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?zr o,-. swyeync
Entered it the post-office t Wiahington. D a.
&s econd-eli mail matter
Pulljlied Every Morwnf id toe Year by
Telephone M.io S300 (Prrrate Branch Estrange.)
SI BSCRimON RATES r carrier
Diilr and Sunday 9 ecn rr month
Duly and SnDday --"0 V
Daily wi'hcot Smday 3 cents per month
Duly and Snnday ccnt per month
IHfly and Snndiy W-fO per year
Duly without Snndiy 3 emu per month
Daily without Sunday H.00 per year
Sorrily without diily COO per year
Vo attention will be paid to anonymous
contributions and no commui ications to
the editor will be printed except over the
name of the tcriter
Maiuscripts offered for publica'ion will
be returned f unavailable, but stamps
should be sent with the manuscript for
that purpose
All communications intended for this
newspaper, whether for the daily or tho
Sunday issue should be addressed to
New Inrk Rei rrsrntatiTC J " W1LBERDING
SPWIU CFNi T I n rid Riuldinr.
Clirao Repr-s'ntau ItvrNvrD BRAN
HA11 Boycr Build ;
Proposed Consolidation
The proposition to con-olidatc the
Board ot Trade and the. Chimbcr of
Commerce which his been discussed
with more or less earnestness tor several
vears is igam under consideration 11
the arguments an in its fivor In the
firt place it seems unwise for the busi
ncss men ot Washington to divide thtir
time mmiev and influence into two or
$rani7atiriis Ccrtainlv greater results
vi ild he Thieved liv c mbming all the
elements which are now working for the
development of the cm L ndcr the
pre out irnn.mcnt t " a bu me s
m n ink In wants to ldcntitv himselt
vi nc rgimntion ind irjnorc the
r inu t pa iniuia! c'uc in both
ji ihi is m unnecc s-irv cxpmsc hv
idition the c t ot adnuni tntion
i i l.. rent -ind icncil issi liiicc
t il t be imtern'lv reduced
T tiiluri t imb ic i i the m t Ins
If inn olclv d ic t the net th it
r f (It in cic! orj.ani7ition lei a
1 in lv n their prominence md
r i ! llins: t " s irrender it II as is
ir posed nit ! siiie men -handon
' f li in n ttu 1 nnrd oi Tnde
it i Chamlftr C mniercc ire
ki wn 't tluv hill cnati i new
b 1 mder i mw ninic it the number
si' r t tin new bodj sh i ild elect their
"rr r n mi word the hoard oi Tridc
m i L lnmli r oi Commerce hall
aj i nr ind one tinned ifjcrcs ivc ir
gn iz i i n take its pl-no vi Inch hall
niri c t ill clas i and ill interests the
d which imv be iccnipli hed lor the
iitv cinnot lie overcstnnatid
It In ilwivs ceme 1 stnntrc that in
i t ' ke v i hincton wh"rc tin popu
a in no large and where the com
i tit mterc ts arc oomp-intivclv re
str te 1 there houlu be two ( rganiza
t n 'mine the same a nis h thev arc
t c nt mic pirate thci- purpo cs
i 1 be cntireh di tmct one i um
if. 11 diction mf purci bu me s
i ii crs -id the othc leahns with the
br r ( 1 asr : the development ct
i nst n There i n 'ci on Inw
(if w ii tic or-"""it p hiuld be m
ted jpoi hit ishimjton needs is
f ne ifl compac cini"st c icrs"tic
1 ' with h h a 1 citizen vmII be
"mined and which will move forward
h the one object of addinc to the
, re t 5c heiutv ind material progress
t the moral Cipiti
firm r t' e otr-e- liv plowrd up a
r 1 ho whlrh bit hin in thr 1 g
rs him ncht fff trvmg to force the
More Army Officers Needed
tircit Hritini vmI o n be broupht
ta c t tace with tin problem at a de
ncienrv m nulitirv efheers The I ntish
fee ir lor wir his promi cd ti sec
what In nn do to maki the service in rc
attract vc t voung men ot intelligence
ind en rv without large pnvitc lor
tunes In tin cuintrv where we c
pcricncc a similar trouble Congress hi
partia'K olvcd the difticultv bv provid
mg f r idduional appointments to spe
cia corp' ind for increasing the mini
her of cadets it Cit Point
Judging from iscrunt Haldanc s id
mismn that the pav of the officer is not
what it ought to he the British armv
is no place for anv but the sons of the
wealthiest tamijics So gcnerallv is this
rcahred that at recent examinations the
candidates for appointment fell short of
the number of vacancies Futecn vcirs
ago candidates for officers commissions
or for admission to Sandhurst exceeded
vacancies sixtold Various explanations
arc offered for the indifference of British
vouth to i mihtan circer It is said
that the irmv is a hird working bodv
to dav that officers are held to more
rigid profcssioml requirements thin
was the rule before the South fncan
war ind that fimllv the ibundant Icives
of ibsenct thev once enjoved are no
longir known
schedule which is printed in a Lon
(kn newspapir btguis with a dailv sti
pend of Si for i sicoi d Iicntemnt on
firsj interiiig tin irmv ind rists to $6
for i b m ihon coinmandir Such piv
will istonish niennn officirs Our
second heutenints begin with a vearlv
pav of $i 700 ind our captuns ifttr five
vcars' service dnw a larger annual sal
arv than that proposed for a Rntish
battalion commander In Great Britain
heretofore the corps of officers included
onlv those who could afford to disre
gard professional emoluments, but a de
creasing interest in the profession of
arms has developed a situation with
which the authorities must now contend.
It certainly took pull to release the
Princess Irene
Universal Transfers
The Chamber of Commerce has taken
up the fight for universal ttransfers It
has directed its committee on legisla
tion to prepare a bill to be submitted to
Congress providing for interchangeable
transfers between the street railroads
in this cit, and it is to be presumed
that the committee will promptly act
This means that the proposition which
has been before Congress in the past
with the indorsement of the District
Commissioners now has the support of
one of the two representative business
organizations of the cit
Efforts to secure a universal transfer
sjstem in Washington in the past hac
not proved successful It remains to be
seen whether this latent endeavor will
come am nearer accomplishing results
Juage jour Congressman by his vote,
not b his talk
Memorial Day
Memorial Div alwav an event which
arouses patriotism should this vcar have
a peculiar significance It will furnish
an opportumtv for the semi centennial
celebration of the departure ot the first
volunteers ior the iront
Fntv viars ago vestcrdav Gin Beau
regard summoned Fort Sumter to sUr
render ind 4 ,o o click on the morn
mg of pnl 12 iboi the bombardment
ot the tort began Mij ndcrson com
minder ot the garrison made a good
defense with his small torce but stir
rendered on pnl 14. ind marched out
with tin honor of war Tint was the
I beginning 01 the great struggle The
I storv of the lour vea-s war 1 now a
1 m itter t ilmost unmcntioned historv
i e wnen the vetenns ot both side
10111 together in reminiscent mood ind
iorv m lomm 111 citizciisinp m i re
united icuntrv
There was courige ind clt sacrifice
I ind devotion b-th in tnc North and the
"south during the long come t and the j
men 01 hi present generation uded bv
.1.. -- .. - n. ... , ... i.i .-, ., n
1 llll JC Hl 1C JL llllll tit- dl'll ( I LlL
impartial credit The Memoml Div this
veir thcretorc should bi in e penallv
patriotic event in which the men who
t uglu ind who still urvive hould
either together to do bono' to tho e
wh c live iicc itttrcd f" the ciu e
lor which thev tought
Fntv vears since the war began'
The wheels ot time in npid revolu
tion hive ground smooth the rough
edgt ot seiti nil iccling and to dav wc
tmil more i nited more lo il more
powtriul than ever
re pite persistent igitation we make
litt e hfidwiv against the large waste of
lir" los ps During March the lo tc ig
greeated S 1 "") i
The Favored-nation Clause
I is an cstabl hed p jIicv ot our btate
Depirtment that tariff cences ions m ex
ilnngc tor tavors received trom another
nation arc quite 01 a difTirert categorv
irom concessions which are midc to
i 1 t- cigu nations alike Hd our
k reign p iic beni different Great
Britain which since ihc davs when
tree tnde was fir m.dc tnc chiet
principle 1 tnat countrv s commercial
pilnv In been powerlc s to offer anv
thing in exchange tor tariff reductions
I would be the lnchciarv t cve-v con
ce sion smiled throucn eqimlent ex
I ccption Lngland would be the gamer
is i matter 01 course, bv cverv reci
procitv igrccment entered into bv na
tion with which it has a commercial
nost tavored mtion ciatise
Reciprocal trade arrangements ind
he most ivored nation clau c in inter
national igrecments arc not novelties
c fail to sec whv anv controversv over
a stippo ed inconsistent between such
igrcement should c ntinuc to be a fac
tor in our international intercourse This
countrv ha been so successful 111 mun
tiinini, its own intirpntition of the
meaning ot the most tivorcd nation
clause tint there is little ground for the
fear thit the revival ot the question on
the pirt of anv countrv will retird the
rcilization rt the present purpose to
conclude rcciprocitv with Camda c
tike it that shmld there he anv com
mercial treaties in force to dav without
that chusc it would nc an exceptional
The consistent attitude ot the Lnitcd
States for at least i rcnturv has given
to our interpretation of the question the
force of an international law as far i
wc ire concerned
Are we going to have t-ister on a
sliding weather Fcale"
A Tax for Church Members
The Westminster Prcsbvtcmn Church
in Milwaukee has solved tic riddle of
how to keep out of debt hv imposing i
lax on the incomes of its numbers In
comes of $1 000 or less arc assessed 2
per cent those irom $1000 up to $ooo
-) per cent Pew rents as well as collec
tions have been abohshul The church
made its budget in advance was enabled
to compute the expenditures ind to make
them fit the revenue and after trving
tin novil experiment for i vcar is not
onlv without i deficit, but Ins 1 surplus
whiih is to be tuvesttd
There is in obviois idvantijji in this
plan It gives a church an opportuiut
to regulate its expenditures bv its re
ceipts Also if once the members of
anv congregations vote to impose such
a tax it is reasonable to suppose that
no -one will trv to evade his moral ob
ligation to paV up promptlv or will fal
sifv regarding his assessment.
t the same time, we doubt if the cx-
penencc will be copied to any extent.
We fail to see how any church can make
an income tax a condition for admis
sion to membership On the other hand,
if members were accepted who refuse
to pay, there naturally would be engen
dered a feeling of resentment by those
who would feel that they were made to
pay more than their fellows And last,
but not least, an income tax levied by
a societ not under public control can
not help but disclose private affairs to
which cither rich or poor might object.
Hre Commissioner Waldo wants to bo
to Mexico to fight. Whats the matter
with remaining in New "iork and fighting
the rebellious blaze'
Politics and Scholarship
Inasmuch as one of the minj phe
nomena of present dav life is a friendly
relation between politics and scholarship
the establishment of a chair for political
science in Princeton Lniversitv ought
to be welcomed Former Mavor McClel
Ian who is to be its first occupant, is
well htted for the place, tor whatever
mav be said about his administration
of New ork Citv there can be no doubt
of his icademic scholarship
Mr McClellin s uilurc as chief ex
icutivc ot tin metropolis cinnot be taken
as i cntenoi for his iptitude in his
new field His career does not prove or
disprove tin college nuns qualification
for ictive work 111 politics Whether
success or tiilurc it is no the college
gndu-'tc but the mm who is rcspon
sibli Ours is i griat countrv and this
is i greit epoch tor equalization In
Chicago tl e other nv 1 profissor en
dcivored to be elected mivor He was
not succes ml In the Cist i former
nnvor 01 the greitest citv in the lind
hivint, tried jolitn becomes in icadi
micnn and in this position will un
lioubtcdlv iccomplish L,rcat good
s.enitor Brown of Nebnska. i; ctrtain
thai Ins Ffdoral in omo tax ammdinont
will li ail ptf-d this ar He figure
t lat thirtv on state legislatures have
itt 1 in its fivor an 1 thit onlv four
more ire needed t c irrv it thr 11 gh Mr
hroun evilenth anti ipatet. fivonble
aitmn on the part of ei.ral "states
u'ere one hou e was in favor onlj and
w her" anothe1- vote will be neeesarv
The H irrinnn lni. Iiim the sa.-ne
distinelion as nid the I'ennvlvanii Not
1 m in w is killid on the ro id during 1"10
The tune mi not be so far off vvhfn
I com tive will hive ' lie notifie 1 t
100k out for aut m biles at cros mgs
Me'e is gi o I luck to the Peutschlan 1
the Second Mav he' flights be long ml
V I onHon diilv commenting up n the
movement for tonf grounc1 fiour re
marks I et us mak our fU ur mills
as h is as the livorce mill of Teno
Not! ing like gaining an international
In i hicago (ni) real estate nn(j
dropped In at tho courthoje In one div
I to pav their taxe Thit dees not look
I like hard times In Pomopilis
I The jonquil ard
The jav
re both on hand
To dav
As harbinger" thev hoodwink omr
j And make them think that pring hv
iBut ome refuse
To s(nK
And won t enthuse
I O er spring
I ntil the apple trees are green
vna one or rao siraw nats are seeri
nptwfcn Sulenlndiea
That man ii getting to be a regular
customer here
ies- and he mut be a muitimillion
Whv 0 Mav me'
He ain t afraid to ask to see s-ome
thing cheipcr if he feels so Inclined
II Depended ,.
Thi open singer is verv prominent
ciutioned the editor Do vou think vou
can do her justice"
That dep"nde inswered the musical
critic Which do vou want me to pla
up her voice of her gowns'"
Prolongi-il Pnrtj-
I wont have tint joung fellow calling
here everv dav
He doesn t cal' overj dav father
H s in the vestibule now sajing
goo 1 hv
But thit Is i good bj he s been sav
ing since vesterdiv pa
No Telling
W ill earlv hlooms dot the lea
And lflrdies sing
Or will the season merel be
An almost spring'
tfraid to Stay vrav
Our culture club generally has a full
The ladies arc brought through mutual
admiration I presume'
No through mutual distrust,
V Mild Splnrce
W lfe if busines continues good
I can hive a spring gown cant I'
I wis goHg to sav that we would get
li t'e Tommv an Easter egg
V Sail niovr
aa mv trip to Furope wis com
plctelv spoiled at the vcrj last, don t oj
How wis that'
One of the labels came off mj suit
case and gut lost.
Ivtnt; Delinrx Divorcee
KriHii tic New v.ork Time
A morning newspaper savs It Is under
rtoo 1 tint King George has revived the
rule which obtained in Queen Victorian
reit,n tint n dlvorctd person be received
at court
o le ifljxitlon of the rule was made
l King Hlvvaril It is bellevid. how
ever that though some ha'dshlps wilt
be Inflicted the more comprehensive
measure revived bj King George will be
mo-e workable and satlsfactorv
Mnj-ore nnd Clilefeiu. "
"rom the Indurt'is Ncsru.
Miss Silvia. Pankhu'St oughtn t to go
back home until she visits Hunneweil
Kane, and sees, that city's-new ladv
I mayoress and lady chief ess of police.
In nonor of the Bavarian Prince Re
gent s ninetieth birthday, the entire Ger
man press teemed with laudatory arti
cles describing the reign and character
of this venerable and popular ruler
Prince LMtpold always has avoided noisy
and showy display He has found his
greatest pleasure among hunters or ar
tists rather than among sycophantic
courtiers Military pomp and the ac-l
clamatlons of a crowd he lias alwajs
avoided His desire was that his birth
daj shall be kept In the quietest fashion
and that should his people feel gratitude
to hlrn for anything he ma hive ac
complished during the forty-three vears
of ln regency, thev might rather give
erpresion to this feeling in works of gen
era! iharitv than in personal gifts to him
H, began life without anj prospects of
filling nis present high position and It
wis only after the death of his two
elder brothers the tragic fate of his
nephew Ludvvlg II and the hopeless
lunacv of his other nephew the present
King Otto that hi was proclaimed Re
gent. During his rcgemv Bavaria his
nofblv advanced all along the line and
although the power of the clerical part
ippircntl has increased the kingdom
still remains more democratic than Prus
ia and its government more constitu
tionM Manv vears igo when the Kal
ser as a voung mm visited the mig
niri nt town hall of Munich he wrote in
the Golden Book Supremi lex regis
voluntis Sterne j eirs after the Prln e
rtccnt was asked to write something
He wrie Sai,,, puhllca suprema lex
I The incident though little' known was
I nit without its sini!ic-nce
From the lonelv rustle of Furstenncd
i 1 here the insane King Otto is interned
no news lcik out Phvseil the King
Is s-ild to he won mrnt ill his light Is
gone out forever Fifteen thousind mem
hers of the Bavarian hinging Club sere
naded the Recent In front of the palice
it Munich The British Order of the
I Garter has gained i most lemocntli
member in the Regent of Bavaria who
wis m 1 le a member bv King ,eorge on
hLs hlrthdav
Prince I uitpol I performs his duties with
becoming dignitv 1 ut his hours of r
taxation are spent with friends hosen
for hriins rather thin rank Neirlv
ever div some members of the artistic
colonv for which Munich L Justlv ele
brate 1 ire includ i among his dinner
guests He is 1 mrmbe- of the IIotrii
r"lub and for m mv v ars his spent i
1 orviderahle portion of his time there
W hen he pisses the lub threshold he in
sists on bfing trrited without ceremnnv
in! smokes his pipe and plivs cards or
hilliird.s with inv of the members he
Talking ihout Bavarii rcmin Is me that
th Prince Regent when in thf iitv of
Nuerntvrg is 1 it nd freeuent'r of the
Bntw irstgloeeklein ilitenllv h ried 1
s.usai.o Bill 1 in nit old inn ml
t lat kni ipe p sw.su on of the
qui ntest drink ng pssels The building
itflf has I pen i wlrtsha is inee the
v eir liv sjs-icc s-iu rkriit an I I fr
arp th nn mn li ips 1 ht lin ii Ip in 1
th" lin it of 11 mm I it nn is r af hf-I
w hp" ten eustnnieis irf present -l w
1 eral fnrtunes have ben ina Ip nut if tic
I hnus for it was the fivnnte haunt of
lbre ht Duerer and the pewter he drink
j from sti Is tip-slrcl
I Thi s t , il e v s I nr tinkirl
nttint. n atlj nm tie ot " ml was
ieser fir Iieir ind In wife
rnniing tn riiitim ill n the artist was
in 1 go 1 humor I e us d o till tl e in
ldf t mkird for hi wife ml thtv woull
1 e iln i lovinglv to(.ether Wlfn domestic!
torn s wer brew inu h kept the tank
ar is 1 1. ether ml Ipi hfs wife 1.0 drv j
Manv other phi tines bpsijrs Puprpr
hiv flrunk from thi tinkarl ind of re
cent vpt-s a rf o'l if th"ir visits Ins I
ieen 1 ep mong the litest mmcb -rej
tho p nf Queen irmen s;, x of the
Crown Prlnc of i,ermmv and of the1
ustriin h"ir presumptive
Fmpero' trinz Joef of usfii wlo
has h id the sreptr of his empire luring
nearlv tvf genention i the dovm among
he crowned leads of 1- urnpc Nature
and d sf i have alnwrd him to siirie
mm 1 hang s imong huropean thrines
while dec les have passed leu ing him
1 ttle e angel At tile age of ighteen
he ascende I the throne upon the ihdicn
tion of his uncle mperor Ferdinand
in I whpn he thpn shpfl Adieu mv
vouth hP prol iblv foresiw that work
conflict anxietv ind ire sternlv iwaited
him Tut it foil sro e he i st li strong
ard vigorous
Tht 1 mperor rirelv tIIovs two li s
to piss without enjniing the pleasures
of the chase Neither winl n r weather
nor pouring rain so frequent in the
silzk immergut cm keep him from the
forests I have been isked whj those
near to his imjestv s person do not
exert their influent e to prevent his ex
posure to the elements The question
is mturil s all his subjects tremlil
for his heilth Representations would
be however quite useless ind fortunate
lv Ills in ijestv s constitution is so
hirdenel 1 exposure that he seems
safe in ri king his f-uonte pursuit of
deer stilking The dail cold water cure
ht un lergoes also miteriillv rejuvenates
him This he commenced ifter his se
rious illness three veirs ao In thf
earlv mornng he is rubied with cold
I w iter into 1 glow This treitment doubt
less tssisiv. nun in supiiuriiiiji inu tun
slant clnnges of the weather
When it Ischl the Fmpcror leaves
Ills simple iron bedsteid at I 1 m when
his hith ittendtnt awaits him md he is
enveloped in 11 v wet wrippings mil
after a satlsfactorv glow is reached his
majestv fompletes his toilet that is he
dons his oldest uniform nnd in over
eo it of so ancient 1 date thit it irouses
the scorn of his chimberlain whose elo
quence upon the subject alvvivs falls to
separate the coat ind its master His
breakfast consists n' coffee and klp'eln
(a kind of thin curled roll) From 1
until S to the Emperor peru'es his cor
respondence then either rides or walks
until S
On his return to the imperial villa he
is awaited hj the courier from ienn
with his minv doiumen's Work eon
tlnues until 2 ocloik with the Inttrrup
tion of 1 slight luncn of bouillon and
some kind of meat No document Is j
cverlooked ever thing is thoroughly ex 1
amined before the Fmperor s signature .
is- affixed His imjestv bestows special
attention on matters connected with nom
In U'orvs promotirns ind decorations
nd everv minister who has served him
during the last s'xtv vears knows tint
the Information given rarclv Is sufficient
and that often it must be supplemented
lv addition detail n.NH.li
(CtpyrUit 1911 It JlrCl ire Ntwrrr feyndirate
loir of l)l-MIny.
I rom tl lrd m TelrKrl-
Tho doorbell of the anltvs house rang
at about S o clock one night aid Mrs
Vanltj said excltedlv to her husband
There Chirle" I know tints the fur
niture v m coming with the new bedroom
Fiilte vve houuht loilij and If It is I
just won t recelvi it tint s all
Will not' asked Mr onltv
Will net' replied Mis Vanili Do
lou think I 111 going to paj 5100 for a
suite and then have It sert out here after
dark so that none gf the neighbors can
see It when its brought In' Not If I
knew It
Not Itntll Snnimer Heat.
From the Bmton (lcbc
The retail coal dealers are holding their
annual convention Jn Boston, but no Im
mediate drop In the price of coal will
From the Rochester Union uxi Advertiser
Victor Berger, at least, won't be
troubled "by insurgency
From tho Richmond Ncwi Leader
Jvio doubt the colonel would be heartily
In favor of the recall of himself
From the Detroit Free Press.
I have had enough wives, sais Nat
Goodw In Solomon s record then Is still
From the llboKj Joumsl.
Mr Brian seems to regard the Con
gress as something to be personally con
ducted by him
From tho Philadelphia Inquirer
Americans will pay So 000 COO for coro
nation seats And Just To" see England
reaching out for that hand across the
From the Charleston (S C) Post.
If the comic supplements were done
aw 11 with in the Sunday newspapers It
would not be the children who suffered,
but father
From the New lrrt Tribune
Shipwreck de luxe, the rescued pas
senders of the Prinzcss, Irene called their
experience e shall yet hear of railroad
collision a la carte
Ft n th I ittshurj D sr-atch
So the Republican insurgents in tin.
fceni'e ire matched bv the progressive
Democrats There will not be s0 much
following the bellwethers this session
am' consequent It mai be hoped more
following of public sentiment
From the Spni Rtleld Kepibhcan
Dtmocrati ever where especlalli if
W oodrow V. ilson continue, to meet ex
ptctations m 11 &oon liegin to tec in tht
New Jersev governor the best of media
tor letween the conservative and radical
win,s of their parti and the most acute
t the same time the most nrofounl
interpreter of present dai
principles and ideals
Dentli of ' (if-n " illinmn a lemon
tn I lllliimlerK.
Frrjn ike -w V. rk Tnbiir?
It is not asn cable to heir of the killing
f men even nmin.Uh ind outlaws ind
it 1" particul irlv dsigreeable to hear of
ui h 1 fite belnj, metfd to Americans
even though tliei wre renegades b an
alien power et we must confess the
Justi e of the traf.ii incident at Mexicali
whU h was reportfd in s,undav s Tribune
thf tinal nddince from men who werf a
discr flit to their own countrv and who
wr c d ling their lest or worst to make
t ens Ives a scourge and a cure to its
nt -,h! or
Th s oen W illi ims was a veritable
I m 1 plrite He wis a lescrtcr from
the 1 nitel stes irmv and a wanton
viililur of the l nitel Mates neutralit
lavs Tin sp two offpnsps, wcr- grave
nl woull hive siljtcted him to hcavv
penal ies In addition he was 1 thief
for we are to d that he went int
is last tight with an equipment of mules
ml other propcrtv which he had stolen
from Vmiriinn r inches As for his
tati s in l iio he was there aimpb
in outlaw id I n.. murder o looting It
wis highlv ajpriinatt that his p-ofessed
luriosp should have be n to establish In
lower Pal forma 1 so-ialistie state
which shou 1 be free from the laws which
ustoimrili previl! in civilized communl
t es He was an oitliw seeking inirchl
We -voul I not hastilv assume or implv
thit ill Amiriian filibusters in Mtxico
ht of like ki Inev Thev are not all de
ei 11:1s mij iuuli'Js uiuuKll 11 IS 1U lie.
feired that manv of them incline far in
those directions
en tnose who
er with a sin
hav gone acros
the border
.r.t ...... .,. ..ii.i.K u.v. tuu-iue.
10 ne i i inaaoie enort at governmental
eform lave in a iegree taken upon
uicmspirs ine UKnia oi ouiiiwri it is
i lad busintss and alwavs his been
mte long before the davs of W ilker of
Nicangui If tnis tragic episode near
Mexican shall constr lin all who are even
approximating W illiam s course to re
form their wavs two nations will be the
Vnproirn Heralds Lditnrlnl
ynm tl e 1 laiieiphia Pres.
The W ashington Herald protests
Tgalnst the proposed change of name of
Iennsvlvmli avenue 'n the National
C ipltal to Lincoln avente If there is
nv serious purpose on the part of anv
I id to mike such a change it cannot
1m too soon and too thoroughli sup
I -esspd The State is not responsible
for the fact that lrnfmt in pi inning
tie Federal streets gave to its centril
avenue the n ime of the central State
the kev stone of the arch of the States
if the Revolution but it is gratified at
the distinction which the street named
from the Stite has won The broad
central hlghw iv was appropriate
name 1 It has gained In the course of
tht centurv and over an importance be
cause i f its position and because of i
multitude of historic issociations that
have grown up around it As The Wash
ington Herald veri forciblv saj s Even
fi ot of the splendid thoroughfare is
historic For more thin i centurv it
has been In the worlds eve until now it
is as well known as the Strand or Lin
i enstrisse or the Champs FIvsees To
change its nime even though It be to
honor the mirtvred President, would be
a great mlstike
Bv . x. MVCi.
It is quite probable that Eng
land once had an albino for a
king Edward the Confessor
who reigned from 1042 to 106G
s said to have had long hair and
beard both as white as snow
His skin wis of a milki color
and his face inclined to roslness
His hands were"' long and veri
white Analblno ilwavs has a skin
of milki hue with hair of the same
color and eves with deep red
pupil and pink or blue Iris These
peculiarities are said to be eaused
bi a deficlenci of certain coloring
matter In the blood The name
albino was first given b the
Portuguese to negroes the found
on tho frlcan coast who were
mottled with white spots Al
binos nre found howtver iraong
all races of men and also among
somt of the lov er animals as
mice elephants ic From the de-sc-lptions
of King Edwards per
sonal appearance that have come
down to us and which arc evl
dentli reliable. It Is reasonabli
certain that he was an albino
ILcryrisht 1911, by Jos-ph I!. Howie.)
To-morrow Charlen II and Ilia
Paris O erraled an Art Center.
To me Parlshas proved very disap
pointing said Fred A Butterick of
Chicago who has just returned from a
tour of France and was seen at the New
In mi opinion, not onli Paris Itself
raid he but the Louvre, the 1 uxem
bourg and the Palace of ersailles have
been greatli overrated
If one goes up to the top of the Elfel
Tower and looks down upon the citv
he finds that nearli all the buildings have
black roofs and a uniformly dirty grai
appearance Large areas are built of a
gny freestone but most of the houses in
Paris are covered with a coat of plaster
a condition that would seem to add new
significance to the term plaster of parls
It is seldom that an uncovered brick U
to be seen In am building and the few
here and there that are uncovered have
been left so for purposes of design or
color efTe-t The buildings are nearli
all veri old sorre having stood for up
ward of 100 icars Their construction Is
therefore now quite Inadequate lacking
as thci do all modern ir nveniemes
Their av e-age height is about hv e htorles
veri seldom six I-rom the standpoint
of a real estate investment the whole
citv Is as a German wojld sai baufael
I "B which mans read! to be wrecked
u woulrl therefore be a hazardous under
taking to put anv large amojnt of monei
into Paris real estate with the view of
making a profitab e investment
IfMonn of German Citln
James Spever of s,ppf.r . Co New
Irrk bankers when recentlv seen at the
s-horeh im dibtussed muricipal gnern
r ent in Germani
All Americans who have visited Ger
n mi in recent vears agree that mu
!nlc'Pal Kovernment there has been
urought to
high state of perfection
fwiid he. and that we , ip profit hv the
ex imple of Berlin and other German
c ties in solving some n the most per
pltxing problems whiih confront mer
lea now for our municipal government
s of incalculable importance to our de
velopment and rightli Ls attracting the
mention of som of our deepest
In merica we need not a lopt Ger
mm municipal methols n their entiretv
nor wrap our nvic officials in the red
tpe so obnoxious to rnst Americans
1 ut wc nn protitabli take from German
cities somt lessons
We can prf fit hv the example of Ger
rnnv and other r uropean countr es In
the matter of good roads too In Amer
ic i we ippropriate mm h monpv to hj'ld
roads We b uld them as well perhaps
as thev are built in 1- urope hut we do
not m lintain them prnperlv In t urope
tangs of men are kept rontinuallv work
in;, on the ro id just as thev are in
keeping the railwaj lines in perfect
W e in Vmerica sometimes do things
too quicklv W e take jun pride in the
rspid and efficient manner in which we
work But in Germanv for eximple
v nous problems ire thought out tare
tullv before worn is brgun Thfn the
i ndertaking is carried through slowlv
tut well with the result thit x great
deal of moncv is sav d to the tax
! racr'
Odd Colnciilrjire
Talking aliout odd coincidences said
Hernandez Ramones of Mexico fit
at an uptoAn hotel !at night I will tell
vou one
met a frierd in Broadwav New
"l 0rk 1 few
111 ago We talked to
block and th"n stood and
.lther f0r
t1iked a while before separating Now
! (, i,,--j ,h. ,, . ,. .
ihc-c uo stopped vas tie es abllshmen
of i well known firm d al ng In arms and
ammun,tlon uMch , np , ra,rnize,l
j past vears in mv effo ts to rid m
t countrv of its rhief ee utive And it
happenc , pI:o thdt tnrc came aIonR tht
representative of a detective icen l
which is emploved bv the consul gen
eral of mv countrv to look out for possi
ble revolutionari plots in New ork
1 ver inre then I have be n trallt 1
dav and night n1 I Invent bought
even a firecracke" for nve veirs lw ivs
b careful whcie vou st ind on the street
for vou can never tell what people will
think and sai
Rnce n lolilt in Knnna
Burr G Camplell of Topeka Kans
who was seen at the Raleigh recentlv
said that nee suicide Is so marked in
Kansas that schools In manv countrv
distr cts have been abandoned in other
localities the number of childrrn Is so
limited that tne consolidation of schools
has become an important question
This con lltion said Mr Campbell
is met prev ilcnt in the principal agri
cultural counties of the state and not
abli Jewell the leading counti of the
feta" m corn llfalfi and hogs The in
nual decrease of children in Kansas is
not peculiar to Jewell Lountv it is notic
ble In all igricultural communities of
native Vmericans The up to due
American farmers a-e living on $100 per
icre forms selling Jl wheat md riding
in automobiles but thev are not rearing
children nd so the school population ls
decreasing schools In man districts
hive been ibandoned and in other com
munities thev are being consolidated
In several large districts the pupils
are so few that no attempt is made to
hold school One district has been dis
solved and others would do well to send
heir pupils to neighboring schools where
the would have the advantage of com
petition in classes. The consolidated
school will be an inevitable result of this
constant decreast Consolidated schools
mean better schools hut It Is unfortunate
that wc must pai the bitter price of rice
suicide to get them
V "Brcntlilnc Cave."
A curious, freak of nature that ap
parentli has never broken Into the guide
books Is the pride of a country neigh
borhood near Prescott Ariz. remarked
F X Dorgan of El Paso Tex at the
This Is called a breathing cave The
cave Is In the lava formation on a high
tableland near Prescott In a wall of
this cave is a crevlte which Is probabl
three Inches wide and several feet long
A visitor stands ilose to the crack He
feels a current of air rushing out of It.
This Is not so strange But If Yp waits
long enough he will notice that the dl
rettlon of the o irrent hai i hanged and
tht olr li being I'ravvn Into the crevice
The jieop'e of the nt hhliorhood have
man theor es to atcount for the chang
In the direction of the nlr current, but I
do not believe that ani of them would
stand the test of a scientist s examina
tion A subterranean stream Is given as
the prooable cause Just how the now
nf nn underffrniuifl r-er pould caLie the
' dlrct'on of the air currents to be re
' versed I cannot se" Howeve- the crev
ice 13 there and the phenomenon exists
I think thit some of the people 'n that
nelghborood are just a bit superstitious
on the subject of the 'Breathing Ca e.' "
Invented "Get Off the Earth"
and Got Fortune.
New ork April 11 Samuel Lloid died
last night it his home In Brooklyn
The children of more than three gener
ations have known Samuel Lloid and his
puzzles Fifti lears ago Lloyd Invented
the fimous donkci puzzle of which
more than a billion copies hive since
been printed
With the monei made from his first
attempt in tl e field of puzzle making
Lloid Invested in real estate and W ill
street stocks In his ill street In
vestments he never traded on margin but
bought his -tocks outright. Some of
I Iovd s best known and most w'deli sold
puzzles are Fifteen Block Get Off
the Earth ard the Dinkev
I Iovd not onli invented but for some
icars drew ergrived set up and printed
his own puzzle- He belie ed in puzz'e
pnet ce is i means of education fo
vouths Llovd was born In Philadelphia in 1M".
in 1 wis cducited abroad at Heidelberg
Besides that of puzzle making Lloif's
chief hobbi - is painting and skct h
Charles P. Light to Ghe
Lecture Series.
In the work of nationalizing the move
I ment for improved roads throughout th"
' t nited States the American Association
for HiUiwai Improvement with held
quarters in the Color ido Building has
obtiimd tho services of Charles P Light
recentlv commis ioner of public roads
of W est irgnia
Mr Light vill take the field for the
associ ition acting as a special rerre
sentitive and will make lecture tours
He s considered on" of the most elicient
platform men In the good roads mo r
rrent and it is believed his services v 11
be of great aid to the good roaos mo
mfnt he will confine his attention ton
one fetate
lira Mrn McIIenrj, Snffncctte and
In idler Kcncln-K Capital
Mrs Mra Icicnrv swo'n foe of ( uv
s:tubbs of Kansas and prohlbiti ni t
rreache pop stiff rn.ettp md wielder oi
the publititv ax is in ashington 1 ent
on mini and variel e-ran is all tending
to soci il and political unlift, Cong-e s
receivid her attention during the tr t
hour of her vi it and whe he- It is Kan
sas insurgen s igainot whom 'no n
hid muih i-ituism to publish latelv i '
whe her it is some m ire fundamen
work cannot vet bf gathered
I she is p-oud of her prison record hav
ing h en arrested more than thirt time
and she recounts the occasion in whir-h
she escaped in mile attire from an ins me
I . I . ,... nt hni mncl Px-Mtln.- PI
il 1MII1 Us uii- Wl ll- "ivi .......-, -
Mrs McHenrv will rot she things
mike anv speethes in Washington bj'
mav go to sor c neir bv town where sh
can speak to the people In the streets
without being molested
C ll linn nnd Vrgentlne Ministers Cnll
on the Prenldcnt
President Taft vesterdav received P
Romulo S Naon the newl accredited
Ministe from Argentina and Senor R
vero itcentl appointed Minister from
Cuba who presented their credentials to
this countrv
eno Itive o was formcrl secretarv o
I tho fnl .art !iratiin here The formal
diplom itic address of presentation was
broken bv him to personam compliment
Prt ident Taft or his work for Cuba.
Or Naon in prestnting his credentials
poke of the idmir ition which Argentina
had shown for the I nited States bv
clos 1 copving i's principles In drawing
un it constitution
If the extra session of CongTess does
not confine President Taft too closeli to
W ashington he mav journev to Texas to
wiitness the maneuvers Gov Colquitt,
of Texas has invited the President to
visit Texis while the troops are there
d legation 'epresentlng the Sixtv
ninth Infanto Regiment or the New Tork
Nation il Guird proudl proclaimed is
the famous Irish Regiment called at the
White H mse to invite the President to
attend their ielebration it a banquet on
At ril 'h Mr Taft told them he had il
rcidv aciepted fcur invitations for h
sta in New 'V ork on that night
Report of nrlon Committee Shovr
Progre for A ear.
The closing session of the spring meet
ing of the Washington Presbyterv was
held icsterda In th Western Prcsb
terian church The reading of the re
ports of the various committees con
.timed most of the session
These reports were most encouraging
and showed that great advances had
been made during the veor The elec
tion of commissioners to the general
assemblv to be held In Atlantic City in
Mai resulted in the choice of Rev W H
Edwards Rev C I Ncibel Mr H K
Simpson and Charles B Bailei to repre
sent the Washington Presbtery
Vcconntant Find Ml.ltO 34 Shortajie
of Officer
Manassas a April 11 H B Boudir
&. Son public accountants of Richmond
who were cmploied bv the board of
supervisors of Prince 'William County
tc audit the accounts of former Treas
urer James F Herrell teport that the
svstem of iccounting emploied by Her
rell Is Incomplete
The summari shows that, not counting
tht sum of $"C00 deposited In the de
funct Alexandria Bank, his available
funds are short fc 139 'A
To Hold Honie-comlnfr.
Phlllppl W a , April 11 In commem
oration of the first land engagement of
the civil wir, which otcurred here June
3 ma, arrtneements nr now being made
for a celebration of the fiftieth annlver
suri of the battle. In connection with a
home coming week Ma is to June 3.
Ultra for Dr. Palmer,
Funeral services for Dr Edward Pal
mer the wldeb known botan'st, ethnol
ogist, and collector, will be held this
afternoon from h's late residence, 237
Twelfth street southwest, at 2 o clock.
Interment will be In Rock Creek Cerne
teri Rev Patrick Murphy, of Estoliwiy
Chapel, will officiate.
rvH- h-- V&
s-"! t?- f JV-J "V.
" StaJ.

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