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Nationals Play Football Work Starts on Amateur Ball ffarks
kseball Takes Back Seat and Players Line Up for Foot
ball Game Former College Stars Show
Their Prowess.
By ttll.l I M PCKT.
(tlanta, Ga.. Alarch 27 It was football
ictice instead of baseball for the N.i
pals at Ponce de Leon Park this morn-
on account of the soft condition of
Infield duo to recent hcuvj rains.
lfter the pitchers h.id worked ont for
If an hour ind wore rubb'd down.
liner Joe Quirk appeared on the field
h a. football and for a solid hour the
kjonals kicked tho pigskin around the
field, where the footing was good.
cticcd quick starts under the direction
Kid KIbcrfeld. and patted the ball in
reolvins circle until thej were rcadv
toc Gassier. I-ie Runtin.fr, Andj
jfe. and John fconurlott .ire former
lege stars, and just before it a
pe to go in thoy organized i team and
ed up and down the field, running
touch original signal" with fiiraiiu
haefer n omrter bark and mate tl
jtchman dian't handle the ball in
:e college stjle. Gesslrr selected the
Lm with John Somerlott CPntcr. Cun
jgham and Conw-n gu irds. Gesslcr and
j-am tackles. Keefe and Miller ends,
jnting. Ainsnuth. and John Henry '"
f- hack held Tho rush line of this
jim averaged l1?' pounds while the
)k field would eisil reach li.
for the nrst time in three weeks, the
Ki, missod a di of practice which
faks highly of the climate down hen.
tlanta. The football part of the pro
amme as arranged I" Trainer Qui-k
mi as a delight Tul change from the
l'y baseball grind and there is no
iht that the bos wort grtatlj bt n-
IHxie "WnlKor Ilnck.
DiT" Walker did not get back from
s borne in Hirmin-iham until ti)-mgh ,
id MrAlcvr .dloued Kid Klbe-fe!d
orge Mi Bride, and ( lde Milan to la
r, as the last three mentioned are in
i best poib'e liipc md do not netd
r praetice as ma li as the others
ISi'l Cunningham started out in rea'
-nest to take off his weight, and work
harder than an other mcrabc of th
T-d Th rr is little doubt Put ii
ok off spheral pounds but he is not
Mng ncir a pair of M-ales until on'
rek has passed
Mauaer McAleer is murk to notire
od wo"-k b oik ot Ins plutrv and
unk' goe to the mm and tells him so
v- morning for instant c the warm
either caused R lb Groom to cut looe
id shi - n o-. peed t an he has done
an time since the lub has been here
mAle"- patted Iob on the back when
" ?s -ill oer and said to him "It
rkr i if jou were going to win a lot
games for me this ear Roll to
nieh ilrnom replied 'I m going to tr
rl Jim. in wax- cant do mo-c than
Billy Hamilton the Boston Nationals
out who is still in Atlanta had a long
-'-t oniah with Managtr Mi Meei ti i
M-ning and later tho two walked oer
the telegraph office and sent off half
dozen messages The report leaked out
it Hamilton was trying to place some mo-t unfit for publication, for it must
the Nationals' young outfielders 1n I be "-emembered that while the lub pass
e New Kngland Ixagne Manager Jim all eating and lodging bills, a ball plav
s asked about tins, and replied "When er s salary does not start until the rcg
tet any of those bov.s out I will tell ular league season opens, and in ronse
I niil that time I have nothing to quence mot of the boys are not very
v ' strong financiallv
Slnnes Worry Halstnn.
oc Sam Ralston is greatly disturbed
out the stories printed in Washington,
d also in Atlanta, to the effect that he
to be turned bark to Akron or left
iwn here when the -club goes bacJt to
r- Capital He Utte--'mphaticany to
frtit. that he. would Tefuse absolutely to
either Unless he played in the Atner-
fn teaguo he declares he sill go bai k i
iiis iiuuw ana resume nis practice oi
pt ry Ralston seems tr be in deadlv
IncM. and it may be another case of
)oc " Rcishng.
The regulars and Sh imrni ks aro down
meet ag-iin to-moTc v md it Is likely
nt four pitUicrs will be wo'ked. two
I each side
Pin Nationals wmhed the N'enr York
mkeci-Atlanta gamo from the grand
ind this af ternmin and w itnessed a
Ighty poor battle The general im
csfrion prevails that the i.inKees are
t goirg to be un there ti is season, un
ts the pitchers show wonderful form
lussell Ford and Sweeney, of the ran
i's, were formerly the famoub Atlanta
;tterj, but when these avorthi-s stepped
to tlie p ite ths afternoon not a single
put ox hur.ucljp was ne ird from the
fal rooters.
fhero are f ve newspaper- men with the
fw Tork club, and t is aimiMng to hear
m tel! hu the Highlanders are going
bo fighting it out with tho Athletics
r the- pennant this se.isui..
(Tie. New Tork Giants are here Wednes
y and w.Il play four games
"ho pitrhors. were given a good work-out
s morning, and because of the hot sun
nsiderablc benefit was derived, and
alter Johnson. Tom Hughes, Dolly
ay. Doc iloyer. Rill Otey, Harvey
lsscs; and erven Fred Sherry trooped
o tho olubhonso for a rub down, every
m reeking with perspiration. Tbaf3
5 way I like to get you fellows," eom
mted Trainer Quirk. "No cnance fo
lks or lame anna when you came to me
to this."
I'm Hughes and Germany Sihaefer.
y champion kidders" of tho Nationals,
fc neveir happy unless crackins a joke
somebody s expeTisc.
pughes polled ono on Germany yester
7 that brought out a. laugh. He said:
omebody told you tliat you were cut
t for a, shortitop, but the goats ate
i patlem.-
utch came, right back with: "Tou say
u"tio got 'a pore arm. Tom, but I lo
cd yem accepted twelve chances at tho
mer table to-day without an error.""
ixle Walker, who is forever inventing
w carves, has added another to his
vjrtolre and eall3 !t thq "sardine
ute" This carve sovinis like a fish.
SKling m the air, and conceals Itself
a can Jost befcre crossing the plete.
it i3 ahout as- easy lor th war corre
ioodcntw hero -with the Nationals to Bet
y real news or opinions out of Manager
Jnmy McAleer as for a camel to slip
rougn. tao eye ot tne proverbial needle.
(mager Jim always welcomes the
Hbes with a sunny smile and sires
fern the Impression that he- Is solas to
h everything he knows hut does be?
Ex years m St. Louis tho baseball
1 writers panned him to a whisper. tnd
tTollx droe liiiu out of town, and this
taught him how to saj a whole 'ot mean
ing ahsolutcl nothing
He continues this polio now. and there
lr a reason McAleer does not want to
discourage a single one of his ouncster-,
and refuses to discuss the relatie merits
of each plaver Tho'-e lo liae got
to get .1 square deil from me, and I in
tend the sh 1H Hesides. it is iltogetlicr
too earh xet for me to tell Jusi what 1
think of them H.irdh a da pisses but
what one of the new men show some
thing I did not think wa in him The
practice games .ire gr-at for bringing
out ew r ounce of liasebill there is in
a man "
Tioh Groom h is a m.ina for statistics
He can tell ou the liatting aerag of
eerv m ijor leagiitr in the business, and
a'sq about where thc rank in fielding
I Groom also keeps a scrapbook eontain-
ing oaa sioncs ana curious naous oi me
anou- plaers
In order to help oat Groom, Poo Gess
lor took his ren in hand last night ind
scratched down a few curious habits of
the leiding members of Manager Mo
Aleer's flock Here thev a-e
Prjlr f.ray when he take a loat rnic alwat
nvs a bi-at he harms never nrvn iWe to vrik
on tht waft
fiabbr strrrt when in training ha. x habit ni
catinc rtv meal a day and thon mr.
W alt r Inhnscn f men hahit ncrcr reads his poirr
when titsdin: it uiide down.
Mrl.nte w!iti plavins sliorWep nerrr standi
he-hind Ih bonit JtU.
Irdf MlUn has a hlhlt of dnnklns h rnffre
nhile it is let
Imo WalKer rwcr j'tajvd a same of lva.ll in hi-
John ITrnrT atnT sipns his nwu name to lrttcrs
U! lie wntr
Jlc 1-Incl ncTTT ninR with hu -rrs ht.
It was cileu'ated that thc"c would hold
Sir Kobe-t for a while
Mlanta paper? yesterdaj came across
with a big story about a brand new rure
in.cntcd b Christv Mathewson, and the
Nation lis had a good laugh oer the
Wouldn t that make a pitche- go home
and bite the piano on the leg'" r mar keel
Tom Hughes, who added W-cording to
the parers. this eu-e of Matt s is s.i d
to make a corkse rew with n. jumping
spiral in it look like a straight line No
Iratter can tone n it And all for nothing
for tfo catchers can t een get thei'
hands on it Good night '
The ico cream soda squad here in At
lanta is up a tre and hollering for help.
Atlanta probably sells mort ice cream
rodas than an other citj of its siz, in
the world, but charges regular New
i o"-k prires Fo' inst inoe. ou can go
into a first-elass drug store in Washing
ton and eat yourself black in the face
for 10 cents a throw, but hre the p-lee
is 1j cents a glass and the dont dish
out a! mm h cream either " alter John
son. Clde Milan, and George Mc Bride,
who are the leading hitters m the lee
cream soda leagtiu are saving things al-
It is a good thing Rob Fnglaub is not
with the club this eison. for he was the
champion ice cream sod i drinker of the
world and he would be up against it
for Lair
Half a. dozen big league scouts Includ
ing Mike Kalioe of the Nationals, tried
last spring to land a crack college
t wirier namid Martin, who did big things
f r Tufts College but when they
to do business with Martin It was found
that Connie Mach. of the Athletics, had
beaten them all to him
I!oth John Henry and IMdio Amsmith
know- Martin ie'1. and both aro agreed
that Martin does not look like big league
stuff ip spite of what the Philadelphia
baehill writers aim
haul insmith I caught Martin three
years ago md he had nothing hut a
fairly speedy ball I am not knocking,
but can hardly believe be will make good
with Connie Mack .s team"
Hcnrv who was captain of the Am
herst Colli'g-' team last spring, .tates
tint mherst knocked Martin out "f the
n and beat Tufts to 1 one da., in
May, and the Washington olayer avers
tnat unle.s Martin impro.es a whole lot
he can hardly hope to hold up his head
In the big show
During the past few days a feature of
the morning p-actne has been the
teaching ef the youngsters how to slile
to hates prope-lv And teaching this de
partment of the game his been left w th
Wid Conrov. an adept in the art
Half an hour each day in the future
will be taken up by the retruits The
he ok si o of course being the only
one employed John Henry ard Amsmith
have -iionn considerable improvement in
this department already
Hnnii- for mil rei."
Tho Y M C A "iankee basket-ball
team will be the gnesU- of Mr. and Mrs
Harry W Lopg to-night at their resi
dence. Twenty-first and G streets north
west. Albert M. Chpslev. director of "the
boys department, ard William Knowles
Cooper, general secretarr of the Y M
(. A In Washington, w 11 be present at
the bancjuet The follow'ng basket toss
xs have been invited to attend: Capt.
G. E Rutherford. P Steed. W. Mason.
A. Nelson, P. SchweglT. I H Gncli.
T. J. Btngley. F. McGhan, and K. a'
Shamrock Win from Wnvcrly CI rib.
Tho Shamrocks defeated the Waverly
club In the opening game of the st-ason
vestcrday, 5 to 1. Waverly Vould do
nothing with Tuohv's shoots and he al
lowed only four hits. The score:,
n. ii. k.
ShDm&j .0 100 02 0003 6 2
Wairrlj 00000 100 01 4 1
Ttatterio Tnohy and Fitzerrald; Madison and
Another ""White Hope.''
New York, March 27. In a big Wood
en arena at Sapulpa, Okla., Carl Morris,
the gigantic locomotive engineer, will
meet Mike Schreck. tho veteran Louis
ville, heavy-weight to-morrow afternoon,
in a fifteen round glove fight, that is
Interesting whlta men all over the world.
Morris Is believed to be a real "white
Deltrr A- C. Ready.
The Deltry Athletic Club would likoto
arrange a same .with some team averag
ing fifteen -years. Address challenges to
S. Schinnez, OOU-North. Capitol-trcet.
Kendall Greenrm and Illjfh School
Lads Clash To-day.
Gallaudct 'will hae a practice game
nilh the Business. Hiph School nine thi&
afternoon at Kendall Green, preparatory
to the first home came of the season
with Catholic TniverMty on Thursday
at Gnllaudet Kleld
KcserveaT Manager Hopes to 'Fill
In the disbanding of the Georgetown
t nivcrslty Reserves baseball team, as an
nounced recenlh , the Gallandet College
Heservcs team loses two of their best
baseball date.s, featurday. May 30, at
Georgetown Field, and Saturday. Ma
T at Gallandet Field
The Gallandet Reserves will open their
season with Ka-stern High School Tues
di. April 4 at Kendall Green The
game with the Fnited States Senate riThV
schedultil for Saturday, May 13, at
Kendall Green, has been changed to
Tuesday, May 0. by mutual consent.
Good (nine i:pce-teil nt liiirrIty
Field To-ila-j.
The game on l"nirslt Field, Rrook-
; land, this afternoon between Catholic
I niversity and Swarthmorc College
should proe of more th.ui unusual in
terest owing to the fact that Swarth
more Is the first of the Northern col
leges to play Washington this season
I The rollegians are oniing, down ele
termined to get revenge for the two de
l feats handed out to them last year by
the l.rookl inders
I Citholie I niversity gave evidence by
I their viitory- or the Marvland "Aggies"
i us i oaiuroay 111.11 inev win nave a team
this .season equ U, if not superior, to the
fast eomblnation turned out bv them last
spring McDonnell will do the back
stopping for the university, and Clancy
Grfn Rvan. or Greer will be seen on
the mound Cl.incv, who worked four
innings in Saturdav s g-nne. showed that
he has regained his old-time form The
game will be called preimptly at 3.30 in
order to let the visitors catch an early
nUST R VCB Four fitrloncs. Worth. IK
(Gor i. ; to 1 mm Katiu in fTToilcrt. rarn
xtned. itlnon Jimm. 113 chajnl 3 tn L. third
Tune. 0-49S-5. Mobant, W. II Ford. Itnke
I otiis, IjiIj- of Palms, Ranm. ITiant. Oollctur
Firrhall Little Mjnrni and Aldan lo ran
s HM let-lne and emvhalf furlongs.
M)rtl Marvm n iov to I won. Idu Lc
03 lllur-cml 31 t 1 --i ind Ifcuions l.lrL. )
il-rci . 6 to a third Tmc. 1JDS-1. i:on TIill
Ma. on l.ul Knllit Imtli1 tTrnd. Fkne
llryan '-i.ira. Pasfufnate l'rrp fihrt, himv
J Jr Hid. IUkiT etojank. La. Iitrlle. and
Ilonv aJ ran
Tll!t:i KCl Fire fnrlmjx. Dr Hotzbnrt JCT,
i Fain 0 to 1 won h"raci( ISjjm no U.o.
- to 1 vt-onj. srnmmajr iISomM. rrn, third.
Tnrr 1 U 1-5. IMIy I.jluuin Miv Nrtt. CaJla.
Milton !( Too Itoval lYinco, Ida May. anl
IUlrfrler also mi.
FOLRT1I IL.CK-Onn rafle. Uir Wire 113
(DaTrrrt.i T to 1. won. Tlato Glaai. 109 (Korr
nert S to Z stnjd. Tjm Harorant. 100 (Wilson)
to I third. Time. 1 I32i. I-Sla. B-Jn, ltillj
andp-revr and Bamry Ine aLso ran.
FIFTH I-VFK-SeiUn:. flro and oihaJf far
locals John IaXtrron. ltU (hclmttmjnT), 5D tn 1.
won J. It ltobwson, JOfJ (Hnfnaclol. 1 to 1
omid stniu. (Xot, 1M (Eitm). II to 5 UdrL
Tiirr I 10 1 S Bat Slasirnun. Nndit Mot. Har
iri ll'nrwan, Soft' Ge Starlmonl. Inferno
VJirrn. Ansun Stnrtprast. B Castle. Horal
n-rti oll-urc and Gcrando also Tan
ITIi U VCB-hdlicc. one nd one-siitrraith
mile-. Uen-al Report. 110 (Darcnfart). 5 tn 1
iron Ir IUrkVy. Ill (kumurl. 7 to 2. jrrond
apt Swnuon. 109 (Goov). 3 u 1. third. Tinj
-1 3-5 Von Laer. Podiore. Gallcr blxic, Oran.
K.mbaH. and CoHn Ca.stlo also-ran.
FIRST RVKFonr furlonre The iitor 113
'Tn-rl I to 1 won Twtntv-e.n- lfT. (Mcesiiicihi
to 1 vonil I.oal Ili'lr 100 K.arz 4 to .
third Tin' 0" Mm Tmuj o I'uedo. Ulna
S . Jack Lamar Helen Johnson. Defy, and l.una
Im-J1 a!ji ran.
SECYIND RACK-nro farlonss. Father Staf
ford 112 (Glass) 3 to I won Mike Molrtt. I
(J Rrid) 3 to 1. srrond, Pre-en. 1C (Ttnm.il 3
to 1 thptl. Th-TP. lfl Clara W lono Von.
War Ji? Rio Focna. Lena LeTch. Geno Wcmd. and
Bitter sir alo ran.
THIRD ItVCB-One mile: lli Anlity. SJ
ilan eren. won, Lnke I'ates 110 (Rirel. 4 to 1.
ond Rinda ) (Hiisins). 5 to 1. third. Time.
1 " lunc, Iixie Dixon, and Mancot a -o ran.
Mil RTII RArB-S.ini furlonss. hanlicap
Itlaiv Mate 9s ((iinwl 10 to L won; iwth. at
(Iten-ah J n 10 to 1. gecrrnd. Morkle-. 03 (Moore)
10 to 1 "t rrt Tine Ii5i3 Flyinr ttolf, John
Ini and tfk ttin also ran.
I1FTTI R , FiTe and ont-half farlongs; wtl
in? IVT I Vf (rx)k), 5 to 1 Mon, Chr
inillpo 101) (Dennr 10 to L serrnd. Stalwart. 102
(NoIan 1 to 1 tl ird Time 1-Ws Hopa. Indian
e,irl Sunxm. liarrarret, and Southern Light also
SIXTH Rn:-One milo. Fnti Rmmett. 9?
4 to 1 iron ltolrta 19 2 to L sreond. Fred
MuIhotUnil TI2. 5 to 2 UnnL Tuaa, 1:331-5.
Sam Barber and Hricn tctt alio ran.
riRsT RACK- Foot and ccc-tiatf fnrknes. two-vour-olds.
JndCT Sale . ... . 10G ! Nello JtF
uto Mail 1. Cnfr W
Nannie MeDre . W I 11 t . lf
-aznatr jor, CMrf Jartacn KM
i I. in .iter . U I Tf rrilje P.or 112
MatW Vinnnia. 19. 1 CaUthiimpixn 112
Mairnti-iv 107 I
SKnoD IMCK-bu furiors thrce-jcar-olda.
Htadriia 90 Onta. 109
Lur.a loiliiu M Ur o4T 1
si tir Ijin- 102 I Dferifahle 109
xltl 102 I 'l.'in'ers .. 112
Danisli t.iri IE! Kins Ian 112
UtatKlali- Qne-u 1 I
THIRD RM I lire and onc-Ualf fnrloncs; foor-ycnr-olJs
and uu.
J H. IUrr . 110 sandr nDl .. K5
Hmndn l"l Hiram . ... 106
JikIc iAseing 101 I J. hn Max. 105
Mir- . I!3 fade NuaaJly ,105
1 ranV. irirml 104 Itanyali . 304
K rr-'iin 1W I Alloinr.aisc... .... 103
n M Miller Ml I
FOt ItTlI RAC1-S"m furlonsa; fonr-nrldj
and up
( K Hcrrdon . 991 Joe Rev; . 105
Tippy . . .. - M I Dixie Knicht 107
i Red t 102 I Font . . 1C9
l-jril U-r . 102 Camel 110
Oelcen 1M I
FIFTH RVCE-Su furkir. fonrTrarJdS'andon.
1 sre It .. ."9 1 Mvrk Anflumv II . 110
Mtri-- Hyde . . . 1 Drrss Parado II. ... IW
Noi tah'Xa . .102 I-aun-nce I" Dalo... HO
Dmiovan. .. 1H Austin Stunt-ram.... 110
Vbraiien . 105 Dr Hartley -r- "
Ijdjr (lnnur ... 'OS Tadilf J. 110
l.vc Whit . . 1"7 Ken Howe 110
Roral Onjx . .. IC7 I
SIXTH UM?K-Mila and one-suternUt; titTO-rrar-oldi
and up.
ImpPt 1021 First IVrp 107
)ld Iy 102 1 Mamie Mint 107
Mc-n-an 102 I Piralc Dianas 107
Imi KaU 102 Rotebus II 107
llcral Qnwn. .. .104 st Jcscph . 109
Vim Msjone IN I Duke i Bndgewater. 109
(trraaii Bird . . 10i I Uftit House 103
Tjc Jioat IX I Judge Walton. 110
FIRBT RACE Six forlorcs; selling.
Dritnu 107 I TrRmrtcr.. ...... 112
Marnis. 103 1 Oilvwu...... .... 112
renwinkle 110 I Tctlfr 112
Mj-rtle Dlxoo 110 j Solus.'. , tn
tVurt Ifldx , HO I Barnjdale 31S
Cirila 110 1 The Robin .. IB
SECOND RACE-Six furlongs: eelung.
Rue. B I IJy Panchua 103
lrt 93 I Ctcssotct. . 107
Marsand 96 1 The Piptxn 109
THIRD TIACB-Fle and one-half fuilmn;a; purae.
QnartrrmatT. 37 I Rrohn Execute....... 110
riuiiu. 100 I Ctapoltcpec. 113
Pride of Usmor? .. 110 I Enfield ..... lit
FOCRTH RACE-Mue and oDMtxleeotlr: aeDins.
Rntitrball .... 5 1 JargnJHrm , , ....... 1GS
Taboo. X6I
FIFTH EACD-Sic fnrlMgi; veffinc.
Lady Trodl. ..... 9! 1 Dof UfaitgnmcTT.. VB
Rain Ftx .
Ho Eam,
Marian Casey-. lot
1rnx Ieoch.... 1CS
Ijniaa G. ...... K8
Pfllan. .. MB
Krenuv. ....... 10s
U St-Xcknart.-. 108
FtmanckJ.. .... MS
Hidden Hi nrl, ...,... 113
BIXTU BAOB-Sx fsrlonga; aeOtoc.
Jaw I3irkstnck.. M I Biatnu.......
Jndlfn Paa 1ST t AilB.
. ,1M
.Frighten............ 109 1 AinuiauU.., UJ HO
El Mollct ..., 1 i Tnurbrt...-.. JU
Nev cafftil... . n I HtJoa -.... will
Tl Fawe..,
. .. ( '1 '
. tmiT3tesmm$KA
---r -fir Vf r'sV nr 'SAr'"rfe'!KiS itrffMnnnf nnnftrnMriV rf v?
Take FnM Content from the Capital
Athletic dull.
The Rosedales Inaugurated the season
Sunday by defeating the Capital Athletic
Club bv 9 to fi. The score-
i:sU a. A! II OAK! Cm A. R. ATI II O A F.
I ln Ih
ill n 0
0 0
lli-U. 31.
1'i.ni .-f
VI IVr c
lllI I
rali-ni .
Davii c
3 1
13 3 0
1 1 (I 0 l
3 I 0 (I i I Zannrlh
I JIM l.atina p 4 13 10
1 n n i fMhnrgh.lh 0 in 0 0
4 0 f 0 t VM'anhr rh. 4 2 1 0 0
11.01 VIrKnrith if. II II I
110.0 Mih nT. it.. I 1 M 0
2 0 0 0 fl
- I J 1 0
Total 4J 18 23 10 2 1 Total?.. 37 9 21 IX 1
Run-v-llarw Rhoor. Hamnclon. Pierre Itrav
rtr llik Inrcpr Lorrlcv. l-ran. Ujrrn 2,
Uuwi 2 Zannrill 2. I..UEJ. MrKrnth. lti.w-1
on hallv nit Khedn 5 off Gauzza. 3. .Struck
eit I) lttli- 7 hr i.anria 3. PaMni ball
MllN r " llanrcl 1 StJen bajv l,a.izza 3.
Khnn Riws.1 MrTarthv Tnro-hasi hU-ItHnw.
Ilrrk Itrawner annrllt TlinT-h.isj hit- Piptct.
Riwwlf Zannrtll H nne mn Itrawner Uminn-Mi-vrrs.
ljrc and Talhtrt. Tinv of raic 2 hour.
rH)M I, l.EVGI I.
tar Bi11
I Knink -t.-rkerv rulian.
I'l. 41 VI it il -.
I'V 1.3 171 1 Wmecr . iCt 10 19C
I Warm 131 221 1 Ilfr-n liB 17. li
Hrrral! Jl 113 1" I.ltwn V IT Ifl
I II ftiisinrn ITS If IjU Iln.Ar 167 147 157
' iiiiilnun ifc ! 12 sunb . j3 i i'l
j TitaJ- 5r3 -67 S. Tctali . sr SS 865
War Don irioillura1 Pri.
. Watrfvn 118 in UV (,or.an 1?. l It
llanrrf 177 131 IC Itose . 161 171
s,4raPll,r IV) 1M U llm.n . 172 IK 176
Villian. I7J T 1. Krakr, K3 172 1T9
1I 1 133 1V1 Nijtnn It !) 11
Total- S2; SS3 ftn Tot!. S02 8SC BX
J-dl A Iwwikr S Anth lro Co.
Kilrt.-i 10, ST C Mark ?1
su-ar lli 7) M llirkhallrr 91 fl M
M msKi. "1 " Itiirr V 74 ,ft
Hi I '.niw.n. 71 H It.-rin 1 87 107
AUmtt f 10) K" ' iithoai 113 i. iC
TrUls kO 419 470 TotaU . O (i U
Rnlcrv FoinIrT
IlLit If7 2U3 231 hntian 1V2 111 It;
Ta lor IS HS 174 Nnhnr 213 IV. 47
a 1j0 1j. 13 3rd . 10 l US
1- r IM 147 141 Mutt W IVi til
stro.Uo I IB) 14i Vlfr 160 147 .13
Totalv H M4 304 TitaK S29 72S 714
, Rtsoluies. f t;am'n
! rr S 103 y llailrr B 113 r
iira 101 so 93 (Vrwli-v 81 10" "
Fanvu sr st 83 s- l.amsnn . 7 C 109
, I"J- 108 112 as l-ln-jn . Ill KM :
Farrow jr I0k J M iirnnr . t(l 93 1
' Tal S31 4 471 Totals 4& 3 ia
Team No 1 1 Team No I
Nenl.-ck A. 97 9t VfrDoroni 87 IS
I'-l. I Wjtvn no no
k-nt K! 9n 95 ' rolbcrt .. Ill M M
Ilnrke M 99 73 I IirT . . ST IOC lli
li'itv y iiz -o ' Kilty . 75 9u "M
I) Un S 103
Tela! 13 4SS 71 Total 432 179 473
Mind Link to Meet Joe (irant.
A hat promises to be .i most Interest
inr wrestling match will Do at the Gajctv
Treiter on Frit! iv evening, when Shad
Link, the popular heavy-weight cham
ron of the South, meets Jee Grant, the
V, ashington f.ivorite light-heavy-weight
wTestler. and no better grapplers could
be matched than these two Both are in
the pink of condition Link agrees to
throw Grant twice in one hour, and the
lout wH;( be called to time bv tho well
known referee and sportsman, Pat
O Connor
Sunshine Poet ens IjOAe Cane.
Rockvllle. Md . March 27 The suit for
J10.000 damages of Miss Alice Hallo well,
known as "The Sunshino Poetess," of
this county, Washington, and Alexandria,
against Iit cousin, Clarence Ij. Gilpin, a
well-known farmer of Olney district, this
county, was dismissed by Judges Motter
and Peter in tho circuit court here to
dav. Gordon anil lllnekbnrn Hatched.
Kid Gordon, champion colored light
weight of the District, has signed articles
with Kid Blackburn, of Baltimore, to
box ten rounds at the Westport Skating
Rink in Baltimore, Md , during the lat
ter part of April.
Colnmhln-s Challrnce.
The Columbia Athletic Club would like
to meet any team in the District aver
aging fifteen or sixteen years. Address
Walter E. Donn. 823 Eleventh street
Pool Tonrnnraent at Lambs Club.
The first night of the pool tournament
at the Lambs Club resulted In a victory
for Nacbman over Rosa 100 to 96. Man
ager G. L Tohe has hung-up two prizes
of $15 and $10 for the winners.
Bill Clymer. the popular owner
of the Wilkesbarre club, of the
New Tork State League, is the an
ther of the following baseball
conundrum, the play bavina; ac
tually taken place ln a same In
the American Association.
There are three men on the
bases and one man' out. Batter
hits the ball to fair territory.'
There is no hit. no error, two as-,
s)sts, one put out. yet three runs
Answer Batter hits the ball
to right field 'fence, but fails to
touch first base. r 3ffht fielder
relays'the ball to second base,
and he relays to first base. The
tatter does not set a hit but all
- three iunjcor. , .
- I - -v
- . v t. . if w
First Street Side of Fence Around Gonzaga Grounds
Completed Kelly Harriss WilPlay
Shortstop for Baltimore. -
Work waa started yesterday on the two
new baseball parks which will be used
by the Capital City and District leagues
this summer.
The District league field, which will be
known as Gonzaga Park, will probably be
completed by Saturday at the latest. By
nightfall yesterday the whole First
street side of the fence had been built,
and the work will be pushed to-dav in an
effort to complete the Inclosure as soon
as possible
A force of laborers were at work all
of yesterdav afternoon scraping the lot
at North Capitol and I. streets, which will
bt the new home of the Capital City
League The fence will be erected this)
week, and as soon as the lumber can be
procured the carpenters will get busy.
1 Kelly Harriss, the Washington boy with
Baltimore, wrote us a nice long letter
vestcrday. Kellv has been shifted from
third base to stortatop and will probably
play that pewitlon thks season He is
complaining of sore arms and a stiffness
J of the lower limbs due to the practice
last week in the chilly and damp weather
' Harriss jiavs he has not let himself out
jet. but has been tapping the sphere
gently and gradua!l working into shape
That the 01mpla league will have
the use of the field at Sixteenth street
and Columbia road this vcar was def
initely learned last night when that
body met at the office of the president.
Zed H. Copp. 61 " Fourteenth street
northwest The discussion of grounds
was about all that transpired, and the
board adjourned early to meet at the
call of the president.
Jimmy Donnelly will be carried with
the regular Georgetown squad tnls
ear Coach Sprlgman could not afford
to ignore the good work of Donnellj
In the recent Technical-Georgetown
I Reserves game, whon the former Man
jhattan star made three hits two dou
Ibles and a single scored two runs, and
hatted in the other three made by his
team Jlmmj has been working with
the Reserves, but he has proven bevond
a doubt that he Is good enough to be
tried out with the "varsltv. and Sprig
! man's decision to give the lad a chance
lis good news to all those who want to
'see the Hllltoppers come back this
I At a meeting of the Aloyslus Club
ivesterdaj. plans were laid for the
j track meet which the club will hold on
May SO, If a sanction can be obtained
I appointed manager of the track squad,
, and will have the boys out working
as soon as the weather permits.
IA meeting of the Bloomingdale baseball
team will be held at the residence of the
i president, 1401 S street northwest, Thurs
j day evening at 7 30 o'clock sharp. Busl
' ness of the utmost importance to all
i those Interested in the club will be trans
acted and all members are urged to at
tend Chick Davis, third baseman of the Sew
age Pumping Station team left Sundav
I afternoon for Roanoke, where he will
play professional ball
We have a letter from the manager of
the Sewage Pumping Station nine stat
ing that his team will be known as the
"Kamllv I'p Stairs ' this seaj-on
Ray Brennan has signed a contract to
play with Billy Hannan s Norfolk club
in the new Tidewater League Brennan
is a good friend of the Norfolk leader
and will be given a pretty free rein
After lavlng George Washington Uni
versity he plajed with Columbia (S C.)
In the South Atlantic League and with
Fredericksburg (Va.1, which he managed.
There was a meeting of th Navy Yard
baseball team at Naval Ixidgc Hall List
night, when the members of the nine
strongly scored the rules committee of
the amateur commission and protested
against the adoption of the rule barring
professionals, as it is now framed
Opposition to every rule advocated by
the committee which reported to the
amateur commission Saturday developed
at the meeting of the Independence
League at the home of President A. E.
Roarkes 1S12 North Capitol street north
west, last night
Tne league went over the whole mat
ter of players who have seen service
in fast companv belt's allowed to re
turn to Was'iirgton and engage in ama
teur content-, and reached the conclu
sion that the penalty imposed by the
rules committee was too severe and
"We are against the amendment a3 It
stands, and do not feel like the boys
who go away should be shut out of the
games when they return after having
probably failed to get into a single
championship content," said a member
of the board of managers after the
"The Independence League would be
the least hurt of any of the organiza
tions shcfnld the rule become effective,"
he continued, "and we are In opposition
to such a change solely because we feel
that It Is too severe.
Wby go back two years and punish
men for what they have done? Would
It not be better to adopt the suggestion
of the Capital city League and set June
1 as ;he date after which no player may
return and play among the amateurs?
This would give all of the men fair
warning,! and by tnat time those who
failed to make good would have returned
to the city."
A majority of the managers voted
against any change beihg made In the
manner of the two sections voting to
gether. Until the questions upon which
the leagues are to vote separately are
named, the Independence League will
be opposed to any change and will fight
for trie present system of the commis
sion voting as a whole.
Nor Is the Independence League In
favor of any change in the rule calling
for a time limit In which a player ac
cused of professionalism must be tried.
The league 'feels that such matters should
be 'thrashed out immediately.
, The only suggestion as to a change in
the- present rules which met with the
approval of the league last night was
the -one made by Capt. Edwards, that
i Fme action be taken to protect leagues
.from the Indiscriminate Jumping about
cS the teams after they have signtnea
their intention to be members of some
. ' .B. B6AA. vie r" presides" of the
leagse, and manager of the Twmtng
teasa, tendered bis rerigBatiosi tat eras
ing Owing to the severe Illness of his
wife he will chango his residence to
Denver. Colo, and will leave within the
n"xt week. Mr. Bond s resignation was
accepted with regret, and the Twining
club will immediate! select a new head
Reports were read from the committee
on umpires and the committee on
grounds. The committee on umpires re
ported thri" names from which the presi
elent will select an indicator h uidler
Thev are W. M McCay, who has umpired
In professional leagues through I'cnnsjl
vania, Albert 1, Brooks, who umpireel
In the I'rince George County Icague last
ear. and "Dutch ' Newman, the former
Capital Citv, Marquette, ard Depart
mental League "ump " President Roarkes
refused to make anj selection l.u-t night.
Progress was reported bv the commit
tee on grounds The field has been
plowed up and leveled, and will be com
pleted two weeks before the first game
Is scheduled.
Every team was represented but the
Twining club.
Fred Welch savs that he will not leave
Amenmn snll until tho licrht-welirht
rron Us shining on his forehead The
Englishman also states that he will casilj
vhi Wolf,ast
Matchmaker Tom O Rourke. of the Na
tional Sporting Club, has named April 6
as the date for the ten-round bout be
tween Freddie Welsh and Pal Moore.
"Pop" Coulon says that Abe Attell will
nev cr get a crack at the bantam-weight
crown unless the "C2 pound thampion
makes US.
Leo Houch will trv to hook up with
two of America's best boxers while on
the other side He has sent defies to Har
rj Lewis and Sam Langford
Knockout Brown sprung a new one on
Philadelphia tight fans during the pist
week, while tilling a theatrical engage
ment In that citv. During his boxing
bouts, which form part of his act. the
Nevy York boy wore football headgear
This afforded protection to one of his
ear.s, which was recently badlv Injured
Kid McCov failrd to come back This
jwas the verdict of Philadelphia sporting I
i men. follow inir the ten-round bout be-!
tween McCov, the once phenomenal scrap
per, and Jack Fitzgerald, before Jack
O'Brien's boxing club the other night
McCoy clearlv lacked punching power,
although he showed some of his old-time
Packev- McFarland thinks that he
hould be given a try for the chance at
the light-weight championship True.
Packey should He Is about as classy n
little fighter as ever appeared in these
Princeton Raim I'p BIjr Score.
Princeton. N J . March S! The TUjers
took th visiting New York Vniversitv
nine into camp to-day by the score of 19
to "i The game was very loosely plaved
largely on account of the wet diamond,
New V.rrt UiiiTtTMtr S 0 1 0 1 0 O-5
Princeton 31800H-19
Cr- STWI.BY I. EViniCK. lToet .VrtiUor
CT. is detailed as a menber of the Oeneral
Mair Corp.
Lcare of atn?v for one month, to take effect
on Judo 1. with penniaricn to jo heyoml the
n. i cranted Capt. HOVEIl B. UKA.vr.
Ojq vrtillfir Ctrps.
Iare of absorcc for three month', to take effect
on or abrait June 19. 1911. is crantrd Second
f ant it
The followins nan-eJ officers will prownl to Khrt
Mjrr, Va. and rrnurt to the comicanUuig it
flocr for iluty
Capt. GV V. IIF.MtY canlrr
Capt. GEOnc.r. V IDVtBIt, raercnth Canlrr.
First Unit. OORDON JOHNSTON caralry.
Second Lient. EPHKvIll K. UIU1I1M. Tenia
Lrara of absence for oce month and twmtj fire
days, with pcncLwon to rait the United States.
is ranted Lieut. Cot. H VX.ltY L. HAW
THORM1 Coast Artillery Corps, military at
The folknrina a-sngnmoitn of offlorrs recently pro
moted effcaire March 3. are announced
MICHAEL J. LEMHW from captain. Twen
ty fifth Infantry, to major. SctciiUi Infantry.
MARK L. HBKSKY. from captain. ixth In
fantrr. tn major, Fourth Infantry, FRANK II.
AL1IRICIIT. from capUin. Twenty anfi In
fantry to major. Fourteenth Infantry. KKL1
ERIC D. EVANS, from captain. Eighteenth In
fantrr, to major. Serenteeiith Infantry; JAUJi,
BAYLIES, from captain. Tenth Infantry, to
major. Ninth Infantry; EARL C. CARNAHAN.
from captain. Ek-rcnth Infantry, to major
Eleventh Infantry: EDSON A. LEWIS, from
captain. Twenty fifth Infantry, to major. Sixth
Infantry: WILLIAM S. SINCLAIR, from
fu-rt lieutenant. Fifth Infantry, to capt no.
Twenty fifth Infantry: RICHMONTD SMITH.
from first lieutenant. Eleventh, Infantry, to cap
tain. Sixth Infantry; UIHRLE8 L. WILLARD.
from first lieutenant. Fifteenth Infantry, to cap
tain. Twenty fifth Infantry: ROBERT H. SILL
MAN, 'ram first lieutenant. Fifteenth Infantry.
to captain. Eighteenth Infantry; 8AMUKL W.
WIDDIFIELD. from first lieutenant. Eighth,
Infantry, to cartain. Tenth Infantry: RDFCS
B CLARK, from first lieutenant. Third In
fantry, to captain. Eleventh Infantry; ARTHUR
P. WATTS, from first lieutenant. E"uteenth
Infantry, to captain. Twenty-fifth Infantry;
WALTOV GOODWIN, jr. from second lieu
tenant. Fifth Infantry, to first beater-ant. Fifth
Infantry: PHILIP B. PEYTON', from second
lieutenant. Sixteenth infantry, to first lieutenant.
Eleventh Infantry; KARL TIUIESOELL. from
second lieutenant. Fifth infantry, to first Heu
tenan. Fifteenth Infantry; FREDERICK B.
TERRELL, from second lieutenant. Nineteenth
Infantry, to flnt lieutenant. Fifteenth Infantry;
HOWARD G. SHARPE. from second lieutenant.
Twenty-third Infantry, to flnt lieutenant, Hchth
Infantry: DAVID H. SCOTT, from second Hen
tenant, Thirteenth Infantry, to first beutesant.
Thud Infantry; CHARLES A. DRAYO. from
second Jeulenant. Eighth Infantry, to first lieu
tenant. Bxhteenth Infantry.
Always the Same.
Berkeley Rye
US r Street H. W. 'Pkoa Mala 1141.
CMlal Prlwmta DeUwwryb "
Rauch and Lange Electrics
1MJ OmaceUort Ave
The Sign
of Quality
Not a shop south of New
York can equal the Parker
Bridget displays of Boys'
Wearables for Easter. Parents
will find it a pleasure, as well as
an ECONOMY, to shop here.
Give due thought to the
Quality of the Boy's Clothes
for the new season compare
values, ahd oifr selection will
be made at Parker-Bridget's.
"P-B' Prices are Remarkably Low
"P-B" Qualities are Guaranteed
Reefers and Suits, $3.93 and
Wash Suits, upward $1.00.
Bos' Hats, $1.50 upward.
Wships Krec to Boys with
Suits at Parker-Bridget's.
Join the "P-B" Aero Club.
Outfitters to Men and Little Men
The Avenue at Ninth.
Indian. 3V- H P $13)C0
Indian. '. If P J12S0O
Indian. Js4 H P $110 On
Indian r4 H P .JWOOO
Reading. Twin J1S0 CO
Pierce. l-c Under 413)00
1105-1107 Fourteenth St. N. W.
Agents 'or Excelsior and Fierce-Arrow
IBl.l V v.. K. 'Phone M. 217-t.
j Tire Expense -.
V I W Is a big factor that K &
nti w Ptnt Relmer makes
"Stent vastlv smaller Saves
D.C.r punctures, rim cuts,
nciiner blowouts.
National Electrical Supply Co.,
13S-30 'New ork Ave. Tel. CSOO.
The Cook & Stoddard Co.
ISl.t II St. V AV. Thone Main 742S.
All repairs guaranteed at the rats of le per mils
for cost of repairs.
Firestone Agents
1730 14th St. X. W. 'Phone X. 3737.
Bear 1C0 D at. Telephone. North 1STV
127 n at. nw.
Thane M. OB.
Velie "40
HODbE. 11CS Hth st. 'Poena- S. Crt.
Rndness office Hyattsrille, Md. Phone Hyattsvffle tl.
Warren-Detroit "30"
Theo. Barnes & Co,,
st, nw.
Thone It. SO.
Thomas Flyer
1117 H at. nw.
'Phcne it. OS.
LicenMd under bV'dca I'atent.
1018 Conn. Awe. 'Phone 31. 77SX.
1511 14th Street 1ST. "W.
1122 I(fh at. nw. Tdepoooe itatth IZS.
Licensed Coder Eelden Patent
Tbocs M. MS for a Demonstration.
THONE MAIN 79$. - 1BT H ST. rHT.
1028 Connecticut Art. 'Phone 3C 3S38L.
COLE "30'
WILSON CO.. IS! llth at.
'ItoM North SU.
low L st. bv. THrpnoM Rorta :
1911 .Mod
el. , J. E..
IKO'KewiSortt-ilLvi,, " -
KjjZfE&tttfflfa 1

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