centre of pot planted
with oats. A second pot was ar
ranged in the same manner, but
without the radium. At the end of
four days the plants from the ra
dlumlzed seeds were three times
higher than those in the unexposed
pot, but here was another enigma.
The tallest plants were those which
were farthest away from the tube.
The radium tube wbb then taken
from one pot and placed in the
other. Immediately the second
plants began to grow, and within
three days were taller than those in
the receptacle from which the ra
dium had been taken.
Professor Dawson Turner, in creat
ing gigantic frogs and other monster
animals, was especially guided by
the experiments of Professor Roux,
of the Pasteur Institute, Paris.
Roux showed that the embryonic
cells of animals were capable of
being Influenced in an extraordinary
degree, so that the charaoter of the
resulting organism might be entirely
changed. ThiB was due to the Indi
vidual intelligence of the embryonic
cells, an entirely different thing
from the intelligence of the adult
organism. The intelligence of each
embryonic cell strove to do its nat
ural work In building up the com
plete organism. Roux manipulated
the embryos by means of knife and
needle. When one cell was sepa
rated from Its companion cells It
endeavored to do Its normal work,
and It often went strangely astray
in the absence of Its companions.
Thus a body cell separated from the
head grew a head. A head cell
placed among the parts of another
egg resulted in a tadpole, with two
- .
0V (
It was found that two eggs coaM
be amalgamated to form one glgantto
Prof essor Dawson Turner proceeded
upon the plan of applying the degree
of radio activity, whioh had already
been useful In stimulating plant
growth, to the body cellB of the frog
embyro whioh had shown themselves
susceptible of great abnormal devel
opment in Roux's experiments.
After many thousands of experi
ments Dawson Turner succeeded in
obtaining a combination that greatly
stimulated the body growth of the
frog. This process also appears to
be one that may be continued indefi
nitely. Each cell of the embryo has the in
telligence to enable it to develop Into
a normal part of the adult organism.
But when certain cells are activated
by radium they acquire a different
character and assume a dominant
force like a man inspired by some
extraordinary ambition.
In theory It appears possible that
this discovery may be applied to
man. There would, of course, be
little advantage to be gained from
producing an enormous man, who
would help to gobble up the avail
able food Bupply. The desirable ob
ject would be to breed a man of In
creased brain power.
The stimulation of the body cells
of the frog would be replaced by a
stimulation of the brain cells of the
PerhapB the discovery that a
healthy animal can be bred with two
heads on one body may eventually
prove applicable to man. There is
an old saying that two heads are
better than one, and this ought to
lie all the more true If we could
combine the two heads compactly
with one body!
What might we not expect if we
could breed a man with two heads,
one containing the brain of a Shake
speare and the other of an Abraham
-' - 'j ' i'-
T m "PrfrT D TurnCr'S di8COVe make5 a Possibility 1
If 10 J ' ( WSrm 6 tHat tHe housewife be able to buy ex- i
-v fy.C V qmaite, succulent giant frog's legs at ten cents a jffi
' ' " " ee at orfcy cent a pound." jJJ
Copyright, 19XS, by th Star Company. Great Britain RlBhta Rcservs. ,j :ir-"T -' ., ,'""' (I j

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