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Great Speech of British Prime
Hg Minister in Little Town in
Scotland Flashed to All
I Parts of the Empire. '
I Twenty-two Processions in All
I March to Hyde Park When
I Speakers Harrangue
I the Multitude.
I LADY3ANK, Scotland, April 4.
Premier Asquith oponecl his election
I campaign ibis afternoon in the Ma-
D souic hall of this little village. The
B hall .is a diminutive building, with a
I holding capacity of 300. Under these
I circumstances the speech of the prime
minister was made to the sixty re-
j porters present, rather than to the dele
I gates of the Scottish Liberal associa-
j tions, "who filled the rest of the hall.
J The elaborate telegraphic arrange-
j mcnts for the circulation of the pre-
1 micr's address through the United
j Kingdom testified to tho importance
j attached to the speech in political
5 "circles.
j Premier Asquitb, as befitted a man
who had just assumed tho duties of
secretary of state for war, quickly ap
proached the subject of the army crisis.
Ho said he had felt it to be his duty
in tho higher interests of boih tho
army and state to assume his new of
fice "because a grave situation had
been created, both in regard to tho dis
cipline of tho army and in connection
with its relation to tho civil power."
I The premier continued:
"There is a ccrtaintj- that if things
went on as they had threatened to do
a controversy would have arisen which
every patriotic man would havo been
anxious to avoid until a case of crucial
( urgency arose."
t Pays Tribute to Army.
El Paying tribute to tho army, Premier
nl Asquith declared:
I "The army can be counted on, from
the highest to tho lowest rank, without
qualification or reserve, to undertake
all tho duties its obligations require it
to discharge. The army is not, and I
pray never will become a political
machine. The army has no placo and
no voice in the making of our policy
or the molding of our laws. Tho army
will hear nothing of politics from me
and in return I expect to hear nothing
BHS of politics from the army."
HH) Turning to exceptional circumstances
I in which the army might bo called on
to assist the civil power, Asquith said:
"In such emergencies it is the duty
of the soldier and the duty of the
civilian to comply with the lawful de
mand of the civil power. The doctrine
promulgated lately by the leaders of
the Tory party struck at the very Toot,
"lumber king," reputed to pauses more wealth
ttan even Jotn D. Rockefeller, is tLad in Pas
adena. According to the test informed men of
the time Weycrhauser owned 60,000 square miles
of standing timher.
not only of army disciplino, but of
democratic government.
"This now dogma, now countersigned
by tho Tory leaders, will bo invoked
vvhenever tho spirit of lawlessness
wishes to stop tho ordinary machinery
of self-governing society."
Refuses Tory Demand.
Mr. Asquith definitely refused the
Union demand that the auestion of homo
rule should, be submitted to the eloctorB.
He said:
"We beliovo it to be a wise and just
measure. We havo disclaimed and will
continuo to disclaim any submission of
it to the country. None tho loss we
are earnestly anxious, if it is possible,
to work out an agreed settlement.
"The local option appears not only
fair, but generous. For myself, I re
peat that I am anxious for peace. I
close no door to a settlement, but peace
and, I say this for "both sides must
be peaco with honor, and ic any settle
ment reached we must socuro the put
ting of a home nile bill for Ireland on
the statute books. Wo hope that this
is not incompatible -with careful provi
sion for meeting the convictions of the
minority and 1 firmly believe that in
time ancl with experience there will bo a
converging of forces in tho direction of
complete Irish unity."
Before closing, Sir. Asquith mado a
bid for labor support by enumerating
tho reforms projectod. Ho rcmarkod:
"With one exception recent by-clcc-tions
have been lost by the government
through a split in the progressive vote.
It is time that state of things came to
an end. We must not allow ourselves
to bo troubled by trivial differences.
When united wo nre irresistible."
Tho premier got a groat ovation from
crowds of excursionists, who thronged
tho village from all parts of Scotland.
In tho course of his speech tho pre
mier referred to tho proposed federal
scheme for the British Isles. Such a
reconstruction of tho constitutional or
ganization, ho said, would load to
greater efficiency in tho conduct of
both local and imporial interests "and
the quickened patriotism of ovory part
would stimulate tho larger patriotism of
tho whole."
LONDON, April 4. The wldoly
horaldod "rally" of Unionists to pro
test against any coercion of Ulster
brought an enormous crowd to Hyde
park today. Twenty-two processions,
with, bands playing and banners flying,
converged on tho central open space ot
London from as many different locah-
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cause of tho groat, costly confusion re
garding tho ownership of the logs.
In doing away with tho middleman,
Weyorhaeuser conceived the idoa of
the iUississinni Boom River & Logging
company, which was a combination or
the biggest men in the lumbor trade
or tho middle west and which was con
summated in Chicago in December,
1S70. Weyerhaeuser attended tho meet
ing, and at its conclusion ho was ono
of throe mombors of tho executivo com
mittee. Within a few years his asso
ciatcs in the concern discovered that
Weyerhaeuser was tho "Mississippi
Boom & Logging company." Ho be
came its president one year after its
formation and held tho post for forty
years. From this point tho value of
his holdings began to run into the mil
lions rapidly.
Total Wealth Unknown.
Another important landmark in his
career was in 18S4, whon ho obtained
tho co-operation of Edward Hinea, the
Chicago lumberman who became wide
ly known at the timo of tho Lorimor
senatorial scandal.
Wcyerhacuaor acquirod somo of the
largost and most valuable timber- and
mineral holdings in northern Michigan.
Wisconsin and Minnesota.. In tho last
twenty years his interests increased so
rapidly that even bankers close to him
in a business way wore unable- to keep
track of his vast, holdings,
lie entered tho Pacific coast field
and the southern lumber field on a
scale that mado "wealthy men gasp.
The organization of $12,000,000 and
$.15,000,000 contracts to handlo individ
ual timber and mineral companies be
came commonplace. Only an execu
tor's appraisemont can accurately total
his wealth.
TTnlrHnca in Orprrnn.
SALEM, Ore.. April 4. According to
an estimate made by Stato Forestor El
liott, tho timber holdings of the late
Frederick W. Weyerhaeuser in Oregon
total about 500,000 acres. These lands
aro scattered throughout tho state, but
the largest holdings aro in Klamath,
Lake, Coos and Clackamas counties.
Tho Btate forester was unable to es
timate their exact valuo, but most of
tho lands aro of a choice character and
aro worth many millions of dollars.
Idaho Possessions.
SPOKANE, Wash., April 4. Fredor
icK W. Woyerhaeuser, who died today
at Pasadena, Cal., was intorostod in
five lumber companies in northern Ida
ho, tho total assots q which amount
approximately to $26,000,000. A great
part of tho assets is in standing timber.
ties and mobilizod around fourteen
Ail tho meetings were addressed by
peers and members of parliament who
novor before had competed with tho
orators of various creods and theories
who customarily occupy the open-air
Tho speakers fiercely denounced any
attempt to "uso tho army and navy
to drive out by force of arms our fel
low subjects in Ireland from their full
linrifntTft in the -narliameut of the
United Kingdom."
Election Demanded.
Demands were expressed that the
jovernmont should immediately sub
mit "this grave issue" to the people.
Sir Edward Carson, the Ulster Union
ist loader; Austen Chamberlain, a son
of Joseph Chamberlain; Walter Long
and sucfi prominent Unionist peers as
Viscount Milncr, tho Earl of Selborne
and Lord Londonderry, as well as Lord
Robert Cecil and Lord Charles Bores
ford, wero among the spoakors.
An attractive contingent in the pro
cession was formed by a body of 5000
men, mostly from tho stock exchange,
Lloyds and other city institutions,
which formed upon tho Thames em
bankment, then marched to the park,
and there took a lively part iu singing
the hymn, "Oh God, Our Help in Ages
Past." and "God, Savo the King,"
which oponod the proceedings.
Balfour's Speech.
Arthur Balfour, former Unionist pre
mier, who occupiod tho center plat
form, moved a resolution protesting
against the uso of the army and navy
against Ulster and demanding an im
mediate general election on home rule,
lie said:
"Tho govornment is on the point of
committing a great national crime If
tho crimo is committed, it will bo fol
lowed by ono of tho greatest national
When bugles announced the time for
taking a vote on tho rosolution, Sir
Edward Carson sprang on to the wagon
waving a Union Jack and calling for
three cheers for tho king. His act
aroused wild enthusiasm in tho vast
gathering, which cheered for some
WASHINGTON, April 4. Of tho
100,000 sightlesB persons in tho United
States, 40,000 are needlessly blind, in
tho opinion of many men who devoto
their lives to caring for those to whom
night and day are moaninglosB words.
For that reason tho most important dis
cussion to bo had before tho first na
tional conferenco of workers for the
bliifd, which will open here April 16,
will be on "The Prevention of Blind
ness." The conference will laBt throo
d clVS
While tho list of state institutions
which will prticipato is not complete,
it is virtually certain that most, if not
all, tho states of the union will be represented.
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