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New York WASHINGTON Paris.
Wish to Bring Into
Especial Prominence
Easter Millinery and Apparel
The Distinctive Features That Will Predominate in
Spring-Summer Fashions Receive Full Representation.
Easter's importance in matters of dress was never more
clearly defined than the present season. And realizing this
fact, we have made most pretentious preparations, so that
we are now in entire readiness to supply every article for the
Easter Wardrobe.
The unfoldment of fashion's richest inspirations has
now reached its height, and our superb collection of merchan
dise is an enviable example of our ability to secure and
utilize the final words from the most authentic fashion sources,
both at home and abroad.
You may now select your Spring Outfifin perfect safety,
with full knowledge that whatever you choose will be in ac
cord with the latest mandates of fashion. Those seeking
distinction and exclusiveness in dress are afforded the most
noteworthy advantages of our entire career.
In proof of these facts we call attention to the following
sections, which stand out conspicuously:
Parisian and American Millinery , Costumes, and
Gowns, Tailored and Dress Suits, Chiffon, Mar
quisette and Lace Blouses and Lingerie Waists,
and Smartly Designed Apparel for Misses and
While this announcement has reference to only
several parts of this great store, the other seventy
sections are fully equipped to meet the most exacting
demands for the latest and most wanted merchandise
of these we will speak later.
A Coal
Everybody telephones for coal most
of us never saw the interior of a coal yard.
But the coal dealer's telephone
is more than an "order zz-
taker." The wide-awake
dealer uses it to solicit
renewal orders and to
obtain new trade as
well. The Telephone
is an efficient and far
reaching salesman in
any business.
Use the Bell
Call Main
9000 for
rate no
charge for
the message.
Countess von Bernstorff Will
Be a Bride To-day.
Guests of the Hitters Lmter Go to
the McLean Maslcale Xaval At
tache and Viscountess d'Asy Go to
Annapolis Woodier Lane Home
Token by the Herbert Knox Smiths
Miss Helen Taft Is the newest mem
ber ot "The Helen Club," composed of
young women whose names are Helen,
a Chicago Inspiration. Her letter of ac
ceptance of membership was read beforo
the club members recently and aroused
much enthusiasm.
The Swiss Minister and Mme. Rltter
and their house guests, Mr. and Mrs.
Stehli. of New York, were the dinner
guests of Mrs. Churchill Candee last
evening, the party going later to the
muslcale given In their town residence
by Mr. and Mrs. John R. McLean.
The greatest social event of today will
be the wedding of Countess Alexandra
von Bernstorff, daughter of the German
Ambassador, to Count Raymond Pour
tales, of the embassy staff. The cere
mony will be performed at 4 o'clock in
the Concordia Lutheran Church, the full
service of the German Lutheran Church
to be used by the Rev. Paul A. Menzel.
pastor A company of International
prominence will witness the ceremony,
which will be followed by a reception
and supper at the embassy The Presi
dent, Mrs. Taft, and Miss Taft, the Vice
President and Mr.--. Sherman all the
members of the Cabinet, the Supreme
Court, the foreign Ambassadors and
Ministers, many of the attaches of em
bassies and legations, and scores of other
officials and residents with their fami
lies will be among the guests at both
the church and the embassy
The wedding will follow the fashion
of the American weddings rather than
those of the fatherland. The bride will
have four bridesmaids and the bride
groom will have four groomsmen. There
will be in addition four ushers, who will
seat the arriving guests. The bride will
enter the church with her father, who
will wear the gorgeeous full court dress
of his diplomatic position. The bridegroom
will wear the full dntt, uniform of his
regiment, the Garde Schuetzen, which
Is of a rich, dark green velvet coat braid
ed with blaci:. and with collar and cuffs of
black velvet. The irouscrs are of black,
and the helmet lias tall black plumes
waving over the gold eagle of the fath
erland All of the men of the bridal
party will ic in thar full dress uniforms
i or court dress, a3 the case may be, some
in gay red coats richly embroidered In
gold, while several will wear the Tegu
lar afternoon dress of a gentleman In
smart circles The young brother of
the bride will be ore of these.
The bridal gown is a Paris creation of
richest satin with the most exquisite
of modern lace. Llerre lace. In flounces
and other trimmings. Her ell will be of
real lace, and the very long train is in
the court train style, falling from be
tween the shoulders. The bridesmaids
will wear gowns of pink satin with
draperies of ple blue and trimmings of
satin roses and buds, their hats being
of pink and blue tulle with the 'satin
roses and buds for trimmings. Between
the gowns of the girls and the gay uni
forms of the men. it will be the most
picturesque and brilliant wedding party
ever seen in Washington, which has been
the scene of many an International wed
ding It is interesting to many that the
designer of the bridesmaid's gowns was
Miss Maud Converse, daughter of the
late Rear Admiral Converse, U S. X .
known in Washington as one of the lead
ing society girls during her father's life
and after she left school The gifts scat
to this popular bride and bridegroom
were of extraordinary beauty and value,
and hae already been packed and ship
ped to Berlin, where the bridegroom has
been assigned to duty In the foreign of
lice. which no doubt presages a pro
motion In the diplomatic service of his
country. They will sail on Wednesday
for Germany and take a six weeks' bridal
trip on the other side before settling
down In Berlin.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. McLean enter
tained a large company at dinner last
evening and a much larger one at a
muslcale following.
The Swiss Minister and Mme, Rltter
entertained their house guests, Mr. and
Mrs. Stehli, at breakfast yesterday morn
ing at the Chevy Chase Club, which was
the attraction for scores of the fashion
able men and women of the city through
out the morning and afternoon.
The Naval Attache of the French Em
bassy and Viscountess d'Ary will go to
day to Annapolis and sail with the
French warships for Xew York as the
guests of Admiral La Juarte, commander
of the squadron, on board his flagship,
the Gloria. .
Representative and Mrs. Swagar Sher
Iey have returned to Washington from
Louisville, where Mrs. Sherley has spent
much of her time this season.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Knox Smith have
taken a house in Woodley Lane' for a
year and have with them the latter's
father and mother, former Senator Diet
rich and Mrs. Dietrich. The former's
health has been very bad for a year, but
he Is Improving greatly, though not yet
able to take up his business duties in
Mrs. Charles M. Ffoulke. who has'
spent the whiter In California with her
daughter, Mrs. Chapman Smith, of Phil
nrtMnhia. will return to Washington In
a few weeks to open her house in Mass
achusetts avenue in time to receive her
son-in-law and daughter, the new Belgian
MinUfpr to this country and Mme.
Havenlth. who were married In this city
about two years ago. They had made
thtlr rlans to visit Mrs. Ffoulke this
spring and bring with them their Infant
daughter, but when the. news of the ap
pointment of M. Havenlth to succeed
Count de Buisscrct, who Is being pro
MA( wna Tnnrif known, there was
much 'rejoicing in the family. M. Have
nlth and his wife have been at Teheran.
nii cini-n thplr marriace. where M.
Havenlth was made minister Just before
the wedding.
M. Bonaparte has taken a villa, at
Mount Desert, Me., and will have with
her for the summer tier daughter, Coun
tess Hultfeld von Moltke. of Hungary.
Mr. John Barrett, Director of the Bu
reau of American Republics, will be an
usher in the wedding party of Miss
Elolse Davis, daughter of Mrs. John
W. Davis, when she becomes the bride
of Mr. Lindsey Russell, of New York, on
April 4- Mrs. George Coleman and Miss
Renee Coudert will bo Miss Davis' only
Tormer Senator and Mrs. Depewhave
''returned from several weeks' visit at
Palm Beach, Fla., nd are arranging
their household matter to Jive P tbe
Bates house, at the corner of Eighteenth
and N streets, which they have occupied
for some years. This has been leased for
next year by former Secretary of War
and Mrs. Robert Lincoln, who have spent
the past season In the house formerly oc
cupied and owned by Mr. and Mrs. Will
iam Barret Rldgely during Mr. Ridge
ly's regime as Comptroller of the Cur
rency. Mrs. Louise Cromwell entertained at
luncheon yesterday at the Chevy Chase
Club. Col. and Mrs. Spencer Cosby
chaperoned the party, and the guests were
Miss Miriam Crosby. Miss Catherine
Brltton. Miss Laura Merrlam. Count
Lejacsevich, of the Austro-Hungarlan
Embassy staff: Capt. Sowerby, of the
British Embassy staff, and Mr. Henry
Oelrlchs, of New York, and Mr. Walter
B. Brooks, of Baltimore, who are week
end guests of Mrs. Cromwell and her
Capt. and Mrs. Evans entertained at
a breakfast yesterday at the Chevy
Chase Club, and had as their guests
Capt and Mrs. Charles Russell Train.
Mr. Cuthbert Brown, and a few others
as a farewell to the first named guests,
who are leaving shortly for their new
post of duty in Boston, temporarily.
Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Baker, the lat
ter well known In society In Washington
as Miss Pansy Perkins, daughter of Sena
tor Perkins, of California, will arrive here
early next month for a spring visit. Miss
Alma Perkins, cousin of Mrs. Baker, will
accompany them.
Mrs. Harrison, widow of former Presi
dent Benjamin Harrison, and her
daughter Elizabeth have arrived at Pau-
sanne. Switzerland, to remain several
months. Miss Harrison has been in school
in Switzerland during the winter.
The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Cun
ningham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Seoor
Cunningham, of Chicago, to Mr. Aldls
Jerome Browne, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Aldis B. Browne, of this city, will take
place on Monday, May 1. in Chicago. The
ceremony will be performed at 4 o'clock
in Trinity Episcopal Church and will be
followed by a reception In the Cunning
ham home. The bride's cousin. Mrs. A.
Watson Armour, will be her matron of
honor. Several bridesmaids and the men
In the wedding party are yet to be se
lected. Miss Cunningham has been the
guest of Mr and Mrs. Browne In this
city, and is not at all a stranger to her
fiance's family and friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Gibson enter
tained at luncheon yesterday at the
Chevy Chase CIud.
The marriage of Miss Cornelia Janln
to Lieut. Alexander Sharp, U. S. N., will
take place In June.
Th Woman's Army aW Xavy League
has chosen Easter Monday, April 17. for
their annual ball for the benefit of the
families of officers and privates of the
army and navv. This will be one of the
most brilliant events of the season, and
the largest, probably, of the Easter sea-
Rev. J. Henning iXelms Con
sidering Call.
Re-. J. Henning Nelms. rector of the
Church of the Ascension, has received a
call from St. Mark's Church, of San An
tonio. Tex. It has not been decided
whether the offer will be accepted, the
departure of Rev. Dr. Xelms being op
posed by thp congregation.
While Rev Dr Xelms has no know!
edge of conditions In the Southern par
ish, it is said that St. Mark's Is the Icad-
; saaaBI4K V;tfi-l
i rLsL.HHVreMil
I aaPP!-?
r' .aaaOHaaHHF 'MtPM
-saaaaaaaaaafiBBfK'- -.aaaaaatsM
aaaaaaaaaaarHanr --& - .ac'
lng church In San Antonio, In addition
to being the chief parish in Texas. A
committee from St. Mark's visited Rev.
Dr. Nelms recently, a call being unani
mously voted on, with the approval of
the bishop of Western Texas.
By T7. 8. Marine Bud Orchestra, William
B. Santelrsann, leader, at Barracks. 3 p. m.
March. "Vraa Kaiser Frederich"..Voo Blon
Onrture. "Jubilee" Von Weber
() "Lore's Dream" Von Blon
(b) "Dance of the Fljhermaldi"...Von Blon
Grand semes from "La Boheme"....PuocnJ
WalfS. "Ob! Beautiful Spring" Jlenso
Caprice. "Hcart'a Me&ico" Santehnann
Slircraic iharjeodr FttcdeTTunn
By the U. B. Soldier's Horae Band. John
S. M. KunrceRainn, director, Stanley HaH.
3 JO o'clock.
OrertJire. "Willlim Tell" Rossini
Idjl. "The Glow Worm" Lincke
Selection. "The DolUr Princess" Kill
Patrol. "The Bine lnd the Gny"....Dslbey
DescriptiTe finlivit, "The Desth of Ous
ter" (Battle of the Little Biff Horn)....
1. Sioox Indian war dance-l-nlsbt before
the battle, i. Basle alls In Custer's ezmp
before fcrmics the line of mirth. 3. Cus
ter's canlry on march to Sioux' camp the
sound of horses hoofs in the distance. 4.
Arrroach of caialtr. with band playing na
tional airs; the lnrtiini respoodine with
their custcmary war music, 5. Battleof the
LiUla Bis Horn, June S. 187C. in which our
cnxt general lost his life. &. Indians' re
joicing 6KT the Tietory with scalp dance.
T. Airiral ot re-enforcements. Gen. Baatlne
and caralry. 8. Custer's burial; Toiiey of
abota, muffled drums, and "bugle sounding
the last farewell orer our great general'!
grars. .Finale. "Nearer. My God. to Thee."
"The Star Spangled Banner."
t-b Rritiso. Dost-offlee authorities win
extenslTety with automatic! telephone to learn if
they can tss used aaceetBrour xa ptus oa siyav
Eespect for Parents Is Theme
of His Sermon.
One Hundred and Ten Receive
Blessing at St. Ann's Catholic
Church Prelate Meets Members of
Contrrexratlon and Returns to Balti
more Late in Afternoon.
"One of the great needs of the United
States Is to Increase and foster the re
spect for parental authority In the minds
of the children." said Cardinal Gibbons,
in his sermon yesterday afternoon at St.
Ann's Church, where he administered the
sacrament of confirmation to a class
of 110.
"The duty of children to parents Is re
spect and obedience, and If this obedience
Is fostered in the minds of children It
Is a firm foundation for their respect for
the law. The life of our Institutions de
mands respect."
Cardinal Gibbons said that the chief
reason for Christians to rejoice in the
Lenten season was their brotherhood to
Christ, and the communications of God,
which have been received through the
Escorts to Cardinal.
The members of the Holy Name Society
acted as guards of honor to the cardinal,
and escorted him from the rectory resi
dence to the church. Following the car
dinal in the procession were the assist
ants in the mass and the altar boys.
Rev. J. A. Smith, of St. Patrick's
Church, was the celebrant: Rev. F. Cart
wright. C. S. P , deacon: Rev. J. C. Smith,
subdeacon; Rev. Joseph Kunn, master of
ceremonies. The cardinal was assisted
by Dr. James Burns, of Holy Cross Col
lege, and Dr. Deavitt, S. J., of George
town College. The choir sang llercan
dante's Mass.
After the mass, the cardinal was en
tertained at the home of Rev. Father T.
G. Smyth, and was Introduced to mem
bers of the congregation. He visited the
new Church of the Blessed Sacrament,
accompanied by Rev Dr. Thomas J. Sha
han and Michael Helster, architect of the
church The cardinal returned to Balti
more at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
List of the Confirmed.
The children confirmed were Esther
Brown. Dorothy Bowling. Agnes Wise.
Anna Stadtlier. Helen Loughborough.
Dorothy Parton, Camilla Sherman, Rose
Bowling, Celeste Cooney. Helen Wise.
Louise Venable. Frances Edwards. Rose
Gingell, Nancy McOrtor, Lucy Johnson.
Galen Boroughs. Stuart Loughborough.
Ruth Ramsey. Ada Kllenpeter. Virginia
Parton. Florence Caldwell. Anna Stohl
man, Edith Loughborough. Anna Smith.
Lois Borrows. Ada Parton. Gertrude
Johnson. Isabelle Curren. May Parton,
Gloria Searles, Esther Eckert. Edith
Smith. Natlle Parton. Lillian Bllnkln-
horn, Florence Tucker. Mariorie Bohrer.
Elizabeth Shafer. Blanche Bateman.
Alice Edwards. Catherine Maher, Agnes
fatadtller. Esther Moreland. Galen Sher
man. Mary St. John. Dolores Broderick,
Hilda Poore. Josephine Daly, Mary Mc
Ortor, Karl Grovener, Raymond Wort-
miner. KoDert McOrtor, Lester Rhody.
Eugene English. O'Connor Push. Charles
Green. John Cole. James "Volght, James
Baleman. Charles Maltoney, John
Hlckey. Francis Blinkinhorn. Reginald
Fitzgerald, Hubert Kllenpeter, Cyril
O'Day. May Poore, John Abersole. John
Devereux, Richard Rupert, Edward
Pugh. Edward Sabln. Joseph Sabln, John
Coldwell, Thomas Coldwell. Thomas Gor
man. Thomas Brenna. Frederick Colum
bus. Charles Nell, James Wilson, George
llson, Arthur Eckert, Irving Mahoney
Ru&sell Fitzgerald, Joseph Maher, Joseph
Bowling, Nelson Smith. John Brady
Thomas Maher, James Hlckey, and
Archibald Poore.
The adults confirmed were Paul Hur-
del. Harry Ockershauscn, Herbert Hecht.
Theodore Howard, James Caldwell, John
O'Dorigherty, Martha Vollenden, Mary
Carr, Mrs. Edward O'Rielly, Mrs.
Martha Johnson, Mrs. Zola Lester. Mrs.
Nancy Kernan. and Mrs. John Cooney.
Those acting as sponsors for the chil
dren were Samuel Venable, William Gov
erman. Miss Florence Buckman, and
Miss Margaret Callahan.
Dedication Exercises Held at Catho
lic Church in Clarendon.
Mgr. Falconlo, papal delegate, officiat
ed yesterday at dedication exercises at
St. Charles' Catholic Church. Clarendon.
Va. Right Rev. A. Van de Vyver, Bishop
of Richmond, was in attendance, the
church coming under his Jurisdiction. The
sermon was preached by Rev. Father
A. P. Doyle, C. P., of the Mission House
at Brookland.
The ceremonies were attended by a
large number of clergymen, in addition to
Washington Council. No. ZU. Knights of
Columbus, of which Rev. F. P. Lackey,
pastor of St. Charles' Church, is a
Serenade to Senator Gallinjrer.
The band of the National Training
School for Boys, the Artillery Band, the
singers of the Polytechnic Institution for
the Blind, as well as several other or
ganizations and institutions which have
received unusual attention and kindness
from Senator Galllnger and who will not
have an opportunity to attend the dinner
on Tuesday evening, will tender the
Senator a serenade at the New Wlllard
this evening at 7:30 o'clock. Senator Gal-
linger has consented to meet them at
the time and place named. The com
mittee on arrangements for the dinner on
Tuesday evening states that it will be a
magnificent tribute to the ability and pop
ularity of the Senator, such as few pub
lic men have received.
Talks on "Spiritual Poverty."
Rev. Zed H. Copp, pastor of Bethany
Chapel, last night delivered a lecture on
"Spiritual poverty." He said the kingdom
of heaven Is founded on character, not
formality or hypocrisy: that one can
never become a naturalized citizen of
heaven, and that there Is no golden key.
Dulin & Martin Co.
Wax Oil
For Housecleaning
A fluid preparation applied
with a clafch to polish and
clean instantly
Front Doors,
All Woodwork,
Iron Work, .
Linoleum, &c.
Invaluable for household use
or In hoapltals, hotels, and other
Prices, Per Can:
Half Pints. Pints. Quarts.
23e. 45c. 73c
Half Gal., Gallon, .".-Cnl. Can,
$1.23. $2.00. 91.73 per gnU
CThls store Is headquarters
for nil the newest lnbor-navlns
cooking and housecleanlns devices.
Dulin & Martin Co.
Pottery, Porcelain, China, Glass,
Silver, Ac.
1215 F St. and 1214-18 G St.
A predial demon
atratiao of the mar
Id your own home.
1212 F Street X. W.
E. F. Droop & Sons Co.
1300 G Street.
Pianos -Music
contemplating the erection of
dwellings for sale will enhance
their chances in selling them at
a maximum profit if they equip
them for
It'll Pay You to I
2 A clean, economical, and thor- 2,
A, oughly dependable fuel. It makes X
. a Are Just right for cooking. We .j.
supply coke at these prices: .
X 5 Huhrlj Larse Ctoxe. deUiere:.......jiSa f
T i BaheJj Larre Cbke. deUremS R3 T
V 60 Boshda Laitc Coke. deUrerrd JSJ0 V
f 3 Bushels Crushed Cbae. delirered aoo 4
0 Bushels Crushed Core. dellicrl.....JO .
., 63 Bu&aels Cnubed Coae. deUTered.....JUa .
f V V v vi
Mean a miserable
existence. Tou '"v
possess comforta
ble feet, and for
your own good
have them attend
ed to at once. De
lay means misery
and discontent.
And all other foot
troubles are con
quered by our su
Tjerior ehlronodv-
Ask us about ft: there is no
charge for a consultation.
Foot Specialists. 1214 F St. X. SV.
Easter Cards
and Novelties
Pretty tokens on joyful occa
sions sent to friends and acquaint
ances make life brighter. You
will find our assortments of Eas
ter remembrances and favors the
finest in the city. Ail prices.
R. P. Andrews Paper Co.
1331 F Street.
623 to CSS La. Ave. X. W.
Tutt's Liver PMf acta kindly on the child,
the delicate female or laHrm old age, as upon
the vigorous main -
Tutt's Pills
ttretone ana trenitnxoxno wnammm t
bowel. Honeys anoDuaaer..
! ! -V -V 'V ! W-H'KWfr
C. G. SLOAN & CO., Inc..
1407. G St., Washington, D. C.
The Weinroth Sale.
A Valuable Collection of Mahogany Furniture, Id the Beautiful Old Styles
English and French Colored Prints. Plate. Fenders. Andirons. Can
delabra; Mirrors. Tapestries. English Cut Glass, Capo dl Monte, Dresden.
Lowestoft, and Chelsea China, Persian Bugs. Dutch Marquette Furniture.
Chelsea China. Persian Rugs. Dutch Marquctrle Furniture Tea Trays.
Italian (Carved Wood, All-gilt Torchlcres. &c &c. formed during the past
decade iby Mr. a "Welnrdth. of 618 Pine St.. Philadelphia, Pa., to be sold at
public auction within our rooms. 1407 O st. nw.,
. AVedaesday. Tanrsday. aad Friday, March 29, SO, aad SI, 1011.
t At 11 A. M. aad 3 P. M. Each Day.
On public view Monday and Tuesday." March' 27 and 28. from 8 to
o'clock. Catalogues on application.
.. vC-
. . . --St.. L.
-v.. L7sr.,s&tfV:
Huafesjf..M jus jjyaS
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