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Ayiation Meet Opens May 5
at Benning Track.
Besides Kllfjhta Every Afternoon by
Professionals, Several tVashingrton
MncMnei Will Participate In Con
tests Open to Amateur 'Numerous
Prizes Donated by Merchants.
Washington will see some -world-famous
birdmen within the next month
The National Aviation Company has ar
ranged for a meet at Benning on May
5. 6, and 7. which will undoubtedlj be
the greatest exhibition of fljlng craft
seen south of New York Already three
Curtis aiators have been signed, while
negotiations are under waj with a num
ber of other aeroplane pilots
The Curtiss machines will be of the
ciKht-c Under tjpe, and will be capable of
carrying passenger1- Se-veral vociet wo
men hae al'ead made the request to
fly at the meet, and they maj be gien
the opportunlts Students of the Na
tional Aviation S-hool also mav go as
passengers, and Like part in some of the
maneuvers, especially the bomb drop
ping, the contest for quick starting and
accurate landing, and others of a similar
Prizes for .mnteur.
In addition to the flights bj profes
sionals, every afternoon prizes hiebeen
offered for amateurs, and a number of
local machines will participate. There
win be motcrccle races on Benning
track, and sp-ed contents between the
fastest motorcycle and racing automo
bile and the aircraft The meet has
been indorsed by the Aero Club of Wash
ington and the Retail Merchants' Asso
ciation The former organization nas ap
pointed a crmmittee on exhib.tion and
trials, of which George Oikle Totten.
Jr , is chairman the other membe-s be
ing Ormsb McCammon and Dr J Wf
le Boite.
Coming as it does at the time of the
h rse show. man out-of-town Msitors
wilj be here Special rite- will be given
on railroids running from the South and
est, ard Virgin-irs and residents of
Western MarIind will hie their first
opportunin of setmg flights by the great
est of American a ntcrs
rr A F Zahm, ecrot.in r the Aero
Club, and Mr Totten hae been appoint
ed a eommitttee to provide i cup for the
.mueurs Xumermis prizes hive been
domted b merchants and other A ish
in tnniuis rr the various events Prizes
will be competed for bv students of the
N-ltlonil Avmlmn fZnhnnl it rrtnrn
Pith, and probiblv bv the Rev Smith!
fivers The Washingtcn substation of
t e Aonniuuc.il Resprve may hnve a
ma 1 ire taking rirt in the comp tit-on
Vinlor Isrned I ji. j
J A J) McCurdv who established a
world s record in llv mg from Kev West
w thin sight of Hwini Lincoln Beach,
the balloonist, well-known in Washing
ton md H A Robinson lompnte the
C rtis tfim alreadv sinoil up It i
ornbahie that Olenn Curtis.-, will be here,
ana if o will no dnubt -nak, llig ts
i next month the lerodrome at Col
lcgf Park will be in c. client condition
an.i tl.e armv will be making expert
men's Wire.f-ss messages may be sent
f" m n airship m tlight at benning to
t' f ignil Corps st-Uion at College Park
If 'hi- is done it will establish a world s
re -1 in the transmiss on of messages
f'f 1 ship ,n ship
r nements will be made for taking
ca .if the oowds in the Benning grand
stand the hangars being a-ranged nearby
sr the rrachines , in he v heled quirkl
in fiont of the stand from which place
th various flights will start. An excel
1 t vv of the manhines both while
s' ting and while in motion vv.il thus be
of't oi the spectators
3IARItIni: Licnxsss.
Bnrlfttr t KunWT. Zl and Julia Tyinrr
1' t th l M mm Jarfcun, a. Kfr J M
Tunas H r"vrT 3 and rfra e. Crmc 21
R - H S -hicrie-
Seie lo- T P"-ira 21 and KJinhPth B Birr.
M Ilrt C Iroent smitli
Bdsranl Iohan 3S and iludird Wycks. 2) Iter
A J Tjlcr
(,rrz? uhicgtrn, 22, and Flora Selrlfn. 22.
Rei C C Allrjne
tn. K. n-vl Maud Chapman jnrf.
luthcT F. and Ioiuse h Winner. prU
I4iu and Jrin c Dcmvfti piri
DircrrieH F ami Marv A Barrett girl.
J h C and Joane B icb (nr!
James M and Itrwi L. Mcllaniels bny
V t and CrtMie Itnuiiwtmn, cirL
Kdtrard and irjnnui t.rtpr srirl
Wilhprt and Rlam-hr i hew cirL
Wilnam and Matilda Oamjihcil prl
Jamrs h. I and nnie Hehn bus
i Tn II aii Mane Moms biy and Eirl twins.
Willis and Marr Ih"t h
I.'orti ai-d Uzzie Fooler EirL
Jbn and marda i iU- i cuL
rihur n. and Lula Banks ixjy
I i-ne aid (era K suns pi-L
Jn4in WrJeT and lola Henderson, hoy
B d and Minnie Andrews nrl
John and Ge-trude yierton hoy.
Adnlrh KniiK, a vean aral Mod. i?rtor4 Hospt.
Bcne F. Johnson JT Gt-rc Washirctnn Hrit.
Francis iioldliQrh 31 Cicorcetown I nir. lloapl.
Marr sTiphan i 4T0 I. t su
Nannie J. Ba- 65 1531 i mcrroi st. no.
Marzaret C tttriiatrick 21 (31 I t nc
ime J M. Kins 7 333 S st. nw.
Edmrd Palmer 10 XT 12Ui
Herman Ilomes 2 mrtnth-i tliildrm IIosrtal
Helen l Johnn 1 w-irs I2ffi Jaeknn t ne.
Sarcncl Thomas. 33 vears, UTS Slcndun st. nw.
Jetue Smith a. m Morion st-
Martha CufTee. IP 1103 W st. nw
Wm N Bohaiman It 221 L st- nw
Mane Orrrw 1. 1011 7Ui st. at
Biehard Bntxs. 3t. 1(T4 30th st. nw
Pen Rottnaon 60 Washington Alum Hosrt.
Julia Butler. 70 Home for Aged and Infirm.
Lime Haley. 51. 1210 4th st nw.
Arnie Jones. SI 2214 Champlain are. nw.
IW Carrloza. 35, Frredmen'a Hosrt.
Thoma D Dawtins, 30 20 B st. se.
Amu S. Broots. 7. 1334 4th st. nw.
James A. Wallace. I month, 411 K si. nw.
IVnlnli Pitch? for. White Sox.
Chicago, April 11 Manager Dotty and
he members of the White Sox team left
or Detroit to-day, where they open the
merican League season to-morrow.
Valsh will be on the slao for the Sox,
fith Billy Sullivan catching
HcCRAY Refrigerators
Wiibciif Question
The Best Made
JJtjIn JT jf uj
Home is th' best lodge, even if
some o' th' degrees er a little tough.
The doctor said Sam Whithill
died of a complication o' diseases,
an' Pinky Keer said he didn' know
he drank.
Continued from Pnge One.
of this kind in the city and onlv one
I am not an aspirant for any further
offices, but I will get down on the floor
and work with the best of you for that
purpose '
President Oyster also had the proposed
amalgamation on his mind at last night s
mettmg J V Hunt a member of the
Chamber, aroc before adjournment to
suggest that the Washington members
of the United Commercial Trav elers" As
sociation 1 invited to attend the next
meeting of the Cbambei
"Up will bi glid to mv ite them to
attend ' replied President Ovster. "and
let us hope the Board of Tnde also
will onie in force to our next meeting.
fo I believe the consolidation of th"
two bodies is going to be. and that
shortlv I think that if the proposition
was placed before the memberships of
the two bodies iiO per cent would vote
for it
That the action of the board of di
rectors of the Board of Trade in ap
proving l joint entertainment with the
Chamber of Commerce for the I'nited
St ites Senators and Representatives, will
serve as an entering wedge for the amal
gamation plan was anticipated bv the
directorate before the iction was taken
I'l fact certain directors, of the Board
of J ride strenuousjv urged the action
ictuated in large part bv the hope that
such would be the ase
II I u m- the Donrri.
It is admitted on both sides that the
Board of Trade is p! icing the principal
obstacles in the wav of the project. It
is more or less openlv charged that the
ofticial roster of thit organization has
for vears been responsible for the exist
ence of the two o ganizations
Accoroing to those who blame certain
officers of the older organization, the
membership of the Board of Trade never
has been given an opportunity to con
sider the project, whi'-h Ins alw ivs been
killed in committee The primarv object
of the present campugn is to place the
project before the membership and keep
it out of the hands of nonreporting com
mittees It is cons d'red highlv probable
th it some definite a tion will be mapped
out or taken at th monthly meeting
of the board this month
Xanna Janssen Seeks .Recov
ery of 3Ione3'.
Danipl J Sullv, the former 'cotton
King.' of New York, was made the de
fendant in a suit tiled yesterday by
Nanna Janssen for the recovery of $1,
40S 73 and interest.
The money is alleged to be due on
promissor notes Attorney H Win
ship Wheat lej appears for the plain
tiff iho alleges that, although demand
for the pament of the monej has
been made, nothing has been paid
L. S Dept- o Agnnilture. Weather Bureau.
Washicctrn Tnesdai pnl 11 p, m.
P-e-vLire is low fni the JlM!siiri alley west
ward throM;:h the Flateau rrgifn and abnormally
h z in the Northeast. This distribution has re
sulted in gr-ieral rains in the Cei tral tallej-s and
the south and loral rains and snows in the North
wen and the middle ard northern distneta west of
the Itodty Mountains.
Local Temperatnre,
Midnight. 43 2 a. m.. 39. I a m.. 35. G a. m..
31 8 a. m. 40. 10 a. m. 51 12 nn ii, : p. m.
" t p. m. 53, 6 p. m 55 8 rs m.. 43, 10
r m. 43 Maximum. 53. m nmum. 33.
Helatire humidity S a. m GO. 2 n. m., U:
d I m. 62 hours o' sunshine, 13.1, tier oent of
Iiossible sumhine HW
Temicratiire same date last year Maximum. TS,
minimum 42.
Temperatures In Other Cities.
Tcmiratore in other cities, together with th
amount of rainfall for the twenty tour hours ended
at 8 p. m. ycsUa-day, are is follows:
Max. Min. 8 p. m. fall.
Ashenllc N. O. ... 42 42 42 0 12
Atlanta (.a. ... 50 4 50 0M
Atlantic at. N. J 43 33 40
Bismarck N. Dak 64 40 54 0 C
Bontnn Mass. 50 31 42 ....
Buffalo N. 1 55 34 44
Chicago III 60 10 53 . .
Cincinnati. Ohio 62 42 50 0 10
fhoenne. Wyo 53 28 52
Davenport. Iowa 62 35 50 0X2
DenTtr. Colo 60 32 60
Des Moires Iowx. 54 44 50 0.33
Galveston. Tex T8 70 74
Helena, Mont. 38 IS 32 0 CB
Indianapolis, Ind... 60 42 50 0 12
JacksouTillc, Fl 72 63 61 OH
Kansas City. Mo 72 43 66 0.1
Little Rocii. Ark 70 50 CB 0 70
Los Angeles. Cal 66 50 62
Marqnette. Mich. 50 34 44 ....
Memphis, Term 65 50 64 (US
New Orleans. Ln... . 72 64 68 1.55
?cw Tork. N. Y 50 40 44
North riatte. Nrtc 72 32 68
Omaha, Ner. .. 63 46 64 an
Philadelphia. I'a. 54 10 41 ....
Pittsburg, ra. 60 40 54
Portland. Me. 44 30 38
Portland. Oreg. 44 a 40 0.42
Salt Lako Oty. Utah 55 44 54
St. Louh. Mo. ............ 55 50 50 0 91
St. Panl, Mhw. .. 56 43 48 OJS
Ban Fran3aco,C!al. ....... 54 48 SI 0 01
Sprincadd. IU. . .... 55 44 50 0,18
Tacoma, Wash.' ........... C .. 12 O.os
Tampa. Fla. .........X. 80 63 TO 021
Toledo. Ohio .. 53 36 44
Vicksburg. Miss. fi B 68 J.4B
Tide Table.
To-day-High tida" 722 a. m. and T p. b.
Low tide 1J0 a. m. and 1.57 p. m.
To-morrow High tide 82 a. in. and 8.37 p. m.
Low tide 2J2 a. m. and Z 40 p. nj.
largest Moniins Circulation.
Fears Decay of Roman Republic May Find Parallel in
Our Own Nation Addresses Members of
Society of the Mayflower.
"Nursed in the lap of luxury, yielding
to the enervating influence of a material
prosperity, there are moments when I
fear the decay of the Roman republic
may find some parallel in our own na
tion The antidote for the poison that
r'motely, I grant threatens the virility
and Igor of the greatest go ernment
that ever was deiised, is the spirit of
courage and endurance that animated
jour ancestors, when, lighted by the
same ision that guided Paul of old. thej
crossed the &ea to found a new home in
the uncongenial environment of inhos
pitable sadges and wild beasts"
Such were the sentiments. Representa
tive V M Ne, of Minnesota, expres&ed
in his eloquent address, to the members
of the District Societ of Maj flower De
scendantsi who were the guests of Mr
and JIr Thomas s Gale, at their res-i-aence.
.200 S street, last night,
Repret.entatie Xje took for' his theme
tl e needs of the republic, and the fre
quent and heart! applause that greeted
him at eierj step showed how hcartil
his speech was appreciated, and how
deepl it touched his audieme.
Too Much I.cglKlatlon.
"Men of to-da place too much re
liance in Unislation as a panacea for
the social ills. ' said the speaker All
01 er the countr men are banded to
gether in organizations that base for
their aiowed purpose the ccuring of
foumment aid. of getting appropriations
for thi-. and the other thing. aml re
1 ing upon tht paternal aid of the gov
ernment of both nation and, of btute,
rather than working out their own sana
tion bj the exercise of those manly vir
tues that lie at the root of all human
anJ national progress We go on mul
tioljing farms, and land, and carriages,
ind belonging" at a rate that amazes the
wo'ld Tropertj ' Propert ' ProperO " is
the cr all over the countrv, while men
do not stop to realize that the things
of this life that are most wo-th while
are the unseen things
"But there .ire signs that the Ameri
can people are now taking thought of
the situation that confronts them, and
of the great print iples fo which this
government stands Thej are getting
1 .ense of proportion, the lack of
which has eer been th cring de
fect in our national character They
are beginning to recognize that the
greatest of all Uarning and scholir
ship is reverence The are now
learning that the strength of the na
tion is the home and its Influence
The nation has been aptly likened to
a tree whose trunk is the home, its
three important branches the school,
the church, and the ballot-bo it- fol
iage reverence and generosit , its
flowers libertv. equalit, and Justice,
while its fruit will be peace, plenty,
and purity.
"Rut the dav is coming w hen Justice w ill
demand, and will see to it. that the toil
ing masses are admitted to a fiir share
of the profits that accrue from their
handiwork Workers will share In the
product of hand and brain, and no man
will be permitted to take from the fin
ished product more than he has con
I do not think socialism w-ill eve-
come I do not fully understand its aims
they are so vague but there will revl
tablv come that justice th it is due to
the members of a common soietv. none
of whose indiv duals can be touched or
harmed without injuring the whole bodv
'But th" spirit of the Pilgrim fathers
has llv ed throughout the historv of the
republic The laws that the formulated
are as fiir. as just, and as satif ing
as the principles of the Declaration of
Independence itelf
"But the leaven is working Men are
taking thought. I am sure that should
an emergency demand the best that the
people of the nation have to offer, tiat
hui m 111 r forthcoming now or in the
future as it never has in the past. l
sometimes think that another experience,
another emergency would be a good thing j
for the vigor, vtrilitj. and welfare of the
republic, that the true principles upon
Five Thousand Circulars De
scribing Druggist and Of
fering $300 Reward
Sent Broadcast.
Five thousand circulars describing Dr.
William A. Grav, who disappeared from
Georgetown University Hospital March
1 last, while his brother-in-law, George
B Chew was making arrangements to
have him received at the Institution for
treatment, have been sent out by the
Washington police department. The en
tire country Is now thoroughly posted as
to the description of the missing doctor.
The circular bears a picture of Dr.
Gray, which his relatives say Is a strik
ing likeness It offers a reward of $200
from Mr. Chew and an additional reward
of J100 from the Washington police de
partment. Uullke most circulars sent
out. It requests the police 6f the differ
ent cities to keep a sharp lookout at all
church missions and boarding houses.
Police In all cities are requested to ask
local newspapers to print a description
of Mr. Gray and the reward.
6nllAr r'AnmlAwInn
LallOV IOmpieXlOIl
I3 the greatest of aO liver medicines. Its powerful purifying and strengthen
ing influence. is at once apparent in an improved appetite, good digestion
and a feeling of strength and energy in the body. When the system has
been put. in order the yellow cast in the skin gradually disappears and the
complexion 'becomes clear and healthy.
Sold by Heaters. Pries, Large Package. tl.OO.
Ak for iberesrofaie with rie Red goatftebbd. If jroo onaotret h. remit to m. we wO tend
it by Bail poKptU. SknaonaUrrr RrsslaorbpttivalninligBldlocmiortboKwboiKfcr
is. PnceSLOO per bottle. Look for the Red Z label '
3. . ZEILIN & CO.. Proprietors. St. Lornlm. Missouri
which it has been so splendidly built
might come Into prominence from out
the mass of self-interest, greed, and
corruptness that have so often been ap
parent "
Occasional and loving reference by Rep
resentative Ne to his brother showed
how deep was the attachment that ex
isted beteneen himself and the famous
humorist who has endeared himself
in pleasant memory.
Member BnthrjKlafltlc.
The meeting was most enthusiastic, and
a programme of vocal and Instrumental
music was much enjojed. Dr. W. S.
Washburn, governor of the societv, pre
sided and convejed a hearty vote of
thanks to the speaker of the evening and
to the host and hostess
Among others present were Gen Black,
Gen and Mrs Miller, Judge and Mrs
Hazleton. Mr. and Mrs. Kaunce, A. A.
Aspinwall. Mr and Mrs C A. Aspinwall.
Mr and Mrs A H. Semmes. Miss Jar
vis, Mr- Townend, Thomas S Hopkins.
Dr and Mrs Caldwell. H W. Soovill, K
W Bradford, Jerome F Johnson. W. L.
Marsh Miss Marsh. Mr. and Mrs. H W.
Blanchard. Mr and Airs Frank J Iaiwif.
Mrs Gardner Mts Cleveland, Miss
Chamberlin Mr and Mrs Kills Iigan.
Capt and Mrs V. W Mitchell. Mr and
Mrs Randolph Kimc and Miss Kime, Mr
and Mrs A Howard Clark. Capt and
Mrs V Cas Frank J. Bond. Miss
Ups-otnb. Mr and Mrs R A Hill. Miss
Morrill. Htv J II Talnr. Mr and Mrs
A II Van Deuscn Miss Durham, Mrs
Barber, and Mrs Brock
Eighth Hattalion Survivors
Honored at Banquet.
It was due to the Influence of German
citizfns that a meisure to change the
money sstem of this countr was de
fi.iled. ind tl at sound monej was made
the b iss of the nations monetarj and
financial pollcyv
This statement wa made b Rt pre
sentative Bartlioldt at the banquet of
the Kighth Ba'tallon at the Rigg House
list night Mr Bartholdt reteived en
thusiastic, applajse Representative Bart
holdt paid glowing tribute to the dffds
of valor performed lv the Germans in
the livll war The banquet was given
with the assistance of the I'nited Ger
mm S-oiietifs and the Columbia Turn
verein The gt-oets of honor were Willam R ith.
president iUnr W lithor. t-ecretarv . J
J Bernlnrdt Lerch. I.ouis Kettler, Kas
par Runz. Krnst Ruppert. Hent v Kettler
Henrv Kunz. Rudolph Saur. and Dr
Christiin btrack I. P Hennighau-en.
J A e ier. William Nairn, and C H-irt-mann
w re ilso seated at the guest table
with Cnmmissoner Rudolph and Repre
sentative Bartholdt The v irious singing
ocietios contributed their share of songs
Commissioner Rudolph made an ad
dress in German in which he paid
tribute to the puriotism of the members
of the bittalion
!. P Hennighauen of Baltimore, de
clared Lincoln selected the G rman citi
zens of the District to defend the Na
tional C ipit.al Others who spoke were
Louis Sehncidereith. of Baltimore, and
Frnst Gichner Mr Voelckner presented
a gold plate to 'W llliam Reith. president
of the veterans as a gilt from the Co
lumbia Turnverein
A feature were the pictures of Lin
coln s inauguration and scenes of the
Kighth Battalion In camp
Great enthusiasm was shown when a
picture of President Taft was thrown
upon the screen, and all the diners stood
while the orchestra plaed "The Star
Spangled Banner."
comes from bQious impurities in the brood,
Leaders Arriving for Con
gress. Opening Monday.
Supporters of Mra. William C. Story,
Candidate for President General,
Claim She Han Gained Strength,
"While Scott Element Feeli San
gnlne of Re-election.
The Continental Congress of the Na
tional Society of the Daughters of the
American Revolution will convene in Con
tinental Memorial Hall next Monday at
10 30 o'clock. This congress promises to
be a strenuous one, and already leaden
In the campaign for the two candidates
for president general of the society are
arriving In town to begin the great strug
gle. Mrs Matthew T. Scott, the present in
cumbent of the office, who makes her
home In this city, is now in Atlantic
City, but will return late this week, while
Mrs. William Cummlng Story will also
come down from New York several days
before the congress. Mrs. Story is the
candidate of the conservative party, and
was defeated by Mrs Scott two jears
ago, by a majority of only eight votes.
Urge Reception To-night.
Several pre-Congrcssional entertain
ments have been arranged, probably the
mos,t important being the large recep
tion to be given by Mrs. H. U Mat
tinglj. of .KOl Twenty-seventh street, to
night, in honor of Mrs George M. Small
wood, State regent of the District. On
Saturday evening Continental Hall will
bo thrown open for the benefit of the
delegates, and Miss Nannie Barbee, of
Kentucky, will give a programme of
negro dialect stories
Members of the credentials committee
will be In their places in the registra
tion room of Memorial Hall to receive
the credentials of delegates and to issue
badges, on Friday afternoon and even
ing, and all day Saturdaj.
After the opening exercises Mondaj
morning President Taft will speak to the
delegites and there will be addresses bj
a number of other prominent men.
-Mondas afternoon Mrs. Francois Rer
Rer Moran will loan her house in Sheri
dan circle for a iscotch festival to raise
funds for the central bronze doors at
Continental Hall Mpe Maj D E. Mac
I'herson. late of the Highland Royal
Scots, will be master of ceremonies Maj.
MacPherson Is a recognized prize piper
and dancer, having appeared in Scotland
at highland gatherings to compete in
games of skill and tests of strength.
Cruvon posttrs representing Scotch rec
reations by C W. Ford will be on view
this week at the Arlington, Wlllard,
Kbbitt. hhorehim. and Gordon hotels,
ind at prominent Jewelrv shops. They
will bt told during the week of the con
gress The President and Mrs Taft will re
ceive the delegates at the White House
Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Mrs.
Scott will hold her annual reception on
Monday evening at Continental Hall.
Children IV III Meet.
The Children of the Revolution, of
which the president is Mrs Cummins,
wife of the Senator, will also hold
their sessions during Easter week.
and the delegates to the D A. R con
gress are invited to a reception by the
Children on Frida, April 21, from 1 to
o clock.
The administration party of the D
A R. has given out the list of Its can
didates for national offices which fall
vacint at the election next week. The
District furnishes the largest number.
as only two are from the States
The ihlef candidiie. of course, is Mrs
Matthew T Scott for president general;
Mrs Henrv L. Mann, of the District, for
vice president general, in charge of or
ganization of chapters. Miss Elizabeth
F Pierce, chaplain general, Mrs. How
ard 1. Hodgkins. recording secretary
genaral Mrs William F Dennis, cor
responding secretary general: Mrs G M
Brumbaugh, registrar general: Mrs. Will
iam D Hoover, treasurer general; Mrs.
Charles W Bassett. of Baltimore, his
torian general. Mrs Ellen Straw Thomp
son, of Massachusetts, assistant historian
general, and Miss AmarjHis Gillette,
librarian general
Among the delegates who have already
arrived are Mrs Samuel T. Ammon. of
Pittsburg, chairman of tho press com
mittee, and Mrs Joseph Wood. State
chairman of the Story party in New
Mills Plant Hill to Dr Introduced In
Conarrcui To-day.
hill asking the Ounmissiocer to accept the
mKtcumerl milk laboratory founded by Nathan
Straus, of New Tork. as a (aft, will bo introduced
in ConcrcB to-day by Delegate Caroeron. of Aruoca.
Mr. Straus has accomplished much in BcttinK the
poWie officials, indudinc President Taft, interrsled
in milk pasteurization, and this afternoon will p to
his home in Sew York to await the action of Coo
Much Interest Felt In Veiled Threats
of Phillips,
Much interest is beins felt in official Washington
oror the relied threat of Harrey Phillips, who was
arrested on a dujo of shippinc arms, marked for
mtcre, to tha Mexican rebels from Brooklyn, N. T.
Son of Indicted Banker
Grave Will Petition
C. Jones Rlxey, of 903 Sixteenth street,
this city, head of the Virginia Safe
Deposit and Trust Corporation, of Alex
andria, who Is under Indictment In Alex
andria on a charge of embezzlement, pre
sents a puzzling situation.
C Jones Rlxey. Jr., son of tho indicted
banker, last night declared to a reporter
for The Washington Herald that his fath
er's condition was grave. In the mean
time, the Alexandria authorities are clam
oring for the presence" In court there of
the Indicted banker, for trlaL In the
Alexandria Corporation Court yesterday it
was decided to ask the governor of Vir
ginia to Issue requisition papers for
Rlxey, to compel his attendance In court.
Judge Louis C. Barley, la the Corpora
tion Court, directed Commonwealth At
torney Brent to prepare the papers, which
will be forwarded to Gov. Mann at once,
and If he signs them, Rlxey will be placed
in a hospital, where he will be under
surveillance, and as soon as his condi
tion permits Ire will be taken to Alex
andria, for trial.
Riley's attorneys, it was announced last
alibi, will oppose tse extradition be
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Have Tried Many Tailors
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Phillirw srrts hm lnnncrcoe. ind has nude state
menu that tend u show that srrcral wcrrt agents
In the Drrnrtment of Justice majr be implicated m
trie Knnsslinc o: arm?
t the Depnrttrent of Justice yesterday it was ad
milled that while the actintin had been earned on
with the Nst intentions, some of the Csyjet fccmee
asents orcrstrrped their authority and established in
Texas a srsicin of espionage rarticulariy distasteful
to that btatc
Shertmrne f. Hopkins irire Jl.om hnnrl for l"htl
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In I in May 10.
Minority lcnder In Senate Reeoi;-
nlic the Proere.ilieii.
Thrmas . Martin, of irjinta. tho newly elected
minmty leader of the ienate. announced last nicht
the pcrwnnel of the Democratic itrenne committee,
which ii to make the committee selections for the
minority in the v-nat.
The new committee, which is to hold its first meet-
inc this afternoon, is mad up of Senator Martin,
chairman, ard "-enators Culberson of Texas, bun-
mor.s. cf North Carolina Harke of Arkansas Bank
head, of Uabama Klclcher. of Florida. Williams,
of Mjounpp Kern, of Indiana, and Hitchcock,
In the selection of the committee Mr. Martin has
reccmized two of the newly elected Senators who
lined up with the srxallrd "procrejwiTes" in oppo
sition to his candidacy for the minority leadership
erf the Senate The new tcnaton on the committee
are Kem and Hitchcock Seren members of the
cnramittee are from the South and two from the
horth or West.
Collins Called Pyromanlac at Trial
In Police Co art.
Believing Thomas J. Collins, self-confessed
firebug, to be Insane. Judge Pugh.
in the Police Court, yesterdayi ordered
him examined by alienists before a trial
by the grand Jury. Officials at the Police
Court believe Collins started the fires
through an insane desire to figure as a
Assistant United States Attorney Ralph
Given, who suggested that Collins be
examined by alienists. Is of the opinion
that Collins is a pyromaniac.
Collins was tried jesterday on two
counts of arson, although he will be
tried before the grand Jury. It is said, on
seventeen. Waiving examination, and
pleading guilty when questioned, Collins
did not seem to realize that if he Is ad
Judged sane, he faces a term of at least
fifty years In the penitentiary. If found
guilty. "When seen In his cell, after the
trial, Collins said:
"Yes; I started the fires. No; r cannot
discuss the case. They say I'm crazy,
and I guess I am."
Says Father's Condition Is
for Requisition Papers.
fore Gov. Mann, setting forth that their
client is not physically able to be re
moved from hl home, and that such ac
tion would greatly Injure his health. Dr.
Rlxey's physician was In court yesterday
and announced that Mr. Rixey needed a
long rest.
Mr. Rlxey's attorneys made a motion
to have the case tried before another
Judge, contending that testimony could
be given by Judge Barley that would
be of benefit to the defendant After
protracted arguments by the counsel of
both sides. Judge Barley overruled the
When the case was called yesterday
morning and Rlxey did not appear.
Judge Barley ordered a capias issued
for the arrest of Rlxey. City Sergt. Cox.
of Alexandria, came to Washington with
the papers, but Capt, Boardman, assist
ant superintendent of police, refused to
arrest Rlxey without requisition papers.
He said Rlxey could be arrested If found
In the streets with the capias order, but
not while he was In his home. It was
after this was made known to Judge
Barley that he directed Commonwealth
Attorney Brent to prepare the papers
for Gov. ""
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tSf I1TH RT. NW. 'Pbona Hats OBL
CARTER-On Monday. April 10. 13U. at
his residence. 3G1S Dumbarton avenue
northwest. ANDREW CARTER, dear
ly beloved husband of Sarah Carter
and father of Mrs. Uattle Jackson.
Andrew and John Carter, and leader
of Class No. 6 of Mount Zlon M. E.
Funeral Thursday, April 13 at 230 p.
m . from Mount Zlon M. E. Church.
Twenty-ninth street northwest. Rela
ties and friends Invited to attend.
Interment at Mount Zlon Cemetery.
ELDREDGE On Tuesday. April 11. 1911,
at her residence. 1710 Fourteenth
Notice of funeral hereafter.
riTCH On Saturday. April S. 1911. at
Porto Velio. Brazil. ARTHUR a
TLETCHER On Thursday. April fi, 1911.
at Tucson, Ariz.. LOUIS C FLETCH
ER, beloved husband of Mary Man
nine Fletcher.
Funeral (private) Wednesday, April C
at 12 m , from chapel at Glenwood
JONES On Monday. Ap-il 10. 1311. at
Hyattsville. Md.. GEORGE FRANCIS
Friends and relatives .invited to attend
the funeral on Wedm bday. April 12.
to be held at 11 a. m . from his late
residence Interment at Greenmounr.
Cemetery, Baltimore. Md.
KING On Monday. April JO. 1911. at i:C
a. m at her residence, 933 S street.
of Amasa W. King;. beloed grand
mother of Mary Emily King.
Funeral from the Church of the Im
maculate Conception on Wednesday,
April 12. at 9 a, m. Intment private.
KING On Tuesday, April 1J, 1911. at 7
p m . at her residence. 903 New
Tork aenue northwest, ELIZABETH
DUNN SPRAGUE, wife of Dr. Hu
bert L. King.
Funeral from St. Paul's Episcopal
Church. Twenty-third street north
west, Thursday. April 13. at 2 P. m.
RelatKes and friends Invited. Inter
ment private
MARCEAU Departed this life on Tues
day. April U. 1911, at SJO p. m..
tieth j ear of her age.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
MACABOY On Monday. April 10. 19D,
at his residence, .it K street north
east. WILLIAM H. MACABOY. aged
thirty-seven years.
Funeral on Thursday morning. April
13. from St, Aloysius' Church, where
high mass will be said Friends In
vited to attend.
OFFUTT On Tuesday. April 11, 1311, at
S a. m., at her residence. 'Xl a street
northeast, CAROLINE C beloved
wife of David A. Offutt.
Funeral to take place Thursday. April
13. at 2 p. m. Relatives and friends
invited Interment private.
Services at the family nunai 101 m
Rock Creek Cerneterv. Funeral and
Interment private. (Wilmington and
Chester papers please copy.)
RYAN On Tuesday. April 11. 191J, at
her residence. T17 S street nortnwesr,
MARGARET E.. daughter of the late
James and Eliza Ryan
Notice of funeral hereafter.
SIMS On Tuesday, April 11, 19U. at the
residence of her brotner-in-iaw. m
Washington. D. C. Mrs EMILY J.
SIMS, widow of J. Alfred Sims and
daughter of the late Henry S. aad A.
Ophelia Shryock. of Baltimore.
Funeral services In Baltimore.
EatabUabed ISO.
nSO-S PeccijlTanl arecoe uaUiaiaf.
apeL Telepbon Main ML
UD Fourteenth St. rrw.
Chapel. Thos North SM.
J. WILLIAM LEE. KonermU Direct
and Embalmer. Lirerr in connection. COBuaodloai
Chapel and Modem Crematorinm. Modest pdeaft
SI PtnstjlTinla art aw. IWrphoa Main OaV,
SOI East CaltoI Street.
Of Knot DcKripUoo-UodeaUtr maA
Funeral DeatrM. fanaral BiHffi
BaauUful aoral djd War lWlliH to fMa
' t m
t ' v tr
-c'x j. T?iP Ji&SSS

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