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MtoDt?jpyii;4Tim im
Daily Matinees 2c iitcniDRs. S, 50c. and J5c
JFi e gkai Korrn i.uuKtrrr.ciJ ifx
A. losro. Hopkins 4. Aitdl Ca. Cant. Jack & Vio
let Krih Little Billy Julian & Dvcr The Deluge.
Tilt, SUIbll AL 11BV KLA.1 ION
The Noted Lrsdish Vctar
And 12 Associate London Plajers. 4jc tx.
At 8 20
PRICES: 50c to $2.
Mats To-day and Saturday.
M. Jules Layolle's French
Grand Opera Co.
Mat. To-dij La Tranaia Tvnidit, Les
nnrnKEots-1 Thar Eie. La Itohcrac Fn.
Ftc Sienrd bat Mat. Rigoletto Sat.
Etc. Lake
Hon fcams-m and Delilah rues. Ihais
Wed. Mat. La Iiobm" UoLtc Kaust
Tl ur Ilemdiade fn I nmeo and Juliet
bat. Mat. ,araec bat 1 ve Lucia.
Sacred Easter Concert
By the Entire French
Grand Opera Co.
lnriodrac M lea. Holland Scalar Donaldson
Blarcaro MM. Itmtainc Moitano Hutcrty
Moorv Ctiol
With Complete Orchestra of 40
Prices: 25c to S1.50.
TO-NIGHT, 8 15
Hat To-darat2 15
Twice Daily, 2:15-8:15 Kul
I de j. DiriKiblo Ilalloon oter Switzerand.
Ma it a d 1 u rfcinc tilt Ol raj ic. ltali
cU h -f KorT t Itdra. Piisnlnn: Portraits
of luxxw It Taft. O m aid others.
tn M at. adult? 25c chiKIrro la. Eves.
Next Week :
Piayers in Belairs"
Contlnnous Performance
1 4". to II p m
Bristol's Ponies
T I s l r V r Je
Wli i 1 UTIIH TH. T-
A Shivery, Snowy Subject With Admiral Peary as the
Fur-clad Hero.
The combination ofiAdmiral Peary tell
!ng how he reached tho north pole to
an audience of Harvardgraduates over
came the weather man last night. He
said he thought it would snow to-day
The lecture was to have been deliver
ed in the Urvcrsitj Club, but it was de
cided that the bunch in that hospitable
home for college bojs was entirely too
warm for in icy talk Consequent the
Harvard men took, the Playhouse in N
street, where the frosted exterior was
thoroughlj appropriate On the outside
of the building the pale blue moon shone
cold and siiverv, while inside Reginald
tied his ear muffs close under his blond
hair and Percy pulled his fur coat
around his neck so as to warm up his
snowy shirt front Once, when Admiral
Pearv covered himself so deep with ice
bergs and snow thit everybody thought
it was Christmas Claude sent out for a
white mint frappe. Ho- drank It in frozen
lly, but it was cold' Tho temperature
went down to a thousand degrees below
zero and when Admiral Peary flnallj
reached the polo and stood intrepid and
alone amid the fields of ice, he remind
ed a sweet joung girl in the audience of
Little Eva in her famous trip, hop, skip
and jump adventure, on the frozen Ohio
Her escort said It recalled to him one
night when he walked across the Charles
River Bridgo in a blizzard to get to
his dormitorj I thought I would freeze
to death said he.
But what were ou doing up so late' "
said she coldly and then the Icicles
came clattering down from the celling
After all the Harvard fellows had a
good time notwithstanding the frigid
subject. After it was all over they went
out and ordered some ico in a glass to
tako the frost out of the air By mid
night the temperature had risen to a
point where even the cold storage Jokes
sizzled and melted awaj
Funeral of Fathor Goldbach
To-morrow Morning:.
VII -his nrrk Matinees Ilnilv
MATttllh RO5I 1 DELL
Hit-cine erv pi rfnrmanee
Kid I unn vss Kill Millivan
l I Till. I IK
COItV I II IN.TON Champion
Kemnlr rentier and
ItAf.O tlio linn of MjMlrrv
NEXT VACEK-Passing Parade
Matinee, 10c T"enln;r 10c and 20e
1 X THIS WT- Flv,
M Tiriit MI MI LNf;
1 I I 1 1 V U urjl t S -irr Ihi.
I M 1 lltr- t Urow rL
TVMAN A I Vn ( n.v M isiral Act.
KII I MM ! T il H n White
-Jl i MIIH inr Uir Vet.
MAJESTIC -Hal Won , Wed., Sat.
This Week Sherlock Holmes.
its on .np T I M ".110
Next wk "llnitrr nnil Man
Oprnlnc of -non.
a:30 Washington
Jkn aa vs JS
fiatt open, 1 p m.
"RSADE Ifl morA"
Mil Fn M tl Vrnl !
M at. m h- a S Snn
V trni kv aen a u
v V jnl
A PHOTOPLAY Treat Unequaled Since
the Introduction of Motion Pictures
K cured from tt largest makers in
B I urope (Patlie hVcrcs) their lat
est edit on of the famous superb-
1 hand-colored 1'laj as. renrtered
Ohcrammcrgau b those world wide
known Bavarian irtors and artists who
make the production of each individual
character as well as the entire perform
rce, a life-long stud This lecture
l'la consist", of appropriate musical se
lections on new 1'lpe Organ
Notw th-taniing tho enormous cost of
these Dims the admission price for this
the greatest of all double shows will onlv
be 10 cents so that ever one will be
ahlo to take advantage of thi3 oppor
V proennnntf of the Scene procixra
Iile nt the door grntln
''ee the spears clash
ee 2.000 men take part.
See the assault on the city
Se the burning Troj
'i'c the chart t race
See the proud and beautiful Helen.
VIRGINIA, 9th and F and G
pril IC is 10 20 No Raise in Price
T trail enjoy the Sdc Citot of the coottng at thw
Hotel Engel
Cafe and Restaurant
Ttxnota fot draka. cbops tnd nlif!
Imported Gencin beers ou draft.
New Jersey Ave. and C St
Tuff's Pills
The dyspeptic, the debilitated, whether from
excess of work of mind or body, drink or ex
posure tnM
win find Tutt's Puis the most eenbl restora
tl ve ever oiicrcd the suilexlnz Invalid.
Funeral services for Rev Father Gold
bach instructor of classics in the pre
paratorj department of Georgetown Lni-vcr-it
vho was drowned while canoe
ing in Little River near the Aqueduct
bridge Mondav afternoon will be held
in the universitv chap 1 to-morrow morn
ip Burial will be in the ccmeterj on
Uk unneritv grounds.
Tl e office or the dead will be chante 1
at the f o clock mass th's morning for
Father Gol Iba h and the interment will
take plico immed-atelv after tho T
o clock mass In keeping with the rules
of the Jesuit ord r the services will be
imple nnd without tho usual porrp and
cerrmonv t at characterizes the burial
of a Catholic priest
The entire student bodv vrstordav
frocied the loss of "Father Goldbach
Ho took an active Interest in athletics
ml wts considered a valuable advisor
to tho to ng nr'te-ial sreHng a future
n hat 1 old
Tie hodv was "-eoovc-od lv boatmen
al ut 1 "id o lock v ester lav mornlnc and
wns removed to tho universitv hi ding
w iter in the pocket of the priest was
found to have topped at 4 " o clock and
it is behoved that death occurred about
tha time
I-afhor Goldbach was twontv eight
vears nil Ho was ho-n in Taltimorc
and ordi nod at Ixivola Cnlloco Tilt!
mire II had loon connected with
Goorcotcwn I nivoritv s noo ucoist Tr"
His paront-s reside in Baltimore and a
brother is an Instructor at Johns Hop
kins I niversitv
3Irs. Longworth Also Prom
ised a Flight vith Jamius.
Attracted bv the fair weather fash
lonable ashington turned out In force
to sCe nton Jannus operator for the
Pex Smith blpl me, mal e some exhibl
funs llights vesterday afternoon but
were disappointed on account of the
strong wind which spoiled the day for
Airs Nicholas Ixingworth and ill! im
Icnnings Prjan were among those who
visited Potomac Park and esnected to
I ra ike tho flights that were promised
them but Mr Jannus. did not deem it
v ise to take tho risk with two such im
I ort int passengers as Ion"- as the wind
1 opt up its pnnkfa
Col ilrjin and "Mrs I ongworth have
bten promise 1 trul spins to da, pro
vitletl the wojtlur will permit It will
It tho last daj tae machine will be In
W ishington mong tho spectators es
trrdij were Mr and Mrs John P Vc
I in Mr and Mrs r I Mci can d
nural Dovcv an 1 soveral members cf
the I-rench Gran I Opera Companv who
v ore most en husi istic over tho machine
Mr ''mith and his ass'stants will leavo
to-morrow for seima Iu, where they
will remain a week giving exhibitions.
?t-U3&i . ,--"5
Fffif 0PlMI:i)S ,fOBT' SIIMIE6,
AlWjcndun nu unnint rncLnnc,
HtiflFiiSfentt m sol replr, exoepi i toogr
erritif WcW: T and 6 IoeVr
T VTtWTv SW"w.-ff . . - - ?i-, -r-
, ", 5t-tL sf -?eyr 4t x
-i '.-'iiTi .ii.'iiA ni n-ji.ifj -
A i. ' m ''''. ''?. 1
Z-''f f?
. fc -" L"
pofltflitie8 to 1)6 Rneedat DajligM.
Grandson of I nte Gen Dvrenforth
1 ill Rpri-h e 0 OOO
Tustice Goull vosterdav confimed an
amicable settlement between those Inter
estod in tho estate of tho late Gen
I obort G Pvrenforth who loft a will
directing that his estate should bo used
bv hi' throe brothers for the education
and maintenance of his g-andson Pob
ort st George D --enfo'-th
V-botit PW was obtained b uncles of
tho rov as proceeds of life insurance
pell ios on tho life of tho to tator ll
Ham Honrv Dennis collector of the es
tate sous t to secure this monev for
tho gcne'al estite. compromise how
v or ha- boon effected bv which tho
"randsrn is to rece-ve SSOno to be hold
1 v his uncles in trust until he reaches
his majontv
Tho s im of f. rfl is to he sct aside
fir Marv E Dvrfnforth Invalid daugh
te' o! the general and a like sum to J
his daughter Mrs Rose M Knowlron
After tho debts are paid tho residt e is
to be paid to Mrs Jennie Drenforth
the widow
Commission Iftnrs Testimony of
Cost f Anterwnjr
Poston pnl 11 Public intcest cen
tered around the hearing to-day before
the commission appointed to report
upon .he value to the bt itc of a canal
from Narrauan ott I av to Boston Har
I bo- to 1 e constructed and maintained
without tolls bv the government.
v. canal from Narragansett Bay to
Toston Harbor through Southeastern
M i sachusetts would develop one of the
most Important manufacturing sections
of New tngland
Goes to Indlannpollx
Dr Paul F Bowers has resigned i
alienist on the staff of St. Elizabeth s
Hospital and goes to assume charge of
the Hospital for the Criminal Insane
at the Indiana State Hospital at Indian
Lcafn rvf alwnnco for four month! on surcron s
certificate of disalnlitr is prante.1 lory. Lieu..
IlinUKD V l KIT Twlfth Cavalry
Each nf tho followtna named offlerrs is reUeml
from duty as constnicSiiv: qnartermastir at the
post desicratrd aftor hw name
Cain. JAMKS V HFIDT Tenth Infantry Tort
lenjamln Harrjn Ind.
Capt. Pf-JMI H W ATKINS Second In-
lantrr hort Thnmas Ky
ist I lent. JOHN W UN Fit. Third Canity
I-ort Wmcate Vex.
Ioaie of ahsence for four day n srrantal Capt.
JOHN IU I ItnCTEK Coat rtillcry Porps.
Leate of alKcnce for three days n cranted Capt
IIAHOI.D K CIOKK Coast TtdUerr Cnrr
lyeate of ahvnre for twenty days, to take effect
upon his relief from duty in the Adjutant
ircnrjraia department. granted Maj SID
NFl S. JORDAN adratant ceneral.
Lcate of absence for four montlis with rT
misPion to en heyond the sea. is irrantot
Cait. FKI-nrlUt IL rovmor enmnussarr
to take effect npon the completion of 1 is
d lties m the I hihppines Dinsion.
The fa lowinc nameil oflierrs are reliered from dnt7
at the rmv War Collece Washinzton Rxr
racks District of Co umbia. to take effect Jnne
31 IJ11 and will then proceed to join their
respertire stations
Maj. OEOKOL Left. IRWIN Third Held Ar
Urierr Mai. ROrtFTtT . rUOVVN Fonrteenth Caralry
Maj FDWIN LANTXIN Coast AmUery Corps.
By direction of the President. LleuU CoL L
TFH L. FINLF1 injpectnr peneraL is ro
liered from detail in the Inspector General s
Department Lieut. Col. FIVLEi is assigned
to the Thirteenth CsTalry
Leare of absence for two months is cranted Capt,
ARTnCIt P TTsj Twenty fifth Infantry
Court's 1 no Flml.s Lqnlne to lie
In Good Condition.
Jacob Foer charged with cruelty to
animals jesterday provel to the satis
faction of JuU,e Mullownj that the
hor e in the case was in good condition
The case was dismissed Foer hitched
the horse outside the Police Court.
Judse Mullownj asked Robert I Miller
an attorncj who is a good Judge of
horsos to examine the equine Mr Miller
reported the horse fo bo'in good condition
Illiorced Wife Aaks Alimony.
Justice Gould vesterdaj issued an or
der directing Gilbert Cave to show
cajse on April 11 why ho should not
be punished for contempt Tho order
was issued on complaint of "Mrs. Lottie
Cave vi ho alleged that her divorced hus
band refuses to pay her alimony of $65
per month
A idovv Nnmcd Sole Heir.
The will of Edward Harris, dated July
"0 l'J9 was filed for probate yesterday
His wife Mrs Sarah C Harris, is named
sole benificiarj and executrix. Mr. Har
ris died March 14
, V' f
Major Alferaofl Stronger than Supposed.
Army and Wavy movements. .
EsteMe.Prfiaraiioas it Navy-Yards
jhlasr'V "
i. Pi Wmeh. Stsstsrr el
Tkfitmaotm an Bpeial.fbr.12
JL - vl.
o rszxoseosxo. f??
"j w
vatwiu wiw.nw Mr n-zz ''T'lrrz m- tt-1 . i r
Moultrie, lw
wvr.'ireitBafL) u..Ai?aKonDvx weals
- -t ukj rv . i . l v-r ii- y s
2To.7.t ?. v- "Mo-rowrsKApeU, 1651.': : ??
Ota BaxrxBRAitD.'ChrlMtaa. V -v " Sd-
L j xeJcgrapn th ipj of Major Axxlerwa. f . tak
1 1,' 7 " (33d,) .rWAiKiHSwrclsryot War. ?
T Ik t. VAtE(ks-3MrrifWtr. J'.ZJSJkl ' X
&r -
Reproduction of a page is the New York Triltiaeof ApririJ.'SBl
tcjinj of the opening of the-war
50 Years Ago Today
held in
A shot shrieked across Fort Sumter, heralding the four years'
presaifc desolation of our Civil War. Perhaps you had an uncle, a
reJ Drotner or a father who sacrificed himself on the altar of prin
Y ciple in that mighty conflict, or who returned to tell you of the
hardships endured of the pathos and horror of war. But did you
bt know there existed a record more vivid, more accurate, more
wonderful than even he could tell ? 3500 photographs were
taken right on the scene of action 50 years ago. Each is a
glimpse of the past that has gone forever. They were lost
for, 50 years, and now found again are gathered by the Re
view of Reviews into ten beautiful volumes and form a record
impossible to duplicate. The Books are now being made and
tier of k
ami w'j
It ia
The) until thev are finished vou can secure a set at our soecial
inL' Before-Publication Price and on little monthly payments.
The story of these pictures and of the man who
took them is stranger than fiction. It is a story
of a man and his life work, of how he struggled
along until poor in pocket and broken in spirit,
and died in an almsward of a New York hosoital.
' CjMRLSSTTOf, Thunwlay, Apr3 11, JBGf These photographs were taken with special permis-
Jntercepted dispatches dhcIosf'--''tosion from President Lincoln, under the protection of
3Iiv Fox, who had begnab' the Federal Secret Service, by the greatest photographer of
AndmorS. oiutbr"' h-s day 1MATHEW BRADY to whose Broadway studio went
oacinc emplf"" Jenny Lind, the Prince of Wales, Horace Greeley and Abraham Lincoln.
r A5,tT.f ne Iouna cne ooys in cne nospitais ana Drougnt tnem DacK mac we mignr. Know
Of Thee Pictures
Send 10 CcnU for MaHing t
Send the coupon and w wfll ijiwe
you f-ee a few samplepictures toshosr
you the wonder and beauty ol these
photographs. At the same time -we
will tell yon how yow can cet a set
at our beforopuhlication -ptxr. tf yoa
are prompt, and pay for itorsmail
monthly payments. Yon cairfiaTe
the books on approval and rertrrn
them at our expense rf-they are not
satisfactory Send the coupotMt-once
or you will be too late
what they suffered; he saw them amusing themselves in camp waiting for the call
to action and later, as thev lay on the field of battle, human sacrifices to the
God of War. Early in the war he caught the fleeting glance of adventure in the eyes of the
men and later pictured them doggedly plugging along with unshaven faces and clothes worn
and torn with many days marching, many nights sleeping in them.
Grant Saw These Pictures Taken
The United States Government paid $27,840 for a part of the photographs. General Greeley and Gen
eral Benj F Butler valued them at $150,000. It is the one accurate, impartial history of the Civil
War for the camera cannot he.
Photographic History of the Civil War
Ten Beautiful Volume at Les Than the Price of Four Photographs
Around these Photographs has been written a fascinating vivid word picture of our Civil War not a
schoolroom history ol maps and dates but an intimate story of real men You can get this and the
3500 pnotograpns at the low beiore-publication price if you send the coupon promptlj
Kememuer-uui otter dotes as soon as the books lire published. Uur supply or tree portfolios is Name.
limited in quantity. Mail this coupon today.
REVIEWS OF REVIEWS CO. 13 Astor Place, New York City
Wash. Hoc.
13 Astor Place
Send mc, free of cham.
the I S reproductions of jom.
newly discovered Brady Or
War photographs, ready for
framing-arid contained m a hand
tome portfolio Abo send me the
story of these photographs and tell m
how I can get the whole collecson for
lea than one cent a picture. I enclose
10c to cover the cost of mailing.
Ascrittore Renounces Ien
as Real Murderers.
The following orders hare been Lvaed
CfcpL B WILLrTS detached duty as inspector
of machinery vroito New York Snlpbnlldins
Cbmpany amden S J to temporary duty
Nary Department Washineton. D CL
Lieut. IL h. KIJIMKU detached duty Lornsasa
to duty Nary Deportment. Ya5hinston. D C as
asmstant director of target praebca and eojdnecr
ing compKitioo.
Passed iK-istant S irzron J B M KAILS detached
duty Franklin to duty on siatic ittalion.
Assistant Sjrseou J . HOW UU. detached duty
aral Medical School Waahitcton. 1) C.. to
dnty Sorply
Assistant Surceons U. L. ITtATT J O OM L-
VCNA and J J OSILLK detached duty
Naral Medical School ashmston, D C, to
dnty on Asiatic station.
Assistant Surjeon O B. CUOU. detached duty
naral station, Guam, IL L. to boms and wait
Assistant Smseon V, J TOCLON. detached duty
nuppiy, to nome ana van omen.
Assistant raymaster S. IIEMPSTOSE. detached
temporary duty Bureau of Supplies and Ac
counts, 2itj Decajrtrrnt. 'Waslnnston, D C..
to tecrnanxy doty Vermont, under '"''WI"r.
Smaller Feet
Sore Feet, Tender Feet, and Swollen
Feet Cured Every Time TIZ
Hakes Sore Feet Well, Ho
Matter What Ails Them.
Every one who Is troubled -with sore.
sweatj, or tender feet, swollen feet,
smelly feet, corns; callouses or bunions
can qulcklj make their feet well now
Hero is instant reller and a listing,
permanent remedy Its called TIZ TIZ
makes sore fiet well and swollen feet
are quickly reduced to their natural
size Thousands of ladies have been
able to wear shoes a full size smaller
with perfect comfort
Its the only foot remedy every made
which acts on thevprlnclple of drawing
out all the poisonous exudations which
cause sore feet. Powders and other
remedies merely clocr ud the cores. TTZ
cleanses them out and keeps them clean.
It works rlBhtofr You will feel better
the cry first time us used, use it a.
week and you can forget ou everj had
sore feet. There is nothing on earth
that can. compare with it. TIZ Is for
sale at all druggists, 25c per box, or
direct, lfyou wish, from Walter Lather
Dodge & Co, Chicago. III.
Viterbo April 11 The feirs of the
Camorrists that they would be unable to
attend to their religious duties during
Holy Week with the rropcr devotion were
quieted at the cIomj of this afternoon s
scision of the triil when President Blan
chl adjourned court until after Easter
This adjournment was expected last Fri
daj and when the court ordered the trial
to proceed to-da there were loud lam
entations in the prisoners cage
To-da s session developed situaUons
but littlo less sensational than tho;e
which marked the interrogation of Kr
ricone and Abotemaggio Vscrittore re
sumed his place on the stand this morn
ing and continued his attempt to con
vince tho probecution that the Cuoccolo
mnrders were committed b Tomasso de
Angelh. and Gactano-Amadeo He is ac
cused of naming theso two men for the
purpose of shielding the real murderers,
and th it ho is a part to a conspiracy
to protect the guilt Camorrists is in
dicated at least In the mind of tho crown
advocate by the fact that Ciro Vlttnzi,
the priest, also named Angells and Ama
deo as tho-men who admitted having com
mitted" thecriraes, at the confessional.
Ascrittoro was bitter in his denuncia
tion of the- judiciary and tho carbineers.
Several of his remarks brought lawyers
on both sides to their feet with offensive
recrimmaUons. He said there was still no
doubt In his mind of tho guilt of Amadeo
and Angells, but tho carbineers and
Judges had prosecuted him for calumny
and kept him In Jail for years, besides
forcing him to withdraw his testimony
against Amadeo and do Angells.
Tho Camorrists were less vociferous in
their demonstrations to-day, but more
given to walling and weeping When
Ascrittore declared tho judges had made
a martjr of his aged mother, as well
as himself, the prisoner. Including Errl
cone, sobbed historically
ThlrUeld Leaves for South.
President Thirkield, of Howard Urd
versltj, has gone South on an educa
tional mission of importance to colored
schools His special work will consist
mainly of delivery of adresses at the
leading institutions throughout the South
ern States
Postmaster Tried for Theft.
Richmond. Va., April IL Tho case of
R. Thomas Purkins, of King George
Court House, charged with theft of three
letters from the United States mails.
while postmaster at King George Court
House, Is on trial In the Federal Court
to-daj Purkins denteu tne tnett.
Cleveland Geta Examiner.
Richmond. Va.. April IL Francis Coats,
jr , of this city, special national bank ex
aminer, has been selected by the Clearing
House Association, of Cleveland, Ohio,
as examiner for the Cleveland banks.
Sanitary Inspector Promoted.
J. Frank Butts has been promoted to
an Inspector In the health department.
He-was formerly a sanitary inspector.
Columbia Height' CItlrens Send Vp
p nl to Cam mi mi Ion era.
The Commkborrers have under advise
ment a letter from W B Todd secretary
of the Columbia Heights Citizens Asso
ciation urging tho establishment of an
inebriate asjlum
The letter which was received jester
da, li the outcome of a resolution passed
b the association on April 4 It is
pointed out that Congress has had the
question of an asjlum for Inebriates and
drug fiends under consideration for ten
Plaintiffs Vino Ynk Gnardlan
Malcom II. Chandler
George V Chandler and Jennie D
aughan yesterda appeared as plain
tiffs in a suit a ilnst h.dward T E.
Chandler Sarah "VI ood and Malcolm
H Chandler asking the court to pass a
degree confirming the sale of premises.
ZV C street southeast and appoint a
guardian for llalcolm H Chandler, who
is alleged to bo of unsound mind
It is alleged b plaintiffs, through At
torncj Walter C Baiderbton that they
contracted for the sale of th property
for ;C00 believing tho sale to be for
the Interest of "Malcolm H Chandler
For the first time in forty sir
years the anniversarj of tho as
sassination of President Lincoln
w ill this j ear fall upon Good
Frldaj, April 14, the day and date
of the month In 1S63 when tho
great war President was struck
This coincidence of-dates has
not occurred since the day of tho
great tragedy.
The Home Side
of Rector's
Hotel Rector, in New York. Any
evening at dinner or at an after-theatre supper in the famous
dining-room you may have celebrities pointed out to you.
But that the new Hotel Rector is the MOST HOME
LIKE spot in all that wonderful neighborhood of theatres
and shops and hotels may be a new fact to you. ItsJobbies,
hallways and reception rooms are examples of -subdued
There's NO THIRTEENTH FLOOR and thereVa
CONSPICUOUS ABSENCE of the garish promenade.
Each floor has nineteen rooms, all good size, splendidly fur
nished plenty of closet room, good ventilation and beds
that you can sleep in luxuriously.
A near neighbor of the new Pennsylvania and Grand
Central passenger stations, it has the most interesting part
of Broadway at its doorstep.' ,
It is a HOME hotel for people who want to FEEL
AT HOME in New York and in which New Yorkers DO
feel at home.
Rooms, $2.50 a day, with detached bath; $3.50-10 $5
a day with connecting bath. Beautiful suites, for two or
more, at $6 up.
jj&jijfefc A- & ViaafcAgiefc
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