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SUNDAY, -MARCH 26, 1911.
tweUe months -would in a few years
amount to a fund sufficient to Justify the
careful consideration of the project. ,
"Careful business men aro of the opin
ion that the rentals -which would come
from the portion of the building not used
for the organization's offices would do
much to put the project on a paying'
(Saturday, March 25, lOU.)
DAlbY COURT RECORD Commissioner Uses Eight to
31 ay Break .First Ground in
Eighteen Months.
Incorporation to Serve as En
tering Wedge.
"tt tth Rapid Gronlh in Antubers and
Influence Eer on Increase, Mem
bers TliinU. The) Will Be Able
Shortly to Finance Project Cou
oidercd a Mearare of Economy.
Sinclair for Unlldlng.
Court of Appeals.
Adjourned from day to day.
Canity Conrt Ka. L.
No. S377T. Do Blrney ts. KuIIberc et jL, silo
finally ntified Attorney, C W. Owen.
Assignment for Monday, March 27.
No 2S361. MeGowan ts. I'ansh. executrix. At
torneys Wilson & Darlinjton-Conrad. roUrarj &
Equity Conrt Ho. 2.
Assirnment for Monday. March 3
ho. 1J6 Hurd ts. Cramer. Attorneys. McLean &
Ford Lamer. Lester. Bimry & Woodard.
Before the expiration of eight
een months first ground will have
been broken for a $250,000 or
$300,000 building for the Washing
ton Chamber of Commerce, if the
movement new takincr form within
the membership oi that body accom
phshes its puqoe
the recent introduction ot a
resolution calling for the incorpo
ration of the Chamber under the
Ia of the District of Columbia
was the firt step in that direction.
F.onm.u ruport hcvdi.
The announcement I it week that a
subcommittee to which the resolution
had been referred had decided on a
fa enable report and would present a
plan of incorporation at the nevt meet
mc of the committee on law s and leg
i'ation was in the raind of man, a
virtual promise of ppecdj building opera
tions ppreciatmg tli added prestige that
ha- attached to the Chamber in the last
1o j ears and certain that the almost
phenom nal growth, both in bizf and
power that has marked the lnstorj of
the institution in tha' time will con
tinue. th progreite members of the
Chamber faor a speed incorporation
aud itocK issue at. a means of btgin-i-ini
building operations in the near fu
ture Kighteen months is believed to
be a ronservativt estimate of the breit
of the time that will intervene between
the incorporation or the Chamber and the
breaking of first ground for the new
In the face of the expense the Cham-
1 er is now under for rented quarters, I
rqhting. and incidentals, the isue of
sufficient stock to insure the erection of
a line building would be a measure of
economv. in the minds of man More
ov f-. there has often been repeated in
the Chamber offprs b the wealthier or
rrre confident members to take over,
a'ong with their own share, the addi
t'onal stock of those members who do
not feel inclined to invest when the
i-sue 1., made It is believed that th
entire issue would Ix taken up by mem
bers, of the Chamber
Chamber .roYTing Fast.
In the list two vears the Chamber
has been growing at -he rate of about
twent-four members a month This in
line of members Ins been the result of
tireless efforts on the p irt of Secretary
Grant and the membershio committee,
. nd little doubt is expressed but what
such growth could continue But the
membership committee and Secretary
Grant are not satisfied even with that
showing, and within a short time prob
ablj at the close of the, summer lull
po'siblv before that time a carefullv
thought out plan of operations will be
put into action and will it is believed,
bring the membership of the Chamber up
to the 2,000 mark within twelve months
after it is started
Given a membership of 2,000, anv argu
ments anent the unwisdom of building
would be mere .dry peiflage in the opin
ion of the pro-building faction. A paid
up membership of 000 would mean an
assured income of $10.000 this leaving out
of consideration the income to be ex
pected from the rental of offices in the
home of the Chamber According to fig
ures alread compiled, the Chamber
could run, with a membership of 2.000, on
Jlinon a j car. leaving a net surplus of
JJS.000 each twelve months
Sinclair for Building.
A. Leftwich Sinclair, chairman of the
committee on law and legislation, is
heartily in favor of such a move.
"The Chamber of Commerce has become
a big, live, influential body," said Mr.
Sinclair jesterday
"It has several thousand dollars invest
ed in interest-bearing securities, and is
accumulating surplus at the rate of about
$2,000 a car
"It will not be long before the Cham
ber will have enough of a nest-egg to
take up the question of erecting a build
ing Then, of course. It will be highly de
sirable for tho Chamber to be incorpo
"It seems to mc that we might as well
incorporate now as a little later espe
cial! v in view of the fact that other
benefits and advantages would accrue to
the Chamber from Incorporation but this
is a matter to be settled by a committee
of the Chamber, to which the quesUon of
incorporation has been referred for care
ful consideration and report.
"If we do not incorporate before we start
to build, any real estate purchased for the
purpose would have to be held by trus
tees for the Chamber which would be
ery unbusinesslike and unsatisfactory."
Secretary Grant Favorable.
Secretary Grant was equally favorable
j-cstcrdav. "Since the organlzaUon or
the Chamber," he said, "It. has had a
rapid growth, and has accomplished much
for the city. From time to time mem
bers ask the question, 'Why can't we
have our own buildingr I would bo glad
to take stock in a company which would
erect a building, with a large hall suited
to convention purposes, as well as hav
ing club features, gymnasiums, &c.
"The erection of such a building tvhould
do much to bring about a centralization
of the variqus organizations now working
for the city's advancement, a result much
to be desired, and one not so difficult to
accomplish, as is shown by the unfailing
regularity with which all organization
merge In the way of Joint committee
work when any really large and beneficial
-project is advanced.
"The surplus now laid aside each
Circuit Court No. 1.
Assignments for Monday, 3Jarch 27
So. OS. Piles ts. Gaines. Attorneys. Stadden &
Hoover Adnaans,
No XX Shepherd ts. CltJ and Suburban Railway
Company. Attorneys. Digs; & Rothschild Darlinf
No 2W Kins' ts Nash. ttorneys, Lambert &
leatman Btrney S. Woodard.
No. Sa. Fitch ts. District of Columbia. Attor
neys. Lambert & eatman Thomas.
ha 219 Warren ts. Thompson Starrett Oomnany.
Atlomers, Hopewell A, Mallier Sleman A. LeTch
.Na 31. Benton ts. Baltimore and Oliio-Railroad
Cbmpany. Attomeys.vDarr. Peyser A. Taylor Ham
No 26. Harlan, jr . ts. Sulliran Attorneys
Ridout GlUlnj 4. Chambcrlin
No 29 Warren ts. Anacostla and rotomac Hirer
Railroad Compani Attorneys, Berry A. Downing
Jn. Zl. Carter vs. Chidester. Atlnrners, Jones &
Qiok&cales Wolf & Rosenberg and Push
No Si Locj vs. Moore A HilL Attorneys, Rid
out Lambcrt.
Clrcnlt Conrt No. 3.
No 5X3 United State, rx rcl. Jones ts. Secre
tary or IMenur. argued nd ubmiurd. Attorneys
Tucker. Kcnvcm A Mactailand and K S. Bailer-fl
Lawler. Clerrents A Wnjht.
Issurnments fcr Monday. March 27:
No 513. Donaldson vs. District ot Colombia. At
torneys Gittinzs A Chambcrlin Tljms.
No. 33. Clapes vis. Douglas al Attorneys, Cur
nden A Bailey byme & Donaldson.
No. 2H. Krumke. adminutratnx. ts. Capita
Tracticn Company. Attorneys, Gardiner rerry &
Son and Dunlcp.
-No. 31Z. Wcldcnull ts. Same. Attorneys. David
Perry A bon and Dunlop
No Jtl. McGaney vs Capital TV Company.
AUomcys. David A Ncwmyer Perry & Son and
.No ZS. Warren vs. Reicharc Attorneys. Birney
A Woodard Tobnncr
No. SI People's National Bank vs. Winship e
aL Attornejs, McNeill & McNeill Wilson &
No 232. Smith v. Capital Traction Company. At
tomcys Gardiner rerry A sxm and Dunlop.
No IK. VtcBlair vs. Dutnct o! Columbia. At
torneys. Ridout Thomas.
No 430. Parens vs Dutnct of Crfcmbu. At
torney; Ridout Thoma.
No. 1J6. Beall vs. United States Trust Company
Attorneys, Lambert A catman Douglas, Baier A
No 319 Ilallrr vs. Washracton Times Cora
pany Attomej. Gardiner Lambert.
Make Arrests.
Siroopine Dovrn on Lad, Official
Carries Him in Antomoblle to Po
lice Headquarters and AIIotts Ma
chine to Occupy Reserved Space
on Fourteentb Street.
Criminal Conrt o. 1.
justice wniGiir
Asainmcnt for Monday March 27
United States vs. Antonio Sacnne
Crliniual Court o. X
A&unments for Mnnda). March 27
IV) Mar v Coheii. ttorneys. Pcnnebaier. 'c- tercsting scene
msi. Jonw A. Shinn VVolf A Rosenbers. I to
o I mrnrr va. ctJbtimu uvnirj, naiui
Birrcy A Wooiiard.
No. 1 B Ljon vs. Uome. Attorneys, llidout
No. 4. Bocchton vs. Iss. Attorneys, Barnard A
John'on Jeffords A Bcnll.
No. 8. Ijitmiu is. Orpcnbeimcr Attorneys
Mather Tobnncr
Probate Court.
ltato of John McGrccor, pctiuou for letters of
administration c L, a. Uomey, . B. Giu
Eqn!t Suits.
No 50CC& De la V ersne Machine Company vs.
Sealed Package Icp CiTOpauy, specific performance,
attorney. Lerm TobnneT
No 30367 Sarah R Sbulman ts. Berry hhulman,
divorce. Attorney, R, L. Haltimore.
No 3440 R K Hutchins tc V G l-eher
Irt Comcany. damages. $23 03 Attorneys, GitUnci
A Chambcrlin
No 53H1 Lillio A. Beard r. Moses Goldenbcrj,
dam2e3. $5 000 Vttcmeys, Gordon A Gcrdon.
Interest Horfi Gelslon tt u In John W Mar
shall, truster?, to scran? the Safe Depueat ami
Tni Company of Baltimore-. $10 000, 5 years, 5S
per cent, semi annually.
Sduaro ll6rart of lot n. Carol H Foster to
Kmest L. Scn-ult and rthur G Bishop, trus
tees, to seci.ro Herry Hinds, P COO, 3 years, 6
per cent per annum
Square M3 Lots 27 and 2S, Reuben W. Isdtll et
tut. to William H Kdmonston and Louis R.
Peak trustees, to secure Ldward S McKnnr.
$3 300. 2 years, 3 prr cent, scnu annually.
Square 851-Lot 3. Robert H. Kearney et ux to
Micluiel J Kranc and Paul fciincr tnistee;
to secure Frank C Hell, $2,500, 1 year, 6 per
cent. Aenu annually
Square S33 Lot 2. John P. Stnckert et tu. to
James 1 Kamck ami John K. Davdiwn, truv
tc-rs to Kan G. Ililrn Mctcalf, 1 000, 3 years,
6 per cent, mi annually
Squan- 5'&-!i 13?. 13ml)li Ann Whalen to C
linton Jmis and Iloyd E. Dans, trustees to
secure Clarice I Geasford, $800. 5 years, S per
cent, adu annually.
Square 9t2 Part of lot 6. Joseph A Cassidy to
Ianiel W Baker and Frank J. Hccan. trustees,
to secure Thomas Walsh and Joncpb C. Shoehy,
trustees. $5 000. 5 years, 5 per cent, semi annually
Same to sain-, to secure James O'DonneU. $2,003,
1 to 27 months. S per cent- per annum.
Square 035 Lots 18 and 13; Henry Lincoln John
son et nx to William K. Kdmonston and Hoarse
G. McKlwec. trustees, to jeciire John W. Penn,
$3 W0 5 years. 5 per cent, semi annually.
Intrrcst Lillie F. Mills ct Tir to Wallace Donald
McLean and Henry V. Tulloch. trustees, to
secure Hamscm G.'Dyar, $3,500. 3 years, 6 per
cent prr annum. '-Same to same, to secure
same. 51 000. 3 yean. 6 per cent per annum.
Lo Droit Park-Lot 43, block 9; Alice M. Hopper
to Alexander Jiunrastrr and Jesse L. UeiskeM.
trustees, to secure William K. H. Memtt, $1,003,
3 ycar S pa cent, semf anncally
Square 1053 Lot 41; Patnck B O'Connor et nx. to
William T. Willett and Charles F. Waring,
trustee, to secure Daniel C Leahy, $1,400, 3
years. 6 per cent, semi annually.
Square 210-Part of lot 2; William C. Morrison to
John Taylor Anns and Samuel A. Drury. trus
tees, to seenro Lee Brown, $600, 1 to 21 months.
6 per cent .per annum.
Bckiniton Lots 7 and 8. block 18. lot 7. block E:
Gtotm Truendell ct ux. to John Taylor Arms
and Samuel A. Drury, trustees, to secure Lee
Brown. $10,000, 1 year, t per cent, semi annually.
Square H Lot 06; Edward F Slankrr et ux. to
Abnrr B. Kelly ami William A. Hill, trus
tees, to secure Alfred II. Klein. $3 000, 3 years,
St per cent, semi annually.
Square 1731 Lot 49. Emily Fsrr Anderson tt Tir
to Thomas M. Gale and G force EL Hamilton,
trustees, to secure the Chery Chase Land Com
pany, $L300,'l to 83 months 5 per cent, semi
annually. Square CO-Lois 11. 12. and -13; Ellen L. Warfirld
to Harry L. Itust and Frederick W. Graham.
trurtecs. to seenro Harold Li Johnson, $1,000, 3
yean. S per cent, semi annnally.
Square 2S31 Lots 119 to 121: Oswald E. Camp to
Jamra M Baker and Georcr K. Slaybanih. trus
tees, to acenre Wflbur H. Zepp, $U.tO0, 3 years,
6 per cftiBseml anmullv.
Square Ij2-Ict 1C8: Anne E. Graham to Harry L.
Itost and Georse J. Ktstcrday. trustees, to
scenre Gccrxe Calvert Bowie. $3,000. Z years, 6
per crot, frjrftiualhr.
SqiAte 2SJ1 Lots J19 to 13: Oswald U. Camp to
Jam-s JLS Baker ind Gecrse E. Slaybuich.
trusters, lo aecnre'WUbur H. Zepp, $4,624, 3
years. 6 rer cent per annum.
Square tlO-Lot 27; Sallte V. Ferrea. t rlr to
John Taylor Anns and Samuel A. Drury, trus
tees, to secure W. Wallace ChisveU and Harry
A.' Kite, $2,209, I to D months. I per cent, aemi
annoally. '.
Squar 839 Lot 39; Jennie S. Bartktt to John B.
Lamer and John A. Hamilton, hmlm tn
sccurt the Washington Loan and Trust -Cam-pany
$2,500. J years, 5 per cent, .aeml-annually.
Square 861-Lot IS; John D. Carman et us. to John
B. Larmr and John A. Hamilton, trustees, to
score th- Washineton . Lean and Trust Com
pany, O.TOO. 3 years. S pw ornl, semt-annuaHy.
No person will be allowed to litter the
streets pf Washington with show bills.
if Commlssioner'Johnston sees them first.
To Uirow such newsy circulars about Is
a violation of the policy; regulations.
This fact was made apparent yesterday
when, according to police officials, for the
first time in the history of the District,
a Commissioner exercised his power to
make arrests Commissioner Johnston,
In an automobile, swooped down on little
John Murphy, ragged and dirty, who had
in his possession a package of show bills
The tail when question said that he was
cmplojed by Joo Dorney.
Rushed to Headquarters.
With the show bills in his possession,
coupled with the fact that the lad was
emploved by Joe Dorney. the Commission
er seemed to be satisfied "Jump in," he
said, and when the boy was settled in the
seat the car was headed for police head
quarters. Commissioner Johnston drew
his machine up in front of the Fourteenth
street entrance to the District Building.
The car w-as brought to a halt between
the two glaring white marks placed on
the curbing to warn drivers of vehicles
and owners of other devices for transpor
tation that the space is reserved and
must not be used for any purpose other
than a short stop To leave an automo
bile in this space is a violation of the
police regulations
But Commission Johnston had a pris
onerone who had grossly violated one
of the provisions specifically set out in
the police regulations. His automobile
was left standing between the two white
marks and he hurried the lad Into the
office of Inspector Boardman. John de
nied that he had distributed the circulars
on the streets. Commissioner Johnston
said he had. The situation stood this
wav when Maj Sjlvester arrived on the
scene and took John In hand
In the meantime, the Commissioner's
automobile occupied the space In front
of the District Building, between the two
white marks Watchmen in the building
and the police who enforce this particular
regulation were busy Just at Uils time
Thev failed to sec the flagrant violation
of the police regulations
Prom Ives to Be Stir.
Should John's case be brought up in
the Police Court to-morrow morning
Commissioner Johnston will have to ap
pear as wiUiess. There will be an in-
In the court, according
tatements made last night If this
should come to pass, as the press agent
for the burlesque show intimated that he
would invite all the chorus girls and
principals of the troupe to attend the
Shortly after Commissioner Johnston
left the building and ran his car from
the reserved space a messenger boy rode
his "bike" to the curbing between the
two white lines and walked into the Dis
trict Building In a moment a watch
man rushed from the building and ran
the the bicycle down the street outside
tho glaring w hlte mark
A minute later Rev Cotton Smith, rec
tor of St. John's Church, drove his car
to the entrance and alighted without
thought of the regulation Once more
the watchman rushed from the building
and with the aid of two big "cops" man
aged to push the machine from the re
served line And so the police regulations
of Washington are enforced
Now that the season is under way a
better line on the high school teams can
be gotten. Eastern appears to have
one of the best nines that has ever rep
resented that institution, but the lack
of heavy- hitters has always been the
CapFtol Hlir boys' weak" pdint, and unUl
the team meets some strong pitchers
this weakness will be unable to assert
itself, if it is there.
It is rumored that McArdlc, of West
ern High School," will soon forsake the
schoolboy ranks to play professional
ball. "Mac" has received an offer from,
the Old Point team, and has not made
up his mind yet whether to accept it or
Although weakened by the loss of
"Skip" Herriraan, Collins, and Quavado,
Central Is not giving up hopes and is
working all the harder to turn out a
winning nine. "Cy" McDonald has had
the boys out, daily, and Is giving them
plenty of opportunities to display their
If the present plans at Central do not
miscarry "Murph" King will be on first
again this year, and big McCarthy will
play third. At the beginning of the year
it was intended to play King behind the
bat. but as "Murph's" arm la a trifle
weak, a catcher will be develoMd. Clav
Thompson seems to be the man for the
backstop Job
Joe Harris, of Eastern, has Improved
wonderfully in hitting since last vear.
Joe now stands up well at the plate, and
puis plenty of steam Into his swing.
By deposing McArdlc Western lost a
capable manager. "Mac" arranged a long
scneauie ror the bojs across the creek,
and deserves a lot or credit for his ear
nest endeavors Cahlll. who will man-
age the team now. Is a good man for
the job and should make a good leader
ior me Ked and White nine.
Technical looks to have the strongest
team at present. With their Ditchers
going good the Manual Trainers will
make them all hustle.
Fisher Is bearing out all nredietions
made about him earlv In the season.
Fisher is hitting the ball and fielding
like a veteran
Test of Invention May Be
jttade Here.
Strong claims are being made by the
inventor ror the 'street car mall box.
wnicn nas been successfully tested in
several cities of theUnltcd States. While
nothing definite has been decided upon
Third Assistant Postmaster General
Grandflcld has expressed, his willing
ness to co-operate with the inventor in
an experiment to be made If the car
companies will permit the use of their
lines for the trial.
Although it is not claimed mall can be
deposited while a earn Is moving at a
rapid rate. It is said letters may be
easily deposited at street crossings, and
dropped without fear of Injury, when a
car is going at the average speed. The
apparatus seems to have many advan
tages, as the box extends for several feet
along the side of the car, and has an
opening four inches wide.
When the appliance was tested in WI1
mlngton, Del., tho only thing which pre
vented the permanent Institution of the
"rapid transit" boxes wis the failure of
the street car companies to quote rates
which could be paid by the city officials.
Seneeas Have Reornrnnlsed.
The Scnecas, of the Roscdalc Play
ground league, have reorganized for the
coming season and will line-up as fol
lows Loveless, catcher: Clements and O'Don
ald, pitchers. Smith, first base: Ixing.
second base; McCarthy, shortstop. Max
well, third base: Vanness, left field;
White, center field: Rogers, right field
The Seneeas would like challenges from
all teams sixteen vears old Address Ber
nard Loveless, LS0 Maryland avenue
South Ends Clinnp;e Nnme.
At a meeting lat night the South End
team of the Oljmpia League changed
Its name to Southland The nine would
like to arrange games with strong teams
in the district Address all challenges
to Jerry Flahertv. mi Four-and-a-half
street southwot.
Mrs. David Anderson Knocked Down
by a Street Car.
While crossing the street after alighting
from af northbound car at Eleventh street
near Kcn on street northwest, Mrs. David
Anderson, seventy-two years old. of 1211
I street northeast, was knocked down by
a southbound car and badly injured. The
Emergency -. HosDltal ambulance was
called, but Mrs. Anderson refused to be
taken to that institution.
She was carried to the home of a son
who lives at 3117 Eleventh street north
west, and a phvslcian was called. It
was found one of her legs had been
broken and an arm was injured.
Stocks from Safe "Without
Breaking Hlnsres.
Satisfied that some day he would be
visited by burglars, Richard I Elliott, a
flour and feed dealer, at -1706 Seventh
street northwest, pasted a large placard
on the door of his safe which read:
"This safe Is not locked. Don't break
the hinges or do any other damage."
The request was granted by two Intrud
ers, who ransacked tho establishment
early yesterday morning and removed
from the safe, without the use of nitro
glycerin. $2.K0 worth of nonncgotiable
stock and notes.
Luxons Defeat Franklins.
The Luzon Athletic Club opened its
season yesterday by defeating the strong
Franklin Athletic Club on the Mounment
grounds, 7 to 1. All teams desiring games
with the Luzons address Manager L.
Connor, 1017 Twentj -second street north
Shnffer's Cut Flowers Are Famous I
For beauty and freshness. 14th & Eye.
T TlGH Pressure Steam Plants that are not familiar with the
I merits of our GEORGES CREEP? COAL will be surprised
at the greater efficiency they can secure from its use. The
X slight difference in cost is many times overcome in economy of
Wholeiale COAL-
Walford Club After Games.
The D N. Walford baseball team
would like to arrange games with clubs
in the District or vicinity. White Haven,
A. S A. T. Companv, Ballston, SL
Stephen's, Rock Hill, and Mount St.
Joseph preferred.
Address challenges to E. J. Kearney,
327 H street southwest
Beautiful Sprint; Flowers.
The choicest specimens of Tulips, Jon
quils, Gardenias, Violets. Gude's 1214 F.
Fourteenth Street Heirhts-Equaro 291S. lot 15. L.
B Benson to Harvey L. Cooper and James H.
Nichcls $10
P street northwest, between Fifteenth and Eii
trenth streets Square 195. part of lot 92; Clara
K. Insrrsoll and Crmelia Knode to Will lira J.
Meyers et ux., Marion 8.. 5 $10.
North Carolina avenue rcuthcast, between FiltcTith
and Sixteenth streets Northeast of nruare lSu5.
. lots 10 12. and 23, Charlotte L. Welltr to Her
man R. Howenstein, $10.
Columbia Heights Lot 23, block 2S; John P.
Stuckert et ux. to William P. Uetealf. $10
IS K street Knthen&t-Sqnarc (33. let 2, G. Helen
Mrtcair to John P Stuckert, $10
Central U.Hjhts-Lot 3. block 1. Charles Monroe
Mansncld. Clara Lruise Mansfield, and Emella
Anna Mansfield to Clara Aucusta JUnsflcId. $10.
901 East Capitol street southeast Square 942. part
of lot 6, Emma V. O'Dsnnell ct Tir to Jcvpfa
A. CassWy. $10
XI East Capitol street southeast Square 942; part
of lot 6; Joseph A. Cassidy to Barnett Lands
man. $10.
Ninth street northeast, between F and G streets
Sqoaro 35. lots ir and 19; John W. Peon et ux.
to Henry Lincoln Johnson, $10.
Thirteenth street northeast, between A and B streets
Square 1012. lot 42; Arabella F. Smith to Walter
E. Wrifiht, $10.
Kalorama Heights Part of a tract known as Lyon's
Mill Sfit Laura G. Greens to Benjamin 'f.
Lcigbton, $10.
1(14 D street northeast Square 1053. lot 41; Sarah J.
Kippon to Patrick B O'Cotnor, $10.
Water street southwest, between Sixth and Seventh
streets Square 473, part of lot 2; Charles Cfaaun
cey. trustee: David Pepper. J. B. Franklin Pep
per. and,Abert Tepper Gerhard, trustees: Charles
u. savage, ana annul tan ucrvoorc oavxen to
Mary ti Uayoen. sjoo.
1315 L street northwest-Square 247. lot 66; Lilly
Keim. and Alfred U. Keim to Edward F. Blan
ker, $10.
Chery Chase neishts-Squaro 1751. lot 49, the Chevy
Chase Land Company to Emily Farr Ander
son. $10.
nolmead Manor Square 2831. lots 119 to 124. inclu
sive; James L. Karrick et ux. and William P.
Mctcalf to Oswald E. Camp. $10.
H street northwest, between Tliirty-flfth and Thirty,
sixth streets East of square 1238. part of lot
280; Samuel M. Dodd et ux. to N'onle L. Sulli
van. $10 L
41 New York'avenue northwest Square ?, lot V;
W. Wallace Chiswell and Harry A. Kite to Bil
lia P. Ferrea. $10.
Moore & Barbour's Second Addition-Lot 8, block
6; Sallie P. Ferren et vir to Harrr A. Kite, Ilo.
Pctworth-Lot 19. block 6; Luther A. Swartxell to
Robert L Carr et ux.. $10.
'I' : ! ! -r ; !' ! ! ii 'I !' fl ! ! ! -I 'H"t 1 1 i ! ! ! 1
Eighteenth Street and Ontario Road.
A modern Apartment House of
Standard Fireproof Construction.
Apartments of 2, 3. 4, and 6
rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
by the year or by the month.
Newly Organized Dining-room
Service operated by the com
pany. McLachlen
Banking Corporation,
10th and G Streets IT. W. .
It'll Pay You to
A clean, economical, and thor
oughly dependable fueL It makes
a fire Just right for cooking. We
supply coke at these prices:
S Bnsbels Larje Coke, dellrEred.....IU0
40 Bushels Larre Coke. dellTered. J3.73
60 Bushels Larre Coke. dellTered JUO
25 Bushels Crushed Coke, detlirml $3J0
40 Bnsbels Crushed Coke, delivered $400
60 Bushels Crushed Coke, delivered $&SV
'! '!" t"H ! 'I "!''"8-r
High-class Beer
Cannot be sold
at prices for which
some beers aro
sold in this city.
Tou're safe In or
dering this com
pany's noted
brews they're
America's finest.
"i doau, 91.75. fiOe rebate oa bottles.
National Capital Brewing Co.
'Phone Lincoln SOT.
Let Me Estimate.
John H. Hinrichs
Painting Contractor
1210 New York Ave.
Phone. 1T-4S45. r
Formerly Superintendent H. Newton
Marshall Company.
When tho Geolccical Surrey completes its present
surrey of ths United Stales tbo atlas that it will
isrue will contain mere thin tjm naps.
Xorfelk and Washlnrton Steamboat CBonanrt
steamer from foot cf Seventh street far Old Potat
Comfort and Norfolk daily at (!B p. as.
Steamer., diaries Maealester tor Sfoont Ternca
leaves Seventh street wharf at 10 a. bl tad IM
$1 m. dally except Sunday.
Cant from Fifteenth street and New Tork avtaat
every quarter hour fcr Zoo Park," Chevy Chase, an j
Ktnsinzton. . , .
Wishlcctoo. Baltimore and Annapolis Klectrte
Railway operates sixty-three limited trains each day
between Washington sad Ealtiaaore, !taTir JTkV
Until U, ana New Tot tvs.-.ca ths bsuf aadtlsU
kour. v " i.
Lanman Engraving
(Sixth Fltor)
Half-tone Work a Specialty.
Best Facilities for Line En
graving. All Orders Executed by -Expert
Designing and Illustrating; by
, Competent Artists.
Publishets'.,anfJ 'advertisers who
use illustration's will especially
-findr it .to their advantage to
xarnine'ourtwork-and prices.'-
, IflrrrrM'' bwWIW Wlafi
I i.
Mean a miserable
existence. Tou can
possess comforta
ble feet, and for
your own good
have them attend
ed to at once. De
lay means misery
and discontent
Corns, Bunions,
And all other foot
troubles are con
quered by our su
perior, chlrooodv.
Ask us about It; there is no
charge for a consultation.
Foot Specialists. 1214 F St. W. W.
'H-t "M-
The Famous
T Ten- years old, JLSS. .Order by 'noons.
X Also TEWJTE33EB, S1.M Bottle.
f, s saw wiiuwiiisnci WW
1331 E Street If. W. ,2
T Establlihed 153. 'fhens Mala USsn. "T
Esfafetlshea 1STS.
314 9th St N. W.
Money to Loan
. SVatehesC DIasaoada,'ad Jewelry.
Two French engineers bdiere.Uiey hare daasorcrsl
the secret of automatic stability for aerottanes Ikes
in harisr the motor sad propeller revolve hi ojssv
tt diieeflasav;proOci? a ajiiamiJc liaTssT -.
The Store That Saves You Money
Saturdays at 9 P. U.
Big Furniture Snaps.
New goods andiiew recordmaking underselling prices to
tempt you to do your furniture buying here. Liberal Credit terms
to make the paying easy.
A Timely Sale of Polar-Alaska-Made
lnlrcrJacinj Fmr Popular Sizes
atCul Prices
11,6811 BvBI
M IsssPJaMwHI BbS uVHA Wll
I hi ii
Thest Are the Latest 1911 Models
We guarantee every Refrigera
tor for one year aad stand ready
to replace any that prore unsat
isfactory. The cases are of sea
soned hardwood and the walls
are constructed with double char
coal lining to Insure perfect in
sulation and economical ice con
sumption. Provision chambers are
zinc-lined, and all metal trim
mings are perfectly smooth and
highly finished. You'll get the
Refrigerator you want here at a
big salng if you buy now.
A Rare Value for Homemakers
Bedroom Outfit, s39 75
Exactly as llliKStrated Below, for .
This elegant Bedroom Outfit comprises one Massive 2-inch
Continuous-post Porcelain Enameled Bed, one Genuine Woven
wire Spring, one Cotton-top Mattress, one 9x12 Guaranteed Me
dallion, Rug, one pair of Feather Pillows, one Solid Imperial
Golden Oak Dresser, with Chiffonier to match, t yf J C
The entire outfit vill furnish your bedroom jHkw j
complete, and will cost you the small sum of. . ir
ii reef
r V
illiilii M"fl
A Value That Will Surely Prove
the Talk of the Town
C o m p 1 ete
Outfit for the
usual price of
two pieces.
Every piece
measures up
to the demand
for quality.
V ... . 77
' ssbsbsbsbsbsbbsf -'
This' Exact Seni
Collapsible Go-Cart
Steel-frame Go-Cart; seat, back, ana
sides covered In Imitation leather; ex
tra, large. roomy; rubber tires which
are : guaranteed six months; semi-collapsible.
, V
.wniwMl Cfmr,JVMtii' f-i:l Sit. H. W.
r-T -'.
la ".f-
-. " V-. -

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