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" AY'n,,w'?:!,si,:e '
Amateur Commission Receives Report of Rules Committee
Recommends that Players Who Have Been with
Salaried Clubs in Past Two Years Be
Eliminated from Ranks.
By X. T. WOIttET.
Strongly urging the adoption of a rule
prohibiting men who have played with
3rofessional clubs In the past two years
from participating in games under the
itmateur baseball commission of the Dis
trict of Columbia, the rules committee
appointed by that body recently made its
;report last night at a meeting held at
(Spalding's store in Fourteenth street.
When President Bob Young called the
feneeting to order every available bit of
tepace was occupied by representatives
rot -various local baseball organizations
tend every league was represented offl
icially. The report of the committee, which
fvas receied and accepted, makes fle
As announce! earlier in the week ex
clusively In The Washington Herald, the
first suggestion submitted was in re
gard to the division of the leagues into
two classes. Sections A and B, at the
rbeginnlng ot the season instead of at
the end of the jear This suggestion
was made with tho idea of getting the
Itwo sections on a working basis at the
fetart of the season so that plans could
be made gradually for the plajing off of
the post-season series
Suggestion No. 2 does away with the
frule which provides for a time limit in
rwhich to try a plaver accused of ac
cepting money for plajing baseball. The
committee recommended that no time
'"be set for the trial of accused plajers,
fbut that the whole matter be left to the
discretion of the commission
In the past considerable trouble has
rbeen caused in an attempt to live up to
the rule which is now in force, which
i provides for the trial of a player within
seentj-two hours Often It has been im
posslble to get a quorum of the commis
sion together within a week, and the re
sult has been the continued -violation of
the rule.
Professionals to Be Excluded.
The third suggestion made was the one
"which caused all the managers to set up
b. howl. It bars out any player who has
plavcd with a team in organized baseball
within the past two jears. Most of the
nnanagers would be hurt we-e this put into
I effect, although it is admitted to be a
Just and proper rule if Washington is to
have clean amateur baseball
The writer does not believe the rule will
(be adopted as reported, because it would
unaoupteaiv mean tne DreaKlng up of the
amateur commission into two fac -
lea-iing the balance of pow er
with the faction opposed to the rule
How eve' the line between amateurism
and professionalism is fairl and squarely
idrawn and there is no getting around the
rfact that the commission will have to go
-on record for one thing or the other
amateur or professional baseball
President Page, of the Suburban
League, expressed himself as being op
posed to the adpotlon of this rule, stat
ing that he be!ieed it would work al
hardship upon many of those players who
have left town to get a trjout with pro
fessional clubs and who may fall to
make good and will then return to Wash-
ngton To bar these men out of ama
teur baseball when they return to their
-home city would be rank injustice, ac
cording to the view of the Suburban
Xeague head, and he was backed up by
the Na Yard manager and several
others who took part in the discussion.
Provision four stipulates that only the
presidents of leagues in Section A, or
their authorized representatives, shall
vote upon matters pertaining to that
section, and that the same shall apply
to Section B This wai considered in
connection with rule 1, which pro
vides for the division of the clubs by
tho 1st of ApriL There was considerable
difference of opinion last night as to
the advisability of adopting this sug
gestion, but it will probably be carried
with a few alterations
On t law Organizations Blacklisted.
The last article of the report deals
Tilth the invitations to new leagues to
ofhliat w th the amateur commission It
provides that whenever a new league is
rorcanized the amateur commission shall
invite it to affiliate with the commission,
and if the invitation is refused, will
have the power to place the league on
the black, list, and bar out the players
from games in leagues under the com-
mission rule
Capt C E Edwards, president of the
.Marquette League, advocated the adop
tion of a rule to prevent the indiscrim
inate jumping of teams from one league
to another after the leagues have been
He stated that the leagues were en
titled to protection, and that they looked
1c the amateur commission for it. This
rratter was referred to the rules com
mittee for the framing Of a suitable
rule covering the subject.
During the discussion of this amend
ment to the constltuion, a clash occurred
between the Marquette League leader
and C C Love, who is president of the
Columbia 101 Athletic Association Mr
Love thought Capt. Edwards was taking
a roundabout whack at his team, and
asked President Young for the privilege
of making an explanation, but he was
ruled out of order
Letters were read from A G Spalding
end A J Reach, sporting goods firms, re
garding the adoption of a ball or balls
to be used b the leagues affiliated with
the commission In connection with the
report of the committee on balls The
committee recommended the adoption of
both bails by tho commission, with the
leagues retaining the privilege of using
either make. The Suburban, Independ
ence, and Commercial leagues went on
( record as being opposed to the adoption
of any one ball, declaring they would
rather attend to the matter themselves.
After a lengthy discussion this was laid
, on the table and will be considered at
tbe next meeting.
Election of n board of arbitration was
,laid over until the next meeting by unani
mous consent.
A letter was read from the Indepen
i denee League, announcing the election
of A. W. Hoarkes as president
Applications for the position of inn-
lire In the leagues under the amateur
commission were filed by J. E. Hasa and
A. Goisoway.
Bills In th hands of the) secretary were
approved for payment, and the secretary
was furnished with & list of the officials
cf all the leagues.
Meet Asaln Saturday.
President Bob Toung, by unanimous
consent, named Saturday next for an-
etoer meeting of the commission.
The Washington Herald was able to
obtain exclusively tho official report ot
ltba rules committee, -vrhich is as fol-
s Waslrfnjtoo, March S.
tTo Amateur Baseball Commission cf the Dis-
rtri0t rf-Ootaabu.
.. fjsadai I mil i After Vi flmauWifW, (rAife,ii
ssncVs- bard, of rery feature of the oocstitution
umcJHmtn fa
Wa.-Air.gtnn. yoar committee on th tension of the
constitution respectfully sugs the following
First Under caption. Tost-seuon Rolca." rale 1,
strike out "Immediately after the cod of the play
in? season, or when the commission shall hare de
clared the season erxled, tho pet nant winning teams
of each league under the constitution should be
dirided, for conrenience into sections or diriiious,
to be knows as A M B "
Substitute "On or before April 1 of each year the
commission shall uVids the leagues into two tec
tions, to be known as Section A and Section B.
respocoiely, and the pennant winning tn mil of each
of these m-tifmi hn '
This would make the first part of rule 1 read
as follows. "On or brforo April 1 of each Tear the
commission shall dliido the K-agues into two sect
tiara, to be known as Section A and Section B,
respectiTtly, and the pennant winning teams of each
of these sections shall meet in a senes of games
for the amateur baseball rtumpjonvhip of the
District of Columbia," Ac
Second Under tie caption, "The riajong bohed
ule," rule 3 stnko out the clause "When charges
are preferred araust a player, manager, or team,
they most be tried within sctenty two hours, bun
days and legal boiidajs excepted "
Third Under the caption, "The players eligible, '
add to rule S "S3 player who has played on or
been a member of any team or dub under the Ma
tional Baseball Commission of America shall bo
eligible to play with any dub or team, a party to
this oocstitution and subject to its rules, until after
two playing seamen, hare elapsed from the date, of
last participatino with any club or team under the
national commissi on.
Fourth To section 2 of the constitution add the
fallowing Only the presidents of leagues, or their
anthorized reprmontaiires in Section A shall nrte '
on questions pertaining strjetly to Section A and the 1
samo shall apply to bedicn B." '
Fifth To section J of the constitution add "Coon 1
me commission oeing InTermed cf the existepca of
any amateur baseball league m the Ihstnct of Co
lumbia, the commission shall hare the right to m
rite said league to join the eommis&ien. bbeuld Urn
mntation cot be accepted the commiaMon shall hare
the power to bar from" participation under the com
mission all players of said league."
These changes will in the opinion of the commit
tee make tho constitution satisfactory for the season
of 1ML Respectfully.
Men-ogrraphera Outclass Sarylanderf
In Mow Game, lit to G.
Business High School baseball team
defeated the Rockville High School at
the Commercial League s grounds yes
terday IS to 3
T-ll!7-1V an4 fr,4 iiA.Le;4 n mil in ,K
box for the Stenographers, while Hunte- ' ,he coming school jear. Gallaudet Col
man smacked out threp sine-les lege closes one of her most successful
For tne 0sers Garret and Hicks got
I two bmgles apiece
Garrett11!? Jl " ? "o ?
White. 5b ' " 2 1 o o o
w''field.l'ss.c.u 4 iio j
Mary, p. w. 1 0 o 4 5
Busnv-w. AH HO A E
I Dads; 2b . . 3 l o l
WuA 3 3 l o
Hhindon cf. . 3 0 0 1 0
Wood lb . 3 2 S 0
Bormstetn 3b 4 1 1 0 0
Burlej. plf. 3 0 0 3 0
HitM 1 r 3 1 1 0 1 !
llnham. erf. 10 2 0 1
rsTvarfiefd. 2 t o 3 2 1
Darby, rt . .soil o
rllack. rf ...32000
yupmek 9.. U OS 0
Schram. 2 110 10
Hord. p 10 0 0 0
Hair, c -. 10 12 0
Hart, cf.. . 0 0 0 0 0
I'rcscott, ef.
0 0 0 0 0
27 7 IS 3 i
Totals. ... .
Totals .... 31 11 a 14 1
Business . .
Uoocnlle. ..
Left on bases Business
I 1 1 1 S 0 x-15
5, Roca-nlle 10. First
base en balls Off Story.
aS Burler. 3, off Ford.
Inninrs pitched Br Story. 5. by Burley. 5. br
Ford. 2. by Hicks 1 Hits made-Off Stuty. 10, off
Burlcy, 5 off Hord 2. off Hicks L Struck out-By
Story. 3, by Burl 3. by Ford L To-baae bit
"White. Sacrifice hits Wood. White. Stolen bases
Barley. Black. Zupnick. Hicks Dodsn. Flax, Uunte
maa (1), Blundon Wood, Bom-stein. Double plays
G. Warfeld to B. Warfleld. Darby to It. Warfield.
Hit by ratcner-By Ford. 1. by Story L Wild
pitches-Story. 3 Ford 1. Tasicd balls-W ledchata.
2. Umfiree Metsrs. Oliwn and White. Time of
Samo 2 hours.
Defeats Virginia Christian College
In Good Game.
Speaal to The Washiojton Herald
Lynchburg, Va., March 25. Lynchburg
defeated Virginia Christian College to-dav
in the first exhibition game of the sea
son, the score being 3 to 2. Hawthorn
pitched splendidly for the college team
Hogue fanned eleven collegians in four
innings The college team scored on a
fumble and Catcher Bein's peg over first
on an attempted sacrifice, two runs
scoring. At no other stage did the col
legians have a look-in. The winning
run was made In the ninth with one
out. The score.
B.H. E.
Lynchburr . 0 0 0 10 0 0 1 1-3 7 S
Christian Ooilrsc ..000200000-2 5 3
BaUenes Hogue. Belhxcrr. and Bern and Good
fellow. Hathoro and McCcrkle. Lmrare-Al Orth.
Splendid Ontloolc for Episcopal Lads
on Diamond.
Manager Todd, of the Cathedral School,
gave out the baseball schedule as fol
lows: March 25 Cathedral ra. Western Hlsh School, at
March 23-Oathecral xs. BocfcrUle Hirfi School, at
April 1 Cathedral ts. Boys' Latin School of
Baltimore, at Cathedral.
Ann) 3 Cathedral ts. Eastern Hih School, at
April S-Cathodnl ts. Western Hih School, at
April 8-Cathedral rs. Technical High SchocL at
April 10 Cathedral ts. Amy and Nary Preps, at
Araiy and Nary Preps.
April 12 Cathedral ts. Kutiers Preparatory
School, at Cathedral.
April IS-Cathedral ts. Cniicralty cf Maryland
Freshmen at Cathedral
Ai-nl 17 Cathedral is. Central Hijh School, at
April 20-CathrdraI ts. Business Hijh Scbocl. at
April 22 Oathdral rs. Episcopal High School, at
Aprd 2 Cathedral ts. Central Hlh School, at
April 26 Cathedral ra. Technical High School, at
April 2 Cathedral ts. American Security and
Trust Company, at Cathedral.
May 1 Cathedral ts. MiMiiiittm Academy, at
May 2 Cathedral ts. Baudolph-Macon Academy,
at Cathedral.
May e-Cathrdxal ts Boys' Latin School of Balti
more, at Baltimore.
May 8 Cathedral n. Tern Institute (pendms).
at Pert Deposit.
Hay IS-Cathedral -n. Extern Hijh School, at
May 13-Cathedral rs. Johns Honkim' Rctcrres, at
May IS rend roc.
May IT Pendinc.
May 13 Cathedral rs. St. Luke's School (pend
inx), at Tayne. Pa.
Jtay 20 Cathedra ts. Pcnnajiiacia aiilitarr Col
lese (pending), at Chester, Pa.
Hay 22-Pendine.
May 24-Ftnding.
May 27 Cathedral tv Wocdheny Forest, at
Shamrock A C. Ready.
The Shamrocks have organized for the
season imder tho management of B. E.
Schleslnger. who last ear Dlloted the
Columbia Stars to victory. Tho follow
ing mn are out for the team: Demmltt.
Beavers. Winston. Duncan, MM Fisher.
Buckley, Welsh .and Schlelncer. Tiro
Shamrocks would like to hear from the
Olympia, Juniors, the Tremont Juniors,
and all other teams averaging fourteen
years, -ream wtsrung to obtain games
should write to 'B. E. Schleelnzer. SfeS
38wrBa.KtoUt &.' m?itinst.
Hard worker, enthusiastic baseball fan, ex-college pitcher, league
president, lawyer, and teacher such Is Zed H. Copp, organizer and three
time president of the Olympia Baseball League.
If any one doubts the truth of that old statement that success smiles
most on those who strive hardest to achieve the worthy things of this life,
sassaMMBswsasBBtjHtsflsfsasxasassaasaaaBH nev must certainly be converted after
He graduated from the Georgetown
school of law In 1909, and Is now practicing his ocation as public coun
selor Amateur baseball can Indeed be proud of such a roan as Zed H. Copp
Will Lead Kendall Green
Mat Artists in 1912.
With the election of new officers for
WTestling seasons
1 The athletic association elected Adolph
V Struck- a member of incoming senior
class, from Kentucky, manager of tho
wrestling department without opposition,
and unanimously ratified the team's
selection of John Wilbur Gledhlll. a
1 Junior from Penns"lvania, as captain to
, secceed Leon P. Jones who declined re-
Kendall Green mat artists made credit
able showings at the recent Natioral
Guard and South Atlantic Amateur Ath
letic Union championship tournaments,
being the only strictly college wrestlers
participating in open meets In the first
named meet for the championship of
the District, Gallaudet carried off three
medals Wild Bill Mosey once moTj de
monstrated his superiority as light-weight
wrestler, while Robert Conley again won
the heavy-weight medal Gledhlll won
his first prize in 115-pound class.
In the big Soutu Atlantic championship
meet, where much rivalry between the
Washington and Baltimore wrestlers
was shown, Mosev made his fare veil ap
pearance bj putting his Baltimore op
ponent hors de combat in three minutes
with his famous sci"sor-hold
Conley was qualified to meet Rhodes of
Baltimore, In the heavy-weignt class, but
the Gallaudet grappler was so badly in
juried on his shoulder in a practice bout
with Rob Roy Macky, the well-known
Washington professional, that he was
compelled to withdraw, but had the
satisfaction of seeing his Washington
friend. Barrett. T M. C A . dow n the
Baltimore lieavj -weight aspirant.
Prospects for a strorg wrestling squad
next jear are apparently bright, as the
veterans, except one. of the past season
arc expected to return to the East Side
col'ege In the graduation of "Wild Bill '
Mosey next June, Gallaudet loses her
"best bet ' The Wvoming cowboy has
the enviable distinction of having never
been pinned down to the mat during his
college career, and holds four District
championships (light-weight amateur),
and two South Atlantic championship
Drop Past Contest at EUIcott City
by Score of S to 4.
Spread to Th" vYashimton Herald.
Baltimore, Mi, March IS. The United
States Senate baseball team was defeated
here to-day in one of the fastest games
ever plaved on the home grounds. S to A
A large crowd witnessed the contest,
and time and again spectacular plays
brought them to their feet. The Senate
nnie played In fine form, only one error
being credited to them, and that was a
hard bit ball to Warden that was almost
impossible for the star third sacker to
The visitors worked three twirlers three
innings each, Hinkle doing all the re
ceiving. McKee starred for the Senate,
making two hits and stealing two bases.
Sweeney cracked out a double and two
singles. Score.
Senate. It II O A E
Bond, cf 2 1110
Connors. M... 0 110 0
Warden. 36 .. 0 0 1 2 1
K Burke If .. 0 0 0 0 0
Htnkri. c . . 0 013 0 0
McKei rf.lt 0 2 0 0 0
CratJ. rf 0 0 0 0 0
.dvm. lb .... 10 9 0 0
Boms. 2b. ... 0 0 1 1 0
Urwinal. p .. 1 1 I 0
11. Borte. p.. 0 0 0 1 0
Soudcr. p..... 0 0 0 1 0
Bcnttz. sa 0 0 3 5 1
(Jorbctt. So.... 3 13 2 0
rrclras. rf 1110 0
llinchman, p.01 I II
8tcnej. c 0 3 7 0 0
Kurcy. cf.... .00010
I) Ttiebauii. anno
fc,Tbebnnd. lb 0 1 11 0 1
Flood. If. 0 0 0 0 1
S 827 IS 4
Totals. 5 2110 1
United States Senate. 000020200-1
RorAhUl CoUcsc I 0 I 1 1 0 I 0 -4
First bam on balls Off Binchisan, 2, off Burke,
1; pff Soqder. 1: off Dyninal. 1. Innings pitched -Bj
Burke. 2: by Souder, 3; by Djwinal. i Jilts
made Off Burse. 1; off Souder, 3; off Jjiywinal. 4.
Struck oat Br Burke. 2: by Sander. 1: br DnrtnaL
S; by llinchman. 6. Two-base hits Sweeney, Oor-
bctt, Frdzas. Saenaco hit u. ThehaiiiL tstalen
bases V. Thebaod, E. Thcbaud, McKeo (2). Dywi
nal. Doable pUys Hinchnlan to Bcnita to E. Thc
baud. Urariro Mr. JlcGraw. Time of tame 1 hour
and 30 minutes.
Shamrocks Defeat Tlsrers.
Yesterday evening, the Tigers and
Shamrocks clashed in a fast nine-Inning
game, at the corner of Georgia avenue
and Kennedy street, tho Shamrocks
coming out' victorious. The battery for
the Tigers was Skees and Stoll, whilej
Wannan and Cox was the battery" tor
the Shamrocks. Skeei was In good shape,
fanning eight men. Becker and Lynch
were the stars for the, 'opposing nine.
Thompson played a good game 'at thjrd
for" tho losers, accepllnjr foiir chances
wattisiut aTr" -v " - ---
reading the record of good things well
done by the Olympia League president
Turning aside from his many busU
ness affairs, Mr. Copp continues to
find the keen ess enjojment watching
the kids on the back lot, righting out
their differences with horsehlde and
wagon tongue.
A believer In athletics for men and
boys, the Olympia League head is al
ways anxious to further any plan to
aid in the physical development of th
growing youngster. And this tells the
story of the organization of the Olym
pia circuit, which was first known as
the Georgetown League in 1900
Besides taking an active part in the
Olympia organization, Mr. Copp is
pastor of Bethany Chapel, chief pro
bation officer ot the Juvenile Court,
member of the Board of Trade, mem
ber of the Curfew Club, member of
the Monday Evening Club and the
Georgetown Citizens' Association. He
attended the Bridgeuater Normal
School, and afterward the Shenandoah
Normal School, and was the crack
pltche' and captain of the last-named
institution during his course at college.
After completing his education, Mr.
Copp taught for several years in the
Shenandoah Vallc
Manager George K Cornell of
the Cornell Com pan baseball
team of the Capital City League,
which won the championship of
that organization last fall, and
afterward captured the intercity
championship of New York, Phil
adelphia, and Washington,
threatens to play outlaw baseball
if the suggestions made in the
report of the rules committee
appointed bj the amateur com
mission are carried out
"We can stand for nothing like
that, said the Tiger leader, re
ferring to the commitue's sug
gestion to bar out all men who
have played professional baseball
in the last two jears 'If the
commission carries the plans ad
vocated by the rules committee
into efTect, we will quit that
tion last spring Coach Noonan will put
the squad through u strenuous practice
r-v l rn ITT- e I Monday and may make some shifts in
EiPlSCOpal leam 1US ir0nihis line-up in order that the University
Georgetown Scho o
Schofield s wlldness, coupled with a
few hits and errors, gave Cathedral
School a lead so large as to keep Western
from ever coming in danger Tho final
score of the game plaved jesterday on
the Tcnnallytown diamond was 14 to 6, In
favor of the Episcopal School. The game
was called in the seventh inning by
mutual agreement.
Cathedral started the scoring In the
first inning and finished that period with
two runs to their credit. In the third
Western started the ball rolling by ob
taining one run In the following Inning
the high school landed on Small's de
livery for three hits. A base on balls
with a few errors resulted in Western
getting five runs
Todd went in the box for the Tennally
town School and succeeded in slopping
tho run getting During his time In the
box he struck out six, retiring the side
in the seventh inning on strikes Beggs
started off the sixth inning with a hit
and Schofield continued his wlldness by
hitting four men and walking one. When
the last man was out Cathedral bad six
runs to Its credit
Ragged fielding was evident on both
i des and each team showed lack of prac
tices. Crane did good work with the
stick and McArdle for Western put up
a good game. Cathedral School meets
Rockville High School on Wednesday in
a game that has been postponed for some
time. Score:
Cath'dral. AB IT O A K
I.ccs-word cf. 2 1 2 0 1
Small n.3b ..41031
Western. AB It O A B
Uotden 2b ... 4 0 2 2 I
Fuller, rf . 3 1 0 0 1
rranr a,i. .33121
Orai. U
.3161 1
liar dson lb. 1 o 4 l o
Moer. lb...
D Fuller, ss
McArdle cf..
Bethel. 3b...
Lchmann. c.
Schrtlcld. p..
Todd. p.3b ..10001
nasi, c j la u i
BeSS, U.. ..4I0O0
Robinvm 3 1 1 ! 1 1
Brsnsford, rf. 1 0 0 0 0
, 1 0 0 0 3
23 821
Totals. X 521 6
Western. 0015000-6
Cathedral 2 0 2 4 0 6 x-ll
Runs A. Fuller, Gray Meyers, Bethel. Lehmann.
Scho6eld, Lockwood (3), Crane (Si, Dandson.
Todd, Bast, B. Robinson (Z), Brsnsford (2).
Bates en baus-Off Small. 3: off Schofield, 9. Hit
by pitched ban-Daridson (3), Small. Crane. Rust,
Struck cat By 8oiall, 3; by Schofield, 6; by
Trdd. . Passed balls Rast, 3; Lehmann. 2. Urn
purs Messrs. Schornflrld. Craigbill, and Green.
Time of same z hours and 10 mutates.
Cnrdlnnln to Hnve Sew Parle.
The Cardinal Athletic Club of Alexan
dria will open their new ball park at the
corner of Patrick and Pendleton streets
about April 15.
The new park will consist of a grand
stand, right and left field bleachers, two
players' shelters, and one large dressing
room, with lockers and shower baths.
The Cardinals will bare one of the most
up-to-date baseball parks in this section
of the State.
They have been outfitted with new uni
forms and have been working hard for
the past two weeks getting Into condition
for a series of games to De played be
tween regulars and "Socks'" Howard's
Yums Turns.
A. fc N. Preps Lose o Woodland.
Tne Army and Navy Preps lost ' a
loosely played game to the Woodland
Athletic Club -yesterday, 13 to 6. Tanner
and Brandon played lyell for the -winners,
while W. Stone twirled a good game, but
received poor support. Score:
Woodland ,... 4 10 0 0,001 0-U
A. & N. P. a. 000000204-6
BUtrs Tin" t at Lp9er; W. Stone sod Hoo
kas, 'I
Victorious Over Marylanders
by Small Margin.
llnraden Hltn Well for Winners,
Maklnsr Three Ulngles Out of Four
Tlnie-s at Bat Coach Grayson's
Charcjen Mionr Knowledge of In
side Hall Large Crowd on Hand.
Catholic University opened its baseball
season esterda, when they defeated the
Maryland Aggies by a score of 6 to 5 in
a close and exciting contest. The re
sult of the game was in doubt sntil the
last part of the ninth inning, when Mc
Donnell reached first base on an error,
was advanced to third a moment later
on Hessler's double, and scored on Mars
den s clean single to center
The Farmers started the scoring in the
fourth, when Mumnigkausen crossed the
.pan with a tall Catholic Unlversltj.
however, came back strong In their part
1 of the inning, gaining a lead over the
I Aggies with three runs M A. C got
another run In the next inning. There
was no more scoring done then until
C U increased the lead by another run
I in the seventh M A C Jumped to the
I front in the eighth by scoring three runs,
1 and C V tide the score in their halt of
the inning, and it looked for a time as
li tne game was destined to go an extra
period However C V was there strong
with the bat In the ninth, and by their
timelv sticking managed to drive In the
winning run
The feature of the game was the work
lot the C U infield. They plajed in mid-
season form, and there were no errors
chalked up against them It seems that
the one doubtful position in the Brook-
. landers Hne-up shortstop is now well
fortified bj Marsden, the former Gon-
raga star He made his first appearance
on the C L team esterda , and cov -
ered himself with glorj, accepting all his
chances perfectly and getting three hits
out of four Umes at bat.
Clan'- started the game on the mound
i for "C V and had all kinds of speed,
' letting the Aggies down with no hits for
three innings However, he was a little
wild, and in the fourth he was taken
out and Chief Green, the mainsta) of
last jear, was sent to finish the game
' He pitched a fine game, and from all
Indications will prove a terror to the
College batsmen this coming season.
His work jesterday shows that he
i still is the same cool-headed pitcher who
pitched the Brookland nine to so man)
victories last spring
Although the du was cold and windv
a large crowd went to University Field
to get a line on the Catholic University
team, and the were not in any way
,ui3aiointel. They were an enthusiastic
I' crowd and thoroughly enjoyed the classy
exhibition of baseball which they wit
nesbetl. Next Tuesday Catholic University plays
Snarthmore, and the game promises to
i be a good one, for the Pennsylvania col
legians are coming down determined to
get revenge for the two defeats handed
o it to them b the Brookland aggregi-
may mane ilk dcsi s-novring against tne
Quakers and duplicate their performance
of last season
University Field now presents an alto-
gether different appearance. The new
stands are now practically completed
and the field has been put in first-class
condition. The stands are large and
capacious and will enable the manage
ment to comfortably seat the large
lrowds that are attending games in
(Brookland of late Score
M AC AB II O . i. I Cath Unn. AB II O A B
itllter jr . i - i " l l eTnrn. zn
it"'," lL 5 ? ? ; ! ! JI1ft!,n ?, ' ' i o 1 1
r.... ., 1 I i tlnr.lA iv. e it a n
5 12 0 0
rin lcanpn. e 3 0 T 3 0 I Zacharv rf
? i 2 S
Kumiss rf . S 0 0 0 0 idmajer 3b. 5 1
Mndd lb
4 2 5 0 1 Mar-rfcn .,
'.rrtnum. cf.
Smith p
Hodcier. p.
3 110 0 1 Mefieadr. If
4 2 3 0 0 j Clancy p ..
.000001 f.rrcn p . ..
Bran . . ..
33 8 S 10 5 McBntce .. .
l o o l 1 1
3 o l 2 o j
I Totals
17 3;
BatU-d for Harbin in eighth innin
M.AC. 00011003 0-S
aC ... 000300111-6
Rum-Jocltr. Fnmiss. Lrdnnm. Demes. Hessler.
Widmirer Minniskaasen. Mudd. McDonnell. Zach
ary fa Kirt base by errors C, U.. 3; M. A. C , 3.
Left on bass-C C. 10, M. A. C. 10. First base
on balls Off Smith. 3 off Clancy. 5. off (Jit-cn, 1;
off HoffickeT, L Innicfs pitched By Clancy. 3,
by Ororn 6 by Smith. T2-3, by llofflcker. L Hits
made Off Clancy, 0; off Green. 8. off Smith, 7; off
llotSdrr. 2. Struck out By Clancy. 1; by Grrcn.
S. by Smith. 5, by UoScker. 0. Thrce-baw hits
Shipley. Rcobcrt. Demies. Two-bisn hit-Healer.
Sacrilcc fly fcdnrcn. Stolen bas M. A. C, 4,
C U , 4. Hit by pitcher-By Smith. 1 , by Hof
fiekrr, L Umpire Vd Handiboc Time of same 2
EpLscopnl IHtrli Trims Takomn
Team, O to L
In rather cold baseball weather, Kpisco
pal High won the first game of its season
this afternoon from Bliss Electrical
School of Washington by the score of
9 to 1.
The game was slow and uninteresting.
Episcopal High hitting the visiting pitcher
almost at will, while the three twirlers
for the home team were practically in
vincible. Withers, who started for the Episcopal
High, was hit by the first man up for a
clean single, but after this he was not
touched. Dusenberry and Cooke both
showed good speed and were only hit
once apiece.
Phillips, the first man up for Episcopal,
walked, stole second, and came home on
an error by Cason. In the fifth inning
Episcopal scored seven runs by bunching
hits and taking advantage of many ers
ror. Bliss scored their only run in the ninth,
when Chopin reached first by a clean
hit, stole second, and came home on
Buckle's error.
Kinsolving played the best ball for
Episcopal, both at the bat and in the
field. Chopin showed up best for Bliss,
getting two of their hits. Score:
BnkeocaL AB II O A K
Bliss. AB H O A E
I'hfllyss. ss .30120
Klnsolrins. 2b 5 3 3 3 0
Dennis, cf.... 4 10 0 0
Chrruly, cf... 0 0 0 0 0
Barklc lb ... 4 1 6 0 1
(.rem. c 4 2 13 2 1
Hpencrr. If 0 0 0 0 0
Maie. If .... 10 0 0 0
Harlan, rf.-.. 2 110 0
Brown, rf .... 10 0 0 0
Bernctt. 3b. S 0 2 0 0
Withers, p.... 0 0 0 0 0
nnsenbrry, p. I 0 0 0 0
Cooke. p...7. 10J10
Totals. 3 12713
EnisccDai Hizu
fhopln. as . 4 2 2 0 0
Tnicsdale. cf . 4 0 1 0 0
fummiars. rf.. 4 0 0 0 0
Moore, lb 3 17 0 2
Mooard 2b.... 3 0 3 4 1
(Uson lb ...... 3 0 10 1
ihuinmz. If..- 3 0 0 0 0
yim'msn. c... 3 0 10 4 0
ilaycs, p. i 0 0 4 0
Totals "32J 124
Dliai Electrical 00000000 1-1
Rons Pbiltyu O. Klnaolrtns. Dennis, arten,
Speoocr. Harlan, Moore First base on ballsOff
Hajei, . Stuck pat By Hares. ; by Withers, t;
by Dusenberry. 7: by Cook. i. Passed balls Green.
Two-base hrt-KlnsoJTict, CmpiraMx. Carter.
Amateur Editor Tho Washington Herald.
Dear sir: Concerning the ru
mors circulated through the me
dium of a local paper, to the ef
fect that the contemplated Dis
trict League Is to be run as an
outlaw organization, in conflict
with the local amateur baseball
commission, I desire to state that
no such Intention has been ex
pressed, directly or Indirectly, by
the board of directors of the so
called District League.
This league Is now in the
course of organization, and in
its incomplete state, it is not in
a position to take up the matter
of joining the amateur commis
sion. When the full quota of teams
has been granted franchises, the
District League will then take
prompt action in considering the
matter of seeking admission to
the amateur commission
Secretary District Learue,
Continued from Pace One.
Hits madeOft Fienll 1. White 5. Struck
out By Flenli. 3, by White. 3. b Rawl
irgs, 3 Three-base hit Fury. Sacrifice
hits White. West Stolen bases Sitter
ding. 2. Murphj. 2. Quintan, Hajes.
Double pla j Bawling to Hays to Riddle
Hit by pitcher By Raw lings, 1 Wild
pitches Rawlings, White. Passed balls
West, Furv Empire Mr Bertts". Time
of game: hours and 5 minutes
It was pretty cold after the sun went
Two hours and five trmutes to play
nine innings Is about what can be ex
ported this early in the reason, but wait
until later.
The writer gave First Baseman Car
rigan his error on the foul flj which he
dropped back of first in the second ta
ring It was a hard chance, but was a
plain muff
Rawlmgs walked McGauley purposely
In the second, and got out of a bad
bole by winging the pitcher.
With three on bases, in the third.
Murphj struck out Not often does last
v ear's captain so shock the multitude
There was a good crowd present, num
bering In the neighborhod of SCO persons
There were many ladies on hand to see
the bank bos play. (Note: Please un
derstand, they came out to see the bank
bojs )
After getting two strides and no bails
en Fury, in the third, "Shag" softened
and passed the Georgetown catcher to
nrst with four straight balls.
Coach Hecox, of Technical. George C
Cornell. H. V Shurtlieff. H S. Recslde,
Maurice Joyce. C J B"I1, president of
the A S &. T Co , Mr and Mrs. J L
Fugitt. and Mrs Mike Kahoe were
Mike Kahoe was to be in Washington
this week and promised to coach the
t.tnk team In jestcrdaye game. How
ever, he was detained at Atlanta, and
Cj McDonald piloted his brother s crew
through the nine stormv innings. Hats
oil to Cy, he's some coach!
Victory Over Linden for Maryland
Kensington Athletic Club baseball
team opened their season yesterday aft
ernoon by defeating the strong Linden
nine, 10 to 5 The game proved a walk
over for the Kensington bojs, as they
found Ogle's shoots to their liking in the
firt Inning and rolled up three runs
Linden In their half of the Inning were
in order The second irining
Pro ed- prosperous for both teams, as
each managed to score two runs. The
tl,lr1 'nn,nS had the same result for the
I winners, wnue uie unaen team was re
tired In order. One run was made in the
fourth inning and that by the losers. The
fifth Inning Kensington again rolled up
three runs. This ended the scoring for
both sides, as the game was called in
the sixth on account of darkness.
Warthen. for the winners, played a star
game at the short position, while Malloy
starred for the losers behind the bat.
Ken'ton. AB II O A E
Linden AB H o A K
Cbuchard. ss .30010
K. Offutt. cf .. 3 0 1 0 0
Richards rf... 3 10 10
Krllr 3h . 3 0"! ft
G.narthen. ss 2 2 2 4 0
Israel lb .... 2 1 7 0 0
Ih.tall. 3b . 2 0 3 3 1
dams It .... 2 10 0 1
Peter fljp. 110 0 0
Hendneks rf 3 0 0 0 0
V srthen. p 2b 2 1 0 I 0
Armstron;. cf 3 1 0 0 0
CcJley. e. 2 0 6 0 0
Mallov c. .2040 0
il nw,. ie
Kay lb . '.'. 3 2 6 1 1 1
Russell. 2b ... 1 1 1 1 0'
Totals. .. 10 7 IS J 2 Totals. .. . 22 5 15 10 1
Kensington 3 2 2 0 3 x-10
Lirden 0 2 0 10 03
Buns Warthen (2), Israel (2), Adams (2), ?
Pttrr (2). W. Warthen. Armstronc Malloy. W".
Offntt, Bay. Left on basM Kensinjton. 4. First
base on balls Off Ocle, 3. Innlccs pitched By
Warthen. 4, by Pe'er, 2. Hit made Off vVartbrn.
3; off Teter, 2. Struck out-By Osle. 4; by War
then, 3, by Peter, 3. Three-base hit Israel Two
base hits Adams, C. Warthen. W. Offutt. Sacrifice
hit Collcy. Stolen bate O. Warthen. Double plays
Duiall to Israel: G. Warthen to Darin. Hit by
pitcner-By Osle. 1 Wild pitches Ode. 2. Passed
balls Malloy, 2. Umpire Mr Adams. Time of
pane 1 hour.
Will Enter Upon Duties of Sunday
School Lensrne at Once.
Col. T. W. De Grange announced his
acceptance of the presidency of the Sun
day School League, when the committee
of that organization called on him last
evening, and the managers feel highly
honored in their ability to secure the
services of such an able leader. (
Col. De Grange Is financial secretary of
the Eastern Presbyterian Church of this
city. He Is one of the most prominent
members of that parish, and enters his
new duties In the Church League with
the best wishes of the board of directors.
The newly elected president will take
formal hold of the league at the next
meeting, to be held Friday evening, March
31. at the home of C. C. Love, 101S D
street northeast.
Whitewash CnlverJlty of Maryland
In Opening; (jome, O to 0.
Special to The Washington Herald.
Emraltsburg, Md.. March 25. Mount St.
Mary's opened the baseball season to-day
with a clean-cut victory over the Univer
sity of Maryland. Score:
Mount St. Mary's... 2 0 10X010 x-4 3 4
Unir. of Maryland.. 00000000 0-0 4 4
ad lswm. TJto nlpKr. Oiiw
Mt St Joseph's College Wins
Losely Played Contest.
Gallaudet College opened her Inter
collegiate baseball campaign by losing
a miserably played game to Mount St
Joseph's College, at Irvtngton, Balti
more, yesterday afternoon, the score be
ing 12 to 9
Battiste started to pitch for Gallaudet,
but lost control and was replaced bv
Moore after the fourth inning Although
the Indian twirler allowed the Mary
landers but two hits, they scored seven
runs during bis slab carper.
After Mullaney fanned and Boyle
grounded out to Miller, tae Mountaineers
sent four men across the pan, when Roth
was passed, Lalore got one on his rib,
and Barton vvas passed Here Battiste
lost control, passing Bain and hitting
McGrath, forcing in two men Citrano
singled to left, scoring Barton, but Scal
lon went out to the pitcher, unassisted
Four runs on one hit
Gallaudet. outhit the home team, but
I lost through wlldness of her pitchers
Both teams failed to play up to their
standard, and the game was greatly
marred by a novice umpiring
The score.
Gallaudet. AB R II O E I Mt. St. J. AB H O A B
Moms, cf 3 1 1 0 0 1 Bain- ct. . 4 0 1 I) 0
Uun-o. & a 1 2 0 - Mclirath, la.. tlS0
Hovier 3b. i 1 1 Hi citrane. as. .$1111
suieiuoo. A) : It lli callen. If .30004
arras, rf. 3 10 0 0 1 Mullaney. : 3 19 10
Miller, lu . 3 1 S I 1 tiojle. to 5 0 51
It! 1 It OtlEotb. prt. ...... 0 0 0 0
Moure, p
1 0 1 0 f I Jlore. rf 2 0 10
l 0 l 1 0 I Montelte, p... 1 1 t 1 I
.110 3 2 Barton, 5b .. 0 0 1 l 1
Totals. 3a 1021 U i
Mt, St. JOMphs
Buns Mrrrxs Durian,
Totals. .... 31 6 2TU
04030302 x-tl
Howrr. Steresson, Ami,
Miller Hlandiard. UoccIl. Moore. Bain 12). Mc
(rath ;. citrano, Scallou Mcllaney. Both. Lalore,
Murriscttr, Bartixi O. Earned runs Gallaudet, 3.
First base by errors Gallaodet, 3, Mr. St. Joseph s.
- Left on t-aack-Gallauder. 10, Mr. St. Jowih s
1C. First Uu o-i balls Off Baltbtr. 7, off Moore,
5, off lloth, 2. Im.inr pitched-By Battiste. 1 b
Both. 5 2 3- by Mome-te 4. Hits made Off Bai
tiste, 2. off Both S. off Moore, 4, off Morructte 4.
Struck out By Battiste. 6 by Roth. S. by Mom
sctte, 1 Two-btue hit-Hower. Stevenson. Mc
Grath Mullaney sacncs hit-McGrath Stolen
lu-Ci-Dorun. Miller Moore, Citrano. Mullaney
Barton. Double plaj Barton to Bagls to McGrath.
Hit by pitcher Batuste, 2: by Moore. 2, by Both. '
Wild pitch Battiste, L Pasul ball Bock well '
Umpire Mr. Lambert, of Mt. far. Joseph's. Tune of
Eame-2 toure and i inlnates.
Trounce Georgetown Reserves In
Mvatfeat, 19 to 0.
The Naval Medical School baseball
team jesterdav defeated the Georgetown
Unlversltj Reserves on the Medicos
plajing field, to the tune of 19 to 0
The Hilltop nine had to contend with
the disadvantage of placing on a strange
diamond, and this caused them to make
thirteen errors, nearly a'J of which flg
urede In the score.
Up to the fifth Inning it was any one',
game, but in the sixth the Sailors sallev
:nto the slants of Walsh foi a triple, tw
cxubles, and two singles, putting the
game on ice After thit it was a mat
ter of quantity, and free bitting, daring
base-running, and taking advantage of
the fact that the Georgetown boys were
looking on the game a farce, kept
the runs coming over the pan
For the Medicos, Havdcn put up a
great game with his stick, driving five
men over the plate. Lawrence, at sec
ccd, played the best game in the field,
handling his fourteen chances without a
semblance of an error. For the Hill
toppers, Lamberton was the big noise
with his willow, smashing out five
safeties, all of the clean-cut variety
Martin, at third, put up a most remark
able game, having eleven assists and
three put-outs to his credit. Score.
Med. Sch 1. R H O A E
wabon. e . . 2 2 2 2 1
Barton. If ... 2 2 1 0 0
l oho ss.rf . .31001
Kerr rf 3 10 2 1
Harden, lb 13 3 0 0
Lawrence 3 3 1 3 6 0
Robertson 3b 2 2 5 2 0
i,.. rl . n t 1
Wbitmanh. ss 1 0 0 3 2
lyman. rf 3 3 10 1
I'orrrs. If .110 0 1
I, rn'rUb cp.rf 2 5 2 11
Martin Jhp... 1 2 1U 2
Htnns 2b 0 1 1 1 0
Heiskell. rf c. 0 110 1
UiKh. enjb 0 0 4 2 3
Miller p.lb- .. 1 3 13 1
191(2713 6
Totals. 316211912
3014240S x-D
01502000 1-9
First base cm balls Off Snider. 3. off Miller. 2,
off LambrrtiX, 2. off Walsh. 2. Innincs pitched
Miller, 2-3, Lamberton. 313; WaUli. 2; Martui 3
Hits made Off Miller 2 off Limbertctt. 2, off
Walsh. 7. off Martin. 2. Struck out By Snider, 3,
to Lamberton. 2: by Martin, 1. Throe-base hits
Lamberton, Kerr, Barton. Two-bae hits Lambtr
ton (2), Haydro, UiUer. Sacrifice hits Yoho.
Stolen bases Watron. Yoho (f), Kerr llaydi-t:.
Snider, Lawrence (4). Robertson (i). Wbitmanh.
Vlyman (2). Lamberton (3), Martin. Hfcsins. neis
keU. Passed balls-Walsh. 3; HeiskeU. Vmpire
Mr. Poorc. Time of came 2 hours and 10 minutes.
Takes Fut.Game from Randolph-
Macon Academy.
SpecU toTho Washinjton Herald.
Manassas, Va,, March 25. The base
ball season at Eastern College was
opened here to-day under favorable
weather conditions, save for a little
northwestern wind which chilled the
spectators when the game lagged. Randolph-Macon
Academy, one of the strong
est preparatory school teams m the
State, was Eastern's first opponent, and
went down to the tune of 10 to 3.
Dr. H. TJ. Roop, president of Eastern
College, tossed the first ball for Eastern
and thus opened the season.
The game was marked by checkered
and bonehead plays on both sides, but.
considering that It was the first game
for both teams, and so early in the sea
son, nothing better could be expected.
Eastern. RHO AE
Rihkr. rf .... 2 0 10 1
nardbacer. rf . 0 0 1 0 0
Twyman. c 0 1 S J 0
Vawter, lb .... 1 1 0 I
Wrisht, ss..... 1 2 0 3 0
Game If 0 0 2 0 0
W.Smith. cf - 0 0 2 0 Q
Sattrrfleld, 2b. 0 0 0 0 I
WIlUs. 3b..... 1 023a
Woodran. p... 0 0 0 2 3
CJUen .. ...... 0 0 111
L Smith! 0 10 0 0
Bulinss. 3b... 2 11
Matter, c.
118 7 0
1 urn. lb ... 0 0 11 2 0
Boufford. 2b.. 10 0 2 0
kotusky. ss... 115 3 0
HalO: ... 0 0 10 1
a 1 1 u u u
Totals. 3 5241319
Glien batted for SatterfieUl in second.
tSniith batted for Twyman la eiAth.
Earned runs Eastern. 1; R. M. A., 1. First boas
on bolls Off White. 2. off Woodran. 5. Left oa
base-Earfcn. 9; It. M. A.. 3. Wild pitche
Woodran. 2. First base on errors Eastern, 5: R,
IL A.. L Two-base hits MarUry. Biuinss. Stnick
out-By Vyhlte, ?: by Woodran. S. Hit by pitcher
By White. 1: by Woodran. 4. Doable pUy Hard
bas to Willis. Umpire Mr. Adamsoo. Timf of
rame-1 hour and 45 minutes.
Creaent A. C. Beats Yale at Soccer.
New Haven, March 23. The Crescent
Athletic Club, of Brooklyn X. Y., de
feated the Yale soccer team, four to one
to-day. In what was the Ell's last game
before the Intercollegiate schedule starts.
The first half was about evenly contest-.
ed, tie visitors scoring only one jroal.
Tlmm. the star -center-half suffered an
Injury In the second half and the ab
sence of two stropg players from the ; ,
Blue's line-up told on tba locals. Arm- 1
strong fetard tlifwyiaUlgr-M plx-

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