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MONDAY, MARCH 27, 1911.
Do You Want a
Paying a Salary of from
$1,800 to $2,000
Per Annum?
The only way to secure such a position is by taking
the Civil Service Examination. The way to be success
ful in such an examination is to make special preparation,
the kind of preparation that we give.
The number of successful candidates for government
positions whom we have trained is the best evidence of
what we can do for you.
Special Civil Service Examination
April 26-27, 1911
This examination is for bookkeeper, Reclamation
Service; entrance salary at from $U200 to $1,500 per
year, with the opportunity of promotion to from $1,800
to $2,100. This examination is for males only, in Wash
ington, regardless of residence.
You will find our special preparation invaluable in
aiding you to secure such a position. We are familiar
with government work, and know along what lines to
pursue. Xo matter what your present knowledge may be,
this special preparation will be of great assistance to you.
For particulars xegarding this and other government examina
tions call or write
Strayer's Business College
Cor. 9th and F Streets N. W.
Old Masonic Temple Phone Main 3430
10 lbs. Rolled Oats 25c
10 lbs. Buckwheat 25c
5 lbs. Choice Head Rice 25c
6 lbs. Navy Beans 25c
5 lbs. Macaroni 25c
Evaporated Milk, 4c and 8c can ; case, $2.50 and $3.50
Nanticoke Tomatoes, can, 8c ; case $1.75
Royal Red Tomatoes, can, 7c ; case $1.65
Honey Drop Maine Com, can, ojc ; case $2 20
Monocacy Valley Corn, can, 7y2c; case $1.75
Arrow Head Brand Early June Peas, can, 10c; case $2.25
Tri-color Brand Petit Pois E. J. Peas, can, 12c; case $2.95
Plantation Brand Petit Pois E. J. Peas, can. 15c; case $3.50
Regina Lemon Cling Peaches, can, 12c ; case $2.85
Wagner's 10c Pineapple, can, 5c ; case $2.40
Brookdale Asparagus, can 17c ; case $4.20
Raceland Salmon, can, 10c ; case $4.80
25c Size Gold Seal Baking Powder, can 10c
25c Size Talcum Powder, can 10c
15c Boxes Toilet Soap, box 8c
3 Cakes Oleinc Soap 10c
4 lbs. Laundry Starch . 9
Pure Lard, lb 10c
Best Compound, lb 8c
Fruit and Pound Cake, lb 16c
1 lb. 50c Tea, any kind 29c
Pure Maple Syrup, reduced to 22c
6 lbs. Trial Sack Best Flour 20c
Evaporated Peaches, 1 lb. for gc
Karo Syrup, per can gc
Extra Karo Syrup, can 14c
Creamery Butter. .. 24c
Whole Milk Cheese i5c
Genuine Codfish, 3 blocks 25c
10c Sea Foam Codfish, per box 5C
5c White Wave Fish, per box ZVkc
11 Seventh Street N. E.M12 4th Street K v.
!i t-'ievcnth St. S. E.
12 UOOd Hope ltd.. Ana'e
214 H St. N. W.
Gth and H Streets N. W.I916 F Street N. E.
. J. Ave. and R St. N. W.113th and G Streets N. E.
333S M Street K. W. 1420 Seventh St. N. V.
G52 Park Road N. W. 1714 14th Street N. W.
1405 Park Road X. WJl43S P Street X. W.
4 and G Streets S. W.
Fourth and H Sts. N v.
3d St. and Md. Ave. X. E.
GUe your order at any of the above stores, and the Expressman trill de
liver It, large or small, for 10 cents.
Steamer Northland Leaves
with Hundred Passengers.
Departure of New Ship "Wn.tcb.ed ly
Crowd of Spectator on "Wharf.
Three I.ae Arrivals Accommo
dated Vessel Is Handsomely Ap
pointed aud Carries Crew of Fifty.
"With her colors flying bravely in spite
of the rain, the steamer Northland, the
rew sister ship to the Southland, of the
Xorfolk and "Washington line, last night
trade her maiden trip to Xorfolk. -About
100 passengers made the trip. Including
D. J. Callahan, genera manager of the
l company, and X. G. Coxe, president of
'the Harlan & HolUngsworth Co., builders
cf the Xorthland.
The Imposing spectacle made by the
Northland as she left the pier was some
what marred, owing to late arrivals. As
the steamer was leaving the dock, three
persons, two women and a man. were
seen racing' from the ticket office.
The second officer had the vessel
stopped. After a good deal of backing
the gangplank was again brought Into
position so the late ones could be taken
aboard, amid rejoicing on the part of the
Officers of Company Present.
After the second start, a safe getaway
wag made, the vessel moving slowly to
midstream. The departure was watched
by a crowd of spectators attracted to
the scene by the news of the maiden
trip of the Northland, among whom were
&een many of the officers and stock
holders of the companv. While Mr.
Callahan was the only officer to make
the trip, he was visited by most of tne
officials of the company, who extended
their good wishes.
The Northland Is beautifully appointed,
the interior being finished in white and
gold, trimmed with mahogany. The fur
niture matches the trimming and Is fin
ished in green Spanish leather. About
fifty men compile the crew, who were
kept busy in starting the 300-foot ship.
Scented with Flowers.
The Interior of the main saloon was
scented with the heavy fragrance of a
huge bunch of roses, carnations, and
lilies, presented yesterday by the spon
sor. Miss Elizabeth K. Fulton.
The Southland will be replaced by the
Xorthland. and will be taken to Xewport
Xews for repairs, after which she will
replace the Xewport Xews, which in turn
will be overhauled. The Xewport News
will be kept at the shipyard as an emer
gency boat, to be used whenever one of
the other essels is in need of repair.
Enthusiasm Runs Riot Great Crowd
Secures Advantageous Selections
While Sultan & Eiseman,
617-619 7th St N. W.f
Make Converts.
Preaching the gospel of square deal
ing, of "making it right, if not right."
and of giving real v.ilue in men s
wearing .ipparel for the least money,
has made the firm of Sutan & Else
man, 617 and 61D Seventh Street N. W..
well and favorably known to tho peo
ple of this city.
Hundreds of the men of "Washington
yesterday found satisfaction In their
new clothes, bought last week of this
firm at those low prices of J6.85, $3.85,
and $12.83 for suits.
Beginning to-day the great pro-extra
congressional sale of men's suits
made to sell for $15 will be started
with an Initial offering of twenty-seven
suits at $6.85.
Another lot of fine hand-tailored
cheviot nmi wnrxipii Kiilts. In latest
Istvle cut. made to please the most fas
tidious man and to wear riKni, u
Intended to sell for $16.50. $18.00. and
$20.00, are to be had for tho special
price of $9.S5. Any who feel Inter
ested should see them to-day.
"How's your underwear?" Is a, ques
tion often asked toward the end of
winter. A lot of middle and heavy
weight underwear, that ordinarily
costs 75c to $1, to be had for 39c Money
will be saved making' purchases from
this stock now.
A neat shaped hat adds to every
man's appearance. A hat is somewhat
of an Index to a man's character. Der
by and Soft Hats, of the 1911 spring
style, made to sell for $1.50. are sell
ing this week for 89c. It would seem
at this price a man might always have
a new hat around the house.
"Worklngmen know that Sultan &
Eiseman are their friends, and that
they carry union-made suits that are
tailored fit for a king to wear. For
those who want to get a spring suit
worth $22.50 or $25.00, at the low price
of $12.85, surely this is tho time,
and this store the place to do It.
"Seeing Is believing." Shopping around
costs more in time and money than
one at first realize"). It Is a good Idea
not to do it. but to go direct to the
place you know has the goods you
have a need for. and trade there.
Shirts made to sell for 75c. to be
bought now for 39c. and silk neckties
worth 50c. for 19c, puts these little
dally needs within every man and
boy's grasp.
The Seventh Street cars pass the
door, and within a few feet are the G
and F Street cars, so that folks from
every section of the city can conven
iently trade at that well-lighted men's
clothing store which Sultan & Else
man have at 617 and 619 Seventh
Street X. W.. opposite the Patent Office.
Postal Officials Will Thus
Save on Periodicals.
Beginning the 1st of July next, the
Post-office Department will use fast
freight lines for the transportation of
certain kinds of mall matter Instead of
mail cars on passenger trains.
Postmaster General Hitchcock bliees
that there can be a considerable sum
saved by the department if it handles
periodical mall in this manner, and he
will establish special facilities for the
handling by freight of mall matter from
such publishing centers as Augusta. Bos
ton, Springfield. New York, Philadelphia,
and Chicago.
Arrangements will also be made with
the publishers for a finer separation in
the publishing offices and for an earlier
mailing of their matter, so that the
slower method of transportation will not
materially affect the regularity or
promptness of delivery.
Smithsonian Regards Relics
as Choice Treasure.
The Famous
Ttn jrara old. JL3. Order by 'phooc
Also TEXNE3SEB, 51.00 Bottle.
The Shoomaker Co
1331 E Street N. W.
OUHllhed li 'Phone Main iiw
0 !' 't' 'I' '' i' 'I' ' 'fr '-' 'f '' 'I' '' 'I' 'ft "3
Established 187&
314 9th St. N.W.
Money to Loan
Watches, Diamonds, and Jewelry
High-class Beer I
Cannot be sold
at prices for which
some beers aru
sold In this city.
Tou're safe In or
dering this com
pany's noted
brews they're'
t &OJ-, $1.75. SOe rebate on bottles.'
National Capital Brewing Co.
Thome Lincoln EOT.
Placing- of Furniture and Apparatus
for City Building Planned.
Conferences are being held dally be
tween officials from the post-office and
the architects for the new city post
office building, who are completing plans
for the arrangement of the furniture to
be placed In the building.
The committee from the department,
consisting of First Assistant Postmaster
General Grandfield. chairman: Postmas
ter Merritt, and representatives of the
New York and Chicago post-offices, is
deciding upon the disposition of all the
furniture for the new building, includ
ing all the apparatus for handling the
Refuses to Discuss Charge of Wit
ness BriMnc Against Hlin.
The case against Thomas IL Pickford,
charged with attempting to bribe a wit
ness in the District Supreme Court,
probably will be called up this week.
Pickford Is co-defendant with John H.
"Walter and William J. Dngan, who are
now out on bail.
Pickford arrived In "Washington yes
terday, after a trip of about a month
to Florida. "When seen last night, he
would make no statement, and said: "I
know nothing about the case. I have
not consulted with my attorneys, and
do not even know the principals Involved
in the charge. I will not know before
tomorrow or Tuesday: until that time
any statement must come from my at
torneys." -Nothing could be learned 'from the
attorneys, who refused to give out the
nature of the defense planned, and would
not deny or affirm that a plea of "guilty"
would be entered. v
Norfolk and Waahlnstoo Steamboat Company"
teamen from foot of Srrrnth street for Old Point
Comfort and Norfolk dtllr t 6S5 p. m.
Steamer ChirlM Maratester for Moont Yemen
tares Serenth street wharf at 10 a. m. and 1H5
p. m. daily except Sunday.
Cam from Fifteenth atreet and New Tort aTrtrua
ctrt quarter boor for Zoo Park, Carry Chase, and,
Waabicrtoo, Baltimore and ArmapoMs Electric
Rallirar operate! alxty-thm limited trains each day
between Washington and Baltimore, Italic Fif.
teenth tt. and Near Tort ate. os tba hour and ball
For alleinr bread a nsUonats then has beea
lnrented a knife with all parallel blades.
Of tho SWtf.37 acre of cslUntsd bad In
France, exdoatra of Tlneyarda. a recent report
showed that lS.20.as acres wen derated to wheat.
. The camera baa proved that a llshtntaff f)i-tt
really is made op of many sernrata diaehaisixu. oc
curring as rapidly that they appear almost aiaal
ttaoous to. the age. '
Pare California Port and Sherry "Wines,
33c qt.; JL2S gaL, or S qt. bots., a. Eu
gene Schwab, ES Sth at. me. 'Ph. Un. 03.
An lntroroos Ohio woman, ha inwnted a ntaaafl
by which fite separata articles of food can be
cooked orer a stnfte,ea store barrier at one) with
out one Interferinc with the other.
"Good Cfceer" far Taw "At Heme."
Finest wines, liquors. & beers. , Deliveries
sua u if.au .. Viiuwacar. &U auk ass. .ant.
Officials of the Bureau of American
Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution
are highly pleased over an addition which
they have just made to their collection J
and which they regard as one of their
choicest treasures. This acquisition com- i
prises four sacred bundles or packs of
the Osage Indians. cry few of which
have ever been obtained by scientists, as
they are generally buried with their
These sacred bundles are Just as pre- i
clous from a religious standpoint to the
Indian as they are from a scientific
standpoint to the ethnologist, and are ex
tremely hard to obtain. They represent
the holiest fetich of a tribe, and so zeal
ously are they guarded from any prof
anation that they are put In the charge
of a special priest or medicine man. who
keeps them carefully hidden. At certain
periods they are opened and the contents
worshiped amid the most elaborate cere
monies, but een at these times only the
chosen men of the tribe are allowed t ,
see the strangely assorted articles that
are kept in the bundles.
One of these was opened with much
care by Dr. Walter Hough, one of the
curators of the National Museum. Dr.
Hough found the outside wrapping or
sack to be made of a rare Indian fab
ric, woven of the silky brow hair of the
buffalo. This was bound with a buckskin
band decorated with human scalps and
tho leg of an eagle. Inside this was a
buckskin bag and inside that a haver
sack made of a material resembling I
Chinese matting.
In this haversack were a pipe, dec-
orated with scalps; a tobacco bag, a .
braided cord made of woolen fabric, and
a bundle of buffalo bladders bound with
a thong ornamented with a scalp, and
one other bundle, which was the most
important of all. for It represented the
"holy of holies." This bundle was a
buckskin case, to which was bound a
buckskin object resembling a head band.
Inside this bundle was found the most
sacred object of the pack the body of a
hawk, which had been mummified and
then painted a brilliant vermilllon and
green. Attached to the tall was a circlet
of human scalps. The body was suspend
ed by a braided band made of woolen fab
rics, which evidently had been obtained
by tho tribe through trade with other
One of the three other bundles was
found to contain the tattooing apparatui
and materials used by the Osage Indians
all of which are regarded as sacred, as
the tattooing Is a religious ceremony.
G. C. Drummond and Miss Julia
Thomas Mnrrled Saturday.
After an elopement to Richmond Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Cleveland
Drummond. both of this city, are on their
way to Plnehurst, N. C, for their hon
eymoon. Mrs. Drummond was Miss
Julia Thomas, stenographer for the firm
of Brock, Beecken & Smith, patent attorneys-Rev.
"William Meade Clarke, rector of
St. James' Episcopal Church, In Rich
mond, performed the ceremony. It Is
said the bride presented a letter of Intro
duction from the Right Rev. Alfred
Harding. Bishop of "Washington.
President Will Soon Be Able to tay
Aside Colored Glasses.
President Taft Is rapidly recovering
from an attack of the "pink eye," which
has caused him a lot of inconvenience
for several days. The President has not
been cut off from communication from
the world at all. but Friday and Satur
day he was able to transact but little
business, and had to wear colored glasses
that prevented his reading; He waa
forced 'also to cut many of his engage
ments. Saturday, howeVcr, the Presi
dent was permitted to take a long walk
with Secretary Norton, and yesterday he
had recovered enough to go to church.
The eye is still troubling him slightly,
but unless there Is some, unlooked for
development he will be able to return
to his usual eyeglasses one more la
a few Uy.
1327 F STREET,
announce the
Greatest Value in Player-Pianos
at popular prices to be found anywhere.
fls.s.l.i.iM '. t ' gMasaMMasasaasasasasaissW
r4BasasBsjc2v'! ' BaBBsBBaBsPasBSBr
Artistic Standards of the Aeolian Company
Exemplified in
The New Technola Piano
Price, $450.
Fidelity to the 'highest artistic ideals an ability to give the greatest value
at a minimum of cost these are the fundamentals on which the Aeolian
Company has built the largest music business in the world.
In this Company's latest achievement The Technola Piano these
fundamentals are represented in their fullest degree.
The Technola Piano is the first artistic player-piano ever put upon
the market at a popular price. Four years were required to build the
Technola Piano. The leading experts of nine famous factories have
co-operated in its development. All the skill, the experience, and the
craftsmanship of the world's greatest musical instrument specialists are
embodied in this new instrument.
Lacking the Aeolian Company's almost unlimited facilities, the
economies resulting from its enormous manufacturing operations, and its
wonderful organization, no manufacturer could begin to produce such an
instrument as this and sell it at so low a price.
A Statement from the Technolas Makers
The manufacturers of the Technola Piano are recognized throughout the entire world as the
leading specialists in placer-construction.
They are responsible for such renowned instruments as the Stemway, Weber, Steck, Wheelock,
and Stuyvesant Pianola Pianos, the Aeolian Orchestr.elle, and the superb Aeolian Pipe Organ.
Based on thefr practical knowledge of the whole player industry in Europe as well as in Amer
ica they make the unequivocal statement
That no player-piano at anywhere near the price of the Technola approaches it.
And that no player-piano at any price (with the single exception of the Pianola Piano)
surpasses the Technola.
The payment of $20 places this superb instrument in your home. Monthly payments of
$12 are thea charged on the balance. The cost of music for the Technola Piano is slight.
A small sum annually gives access to the Aeolian Music Circulating library the largest
and most complete institution of its kind in existence.
The Technola Piano is made in two styles one at $450 and another model, playing
both 65 and 88 note music rolls, at $525.
Sanders & Stayman Co.,
Exclusive Representatives of the Aeolian Co.
1327 F STREET N. W.
612 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
El3g&4 sHOEsyg;
W. L. Douglas Spring Styles in
clude more Snappy and Up-tio-Date
Shapes in Oxfords &High
" Cutslhaneverbeforeproduced.
W. L. Douglas warrants every pair of
vi u -kVM t,oli cVianA lnnlc and fit
1119 aUUCO W UU1U imvu "f-l " -
better and wear longer than any other s
mate, giving you Deiier amo m mo
'monev than you can obtain elsownere.
T(Tl,an rrnn VinTT TXT T. TVmfrlan inpsl
you will be pleased because of the fit and
you to purchase another pair you will be
lUUlO UlaU U1CMS3CU UCWIIUD mo loa.uuvo
wore so weu ana gave so muca comwn.
niuor nr cifDCTirrfrrt.
PlirTMN Tb" genuine hara W. I DoofctM
ob tho bottom, TThlch protects tho wearer
against high price and Inferior anoe.
be just as oowu . . . "xwT!crrsrr"iz;i
If iea. easaot obtain W. I Doazus (bom m tost wwn, -writo iot cub. (" ---I
fx5orrtOWrir. fSrjMorpl4. lf.. DOCOLaS, IKJflpark St., Urockton, Maw.
W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO., 905 Pa. A v. N.W.
E-VK-ft?... '. t'3 II
afBl.BBBBBJB74iBMSjBa.- V ' " ' 1
sasaasas-ak aaaW' . -
aBBBBsW. J 1531 " I BaBBk!aBW
Boyn' Shoos, $2 & S2-B0
Aao esi Bcnooi au. ,
lor me pncaiaAimn.'
You will enjoy above all t&e
$ "Washington Brewery Cos J
On sale throughout the city or
can be had by calling up the
You will find that It will bene
fit you wonderfully, and Is far
k.t0. fnr vnn than thn fnnlcs
which so many people consider
necessary In the spring of the,
year. 4
Case of 24 Bottles, $1.50. '
Eebate, 50c on Bottles. t
I WashiRgtoi Brewery Co. J
p' Fifth aid FSlmU I.E. t
X Thone Lincoln 254.
largest Morning; Ore illation.
ki& , auaar J&&.yl
j &:. iaSfe3So-Sii&&yd

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