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Fair to-day and probably to
morrow ; rising temperature.
XO. 1630.
Pederal Departments Keed
Overhauling, He Says.
Nation Accepts Party Pledges,
Declares Speaker-to-be.
Declaring InvcMtlgatiiiK Committee
of Congress Should lie Composed
of I'ormfr Prosecuting attorneys.
Party Leader Che Important I t-
teranre on Return from "West Sees
Future Democratic Triumphs.
bpeaker-deignate Champ Clark
returned last night, after a two
weeks' lecture and speaking trip
thn ugh the Middle West, thorough-
1 convinced of future Democratic
' ccessanh, I spoixc to audiences
i f Democrats and Republicans," he
aid, "but it is evident to me that
the tide of sentiment is more
Mrorgh toward the Democratic
p.irt now than it wa- a car ago.
I think this due to the fact the
f intrj has accepted at lace value the
j runtime of the- Iemerats in the Hou'-e
to proceed mtelligen'Iv ami mimediatelv
t en ict r medial Iei-lation l"or in
tian c I did not sec anj where evidence
of f ir in business eirclcs over the cer
t mt of Demociatic donnnard revision
' the tariff
1 mav be the announce! polic of
s I e lul In siheelule revision his i'
lid misgivings. I nder this plan there
w 1! I c the least possible disturbance I
lavf heard some objection., to tins plan
I'Hitinued Mr Clark. but the come
f om wo small groups those who want
l hanges at all and those who want
1 1 w hole tariff ripped open I think
l 7njorit of the people want us to
,. a.i the worst schedules first and
i them up How far wo can so at
1 . spp mi sermon does not depend sol' l
i I) Hme It will be determine! bv
i t- sfntiment and disposition of the
s.-n ite
1 ' c e is much bitterness anions Ke
I jbli ans -while the Democnts are united
and will remain united The latte- fait
seem to cause 'he Republican some sur
J rist. hec.iuse thev hid predicted freelv
t it ve would fl to pieces as boon as wc
' iiio into pow r
I'avont I nrnier Prosccntorn.
'I hive not had an opportunity to dls
c with members of the V,ays and
lcin Committee the cpndition of work
in which the committee is engaged If I
rad anv thing to do with tie naming of
committees I would sele t for tho nine
lnvcjtigiting committee, those having
mr;p of expenditures m the depart
I! cnls the strongest prosecuting attor
i I ould get. These men are skilled
n in imsitori tl work and could Ret at
t e bottom of things It his been a long
t m" since the departments were over
l i ile I thoioughlv
on remember." concluded Mr Clark
wi it an investigation did for Blackburn,
of Kentuckj He got a tip on William
"H Belknip. Secretary of ir and
v rked up facts, leading to his impe leh
nient He gaine-d so much popularity
through this that he came within a few
votes of a Presidential nomination, and
was sent to the Senate later for eighteen
j ears
Quits Benedictine Monastery
to Wed Miss Dal ton.
Portland, Oreg , March 23. A formal
htatement issued to-day b Rev Greg
ory Roblc pastor of the Sacred Heart
Church, the leading Benedictine church
in the citv, has disclosed the fact that
former Bishop Thomas Meinenhofer who
until a c-ir ago w-is abbot of the Ben
celictine Monastery, at Mount Angel, this
State eloped with Mrs Bella Gerlinger
RHlton, a wealth divorced woman, of
this city, at whose home he had lived
for U month after his resignation from
the order a jear ago
In his statement Father Roblc says that
the abbot was. the victim of a mental
delusion and had suffered for vcars from
an affection of the brain, the result of a
sunstroke in youth This affected his
sight, and loss of sight intensified his
mental trouble, says, hu former friend in
the Benedictine oreler
Abbot Meinenhofer the head of the
Benedictines .it Mount Angel was re
garded as one of the powerful pre'atcs on
the Pacific Coast and was closel asso
ciated with Arc lib shop Christi. who made
him a bishop and abbot in lSiw
Mrs Dalton is a woman wealth in her
own right. She comes from Brooklyn
Her "former husband is president of the
Salem and Fi'ls City Railroad and a
millionaire lumberman He says he knows
nothing of his former wife except that
the was married In New York or Chicago
the past winter to a man he does not
know He savs le has heard nothing
from her or about her since then
Wireless Sent I'nderBronnd.
Berlin. March 23. Drs. Leimbach and
Loewy, two German scientists, an
nounce tho practicability of under
ground wireless telegraphy. Thoy have
transmitted messages between tho pot
ash mines In the North Harz Mountains,
a distance of nearly a mllo and a half,
V 1,600 feet blow the surface. The ex
periments will be continued at greater
Reno to become Still lore
Popular Under New Law.
Reno, Nev., March 23 The lid Is now
completely off in Nevada on. the divorce
question, and as a result, wdrd has come
here that a party of women who have
been awaiting the certain outcome of
recent legislation are about to start for
Reno from a Canadian city, while many
others from Atlantic coast cities are on
the eve of departure, accepting Nevada's
invitation to the world to come
Basing his action on the score of ad
vancing uniformity in the practice of
the divorce courts of Nevada. Gov Oddie
last night signed the "time-lock" divorce
act. passed by the last legislature
The act provides as the sole requisite
for jurisdiction that tho plaintiff sh&JI
have been for six months within the
connty in which tho action is brought,
with the provision that in emergency
eases absence from the county may be
This act of the legislature disposes of
the pouer of the courts to inquire into
the clement of intent or good faith when
tho question of residence is brought be
fore the court.
Money Will Be Raised with Which to Wage
Effective Campaign Before the Con
gress Mr. Chase Chairman.
R the election of officers at the Chamher of Commerce last night
the committee of twentv-one appointed by James F. Chster, president
of the Chamber ot Commerce, formalh launched the mocment pro
posed b P. B. Chase to procure legislation that will increase the salaries
of goernment clerks
im. nisK ciivimiw
P T? Chase, t'i- origin itor of the plan, work at the Capitol through being an
nas elected chairman. William Knowles noP,j D tierks with fancied and real
Cooper, general secret i-v of iho M grievances
l A . secretarv and V M McLachlen Alter the election of officers and an cx-pre-ident
of the McLachlen Banking Cor- , ccm.c committee, it was decided to form
poration treasurer An executive com- a i,urau. witn a paid director in charge
mittee was appointed otiMsting of Will-jand a force of clerks.. The director will
iam S t.onjf' Wilton J Ij.mbert. Arthur I be selected by- the cxecuUve committee.
C Moses, William I' Gude, J Ixjuis I p-ohablv within a week, and offices will
vAilliirc John W lerkcs and Isaac Gans.
V- "ierkes and-J-l-oais-iHir-e - up-
pointed on the commit' ee of twe.ity-one
to nil the places of A Iisxier and Thomas
W femith. who declined to serve
In accepting the nomination. Mr Chase
aiH it will be his aim to direct the af
fa of the committee in a conservative
manner He defend -d the action of Presi
dent Roosevelt in placing the so-called
muzzle o-der in operation in the de
partments, and praisM President Taft
for upholding the order H said the Chase within a week, after which it is
mti77le order was put in operation at the I snpno-ed offices of the committee will le
intane of Congr ismen, who clamed opened and the campaign begun in carn
tl wr. un ible to attena to legislative st
Democratic Leaders "Want
Xo Traction Backing.
New York. March 2X Democratic
leaders and candidates for T'mted btatcs
s-enator were thrown in'o a panic by
the announcement of Allan A Ryaa.
son of Thomas, Fortune Evan, that these
candid ites had been urijing him to use
Ms influence with his father to obtain
the Indorsement of the traction mag
nates in support of the'r respective can
didacies Mr Ryan refused to d.slosc the names
of candid ites who hid called on him to
use his influence with his father in their
behalf, but Alton B Parker. Delancev
Nicoll, and Martin W Littleton were
impelled to issue formal denials In their
own behalf
I nlcss Gov Iix and Charles F
Murphy can agree upon i compromise
candid ite for United States fcemtor at
their week-end conference, which begins
in New iork to-rnorrow. positive predic
tions are made that the deadlock will
ccntinuc at least a we longer
Karly this morning Sheehan called both
Gov Di and bpeaker Frisbie on the
telephone from New York and denied the
truth of the report that he was prepar
ing a letter quitting the contest. He as
sured both the governor and Frisbie that
he proposed to stick, no matter how few
votes he might get in the second caucus.
Owner rtopes to Capture Leviathans
Mlve In Pacific.
Long Beach. Cal , March 23. The only
known "Dry dock for whales has been
ordered built at the AVcstcrn Boat
Works, and Capt. Ii 11 Dodge to-day-
began hulling 33,000 feet of lumber.
which will be required to build the
barge It will be 30 by TO feet and will
cost J2.000
'21 am to build the barge for J. D.
Loop, launch owner and whale hunter,"
said Capt. Dodge to-day. "He calls it a
dry dock for whales. I understand he
will use it to buoy up whales that he
may capture In the future, as well as
using It for a landing at the side of big
ships w hich layi at anchor in the bay."
Loop has caught many whales fai the
channel between the mainland and Cata
llna Island, his last capture being made
a few weeks ago.
$1.25 to Baltimore ami Ilctnrn t
saiuraays anu aunaays, via i-enna. K. K.
Tickets good lo return until Sunday
night. All regular trains except the
v-ongrcssiona-i umitco."
Experts Delve Into Carnegie
Trust Affairs.
New York. March 23. Not only were
clerks and other emploes used by the
Cummins cabal to borrow vast sums
from tne defunct Carnegie Trust Com
pany, but. according to information ob
tained to-day, a large amount of money
was withdrawn by means of notes bear
ing the signatures of individuals who
never existed These notes are said to
total J2S0.CO0
In some Instnnces the names of dead
men were utilized The notes were nearly
always unsecured and unindorsed, and
for these reasons the identity of those
who put the notes through and took the
cash has been accordingly exceedingly
difficult to determine
Experts acting under the direction of
District Attorney Whitman made this
discovery when they attempted to learn
who were the signers of various chains
of notes discounted at times when some
of the Cummins individual enterprises
were being bicked financially to an un
usual degree
""" I'Ptneu .inci tne real campaign lor nci-
t r salaries started
fhe original movement of raising $100,
CX) was charged, as it was. thought the
"mount asked for was more than enough
to pay the cost of the campaign It was
dt-cided to start a bureau with the money
ntributed by Mr Chac and Mr Cor
bv .ojhI as-sess the remainder of the on-tnhutor-
as the monev was needed The
general opinion among the members was
t' it JTj'ofK will be suincicnt to carry the
!i,,ht to success-
next meeting will bo cjlled h M
Papal Blessing Bestowed on
Mothers and Children.
New York. March 23. There was a re
markable scene and an impressive cere
mony in SL .Michael's Church. In West
Thirty-fourth street, this afternoon when
the Re" Father vv . J Ennis, S J . bap
tised 2,000 children, ranging m ago from
Uiree"vcMks to six years.
vThc service was, one In which Pope
Pius himself has taken deep interest
The papal blessing was bestowed upon
all the mothers, guardians, and children
Father Ennis, in speaking of tho serv
ices lost evening, explained that one of
the principal motives of the church in
holding the ceremonies was to Impress
mothers with the deeply approving atti
tude of the church toward motherhood
and to rebuke what he termed 'The so
ci il pest of race suicide "
The service opened with a hymn, and
then Father Ennis m ide a hnef address,
which was punctuated by the cries of the
b lbies from all parti, of the editice
Then after bestowing tho blessing, the
prie-st went through the church sprinkling
holy water upon all of the 2,000 little
Interesting Features in the
Sunday Edition of
Will Include Articles on
The Housekeepers1 Alliance
Government Employes in Crowded Rooms,
The Practttal Side of City Gardening.
Description Identical in Sev
eral Cases.
Theory oi Police that He 'Aided
Her to Escape.
N Cleiv lo Her Whereabouts Yet Ob
tained Ilelleved to Operate Abont
Once Every Six Months, nnd Each
Time In n Dlffcrrnt Section of llie
Country Detect! e In iVe-w lorL.
Ilns ot Been Heard From.
One of the most complete drag
nets ever put out by the police to
head off a thief has been thrown
over the country in an attempt to
locate the "maid," Mary Miller,
who, after five hours' employment at
the home of Miss Mary B. Adams,
1621 New Hampshire avenue north
west, disappeared with more than
$10,000 worth of jewelry. Lp to a
late hour last night no clew to her
whereabouts had been found by the
in m:w OItK-
Ccntral Office Detective Howlett is still
In New York, following a clew which was
picked up shortly after the disappear ince
of the girl Nothing has been heard
from him The police of all the lare
cues arc keeping close watch at the
railroad stations and wharves, and It is
thought she will be app-. hended, as the
e'ecnption given bv Miss Adams is most
It is now certain that Mary Is a pro
fessional thief, and that she is the same
I crson who h is been operating in oth r
cities htie 1 acknowledged to be one
of tho Ieverea:t thieves that has operafed
in Washingt-n
The police are now confident the girl
has as an aci omplice a man who assists
in her robberies and aids her in getting
away from the city 'n which sh. oper
ates and in disposer of tni boOt'- The
fact that sh- left the house of Miss Adams
dressed in the custom iry costume of a
maid, and without her hat, strengthens
this theory It is believed it would have
Uccn impossible for the womaln to go
through the city dressed as she was to a
nl-irt uVinr fifon .nnlH f.li'anf.A li lrthc
' without exciting suspicion or being re
I memhrcd by passers-bv
j Four Interesting circulars from B il
I timore. Detroit. Brookline . M iss , and
lev eland, requesting .aid in the search
being mane by the police of those eitlcs
for a woman answering tho description
of Jlirv, and who. according to the pam
phlets, had committed similar thefts In
those places add to the theory that the
police have an experienced "insldo work
er' to deal with
The circuI.ir-Jrom Cleveland states that
in August, 1j6, a domestic In the home
of H 13 Haves. LVrt Euclid avenue stole
several thousand dollars worth of jew
elry after three days employment. The
gems were taken while the fimtly were
out A description of tho maid answers
in every detail to that given the police by
Miss Adams of tho maid Mary.
Operated In Detroit.
J. J. Downey, superintendent of police
of Detroit, sent a circular broadcast,
which stated that In November, 1507, the
residence of Mrs Samuel Crawford. 70
Continued on Page Zl, Column .".
TaA.es Out I.leene to Marry Detroit
Girl In June.
Detroit, March 23. Alan Lyle Corey, of
New York, son of W. E. Corev, former
president of the United States StcM Cor
poration, took out a marriage license
this morning to marry Miss Marguerite
Johnston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Georgo Jonnston, of 45S Woodward ave
nue. Mr. Corey Is a student at Yalo and
well known for his work with the Yale
football team. He will graduate in June.
Miss Johnston, who was a debutante a
couple of years ago, is one of the most
popular young women In Detroit society.
The exact date of the wedding has not
beun given out, but it will not take place
until after Mr. Corey's graduation The
couple will go to Europe on a wedding
Maj. Sylvester and Capt. Mul
hall Involved.
Queer .Results Follow Painting
of a Station.
Two Policemen Concerned Clnlm to
Have Done the AVork. on Orders
I.iied by- Their Cnptutn, nnd Won
der WIint Woulu llnve Happened
to The in If Tliej Had It-fued to
VVlc-Id the I'ulat Brushes.
Maj. Sylvester, Capt. James Mul
hall, of the Fifth precinct, and two
policemen under him A. 11. Cole
and C. K arfield arc principals
in one of the most interesting mix
ups in the history of the Washing
ton police department.
The entire polico force was laughing in
its sleeves last night at the anomalous
position in which tho major and Capt,
Mulh ill find themselves In the mean
time Patrolmen Cole and Warficld at
the present time stand to lose $23 each,
because they obeyed orders and painted
tho Fifth precinct station house, they
claim, under order of their captain.
The money, according to orders Issued
by Maj Sylvester yesterday, will be tak
en out of their pay envelopes And they
painted the staUon house so it would look
spick and span on the day of the annual
Inspection. The question, therefore, nar
rows down to the plagiaristic situation of
" To obey the orde rs of a superior offi
cer and be fined $2j or not to obey and
be suspended or dismissed from the
There are persons who lay claim to
possessing wise heads, who say the
policemen will win on the ' show down,"
that Maj Sylvester has no legal nght
to extrat t the RS from their pay envel
opes Slnrted the Trouble.
The Central Labor I nion started the
trouble by denouncing the act of police
men painting a statIon-.w h-n they she. !d
have been out guarding the peace of the
city In fact, there was a threat of tak
ing tho matter to the courts When Maj
Sylvester was asked about the matter
last night, he said
"Capt. Mullhall presented the proposition
to me and I acted on his recommenda
tion. The men have been ''Jlnecl J2T each
for doing work not In their line of busi
nt?. and whether or not they are guilty
of infringement of duty 1 cannot say '
The major made it plain that he had
directly no hand In the reduction of the
salaries the two Vops ' would receive
this month, but that he was In svmpathv
with Capt Mulhall's recommend itlon was
ecju illy plain
Capt Mulh.ill refused to mike a state
mert and Policemen Cole and "Warwick
v.oulil not open Uieir mouths on the sub
ject T hev both presented the appe ir
ince of men with the ague,, afraid lest
something thev s.ud would get them in
trouble with the head of their depart
ment Style of Interview.
The interview with Maj Svlv ester went
something like this
"Hello, is this Maj Svlvcster?"
"Yes. what Is wanted'"
"Major, is it true that two of your men
will get $25 less this month than Is due
them, owing to the fact that they spent
a porUon of their time in painting a
station house''"
"Yes Capt Mulhall. of the Fifth pre
cinct, recommended a reduction of sal
ary, saying the men had not done pub
lic service satisfactorily, and I said they
should not be paid " .
Clubs in Ford City Must Not Make
Profit on Liquor.
Pittsburg, March 23. The latest quo
tations on the stuff that cheers in the
clubs of Ford City. Pa., arc "Beer, 2
cents a glass; 'bonded whisky, 2V4 cents
a drink "
At the last license court, March 6,
Judge W. D Patton informed the con
stabulary of tho county that chartered
clubs must not make a profit out of
their sales of liquor. Iord City- clubs
wanted to comply with the law and
made a computation of sales during a
stated period at 5 cents a glass. They
founa that If they complied with the
law they would have to sell beer at the
rate of sixty glasses for Jl.
That Is now the prevailing price.
Daughter of New Yorker leaps from
Hotel Balcony.
Naples, March 23. Miss Cornelia Mes
crole, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
V. Meserole, of New York, committed
suicide to-day by throwing herself from
the balcony of the Grand Hotel. She
died to-night.
Miss Meserole, who was twenty-seven
years of age, came here In quest ot
health about a month ago. Her parents
were with her. They had hoped the
climate would benefit the young woman,
but she failed to improve and grew
dcspondepL "
Kaiser's Lnggnge neld Up. '
Paris. March 23. The strike of the
dock workers at Trlcst has paralyzed
traffic at that port. A steamship, hav
ing on board the personal luggage of
Kaiser Wllhelm of Germany, was held
up to-day, and as a result of the delay
tho valet who was to have taken it to
Gortuvia la a sad: aaandry.
v Traverse City, Mich., March 23.
It was necessary for Miss Marie
Schmaltz, a saleswoman, to ob
tain a police license to-day In or
der to wear a harem skirt on th
streets. She tried It first with
out a license. The attention she
attracted amounted almost to a
mobbing. The curious pressed so
closely about her that she could
make scarcely any progress. Af
ter her appeal to the police she
had protection. The license Is
sued to her was similar in form
to those granting permission to
clubs or similar organizations to
parade the streets.
Dix Asks Legislature
to Bepeal Law.
Albany, N. Y , March 23. Complaining
that million iirs constantly hike to other
States to die to escape taxaUon, Gov
Dlx to-day urged the legislature by spe
cial message to repeal the Hughes inher
itance tax law. This was framed last
year upon the promise that it would pre
vent a threatened deficit and add SiOOO,
000 a year to the government revenue.
The governor recommended the restora
tion of the inheritance tax law which
was in fore- up to a year ago Gov. Dlx
In his message declared "the change has
caused the removal of capital from the
State In alarming amounts " In a recent j
conference of financial officers in New
York City, it was stated that funds thus
removed already exceeded J40O.ViO.0e0. and
that the number of citizens the State has
lost is very large.
Transfer of Slayer Made with
Ulterior Motive.
Poughkeepsic. N. Y . March 23. Harry
K. Thaw was to-day transferred from
his old ward in tho Mattcawan Stato
Hospital to a ward where his associates
will be imbeciles, paresis victims, and
men whose mentality is of a lew order
His transfer to the new ward has dis
pleased his mother. Mary G Thaw, but
Dr Lamb, superintendent of the asylum,
savs that Thaw is reillj pleased with
the change
It is charged that Tlmw was trans
ferred to Ui ward whiclr t rs the
imbeciles because of the rw:nt -xposures
that have been made regarding the care
of patients in Matteawan and because of
the suspicion that Th w was furnlsatag
a large part of the information
Dr. Umb said to-night that the change
was made for medical reasons only
Mrs Thaw issued a statement to-day.
in which she declared that the Matteawan
authorities continue to persecute her son,
and instead of trving to improve his
mental condition are doing him liarm.
Insnrrectos Deny They Are
Implicated in Outrage.
Galveston, Tex ."5f"irch 23 A gang of
Mexicans which Invaded Texas in Brews
ter County, stealing cattle and threaten
ing to kill the citizens of that secUon,
who resisted the invasion, were driven
across the river to-day bv an organized
company of miners from the Chisos
mines, but tho marauders gathered in
larger numbers, and It Is thought they
arc after the stores of explosives used In
the quarries and mines
The miners fired upon the Mexicans,
who returned the Are as they fled across
the river. A report that the insurrectos
were coming across the border into Texas
spread over the country and setUers and
ranch owners came into Chisos armed
for fight Many horses and cattle were
stampeded and driven Into Mexico The
two troops of cavalry which started for the
border will not reach the scene before
to-morrow. A message from the insur
rectos to-day stated that the invaders
were outlaws and not revolutionists, and
that any insurrectos caught in such act3
would be executed.
Insurrectos Mutilate Corpse of Peace Agent and Ship
It to City of Mexico.
Denver, Colo. March 23. MuUlated by
knife wounds and nails driven Into the
skull, tho body of Gen. Luque. a mem
ber of tho personal staff of President
Diaz, has been shipped In a packing box
to Mexico City by insurrectos, to whom
Gen. Luque had been sent by Diaz as
a peace agent. News of the assassina
tion reached Denver to-day In a letter
from a former Denver man now residing
In Mexico.
According to the letter. Gen. Luque. In
whom Diaz had the greatest confidence,
was sent from Mexico City to Chihua
hua In December to Investigate the'eon-
dltlon of the Insurrection in the north
and attempt to pacify the rebels. He re
ported his arrival at Chihuahua. Then
the Mexican press suddenly ceased to re
fer to him. but It became known that
he had been captured by the Insurrectos.
A few days ago a large packing case
was delivered to the National Railroad
at Chihuahua consigned to President
fila at Mexico City, Piles swarmed
Blanco Called to Join His
Chief for Attack.
Bijrgest Battle of the Uprising
Predicted Shortly.
Rebel Band Appears East of Jaarri
ami Soldiers Arc Stationed on.
Hoofs of AH Public Buildings Fed
erals Make Positive DenlaJ of Exe
cution of American Youth Raids
by Itovlng Bands of Insarrectos.
Q Paso, March 23. Francisco I.
Madcro's army has been definitely
located about fortv miles north o
Chihuahua, with Col. Robago and
600 federals intrenched between
Chihuahua and the insurrecto chief.
Other insurrecto bands surround
the town. Blanco's rebel command
has now reached the state of Chi
huahua on its march back from So
nora in response to Madcro's sum
mons, and an attack is expected on
Chihuahua any day. a
Tho rebel plan is to take Chihuahua and
Juarez and start trains running so they
can get food and ammunition. At pres
ent the main command is 20 miles from
the border, with its ammunition supply
cut off
The reported execution of Hamilton
Dignowity. a Texas boy. for participation
ttiUi rebels In Chihuahua is given serious
denial by Mexican federal officials, who
say no execuUons of revolutionists have
yet taXen place
As a reprisal on the Mormons of Colonia
Diaz for feeding insurrectos. Mexican fed
eral troops from Casas Grandcs have
burned their only grist mill
A rebel band of 200 or 300 strong has ap- '
peared twelve nules east of Juarez, at
Saragcsa. lh 1-rst "rebel cajutal estab
lished by ''Xdro, and the soldiers iif
Jaurez oppo.te ill Paso have again been
stationed on the roofs and are again
strengthening their fortifications with
more sand bags.
umeronu Clnnhen Reported.
San Antonio, March 23 Clashes re
ported on the Mexican border between
Mexican ciUzens and United States sol
diers, raids across the Rio Grande by
rovirg bands of insurgents, who have
driven off cattle owned by Americans,
orders issued by Maj Gen Carter this
morning making Sam Antonio the perma
nent camp of the field division with
Brig Gen Duncan in charge of the bao
and orders sent out to all of the re
cruiting stations over the I'nited States
to rush men here as rapidly as possible,
have revived the war rumors at Fort
Sam Houston
Action already taken indicates that
the maneuver division will be held hero
in readiness to move as soon after tho
special session of Congress as action
mav be taken
The orde-s for other regiments to tako
practice marches similar to the ono
being made now by the First brigade
will be issued within a short time. That
brigade reached Leon Springs to-night
and went into camp It will remain
there three days executing various
maneuvers and will then return to tho
maneuver camp at San Antonio Tho
trip was over ernbly muddy roads, but
was, made In satisfactory time.
Hence Rumored Knsmsrement to Mrs.
Grover Cleveland Ik Denied.
New York. March 23 This statement
was made to-night by Frank S Hast
ings, executor of the will of the lato
Grover Cleveland.
'The paragraph appearing this after
noon in one of tho weekly society pub
lications suggesting that there is an en
gagement of marriage between Mrs.
Grover Cleveland and Dean West, ot
Princeton. Is not only without tho slight
est justification, but is wholly refuted
by the fact tint Dean West already has
a wife living, and his son Is a student
In Princeton University."
about the case, and there were other cir
cumstances that excited suspicion. Tho
railroad officials noUfled President Dlax
of the coming of the case and their sus
picions. The President ordered the train
stopped at a way station, and thp ruralea
received the packing case from the bag
gage car and opened it in the presence
of railroad officials with a heavy guard,
In the case lay the corpse of Gen.
Luque. About It was wrapped a woman's
clothing, while a woman's hat was fas
ened to tho skull with nails. On a card,
through which a knife had been driven
into the body was Inscribed: t
Fran ths insurrectos of Chihmlna
to x
rorflno. tbo trrxnt
We send jrou jrwr Eareral. who h n
eriTcd t our hxadi tbo iu kind of treat
ment he co our compatriot, Senora Cordin.
of row.
It Is tho belief In "Mexico City that
Gen. Luque caused Senora Cordan to ba
murdered, and that her hat and clothing
were those placed In the box In whlca
the body of Gen. lAiqu was shipped t

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