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Corned Shoulders,
small, lb
Pure Lard, White Carnation
Brand, open-kettle ren
dered, lb
Compound, a pure
lard substitute, lb
Sliced Ham, very
mild and sweet, lb
Sliced Breakfast
Bacon, lb
Breakfast Bacon by
the piece, lb
Old Dutch Roll, fresh, a bone
less pot roast, 1
lb 1UC
MILLBROOK EGGS, Extra Selected as to size and weight.
choicest of fresh stock 1 doz in carton c
Fresh Eggs, near-bv gatherings doz lc
Next SatM'dav April 15th. we will present to each customer a very
novel and appropriate Easter gift. A souvenir which will please both
old and joung
930 La. Ave. 8th and E S. E. 31st & M N. W.
7th and Que K. W. 11th and H N. E.
Border City Believed Real
Aim of Rebels.
El Paso, Tex., April 10 Information
rtceived in Juarez to-dav is that the en-ti-e
Maderista army, which has been
"besieging" Chihuahua for a month and
which moved west on Saturday night
toward Madera, has again turned north,
with Juarez as the objective point Jua
rez for defense has about "Z(l soldiers,
two mountain guns, and two machine
guns "rattlers" the Mexicans call them
The Mcxiro Northwestern Railroad is
now operating south to Pearson, which
is only a short march north of Madera,
and it would be easv for the Madero
army to entrain at Pearon and reich
Juarez, without molestation within a very J
few hours
People in Juarez can see no other mean
ng to Madero's actions, if that is not
his purpose If he comes to Juarez they
can sec why he has been spending s.x
weks marching to Chihuahua and sur
rounding it only to pull up stakes and
leave n no a.s ir-.ium li- i-icrd.
armv into mat region so inai ne micni
make a hurried return to Juarez and take
it and have a port of enirv He has often
said he wanted to take Juarez The junta
has alwavs talked tmstenouMv about
Juarez, and it is now believed to be his
intention to trv to take it. If not. the
Madero campaign is bevond explanation
of strategists
An armv oflirer said to-dar that if
Madero was really making for Juirez his
generalship in the past six weeks had
been splend.d.
Taft Wants Free Expression
on Judiciary Provision.
As a solution cf the difficulty raised
by the recall-of-the-judiciary provision
in the Arizona constitution, which is
now known to be the only hindrance to
its approval. President Taft vesterday
suggested to Representative Flood, of
Virginia, chairman of the House Com
mittee on Territories, that this clause
be resubmitted to the people of Arizona
for a separate vote
It is the plan of the President for Con
gress to eliminate from the constitution
that part of the recall relating to the
Judiciary. The constitution would then,
the President believes, find little difficulty
in obtaining the approval of Congress
This would give Arizona the complete
right of Statehood, without the delay
that is inevitable because cf this recall
It could then be arranged for a vote
to be taken bv the people of Arizona on
this clause of their constitution If they
showed by their ballot that they wished
it, they would probably have much less
trouble then than at the present time,
when their desire for it is at least doubt
ful, to have it approved by Congress and
the President.
The President argues that for the
people of Arizona to have defeated
the recall provision would have meant a
defeat of the entire constitution, and their
vote could hardly be considered a fair
test of their attitude toward the recall
of the Judiciary. It Is a matter of such
great Importance, he thinks, that it
should be segregated from the rest of
the constitution and submitted to a sep
arate vote, so that there could not be
the slightest doubt of its having been
approved simply because of its inclusion
with the constitution.
McCRAY Refrigerators
Wiihcirf Question
The Best Mads
P&fi iSb H
" The.
Old Dutch
corned, lb. .., . ..
Bean Pork,
The- very
Porterhouse Steak,
Boston Steak,
Sirloin Steak,
Round Steak,
Chuck Steak,
Mobilization Due Only
Conditions in Mexico.
President Taft esterda authorized a
denial of the report that he had ordered
the mobilization of troops in Texas be
cause of the activities of the Japanese
government in attempting to secure a
foothold on the P.ictnc PoaM. The Presi
dent spoke through Senator Theodore E.
Burton, of Ohio, who said, us, he was
leaving the White House. .
"The President authorized me to deny
in most emphatic terms the report about
a secret treat between Mexico and
Japan There is not one word of truth
in it '
ThiK i- t1i fii-Qf nffininl -.,. n,.
that lAm ,,as made jn
to the Mevican situation
The President discussed the Mexican
situation vesterdav "with Senators Stone,
of Missouri, and Bacon, of Georgia.
Democratic members of the Senate Com
mittee on Foreign Relations, and with
Senator Burton
The two Democratic
members substantiated the statements
that have been made bv the other mem
bers of the Korign Affairs committees
in the two houses-, that Japan figured
Prudent mJ,, , ,i , .f . thc I
I resident made to them of the mobihza- I
Senator Bacon said the alarming situa
tion in Mexico was the olc reason which
bad influenced the President in ordering
the troops to Texat- He said that he
knew rhi to bo true, because he had
.-ecn copies of ever official dispatch sent
out or receivrd in connection with the
Iluation at that time
Members of both the Houe and Senate
Foreign Affair committers are confident
that the President has told them every
thing there is in connection with the
Mexican situation Thev point out that
!""'"" num- wouio Dictate that policy,
and that the President under no circum
stances could afford to put himself in
the light of having deceived members of
these two important committees
mirriis RCPOHTED.
nd Marj Warner, orL
and Grace L. llcert. ty.
ari Dirothy Clarke, Eirl
and fame A O Callajhan. boj.
and Nellie M Martin. Eirt.
William L
Jamrs W.
Robert E.
Martin J
Paine M
and 1-nances Sarecnt, boy.
Harrj It and Mind E. Johnston, sirl.
Many t. ana Mary V. Bell. boy.
James IU and Dora D King. boy.
John T and Elizabeth Kelly, bny.
ISenjarcui K and Mamie L. Toole, boy.
Vlfred A and Kstelle Ely. boy.
1'nnJt and Marparet V Monroe. RirL
Ernest and Ilcradme Itamey. bry.
Ihmd E. and May I). Summer?, boj.
Oorjp and Lena Bin-dick. boy.
!xninnr and Ellva ("uozzo. boy.
Arthur S and Era A. Witcreib. Kirl.
Joseph C and Edith h. C Tanpan. crL
Howard F. and Mabel Morgan. girL
Lnard a. and Helen L. Hoffman, boy.
nraedict V and Ilee W Ward, boy
Itobert E. and Lillian M. Brown, girl.
Dand A. and Ida M Reidy, jnrt.
Montcomery A. and Anna E. Kinc. hoy.
Charles T. and Jennie C. Helbrook. boy.
Charles M and Johanna Leckey. boy.
Franas E. and Mary E. Hodse. eirL
Hamilton E. and Nellie Clark, cirU
Herbert and Anna. Vinson, cirl.
Xohle W. and Elnora Shorter, boy.
Edward and Anna. fJiljsou. boy.
Richard and Mary Dorsey. boy.
Judge and Lucy Price, cirl.
Oeorge and JUssnury Parker, boy.
Harry and Lillian Gallatin, boy.
John and Sarah Hams, boy,
James and Nellie Gran, sirL
James B and Nellie B. ShamwelL boy.
John W. and Florence Bosh, ciri-
Marcarrt W. Steerer. 35 years. 1331 Oochran st. iv,
Patrick J. Morgan, 60. 1116 Belmont at. nw.
Stella Walter. 33, Tnberculosis Hospital.
Shaffer Hood. 2. rroridrnce Hospital.
Mamie Thompson. 42. 3T Q at. mr.
Nellie Edwards. S. 193 Hth st. nr.
Wm. C, Semmefbeaner. 42. Tuberculoids Hospt.
Almira B. Cartner. 65, 1117 Park road nw.
Sarah East. 32. 915 E at. nw.
Georce J. Koach. C. 340 IMh st. e.
Edward Youne, 71. D. S. Soldiers' Home,
Josephine (i Smith, 73. 23 U at. nw.
Dorothy Thorn. 60. 23 Randolph st. nw.
Georce Ilyder. 36, 1457 Fla. a?e. nw.
George M. Bryan. 70. Bhdensborg road.
Elsie B. Donch. 75, 63 H at. mr.
Bailie P. Shepard, 83, 1012 Sin si. aw.
John J. Hoffman, 34. Washincton Aaylma Hornt.
Ida Redmond. X. 125 12th at. se.
Wilson Smith. 3,-30 L st. nw.
Teresa Young. SO. Freodmen's Hospital.
Julia Clark. 24, Tuberculosis Hospt
Elizabeth Johnson. 70. lit Mst.se.
Wm. Grooms, 25, Tuberculosis Hospital.
Minnie Howard, 28, Washington Asylum Hospital.
Thomas E. Mandur, 1, 1312 Del. are. sw.
Isbn J.. Dorsey, 25. 617 Half st. mr.
Santey Green, J, 1233 Wjik st pa.
Continued from Pace One.
put expert detectives on his trail and
discovered the alleged false pretenses.
It is the first arrest of the kind that
has occurred In the National Capital for
years. Although the neutrality laws
have not suffered an Infringement, the
laws protecting life and property have
been disrupted, and in case Phillips is
found guilty by the courts he will suf
fer a heavy penalty.
Among the revolutionary agents sta
tioned in Washington the opinion seems
to prevail that Phillips will not be con
victed. They say he has so surrounded
himself with loop-holes of escape, that
no Jury will find him otherwise , than
Whether the ammunition was consigned
direct to the Insurgent forces was not
learned last night. It Is certain, how
ever, that dozens of their allies are
stationed in El Paso, Tex., and that
while the cartridges were sent there,
they were meant for the fighting men
who are in the field. It as learned on
the best authority that the shells were
adaptable to the old I'nlted States
Springtield rifle, condemned by this gov
ernment years ago, and which have been
sent in large quantities to Mexico for
service against the federal government.
Shipped from Xew York.
The war material was shipped from
New Tork on January 27. according to
Judge Taylor. The warrant for the ar- I
rest of Phillips was Issued In New Yoik
on or about February 27. For days the I
Department of Justice stcret agents
scoured that city In search of the al
iened offender, finally discovering he had
come to ashington on another mis
sion entirely removed from the present
The case was turned over to the Wash
ington police dep irtment. with the result
tnat Phillip's arrest followed almost im
mediately After being taken into cus
todv, the Department of Justice was
notified, and Deputy Marshal Cuslck was
quickly dispatched to get the man.
Detective Howlett. acting on instructions
from M.ij Slv ester, delivered his charge
ever to the deputy, who in turn took
him to the United States commissioner
Phillips refused to make a statement.
other than saving he was not guilty of
the charges against him The explana
tirns were made to Judge Taylor bv
Phillips' attornev, Henry E Davis, who
would not talk of the affair
Judge Tavlor said last night that Phil
lips had taken his arrest on a serious
charge without exhibition of feeling and
seemed to be perfectly assured he would
bo acquitted
It will be remembered that it was
Fhlllips who warned .he agents of the
revolutionists In Washington that J D
Hallen, known to the Washington police
as a man of many aliases, intended
stealing valuable papers from the offices
of Hopkins & Hopkins, In the Hibbs
Building, Washington counsel for the
entire revolutionary forces of Mexico
His timelv telegram to Mr Hopkins is
said to have been the only protection
the papers had Hallen was arrested bv
Central office men and warned to leave
the Capital within twen'v-four hours, as
his presence was a detriment to the city
Great excitement was occasioned at the
time, as it was learned from Capt. Sher
burne Hopkins that the papers in his
office were absolutely invaluable to the
insurgents, and had thev fallen ln,to the
hands of the federal government's agents
the entire situation in Mexico might
have been changeil
Phillips is well known in Washington,
having been trained in the I'nlted States
Secret Service under Chief Wilkie, He
served there fore several vears. after
wards accepting a position on one of
the great Eastern railroads as legal coun
sel and p-ivate detectiv So great a
name did he make for himself that rail
way officials declare he is the greatest
railroad detective in the I'niteel States
He was a member of President Roose
velt s bod guard and gained much dis
tinction under his regime
Later, when counterfeiters held forth
in the Istnmus of Panama, and the en
tire secret service department was
after them night and dav. It was Phil
lips who brought the gang to justice.
haK bn dispatched there on a special
Man of Edncntlon.
He is thirtv-two jcars of age. and
man of education and refinement It is
said he has the confidence of tome of the
hlchest government officials, and in the
days when he was connected with the
Sfirt Service was regarded as the most
valuable man in the entire force
It was learned from a prominent revo
lutionary leader, last night, that the De
partment of Justice has been after Phil
lips for months. He has eluded and
foiled them time after time. It was stated.
and until jesterday was never caught
in what seems to be a violation of the
That Washington Is a hotbed of revo
TutioniQts seems to be an established fact.
Ammunition is bought through Washing
ton agents, and shipped to either Mexico
or Texas for use in the armies of the in
surgents, it is alleged. Here the heads of
this povernment are kept In constant
surveillance by the agents, and nothing
happens that is not reported to the Mex
ican malcontents
Nnraea Sent to Senate.
The President sent to the Senate yester
daj the following nominations:
To be Secretary cf the Interior Waiter
L. Fisher, of Illinois.
To be assistant director of the thir
teenth decennial census Roland P. Falk
ner. of the District of Columbia.
To be a member of the California
debris commission Maj. Sherwood A.
Chene, Corps of Engineers.
Salvation Army Head In 82.
London, April 10. Gen. Booth, head of
the Salvation Army, celebrated his eighty
second birthday to-night by addressing
a huge meeting of his followers for an
hour. He said he hoped after his com
ing tour through the United States and
Canada to have a cataract operated upon
in the fall, and-that he would then be
young again.
Trip at Express Speed Through Air Is Enjoyed By
Miss Walcott and Senorita Rivero.
Two Washington society girls flew over
Potomac Park In an aeroplane yesterday
with Antony Jarmus, operator of the
Rex Smith biplane. The flights were of
about two minutes duration, covering
over two miles at a height of about fifty
The girls who made the flights are
Miss Helen Walcott. daughter of Charles
D. Walcott, secretary of the Smithsonian
Institution, and Senora Rivero, daughter
xf the Cuban Minister to the United
States. Both, expressed the greatest en
thusiasm over their trip In the air. Miss
Walcott eaid that aeroptaaiac waa de
421428 7th Street
417-425 tth Street.
It's been several weeks
since we were able to offer
Genuine Heatherbloom Petti
coats at this price; and only
after a diligent search did we
locate these. There are only
200 in the lot, and we got them
considerably under price.
There are several styles.
(Black only.) All lengths, 38
to 42. and' are worth $2.00.
Bill Introduced in the Senate
to Honor State.
S'nnlnr nnlllngcr AiLs that the
Mean lire lie Kitcnilcd to Apply to
the Dlatrlct nnil that Gcorse
Wnnlilngtnn l"nlirlty Dp Desig
nated to Receive Appropriation.
Through one of the Senators from
Florida, the State of West Virginia may
vet attain the honor of being sponsor for
a street in Washington A bill intro
duced by Senator Fletcher yes-terday or
d rs a ' West Virginia avenue" to be con
structed out of a strip of land extending
in a northeasterlv direction from the in
tersection of Sixth and I streets north
east to Florida avenue. The strip re
ferred to w.-u, formerly a portion of the
right of way of the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad I
The most Important of a number of bills
introduced vesterday by Senator (lalllnger
provides for the extension of the Morrill
land act to the District of Columbia and
names George Washington 1'nlverslty as
the beneficiary The bill is the same, gen
erallv speaking, as the measure intro
duced last ear It provides that the act
donating public lands to the several
States and Territories which possess col
leges for the benefit of agriculture and
mechanic arts shall be amended so a
to include the District of Columbia with
in its terms, the George Washington I'ni
versitv being designated to receive tho
appropriations As ex officio members of
the board of trustees of George Washing
ton I'niversitv are designated the Secre
tary of Agriculture, the Secretary of the
Interior, the Secretary of Commerce and
I.abir. and the Commissioner of Educa
New System to Designate Land.
A bill providing for a new system of
designating land on the plats in the ortice
of the District assessor was also pre
sented bv Senator Gallinger. Tltt Dis
trict Commissioners have recommended
this legislation with a view to simplify
ing the records of the office, preventing
errors of location of improvements in
assessing property for taxes, doing away
with complicated descriptions in the an
nual advertised'tax-sale list, enabling tne
taxpayer to identify his property from
the face of his tax bill without recourse
to other records and the consequent re
duction of the liability to error in many
Senator Gallinger also introduced bills
to confirm the name of Commodore
Barney Circle for the circle located at
the eastern end of Pennsylvania avenue
southeast: to change the name of Fort
place, from Seventeenth to Eighteenth
streets northeast, to Irving street.
Wants Statue to Meade.
Mr. Moore, of Pennsylvania, yesterday
introduced a bill appropriating J10.0OO for
the preparation of a plan for the erection
of a foundation and pedestal on ground
belonging to the United States in the
city of Washington upon which to place
a statue, to be furnished by the State
of Pennsylvania, of Maj. George Gordon
Meade. The State of Pennsylvania Is to
expend $20,000 for the statue.
Representative Dickinson, of Missouri,
introduced a bill amending existing law-
relative to the sale of intoxicants to
minors, in such manner as to provide
that a liquor dealer who sells or gives
intoxicants to any person under twenty-
one years of age. "knowingly or not.
shall be subject to a fine of $25 or im
prisonment for thirty days, or both, and
in addition to such penality the license
for the place In which sale or gift to a
minor occurs shall be revoked.
lightful and that she did not feel afraid
during her flight and will fly again.
Fifteen experimental flights were
made by Jannus, who attained a height
of 500, feet. The surface of the wings
had been reduced from 40 to 32 feet,
and this enabled Jannus to make some
of the shortest turns that has been
made In this country.
The flights were witnessed by mem
bers of the Metropolitan Club," who
have recently formed an aeroplane club.
Rex Smith. Inventor of the aeroplane,
said that the flights held yesterday aft
ernoon were the most succeasful.of any
that had been' mad.
.Reason Why Miss May Will
Not Wed Mr. Bacon.
It was learned yesterday that the
cause of the breaking of the engagement
of Miss Cecilia May. younger daughter
of Col. Henry May. and Mr. Robert
Bacon, son of the United States Am
bassador to France, was due to re
ligious differences. Although It was
known that there had been a barrier In
the way of. the marriage, that had been
overcome In the dispensation granted by
Cardinal Gibbons, and all seemed as
merry as a marriage bell, until the
startling announcement that the mar
riage had been put off until the late
summer, and that Ambassador and Mrs.
Bacon had sailed for their return trip
to France after a hurried visit to Wash
ington, where they were the house
guests of the Secretary of the Navy and
Mrs. Meyer.
It Is believed that the young people
will settle the trouble and the marriage
will eventually take place. They are
greatly devoted to each other, and have
been familiar figures on the uptown
streets In their daily walks, which were
long and frequent. Walking is the favor
ite exercise of both, and it is said that
most of Mr. Bacon's courting was done
during these walks. Miss May was a
debutante of two seasons ago. and was
one of Miss Ethel Roosevelt's most inti
mate friends She Is also one of the
beauties In Washington society, and was
one of the bridesmaids -it the marriage
of the young Countess von Bernstorff to
t-ount Pourtales last month. Mr. Bacon
i a graduate of Harvard, clas3 of 1D0T,
fnd was appointed to a position in the
State Department early in the year, with
a view to entering the diplomatic service
Pasteurized Milk Station to
Be Owned by People.
After visiting the different city sta
tions yesterday afternoon, Nathan
Straus, the founder of the pasteurised
milk laboratory In Washington, was
greatly pleased by the interest shown
bv the mothers who brought their chil
dren to the stations
A bill asking the District Commission
ers to accept the laboratory as a gift
has been introduced In the Senate by
Senator Gallinger
".Vow, It is only to wait the action of
the government to take the matter in
hand, and when this Is done the death
rate among the children will decrease
probably as much as 60 per cent,' said
Mr Straus. "Less than one-half of the
number of children have died since the
milk was introduced in New York.
"In no way could the American Public
Health Association save so many moth
ers from bitter grief and loss of their
little ones as by hastening the time when
efficient pasteurization will be the rule
and when the milk carrying disease will
be as rare as the plagues that medical
science has practically abolished '
Mr Straus will go to his home In New
York City to-day to await the action of
the government
O'llonnell's Drtisr .store .Stock Suf
fers) from a Illnze.
Fire, which caused a blockade of traffic
in F street for about an hour about 11
o'clock last night, did $.'.C00 damage to
the stock of James O'Donnell. druggiit.
at 304 F street northwest.
Persons at the soda fountain noticed
smoke coming from the second floor,
and a clerk turned In an alarm. In a few
minutes several chemical and engine
companies responded and extinguished
the blaze. Most of the damage was done
by water. The cause of the fire was not
Headquarters Kntabllnhed
In the
Colorado Bnlldlnsr.
Temporary offices were obtained in the
Colorado Building jesterday for the pro
motion bureau which will be run in con
nection with the plan inaugurated by
P. B. Chase to raise tne salaries of the
department employes. The office is lo
cated in room 701. and will be under the
direction of Senator Dick.
The office will be opened in a few days,
and the campaign for better salaries be
gun in earnest. Up to date $11,870 has
been raised by subscription.
IT. S. Dent, of A small tare. Weather Bureau.
W'ashiniTUin. Honda', April 10, 1911. 8 p. m.
Dunne the last twenty four hours the weather was
fair and oool east of the Mississippi Hirer, and
heary fmst occurred Monday moraine as far south
as Wilmington. N. C. Ofer the western half of
the country pnfsnre is low, except in California,
but without precipitation of consequence, except in
the Pacific States, Northern Utah, and on the
Western slope of the Middle and Northern Rockies.
JLocal Temperature.
Itldnieht, 35, 2 a. m. 33; 1 a. m., 33; 6 a. m.,
33. 8 a. m., 40; 10 a. m,, U; 12 noon, iS; 2 p. el,
56; 4 p. m., 57; 6 p. m.. 66; 8 p. m., 50; 10 p. m..
43. Maximum. 59; minimum, 31.
IUlalite tamidity S a. m., 59, 2 p. m., 33; 8 p.
m.. 41. Ilwtnfill (8 p. m. to 8 p. m.), .0; hours
of sunshine, 13 0; per cent of potible sunshine, 10.0.
Temperature same date last year Maximum, 71;
minimum, 43.
Temperaturei In Other CKleav.
Temperature in other cities, together with the
amount of rainfall for the twenty-four hours ended
at 8 p. m. yesterday, are a follows:
Max. Mis. I p. m. fall.
Asherille, N. C S3 34 46
Atlanta, Ga. 56 42 52
Atlantic City. N. J 52 32 44
Bismarck. N. Dak 72 - K
Boston. Mass. , 52 32 44 ....
Buffalo, N. Y 46 2S 43
Chicago, III 48 3S 46
Cincinnati. Ohio. 58 34 56
Cheyenne. Wyo 56 38 50 ....
DaTenpart, Iowa. 58 36 54 ....
Dearer. Cols 62 40 53
Des Moines. Iowa...- 62 40 56
GalTeston. Tex. 72
Helena. Mont T.... 54
Indianapolis, Ind...- 56
Kansas City, Mo- 62
Little Rock. Ark 64
Los Angeles. Cat 66
Marquette. Mich 50
Memphis, Term 66
New Orleans. La..
72 54"
New York. N. Y 54
North Platte, Nebr. TO
Philadelphia. Pa 58
Pittsburg. Pa. 56
Portland. Me. 43
Portland. Ores. 48
Salt Lake City, Utah.... 56
St. Louis, Mo. 60
St. Paul. Minn. 58
Ban Francisco, CaL 63
Taeoma, Wash. (8
Tampa, Fla. 80
Toledo,. Ohio 52
Tide Table. "
"o-day High tide. 637 I. m. and TU0 P. to.
Low tide. 12:46 a. m. and 1-J2 tv m.
To-morrow High tide. 72 a. m. tad T35 p. a.
mv hhl iau a. m. am. iat p. .
Children Cry
The Kind Yon Haye Always
in use for over 30 years,
Jwf J) sonal
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Karcotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Fcverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It reUcvcs Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Pood, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
) Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Use For
There re hundred of trouble caused b feel like
this and feet nM nearlv no bad. WE Cl'RE and
put ihev feet nsht and all the troubles that weak
or muriaeed hnnes in a fnrt caue.
Office hours 3 a. m. to 9 p. m.
Washington National Impression Co.
717 111b St. H. W. 'Phone Main 7639.
So branch houses.
Howard R. Timberlake. 24. and Lucy B. Bot
toms. 27. both of Richmond, Va. Rer. G. J h
John Q. Adams. 25. and Came 31. bhank. 24.
Rer. James J. MeLaws.
John W Foter. 30. and Nettie Ockershauser. 25.
Rer E. T. Mowbray.
John A. Leitz, 50, and Mary A. Plummer. 38.
both of Baltimore, Md Iter. G. J. S. Hnnni
cutt. John A. Neale. 21. and Eunice Mnnn. 19. both
of Richmond. a. Rer G. J. S Hnnnicutt.
J. Earl hraith. a. and Rose A. Marsh. 24. of
New Philadelphia, Ohio. Rer. Thomas B. Thomp
son. rerry J Edmunds, 3t. and Sallic H. Brown, 22.
of Charletown. W. Va. Rer. R. W. Inmt.
Waldo F. Thorpe. 25. and Julia Adele Blanken
ship. 1!. both of Richmond, Va. Rei. G. J. b.
Walter Cox. 21, and Mary Lucas, IS. Rer. W.
Robert .McDonald, jr., 38. and LUTie HalL 25.
Rer. W. Westray.
Family Llkenesju.
From the London Tatter.
"I 'ate killln' my pips, William!"
"Ah. so do I, Garsc! It be so like
killln' one of your own children."
Capital and fronts Oter g.300,000.
There's Proof
in Numbers.
TijrE NOW have on our
YY books more than
T T 30,000 open ac
counts conclusive proof that
our service SATISFIES.
SAME RATE of interest
paid on both large and small
National Savings
and Trust Company.
Cor. 15th and N. Y. Are.
Of Ens7 Description Moderately Prto&
ruocral Designs. Froral Design,
BauttJfd Sent dMkjM mej rwnonaMa hi rv
We Are
Curing Feet I
for Fletcher's
Bought, and 'which has been
has borne the signature of
has been made under his per-
supervision since its infancy.
Signature of
Over 30 Years
ed to attend the next regular meetme of No. 1
of D. C. WEDNESDAY. April E. at 8 o-dodt, at
the Typographical Temple. Businem of csrjnrtanre.
President Bcwen is expected to be present. GEO.
W. ELLIOTT, Recording Secretary. apU-2t
struck and knocked down by laundry wison at
Iowa Circle Saturday ercninz will obltse by commu
mating with E. A. TITTIS. I73 13th st. nw.
Notice nnder Article 6, Chapter 112, of tho Law Book.
Be it hereby made known for general information
that Herschel Merle Conner, of 506 Bth street.
Washmcton. District of Columbia. United States of
America, by occupation machinist, on the 30th day
of January. 1911. deposited at my ofice, being the
office of the Attorney General. Bloeofontein. an ap
plication for s patent right for the abnTe-mestioned
inTention, with accompanying description.
Whereas now the aid Merichel Merle Conner has
pien me written notice that he desires to proceed
with his application, I hare decided that this appu
cation and all objections thereto will be dealt with
at my office at Iretona. on the 30TH DAY Of
MAY. 1911. at 10 o'clock In the forenoon.
I, therefore, call upon all persons who are Inter
ested in opposini the issuing of "letters patent for
the abofe-mentioned inTention to tile at my office,
bring the office of the Attorney General, Bloemfon
tein. before tho daT of hearing the same, a docu
ment explaimrg their objections, as they will other
wise be excluded from bringing them forward.
Giten under my hand, at Cape Town, this 13th
day of February, I91L
ap9-2t Minister of Justice.
or relirf guaranteed; moderate charges. Dr.
NICHOLSON. 1305 H at. nw. mh31-3t
nral. nonsurgical; 400-p. book free. Apply
by mall. SIS Colorado Bldg. Free lector
for women Wednesdays at 2:39 P- n
CRFAJVT I Crtam BIen1 Flour beeacxa tta
VJlXXfrtlU the brand demanded by thomho
BLEND msist on hating THE BEST.
T7T HTTP cy Yields 300 1-lb. nes of
rivUUIV perfect bread to the barreL
My Personal Typewriter Letters
go DIRECT to your customer and
produce DIRECT results.
BYRON S. ADAMS, gffifc
Hartshorn's Shade Co.
ExctualTe Manufacturers of Window Ehadaa.
tU HTH ST. NW. 'Phone Main SOL
TLETCHER On Thursday. April fi. 1911.
at Tucson, Ariz.. LOUIS C. FLETCH
ER, beloved husband of Mary Man
ning Fletcher.
Funeral (private) Wednesday, April 12.
at 12 m.. from chapel at Glenwood
JONES On Monday. April 10. 1911, at
HyatLsville, Md.. GEORGE FRANCIS
Friends and relatives invited to attend
the funeral on Wednesday April 12.
to be held at 11 a. m.. from his late
residence. Interment at Greenmount
Cemetery, Baltimore. Md.
KING On Monday, April JO. 19U. at 4:43
a. m. at her residence, 933 S street.
of Amasa W. Kins', beloved grand
mother of Mary Emily King;.
Funeral from the Church of the Im
maculate Conception on Wednesday,
April 12. at 9 a. m. Interment private.
LUKENS-On Saturday. April S. 191L at
Alexandria Hospital. COURTLAND
Funeral Tuesday afternoon. April 11. at
2 o'clock, from his late home, near
Woodlawn. Fairfax County, Va. Car
riages for friends at Mount Vernon
at 1 o'clock.
SHEPPARD Suddenly, on Sunday morn
ing, April a. Ian. at ner nome. 1013
Sixth street northwest. Mrs, SAXJUE
P. SHEPPARD. aged eighty-four
Funeral from Lee's chapel, Tuesday,
April 11. at 3 p. m. Friends Invited.
Interment private.
DALY Departed this life two years ago
to-day (April li. isuai. nme. J. espu
TA DALY, devoted wife of Dr. John
A. Daly.
Established ;SJ0.
liX-S Prnosjlrania arenas norm est.
apL Telephone Mala ISM.
ISO FonrtsroUi St. mr.
CbapeL Fhcne North Wm.
J. WILLIAM LEE, Funeral Director
and Embalmer. Lfierr in connection. CooaedsM
Cbapel tad Modem Crematorium. Modest praam
83 PennijIrinU art sw. TatepboM Mala Uaf.
SOI Cast t7aftoI Street.
T-ttTgoet VaTwimg fifrfflllrtini.
V' -...
L.w . .

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