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Fair to-daj and to-morrow;
rising temperature.
NO. 1631.
I''e&r', 41 v i wcrvr tt , .- r -- , - . .,
One Hundred Men. "Worth
8100,000, the Slogan
lr J&$ v
V SjH- M,
.1 y r
. ... 'Sit "?;
-Management of Insane Hos
pital Attacked.
To Be Filed with Secretary al
ter E. Fisher.
Axsert.s Dr White Does ot Give
Sufficient Attention to tbr Patienta I
and thnt lie Rnrelr Mi tliel
AVanln of the lolent Insune Capt. ,
Andennn lo Make iHcrc Critl-
ci.Mii uf the Conduct in Institution 1
' Dr llliani hite, super
intendent ot the Go eminent He-
pital fcr the Insane is unfit for the more, will be muted to a meeting
responsible, position he holds 1 can bv the committee directing the cam
ic details to substantiate this as 'paieji to discu-s as and means of
strtion in the charges which I will
hlc against Dr lute w ith Secre
1 irv 1 lslicr next week
11 I 1 II 1 I HUM
r ibtic st m men it inadL l
Hi hird 1 1 un i W ihington at
l rn with oilircb it 14- New ork
i er e northwist to a n porter for
J"ti- W ij-hinKtoii Herald lat msht. Mr
1 ins sui he hid eorro in contact witlv
1'r White man tim nhile lool ins afl
ir Ut interr ts f ilienii who hive been
dents jt the hospital
I Imu of i patient of the n ime of
A a rId ht. o seercl pummeled bj
Wn f the sutrds it the aslum that he
1 it 1 e under tl c cire cf a doctor for
two wek as a re ult of the injuries he
r e ed ontinued r M in There
i numhir of caces whti KUard-
1 c 1 ren so intoxicated while on dut
t t more rati ml patients hae tal en
t c kevs ind re ilers from them to
I revert their falling into 'he hands, of
fie ntre dangerous patient 1 can men
tion man) such iase and om of tht
jatients can bar me ut in m btatt
It is Dr hiti s -imbition to haie one
of the largest insane Tslums in the
world at Congress HeKhts ind to prt
s de over it. He nertr peronill super
ir tends til ford piven the patients ind
nrver sw. that tr ev set their proper
meli in( Thi he leies to his hubor
nates mini of whtm have had onlv a
few months experience "When he does
tike t. short trip through some of the
I uildinss near his office he does so hur
ricdl wiUiout stoppinK to see how a pa
tiert is Retting along The same spirit
r rev Tils imons subordinates In m in
nstances information and instrueti ins
arc received bv attendants fourth hand
One building located dlrectlv oppo ite
the administration building is the show
place of the institution. This is the 1 uild
ng cver visitor is shown through on
aivs when visitors -vre permitted It i
kn vvn a the L. building on account of
ts construction In it arc housed th
w men patients who arc rational No
v o ent caes ire permitted to be lodged
th re and Dr White vi its it Ciily I
mi told that the other buildings arc
visiud oniv about once a week nnj
that the wards of the violent insane are
rarelv Ten bv him
The stor of Arthi r Karnes who told
the authorities of the proposed escape
Thursdav is another illustra ion of how
the violent patients are prevented from
doing harm more I y the actions of the
ther inmates of the asv Ium than by the
watchfulness of th guards Barnes is
not insane This I kn w personallv as I
have been interested in his case for some
time ind im now trjmg to have him re
leased ' I think it is i mitter of the utmost
Importance th it the criminal insane
should be removed from the Capital or
Jvept in constant enfinement in their
present quarters The fact that the
1 resident, members of the Cabinet, and
members of Congress rc more or le s
in the streets of W ihington should be
sufficient argument aalrn their being
a"owed their libertv
"The force of guards a the asylum
Dr White says is insufficient to cope
with the situaticn Btfort the invests i
tion committee about i vear ag ) he
j,vvure on the stand he had all the guard
neccssar The guards are for the most
rart, jonng men who art not capable
of doing the duties assigned them
CritieineM the Gtiunln
Capt. Anderson, of the Heventh pre
circt aid the whole trouble was dm
to the cmplojment of incompetent ind
insufficient guards
The patients ire taken on daily walks
ihout the grounds bv the attendants
Faid Capt. Anderson In some cases a
line of thirt patients is in ch irge of two
guards If one of the patients breaks
the line and runs awav the guards ire
ifnid to leive the rest of the patients
ind go after him This is a constant
menace to the people living on Congress
Heights with which the police are power
less to cope On manj occasions I havo
walked through tne asv lum grounds In
uniform and the language hurled at me
would be unprir tabic. I have et to
learn of an insane patient who does not
know he can do an thing he wants to
do number of times mj men have
brought escaped patients to the station
house, and the patients they told me
had threatened to kill them If they laid
hands on them '
Owing to tl e extreme precautions taken
with the ten men who planned to escape,
list night while the guards were at a
plav in Hitchcock Hall evcrj thing passed
off quietlv The men who had planned
a get-away were locked In their rooms
and an extra, force of men guarded the
Special Cnrnntlon Sale To-dnx
At Blacklstonc s. 14th &. H. Don t miss it
The Sunday
CITY'S SHARE IS $250,000
Impoi tant Action Taken In Con
entions Committee.
Chamber of Commerce Doily MailriK
in Charge the Proposed llnll in J
lltmory of Grorcc Wn-ihinsrton j
Decides I pon Interesting Method j
to Raise Capital City's hare of
the Necfisnrj Fund for Project. j
One hundred residents of Wash
ington, each worth $100,000 or
raising .250 000 Washington's
share of the 2 300,000 necess-m
to erect the proposed George Wash
mgton Memorial Hall
This wis decided upon it i meeting or
the conventions committee of the Cham
ber of Commerce vesterdav afternoon
The raising of W ashington s subscnp
tion is in the Inn Is of this committee
of which (jranv lie M Hunt is chairman
ml is wc-1 mg n torjunctin with the
various commercial civic patriotic, and
scientific organizations that will be bene
fiteel bv -Uch a building
The plan wh ch has been in the minds
ef evenl interested in the campaign fo'
-ome time was presented to the com
mittee vesterdav bv Richard K Wat-ous
ecret irv of the mencan Civic ssocia
tion It iret v th instant and unanimous
approval and is expected to provo one of
the most potent factors in raising the
amount reeiuired of Washington
The date of the JiniOOOnO meeting has
not been -ct The pnn wa onrv rough
v sketched in Mr W atrous who left
the development ind execution entire!)
in the hands of the committer
It is proptsed to Jcarn from some finan !
cial rating tgenc he names -' a larte
number of wealthv re idents of Wash J
ingtm The ante for the
$10 Ot) 000
game will be Jir Onf One hundred men
credited with fortunes of this size or
greater will be asked to "sit in
Vigorous Career
Having started the subscription ball on
a vigorous circer in the course of which
it 1-. expected to ice imulate all the small
sub criptions bv means of i eirefullv
planned house-to-hcusc canvass the
committee is now readv to turn its it
tention to the wealth of this city The
men elected from the J1CKCC0 list will be
as far as possible men who will be more
or less vitallv benefited bv the building
Thev will include hankers merchants,
real estate men and leaders in other
lines of commercial and industrial actlv
Before these men spokesmen from the
committee will lay an imposing array
of cold, hard facts intended to prove
bevond jcanl that thev will be individ
ually and collectivelv benefited lj such
Continued on I'nge 1, Column 4
State Banks Are Seeking to
Comert Institutions.
A stampede of Oklahoma State bank
ers to get from under the provisions of
the Oklahoma Stato guaranty law is in
evidence The office of Comptroller of
the Currcno Murray is flooded with the
applications of those who are desirous
of converting their institutions into na
lional 1 anks
The guaranty law went irto effect in
Oklahoma on October 1, 1908. In the
year 130S only one State bank was con
verted to the naUonal -vstem, in 19u9
there were three in lsio there wcra
seven Thus far, in 1911 there have been
eighteen conversions, anl du-ing the last
three months the applications for con
version have numbered between 73 and
LO about 6s of them coming in within
the last thirtv das An action on nearlj
all of these Is yet to be taken
W e are tired of the guaranty law
is the burden or the song of the bankers
whose applications are on file One bank
er writes that his net losses within a
term of ears aggragated J217- One as
sessment under the guarantv law to pro
tcct depositors mulcted him of nearly
ten times that amount.
In nearl ever) case- the applicants
demand that the bureau take hurried
action The bankers of the State art-
harassed by rumors that another as
sessment Is In Immediate prospect and
they desire conversion In time to avoid
It, Their complaint is that the law oper
ates into the hinds of speculative bank
ers at the expense of the conv creative
Their argument Is altogether in line with
the one advanced by William Howard
Taft during the last PreaidcnUal cam
paign. Don't 3IIsa It To-morrow.
The Geographical Puzzle In the Sunday
edition of The Herald is fascinating and
Instructive. Fifteen prizes for correct
soluUon1 Order from your dealer to-day
Edition of -The Washington Herald To-morrow will be Fined with
If.. . v i ' t
f W&SZZ 111-" ,1 'At , t - s &
ff t?r - hi -
AT -.
j "-iiisKewixir.
r , ,
- " -riJ Jki2U5
r-l w"
(CorrrisJit by IndcrwoM A. Underworld New Tort.)
. port side mcw of the San Marcos, showing the manv holes" made during the first period of firing
m the naal tests m Tangier Sound Chcsapcike Rav, this week Onl two broadsides were necessa for
gunners of the New Hampshire to put the San Marcos completch out of commission '1 he accompanung
cut gives some idea of the condition ot the condemned war ship when the gunners had finished with her
So great was the hioc wrought h the New Hampshire s shells that the imal officers were uncertain at
fir-t whether thc dircd go aboard her for fear he might crumble in on them
.Return to City starts Gossip
of Secret W eddin?.
New Tork, March 25 The New York
mencan this morning prints the follow
ing special dispat h
W ashington M irch "M A rumor Is cir
culating iround Washington to night
that Miss Kathcr ne Hkins and William
Rejnolds Hitt, of t hicago and Washing
ton wre married in Arizona early this
week on their Southern tour
V note stating this rumor war sent
to both Mr Hitt and Mis Ukins At
the Hitt mansion the information wis
given that Mr Hitt was at the Flkins
home, in K street northwest, and the
note was earned there and received b
Mr Hitt. Hoth Mr Hitt and Miss KIkins
sent hack the noncommittal sentence
No answer
The fact of Mr Hitt s being present
it Mrs Hkms home to-night Is all the
more noticeable because the rest of
Washington societj is in attendance at
the White House mLjicale a festivit)
Miss Flkins could not attend on account
of her mourning
It is known that Mr Hitt and Miss
Flkins sptnt a part of the week In the
Grand Canyon "ectlon of Arizona under
the chiporomgo of Miss fc.lh.ins sister in
law Mrs Hlamo h lkins Societj here
has been in momentarv expectation of the
news of an engagement at least, and
therefore does not hesitate to believe that
Miss Katherine has aire idv stolen a
mareh on rcr friends
The report has traveled like wildfire
through Washington society to-night and
the silence of the parties most concerned
tends to give credenc to it.
''ocietv is laughing at the way the
clever voung people stole a march on
them when they arranged the dual house
boat guest role with the Joseph loiters In
fc lorid i First Miss r lkins went South
with her mother and sister in law and
Joined the Leiters Then Mr Hitt left
Washington for New "iork on "business
but somehow or other got to Florida to
join tho merry houseboat party on Its
big game hunting trip Another coup was
pulled off when it was announced that
Mr Hitt was returning with the Leiters
to Washington last week while Miss El
kins was going to Palm Beach to Join
her mother Instead of that Mr Hitt
left the Tvciter party somewhere en route
and joined Miss Flkins and her party
for a mer-j Jaunt through the Grand
Canjon en route to Washington, where
the) arrived late last night.
Suffrage Leader Believes State Should Pay Women
for Their Service in Nursery.
New Tork March St Discussing the
bill introduced In tho Illinois legislauro
to tax bachelors for the purpose of pay
Ing bounties on babes Dr Anna Shaw,
president of the I.aUonal Suffrage Asso
ciation to-daj declared a tax on bache
lors to be an absurdlt), ana said this
proposition and manv others of similar
character were the direct product of
Mr Rooscvclts race suicide, theories
I thinl this proposiUon so far as It
attempts to offer a premium for mother
hood, is coarse and disgusting, said Dr
Shaw, indignantl) It places a baby on
the same plane as a prizo pumpkin or a
blooded calf W hat sort of mother
would a woman be who would let a.
monctar) consideration affect her dispo
sition toward child bearing, and -what
sort of a child would the $100 mother
" hat is the sense or the morality, or
even the policy of a surplus population?
Japan Is so overburdened with a surplus
population that to give It space to grow
up sho has to make war and grab terri
tory Jtanch uria and Korea, for instance
from other nations
' Ono of the supposed benefits of war
Is that It gets rid of tho surplus popu
j x"rX, - " -V - ,r2SBnlH
-J?- 0-i' 2
Crew of Vessel Compelled to Take
to Boats
I ureka Cil March "4 steamship is
afire off Table niufT at 9 o clock to night.
The crew was ompelled to take to the
boats The vessel Is drifting helpless!)
Bolts for Door After Answer
ing Formal Question.
Atlanta March M looking weak and
aged anl at times wild In his words
John fc itavnor went on the stand this
afternoon to wure his freedom by taking
the pauper's oath While the govern
ment vvaa represented tho opposition
was merclv a formal one and only tho
regulation question was asked Gaynor
Have vou anvthing of value now held
for vou or to be used in the future for
vour benefit'' he was asked
Not a thing I ve spent cverv d m
rent was his startling rep ) bringing
immediatel) from Commissioner Col
quitt s lips a cauUon to go Flow on the
Told he was free he picked up his hat
anil bolted for the door
"Where are )ou going he was asked
"To get something to eat" lie fired
English Vessel Makes Fifty-seven
Miles an Hour
London March "4 fc. McKay Edgar's
motorboat Maple Leaf III showed a
wonderful burst of speed in a trial on the
Solent to-da) making forty nine and
one half knot3 an hour Measured In
miles this is fiftv seven miles an hour
This is a world s record The Maple
Leaf III took part In the motorboat
regatta a Monaco a vear ago
The phenomenal speed credited to
Miple Leaf III has never been ap
proached in this country Dixie HI
winner of the international races last
summer, traveled under forty miles an
lation W h should women bear surplus
children to be gotten rid of by wars'
The truth of the matter is that we have
enough producers of children but not
nearly enough mothers and fathers.
"How manv men can s'a-j offhand
what grade their children are In In
school what their studies are How many
men knovvT the character of their son s
school chum, the person from whom he
will learn probably, the most serious
facts of life? It Is a knowledge of these
and similar things affecting the child s
welfare that make a man a father, a
woman a mother Lacking this Intel
ligent and sympathoUc understanding and
InPuence, they are mere producers of
children, no better than other animals
engaged In i similar function
Undoubted!) a time will come," Di
Shaw, continued, "when certain women
will dellberatel) choose motherhood as
a location and the government will pay
them for their service to the state as
mothers. Some women have a perfect
genius for motherhood, as others have
for art or literature.
"But when the time comes for mother
hood pensions tho money should bo rais
ed by general taxation, not by a tax
on bachelors "
. . . ,rr wv- . . t. x- t" r b ?rx
-j "
r - tfri. .'cspc?' x?
: saSsSS"2 -r
JIad Horse Dashes Down
Massachusetts A enue.
Frirhtened bv a passing car a spirited
horse driven b) L)r Dinlel fatuart, 'on
of Admiral U D -uirt lT S N
dashed madl down Massachusetts ave
nue extended vesterda) afternoon In
the small bugg vvaa i )Oung womai
ho had gone driving vith Dr Stuart
Vftcr running a city block the aninul
swerved near a large steam shovci and
clashed Into a tree box. throwing th"
occupants of the vehicle to the ground
Dr btuart landed on his shoulder and
the woman was thrown against the tree
box Dr Stuart went to the assistance
of his friend She was sllghUy bruised
about the face and blood flowed from her
lip The horse loosened from his traces
and frightened bv the steam shovel near
bv, kept on In his course. At a cro--s
ing used by contractors for their dirt
trains i negro named W illlam Butler
stopped the animal
The horse was returned to the Cairo
stables bv Butler for Dr Stuart. Th
hor-e an i buggv were i-ent to Admiral
Stuart s residence at 91S Farngut -q rtre
vesterdav afternoon Mrs Stuart, mother
of Dr tuart. said her son had obtained
the horse and vehicle to go for a drive
with i voung woman, who is a friend
of the famllv
Abbatemaggio Accuses His
Companions in Crime.
itcrlHi March 24 The chief feature
or the trial of the Camorrists to-da) was
the c tiling of Abbatcmaggio to the stand
He hal not finished his stor) when court
adjourned for the day Another witness
was I uigi Arena who it Is said was
isociated with Abbatcmaggio in a num
ber of burglaries
After n long examination of Luria
Arena who laid the bl ime for his own
crimes upon the wiles of Abbatcmaggio
in spite of the fict that the witness is
twice the other s age Abbatcmaggio was
then called to tho stand Before his ex
amination was begun he was ordered to
leave the cage and sit in front of the
pres dent of the court As he took his
seat lie remarked The canarv won t
sing This is the Italian way of sa)lng
that a man will not betra) his associates.
The lawyers for the defense argued as to
whether the Informer should be permit
ted to relate his stor) or merel) answer
questions. 1 he Judge abruptl) shut off
the argument and threatened to postpone
the trial if the law) ers Interrupted the
Abbatcmaggio began In a clear voice an
exposition of the Camorra which, he
said he had joined it tho age of nine
teen He was led to denounce his com
panions from a wish to rehabilitate him
self after the burglaries in conjunction
with Arena Dimattlo Rappl and other
members of the Camorra. Before ho had
progressed far with his story court ad
journed until Tuesday next
Milwaukee Wis.. March 24. live fire
men lost their lives this morning when
the factory of tho Middleton Hat Com
oany was destroyed b) fire. One fireman
Is In the Emergency Hospital fatally in
jured and sixteen are slighUy hurt. The
walls fell carr) Ing the men to their
The escape of a hundred cmploves,
which preceded the accident to the fire
men, was spectacular, some being car
ried on ladders from the fifth floor, and
twent) girls crept thirty feet along an
clshteen-inch cornice to the fire escape
Two of tho girls fell on the dangerous
trip and were slightly hurt, one sustain
ing a fractured leg
The loss Is $100,000. ,
Genera! Public Badly Depressed by Failure
to Quell Insurrection.
President and Retiring Ministers Refuse to Discuss
Political Status of Events Diaz's Plans Unknown.
Mexico Cit March 24 Earl) to-day rumors were current in this
cit that the entire Diaz cabinet had resigned in a bod. To-night this
was officialh confirmed
The resignations came after a da that had been spent in confer
ences Ikforc 10 o clock in thq forenoon the members of the cabinet
called on President Diait, and for more than four hours they were
closeted together It was evident that matters of ital importance were
being discussed, but all efforts to get am information were unavailing.
Not one of those most directly interested would sav a word
San Antonio March "4 That
John Hamilton Dignowty was
executed in Mexico is denied b)
his father Illlam Dignowt) of
this cit) who sivs the story
sent out of San Antonio had no
foundation In fact. He has been
in communication with his son
recentlv, and said at the date
the alleged execution took placo
he knows the man reported exe
cuted wa3 alive.
Big Xew Tork Institution
Added to His String.
New Tork March 24. J P Morgan .
Co , Kuhn. Loeb . Co the National Clt
Bank and the rirst National Bank have
acquired a large part of the NaUonal
Bank of Commerce stock owned by the
Equitable Life ssurance bocict) and the
Mutual JJfe Insurance Companv
It is understood that J S Alexander
now v ice president of the bank wall suc
ceed alcntine P Snvder who retires
from the presidencv on April 1.
The capital of the bank is CnfflW
The Lquitable Life holds 023,100 in
par value of the stock and the Mutual
Life holds J3 COS gun par value. Thomas
T Ryan owns 5 000 shares of tho stock,
and the estate of L H Harriraan be
tween o 0"0 and 6,000 shares.
In addiUon to its capital of RdOOOOOO
the Bank of Commerce has surplus and
undivided profits of JlT'KfiSOO Its de
posits as shown In last featurda) s bank
statement, amount to Jill 3U 4u0 Its
loans and discounts total Jla4"0 000 and
it has J12.51S600 bank notes outstanding
Fnshlonnble Crowd Seen Exhibit at
Tort Mver
Cavalry drills were given as usual in
the post drill hall at Fort Myer ) csterday
The exhibition consisted of Cossack rid
ing b) a detachment of Troop D of the
fifteenth Cavalrv under command of
Cipt H C Smlthcr i jumping drill b)
i detachment of Troop B under com
mand of W B Andrews of the Fifteenth
Cavalr) a broadsword contest b) a de
tachment of Troop D under command of
Ueut C S McNeill and two musical
drills one b) Troop C commanded b)
Capt W irren Dean and one b) Troop
commanded b) Capt, Julian R Linel
se) The drill began at 2 20 o clock and was
attended by i fashionable gathering
Gordon Clrcnlnrn Dlstrlliatcil nt
Census Office nnd G V. O.
Fulton R Gordon promoter of the cam
paign to obtain better sal tries for gov
ernment clerks by means of personal let
ters to all members ot Congress ) ester
da) finished dlstribuUng the list of the
20 000 circulars containing his speech on
the subject and which caused some com
ment b) reason of the fact tint he criti
cised President Taft
About 1000 copies were placed in the
hands of Uio Census Office employes and
the remainder went to the Government
Printing Office
Iovrn rouses Kxpect to Cnptare
Dcnlson, Iowa, March 2L The main line
cast-bound passenger train on the Chicago
Northwestern was held up here by a lone
highwayman about midnight. He robbed
two passengers and escaped
Posses are searching for the robber and
expect to capture him soon
Kansas City, Mo , March 24. The State
Bank of Hudson, Kans , near Hutchinson.
Kans., was robbed this morning of $4,600
by men who blew open the safe. A
watchman was shot and residents of the
town were fired upon.
To all inquirers they returned the in-
variable reply that the) had pledge -,
themselves to refuse to discuss the sltu
aUon in an of its aspects AH govern- -2
ment officials siij that they had been.
instructed to a) nothing and espcclallr
not to confirm or to deny any rumors
that might bo In circulation as to tho
political status of events. This evident
secrecy gave n-e to no end of T"".ttT-Til
uu uib jri oi me ministers, and ,3.any
minors were in circulaUon
As the cabinet ministers emerged from,
the conference with the President they
were quesUcned one at a time but not
one of them would divulge the slightest
clew to what had taken place In the ex
ecutive offices They joined In sa)ing:
that an) information as to what haet
taken place must come from President
Diaz himse'f
I imantonr to ne Retained.
it was not stated whether the resigna
tions had been accepted. It is known,
however, that those of Creel. Fernandez.
Mollno, and probably that osio wi
be accepted It also is said that Liman
tour will be retained and that he will
be transferred from the post of mlntster-
of finance to that of minister of foreign
It Is known, however, that there has
been much fricUon among members oC
the cabinet since the return of Mlnlster
Limantour from his trip abroad Tho
other members of the cabinet seemed to
b- dissatisfied with the plans which
Limantour brought back with him from,
the United States On the vcrj best
authority It is stited that ice President
Corral will hand his resignation to Con
gress as soon as that bod) meets. This,
will be or pril 2. Corral it is added,
will leave the country for an extended
ti Ip in urope on April 12. He has al
read) engaged steamship accommoda
tions for his trip across the AUcntic
General Public Depressed.
The dissensions in the cabinet havo.
had a very depressing effect on publics
opinion It had been thought until now
that the government was getting tho
upper hand of the situat'on but to-day a
developments lead to the conclusion that
the end of the present trouble Is further
off thin at an) time before It 13 pointed;
out that those In authority are badly
divided as to the proper course to pur
sue In putting down the Insurrection,
and this has impressed the general pub
lic badly
It was learned to night that Senor
Molina minister of improvements, re
signed yesterda) and thit his resigna
tion was accepted by President Diaz.
The other members resigned at 4 o clock,
this afternoon
The action of the members of the cabi
net In quitting it this time has created
i tremendous sensation here
Mexico Orders 10,000 Rifles.
London Mirch 24 Agents of the Mexi
can gov ernment signed a contract in Lon
don to-day for TOOfX) Marten Hale rifles
and grenades for u'c In Mexico ag ilnst
the insurgent forces The contract stipu
lates immediate shipment
Lloyds Raises Rate on Chance of
Russian-Chinese Row.
London March 24 Several London,
firms engaged in trading with tho far
Last received cibles from tho Orient to
day to the effect that war between Russia
and China is expected to bo declared In.
i short time. IJoyds rate to cover the
risk of an outbreak of hostilities during'
the next four weeks rose to-day from,
to 10 guineas per cent.
Paris advices however. Indicate that
there has been an Improvement In th
relations between Russia and China.
State Senator Found t Guilty la
Jangramon Connly Court.
Springfield III . March 24 After beings
out twenty minutes, the Jury, on fhe
second ballot In the case of State Sena
tor John S Brodcrick, of Chicago, who
is chirged with pa) Ing Senator Daniel
Holtzclaw of Iuka, $2,500 for voting for
Lorlmer for United States Senator, re
turned a verdict of not guilty In the San
gamon Circuit Court to-day
1.25 to Baltimore and Return
Saturdavs and Sundays, via Penna R. R,
Tickets good to return until Sunday
night, All regular trains except; the
Congressional Limited "
Good Things
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