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- j-fc-yrA&J Vlfl
And Bring Yonr Friends to
Get Tickets.
Get ready, children, for the trip j ou are
going to make around the world at the
Columbia Theater Saturday morning, as
The Washington Herald s little guests
For It is going to be just about the
biggest Easter partj you ever saw. or
perhaps ever will scp
iesterdaj the bos and girls who came
for tickets were o delighted when thej
heard about ail the fun we are going to
have, and all the wonderful things wc arc
going to eo that thc went away and
came back again breathless, bringing with
them the second time other little bojs
and girls.
This is the thing 1 want vou to do
Tell eerbodv nbout our taster partv,
ind everj boj or girl ou tell whose par
ents haven t the monev to huj tickets
tor th m to '-co Mr Houes beautiful
travel pictures, cm secure a e-it bv just
coming right up here to The Wellington
Herald office and telling me about 1L
If ou are i bov or girl whoe health
has not been lik that of other children
and jou- home lias been a hospit il a
hildren s refuge or an orph in s home,
this me ins ou particular
And if iou ire crippled, or not well ou
will not hae to w ilk to the Columbia
baturdiv. either for we hae asked for
automobiles to earn ou there, and are
sure of getting tliem too
If ou are a lo or girl to whom a
nickel looks a- lug as a barn and in
whose pn-T Mnn nickels ire seldom
found the invitation is ours
One for Eion Worths Child.
Tier child worth of i ticket who calls
at The ishington Hirald s new build
ing 1322 New ork avenue will be given
fc. f! ihis morning 1 tickets were laid
a df fir the Wash ngton Cuv Orph inage
1 rrcjiiest and anv other orphan ige
w inting them can have them roerved
unaout sending coupons if thev will call
m up or in some w i make their desires
in the matter known to me
I" im bov or girl should be 'eading
t1 is or hear about it) who can afford to
go t the theater without taking ad
vantage of this free partj of The Her
ail s there mav be some b"v or gi'l
in the r neighborhood who is less for
tunate Nov wouldn t it be a beautiful thing
ju t to sav nothing to those bovs or
girls about it at all but just come down
to 1 he Herald office and get ticket for
t iem and make them a pre ent of them'
I b'lrtc it would make vnu as happv
F Street, Corner Thirteenth,
$25, $27 50, $32.50, $J7 50 AXD 42 50.
f)e pluesteux Co offer excep
ORS AT $i 50 UP.
AT $4.75, $5 50, $6 75 AXD $10.50.
2tf)e jIuestetti
F Street, Corner Thirteenth.
"M- . .;. ;, ,. ., ,fr ,. mxHM:4"K"X,M' &&&&&&&&&&&&
For The Washington Herald Theater Party.
Around the World with Lyman Howe.
I At the Columbia Theater,
Saturday Morning, April 15, at 10 o'Clock.
f Any dependent child will be entitled toa ticket by presenting
f coupon to the Woman's Page Editor of The Washington Herald
Z at The Washington Herald's new building, 1322 New York avenue,
$ between the hoirs of 10 and 5 o'clock. (No tickets sent by mail.)
Name of Child
Street Address
to do this as it would make the bovs
and girls who went to the travel festi
val through vour thought of them
'If jou can delight children with
travel and comedj series jou have the
exact material you need to attract
everjbody Ihej are the best judges.'
Mr Howe said yesterdaj at the Columbia,
and he knows, for thousands of chil
dren all over the country have seen his
pictures that were taken in all parts of
the world and have found great pleasure
in them
mSo I don t believe vou can be disap
pointed no matter how much or how
wonderful a-e the things you expect on
Saturdaj morning
Seventeen and Twenty-four
Seem Hard Number.
historical houses are pouring in in hun
dreds And still there are manv to come
I know this because so manv puzzles
have phoned or written me that thj
were still hard at work
In one wav, I don t think puzzles
such as v iurs are good for me. declared
one contestant over the wire
ou see thev are so facmating that
I negiect everv thing rise for them I
should have been finishing a shirt waist
to dav and here I have been all dav long
working over vour puzzle laughinglv
ended the puzzler
Itecreation Pnzzlc'a Intension.
However this mav be, the intention of
the puzzle it, to furnish recreation after
work and not take the place of it and
man have found it a source of pleasure
when the evening brings rest, and thev
are at libertv to sit down and untangle
the loco
There seems to be a few insurmount
able barriers in the list of old 'Washing
ton landmarks, or so the puzzlers de
clare I can neither clime over nor get
around number seventeen declared one
writer 'It must le mother, hum
Number twentv-four seems to be an
other hard place to hnd in spite of the
fact that it is perfectlv familiar to each
of vou lou must know it. put on your
thinking caps and take another look
And if vour list is not complete don t
hold it too long thinking that ou must
find each number of the puzzle
Remember that all three prizes last
week were awarded incomplete lists
Remember also that the contest closes
at noon on Fridaj and that your olu
ion of the puzzle mav reach me after
that hour and be out of the running al
together if vou hold it too long
J C. M
iluetem Co.
Daily Fashion Talk for Herald Readers
The sailor suit, composed of blouse and
MiU has one great advantage It can b
made in many different ways One skirt
can have several waists and can be worn
i ith oher than blouse waists, and again,
the blouses mav be of either woollen or
wash ma. e rial and worn with other skirts
The plain blouse is made to slip on over
the head A handsome collar is srjuare
icws the back and pointed In front. Thl
illar can be made detachable and dif
ferent colors, used for the collars of ont
white waist.
The skirt is gathered. It Is not over ful.
-nd will be found becoming to all girlish
h -rii res.
er-:e, cheviot linen gingham. &c , will
make prettj sailor suits for little girls
The pattern. 3 131. is cut la sizes six tc
frelve vears Medium size requires three
jordF of 44 inch material
The above pattern can be obtained by
sending ten cents to the office of this
Kaiifer Party.
Tour Mother (1) I am giving on this
page to-da an taster-egg game for little
ones which I think will meet our need
f2) Pattern number 5350 published in
The Henld s Pago for Every Woman
Monday Is an excellent design for the
little girl It may be developed In anv
soft white material
Engagement Ring.
B P II It is perfectl proper to place
the engagement ring on your sweetheart's
fincer ,md certalnl much to be pre
ferred to handing It to her Neither would
I advisc vou to send It unless the girl
is in a distant citv and jou have no op
portune of seeing her and giving the
ring In person
Poem that AVnn Wanted.
Miss Shreve I now have a copy of the
poem you wante-d. and will send It to
vou if vou will send me a self-addressed
stamped envelope I have misplaced jour
Brown Etm and Hair.
Marjoric Brown, of course. Is jour best
color, and v ou could make an effective
color scheme of vourself b dressing in
the various bhades of this one color
These Include tan ecru, golden brown
mustard, vellow, the rustic shades, and
the warm dark browns, so you see that
a varied wardrobe ma be devised from
this one color If ou don't care for
brown, you can wear effectively gray,
green, lavender, plum, and old rose.
Aold blue as there is nothing hi vour
own coloring that will correspond to this
To Clean 'White Fnra.
Mrs R W L If it is a fine set of furs,
would think it wiser that j ou send It to a
Little Bed
If we had onl lived during the reign
of King Good Heart what wonderful
sights we would have seen! To. jou
httk folks who have never heard of
King Good Heart I will tell you be
was one of the kindest men who ever
lived He ruled a country far over
the sea ever so many jears ago and his
people loved him very dearly. Not
only did his people love him, but the
animals who lived in that land as well
Even the flowers lifted their heads
higher when he passed by.
Now it is of the beautiful flow er gar
den of King Good Heart that I am
going to tell jou It was the most
beautiful garden in the whole world
Beautiful roses with soft, white, pink,
and red checks mingled with fragrant
lilies and pretty violets and there were
so many of them that it would have
been impossible to count them.
Strange as it may seem this wrn
derful flower garden was always :n
bloom Day after day the king's serv
ants would come to gather blossoms at
his bidding, to be sent to some very
sick person. And how dearly the flow
ers loved to be gathered for such pur
poses. As fast as they were gathered
others would bloom their fragrance
perfumed the wliole land.
From morning until night, year in
Mo'her of pearl earrings set with tin
rhlnestones are only ID cents
Girls' reefer coats, in sizes from six to
fourteen years, come in serge and shep
herd checks with deep sailor collars and
revers of contrasting color at $4 SS
A new floral fan. that looks when
closed like a bounch of flowers, is Jl DS.
ThTc are violets, roses, and the like.
Water-proof chiffon veils in all colors
are C25
Verj smart striped chiffon gowns made
over satin drops and trimmed on the
waist with silver lace and colored piping:!
are JT.i
Trig atln coats for afternoon or even
ing made with contr istlng collars and
cuffs, are JIB 50
Chiffon voile gowns, made over striped
silk are 140 The waists arc embroidered
In a line of new spring coats at $23
there are black tergi. shepherd checks.
and navv blue sc-ge with Persian pongee
collars and braid trimmings
Striped messaline waists with sailor
collars and ties are selling at $3 35
Rlack wool hack
partment maj be
itin suits In one de
had at from $35 to
Nattj tailored shirt waists made on
strict mannish lines come In cotton anl
ilk stripe shirtings at from $2.50 to $7 50,
Iih crochet waists are selling as low
as Ji".
Verj trig linen coats of tussor weave
are hnished with leather collar and cuffs
the leather in green brown, or tan Thev
are J27 0 in sizes from fourteen vears to
fourty-two bust measure
Answers to all questions sent
to this department will be print
ed in regular order.
Where a question Involves the
names of business firms or Is of
too personal a nature to be an
swered here, a self-addressed,
stamped envelope must be In
closed for replv by mail.
Readers desiring Immediate In
formation in matters of etiquette
or household perplexities may
telephone their questions, and
they will be answered immedi
ately where it Is possible to do
Questions which require re
search may take several days for
furriers Otherwise, rub French chalk
in verj well using plenti of it. and laj
awa several dajs. Then gently shake
and dust it out, repeating applications
several times
To Keep Silver from Tnrnlnlilnjc.
Housekeeper A piece of camphor kept
with the silver which is not in constant
use will keep it from tarnishing
To Make Over Dotted Silk.
Catherine C I do not advise you to use
the coral with the blue. It would spoil
the pretty shade of your frock, and also
as jou have not much color, it will tend
to make jou look paler Your frock will
need verj little, if any, trimming, lace
yoke and undersleeves being all that
-Time Tales
and year out, King Good Heart was
alvvajs doing something for others
Alas, in other parts eft the world things
were different No one knew this bet
ter than the flowers.
Traveling birds and breezes had to'd
them so
And thus the flowers were sad at
times You see, they were so very bap
py themselves, they wanted all the rest
of the world to be happj
How could they make the rest of
the world happier? That was thi one
question that took up their time, and
day after day they talked and planned
One verj rare day when all the land
of King Good Heart was singing with
happiness the flowers came to a de
cision. They would send messengers
of love and happiness throughput the
whole world.
"We will wait until King Good
Heart passes by on his morning walk,"
said the tall white lily.
The words had hardly left her pret
ty flower mouth when down the garden
path the king came, walking very
"Ready readj-," whispered the lily.
The king came nearer and when he
was just opposite the garden millions
of beautiful flowers leaped from off
their stalks -and flew up into the air.
The ver simple styles In waists axe
never out of date, and the Illustration
nroves no exception to the rule
This waist is quite plain, with Gibson
tuck at the shoulders In front and with a
voke facing of fancv outline as the only
trimming on the back
The p'a n shirt sleeves are gathered into
a cuff, but thev may be cut off just below
the elbow If des'red
This waist is suitable for silk, satin,
French flannel, linen gingham and simi
lar materials
The voke facing maj be omitted In the
back 3nd one of the new tyle s'ocks. with
ialt Attached worn in place of a collar
when the waist forms part of a tailor
made suit
The pattern a 369 is cut in sizes 32 to AZ
inches but measure Medium size requires
7" vardr of 3f Inch material
The above pattern can be obtained bj
endlnc ten cents to the office of UJj
will be required As jou are slender
vou can wear a square joke Use the
plain part of the materal with the few
dots to make the upper part of the
bodice Let this form the sleeves, reach
ing over the shoulders, and down to the
bust line Now use the materal with
the large dots, forming the lower part
of the bodice, making a line across the
bottom part of the joke which curves
down under the irms. If jou wish, -i
piping of plain blue messaline nr be
used here. Have the skirt rather mgh
walsted ind finished with a plain blue
piping, and making the frock with a long
tunic, which is finished with a border
The underskirt may be of the plain
material or of plain blue messaline. Of
course the sleeves will be loose about the
elbow and have undersleeves of lace
Qnrxtlon of Etiquette.
Miss B One maj use the fingers in
helping to olives, though It is neater to
use the tinj fork which usuallj accom
panies the dish
A great manv who do not care to put
the ketchup bottle on the table put
a small quantitj In i mustard jar and It
is served with a mustard spoon
It is correct when dining out with a
man to give i few suggestions as to
what jou would care to have served,
though it is well to leave the selection
to the man He also gives the order to
the waiter
Sifting Flour.
Mrs. J Ij. M In sifting flour for angel
food, or anything that requires several
slftings, use paper to sift on Instead of
dishes or tins, and the work will be more
easily and quickly done. By holding the
two opposite sides of the paper together
the flour can be easilj poured Into tht
sifter for another sifting In this ay
no flour is wasted and there are no dish
es to wash
Hardly had they risen over the king's
head when they changed into beauti
ful butterflies and away they sailed in
different directions
As if bj magic the great flower gar
den had blossomed again
All you little folks have seen pretty
butterflies, haven't jou'
Well, the next time jou happen to
notice one just remember it is a mes
senger of love and happiness from
King Good Heart who bved many
j ears ago in a wonderful land across
the sea.
To Bemove Bust.
The best method of removing rust from
a polished stove or grate is to scrape
down to n fine powder some scouring
soap, put it into a little oil, and rub the
spots well with a piece of flannel dipped
in the mixture; then apply some whiting
and rub In well. Repeat this process
dnlly unUl all trace of the rust has dis
appeared. Superfine Derbies at eight
dollars Knox makes them for
particular men. All the new
Knox hats for Spring. Soft
and stiff models and silks.
r Street
Coraer Twelfth
p ww
Soap Jcllj is often used In place of
soap by those who have delicate skins,
and although this may be purchased, it
can be made at much less expense in
the home.
Pare one cake of pure castiie soap into
three cups of water, to which has been
added one tcaspoonful of powdered
borax Roil until the mixture jellies
and then put into covered glass par and
use as wanted B a cake is meant the
smaller size of three or three and a half
Inches square by one and a half inches
thick, and not the long twelve-inch kind
Appropriate Pastime After
the Easter Luncheon.
"A jollj game for wee folks to play at
Kaster-tiire is that of Touch'' saj3
Romans Home Companion for April
' Nor is it necessary to confine this
amusement to tne very little people, for
it woi'ld make ar approori Uc entertain
ment to Introduce after an Caster lunch
eon party w litre the Easter egg enters
Into the scheme of table decorations
IMnce Kee In Hran.
"Place six eggs which have been colored
green red. black, blue, jellow, and one
left white, in a pan or basket of moss
or bran. leaving some spacc between
One of the plajers, is blindfolded and
then provided with a light stick or wand
With this she carcfullv touches one of
the eggs, rrcitmg siowlj and dibtinctlj
at the same time
' 'Peggy, Patrick, Mike, and Megg,
Sec me touch mj Easter egg.
Green and red and black and blue.
Count for six. live. four, and two.
If 1 touch -in egg of white,
A forfeit then will he jour right.
If 1 touch an egg of gold
It is mine to have and hold
lion- Colors Connt.
"As the rhvme tells the colons count
a follows Green, six. red five, black
four. blue, two, and the vellow egg 's
worth more thin aTl of them combined,
for when a plaver touches thit she wins
the game regardless of the standing of
the other scores
'The white egg is less than nothing as
Ahoever touches it Ti us a forfeit to pav
The method of determining this would
wisrlj be decided before the game opens
Each plajer is blindfolded In turn.
and when the score of sav, twentv. is
reached bj anv single plaver. the game
Is ended without the aid of the 'golden
egg' Of course, the relative position of
the eggs must be changed with each
plaj er "
Cutting Under lace.
To cut awaj the goods under lace
Insertion without snipping the wrong
thread, slip between the lace and the
material a piece of cardboard four
Inches long the width of the lace, and
rounded at one end This will make
the work both safer and easier
A Simple Barometer.
A useful barometer is a camphor bot
tle in which there is more camphor
than can be lissolved If the bottle is
murk j, look out for storm j weather, if
the camphor settles to the bottom, the
indications are for clear weather
Divinity Candy.
Two cups of granulated sugar, one-half
cup of clfar sugar sirup or of corn sirup,
one-half cup of cold water Cook all
together until a little forms a ball In cold
water Pour the mixture upon the beaten
whites of two eggs, and beat until stiff
Captivating Easter styles in
Trimmed Hats
$7.50 & $10
Quite the handsomest hats and the biggest
values yet shown at these prices.
lar comoinations. verj
varied trimmings feather bands, velvet facings and bowsj stiff wings,
fan wings. Mercury wings, "stick-up" effects and all the new colorings:
Come to-day and get yourynew Easter hat from these surpassing styles
and values. t
Second Floor Millinery. 1
flakes Interesting and Very
Instructive Study.
Die joq ever have the experience of
finding jourself suddenly thinking of
some person or some place which yoa
hadn't though of for months, and which
there was apparently nothing la the land
scape, the convcrsaUon of your own
trend of thought, to suggest to you?
1 11 answer for you. Yes. If yoa axe
mj old friend. The average person." ot
course, jou have.
And now another question.
Dc you ever attempt to seek oat what
has been tbo train of thought or the
aeroplane of suggestion that has con
vened this place or person to your mind?
Following TrnJn of Thought.
Again. I II answer for jou. You have
not But vou rcallj ought to try. for
trulj it s a most interesting experiment.
Some one suggested it to me and tho
other evening I tried it.
I was walking down the street alone.
after a visit to the dressmaker's I was
thinking of a new spring gown and of
nothing cKc when suddenlj, quite to my
own surprise. I realized that the thought
of a mart 1 hadn t been for a j ear or
thought of for tho same length of time
hod popped into my head At first it
seemed to mo that the coming of this
thought at just that moment was abso
lutclj unaccountable, and then I searched
about in mj mind and found that I had
just passed the house where his first
wifi s people had once lived.
House SngKetl 31nn' Image.
Mj- eje had undoubtedly lit upon tho
houre and far below the surface of my
conscious mind the train of thought had
started that brought that man s Image
to me The process of suggestion had
been so swift that I had been entirely un
aware of it, but it was there just the
same, and I suppose it always is even
when wc utterly fail to identify It
In a somewhat similar fashion, often
during a conversation, after a moment's
silence, you or your companion will sud
denly speak out on a subject quite alien
to nhJ jou had been talking about.
Now jou will find it a most interesting
experiment to trace, or ask him to trace,
the train of thought that earned jou or
him so far away from the previous
And nrit Onlj' are such experiments in
teresting but they are also excellent
mental training
After jou have traced a train of
thought a few times j ou will be surprised
how much easier the process comes and
how much knowledge you are acquiring
of one of the most fascinating of studies,
the psjxhology cf jour own mind.
Ostrich Trimming.
Ost'ich Is much used ha trimming;
and Is not confined to hats, since para
sols, fro:ks, and evening cloaks, as well
as fans and reUcules show It in all
One of the newest developments of
this fad is the flat band used tn hat
trimming These bands are made on a
buckram foundation, about twenty
inches long and cost Ji50 and J3.C0.
A Useful Hint.
To remove mildew from linen or cot
ton, soap the spots, then cover them with
a little scraped or powdered chalk, and
leave the article to bleach in the sun.
dampening it as It dries After some
hours' exposure, wash the article in the
usual m inner w ith soap and water, then
the marks will probablv disappear. If
they are still visible a repetition of the
process described will be necessary.
Replenished assortments
to select from hats that
express the very last style
word of Paris and New
York. The superiority of
our millinery has been so
pronounced this season
that all who have made
comparisons have bought
here. You will find yonr
hat here the one of all
that harmonizes most com
pletely with jour individ
uality, your features, and
jour preference. At $7.50
and $10 there's an espe
cially varied and attractive
selection. Each hat differ
ent all beautiful. Llttlo
hats and large hats, and all
sizes In between. Shapes
that suKffest the helmeta
and casques of the cru
saders, beehlv e shapes,
tall-crowned hats with
narrow, turned-up brims
all kinds. In fact, for this
is an unlimited assort
ment. Soft fancy straws. II
wmuru tuiu nucre cnects,
fine chip straws, many
with crown of white, with
brims of black, and simi
7 i
1 i

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