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Another Low .Record for Year
in Stock Dealings.
Bearish Speculators Shift Ponition
and Begin to Retire Contracts for
Fall Merchants Over Kntlre Conn
try 9Ia.rk.lns Time Pcndlnc De
cisions of Supreme Conrt.
New York, March 27 In the first four
of the five hours devoted to stock ex
change business to-day dealings In stocks
were only 6,000 shares, or at a rate
i which approximated rather closely to the
7-LOOu share figure of the famous low
lecord day on March 10. 1901. This record
was made on the Friday preceding the
Monday on which the decision In the
Northern Securities case was handed
down. As it happened, dealings In stocks
in the last hour of business to-day were
rather heavily increased, but even as it
wat, the entire volume of the day's
trans-utions was only 143.000 shares,
which made a new low record for the
UnrUet Shows Mronsth.
The probabilities are that had it not
been for the decided firmness of the
market exhibited up to 2 o'clock to-d o
the last hour of business would have
been fully as dull as any of those pre
ceding it. The fact was, however, that
stagnant as the mark"t was to-dav, it
e idenctd such decided strength that
trading -peculators on the floor of the
-.toe!,, exchange who were for the met
part bearish throughout Jsst week shifted
teir position and began to retire their
contracts for the fall Thce contracts
were not numerous at most, but the
hiiMng that a.s necessitated in order
ti cover them scred to advance quotation-Had
artle .-.pe-cul ition len in progress
te-da. the news of a heavy fall
ram or -now. ioenng tl entire countrv
f"om the Hocky Mount atn eastward, in
thi last fort -eight hou'" would prob
ihl hac induced much heavier bui ing
cf stocks than was to-da witnessed
At the result of it, prices weakened all
along the line in the gram and cotton
rprcme Conrt Decision wnItfMl.
On the M'K-k exchange no attention was
raid to thi. nor was attention p.ud to
anything except rumors regarding the de
'i"!ion in the anti-trust cases It is quite
llkelj that undue importance is attached
the action that the Supreme Court will
take in the standard Oil ana nitr -un To- i
bacco law suits The hiton of affairs of fj. d-i
I'n kind haj Dion almost without excep
tion that in prelimmarj discussion con
itrnin ' them tueir influence for eil in a
fnan. 'al s ne wa- exajgratcd It i.
rowcer indisputable that at the moment
n it nurcu acaiingo in stocKS. nut uusi-
n's lranations or the entire cojn-
f' .ue in a tatr of abe-anee pending
t ic pr nounecment of the Supreme Court
.n this matter
terelinnt Marking Time.
Thtre is not a citv in the 1 nited States
w lere at the present moment merchants
art- not holding up purchases of goods
1 a. would otherwise be made and check-
ipg their enterpri"" s, wher-er possible
IX-t-ai e or tear that the irantiehnn fhna
nrplithed ma he illegal under the'Vi'.f'
ii ! in.- liinu anu in" re--uit ot init
s tnai a st ignation of tusinr s l"- spread- Vtila lull V A "- Or?..
ing oei the iountr, of whieh dai! is- I Nuiv-in? Mires Company ... .
ib n' cition is diplaied on th' stotk ol"n ' ow
"x han f ' Itiwhide i.Iiuon . ....
Tnerr w is particular strength to-da in ZmX C Ctr"'
tie fanadnn Pacitic, Norfolk and V et- I nted norcr
-n and one or two other -tooks. and, I United Conr rfd ...
-peaking gencralh high-r cams were re-1uon Gold
portvl at the clo-t ot butin s in tlie
gmeri! line of -hares than might ra.
1-efn fxpet'td from the small olume of
ra'i g
New irk March 27-r"oing quotations of icts
eellan Ixmil-
Ja Kim e il v 4Ss
R .ntxie r,' o,l a
New - (antral It- 1137
Ktc T A -. I'. cr 4s .
t o.nlif l a.l Line 's
lantu Coast Lmel4iir Me. A NashnlJe 4
Biltunr e A ho jnld Is
hepaprike A Ohio sen 1H .
i Tiri ak.- A Ohio rfj 5r. ,
Oiesapako A Onio rn. IS'
Kanf nir Pot Smilli ami M. 4s. . .
Nw ork tVntral s
Nrw o-fe Cetilnl I.ale Shore 3i
Norfolk A Hester) ev- U
PenntlTania real eif 4
PerrsTlraria ern 4 rlS
Pennsyltama l 15-16
PmiM-Hania T IJi . ...
Saboanl ir l.m adj 3s .
Vnutbem Pacific rrv1 4
tou he-n Parifie -tt. 4n
Jouhem Panne rfc Is
Youthen Railway t
contheii Railway 4s cu Ixms divismn)
Union Pacific 1st 4.
Union Pacific ert 4s
United Rtatra Ruho-r 6s
Umtrd States Sterl inkles fund 5s
Total sales $2,233 000
P.M. Asked.
- iois mx
... . wis
. iirv ioj?4
.- 101 JOT.
115 ns
- - 11514 lies
.. wi 101s
Ml . 111114
2s, rrpisteTed 1330
2s, coupon, 12TG . ..... ... ..
Ss. registered. 190S-B
la. coupon. 1SC6-1B
4a. registered 1925 ....
4a, coupon, 1325
Panama Canal 13-3) 2a, ree'd. B3S.
Panama Canal 10-39 2a, ree'd, OX
New Torfc. March 27 Tradmg rcmaina rery dull
hi the txine money market and rates are nn
changed. There is somo bnsmess in orer the
year funds and fho ahcrt dates, but otherwise the
market is featureless. Rates are 2S per cent for
snty dajs; TK per cent for ninety days, OaSH per
cent for four, fire, and stx months, and 4 per cent
for oer the yenr.
Commercial paiT continues to bo absorbed as
fast as offered. Te market is on a 3Va4 pr cent
basis, although aocne houses arc alle to secure
even better terms.
Jjocdon dJncoonta. 23-16 pf cent, off S per cent.
Pans discounts, 2S per cent, up S per cent.
Berlin discounts. 3S per cent, tmchasged.
Quotations furnished hW B. Bibbs i. Co.. mm
bera of the New York Stack Exchange. Bibbs Timid-
Bid. Asked.
AilfutnTB .....M
BaUe Cosbbon
Calumet and Arizona
Calumet and Beds .
Oopper Range . ...
Hast Bntte
Indiana ....-....
I Sall
Mason Valley
Mearenthaler .....
kfjcbjgan .......
5 SS
2S 2
ns is
, SS
Mohawk ...., -..... ..... 20
North. Butts .... g
North lake ..... Vi
Old Domlrnon ... 37
Oosen . . is
OaceoU 108
Paaiutt 1P4
Jthasnoo .................. IOS
Sooth. Lake 5S
Superior and Pittsburg,..,
, Swift ..-
CUb. GceiaUdatal
Wolmtae .
....m..... 134 Jfll
-.- .. JJV Jit,
a M
Quotations furnished by W. B. Bibbs & Co.. mem
bers of the hew York block Exchange, Bibts Build
ing. till money, 2U
Shires to 11 a. m. 37.000
Shares to 12 m SWOO
Shares to 1 p. m 6SI0O
Shares to Z p. rn 82,600
Shares to 3 p. m. liS.WO
Open. Hig!- Low. Clow.
Atdi.. Top. A S. F-cnra 109
tch . Top. A a Fc pfj... 1024
Atlantic Coast lane.. .. . 113
Baltimore A Ohio oora ... 103S
Hronklyn Rapid Transit.... TS's
Canadian Pacific 22D
Chrsap"ase A Ohio ?ljm
Chi.. Sill A St. Paul com. ill4
Chicago A N. TV. com.... 113
Kne cum .. 3
line Lt lrfd 4S
Great Iorthern pfd 126-
lUinois Central 1T5,
Intirboro Metro com I8s
InUThun Met. com 53a
ly-high alles . 173N
Mexican Central clfs . . S"
M S P A s. S M. com . KPi
Missouri Pacul.- 32
h. Y. C A Hud. R . .. ior
N. .. Out. A West. . .. 107S
Norfolk 4 Western IIS
Northern Paeihc M3'i
Ponnfylrania . .. . 1JV",
PiUs. Cin.. Chi. A St. I. 'A
lioek Island . C"
Reading onm . ... ls
Scs.thern Pacific com .. .. U61
Southern Railwav com . CPN
SesiU eni lUilwaT pfd . 65
ToL. St. L A West, mm. 31"t
Tol it. I A West, pfi 1.
Inion lacific cum .. 17VS
abtLJi oom . 17
WiscLnui Central onm 66
maJL Copper . . 6F
Am Btvt Sfiar com . . . 1,4
Am Can iifd . .. . "
Am. Car 4 Fonndry on.. 5Ta
m. Cotton OU onm .. W
Am. ImnmotiTc crra . . T1
m Rm un; &. Ref. com 75
m. -m tins A. Kef. pfd TPI
106 10T
V&i 107S
41S US
m. vlu Kef pfd II7S Ud1 11 W, IliS
rx TH . Tel H6 117 146,3 117
m Tarco pfd .. TSS W tT ri
m oolen com . .. . S S- 35 7C
n Woolen ffj cii ;' a? ar
tonviiidatiii r.i', y . hj itr u nr
C r-i I'rrxloct" lU-f coin ... H 11 It II
Dittillir "cnintics V .'r 06 "&,
Gna' -t'"Tii i-t . CS 6S', 6:S 6T-
(Mdfl'Jl Por-onl.tod 6 6k t V
Mirir Cnnj'Tic . . "o1t 7i'4 T 4 7t
NlU nal Ht5.-it com. I .V4 t.lS ITT. ITS
Vatioral Bwrant ld U7 l IS 1-
Natxmal I-ad cTr 13 V! , T,U
reoplf i t.Ei f hicaco 1WV. 10T IfT1, 10
Pullman nirranT . U, LV W LS
Ip. Ir-l i. Steol com . JTV TV- 3" OSS
Rep Iron & Ved pfd 37S "Ts Wi V
Tennr? -rpr . . VS V-m VS "'
I S. libber mm . 42 421, 1- MU
V S. Robber pfd . 1'3 H. 1"! 113
I s-c-1 com 7i'i r -su :s
I S Meel pfd lls I!1"; IV !!
I tali (VprT -.4S 4j 44S J
a. Cr ChiTn enm frS S 65S "VS
.-t.m Inio-i Trl T 71 "-" r.
UiMinshouio Ur. Man V- To- Wi 6C4
nr lobaem 1TS IC7S 10" ITS
It A ( gireral Is
HUT mnvut. It
C R A Q jont t.
Tii Rr... Is. .V Pae i!
Inte- Mit-n. !-
Pnna. rynrcrt. "Ss. H15
"' ., jj
I QuSu, fnrnshi by W B. Bibb. . cv,.
' member of Uie New lort Stock Exchan?r Hibbs
, Bar "iate :a
' I!ntih Co'uirbia Copper
ri'tli r'0ljt,0
Bid. Asked.
( .halt" Central . ..... "Z.. 7
j K! Ontral .. .. -. j
I .'; ,d7-Icr ... ".r.'.':.'.'.... l'C ' 2
.- e (anana ... is 611
' ,ru "rnr 'en!al Robter 31U 31'-
j kTVo"0 ""." '.'..'....'. fs" is''
Maohatun Transit S "'
n-- i icj
ijjj mil
At the bermrirr cf buniesa yesterday the coni
tioc it the tnit-d Stetc" T-eaniy as.
Wiii5 halanrj m Tr jn ofl r, yj" 711 6,0 S7
In lonk-. and l'1-ihpi'li e trravirj ".11115X15$
T tal lJauv in sr-n ral fund l -0 aiT Z
Orhnarr r n itr 2.371 40' 21
O-dinary d birv-iren - 1 w, T50 ci
The d-rit to late tin, tuoal rear is Jl 160 9 0 23
a- acamst. flj 1C 725 5' at this tune Ixit par
The-! fisurs exclude Panama Canal and pub!i;
deH transactions
I Quotations furnished tr V. E Bibbs A Cc.
members of the Chicago Beard cf Trade, liibbi
, Building.
tucar Aia-i 1 I T ' heat market cprrcd a
shade easwr -uled &tcad f r a few moments and
then b-He ie(lr nr itnd In-rn th- high pn
with Ma leadicg in reakncss. The wcatlie" map
showed gicd jneipitaio.i ott bnrh the Northwev
and vxitliwe Muiiuatvili-. marnft wa weaker
titan ir own j nidation wa. tt th faUirc in
Mar wheal ard local professionals wen the U-st
b-nirs. lUmp it traa ctc 1 car with 1) estl
mateil fir tn-mrrmw.
fcirn r'lcrs in the main ruled higher with local
rr fumaU the cntef burrrs p-r-aimabb on wet
weaiher Tlie sellmz was pnnainllv br commusion
houses f arJi irlces wens rc f 3i higher Receipts
todav ncro 3C cars with 34j cstlrnatrd for to
m'crtiw TIk- nats market wa, easier notwithstanding the
firmns, in acm. Liquidation uas endent in the
Mas. -nd there was n re or less chaining frrn
t) it mouth to th morr defeTred futuirs Casli
jinnra were about ntendj Receipts to-day were 112
car-, with 127 etiraitisl for to-n-orrow
Tlie fin;t hop news gare a rtradj opening to most
of the iiroriynrfis list. OSenngs were well taken.
mostly by packers, and a continuation of their buj
ite; brought about a moderate improsemect in
pners and a firm closing.
WHEAT- Open. High Low Close.
Mar IS, fsju (7 ffl
Juh- .
SR'. SS.
.15 S 15 97 15 SS B.9B
MST . . gS gJT R g -1-
New York. Man 27-WlIKAT-oakrr: trade
n !. No 1 Northern spring, to amre fob.
14 No. 2 mi f o. b. 54. Na 2 hard f. o!
h. SSi. Na 1 macaroni f. o b. X. No 1 Mani
toba f o. b. L0Hv Importers tor notliuig.
(T)RN Kirmer. light trade. Steamer. 5151. ex
port basis new No 2, f. o. b. 51!. new No. 2
elerator. domestic M rirporte-s took nothing
Open High. Low Close.
K1 33". M rue vs.
Quotation fnrniahed br W. B Iltbbs A Co.. mem
bers of the New Tork Stock Exchange, liibba Build
ing. Now York. Mareh z U the opening and until
., n clock lo-day the cotton market was Under
licruidation. but shewed no weakness. The pnee
range was narrow and good ruprort appeared,
with Mi) at llll and Jnly at lLIi On all the
rises howrrer, contracts were for sale, and finally
during the last hour of the session a decided
break took plane in tho old crop months. Xx
haastion ci the abort interest snd. perhaps, in
side pressure, caused the break, which was secom
pluhed b) the stop orders and abort selling,
Party in the session the nesr crop months, par
ticularly October and December, m-eired good
support, and many operators nnrecaed the belief
tliat the bull position is being shifted to toe
next crop. It is, hosrerrr, probable that rpfn
nera' baying was responsible for moat at the sup
port in the fall mi winter months. There wens
no new dfretoprBenU dirolged in fj,e ,- jtnms.
Open. High. low. Qoae.
May .-... lt 1.(S H.28 u.a
July.u . .. 14JS 11.27 11.07 u.u
October.....-.... 12AS I'M 1LR fsM
Bales RKulir call, 12 o'clock noon:
Potomac cons. 5b, J1.000 at 100. tl.000 at 101
WaahinEton-Virginla Rail way com., 25 at 3P4.
3 at S6. 25 at 3S.
Waihincton-VlnrmU Railiraj pfd.. 25 at 66, 25
it f6. 23 at 66
National City Bank. 10 at 170, S at 170,
District National Bank. J9 at 130.
United State Tni. 10 at 1174.
National Onion Insurance. 300 at T"4.
After call Washington I tallica j Orctrie pfd..
25 at S3JJ. 25 at S8V.
Capital Traction. 10 at 12SH.
I'otomac cons. 5. J3 0O0 at 100.
Following are the bid and ailed prior posted
at Tcstrtdaj's rscrtini of the Washington Stock
Bid. Asked.
Oeorrrtown Ga Ss.
Waihmmon Gas 4s 100
Nashinjton Gas 5s. , 110S
Capital Traction Ss. 112S
Anacostia A. rotomae 5s. Wi
City & Saburban Js 103
Columbia Se 101
Colombia &, lot
Jlctrepolitan 5v 107
Waihinston Railwav & Klrrtnc .... 85
Potomac Klec cons. Gs. 100
Potomac Uoctne Lights 5fl 107S
C. &. P Telephone 5s IOS1
American Tel. & TcU is IK
Emerson Steam Pump 6 5
Wa&tusctcn alaiiet Cold Storage Ss ... 99
Capital Tractim .. . "125
Wajhlnston Railway A. Wectnc com. ti
Washington Railnay & hledrie pfd. &i
Norfolk S. WashinsUm Steamboat .. 212
Washinum lias . 79
Georjretown Gas . . 6A
American Tel. i. Tel 115
Washmjrtor irTima Railway ernn. .. . S
Washington Virginia Railway ifd. . 6G
XferrmUialcr Linotrpi? "216S
Lanston Mmotype 33
Grocne Cananca 6S
American . 163
Capital 1
City NaUonal Bank 17J
Columbia 25i
Commercial .. . 1
District . 131
Faimns A. Merhanici. . 2T0
Urcoln JiJ
Metropolitan . 2T
Rijss . Jl
Second -. 1-
National Bank of Was'ilng'on. 267
niTtran Security . Trust.. . .. 2S.i
NaUonal Rannin A. Trust 2JT.
I'tnon Trust .. II
Wajlunjton Ixn A. Tmst-.. .. Z1
United States Trust ... . M174
Home . 300
Merchants & Mechanics 10)
I mm . -. ."23
Bask ef Ceunr 11
1ji. Washlrgtoo LTS
l"rondent 9
rlirrton . 2
Commemal 6
l-'irrmen .. ... iS
IVanklm , 36
German- men can 2P0
National I nion 5
Poiotnac 20
Columbia . .. IS
Real Estate 84
Frocrvm Steam Pump . II
Merchants Transfer A dtorase ..... .. 115
Secunt &Urace . . 20t)
Washicgton Market US
Lx dindend.
N.-w irt March 27 BUTTER- Receipts to-day
SS fckams. The mark-t aliiut steady
reamerr specials, irr lb 24 extras ZTjs, firsta,
20 x-esrt special. lFz.
11BB- Receipts to-day 1 VT boie" Tie mar
kei is unchanged tatc nho. milk sjrfials 1G
fanrr colored September, II skims. secial. 11.
fancy V.
IXjGS RtceipU to-day 2.132 eases. The mar
krt showed decided weakness. State P.-ni7l-rania
and near lv henn tt whi" fancy. 21
e-own fincy 15 froh gathered selected eitrw. iici
doz. li.
Nnr York, Mirrh -T BEK TS-Rmi4 frr two
dsxs 3 38 1imc' 1? rl idinrj 15 car f r -AaiiMctits.
S'-ht wctt in Uttrr demand thr " STai.t-s tlr
hihr a' I sirles firm bulls I(n and la- Ij
Ueadj msoduam and rxmiracKi erx lrcad fat co4
firm Comniin t rtiof trtr vld aL -(Aifi.Sn it
lrti roHMl halls 4Ka5 65 rrws iOGat-ST-i Urk
r. f. d niibd tvi-f sxt-zlt at Ualft l"r pJil
N Urr calJt-, !nm '.rfat Rrit.tn K-or u c
"IVKR- Krceipc tor twi davs 5 231 trad, in
rindms 75 fT Uitrfc-s an,! 4 141 for tb- marict
eim on lil"ral Tvn .tfp. m'rd ljr to W lowrr
and VKEf late imu w(-ii Ithel" tn hf Hd ne
(mm it trt ciu'cf rL i !i at 5.aS j.r 10O
Innil5 mil- 4 Tkw'J dr vm! ralrra ltfir at I1ul3
fr itr drr-T'-d al- at J . 1 1 fr (mintrv dr-wil
hIIKKI VMi KAMHv- ItrtTim fr two Uy
12S 1 ad irHtjd-njr 172 car f - v'anjU p r and
17 fnr tl nrk t s,j rr im ?;;' t -iiii and
stcadi handv Urrlt frirtuwi rwn Irirr lamJ
1-5 Vw f,ni- ii t c .,;cri r'd a 4 C0a
i V rr lOrt pimmd rrilaan in rliou- uiuVn
lambs. C00a7 0 c iinxd lamlw jSSafi.. drvswi
miulnn fi at ilG drrvl laml- 1U1 hrz
drwfrnl 'ambm, 12 ,' oorintrs- drcsl htHhtjsr
Ian Ik Ufa" V rr cwniv
II(Kf Iltmpt for two djir 11 r hrad irHnd
ins 6 "" f 7 the mar.. Inms a-jrr at 7 lftu 10
prr iuO p11"' ' ronrtn dr-rri hncs Mrady
Chlearn Mareh 2T IKH. Lire ho-s were zrn
eraJU 10 cents lowc- than -aUirdaT s arerae TTv
receipts ws-e ijunatrd at Wrt had o-hnl yei-ti-nlaT
11 T tn 1 merit-.. J.9, official reeesnta
last week I61.2GO siiprrcnts Iftfl; estimated
rrreipts tn-mo-row 3 (00 bead. Bulk of pnrcs.
6 30bf.r5 lihis bTOa' 10, miaM ind butchers
6.150613 heat 6.3srf 70, ronsh bearjs C3)a6.10.
jorke- 7 10 MS 6 TJaT Iu.
CTTI,E sieadv and jenerally 19 cents hijiier
Estimated Teeeip- fOD head. Beeies. 52IS1
ere, and hfifer 2.7fts5 10 Teiaa Ftcers. 45i5.70
str kers and ferrler loVaS S). Wcftems. IfTjaSSCI
SHKB1' Weak tn 10 cents lower Kstomated r
oeipcs 21030 hear1 Naples. jrAaiTj. Wesjeraa.
3.30a5.t5, Tearlinss I.7ja5.60, Iambs. 5-OftaS.S),
Western lambs 5 2a6.6Q.
Asj entern Poet IlyTc.
Henry Harrison Brown, of San Tran
clsco. author, poet, and editor of Now. n.
now thought machine, will dehr a sc
ries of lectures on Kmerson at the Met
nnhvsical Club. 1IJS Clifton street, on
Tuesda, Wednesday. Thursday, and Fri
day afternoons this week. Air Brown is
a noted Western poet and author.
The Incautious, lark at dawn is "heard
In carols loud and pert, '
By spring's deceptions undeterred.
But Mr. Robin, careful bird , H
Still wears his
find another bo;
While more active than on Friday and
Saturday, yestcrHay's session of the Stock
Exchange was far from wildly exciting,
and .slight activity in a few lines seemed
to bear no significant features.
The principal activity in stocks was in
Virginia Railway. Common sold for
36. and there was a good demand .for
preferred at 66. All stocks 'were light,
There were several transactions in Rail
way preferred, whieh maintained the last
sale price of SS?4. with the asking at 89.
In the bond". Potomac cons. 5s -Rcre
in demand at 100. sales to the extent of
about JT.,000 being recorded at that price.
In the bank and trust department,
fifteen shares of National City changed
hands at the bid price of Saturday, and
ten shares of District Bank also figured
in the transactions
"While the Mergenthaler management
has made no public expl ination of the
recent increase in quarterly diidenda
from I1; to .1 per cent. It is understood
that these additions through the quarters
will, in part, take the place of the extra
dhidend of 3 per cent which has been
paid regularly on the first of January
If this surmise lie corrett, the companj
will bo in a position to make further dis
bursements along the line of such extras
as may bo deemed justifiable for distribu
tion among the stockholders
After being neglected for some time
the consolidated .r per cent bonds of the
I'otnmac Hleetrie Power Company were
. I in demand csterday at the meeting of
I the Stock Exchange One of the brokers
wanted five bonds, and was willing to
give par for them He got two. but was
unable to g t ,-uiv more, the broker veiling
e-iing that lie would not sell more, as
it appeared that the bonds were going up.
However, the Inner continued his bid.
which was an adxante of an eighth of
a point above the last bid The bonds
were offered for -iIo at par and an
eighth at the tlosc. but there was no
more trading After call three bonds
told for car
The bid for four shares of Metropolitan
Bank Mock ro.se to 22y without results,
or eten an offering of "ur a lot. The
bid for the Mn k or for ten shares was
22T, and the asking price 22n
The corner ground at Third and Chan
ning streets nortlnast, nwisting of lots
10 11. and . In square .T.Vi. has been
sold to William and Herman Von Brrn
wttz. who will i-hortl start building op
erations on the land Lots 1" and 11 were
sold for Mr. Julia I,uc h-. and lot 1 for
the American Semritv and Trust I'om-p-im
Tho sub was m ide throught the
real esttte otiiee of Shannon A Laichs
Jeflerson's Birthday to Be
Jefferson s Idrthdas will be eelebrated
April 12 by a U mocratic rails at the
N-w iil.ird under the auspices or
the Cnliece Men Demnc-ntic lyntrue,
and Speaker Champ Clark will be
the Kue"t of honor and deliver the prin
cipal address of the csenins Special in
vitation? hive been Willed to the riemo
ratie orsinlitions In the near-hv Slate.
through the Snte ihairmen. in order that
Uic meetins mi be as representative
and widespread a possible
The speakers will be Representative
Champ Clark. Pr Thomas Nelson Pace,
and Warren DavK of Vlrjtlnla. president
of the College Men s Democratic beamie
The fotlouinr; committees hive been
appointed to work in conjunction with the
committee on arrangements from the
lc ig-jc in the Di-trict of Columbia
Man land Hon Murrav Vindiver,
rh ilrman. Baltimore Hon Arthur P
Gormin. Baltimore and Hon Manon V
Brewinston. Salisburv
Vtrsinia Hon H St O Tucker, chair
man. Norfolk, Judce R T W. Duke,
Charlottesville, and louden Cocke, Roa-nol-e
New Tork lion Jefferson 1! Ievy,
chairm in New Yo'k. Hon Joseph Hart-
iRan. New York, and Harold Augustus
The committee on arrangements from
tl 1 College Men s Democratic I.eaque In
the District ot Columbia consists of
Harvev D Jacob, Tetinet.ec, chairman;
William W Bride, District of Columbia,
O R Singleton. District of Columbia.
John W Clifton. Tennessee: Hardee
jati. New Mexico. Thomas D. Ganna
wa, Tennessee. A J. Cummlngs, Mnrv
land; R. W. Hodges. Virginia, and Rice
Hooe, District of Columbia.
The Georgetown law nudents will hold
a mass meeting this week to arrange
for their attendance in a body.
flens-j- IVcatlier Retnrda I.nsltnnln.
Liverpool. March 27 The I,usltania
has arrived here without stopping at
nshguard, as usual. Heavy weather
caused the changf.
flannel snirt.
(Monday, Blarch 27, 1011.)
Conrt of Cmtomj Appeals.
The follcnrinj dccsiocs were handed down jrtr
dar: Nes. IB md lit Otto U SlraXooch. arprflanl,
ts. The t'mtfd fetatra. C. U. rtidiard i. Co.. ar
prllant, is. Tho t'mtcd State?. Opinion bj Xlont
conifry, rrcaidine judjr.
The menhandiao conistl of nrtam oil which
vrrre awrsxl for dutj by tlin onllrrtor ai alizarin
awlstant at S) per cent. This lmportrr protested
aauut thu avicsmfnU allecmz in Ins jirDtcat up
ward of twentr diftcrmt claims in the allcrnatife ai
areui-d of dbratlsfactloa.
Tho liranl cf ctnenl apnralsm sustained the cI
lertcr and the dTiMra cf the lioard is afllrmrd.
No. 31. H MroJclson & Cn. et al . apisllasta.
Th Unitrd States. Opirlon bv Smith, avciate
The mercliandlsc consisted of ilk wtien fabrics,
which were avcjwd for dntjr liy tlie oollcctrr at
New York at C per imund a-i ailk vioien fabric in
tlie piece "boiled off." Tlie urprUrs claimed that
the silk fabrics were' in th cum " ard not ' boiled
off." and were dutaih'e a crh ii 30 r iwimd.
Tlie K.ar.l f general aipralMr aMaineil the col
lcrtt-r and the ierli(nJ ,f the Iward i aftinneil
No. 119. The L nited SUte. appellant. . nnk
Walerhousc . Co. Opinion by bmith. aswaate
Tho merchandisn enasiitod of Utuminouji crml im
ITrrteil at Seattle. Tho oollectfT aweswd it for
iltity at 67 rents pr ton The impnrters proteaeil
tnai a portion or Hie coal was 6lack or ciilm,
dutiable at mljr IS rents pr Ion.
Tlie board ca niicral arpraben allowed tho pnv
tcst nt the unpirter, and the decision of the board
is affirmed.
Vo XI and XI. The t'tit'rd States, appellant,
ts. Seattle Ilrrwliij: and Xl-vltins Company Same
is. Same Op.in.ni b Harlr ajvinaU: jujlse.
The rairrbamlL' o nistid of lirolen riee com
monlj- known as brewers nor, lmiurtrd at Seattle
Duty was arsrssrd at U ernt jt iraiMl. FxiteT ro-t-nment
eaaminrr made a further test of the mer
ejiandlse and asrssed more than three firths of it
at J iLs sr iMind Tlie impirtera protested
acainat this rrlKimdatinn.
The hoard cf general appraisers and the Circuit ,
0irt for the V.-4eru di trirt of Waahuiston ewer
iiiiri tii'- r t-, iii uinr wnsinii are auinniii.
No ati. The Lnii.-d htatea. appellant, ts. i.rnrjc
Bojrfeldt & Co Opit m by Iiarlr asnoriate judsc.
The rarrrhandise wlurli was imjortfd at Balti
more eiirt9ist'd of plavs pities fer toy majrfc lan
terns. Tliey were a eil.or dnty as majie lantern
sliles at -15 per rent. The importer claimed that
UifT were dutiaUe as parK c( toys at 33 per
Tho boarl of ncral appraiser allowed tho clann
"f tlie imiDrter and he deaion cf the beard is
No 2E Il'irlinitivi Venetian Blind Cnmpeny ap
pellant, ts. Tlie United Stales. Opinion bj Barlsr,
aawiatc jude
The miTThandisn mr-sisted of vxid'ed ladder
tar mado of cxitton and used iu the manufacture
fjf Venetian blinds. Tliry were asneased fi"r dnty at
00 per cuit as tapes, and tii importer claimed that
they were dutiablo as manufactures of cottcai at C
The bosnl of cen ril apnaisers pustairrd the er-I-lector
and the decision of the board is amrmed.
No lis. Mart '"mas Cranisny aptsrllant. is. The
I'nited States Opinion br Martin associate ludnc
The mereJunidLse consisted of azr and cicaretle
eases, croixscd in chi-f sail e of leaUirr They
were assesd for dfly at fin per cen, as smokera
artici's. Tlie hnprrrr ela n-ed that they were du
tiable at ) per cent as ca."e cf leather
Hie Uiard ef pn ril apiTaisers sfistamal the 00I
lector, and tho dev-isi t of the board is affirmerj
No llc Tlie 1 nttcl Stat- atf-Mant. ts. U T
ItnbrrtJion & Sons. Ctjsnun hr Martin, associate
The mcr-handa eon?itrd ef leather parked in
easin fnsn lapan P was assessed f(" duty b the
enll tnr as dn-saed r f r.lusl leather noe. TiiAlly
I-.s-ided for, at 15 i-t ta-nL The importer claimed
that it was dutiable as ronjh leather at 5 iw
The hoatil of trnrrsj appeaLsers allowed the dura
cf the ImpirPT and the dfcisiii of Uic Uiord la
Conrt of Appeals.
Adjourned from day to day
Eqnlty Court o- 1.
No -ton. Hall s- Hall, rale returnable April
AttoTies-. M. N Ric ianl n,
N ZVA. I'eltit ts. Havre
sale by trustee
ordered. Attrrey !
No 35T Schmidt
by adrer-e (Osea5ioD
I. en man
. Dandson, title rested
itrmess, Brandenburg A
No. K41 Mre.nrin ts. Parish et al arried
ami s-ibmitted Ittorre" Nathaniel Wilson and
J J Darlington Hnlifies Ceinid J. II 1'otbury.
ind txigh IL-hinon
No Stroi Mar-hall is. Marshall order tn par
fund mm e-.irt. U0r1e5s IKmglas A Baker and
C (' Miller J,. C ertman.
Vjvsirrmt nt f r Mareh 3
No. 2341T I ngitt eimitor et at ts. Cerrweti
eutt i.erteral 1 ife lnairanee IVsniiany et al At
ti.mejs McNeill A MeNeill and II II Glasrie
Bond Itidoiit A Darlington.
Kcinlty Conrt No. 2.
No. TOPas. Ila-roser ts. Ilarroser alimony ren
dente lite onlered paid Mtoeness. vs. A Hoombe
-t J Ncale
No. 2C"6 Parker ts I'arite- order of publica
tion tto-xjer-i K. Ambrose D. Uothschild
and K D Itlarkisteme
No ZW e.odwtn ts. Godwin, same Attrrney.
W K, mbroe.
No 3WG3 Moran et al. tv Miw et aL Icare
gra'ited to rile amended bill, der-ree rrr otifcsfr.
retraining order and nile returnable Mareh Zi
.l tttomeys It F Downing and A Berry
J. . fl Shea.
Nn. lm Turner ts. Turner rule returnable
Manli . 1911. Attorneys, Baker. Sheehy A
Circuit Conrt Jfo. 1.
No. nSGi Buckler, administrator. t I-wrrt
ccmUnurd. Attorneys, I s.. Maxwell S .V. l"ut
nam and Cliarles Prxv-Kobenon A Kelgnn and u.
I". Blair.
No 53C Ityler. is. Game, on tnaU AUea-ncys.
Staddin A Horrrer -J. II. Ailnarfi.
sagnmcut.s ror TuelaT ilarcli 5
No. 35. Pries ts. Gaines. Attorneys. Stadden &
Hoorcr Adnaans.
No. 31 ShepheTl is. Citv and Suburban Railway
Company. AUit-ncys. Diggs A Iterthschild Darling
No an Karns ts N'asli. Attorneys, Lambert A
ieatmin-Bimey A r.rlard
No. 2E. Iitrh rs. Dutnet of Colombia. Attor
neys. I.ambert A 1 eatman-Thomas.
No. 2f Warren ts. TlieTOpson slarrett Company.
Attnmeys Hopewell A Mather-Sleman A Irch.
No 2B1. Benton is. IViltlmore and Ohio IUilroad
Company. Attorneys. Dar. l'eyscr A Taylor-Hamilton.
No. 35. Harlan, jr. ts. bulIiTan. Attrs-neys.
Bidout Giltmcs A Chambcrlin
N'rj 3P Warren is. Anacoslla and I'otrsnac ftirer
Railroad Cbrainny. Attorneys, Berry A Downing
'a 2T1. Carter ts. Chielester. Altome-rs. Jones A
CTinkoiles-Wolf A itownberg arid I'ugh
No 273. Iirg ts. llooro A Hill. Attorneys, Bid
out Lambert.
Circuit Court No. 3.
No S2SR3 Manocue ts. Southern Railway Com
pany, lime to snbtrtt motion for new trial. Attnr
neys. J. II Fljnn and l'v A. NVhito-Hamilton.
Colbert lcrkes and Hamilton.
Na 5M0X btory A tVvr ts. VsalnotT: leaYs to
witbilraw dedarauon granted. Attorneys, tiwsyre
No. SSB0. William Knabc Manufaetnring Com
pany ts. Hardesty, judgment by default for pos
session, utexner. 1,. i- litini.
No. 5B30. Wcidecsall is. Capital Traction Corn-
pany and Na 3300. Mcfianey ts. same; on trial.
Attornej-s, A. L Newmycr and I II. Dand-It. K.
Berry A Son and G. T. Dunlap.
No. S370. United Htatrx et rrl Mcilinrts r
Secrotary of Interior, order substituting Walter I
Fl'her aa party defendant. Attorney, U. M.
Asaignmmls for Tuesday. March 2S
Na 34. Donaldson ra. District of CWombta. At
torneys. GiUings A Chambcrlin Thrroas.
No. 23L Warren rs. Itrichart. Attorneys, Birney
A Wocdard Trbnner. ,
Na SS. Abrahams ts. Hesse- At tome ri AcV;
beojc Thomas.
Na 358. Kelly rs. Rayner. Attorneys. Burton
Bayner. Wells ALHoerrer.
No. 360. Wtl(rr.s. IJcrrtenberg et al. Attorneys,
Tnikrr. Kcnyon A llacfarlaDd Berry A Miner.
Na 3C lunson ts. Mills, Attorneys, Douglas A
Baker Donaldson.
No. 36t- Fkkft Crmpany ts. Johnson. Attorneys,
Ralston, Siddoos & Hichardaoo-Gittlngs A Cham
bcrlin. Na 066. Easier Ts. Ecglrston. Attorneys. Emig
No. XR. Rodges ts. Capital Traction Companj.
Attomers. Wahley l'errr A Son and. Dunlin,
No 270. Dixon ts. Great Falls and Old Do
minion Railroad Company. Attorneys, Mather A
MeMsbon Lambert.
Criminal Conrt Xo. 1,
justice wnionr.
No. SUM. United States rs. Thomas H. Pldrford;
bnbery; recognkanco In 11000, Trith Percy W. Pick
ford, ortcy, taken. 1 x
Na ZTRSek United Elates rs. Antonio Sacrinl;
nuxrder. Brtt degree; impaneling Jury begun.
Criminal Court Wo; X
, Ko. lrSC. In tt estate of Mlrbael T. Truma;
trrtBct TOtt lining wllL Altontja. Hlktr. Bnrehy ft
Heajxn-C. L. Krslley, B. 8. Hume, ami O. B.
Olrcrt. . .
iSo, 1TS38. In re estate of Henrietta SL Moriojr:
aatne. Attprnrys. PaiW Rothschild and C K.
Diaxs-J". K. Lsskar. . A . .
No. Saar. Hark ti. Cohn; rerdict for plaAul
far HT. AttomeM B. A. Jones-rAlex. Wolf.
John Ttidont N"elon Wilson.
N'o. 5232. Montapie-Ca.stlclndon Co.- Von
Herbule'a amended declaration filed. Attorneys, II.
"W. Whoatlcy-J. C. De Putron.
.o. SlSfJ. Boiiildcn rs. Xxss: rerdlct for plaln
tilt for flCO. Attcrneya. Barnard, 4. Johnson T. Ia.
Jetfcrds and A M. Ixsx. ?
No. 31899. Law son s. OiipeDhelaer: on trial.
Attrrney. U J. Jlither Leon Tobnncr.
AsMsnmcnta for tc-day-Cfrtiorari calendar:
No. 10. Millard . Lmployen Mubial Benefit
Association. Attorncfs. UasXirM-Bcall i. Henry.
No. 11. Collins. 4c., rs. Adams. Attorneys,
ainksaleaBehj-nd. t
No. llsSullnan ti. Mcl3roy. Attorneys, zabel
No. II. nrawlenburs. execntor. ts. Bmlt. Atteir
nrys. Urandenbtit; &. Brandcuburz Uridctnan.
N'o. 17. Lyc,n tm. Smith. Attcrneya, rtidoul
Adnains. .
Probate Conrt,
ltati- ftf Mary K. Newborn: petition for letiera
testamentary Attomv. Birney A. WoodareL
tatu of Cam II. Ylilsou. rule to show eanse
AttonH7a, rjiir, Dtaytcn A HLIyer.
KMate cf llary Orecn, letters of admmistratinn
cranted to Otuwa Car!, bond. J100. Attorney. J.
V Moore.
t'Mite cf nenry 1. Buone, bend reduced. Attor
ney s. 1 Tavltr.
Kslate cf 1-ranrts II. Ijrjcrbach. letters of ad
ministration xtantid te I"ranca.s H. Lincrrbarfa, jr..
liond, $100. attorney, II. J. May.
Kstate of Alphttiso Hart, decree atimittins will
correct eL
H.tate offleonre V. Ilereld, letters of administra
tion jrantrd to Martaret A Herold bonl. tiOOO.
tpMney. IX S. Bail-y
IVtate of "rederick M. Crandal, letters of admin
ul cation granted to Margaret K. C. Lelteh. bond.
51 ao Attrrney E. S Bar.ey
Krtate of Charles T. Browning, order to pay
enmmtssif n.
In re V.illtam S Botelcr, order for allowance,
Altomejs Ilranrleubnrg 4. Brandenburg.
Kstate of Jolin Jl-Oregor It tier of administra
tion c t, a. granted to N'oble T. Barnes; bond.
$109000. Attorney
:. liny
Htac of Annio .V. Daly letters testamentary
granted to Timothy D. Paly bord. S1.0H0.
Estate cf llary E. Warder, will dated Jacnary'll.
1911 filed
li-tate cf Jase A Bacm; will dated October 31.
DOS tiled.
Ivato tt Chad's S. Ixn. petition for tetters of
administration. Attireey. K. II. Hewlett.
l.'statr of Julras H. Vrebnchen, same. Attorney,
O C (;ertman
litata of Martha Brewer, will dated Norrmber
3 13S.
Estate of Susannah I-Yorman cafat. Attorney,
T. U. Jonea
nankrnptcy Conrt.
No. 71" In re Lpman W amors; Comrwrty; de
positary designated.
No. 71S. In re George fi. Crasawell; bearmg on
discharge fiaed fcr Ami id
Vo ni In re Edgar Bacm, adjudication and
Dlntrlct Conrt.
No 319 In re extension nf New York arenne,
timn of settling bill of exceptions and tiling trans
enpt extended (By Justice Stafford).
Eeinltr Salt.
No. 30OSS. Fannie Hall ts. Lenrudas H. Tlall.
inairtcnancn. AUomey. M. N. Kiehardvin.
No. TOfa Clieninina Taranni tv Charles TaT
arini et al , to establish wilL Attorney. C W.
Na ro norten.se V. Tamer ts. neorca W.
Turner, maintenance. Attorneys. Baker. Sheeny
& Ilocan
No. 3WT1. Mary P Nocrsn et at ts. Julia, !.
N'oursc et al. reform deed. Attorneys, G. C
Todd. J A Kratx. jr. and J. W. Cox
No SSIC. W llliam Iiaden ts. Joseph Haj
6n and James It Hayden, damages. $50 000. breach
of tvntraa Attorneys D. N. Clark and W. W.
Nr SJItV Ciarlej" Anead rs. the Bamakrr Re-
lief Asstr'ation. certmran to defendant. Attorneys.
W E. Amlw and I.. A BIrsrk
No XAU. Mcawyweignt Soak- CPmpany rs.
Bernard Slattliews, Simon GoreWi. and Henry
j ,,Irnl". same defendant. Attorney. Crandal
No fAlli Pete- Placophealos ts. Peter Mantov
wicz and Harry Calamo, judgment mimictpal
court J1C" 34.
No 3JII6 Alice S. ihepoerd ts. Coorad Becker,
certiorari to defendant Attorney. II. E. Dana
No. &j41T John Cieman ts. Washington Rail
way & Electne CVimpany; damages. $10 000. At
tonje K II Jackson.
No 53li Vllirrt Brager ts. Dand IT. Wal
per. account. $53.1 Attewneys, Swaraj A Hich
bom. No. 5M) K Grrh A Sons ts. Mary E.
Buckler ccrtioran to defendant. Attorner, I. J
Cent ran. m
006 Serenth strret northeast Square SZ lot S3
James K netchc et ux to Ira F. T Wright.
1700 h otreet no-tliwcst-etuarB Ul lot . Jo-
seiihine M. Jones to Jrhn J. MeAuliffe S3.
Mount Pleasant -Jriuam TJ0S lot 115. Annie V.
Anderson to Edward M Dulm. J10L
nolmead Manor Ix5t 11 and part of lot 42. Mock
41 Emanuel Spnch. jr.. et ux to Charles Boyd
et ux $'P
Massarhusetu arenne southeast, between Thirteenth
and FourtemUi streets-hauarp lff!7 lot 71.
Mary Brandreth Rotins to George W. Marsh,
rotnmac Heights, Lots 11 and C block 1441.
Jamro D. Dorsett to W ilium E, Hamilton ct
ux. JI0.
Ran lie Hig'alands-cVjuars 'MS lot 47 Mfred
I.iebman to K. It. Frey and W dlixm Ullman.
tnutcs. J'O
1M3 Te-ith street northwest Jvjuare W lot IC.
William . W ilkerson et ux to Eniuc u. Tor
ture. $10
Massachusetts arcroo southeast, between Thirbscnth
and FTourteenth streetsSquare 1037. lot 7
George W. Marsh to John G. Slater $10
New Hamihire arenue no-thwest. between U and
V streets Sniare 13 lots 2 and 3. Ethan
Allen to tho ErangHical Lutheran Church of
the Fpiphany. $10
Second street southwest between II and 1
streets Sej'iaro 00 lot I Iaac Ottenbrrg et
ut. to Jennie O. Berliner $10
Pleasant Plains and Mount I'lcaiant-Lot 15. block
17. iierson Nordhnger ct ux and Suena N
B'hrend to Fred C. Jones $10
Mount Pleasant Cndmded part of lot 117, Zola
C Baker to Roo T Baker $10.
Clercland Park-Square 1913. lot 1 Lnul C Wil
son et ux. to Dand F. Wearer and S. Stock
ton Vooehees. trustees $10
Richmond Park-tnuarr 20W. lot 17, the North
west Washington Improrement Company. Inc..
to nenry A Herbert and William C. Her
bert. $10.
301 P street northwest-Sejuans 128. lot 30. C J
Rlsey et ux. to S. R. Brad'ord. $10.
643 Eighth street northeast -cwpiam 113. lot HO:
C. Clinton James et ux. to J Henry Hum
mer. $10
Ilolmead Manor-I,ct 13; block 41; Mary Frances
Parker to Jennie S. BarOctt. $10
Pleasant Plains 8ejuare 3031. lot VD; Kennedy
Bros.. In&. to Loonard Stnib. $10
Rear of 431 Fourth street northeast-iljuare 812.
lot 35. Jasper Ihmann et ux. to Gilbert
Itenthal and Henry Oxenbnrg. $10.
509 B street northeast &Tuare 830. lot 39; Jennie
"5 Bartlett to JIary Franorw Parker. $10.
Sixtrrnth street. Highlands Wosl part of square
273), lot 1, Mary 9. Saers to Sadie I. Breunlnger,
Eckington Square 3570 lot 800; Dand Cramrsrr et
nx. to Lnuio P. Thorp, $10.
Columbia HighlandsLot 73. block 31; Richard
H. Bailey U ux. to Manan J. Rigglcs, $ia
Long Meadows Undinded interest part of lot Sfi,
block 3, Ora U Slack Jones and Jnnraj B.
Slats: to John II. Slack. $10.
Columbia llrights-Square 22!. lot 51; Carl U.
Smith .t ttx. to Fred Decker, 10
Wert Blcrmingdale Lot 35. block" 1 , Oils G Single
ton et ux. to. W. Frank Tiirton. Ralph M.
Jlocers, and John B. Kspcr. $10. ,
CoTmnbis Hcights-lx ,73, block 31, Richard II.
BaHey ct ux. to Marian J. Riggles. $10.
Wcodrldga-Ijot 7. Mock J; Johnson II. Carpenter
lr Henry William Dafby and Lally Fuller Dalby.
Le Droit rark-LoC 35. btock 11; CUr Sr Leech
et Tir to Percy H. Russell and A. Erskuie
Miller, trustees, to sarare Frederick A. Lake,
$031). 3 yearn. 5 per cent, semi annually.
Square 7t3-ljrt 13 j Martha A. L'oates. Heieklah
Coates. George Hi Coates. and HoftenseC.
Washington to Wdliam C. Martin and. James
1L Ccleman. trustees, to seatr James It. Oof
dcn. fSO. I, to months, 6 per cent prr an
num, ft "S
Interest kjTsrftiare 7t3 part 'of ldt S: sepiJre TC.
part of lot tl quare T6S. part of lot 3; square
JS9. part of lot S-Bdmn I. -JsotUneham ct
-ux. Id Julian R. Nottingham knd William 1.
nenderson. trustees, to secure Deorgo A. F.
Jlenderson. &0. 1 year, t per cent per annum.
oMaare 3098-Lot 115; Edward M. Dulln et nx. to
American Security and Treat Company, trus
tee, to secure the National Sitings and Trust
Company.- fcW. 3 years, & pr cent, aeml
anrmanr. Square lOSt-Lot Tl; Ceorft'cW. Marsh" to narry
L l.J ftHt.Mlta t T.aI.. ..u
Lamscn and tVnJlmln K Olghton. tmatraa.
to fecnm Mary Brandreth Robblns. ffijBt. 1 61
45 months. per cent per atiiiiiaa.
Square 3U-Lot Its; Xaria U JVartaw at tu- to
Harry K. loasana n. tiaeta rrmm, uiiiaaB,
The Safest Investments
Are tbese that do not fluctuate during dlv
torbed rcnditiana of the money or stock mar
kets. First deed cf trust notes (drat mort
gages), well mured on real estate la the Dis
trict of Columbia, constitute "gut-edge" la
mtmenta. They d) not depend upon tia
flnacdal iEponsibUity of ioulTiduals or eor
porationi for their stability, and are exempt
from taxation aa personal property. We can
auppfy such inTestments in amounts from
S50O upward. Send for booklet. "Concerning
Loans and IsTestments,
Swartzdll, Rheem G
Hensey Co.,
T37 15th Street Northrrest.
Columbia property at lowest rates. QulcJc
service. Afoderate charges. S
1403 H street nw.
Blade at Lorrewt Rates of Intereart.
W. H. WAIKEB; 729 15th St N.W.
same, to sectre It K. Fergason, $1,030. 1 to"
l months, 6 per cant, semi annually.
Ingieside-Lot 4J. block IS, Alrln W Cbapm et
ux to Samuel F Emmons and Theodore N'.
Gill.(tmstons. to jpenre tiw National Academy
of Sciences, SSOiX). 3 years, 5 per cent, eemi-
Squar 7B0 ImI 43. Christopher If. Brashear et
ux. to 8. Duncan Bradley anil Henry D.
Crampton. trustees, to secure Mary J Bald
win. $1 501. 3 jears. 5 j-r cent, serai annually.
Square EB-Part of lot 132, Anna K. Brown ee-
ir to Lnther M. k)twald and the National
Ratings and Trust Company, trustees, to so.
cure Mae U Gotwald. $2,000, 3 years, b per
. cent, semi annually
bquare 133-Lot 2J and 3; George n. Slaybangh.
Henry' V. Lerch.and Joseph W. Zimmerman.
trustees et the Eracgeucal Lutheran Church of
the Fpiphany of Washington, D C, to William
H. Turpin and Harry K. Ijcrcb. trustees, to
secure hthan Allen. $10.P, 5 Tears. 5 rer cc-it,
semi anrually. ame to Abner V Is.
jr. and L. itussell Alden. trosteea. to seccrs
a second mortgage buod issue of $5 000. 6 per
cent, semi annual, matunng pril 1 1917.
Scmare 103S-Lots 102, 103. snd 104 Michael V. Lynch,
et nx ard Harry UUsou ct ux. to James Berry
and Wdliam McK. Clajtcn. trustees, to'sccure
the I'crp-tual Hullderg AsKonatlon. $9,000.
Square 236-Lot 16 Hamuel H. Marks ct ux. to th
American Security and Trust Company, trustee.
to secure the National Barings and Trust Cnm
pany. $V400. 3 scan. 5 per cent, semi annually.
Square STB-Lot 17 Henry A. Herbert and WUliana
C. Herbert to Edward It. Monroe, trustee, to
secure the Northwest Washington Improrement
Company. $24j9.B, monthly payarats, 5 per
cent per annum.
Square 3b6-Lot 15. Harold L. Johnson et nx. tea
Paul V. Mitchell and J. Clinton TnbbT. trus
ters, to secure Charles L. Tribby. $500. monthly
payments. 6 per cent prr an&mn.
Square 133-Lot Jj6, Julia C. Douglas to Mnrris T
Frey and F S. Key Smith, trustees, to srcnrel
Ella J. Frey. $3,210. 3 years, 5 per cent, scnu
asnoally. Square 3C -Iot 51. Fred Decker et ux, to Jamrsv
Berry and William MeK. Oayton, trustees, U
secure the I"erprtual Buildinc Association, $3.
5D3 Square 333-Ixts 32. 33 and 34; John Mitrfn''et.
ux. and Isaac Kirksteane e ux. and Rota S.
Ixjtcei to James Berry and William McK. Clay
ton, trustees, to secure the Perpetual Bunding?
Association. $7,500.
Square 130-Lot 57. John Y. Gerhold et ex. la
James Berry and Wil.iam McK. Qayton. brns
tees. to secure the Perpetual Budding; Associa
tion, tiaio.
Columbia Heights lot 73. block 31. Manan J.
Biggies to Wdliam E. Edmonston and Robert
Isj O'Brien, trustees, to tecum Richard TX.
Badey. $3030, 3 years. 5 per cent, semi-annually.
Square Iff Lots a. 25 and 35; AUerton S. Cush
man et ux. to Eidndgo E. Jordon and James
Trimble, trustees, to secure James H. Baden.
$30,000. 3 years, 5 per cent, semiannually
Long Meadows Lota 151, 152. 151. 155. and 15S.
block 2; John A. Simms et ux. to William J
Edmonton and John D. Cemghlan trustees.
to secure J Eakin Gadsby. $225, 1 year. 6 per
cent. emi annually.
Scmans J13 Lot U0; C Clinton James et nx. to
John D. Coughlan and T. Percy Myers, trus
tees, to secure William E, Edmonston. trus
tee, C500 3 years. 5 per cent, semi aarnally
Scmare 913-Lot 1W, J. Henry Hummer et nx. to
Floyd E. Daiis and Clarence I. Gessford. tm
tres. to secure C. Clinton James. $l-.3. 1 to
M months. S per cent per annum.
West of square 573) Lot 1. tadie I. Bmenmger
et nr to the Crated htatea Trust Company.
trustee, to secure the Holmes Ontral Realtr
Company. $1JOO monthly payments. 34 iw
cent srmi-anmiallT
Whitney ClosS-Lot 18 block . HU R. nackett
and Patnck J. Farrell, rxecntors and trustees,
to John M. Riordan and Charles L. Smith,
trustees to secure ictor E. Adler, 31,000. 1
years, per cent, acmi annaally.
SOLD FOR $100,000
Important Transaction Cor
ner Tenth and F Streets.
One of the largest cash transaction
of recent date was consummated jeste--day
by the purchase, fo- a pnee svid
to be JlbO.000. of the litnl'infr at thex
northwest corner of Tenh arei F streets;
northvsesit, commonlj knon'as the Riohj
Building The de.U was ir.noc through.
Story A. Cobb and K. C Bralnerd
The transaction Is of considerable in
terest by reason of the fact that It Is the
only store In the block n n occupied by
Woodward . l,othrop. The name of then
purchaser is mthheld. and it is under
stood the property was bo ifrht simply aa
an Investment, and is subject to a lcaxv
held by B Rich's Sons, which has sev
eral jears to run
The property was formerly owned by
William J Kehoe. who purchased it.
about a year arjo from the Bond estate.t
It Is one of the best losations In "Wash
ington business properties.
Mary A. Dayis and Georgo
Eanm Named Heirs.
George W. W. Baum and Marv A. Davlsi
are named as equal beneficiaries In the
will of Jane A. Baum. filed yesterday.
Thej- were ako named executors. Th
will is dated October 30, 1508, Mrs. Baumr
died "March 10 last.
The will ot Mrs. Martha Brewer, dated
November 23, 19C3, w'as recorded yester
day. Her personal property Is to be,
equally dlrided amonij her children, Au
gustus BreWer, Joseph Brewer, Martha
Brewer Washington, and Magsrie Brewer
Stuart. The real and mixed estate la
devised to her daughter Maggie Brewer
By the terms of the will of Mary E
Warder, dated January 11. 1911. her son
John B. Warder, of Chicago, and her
daughter, LJlllo E. Hazard, or this cltjv
are named executors. Hep estate Is be
queathed In equal parts to, her children,
John B. Warder. Lllllc K. Hazard, Bcn
tdn Warder, James E. Warder, aW Fran
els' H, Warder.
A suit against her three children, for
the establishing: by decree of the court:
of the proper date of tjio will of her
husband. Isadore Pavarlnl, ovho died.
kit April, was ftled yesterday. by-
Mrs. Cherublna, Pavarlnl. his. widow-
She Is named as sole beneficiary, bub
has been unable to sell the property be
cause hi September. IMS. ' her husband
was asYlJU6gd rajttne from tho preceding
JTebruary. Mrt. PaTarlal ancgw th
-n""ls-- 11 VLO & IX S C.flJ
Ijn-T-')! aSLJrUJJiajl asjCtoIaWiWfc.llll,
Billt BidetKrsaa tj 4KftsV ' -
rumor, sjaaasasay
r - x1 t -,
. r ' A J -..sw. r
i4MMSz.'4 lmd,4Mj

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