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Maryland Aggies Have the Bqst Nine in History of the School
Unsurpassed Quality
Will Turn Out Strongest in
History of College.
"Woodward & Lothrop Have
a Good Margin.
' 7rs-''W'5v,
Fonr Star Slab Artists to Twirl for
Orancc and Black Capt. Sfctpley
on Third for Second Season Crack
Belalr College Backulop "Will Do
the Beceivlns This Vear.
From the p-esent outlook, Maryland
Agriculture College -will hae the strong
est baseball team in the history ot that
Under the able coaching of "Sus ' Gray
son, the former star catcher and third
packer of the Farmers, and Prof Rich
ardson, the Assies will be able to give
them aJl a run for their money.
Coach Grayson has o good box artists
in Hofflcker. former star tvrcrler on the
Raiting Sun team, in the Charles County
League, and bmith, who halls from the
wilds of Tenncisee. Smith has -wonderful
speed, and under the able coaching of
Grayson will develop into a classy box
artist Duckett, the twlrler of the fast
Bladensburg independent team, is also a
Bladensburg indepenaent team, is a.su u.
candidate for the box job Besides having
.snM-d. Duckett has a good assortment
of benders, and should be a good man for j
the Orange and Black. The only south- J
paw in college is Leppcr, w ho snows signs
of making a first-class twirler Ulth this
strong quartet of slab artists to do the
twirling, the Marland Aggies should
have a banner jear on the diamond
Munnikheyscn who caught on the Ecl
air College team last year, is the most
p-omislng man that is out for the back
stop position
"Mume" is a fast man on the bases,
a ha'd hitter and a true peggcr, and will
be a big help to the Tanners Turner,
whu caught for the Villanova College
team for the past three jears will be
t"ic sub catcher unless present plans mis
carrj Mudd on First Base.
tudd a substitute of last year's team,
nill take care of the first station this
season Mudd is hitting the ball on the
nose and fielding Ins position in mid
summer form, so Coach Grayson will not
have to worry about the first base propo
sition Second base will be "c charge of Rit-te-
the star second sacker of the La
Plata team, in the Charles County
League Ritter is a fast fielder and a
hard hitter and will be able to give a
?-ool account of himself w hen the inter
'ollegiate season opens
fchorttop will be abl taken care of
bj Reuben, who created quite a furor
last season in amateur circles m New
"0'U State Reubert is a very fast man
, j .,,
,, . . , J .. ., ,. , , . t
Muplev who plaved the third sack last
yea- will again do the honors at the
Klbcrfeld station Capt Shiplev is with- I
cit a aoubt the premier third baseman !
Maryland intercollegiate circles Be- I
'ides being a corking good helder Shiplev
19 a fact man on the bases and a hard
hitter Shiplev will be the clean-up man
on the Aggies nine this season
J Lednum will in all probability be the
general utility man this season
The outfield will be in charge of three
of the fastest men who have ever played
the outer gardens for the Farmers
Goeltz of last year s team, will again
be seen In left field As Goeltz is a fast
man and a good sticker, the Aggies will
have a .star outfielder for the sun Held.
R Lednum. of last year's team, will
gather them In out In center, and Fur
niss will take care of right field. All of
the outfielders are veterans of last year's
team, and, besides being fast men, are
good stick wielders This trio of outer
gardeners will be the best in college cir
cles in Maryland.
The Aggies could not have secured :
better man to coach the team than "Sus'
Grayson, four times captain of the Farm
ers Grayson Is one of the leading re
ceivers in Maryland Intercollegiate cir
cles and understands the game thor
oughlv The late Simon Nlcholls was
Gravsons first instructor in baseball and
pit-dieted a bright future on the diamond
for the Eastern Shore lad, which he has
more than fulfilled
Prof Charles S Richardson, faculty
athletic director, has always done the
utmost in his power for the Aggies' team,
and this year is confident that the
Farmers will have the strongest nine that
has ever represented them on the dhi
mond. Following is the schedule
March 55 Cathohe Cmraiitjr at Rrooklaad.
Marcn S3 Georgetown at Gorrsetown.
Apnl 1 GalUudet. at Kendall Green.
Apnl S STy at Annapblu.
Apnl S CniTenitr of Maryland at CoDcce Part.
April 11-Rod Hill at College Park
April Z-Suuntou Military Academy, at Staunton.
vpnl 3 Washiiton ard Lee. at Ltsiuztoo
April 22 Virginia Military Institute, at Lcxuztnc
April S'-West irsinia. DniTcrsity U CWlep: Part.
April 3 Delaware Collcsr at CoUrce Part.
Mar 3 Mount St Jc-rph'a. at Baltimore.
Maj ft-5!t. JohnK at Course Part
May 10 Frodeneksburi. at Onlleco I"ark.
May IJ-Mount St. Mary's at Kmrnitsburs.
May IT ilount St Jim-ph's. at Collect Park
May 20Westera Marjlnd GuHcje. at Westminster
May a-Gallxodet, at OoUrce Part.
May 57 Washinsion College, at Chcstcrtown.
May 31 St. John's, at Annapnhs.
Ahmmi a CbTiese Park.
In the
Latest Importations
Fine Fabrics
Gentlemen's Suitings
Men's Tailor
1435 Pernio. Ave. N. W.
Corner 15th Street
Opposite Treasury
, .
jJJ PrOVe Omildable Op
ponent on the Mat.
Zello. who is out with a challenge to
meet anv local middle-weight wrestler, is
a remarkably and superbly built wrestler,
the essence of physical development, and
a fine type of American manhood Born
in North Bend. Nebr, twenty-eight years
ago, his parents never dreamed he would
survive more than a score of years. In
early youth he betrayed every tendency
of that destructive malady, consumption
After a successful battle with the
germs of this most dreaded disease he
now stands as perfect a specimen of
the human being as ever trod in two
shoes, and all by a little attention paid
to physical culture and its attributes
He has written a good description of
his methods in this regard, which has
bee:i put into prim When a boy, on
account of his weak appearance he was
not allowed to attend school, but re
ceived his education only between the
ages of thirteen and seventeen.
His first inclination toward athletics
was shortly before he left his studies. '
following it up and starting in the
money-making line at this diversion
when eighteen. Since then he has exhi- J
bited in all ports of the United States
i in fairs and carnival companies of Bos-
tock and Ferraris, also as manager and j
performer with De Kreko s "Streets of!
India" attraction. Later he gave optn-
alr demonstrations while with the Lay-
(ton Carnival and Fireworks Company
then ran a carnival of athletic show:
throughout the States, and has also con-1
athletic schools in many cities.
jrstructing in lung and physical culture
wrestling, and boxing for years
When not on the road Zello is active-
ly engaged In teaching aspirants in me i
art of gaining weignt ana sirengtn is
physical measurements are Height. 3 feet
101-2 inches, weight, 15S pounds, biceps,
14 inches, forearm, 12 1-2 inches, chest,
normal, 41 Inches, and expansion, 15
Inches, waist. JS inches, calf. 15 inches,
thigh, 23 inches, and neck IT 1-2 Inches
He holds the world's middle-weight back
lifting record of 3,000 pounds, and chest
expansion record of 15 inches, and now
aspires to the middle-weight wrestling
championship, and will no doubt appear
on the mat in Washington in the near
First Annual Indoor Grime Held at
ortlienjit Church.
A large crowd witnessed a very suc
cessful and Interesting meet last night
held in the gymnasium of the Ingram Me
morial Church Mr Hass, the chief of
ficial of the night, conducted things in
an appreciative manner, and much credit
is due him for the success of the games.
Struble, for the seniors, carried off
highest honors, winning five events and
finishing third in one, while L. Hlmmler
led the juniors, getting a first, two sec
onds, and third. The 200-yard race was
the most exciting event of the evening,
ending in a tie between Struble and
Gleasner. which was run off at the close
of the meet and was won by Struble.
50-yard dash, for nine yfarolds Woo by Hrrnrnlcr;
second, RiproVn, third. Moss. Tune 07 3-5.
S0ard Junior Woo by Gay. second. L. nimmlrr.
Time. (.
3-Tsrt Intermediate won by Su-uble, second,
Gleasner. third, vvhjer Time, 07
Obstacle race Wen by Itrcd, second, W. Ilunmler,
thud, Ixuham Time. 033
Obstacle race, intermediate Won by Struble, sec
ond. Wbreltr, third, Granson. Time. 025 IS.
100-yard race, junior Won by Spear; second. Moss;
third Urbach Time. 0 14.
MO-yard race, lntermediale Won by Buckler; sec
ond. WTieeler Time. 0 J4 2-5
Hand nd foot race Won by Mass, second, Sipear,
third Ilimmkr Time, 0-00 1 5.
Hand and foot race, iuU mediate Won by Gleas
ner; second. Wheeler, third. StniNe. Time, 09.
3D-yard race intermediate Won by Strnble; sec
ond. Glcaancr; third, Wheeler. Time. 0.35.
Potato race junior Won by Uimmler; second,
need: third. Viz. Time. 1JTJ-5.
Potato race intermediate W on by Branson, sec
ond. Abbott; third. SteTrnson. Time, 1 11
Broad jump; intermediate Won by Struble. sec
ond. Wheeler. Distance 7 leet 10 inches.
Rnnninz broad rump: Intermediate Won by fitni
We; second. Gleasner Distance. 12 feet '4 inches.
Relay race; Junior Won by Denham and DU:
second. Fuchs and Burton; third, Himmlef and
Rtcres. Time, 11 JO.
Bean race; junior Won by Fuchs: second, Mca,
third. Crbaeh. Tune. IZ3.
Sack race; junior Won by Keys, second. Speu;
third. Guy. Time. 12J0.
Relay race with Indian dobs- Won by Cant.
Moos team.
Harvard Trims Pennsylvania at
Soccer Game.
Cambridge. Mass.. March 25. Harvard
and the University of Pennsylvania re
sumed athletic relations to-day after a
five years' break. The start was made
by the soccer football teams, "Harvard
beating the Quakers. 4 to L.the Crimson
playing far the better all-around jrame
and leading 4 to 0 until the last few
minutes, when Pennsylvania kicked Its
only BoaL
Ham Tish. the old Harvard football
captain, was In the same for the Crim
son and was the biggest man op the field.
Fish Is In the law school. " .
Baseball Game Called OB.
The same between Gociaga College
and Braddock A. C scheduled for to
day, baa been cancele. "r-n "
Maryland Agricultural College Baseball
Fencers Tied In Preliminaries
Intercollegiate Toarnamrnt.
Annapolis, March 25. The Naval
Academy and the University of Pennsjl-
ania were the victors in the preliminary
of the annual tournament of the inter-
collegiate fencing association which took
place here this afternoon Each won
twenty of their bouts, losing but seven
Columbia won eleven ana lost sixteen,
while Princeton was a bad last with
only two victories and twenty-five de
feats The two winning teams will contest in
Xev York at the end of next week
against the winners of the. other .pre
liminary' to-day, in which the Military
Academy. Cornell, Yale, and Harvard
are entered
Parker, of Pennsylvania, and Hatch, of
Naval Academy, secured the highest in
dividual honors, each winning all but one
of his nine bouts
Fifth Annual Closed Games
Enn Off Without a Hitch.
I. Jones
nan, Clo.e Second for Hon-
In Senior Events. iith Ten
Point Elm Taken
Mileld and Donnldnon the Junior,
Events Well Contested.
The fifth
annual closed indoor meet,
took place last night in the Y
A gymnasium, was one of the'
most successful meets ever held by this
association before All of the events
were well contested, especially the relay
Besides the regular prizes awarded to
the first three men in each event, there
'vcre given shields to the men making
the highest numoer of points in each of
U.c junior. Intermediate, and senior
Hamilton won the senior shield, hav
ing eleven points to his credit. P. Jones
being second with ten points, and Dar
nell third with seven
Elm received the intermediate shield,
he having made eleven points Vincent
and Cranford were tied for second honors
with six points, and Rose was third
with four
Tho junior shield was presented to
Donaldson, he making nine points. Fuller
being second with eight, and Pepper with
six wa third.
The snior relay between the high
school and employed boys of the as
sociation was very close, but was fin
ally won by the high school boys.
Mr. Harry W. Long, who was man
ager of the meet this year, ran It off in
first-class order, the events being run
oft very rapidly. The order of events
is as follows
The Summaries.
Junior 29-yard dash First heat on by Hunt;
second. HDL Time, 3 see. Second beat won by
Donaldson, second. Fuller. Tuno, 3 3-5 sec
Final Junior 30-yard dish Won by Fuller; second,
Donaldscn; third. Hunt. Tune 3 24 sre
Intermediate 25-yard disb First heat won by
Crawford, second, Baesitte Time, 3 24 sec Second
heat wen by Vincent, secocd. SlcCormidfc Time,
Final intermediate S-yard dcsli Won by Vincent,
second, McConnidr; third, Crawford. Tune, 315
Senior aVyard dash First heat won by Darnell;
second, Zb-kinc Time, 3 1-5 seconds. Second heat
won by Webb; second. Crow. Time, 315 sec
Final stnicr 3yard dash Won hy Crow; second,
Webb, third DmrnelL Time. 3 1 5 sec
Intermediate 1 Japs Won b Oxwfard. scratch,
second. Darnell, 3 yards; third. Eon, 4 yards.
Tune, 30 1-5 sec
Junior i laps Woo uy Feriper, ; yards; second.
Jack, 2 yards; toad. Donaldson, scratch. Time, 31
Senior hlch jump Won by Jones, scratch; second,
Hsrtnns, scratch; third, Eaton. S inches. Height.
J feet I inches.
Junior broad Jtunp Won by Donaldson, 4 inches:
second. Fuller. 9 inches, third. Pepper, 2 inches.
Distance. S feet.
InUamcdiate 5 laps Won by EJin. 10 jards. sec
ond. Bessette, 7 yapls; third. Hose. 10 yards. Time,
52 2-5 seconds.
Senior 5 laps Won by Hamilton, yards: second.
Darnell, 3 yards; third, Fortler, scratch. Time, 52
Intermediate 3 standing bops Won by Rin. I
Inch, second, ffct 0 buhrj; third, Vincent. 3 feet.
Distance, 24 feet 6 inches.
Senior BiU scratch Won by Moore, second,
Kestler: third. Foster. Time, mis. 17 sec
Eenlrr shot-put Won by Hamilton, 7 fort, second.
Kobr. 9 feet 6 inches; third. Crow. 4 feet 6 ischos.
Distinct, 43 feet C Inches.
Senior laps Won by ForUer, scratch; second,
Darnell. 10 yards; third. Hamilton, scratch. Time, 1
mis. 21 1 5 sec
Junior relay; quarter mile Won by team No. 2
(Schuman, Jack, Pepper, and Ettaoniton). Time,
1 nils. Jt srcopiL".
Infrmeduite relay; half mile Won by team No. 2
(Felt, Ansley, Vincent, and MoOormic). Time.
2 rain.
Senicr 2 broad jumps Wen by Jones. 3Meet S
inches: afcond, McCrelcfat. 1 foot; third. Webb,
scratch. Distance, it fett VA inches.
Senior relay; half mile Won tor blrh school
(Fortier. Zirkin. Hamilton, and DarDell).. Time.
1 rain. 5S sec
Ofildala-Brferee. W. K. Cooper; clerk of corare.
A. M. Cbetley; Judjes. P. Roberts. IL Rutherford,
H. IL Ststsaun. ssd J. A. lorkic: timers, N.
Hansen. J. i. Esrley, and D. JL De Lsxhmutt;
scorer, H. Ripley; announcer, K. Hansen; starter..
Harry W. Loos.
Meeting- ot ICayy Yard Team.
There will be a meeting of the .Navy
Tard baseball teanrbf th,e Capital City
League Konday. "evening at g o'clock at
Naval Lpdge Hall, Fourth street and
Pennsylvania avenue oolheast.
Pin Spillers Look for Suc
cessful Tourney.
The Washington City Duckpm Associ
ation met last night at the Palace Bowl
ing Alleys, 914 E street northwest, and
completed preliminary arrangements for
the annual duckpm tournament.
It was decided to hold the tourney dur
ing the week commencing May 1 when
the regular season will have closed
Assurances were given that at least
seventy -five learns would be entered In
the competition not lo mention the
numerous entries in doubles and singles
Representatives of the various leagues
about the city were in attendance, much
interest and enthusiasm being manifested
in the perfection of the arrangements
The following officers of the association
were elected G T Cox. president, J T.
Meany. vice president. H. B Hallej sec
ond vice president. L M Ricketts, secre
tary, and Harry F Krauss, treasurer
The board of governors elected com
prise the following well-known bowling
enthusiasts H w Armlcer Painr
WJliam Boyd. Bureau. HarrAr Rmr
Capitol Hill V Gulll. Mount Vernon.
I JZ'"'- B F M,U
It was agreed that bowlprs o-omm k
allowed to compete on eich of the
i onlvW .rv Vk reS'Stered'
I lui oniv one entry wou d b wmii
one entry wou d be rwrmittpil
in the doubles and singles
"lers not affiliated wth any team.
l wumijiii iwrna not -nemDer: of any
i league, and others will be allowed to
crter the tourney, provided they connect
themselves with the association, the fee
I toi admission being J2
jne classification of
"ntrants was
agreed upon and the dtclsion reached
I '"'lows
v . DOW'ers "" highest com
pitted average in a league is 9S. class B.
' to j,, class i S3 and under
The board of governors will meet again
next Friday, at which time the different
committees In charge of schedules and
ether necessary details w'll be appointed
It Is planned to feature one evening of
the tournament as a lad'ps" night, when
refreshments will be erved to the fair
six who are in attendance
Much obliged, Mrs. Elliott, for that
consolation prize.
ies: It is true Eckstein is sitting up
nights trying to dope out how to land
the Schuberts on top of the pile
The Glucks made a good attempt to
roll high team set, but had to be con
tent with 2,503, which is second high.
The Mozarts" record of 2,646 being a mark
likely to stand for the season.
By taking two out of three from tho
Haydns, the Schuberts have joined the
Glucks and Mozarts in holding down
first place. With four teams tied for
first honors, "sumpin's gona" happen
Eckstein is keepfng up his great work
and gave his average another substantial
boost with scores of 190, 25S and 2H.
totaling 632, a set which would be ac
ceptable to the best of them
Capts Lawrenco and Walter have en
gineered another roast on the good launch
Roamer for to-day. If you don't want
to miss a good time, come early and
stay late. The wholo gang will be on
board. '
If Percy does not stop "guying" some
of the near-bowlers in our league, leaden
soled shoes will be much in demand to
help them keep their" feet on the floor.
Aerial flights have been very frormt
during the past week.
The next time Bousum, of the Glucks,
makes one of those crazy spares back
ward and permits the excitement to
get the better of him, De To will keep
out of range Jeff had hu Iamp3 smashed
during the spasm and had to withdraw
from the game In consequence.
If you hear a dull, sickening thud one
of these days, you'll know it Is the
Brahms bumping down the ladder. The
erstwhile leaders have hit the toboggan,
as predicted some time ago, and the way
they are sliding down now there's no
telling where they are likely to pull up.
When the Schumanns followed the
Wagners' example and threw the hooks
Into the Brahms twice, thereby pulling
this team from the first place, the mem
bers of the Schubert, Gluck and Mozart
quints had a little celebrnlon all of their
cwn. The desire to win premier honors
In the league Is so Intense that we may
perhaps enjoy the spectacle of a real
old-fashioned scrap one of these days.
Redeker's cup of mlseryT ought to be
pretty nearly full by this time. They
all have been after his high game of
246, Haroner, "of the Glucks, missing beat
ing Jt through an unfortunate pick:
Shaffer, of the Schumanns, falling two
nlns shy of the coveted total, and now
along comes Eckstein with 258, making
a new marlc for some ot the cracks to
shoot at. But to fill that' aforemen
tioned cup right up to the brim. Johnny
slid into a HI game one hundred and
eleven pins repeated by request), and
the 'kidding he has to take from ttje
sympathetic souls at the Bund does
not tend to Increase 'his peace of mind.
Poor John! AL." MACHLER.
LoolcfnK for Games.
The G Street Stars would like to ar
range games with all fourteen-year-old
teams iri"the District. Sunday games de
sirable. Address Edward J. Brosaan. 236
stoat jjorthewt,
Woodward &. Lothrop are leading
the Commercial Duckpm League race by
a very good margin, and the team is
rolling at its best just now. If they
keep It up they should land the flag.
The People's Mutual Insurance Com
pany are out of It, so far as first place
13 concerned, and will no doubt have to
hustle to keep the second notch, as the
team is not going as well as it should
At present most interest centers around
third place, where the teams from Wash
ington Tobacco Company, Tolman Laun
dry and W. B Moses being very closely
bunched. William Hahn & Co . Parker,
Bridget & Co, and the Havenner Bak
ing Company arc having a little three
correred fight among themselves for the
sixth peg
The Judd and Detweiler team arc
rolling a very good game, although their
standing does not show it. owing to the
big handicap they had to shoulder when
they were admitted to the league.
N Auth Provision Company, although
anchored in last place, displays as much
interest as if they were up among the
The weekly league prize for high game
was won by Mr Dracger, of Woodward
. Lothrop, while the second prlie offered
by Drey fuss Bros was won by Mr.
Kitchen, of Judd & Detweiler.
The league will give their second dance
of the season on Monday night, March
27, at the Arcade, and a good time is
in store for all those who wish to attend
VVoudvranl L Lothrop
People'! Mutual lot. Co
Washington Tobacco Co
W n Mutes
Tolman Laundrr ...
Wm. Hahn A Co , .
ParUr Bridsrt A. Co . .
IIitrDncr Bikini Co
Judd & DrtwriJr
Auth I'roTiaion Co
Fim hijh aenc Mr. Marshall ."10TS
breord tush irnec JJr. Nallr . KE1I
Third high attrartv-Mr Lerr ... 10156
Fourth liifh aTrrmctt-Mr. ChiswtIL 101 43
Fifth hijh atrracr Mr Illstoa . . 10LS
htnkn-Mr. Marshall, X: Mr. Lery, X
Spartri-XIr Marshall. Hi.
Ilich lndiriduil ret-Mr Marshall 359
HiEi indiilduat ramo-Mr allT W
Ilizh club art Woodward & Lothrop .. .. LV2
Hi;h club ramc Tronic's Mutual Ics. Co.. . HZ
I Won Lost. Tct.
vcncultnre X 12 .714
Nary 36 3 .65!
OnrcmisMoners. ........ 29 C .M
Census .... 30 24 SbS
Bureau . 7 30 .474
War 25 3 .404
Interior W 3 .335
Treasury ... B Ss .333
ho of Total Hijh Huh ATer
sanies, pins. none ret. sc
sy ..- . . 57 51.331 1034 2.000 MO
Airiciilturo. .. C IM 366 2.76C WV
Census ...... W 43 ISO 303 2.761 173
Treasury .... 42 36.133 051 2.735 8BB
Bureau .. 57 4 1017 2.M2 W3
Commissioners. . . (J 11 675 071 2.775 M
Interior 43 41.335 944 2761 t62
War 31 4330 931 2.704 SU
No. of Total Aver-
nnui pins. Strikes. Spares, air.
Van Bcslurk 54 10.371 25 317 132
Hardie . 43 9 006 167 2H 139
Bownher 3 564 12 13 lM
Birnoan 51 9 536 L9 231 186
Miller . . . 57 10601 1S4 300 li6
Augusta 43 t&A in 217 184
Cooper .. ... 30 5 537 104 116 14
Kritz . . 3 5J3J 99 13 1st
Garrett .. .... . 43 S833 172 219 1W
Water. 36 6K3D 3 175 133
ttcld . . .. 42 7 631 143 202 IS!
Smith. I .... 54 9 791 164 r6 lei
Buril 3 53 8 17 179
Sol barf. . 6 1 076 23 21 179
Talbcrt 1) 321 63 79 179
Watson . 57 10202 175 280 179
Brady H 9 24 167 266 ITU
Drake. 42 7 473 135 1!4 ITS
Jones . 57 10 006 191 317 lrf
Mjera. .... 45 icm 146 194 177
McLennan . . 42 7,J 129 501 in
ODonneU 51 9015 U7 SI in
rarser ..... 39 6927 121 ITS in
Gorman. 42 7.400 113 22 176
Lord ....... 30 5 233 91 141 116
Harnood. 52 9 105 162 2W 175
Cnat . . 41 7 60S 113 191 171
Do To. 9 3(11 64 86 174
Bice 44 8.360 155 214 174
Swacrart. 43 8 674 134 213 174
Warner . .. 10 I.74I 34 43 174
Kuuc So 9 533 165 26 173
Nelson. . 21 3.637 73 75 173
Morris. 30 5 203 S7 136 173
Roie.. 42 7 231 131 1S2 173
WiThams. 43 7 271 142 160 173
Bobmson 3 51 12 7 172
Alers. . . . 43 3.23 123 234 171
Schenck 6 1 031 16 32 171
land 51 9.183 151 215 170
Hsrmel 54 9103 155 22 168
.Seiche. IS 3011 58 71 16H
Thatcher. .43 1106 136 28 160
Donohuo...... . 36 6,015 103 137 16
Budke .3 493 8 12 1
Hunt . . 24 3.906 6S 96 166
Knejer 9 1 SO X X 166
Lay . . 15 2.130 11 61 166
Levers 48 8 013 174 230 166
IL Smith 43 8 011 131 23 166
Gllday .. . . 7 1 IS 16 3S 165
Carlson 9 1 433 24 41 164
Maust - 3 132 6 IS 161
Carner 11 1800 34 39 163
Helmrnehs.... .6 375 a) H 162
Welden 42 6,836 105 183 IC2
Hall 18 2.902 43 76 161
HusteJ - 3 477 8 12 159
Liekweg 12 1 913 31 IB
Binler 1 2.831 50 67 153
Metcalf 3 474 10 9 1SS
Mltorich 15 2J73 40 00 158
Schrader 45 7,156 1 162 153
Burnett 3 4 9 W 152
Barr - .. 12 1.775 29 42 117
ncrfurth 4 S37 1 17 146
Stewart 1 146 2 4 116
Locffer 6 SS4 9 23 141
JlcNulty 9 136 19 31 144
Faunce 6 8 10 24 IB
Tounj 3 419 9 5 139
HIbbard , 4 511 5 12 127
Watt 3 371 4 17 124
Pcclnam 1 120' 2 2 120
lieu 1 113 2 3 113
Ebcnrein 2 37 1 5 108
McKinler Manual Training School
Defeat Culver Mllltarr Academy.
The rifle team of McKinler Manual
Training School yesterday defeated the
crack team of the Culver Military Acad
emy, of Culver, Ind., by four points.
This Is only the second defeat that the
team of that famous military school has
suffered since the Interscholastlc rifle
shooting matches began. The scores In
detail are as follows: " , '
10 shots M shots
standing prone Total.
H. S. Dnlin 82 172
(J. Kraft- 92 US
E. J. Omelmsn - S3 Jl 174
W. Wells M 18S
P. Gibson K K nZ
, Totals. 43 467 M2
O. B. CanJuxlL St US
U Dodd : K SC 177
F. Kasttn. ir. 84 177
J. L. Oabeft M Jt 175
T. A. Oabel .... 7 SI 1TJ
"I Love My Chickek"
"But Oh, You Bulbul"
i n2Sii
Sole Manufacturers:
Christo Mcolaidis & Co.,
1429 F Street Northwest,
At Your Club anJ Prominent Dealers.
Northeastern Circuit Ends
Year Successfully.
The first season of the Northeast
ern Duckpin League, all of whos games
were rolled on Comivell's allejs. 1X3 H
street northeast, closed this week At
Untlcs and Hilltops rolled the last set.
which decided the championship Atlan
tlcs took two games, and tied the Hilltops
In number of games won, but were
awarded first honors on account of hav
ing creater number of pins, 31.131, to Hill
tops 30,732. Atlantics also captured high
game with 557, as well as high club set.
1.609 Campbell, of the Knockers, rolled
high Individual game, 162, while Nalley
of the same team took high-set, 365 Rich
ardson, of the Fatimas, had the greatest
number of spares, 113. and Campbell the
most strikes 22. Elliott, of the Ralltos.
captured high individual average with the
good score of 10S 24 for the season. Rich
ardson had second Individual average
with 10155. Dampier. of the Knockers,
took high flat game with 95 pins A ban
quet will be held on Monday nigh' April
3. at Freund'i, when the prizes wi'l be
distributed All the officers were re-t -t-ed
to serve for another vear They are
U. Clarence Poston, president, Samuel
Loveless, vice president: Charles F. Slab,
Jr., secretary; Samuel Cornwcll, treasurer,
and K. C l'oston, official siorer. Appli
cation for new franchises should be made
In writing to the secretary before Sep
tember 1, 1311. The official averages.
W. L Pet.
tlantics 43 IS 762
Hilltops . .. 13 15 TS2
t-joslrrn. 4 IS .711
hUntons . Z 3 .23
I'artnci . . 2 33 .3)
Katimas. . II 4G .ZX
llullm.... 14 46 .Si
Knockers...... 31 32 .432
II G. U.S. Sin. SUs. At.
K7 16 CO 102 454.12
. . 516 lOJ 417 36 437 SI
Knockers .
IlUItrn. ..
. 5o3 1.571 43) S 4S4.S3
.. . 537 1 516 331 S3 479.13
.. . 542 1,531 XI 56 473
.. . 5CJ 1 477 351 71 460 C
. . 53 1 4S3 713 47 463
... 510 1 431 30B S5 48.7
Stan tens
GamcB. Pins. II G. U 8.
... K 1,20 121 224
00 6.041 12 S3
. 55 5 513 135 23)
97 52
Hocan .
Knockey .
Horrlgan .
135 335
U2 541
570 100 2 95
... 22 2.0C
... 51 5 443
111 235 94.11
Had ..
Woodfldd ...
4 811
Miles 43
ltosser 43
Walter . 55
Ijvelew, S
Ken ten
.. 19
.... 5Q 6052
. . 54 5.424
42 4.034
James . . .
Poston. B .
Poston. S .
Garner... .
5 511
.. . 44 4 .275
3n3 117 312
352) 121 223
4.C6S 116 331
4.763 117 312
957 102 273
33 Z900
105 237 SS.2S
Nalley S7 5721
Durham. 33 3,(83
OampbeU 51 5 27$
Ulsbop. 39 3.747
Damper... 57 5J65
Ewrman 39 3.735
366 iota
224 99121
333 98.4
Sa 9S.3
339 34.7
90 31
McAboy 43 4.626
Draley ... 48 4JS5
Van Ness. H 57 5J1
Demon' 42 XSSI
IteSM. P. - 2 4M2
Buckingham X 2,673
Richardson. 60 6.115
Wooden .-. 16 1,479
Van Ness, J. 39 SMI
Lauxjnan. ...... 42 3713
Bmoahao. 42 3.717
N'oyes !SB
Elliott. -. X 3.9K
240 U8.J1
319 96.)
296 77.4
314 KJS
317 t3
31T 9143
311 05.23
306 Sla
260 sail
231 TU
Nolan. J.
..... (
S 2411
IS 1.143
C 4.453
45 4.124
p Lsa
9 630
Nolan. B-.
Poston. C.
Screoth Street St sir Wait Craes).
The Seventh Street Stars would like to
errango games with all twelve-year-old
teams around the District. Addrss"Otto
GoUker&OUr Sqvwtli street sorUrwetC
Washington, D. C.
H--f-w;- i ; H-s-frfr'S"?!' fl '! '!
Xow ready for jour
All Sizes in Stock,
15 to 18 feet.
Paddles, Back Rests, and
J Other Accessories.
X Camp Bags. Camp Grates,"
X Cooking Sets,
f and Camp Outfits.
Kenyon Life-saving- Cush-
ions, imitation of Spanish
leather, in brown, red, and
lZ": gl.50
Where the Best
Lunch in Town
Is Served
12 to 3
1st. 2d. 3d.
Ijednmn .. 173 181 162
IliCfentmcher 137 159 196
Rurhaus...... 1C 167 174
Rir 165 ITS 138
Harlow 135 205 233
Totals. 803 sH Soi
Harlow rolled dean set.
Pound rr.
io xvw
170 IS
i 13
IS 137
E7 133
, 767 SCO 903
Proko to Meet Turner.
Jim ProH-os, champion Greek wrestler"
of the New EhjIahh stntMt win meeO
Joe Turner, champion of the South.
Tuesday night at "a o'clock at the Na
tional Guard BnrmnajHum. Thev wllS
wrestle to a pni&b. best two out of threai
falls at 1S4 pounds.
McMahon Sljrned costT
WilmlnKtoh. Dpi . March 2S. John
McMahon. the pitcher who won the
iiuuau xjeaarne ehumnionsnin ur .naiiim
In 1S34. 1S33. and 1KW. to-day "eloaei
NV Trwr r!ln.A A k IL .VAllf rm. 4tTl
-.-... .w UUUlUf, i-V " .-. gi fcii-
riuo. jur. McMahon s nome is nere. h
and McGraw played tosether in Ball
lng flrrt to colleges " yew Yorlr Stmt!
Always the Same.
Berkeley Ry,
taut Street JT. W. 1o t W
" T" -vJivi A
., aCI-V
,-:.i 2 rrs4if in.
ir-rn ' u .
r-"r. LihtZ
if tegMi
tfcsftii1uAa:.e-'ui-'i! ijU4vsl
- Fjs -- vfc - - - w,

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