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Berger, Socialist, Placed on
House Committee.
Continued from Pace One.
Fourteen Democrat, Six Republi
can, nnd Socialist on Quota Six
Veteran Remain Mne ew Rep
resentative!! De Forest AWn for
Place Only Auienment for Bereer.
Ben Jonnnon, chairman, Ken-
WyaU Aiken. South. Carolina;
John H. Rothermel, Pennsyl
vania; James . Hamtl. ew Jerey;
John K. M. dair, Indiana;
Carl C. .nder.on, Ohio;
Martin Dies, Texas;
William A. Oldfleld, Arkansas;
George F. O'Shaunessy, Rhode
Henry Georce, Jr., ew York;
E. J. Stack, Illinois;
C. O. I.oheck, 'Nebraskn;
William C. Redfleld, er York;
Georce Konlc Maryland;
J. Hampton Moore, Pennsyl
vania: Julius Kahn, California;
William .1. Cnry. Wisconsin;
Cjrirs A.. Sulloway, ew Hamp
shire; I.eonldas C. Dyer, Missouri;
Henry S. De Forest, ew York;
Victor L. Berjrer, Wisconsin.
The new House District Committee,
composed of fourteen Democnts, ix Re
publican"', and one Soci l'ist. will be in
action this week
Chairman Johnson plans to hold a
ireeting of the Democrats of the com
mittee to-morrow morning to outline the
TPneral pollcv of the committee and the
work it i to take up The complete com
rrittee will be called to meet possibl on
Kndaj to make a bepnnn.ncr on the l.irge
1 udget of District business alreadv in
troduced in the Houe
OnlT Six Remain.
But six members of the committee of
the Simy-hrst Congress remain on the
new romnittee These are Johnson
Aiken and Rothermel. Democrats, and
Moore Kahn, mil Carv. Republicans
Nine of the prc-ent members are neI
elee'ed representatives
Rerresentath e J Hampton Moore, of
Pennsjlvan'a whom Mlnontj Leader
Mann &eleced as ranking member of the
rpmoritv of the committee, lias been
prominent in the doings of the commit
tee heretofore. His bill regulating the
cold storage of produce in the District
w is one of the features of the last ses
sion Representative Kahn. of California
who is reappointed to the committee, was
one of it.s hard-working Republican mem
bers of the last Congress
T llliam J Carv. who continues on the
committee, is one of the radicals of the
House He is to the fore already at this
session with several bills relating to Dis
trict affairs
Cvrus A Sulloway. of New Hampshire,
is one of the giants of the House, both
phs:call and mentallv He accepts the
District Committee assignment in addi
tion to a place on the Committee on in
valid Pensions, of which he was formerlj
Representative Leonida C Dver is a
Mlsrourian who formerly lived in Wash
ington He served for several vears as
an emploje of the Treasury Department,
and participated in -the Spanish war as
a member of one of the District regi
ments Although he has lived in Mis
souri during the last few vears. he is
conversant with the affairs of the Dis
trict De Forest Is Placed.
Henr S De Forest, of New York, who
has grown rich through his sagacitv in
real estate deals, applied for service on
the District Committee Mr. De Forest
will bring his family to Washington
Fulfilling exclusive prediction in The
Washington Herald two weeks ago, Vic
tor L. Berger, of Milwaukee, was given
one of tlie District Committee places,
which ord'nu-ily would have gone to a
Republican The District Committee was
the only assignment he received
There was some surprise noticeable
among the friends of Representative Sam
uel W Smith, 0f Michigan, vesterday,
when It was found that, although for
mer chairman of the District Committee,
he retained no membership on that bod
Chairman Johnson yesterdav endeavored
to secure permission for the District Com
mittee to sit during sessions of the
House, on the plea that the business of
the committee promised to be verj heavy
Representative Moore, one of the mem
bers of the committee, objected to the
request, and the project was abandoned
House should go ahead In its own way
to legislate In the manner desired by the
public. They proposed that the free list
bill should be attached to the reciprocity
measure as a rider and sent -over to
the Senate In that shape There was
much warm debate, but it was apparent
that the faction which opposed the views
of Clark and Underwood was in the
Members Withdraw.
A number of members requested that
they be excused from participation In the
caucus action, declaring they were pre
viously pledged to their constituents
against reciprocity. Among these mem
bers were Representatives Webb, of
North Carolina. Doughton. of North
Carolina; Gudger, of North Carolina;
Rucker. of Colorado; Hammond, of Min
nesota, Ashbrook. of Ohio, Pujo. of
Louisiana, and Wickllffe, of Louisiana
Mr Hammond is the onlv Ways and
Means member included among those
who protested against the programme of
the leaders-
Other members demanded that addi
tional Items be added to the free-list
bill They urged that the list as pre
sented to the caucus by Chairman Un
derwood, of the Ways and Means Com
mittee, was not sufficiently comprehen
sive- They contended that other manu
factured articles should be added to the
number mentioned. In order to compen
sate the farmer for the Joss entailed by
tne placing or so many of his products
within the reciprocal zone There was
a disposition on the part of the majority
of the caucus, however, to accept the
judgment of Mr Underwood and his
Measures Decided Upon.
It was practically decided that the reci
procity the free-list bill, and the
woolen and cotton schedules Fhould be
the only propositions upon which the
Democrats should caucus This means
that while there will be no party caucus
on the election of Senators bv direct
vote of the people, the publicitv of cam
paign contributions, and the other items
cf the general legislation programme al
ready indorsed bv the caucus immedl-atelv-
preceding the convening of Con
gress, these measures mav come into the
House at anv time and be acted upon as
teneral propositions of partv policy in
tht regular waj
The proposition to make reciprocitv the
first thing on the programme was car
ried b a large majority The vote was
12n to 2D. six members voting present.
An additional paragraph was added to
the reciprocity bill requesting the Presi
dent to expand the negotiations with
Canada with respect to reciprocitv in
other words, to include other ankles In
the agreement
Representative Fitzgerald of New
York, chairman of the Appropriations
Committee, moved to strike out this last
Paragraph, but he was decisivelv beaten
He pointed out that this was utineces
sarv . that P-esident Taft was alreadv
inclined to make the reuprocitv b'anket
cover as much as possible, and that no
instructions along this line from the Con
gress were necessary He said after the
adjournment of the caucus, that he had
made this motion largely to bring about
a vote on reciproutv, inasmuch as the
discussion had shown no signs of termi
The onlv significance of this additional
paragraph is to indicate that the Demo
crats are apparentlv willing to vote for
complete free trade between the United
State" and Canada and take this method
of notifjmg the Chief Executive to this
The blanket tariff bill proposed bv the
Democrats, while intended to bring re
lief tc all classes, is designed particu
lar to help the farmers and to offset
concessions which are demanded of them
in the reciprocitv agreement The move
to help the farmer is a clever maneuver
on the part of the Democrats to cut the
ground from under the Republican insur
gents and regulars who have been rais
ing their voices against the sacrifices
demanded of the tillers of the soil with
out any adequate return
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50 pieces of very heaw,
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Republican Members of Com
mittees Made Public.
Continued from Pace One.
PetTvorth Meeting to no Held
Third Tucla of Month.
A new ctxistitntioD and by-laws was adored it
the rrcular monthly meeUr; of the ret worth Citi
zens wicration hWd in tbe Petworth church last
niffht. President Paul te$h rrrdrd.
It was decided to bold meetings on the third Tiies
dav in each month The date for the electi-xi of
officers was chanced from January to September.
Itnlnp Introduce Resolution to
Probe Depnrtment of Justice.
Repre:entati e Rainey. of Illinois ves
terday introduce a resolution providing
for an investigation of the Department
of Justice by a committee of nine mem
bers of the House, six Democrats and
three Republicans Fifteen thousand dol
lars is appropriated bv tne resolution,
which directs the ascertainment of
whether the Attorney General now has
any outside employment which disquali
fies him from holding his office. Also
the resolution inquires how many anti
trust cases have been bepun and dropped,
and wh.
House Adjonrns Enrly.
The House adjourned at 2 30. following
a point of no quorum by RepresentaUve
Clark, of Florida, intended to prevent
consideration of a resolution called up
by RepresentaUve Sherley. if Kentucky,
providing for the re-establishment of a
joint commission to revise the laws.
Speaker Clark was unable to see a
quorum on the floor, and then the House
Two rare old Whiskies
01 exceptional merit. No bet
ler wmsKies dls-
, tilled. Special, per
!?S,e.1405FStlw. J..
ru oei-
PllKht or 1W) tHle Made Down
Rheln to Berlin.
Berlin. April 11 Count Zeppelin's air
ship Deutschland II arrived at Dussel
dorf this afternoon after a trip of 1;G
miles along the Rnein The airship co-
ered the distance in 4 C, earning fifteen
passengers Some difficult was experi
enced in landing, and it was nearly an
hour after the arriv.il at Du-s!dorf be
fore the passengers were safely on the
Will Hold Convention
npolin on May 17. a
Democrats of the negro race were noti
fied bj circulars sent out esterday by
the National Xegro Democratic execu
tive committee, of this city that con
ventions will be held in the various
States on May 2 for the election of dele
gates to the national convention of negro
voters, to be held in Indianapolis on
Slay 17
All colored men who are qualified
voters and are known to be Democrats
are eligible as delegates The chairman
ot each Congressional committee is in
structed to certify to the names of the
successful candidates and forward them
to the executive committee not later
than May 10
The officers of the National Negro
Democratic executive committee are J. S
Greene, president: H. V. Grant, corre
sponding secretary: J S Greene, H W.
Grant, H. R. Pegues, and Charles Brown,
executive committee
Hatpin Blinds Gatentan.
Omaha, Nebr.. April 11. A long hatpin
cost William Peppers, gateman at the
I'nion station, an eve this morning, and
came near piercing his brain and kill
ing him. Peppers was punching tickets
at the gate when a fashionably dressed
woman attempted to squeeze through the
crowd gathered about it. She pushed her
way past the gateman. the pin In her
hat catching In the corner of his left
eyei lacerating It badly. The sight of
the eje was destroyed.
made for the school children, and what
were known as "school tickets' were sold
b the traction company.
'If the Chamber of Commerce is the
representative bod it is supposed to be
if it honestlv represents and looks after
the best Interests of the people of the
District this resolution will be adopted "
Pending; Leirliilatlon Unimpaired.
Charles C Iancaster opposed the prop
osition on two grounds First, that it
would be unfair to the corporation to dic
tate what its policv should be. without
previous knowledge of how such n policy
might affect its financial condition: and.
econdlv. that it would detract from the
solid support of the public utilities com
mission bill
In answering Mr Lancaster. Mr Darr
-aid the earning out of his resolution bj
the committee would not put the proposed
r forms into effect, and that Congre.
w ith which would rest the final action,
would give the companies involved eer
opportunitv to point out anv injustices the
changes would work.
The presentation by friends in the
Chamber of an extremelj handsome hall
clock to ilham F Gude, late president
of the Chamber, brought forth eloquent
testimonials of the esteem Mr Gude com
mands from his co-workers Resident
0ster and others spoke at length of
the valuable work Mr. Gude had done
for the Chamber and for the organiza
tions that preceded it The clock is of
French exterior design As Secretary
Grant drew aside the folds of the Ameri
can flag, the timepiece greeted the Cham
ber bv tuneful chimes, announcing the
hour of 9-30
Inebriate Hospital I"rjjed.
The report of the committee on law
and legislation, urging the Chamber to
work for an inebriate hospital In the
District, was unanimotislv adopted
President Ovster wis authorized to ap
point a committee of five members to
co-operate with like committees from
other organizations working for the same
The Chamber voted not to affiliate with
lle American Association for Highwaj
Improvement, a proposition which was
rcfer-ed back to the Chamber bv the
board of directors as a question of policj
The Chamber received, with a vote of
thanks, the present of a handsomelj
framed picture of the I'nlon lYinters
Home, in Colrrado Springs, Colo, which
was presented on behalf of Columbia
Typographical Union No 101. by Secre
tarv George Seibold Mr Seibold sketched
the work of the union and advanced
several arguments against the detractors
of union labor. He was followed by the
president of the local union, F. C
Roberts, who spoke briefly
Isaac Gans, for the membership com
mittee, reported that the work of collect
ing dues from delinquent members was
progressing even more rapidly than had
been expected
With the presentation yesterday of the
Republican committee assignments made
by Minority Leader Mann, the Houre
found the main part of its machinery
complete and ready for action.
Upon motion of Representative Oscar
Underwood, of Alabama, the majority
floor leader, the House proceeded to
adopt the Mann list of Republican desig
nations and the Democratic assignments
mado by the Ways and Means Demo
crats, sitting as a committee on com
mittees, and approved by the Demo
cratic caucus held two davs prior to tne
convening of the special session. The
Democratic list has aircady been pub
lished In full.
In his effort to harmonize the two fac
tions of the Republican party in the
House, to make the minority efficient and
cohesive, and bridge the chasm between
the recently warring elements, Mr. Mann
went out of his way to be fair to the
Representatives Madison, of Kansas,
and Lenroot, of Wisconsin, two men
who fought the Cannon organization all
through the last Congress, received two
of the four minority places on the Im
portant Committee on Rules, balancing
them with two genuine regulars. Rep
resentatives Dalzell, of Pennsylvania, and
Wilson, of Illinois.
Cannon Get Place.
Former Speaker Cannon goes to the
Appropriations Committee, as ranking
Republican member
He was a member of the body for years
and 1-Uer Its chairman for a number of
Congresses before his election to the
Sreakcrship, more than eight jears ago
Victor Merger, the Socialist from Mil
waukee. Wis. and Theron Akin, the In
dependent Democrat from New York,
who campaigned successful! with an
empt dinner pall, a lemon, and a litnnv
of broken promises, are included In the
minorit designations, although the Dem
ocratic caucus gave Instructions where
thee men were to be put, leaving Mr
Mann no discretion in the matter Mr
Herger is assigned to the Committee on
the District of Columbia and Mr Akin
to the Committees on Education and En
rolled Bills
Mr Mann did not assign himself to any
committee at all, thus smashing all
precedents in this connection Instead
he appears in the committee list merely
as chairmnn of the minority confer
ence This give him a committee room
in the Capitol and an emploje or two
Let Us Put
This Splendid
Instrument in
Your Home
Pathfinding Trip of the Four
Leaf Clover Run.
On the first two dajs of the pathfind-
ing trip for the Four Leaf Clover run
to be given b the Automobile Club of
Washington. It flther snowed or rained
lestTdav. however, the gods were pro
pitious and on the third leaf of the path
finding trip which is to be via Leesburg
Va . with Hagerstown. Md , as the noon
control, a distance of IV) miles for the
round trip the weather was all that could
be expected
Long before the sun was up the path
finder, with CI irencc Barnard behind the
wheel of his Stoddard-Da ton. and in
cluding The Wishmgton Herilds auto
representative, was on its wav AH dur
ing the div the sun shone on the partv
and it had h irdly set out before its mem
bers were back at the starting point, the
Grafton Hotel, which is the official morn
ing and evening checking station for each
daj's run The roads, dcplte the heavj
weatlur, were generallv In fine conditon
From Washington to Leesburg. Va , the
worst of the route is encountered Though
this road from Falls Church extends over
the route traveled bj the Union army in
1SS1. and is one of the oldest highwavs in
the United States, and is very rouli in
main places Numerous water brakes,
which as jet have not been ironed out.
remind the tourist of the fact that the
road was primarily constructed for heaw
instead of fast traveling Despite this
fact, the Stoddard-Divton. with Barnard
behind the wheel, held the tv enty-mile-an-hour
schedule, which will be required
of the bigger cars in the run
Through Lrnbnrg to HngcrMovm.
Turning to the right througli Leesburg
the route leads out to Point of Rocks,
Md , across the Potomac P"or il.c miles
from the time the river is left behind
it is a steady climb up over a range- o!
the Blue Ridge, but no one will reprtt
It, for the scenery is unsurpassed In this
section of the countrj. Patsing through
Jefferson, Md., and Into Middle town. Mil .
the route leads along th2 edg of the
Middletown Vallej. which compares, as
regards scenerj. more l"iaii favonulv
with the Shenandoah" At Middletown the
Frederi'M-Hagerstovn pikf is m't. ind
then it l.t plain sailing into Hagerstown
to the Hamilton Hotel, w'llcli it to be
the noon control
Returning from the noon control
Grafonola "Favorite"
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volume regulated at will. And, above all, the
wonderful true-to-lifc tone for which the Co
lumbia is famous.
And you get all this in a beautifully propor
tioned cabinet instrument that you need not be
ashamed cf, no matter how elegant your home.
So persistent has been the demand for the
Grafonola "Favorite" in a darker wood that
c have decided to manufacture this instrument
in mahogany also. There are now two Graf
onclas of the "Favorite" tpe, appropriate either
to "mission" or mahogany furnishings.
Our Easy-Payment Plan Gives You
Immediate Possession
Do not hesitate because it is inconvenient to put down the entire purchase price at the be
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Bank Robber Cnaght.
Panama. April 11 A dispatch from
Colombia to-day sajs three-men, sup
posed to be the one's unci robbed the
Panama Bank recently, had been cap
tured there Another, supposed to have
been one of the Bang, was found dead
In the suburbs
Wnntw Four-yenr Trm.
PerrcfentMive Carv. of WlrrntiFln. i"" I
introduced a joint resolution, proposing
an amendment to the Constitution for th
elecUon of Representatives for a four
jear instead of a two-year term.
'Wants Speech Correctly Labeled.
nerreuotitire Murdock. of Kansii, rottrdiy in
troduced a resolution proTidise that rpcecbo in the
It Jlt2kill.ai MCX tUU.1 I .!... l.. .!.-
lutiou taqnirw that whi-n a mcsibrr rrinu a. tptrca
that haa not been actually drltrertd. the fact that It
wan net spoken thall be noted in the Emecd.
Legislation Provides Initiative and
Trenton. N. J . April 11. Assemblyman
Walsh's bill, providing: for a commission
form of government in cities, was passed
in the house to-day. In its final form the
bill provides for the initiative and refer
endum, but the provision for recall was
nullified bv a provision that no officer
should be dismissed until the expiration the route doubles back to Middletown
of his term Another amendment pro- and thence through Braddock Heights
vided that the act should not become and into Frederick. From this point
operative in any city until it had been the return trip to Washington is made
indorsed by at least 40 per cent of the by way of Newmarket, Damascus,
vote cast at the last preceding election j Iaytonsvllle, Washington Grove, and
Kockville. There are a few nasty mud
holes en route, but by careful driving
no one should experience the least
trouble in negotiating them.
Each and every car, regardless of
Its size, should be able to average more
than twenty miles an hour for the
day's running time.
Automobile Club Meeting:.
At the meeting of the board of gov
ernors of the Automobile Club of Wash
ington, held last night at the Hotel Garf
ton, the following new members were
elected: J. T. Rose. F. Mertens, jr., Ira
S Franey, Charier A. Mason. Clavton
Graff, R. A. Dent. F. H. Geyer, James
Ormo. E. B Stocking. Richard J, Bell.
Jr., Frank Boyd, P. W. Calfee, J. H.
Nolan. Roy De Neals, Franklin Hilton,
Frank Fickling, F. K. Barbour, Charles
Wagner, Charles Sonne, W. D. Cronk
hltc, G. G. Hamner, W. F. Holsman, M.
A. Bailes, Frank Stewart, Charles T.
Miller, Thomas Stubberfleld, E. S.
Holmes, Charles Jacobson, Thomas Mil
ton, J. Je. McDonald, and E. B. Martin.
The'date for the opening of the club
house was postponed from April 15, the
night originally agreed upon, to a later
date to be decided upon at some future
time. A late spring is the reason for
postponing the opening of the clubhouse.
A vote of thanks was also extended to
Clarence Barnard and his Stoddard-Day-ton
for volunteering to lay out the path
finding trip over the Clover Leaf Run,
for which more than thirty entries have
been assured.
Street Improvements Favored
A mxniittco was arpontcd to csb the Crenmis-
aorcrs tatfren Pcnnajlrania avcrue in Handle Huh-
lands at a icertinc. of the Congresi Heights CUizrm'
.vrsMiition Ian nlsnt. Tlie imrroTcroent of many
streets and the addition of electric lijhts will also
be requested. The neit meeting will re held on the
fecond Tuesday in Mijr.
Munyon's Cold Remedy Relieves the
head, throat and lungs almost immediate
iv. Checks Fevers, stops Discharges of
tlie nose, takes away all achei and pains
ransed by colds. It cores Grip" ana ob
otlnate Coughs and prevents Pneumonia.
Write Prof. Mnnyon, 63rd and Jefrerson
St.. Phlla.. Pa, for medical advice ab
vwlutely free.
Fall Kills Singer.
Monte Carlo, April 1L The tencr Mu-
rator was accidentally killed at the the
ater to-night when a trapdoor upon
which he was standing suddenly opened. I
Within a space of five days it
was nn pleasure to meet the
members of the BUSINESS AS
SOCIATION'S of the Joseph
Home Dry Goods Company,
PitNburp;, and John Wanamaker,
These associations exist, pri
marily, to do TEAM WORK for
their respective stores to discuss
MANSHIP to become thorough-
familiar with the POL
ICIES of the stores, thereby
EFFECTIVELY co-operating
with the executive staffs.
If emplojes in a business do
not improve each shining hour
if thev are not ENTHUSIAS
TIC if they do not have
FAITH in their employers if
they are not heartily in accord
with tlie policy of the business
then good work cannot be accom
plished. Mr. J. B. Shea, of the Joseph
Home Company, addressed his
associates at their business meet
ing in a most impressive man
ner. He told them how much he
appreciated their loyalty and co
operation ; how the w hole organ
ization depended on them on
their enthusiasm and confidence.
In speaking of the advertising
of the store;; he said he wanted
it to be ACCURATE, because he
regarded it as "Personal Pub
licity the passing of the PER
from managers of all departments
of the store to the people, and
that means keeping, literally,
one's promises.
Mr. John Wanamaker ad
dressed his associates as personal
friends mingled among them,
called them by name, told them
how much easier it was to build
a great business with their loval
assistance, AND THANKED
Mr. Wanamaker had break
fast swith the heads of depart
ments in his store at 7:45 a. m.
that same da had talked all day
long worked hard in planning
a greater work to be done in the
near future attended the busi
ness meeting in the evening, and
afterward kept another engage
ment, which used up the time
until midnight. The next morn
ing, bright and early, he was on
his way to his New York store.
Yet he scon rounds out fifty
years in business.
The two men Mr. Shea and
Mr. Wanamaker and their or
ganizations are doing a wonder
ful work in a general and pro
and they are putting personality
and honest merchandising into
their advertising with wonderful
Capaeitr BOO. Thorouchly Appointed.
Sun Parlor overlooks Ocein. Table am
Pel-vice superior. Hot and old ea Wato
Ilaths. Rednred SprinK rite. I(ookIetan
Calendar. Klectric Coaches .it Trains; onl
two minutes to trolley from Ostencl.
p. p. HAima
Occupying an entire block directlv on the Ocean
Front, with no obstructions to thtTview. In the
fashionable resident section. Offers the highest
standard of hotel excellence in appointments,
cuisine and service. 300 luxuriously furnished bed
chambers and suites having private baths (fresh
and sea water) attached. Larjre solarium and
music hall overlooking the ocean and boardwalk.
High-class orchestra. Billiards, cafe. pool, etc
French chefs. Golf privileges. Auto meets trains.
Booklet and terms upon request. Open all year.
Utchicin Arcane mi Beach. Atlantic City. N. J.
High-class family hotel, every modern appo nt
ment. Home comforts. Absolute cleanliness and
good table guaranteed. Unusually light, cheerful
rooms due to open surroundings. Pnvate baths.
Kooms with running water. Special early season
rates. ilO.00. 112.00. $14 00 up weekly : J2.00 up daily
It. J. OMHmXE & &o '"-"':
Virsiaia Avtnoe. Nat Stcd Pier. Atlantic Gty. N. I.
Fire-proof. Large sun parlor. Rooms with pri
vate bath Rooms with running water. Elevator to
street levcL Modern in every particular. S10. $12
nnd $14 up weekly. Special sunns rates on appli
cation. Booklet. O. D. PAIMhlU
Hl-iol fhKOnrlnn Crania are..
......... ""M',jnr
htecl Pier. Open all year.
Chelea aie. ard Unardtralk. Modern, reflwd. home
like irroimdirKS. Unnlntructcd orean iew rooms.
Ite-furcKlicd. Ownership manaconent. Booklet. Me-Tato-
l.U) 1J. UjLUNa.
American acd tuuropeaa plans music. Open ml
year. J H. COKMLEY.
Directly on the beach. Rooms en suite, with baths.
with hot and cold salt water. Sun parlor. Iterator
to ttrett lerrt. Booklet mailed. N. J. COLLINS.
"The Novel that has the Vital Quality "
n tr r tj , N' Y- Herald
By Vaugkan Kester. Pictures by Bracker. $i.2j net
Oeean end Massachusetts Axe . Atlantic City. N. J.
Unobstructed ocean iew. Elerator. Steam Heat
Special bpnnz Itates. JAI"OB B. HAWK.
NPW fil ADMN Kentucky ATctecondMoua.
wbnuivii, it(na
street; open an rear.
beach. Elerator
a K, BO.NirACE.
Rehoboth, Delaware.
Jnne to October. Itcscrrations may be made now.
North Atlantic Fleet of Battle Ships,
in Hampton Roods.
8pedal rate. Saturday -to Monday, mdndlng state
room and three meals at Cbamberlin Hotel, JTJQ,
Talace Steamers SOUTHLAND acd NORTH
LAND leaie Waahincton daily at 6 -15 p. a. Nor
folk and Waahincton Steamboat Company. City
Ticket OBce. 73 lttb. it. nw., Bond Bide. 11th and
N. Y. are.
Can from 15th and. N. V. aaw erery II mhratea to
Zoo and Chery Chair, Connect at Laia.wlUi Kan i
atagtoo Use.

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