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In guerrilla bands and under*
grounds throughout imprison
ed Europe, women fight back.
Soviet women are in the lines
and behind the lines—wherever
Nazi soldiers remain alive to
despoil and enslave. Here in
the U. S. women any “death to
Hitler” In the armed auxiliary
forcea, producing war goods, pro
tecting their communities They
say It, too. hy organizing more
women to do war work. IWO
women are on the job aa partici
panta and mobilise».
People’s Revoluţiona will be dra
matically exemplified at the IWO
Mass Salute at Madison Square
Harden In NYC on May 23. Mary
Hoe. wife of John Doe. will apeak
up for the women of all ages and
all countries who have helped to
fight for freedom—and who are
helping today. In scene after scene
the deedß of women will stand
forth. In choral, dramatic and
dance groups, women will do their
part. Fifty thousand women in the
IWO are a tower of strength to
America's war effort.
• • *
STARS In the IWO pageant
on May 16th, Ashland Auditorium,
and In New York on May 23.
Madison Square Garden. A hun
dred or more people’s actors will
appear in the full cast of 500
artists, musicians, dancers and
singers In New York. The na
tional group sections are fully re
presented by the following dra
matic groups:
YMHA Dramatic Group
Ortek Dramatic Group
Chernisevsky Dramatic Oroup
Polish Workers Theatre
Finnish Dramatic Group
Lodge 500 Dramatic Group
Russian Dramatic Group
Croatian Dramatic Group
Wo-Chi-Ca Dramatic Oroup
• * •
he observed nationally on May 16.
The IWO members, lodges and
other bodies will participate in
meetings in hundreds of cities and
towns throughout the country.
The spertal significance of this
event must be realized by the na
tional group sections of the Order
so that there will be a full mobili
zation of our membership. The
duties of every individual as an
American in helping to wln-the
war should be stressed nnd prac
ticed in action.
• • •
ItOIMIEN of Michigan will parti
cipate in the huge patriotic rally
together with the rest of the
Americans of Roumanian descent,
under the banner of the "Rouman
ian American Alliance for Demo
The rally will be preceded by
a parade of nationalities. Army
and Navy bands, the Michigan
Slav Congress, the CIO. AFL and
Railroad Brotherhoods and others
from the 6-Mlle and Woodward
to the State Fair Gorunds.
It will he the greatest demon
stration of national unity Detroit
has even seen.
The rally will assemble nt the
great State Fair Grounds, where
the Treasury Department will con
clude the Second War Loan Drive
of this city, from the proceeds of
which a huge bomber will be
bought hy the united people of
• • •
Order are mounting. Our national
treasurer’s purchases In Govern
ment securities and war bonds
sold over $66,000 worth of war
champion Builders won $5.056.26
in war bonds and stamps for
cruitlng. They will top this figure
in 1943 without doubt.
While speaking nt the war
bond drive, we are happy to an
nounce that the Roumanian
American Alliance of Michigan
sold over $55,000 worth of war
bonds already in this drive.
Our Roumanian American
lodges are doing a good Job at It
as to the other organisations
which compose the Michigan
Chapter of the ’’Alliance.”
By the time the victory rally of
May 30th will be held, we are con
fident that the Michigan Chapter
wilt go over the top.
"l«tßMe ut tfwJbb». 4 Hitter u (••Ml d«d » Blue CBMKter •urwl.n p**rtK«lly un#»rtoy«A”
National Group Salute of
IWO To Be Given at Madison
Square Garden, May 23rd
There are two great sections of American population today
which shoulder the largest share of the massive and decisive
tasks of winning the war for our country against the fascists.
They are the industrial manpower and our armed forces: work
ers and soldiers. Upon them depends the fate of America.
It is a fact of the utmost importance that among our war
workers and our fighting forces are large members of foreign-
born and native-born men and •
women of immigrant stock. These j
millions are members of the far
spread national group and na- I
tional minority communities of '
(he United States.
Loyalty of tlie National (Groups
The importance of the national
group populations in the life of
the country and to the van effort,
is indicated by the fact that 52%
of the workers In war industries
are of Slav origin. In New York
City the Negro people represent I
about 10% of the population. An- |
other 10% of the inhabitants are
Italians horn in Italy. Half a mil- I
lion Russians were born in Rus
sia. 350.000 Poles were born In !
Poland. In brief, about one-third
of New York’s population is for- j
eign born. \
The loyalty and patriotism of
the national groups in the service
of our country is a mighty and in
spiring fact. To select one ex
ample. Judge Pyle of Indiana, in
November 1942 term of his Cir
cuit Court, recorded 189 new citi
zens. These 189 new citizens have
200 relatives in the armed serv
ices of the United States.
‘Divide and Conquer"
The enemies of America, report
ing to the Hitler technique of ‘di
vide and conquer”, are trying to
spread suspicion and hatred of.
and among, the national groups
that constitute the great Ameri
can melting-pot. Racial and na
tional hatreds are being (artifi
cially fanned \ and fomented to
create disunity and chaos in or
der to disrupt our national unity.
In New York and Detroit, for ex
ample. the appeaser press has pro
voked widespread fear and hys
teria by falsely magniylng ‘‘mug
ging" Incidents into Negro ‘‘crime
waves” which, in fact, do not ex
ist. In Los Angeles, thd same tech
nique Is employed against Mexir J
can-Amertcans, as In the Infamous
"Sleepy Lagoon" murder case. Tn
other cities. anti-Semitism is
whipped up to a fever-point. Bven
in Congress anti-Semitism is al
lowed to run amok.
The stirring of national group
hatreds is a deep menace to the
war effort and our national life.
It is no exaggeration to say that
the maintenance and the greater
cementing of our national unity
is indispensable for victory over
the enemy. It is simply recognition
of a most fundamental fact to
state that any group or organiza
tion which dedicates itself to the
promotion of national unity is
making a major contribution to'
Role of 1.W.0.
In this respect, we feel that it
is necessary and not Immodest to
point out the vital role which is
being played by the International
Workers Order. We are a multi
national labor fraternity of 157,-
000 members. Our society Is com
posed of fifteen national group
sections of Rjiropean origin, name
ly: Croatian. Carpatho-Russian.
Czech. Greek .Finnish, Hungarian.
Italian. Jewish. Polish, Russian,
Rumaniqn. Serbian, Slovak. Span
ish and Ukrainian. In addition,
our membership includes many
thousands of Negro. German. Aus
trian. Slovenian and other na
tional folk The IWO is perhaps
the only fraternity on the conti
nent organized expressly -on the
basis of uniting such a variety of
national group peoples In distinct
national sections into a single,or
ganization. The essential character
of our society enables and en
courages us to assume a respon
sible role of helping to weld na
tional unity, and on a far greater
scale than limited numbers of
membership Indicate: for we are
firmly rooted and widely Influen
tial In the broad sweep of Ameri
ca's national group communities
Our program for national unity
has been diverse and ambitious
We have rhallangei ourselves to
realize the potentialities of our
voluntarily assumed role of unity
building for victory. One of our
recent projects has been the pu
blication of the “Century of the
Common Man” speech of Vice-Pre
sident Wallace In sixteen editions
in booklet form.
We have now decided, in view
of our importance of that historic
message, to prevent Its basic con
(Vpts in mass-scale pageant form
at Madison Square Garden.in New
York City on Sunday. May 23,
1943. This national-unity project
is now in production. Its title is:
“March To Freedom."
March to Freedom
Our pageant Is more than a dra
matic and entertaining show. It
represents more, too then the
worthy aim of raising thousands
of dollars for our front line fight
ers. as we will do in the Garden.
"March To Freedom”, as we see
it,, is a concrete symbol of natio
nal unity. It is a dramatized re
presentation of the United Na
tions. Embracing twenty-thousand
participant-spectators of our na
tional group sections rooted in the
national group communities, it
will he u living demonstration of
that unity-for-victory which is In
dispensable and inevitable in the
winning of the war and the peace,
in the inaugural of the I‘entury of
the common man.
The full support of this im
portant contribution to the war
effort by the IWO national groups
is, therefore, a matter of the
greatest necessity.
Giant Rally of
Unity, Detroit’s
Answer to Hitler
All Detroiters, regardless of
race, color or religion, are in
vited to attend the huge Amer
icans All victory rally and
parade which will be held at
2 p.m., Sunday. May 16 at the
State Fair race track in ob
servance of the Government-spon
sored I Atn An Ainericnn Day.
The President of the United
States, Franklin D. Roosevelt has
proclaimed May lfi as I Am An
American Day in honor of newly
naturalized citizens and native
born Americans who have become
21 years old. But we. in Detroit,
shall give It an added significance.
Besides honoring new citizens,
we shall observe I Am An Amer
ican Day as a vivid reminder of
what this country Is and stands
for: “A cross-section of all free
dom-loving peoples of the world
who came here to establish and
to help build anew and powerful
nation which filled their concep
tion of a land of free men”.
An executive qommlttee made
up of some of Detroit's most
prominent civic, religious and
public leaders is heading this
patriotic event. They are Honor
able Frank A. Picard, Judge of
United States Court: Cyrus Cur
tiss. Commander Wayne County.
American Legion; Howard Martin.
Wayne County Council, Command
er, Veterans of Foreign Wars;
Thomas W. Payne, Commander
Spsnlsh-American War Veterans;
Pat Quinn. Wayne County CIO;
Prank X. Martel, president Wayne
County AFL; Rev. Monslgnor Jo
seph Ctarrorcht, Italian-Amerlran
Civilian Defense Council: Dean
Kirk O'Farrell. St. Paul's Episco
pal Cathedral; Mrs. Robert H.
Peterson. regent Ponchartraln
chapter of the Daughters of the
American Revolution; Florence
Iron Guard Rumanian Priest of
Akron Interned for The Duration;
A Victory for National Unity
Following a rehearing by the Cleveland alien board and a
subsequent ruling by the U.S. attorney general’s office, Rev.
Alexander Cucu, Rumanian Orthodox priest of Akron, Ohio
will be kept interned for the duration.
This fascist agent came to America as an Iron Guardist,
und for years spread the Hitlerite poison among Americans of
Rumanian descent, especially throughout Ohio.
tie even had the Kail to do tt <t
openly, boasting his association
with the murderers of a former
Kumanian minister Oalinescu. For
years this fascist agent, garbed
in clerical robes, sought to divide
the Rumanian Americans, keep
ing them continuously apart.
FBI ( might Cp Willi Him
While our adopted country was
at war, this fascist priest, who,
because of his subversive activi
ties, brought shame to his own
church and people, continued his
treacherous activities. He thought
lie could get away with it.
We pointed out the danger of
this agent to the security and
national unity of our adopted
country long ago. The federal au
thorities finally caught up with
His agents and stooges im
mediately began a campaign of
calumny and slander against us
and all progressive people who
greeted the action of our Govern
ment when the FBI seised him.
They began shedding crocodile
tears and said that he is being
persecuted, that he is an honest
man and god-fearing too. They
even had the brass to organize
a petition campaign throughout
Ohio, using the old red herring to
deceive the people who entrusted
thiß fascist priest with their
church in Akron.
Deception anil Fraud
Some of these innocent people
were taken in by these fascist and
pro-fascist agents, who really
should be where he is. They suc
ceeded in obtaining a few hun
dred signatures throughout the
State of Ohio, under false pre-
I tense and deception.
They even got Congressman Kd
Ttowe to intercede on his behafî.
just as it was reported. Congress
man Lesinskl intervened on be
half of another pro-fascist foreign
i agent of Dearborn. Rev. Glicherie
j Moraru. who was indicted by the
| Federal grand Jury on espionage
Hut tlie rehearing grunted to
Itev. Cncii by the Cleveland alien
hoard anil the subsequent ruling
of the t'.H. attorney general’s of
fice confirms our accusations, of
long ugo. It shows that this fascist
priest lias hen doing Ills “duty*'
by Antoncsru, Hitler and Ooeb
But the jolt is only lialf-done.
The federal authorities ought to
look into the pro-fascist clique
who initiated the petition cam
paign. Who are these individuals,
thes.» so-called law' abiding and
god-fearing people? For Instance,
it might he worthwhile to get to
the bottom of the thing.
The Most Venerable Mr. Roman
How come that the editors of
‘'Solia’’ (The Herald), the official
publication of the "Romanian
Orthodox Episcopate of America"
jumped to Rev. Cucu’s defense?
It. might also be worthwhile to
look into the activities of a Mr.
C a 8 « Id y, Nationality Division
Secretary, Council of Social Agen
cies; Fred M. Butzel, chairman
Council of Social Attendee; Dr,
W. T. Osowskt, president Mich
igan Slav Congrese; John Pan
chuk, president Ukrainian Federa
tion; Most Rev. S. S. Woznlcki,
auxiliary bishop of Detroit; War
ren K. Bow, Superintendent of
Detroit public schools; Paul M.
Dear, president Americans All
organization; Louis Starfield Co
hane, civic leader; Cheater A.
KozdroJ, president Polish Central
Citizens Committee.
The parade will precede this
great rally at 2 p.rn.. Sunday. May
16, at Six-Mile and Woodward and
will march north on Woodward
to State Fnlr avenue and up to
the rally grounds at the rare
If we are to Judge by the many
thousands of military, naval,
veterana, civjg. religious and
other patriotic groups that have
pledged to participate, the parade
alone will be a sight to see.
With a fully-equipped battalloa
of 70A miltary police and a bat
talion of WA ACS leading, the
parade will include about IB
bands and drum and bugle corps.
Red Cross units, men and women
air raid wardepp, labor and color
M. T. Roman of Youngstown,
Ohio, who happens to he the busi
ness manager of “Solia" and who
was also the spearhead in the
petition campaign for the release
of this fascist priest Cucu of
Akron, Ohio.
And while we are referring
to Cucu’s agents, we should like
to link this up with the Dearborn
agent. Glicherie Moraru, oil whose
behalf, it is reported, Congress
mail l-esinski interceded.
How come that It takes such a
long time to tiring to trial the
three pro-fascist Rumanian agents
of Michigan, namely: Rev. Gli
cherie Moraru, Rev. Stefan
! Opreanu and George Zamfir?
Three Birds of tlie Same Feather
How come and who Is responsi-
I Ide that these foreign ugents were
j even released on 110,000 bond
Are the authorities so naive
as to believe that they are now
bn they know, for instance,
that despite the furt that their
pro - fascist - carllst publications
! were banned following their arrest
and Indictment, that a secret,
j clandestine Issue of the “Free
Romanian” hearing the dates, of
Sept.-Oct .-Nov., 1042 was pub
lished by them? Who is the pub
lisher who conspired in this Il
legal pro-fascist business against
the Government? Would it not
he in the interest of national unity
and the security of our adopted
country to look Into this shame
ful affair and into the activities
of these pro-fascist birds?
In the meantime, we warn our
people to be vigilant and not let
themselves he taken in by the
propaganda of these temporarily
freed foreign and subversive
More Action Is Needed
We warn them that their pro
paganda. since It is still going on.
is dangerous to the war effort of
our nation. Let the people of
Dearborn, the Rumanian Amer
icans see to It that Moraru ceases
his activities, under the hypocri
tical pretense of serving his
îhis is the most decisive and
j critical period in the life of our
country. Kvery ounce of energy
must be used to promote the war
effort and to strengthen the unity
of our national group.
Any attempts of division, fos
tered by these agents and their
| stooges, must be oipped In the bud.
They must be brought before the
| bar of Justice. Their freedom is
| not in the interests of our
adopted country. It Is not in the
interest of our national group.
It leads to greater confusion and
j disunity.
The Americans of Rumanian
descent will greet the detention
of the fascist priest Cucu. Let
the Government follow this tin
by taking action against the
agents who are still free, and the
three Indicted foreign agents in
I Michigan?
fully attired nationality groups.
Further color will be provided
by the many banners, spreads and
floats entered by the participating
At the rally, thousands of par
ticipants will hear addresses by
local and nationally-known fig
ures, stars of the entertainment
world, two 600-voice choruses and
an orchestra.
Because of the war, bond sales
will be spurred to reach the total
of $200,000 for the purchase of a
flying fortress to carry the sym
bolic name; "AMERICANS ALL.
DETROIT". This will be a tangi
ble proof of our loyality and ap
preciation of the advantage of be
ing an American.
The program will be broadcast
nationally over Government time.
It will be a sight fit for the
Arsenal of Democracy.
Let us all get together Sunday,
May 16 at the State Fair Grounds
to show the world that we are
strongly united in spite of our
racial and religious differences.
LOt us tell the world that as
loyal Americans wo shall fight
and produce until the last vestiges
of Hitlerism are swept away.
Let us all show the world that

Pagina 4
(Continuare din Numărul Tm m)
Puşcăriaşi în Haine Vărgate
O Kuril în utili modern. Peronul e plin de lu
me, cu intoldeuuiiu, şi elegantă ţi prost îmbrăcată.
Pe linia două stătea trenul cu vagonul-închisoare.
Kru straniu să te contopeşti, tu, un deţinut,
om fără drepturi, cu această masă de oumeni li
beri (Iu aparentăl, unii sătul, ulţii flamanzi, să
faci parte din el, să fl o părticică din această
mare du oameni cu drumuri diferite, el in direcţia
ce iţi-o alegeau singuri, tu In direcţia subliniată
cu roşu pe un plic cazon, de o măuă nervoasă u
unui funcţionur al închisorii.
Tu, un puşeăriuş. in haine vărgate, te de
osebeşti de toată lumea tnai bine ca orice— lu
mea fuge de tine, de frică parcă sA nu se molip
sească de o boală primejdioasă ... Pe feţele celor
bine îmbrăcaţi observi un dispreţ. Cei care sunt
mai prost îmbrăcaţi— au feţe triste dar cu luciu
puternic in ochi. Ei te urmăresa numai eu ochii,
cu găudul probabil, că măine sau poimăne poate
şi el vor merge in haine vărgute cu fiarele de
înăinl şi de picioare înconjuraţi de convoi . . .
Pc drumul Camerelor Murdare
Unii — pentru omor— alţii. —pentru furt şi o
altă mare parte puternică pentrucă n'au putut
suferi exploatarea şi mizeria, s'au revoltat şi au
pornit impotriva stăpâniri burgheze, lntrănd in
mişcarea revoluţionară.
Dacă eşti nevoiaş, viaţa te alungă să colinzi
pe multe drumuri, te aruncă încoace, şi încolo,
şl în sfărşit te va arunca neapărat pe drumul
cămpillor acoperite cu omăt,închisorilor mici, mari
şi moderne, pe drumul camerelor murdare cu pa
turi cu ploşniţe, cu suferinţă şi jale. Lăaăndu-ţl
numai răbdarea, tăria şi curajul de aţi duce pănă
la sfârşit linia dreaptă de revoluţionar, de luptă
tor pentru cuuzu muncitorească, pentru o lume
Răbdure . . . tărie .. . curaj !
lată şi vagonul-inchisoare cu şeful lui, un
zbir, cu mutra de bandit şi cu ochi străpunzători.
Pe ucest şef il cunosc foarte bine toţi deţinuţii ca
pe un om de o răutate neobişnuită, ce nu ştie
margini, •
Intrând în vagon nu erai sigur că nu vei fi
bătut fără nici un motiv, legat burduf, băgat in
carceră sau încătuşat de mâini Iu ferul gros din
plafonul vagonului; şi că o să mergi uşa tot
Nici viaţa nu-ti era garantată, căci dacă il
apuca dracii pe şef. el trăgea cu revolverul în cel
care era mai aproape, raportând superiorilor c'a
trebuit să facă asta pentru ca să stângă “revolta”
Când grupul ujunse la vagon, şeful vago
nului a strigat.
Intâlu. dâ-i pe ăia dela, dela Mărgineni, pe
bolşevici. *
Comuniştii, câte unul, au urcat scara va
gonul fără nici un cuvânt . . . muţi ... Ei ştiuu
bine. că dacă nu spui şefului blestămat "să trâiţl”
sau dacă nu scoţi bonetul depe cap, apoi şeful
te zminteşte în bătăi.
Cele Patru Carcere
Comuniştii nu se temeau însă că vor fl bă
tuţi; ei ştiau că şeful, găsindu-se în faţa unui
grup organizat, nu va îndrăzni măcar să înjure.
Ştia bine şi şeful, că dacă atingi pe un comu
nist, la urcare în vagon, nu mai scapi de scandal,
sar toţi comuniştii în apărarea celui atins, ba incă
şi muncitorii ceferşti pot veni în fuga mare spre
vagon. De aceea şeful a chemat în vagon mal
Ihtâiu pe comunişti, ca pe urmă să poată lucra
In linişte, adică să-şi satisfacă apucăturile sale
sudiste (bestiale—N. R. I.
Vagonul închisoare e ceva mai lung decât
vagoanele de pasageri şi este făcut astfel: intrarea
are numai o singură uşă; (And intri la dreapta
e cancelaria şefului şi cabina de servici, iar
drept în faţă uşa Care duce la carceră. Carcere
sunt în număi* de patru; două într’o parte a va
gonului şi două de partea cealaltă, despărţite de
un coridor care duce In secţia de bărbaţi, care
ocupă a treia parte a vagonului. In coridor mai
e o uşă —secţia femeilor.
Privilegiul Deţinuţilor Comunişti
Sectiu bărbaţilor este despărţită In două;
fiecare despărţltură are câte două bănci de o
Forţele Noui Sindicale din America
Trebue Câştigate şi Instruite
(Continuare «le |H* I'aglnn 3)
rirllp de aeroplane. Uniunile AFL
cari g'nu ţinut de llinitaţllle lor
vechi, au rămas înapoi. Răsboiul
a ajutai cu mult la avanaarea uni
onism ului Induatrlal.
Educarea Muncitorime!: Nici
când in iatorla rapltaliamulul, n'a
luat loc o aţa întorsătură către
fabrici din partea - Femeilor, Ne
grilor, tineretului eşit din şcoli,
fermierilor, lucrători de oficii,
comercianţi mici, a poporului din
claan mijlocie din oraşele mici. To
ţi aduc cu ei idei de tot felul, fă
când din fabrici un amestec (mel
ting-pot) de confuzii.
Marea încercare
Compoziţia at&t de diveraă
printre muncitorii din diferite făb
rlci, prezintă uniunea cu o Vnare
Încercare de a educa pe noii
veniţi şi a-i câştiga. Si asta e o
problemă ce va rămăne cu con
ducerea uniunei, cu mult după ce
aceşti muncitori au devenit mem
brii uniunei.
Tipul vechi de şedinţă sindica
lă nu mai joacă nici un rol. Nu
mai căteva sute lau parte la şe
dinţă dlntr'o memhrle de mil de
Uniunea trebue să găsească mij
loace de a veni şi a menţine con
tactul cu toţi membri, dacă vrea
ca programul el să fia înţeles şi
lungime de mai puţin cu un metru decăt cabina
După ce flecare comunist a fost percheziţionat
de şef, i-s'a spus pe scurt;
Treci lu dreapta şl stal pe huliră fără nici
o mişcare, că altfel te iu mama dracului!
Se vedea că şeful u pregătit loc pentru co
munişti mai dluainte.
Partea din stănga era aproape plină de de
ţinuţi. Mai eru loc pentru doi, trei, dur cel ră
maşi âfură, vre’o zece deţinuţi comuni, au fost
trecuţi nu la comunişti, ci la stănga.
Sărmanul "ăla din fund"
In vagon donineu Itnîşte. Deţinuţii dlt) stânga
nu făceau nici o mişcare de frica bătăii şi a fie
rului din plafon. Ti se părea că nu suni oameni,
ci obiecte, transportate urgent la destinaţie, clâ
tinându-se ritmic la flecare mişcare u vagonului.
Tăceau şl comuniştii, şezând pe o bancă înghe
suiţi, unul lângă altul. In situaţia dală uu aveau
nici un Interes să provoace conflict, fără să fl
fost de uhsolutâ nevoie. De altfel şi drumul nu
era prea lung, lar şeful "tatăl",'care avea cinstea
de a duce iii vagonul lul comunişti, eru tncliuut Hă
deu comuniştilor, alei în Izolarea pustie
mumă de liâtue.
in vagon era tăcere ... se auzea nu mul zgo
motul roţilor, care se luaseră parcă la întrecere
şl se grăbeau să parcurgă distanţa cuvenită cât
mai repede.
Din când In când. şeful vagonului-inchlsoare
ridica vizeta dela uşă, şi tşi fixa ochiul răutăcios
In lăuntrul despărţituri! vagonului de "Obiecte
transportate urgent lu destlnuţie” inflngându se
In carnea şi sufletul deţinuţilor.
Bieţii deţinuţi din stănga se făceau morţi de
frică, unii chiar încetau de a mal răsufla, nici
nu clipeau din ochi:se uitau cu ochii holbaţi la
un oarecare punct de pe pereţii vagonului, şi
dacă trecea totul cu bine, se auzea un oftat inâ
buşit al tuturor.
Dar se intămplă că vizeta abia lăsăndu-se. Vc
ridica îndată din nou şi jertfa era găsită.
Mă, ăla din fund . . . laptele mătei ... ce
faci acolo?!Scoalâ-te, că trag în tine. Te fac . . .
mămăligă! ia, ia. vino mai aproape!—striga şeful.
Si sărmanul "ăla din fund" se scoală nici viu,
nici chiar mort. Picioarele nu-1 mai ascultă.
11 duc spre şef nu voinţa sa. ci privirea şefului
II atrage ca un magnet şi din spate SI impinge
toată fierbinţeala, care l'a apucat pe neaşteptate.
lată-1 pe "ăla din fund", e lângă tjşâ, şi e atăt
de prăpădit, că ti se face milă de el. Ochii rog,
plâng şi-l scutură frigurile.
—Mă, pârlitule! dacă ol vedea o mişcare sau
ol auzi o vorbă. Iţi scot măselele, te las fără piele,
te împuşc !. . . .
Al înţeles? Tu răspunzi pentru tot ce se
face in vagon. O mică mişcare, o voce şi-i val de,
capul tău. Marş la loc! strigă şeful. Ochiul
şefului sfredeleşte partea dreaptă a vagonului.
81 voi să fiţi de treabă că vă împuşc pe toţi!
Moş Costache Aşteaptă Prilejul
Vizeta se lasă încet Jos şi deţinutul din stănga
se Întoarce la locul lui. mulţumind soarta c'a scă
pat nehâtut. Se uită la toţi. Privirea parcă roagă
pe tovareşil de vagon să-l erte, să nu-1 dea pe
mâinile şefului, poate ar fi spus in gura mare
sau In şoaptă toate acestea. Insă avea frică să nu
audă cumva şeful, că cu adevărat cuvânt Par fl
jupuit. Ajungând la bancă, se aşeaza cu un oftul
In vagon e linişte. Fiecare stă gânditor pe bancă,
şi cine ştie la ce se gândeşte, ce ţesă gândirea fie
căruia. ce combinaţii face In legătură cu trecutul,
prezentul şi viitorul.
Pe banca din faţă stă moş Costache,un ţăran
de pe malul drept al Nistrului, un ţăran care a
văzut multe sub regimul ţarlsl şl care suferă
multe dela "muma" România. Işl simte pe mâi
nile şi picioarele reci ca ghiaţa cătuşele, simte
arsurile pricinuite pe spinare de "mângăerlle"
d-lul prim-gardian. care acum o săptămână l’a
trântit Jos, şi a dat In el cu biciul până ce l’a o
boslt. Toate le simte moş Costache şi tace, ame
ninţător. tace pănă ce i-o veni şl lui moş Costa
che prilejul să spue, şi să spue aşa ca toată lumea,
mal bătrănă decât toate neamurile lui şi pe care
le mai ţinea minte, să se zgudue, să se clătine
din temelie.
(Continuare in Numărul Viitor
dus la îndeplinire, dacă vrea să
împiedice pe duşmanii să creeze
divizie, confuzie şl deabinare In
rândurile muncitorilor şi ale uni
unei, dacă vrea să combată pro
paganda lul Rlckenhacker. dacă
ţine să-şi menţină membrla.
Avem unele exemple admirabile
de uniuni, care - şl dau seama de
acest fapt. tn special United Elec
trical Workers. UAW, National
Maritime Union, International Fur
and leather Workers.
Ba/11 Fundamentală
De o similară importanţă e
munca şi activitatea legislativă a
unor uniuni. Ca contrast avem u
nlunl, care se mulţumesc a soli
cita cotizaţii de admitere şi pe ur
mă uită de membri. ,
• Soarta însăşi a uniunilor in
America va depinde In viitor de
ţinuta şl metoda folosită de uniuni
pentru a ţine pe milioanele de
membri noui şi al câştiga la prin
cipiile de unionism.
linsa fundamentală de divergen
ţă re o Vedem noi In rândurile
unioniste e Intre acela cari vor să
Itidrumeae noile forte spre victo
rie şl progres ş| acela cari rămân
Indiferente şl aşteaptă eu nerăb
dare reîntoarcerea la timpurile şl
apucăturile (le altădată, apucături
înguste şl conservative.
de P. Sandutâ
Americile Unite
Pentru Distrugerea
(Continuare de pe Pagina ii)
Americanii de Nord nu se consi
deră ca o rasă superioară. Nn pu
tem duce un ră.sholu economic fă
ră a semăna seminţele unul răs
boiu militar. Ilupă victorie, efor
turile noastre vor fl concentrate
pentru obţinerea unei păci juste,
creştine şl durabile".
I'na din fazele acelei păci va
fl Industrializarea Amerieel La
tine, a spus Wallace.
Vicepreşedintele a rost foarte
Interesat In soarta şi condiţlunile
muncitorilor agricoli dela marile
proprietăţi. Jose A. Valenzuela,
secretarul Federaţiei Muncitori
lor Agricoli, l-a spus că muncito
rii pe unele moşii primesc numai
un peso rhillean pe zi, adică 4
Modernizarea agriculture! ne
cesită Importarea de echipament
modern agricol din Statele Unite,
a spus Valenzuela.
Wallace a fost rugat să Inter
vin ca să obţină eliberarea con
ducătorilor muncitorime! din A
merlca Latină, ca Victorlo Codo
vtlla, conducătorul muncitorilor
Mela minele de cositor (straniu),
Carina Prestes din Rrnzll.
Românul American
Sâmbătă, 15 Maiu, 1943

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