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Galaxy of Stars Corralled By Manager Cornell of the Tigers
4 ...
to Washington
I Player Making I
J Home Run on the
I Home Grounds I
Topham's, as usual, 'will
J give tho first plaver on the
Y Washington team knocking a
home run one of their finest
J. suit cases
I Suit Case
! Special
Brown and Russet Cowhide
f Suit Case. 24-inch size; rtvet-
Y od throughout with heavy
v Bell rivets, fine French lock.
side straps sewed on; heavy
; leather corners
Y and linen lined tU' rA
Y4 Specially marked h),QJ
f Topkam's
1 1219 F St N. W.
- Everything for Travelers.
Paper-hangers to Have Strongest Team in Years.
Bankers' Meeting Other Comment
Stock of
Haiiona! Electrical Supply Co.
13e 1330 New York Ave. Tel. 680
Contlnrnfnl Tires,
Hlnxon Mcnalx,
Ilnyflrld (arbu.
K. A. . Tire
llnoils. Tops,
I nmpi, Jaeka,
i srn: motor cr company.
Hii-lies.-. 'loe Hya'tsu .e. Md. Thoce Hyattsrtlle EI.
Bauch and Lange Electrics'"--:
I when 1:1
the i-urrcnivi. iiotor co,
1112 Connecticut A-ve.
M.F id.
roMMEitrui. ito a. sitply co.,
1313 . 1. KYE. 'I'hont 31. 2174.
(oljUAm0 12
Theo. Barnes & Co.,
n st. nw.
Thore M. ZKi.
The Cook & StoddardCo.
1313 II it. ". Vv. Thonc Main 742S.
Much has been said about the team
which Manager George E. Cornell, of
the paper hangers, will enter in the
Capital City League race, and while
at the time the dope may have been
authentic, several additions hate been
made which materially strengthen a
line-up which was already the strong
est aggregation possible to assemble
from the ball tossers in these parts.
"Billy" Marccron is mentioned in this
list, because Mr. Cornell is of tire
opinion that his star slugger will re
turn from Wheelng. W. Va., to which
place he has gone to play professional
With the galaxy of stars that Man
ager Cornell has under contract, he
should once more land the District
Chief" Green, the Catholic Univer
sity star slab artist, will don a Cornell
uniform this season. With the addi
tion of this twirler. Manager Cornell
is confident of winning the flag. Nor--is,
one of last j ear's pitchers, will
take his turn for the New York ave
nue nine. 'Bernie' Gallaher. the Pet-
... " wortli crack, has been signed Th s
- , box artist is one of the best in the
Manager Cornell is of the opinion
that Phil Buscher, the iron man of
Washington, will be back with the
Cornell tribe before long, as Buscher
will hardlv stand to be sent to a smal
ler league than the Eastern. This
quartet of twirlers is, without a doubt,
the most formidable in the District
"Sailor' Bob Smith w.'l do the bulk r.f
the back--topping 'or the Cornell team
Smith nptds no inrrrwlnrtinn tn the nma-
I teur public of Washington as he has bten
' the batttrj mate of Gallagher for the
pist five vears. bmi 1 is one of the best
throwers in the Ditrii t an.l will be a
capable receiver for the Paperhangers
I' It Ljnn, a foin-er Tri-S;ate leceiver,
h is been signed bv Manager Cornell, and
if he lives up to his reputation, will be
a corking good man
Firs I ase will be taken care of bv Cy
d the foime- Georgetown. Win
and GnldiboT' first-sackcr Cy,
:i condition, is beln id by man
to be the best guardian of the initial
.station in the District Cy is lamed tor
scooping them out of the dirt and lining
them ovet the fence
Socird base will in charge of the
Bankers' star, ".SKets- llayo. whese
work for the past isj w-ks has been
the sensation of the American becuritj
and Trust Companv s team Haves has
,rc cived many offers to plav professional
Hall, but as he has a good position in
e downtown bank he would not accept
mi of them
Merrill Vaughn will plav the third
station for the Paperhangers, and as
he has completely recoered from the
injury received last fall, will be a ta-
J pabie man Vaughn plaved a good gam
last year for the Cornell Goldsboro Gold
There are two good men for the short
stop position Johnny Salb, who plaved
the latter part of the season for Man
ager Cornell, and King, who did good
work in the Sunday School League
The outheld is perhaps the strongest
in the District Sam Edmonston. of big
league fame, Al Handiboc, who has de-
ided not to plav with Petersburg this
season. Billy Keane and Billv Marccron
The quartet of outer gardeners are all
heavj hitters, fast men. and know the
game about as well as anj four men
playing amateur ball
Mle Manager Cornell has not signed
Fienli. Georgetown s star box artist,
is more than llkel. if he
bojs do not attend the next meeting of
the league the Braddocks will be granted
the franchise.
A meeting of the Sunday School League
is called for to-night at the residence
Austin, for Blaeknmltlin, Strikes Oat
Ten Men.
Technical High School yesterday had
little trouble in defeating the United
States Senate team, taking them into
camp to the tune of 9 to 4. By landing on
Pitcher Homine In the third and scoring
seven runs, the Blacksmiths sewed up the
game. Burke replaced Homine in the
fourth and pitched a grand game, hold
ing the winners to two hits In five In-
ningi, besides striking out eight men
Austin who pitched eight innings for
Tech was in rare form, striking out ten
batters. The batting of McKee for the
losers, and a steal home of McLean for
the winners were the features Score
Thnlcnl. AB HOAEI I' 8 Sot. ABHOAK
. -,,-, .n.A -. . rosmrnn n I u u u i, T if ni, da.... V 1 1 3 1
.. -. . i-Kjve, iui u street nortneast. a Rnuuit if. i l o o il num.. zb.
caused by the withdrawal of the Peck
Club, and from present indications the
Nativity Sunday School nine will be
granted the franchise.
A prominent member of the league
when asked last night what team would
enter the league said: "The Sunday
School League would like to have the
Nativity Club in the circuit, as they are
all young men and play with plenty of
spirit. In all probability that will be the
team to enter the league."
The schedule will be adopted and other
important matters will come up for con
sideration. All the managers are re
quested to be present.
Warren-Detroit "30"
loi' ninlr rhov and 'ale&room. 1KB llth .
rtcrr Nofh IM. M1KAIAN S. BOWLES. Asm
1311 Mod
els. J. E
1220 New Tork Ave.
Kr 113) U st. Triepbooe. NorUj let.
rnONE AIAI.S JQi. 1KJ7 n ST. .NW
Velie "40"
HOUSE. 1103 th . Tbone N. lire.
A I rexnire EtirinU-w3 zt th rite of 1c xx mile
Firestone Agents
173S 14th M. . 1
he will don
O Street Ijd Score Five Rnns With
out u Hit.
in a game full of Interest Central High
School tied American Security and Trust
e'terday afternoon on the White Lot.
7 to 7.
Boteler. Central's mainstay in the box,
as hit to all corners of the lot. but the
boys behind him were there before the
ball most all the time. The high school
bojs scored six runs in the first two
innings, getting five in the second with
out a hit McCarthy plajed a cood came
fcr Central, and scored two of his teams
runs. Haes, the shortstop of the Ameri
can becuritj. received i painful injurj.
but it is hoped that nothing serious will
result. Score
Centra! AIHIOU.I UT All II O A K
llMams lb . : 0 ; O 0 I M Iuat 3 I ; I 2 0
smtvuo w. J 1 0 3 1 l!air& m . 4 13 0 1
Md'anhj 3h 2 1 Z 0 0 KhMV lb ... 4 I 3 n 0
an In- rfll IOOKRdu Upi::it
Thompsnn rf 3 1 0 0 0 ' Iktl 3b..... 4 10 0 0
ONrim Zh . 3 0 1 1 01 -. c .... 3 0 10 3 2
IlnxiiPtt. lb 1 0 1 1 0 I Bcrtin rf. . 3 1 0 I
McTTiran. II 10 10 0 IU 1( n p If 3 10 0 0
McQiiren. c. 3 0 S I 0 Malnnr rf. 10 0 0 0
Botclcr p .. 3 0 0 5 0 I Jorm-wn rf 2 0 10 0
Totals. . 3 4 21 11 1 I Total M lT 2! 1
Ontral . . . 1 5 0 1 0 0 0-?
A. S.A.T. Oa . .340000 07
Rrns duns (2) McCarthy CI McCathrxn. Mc
Qi.ft-n R-uelcr. Ihm (2). Ridd (21. S. flaw
Imp. Bojkin. R. Rawlinsi. Kirst hai-e or errrv
Ontral I A. S i. T Ox 1 Left on hoMS
Central 7 A. S. fc T. Co.. 1 nrst hav n
hallOI . Rawlin-v. 5. oT R. lUwluirs V
Innmu pitched-Br R. lUirhnirt. 12-3 by S
Rawing 5H. Hit madc-trr R Rahccs. 2.
"(I S. Rawhnjr 2. htruck roit-Ry s. lUwlincs
S b R rtmlinss. 2. by IVncltT. 6 Tr-bu? Uit-v
Riddl. Btrvtan. S. Rak-Iitc Suln ba.v
Havrs. Riddle McCarthy. Thocimnn. MrCathran.
W ild pitrhc-S Rawline. 2. PlMrd halli-Wrst.
2. rrcpircs Mcwrs. Thotnan and Clark. Time of
camr 1 hour and 3 mincia
Defeat Technical Vonnentrri In Ex
citing Game 12 to 8.
The newly organized Gallaudet College
Reserves opened their season by winning
an exciting game. 12 to K. over the Tech
n'cal High School Reserves esterday
afternoon at Kendall Green Score
(U! R Alt H O A B I Tech Res. AB II O V h
Heches. 2b 5 10 2 0 niVfan-b rf. 4 1 0 0 0
Jarfcn lb . 5 n 9 0 0 I Crller c ...51460
Illayrc d S J ( 0 lin ran lb 5 0 12 C 3
B rhajich. c 5 2 10 2 0 I I ttk-1! rf .54300
toiler .513131 Michael 5b 53021
Marshall rf. 5 2 0 1 n ' i ricmhark If 5 0 0 0 0
Scha.fer 3b 3 0 0 0 2' simivcu ss . II 133
Irides, 3h . 1 1 0 0 0 Ham 2b ... 4 1 7 0 1
M Eton. If 4 12 0 0 1 Felt 2b 0 0 0 0 0
Undr If .10 0 0 0 Hutch p 4 2 C 5
loltz p 44021
I Totals . 41 13 27 IS S
T ifaltt ni5i fi T !
it I (.allau let ReTTC5 15 10 10 3 2 i-13
tas in Wash- I Technical Rcvttct . 113002010-5
5 0 110
4 10 0 0
3 112 5
4 2 0 0 0
10 2 0 0
3 010 1 1
4 2 7 11
110 0 0
3 1111
2 0 0 0 0
10 110
35 9 24 12 9
Morris, c p. 3 I 11 0 I I MrKre rf.ef
llenld. 2b ... 3 0 2 1 0 i Crate c
McT.ran. ts . 4 0 I 3 1 I Hrr.klcr. e. .
Hall 3h ..410101 tvm. lb ..
Hardie lb... 4 1 12 0 0 Kellry. rf...,
n-tin. p .. 3 I 0 4 1 I Bond rf .
Colbert, a... 0 0 0 10 1 Homine. n ..
i H. Burke, p
Totals 35 8 2710 4 1
f Totals . .
T. S. Senate 0 10 110 0 0 1-4
Technical 10 7 0 0 0 0 1 x-9
Rum-Schireclcr f2) McT Ilcald. Mrlyan.
Bond IUII Hardwi (2). Austin. Bums, Wardon.
McKee Finrt base on balls Oil Austin,
ninrs pitched-By Austin. 8. by Moms. 1; by H.
Burke. 5. bv Homine. 3. Hila mane fill Anstin.
8. off Moms. 1. off H. Burke. 2. off Homine. 6.
Struck out By Austin. 10. b H. Burke. 8: by
Homine, 3. Three-base hit Menu. Tun-base hit
Austin Sto'en bases-McIyn. Hall (2). Hardie,
O'Veil E. Bnrke, Nelson. Kelley. Hit br pitcher-
B Autin Wardon. Umpires Messrs. Fitzsimmons
and Offnutt. Time of rame-2 hours and 5 minutes.
Shipley Shines with Stick
Against U. of 3rd.
College Park. Md . April 11. The team
representing the 1'niv.ersity of Marjland
.as defeated here to-day by the Mary
land Agricultural College. 6 to 3 Smith,
for the locaN, missed a sure shut-out
lv losing control In the final session,
the isltors being unable to solve him
up to that period The game for the
first four innings was nip and tuck, sec
end base being the limit reached by
either team However, the fifth brought
the fireworks and saw the passing of a
siah artist Rltter led off with a hit.
Furniss was sifc on Morton's error, and
both scored on Shipley's single. Then
Rcubert slapped one for two bases, send
ing his captain over the rurber, coming
in himself on an out to first
In the sixth Morton and Metcalfe
swapped places, but the locals kept on
scoring With two down. Shipley hit to
center, and Reubert hit into the same
territory for three sacks, scoring a min
ute latter when Wrightson made a mess
of a throw to catch a man stealing The
university bos were ver dangerous,
getting only three hits up to the ninth
Ir this round two passe', an error, and
two lise hits netted tlitm three runs.
Shipley was the hero with the stick, get
ting five hits out of he trips to the pan
Reubert was up four times and got a
double and a triple Score:
MAC VB H O A E I l of Md AB II O A E
Uitter 2b I 1 2 4 1 K nhurzrT. s 4 0 2 2 0
Knmm rf . 5 I 0 0 0 Johnsnn c . l o
Shipley 3b 5 5 14 0 Tolleson. 3b . 3 1 1 1 C .
Reuben. s. 4 2 1 10 1 Busier rf . 4 0 2 0 0
Don't that onnd GOOD TO YOUf ANYBODY may ntlll win one of these great prises by entering the race
to-day and srorklnn hard. Contest continues nntll April 18.
10 single-same Baseball Tickets siren for most votes handed In this week.
L-dnum rf. 3 0 0 0 0 Metcalfe, p lb 4 0
Mudd lb. 3 0 13 2 0 U htn ?h n n
31 rjirysen c 1 0 10 0 0 stetenson rf. 4 I 1 0 2
J ltinum. rf 4 0 0 0 0 I Morten, lb. P 4 2 5 0 1
Smith p . 4 0 0 6 0 Tortuondo. If 4 0 1 0 0
At the meeting of the tanker
vesterday in the board room
of the
American Secuntv and Trust Company, j struck out-Bj Koitz. 12 br Hutc
. K. Herrell was elected second vice 'i".",! Lsn?, 3L,ch'w'
Runs-Hushes (2i Jarobson (2i Biasing. Hut
terhaush Roller Marshall (21 Folt 14). Dele
hinrb 'alley Lynch (2) Michael. Stmieon. and
Hutch fTi. Earned runs Tech Res.. 4. I.al Rea
5 f"lrt !. by errors Tech !!. 4. Iial. R
4 Ifll on baes Tech. Ik- 6. (,al. Ros. 7
Hutch. 2. Two-hase
suien basm-
P.ilfT 111 TEnlUr fSI n.lhtn.h PW l.r.4
president for the ensuing jear The ball-Butterhauidi. CmpircMr. West. Time of eubj
election of this popular official was met I -2 hours and 1 mtnnte
with approval by all members of the
The schedule was not adopted, as the
president and several officials were not
present. The constitution, which had
t-een laid on the table at the previous
meeting, was adopted J. Nelson Seitz
was elected assistant scorer and D. J.
Finnlgan assistant umpire.
Those present were Vice President
Devcreaux. Trcasurtr Wolfe, Secretary
Hayncs, Mr Gravson. American. Mr
Hoover. Commercial Mr Ekhloff, Sec-
Comes ThronKh a Winner
I .en Kill to Spnrc.
Norfolk. Va , April 11 Plate Glass, the
Plaudit gelding which won the stake
race last Saturday In a sensational man
ner after being left at the post, came
cut this afternoon in the Bull Durham
Handicap and convinced the talent that
he aertainlv can step some for ha
end National, and Mr.Grecne. American j brcf,zp' t0 the irc with two lengths to
Security and Trust Companv I Tare. To make his victory more im-
piessive. Plate Glass ran the seven fur
Bureau of Engrav Ing and Printing and longs in 1 2S 2-3. w hich is remarkable
Agriculture had their initial work-outs time, considering that the track was not
on the White Lot yesterday Many of j fully dried out and that there was a
the candidates who are trjing for posi- strong wind blowing across the course,
tions appeared, and the limbering up FIRST RACE Four and a half fur
continued until twilight While a game IonKs. Ir two- ear-olds Dragnet. Ill
33 9 27 17 II Total ..33 5 2111 5
M. A. C . 0 0 0 0 4 2 0 0 x-
Inirersity of Marjlacd 00000000 3 3 I
RunsHitter rlmitvs Shipley (2). Reubert (2).
Ilti-e, Metcalfe Wnsht-sm Two-base hits Shipley. I
lUiibt rt. Three-hue hit Reubert. Stolen bases I
FnrsM. hiplej tti. Munickeyscn. J. 1-cilni.m. Sao
nfee hits Muriskeyen. Tolleson First base on I
balls Off Smith 2 off Metcalfe. 2, off Morton. 3.
Struck oot By .smith 7. by Metcalfe. 4. by Mrr
ton. 4. Hits mad-Off Metcalfe. 6 in 5 innings, off
Morton, 3 in 3 lncircs. Ltft ia bases M. A. (..
9. I. of Md 6. First base on crrors-JI. A. C.
2 t. rf M1 I. Hit by pitcher By Smith. Jchn
Kxi. by Metcalfe R. Lnlniun. I'mpire Mr Ooonor.
Time of same 2 hours and 10 minutes.
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Juscls,yus . - IN Foyyfr- 22 & 82.50
(Cor. 7th and K Sts. N. W.
1914-1916 Pa. Ave. N.W.
233 Penna, Ave. S. E.
Thone V 377J7.
Thomas Flyer
1317 H st nw.
'Pbona M. CUT.
1217 H . ow.
'Phone Si. CIS.
tlcen5ed under Beldra Talent.
1018 Conn. Ave. 'Phone 31. 7701.
1511 14th Street N. W.
had been scheduled, it was, not plaved.
the team managers contenting them
selves with having their charges ex
change turns at the hat and In the field,
from which much beneficial practice re
sulted The Bureau team will go out
again Fridaj, and Manager Bob Dovle
will endeavor to get n line on some of
his oungster, all of whom showed up
w ell yesterdaj
If there Is a strong left-hand pitcher
and a third baseman in Washington who
want to Join a Class D league at rea
sonable salaries it will pay them to call
Xoles" cigar store. 507 G street north-
(nugan), 1 to I. won. Auto Maid, 115
(Reid). 2 to 1, second, MKs Joe, 109
(Kstep). even, third. Time. CVi 3-S Blow
Out, Naughty Rose, and Hawness also
SECOND RACE Two miles. St Abe.
lie (Dupee), S to 5, won. Jack Baker, 140
(McClain), 6 to 1 place, second; Black
bridge. US (Allen, out. third Time.
i 20 Dr Heard, Hawk Wing. Race
Brook, and Essex II als-o ran.
THIRD RACE-Six furlongs Baby
Wolf. 109 (Bryne), 7 to 10. won. Pete, 107
(Callahan), S to 1, second. Premier, 91
(McCahev). 1 to 2, third. Time, 1:16 4-5
Adriuche, Black Branch, Craftsman, and
Jennie Wells also ran.
FOURTH RACE Seven furlongs. Plate
west, to-night at 7 o'clock, prepared to Glass. 110 (rain). 3 to 2. won: Anten'or
lOIIlO tVla-k It ArrlfH-frt1i V. v V. I .l , I ... . "
leave the eltv to-morrow, the third base
man must be able to hit.
The board of directors of the Olvmplc
League held a meeting last night in the
office of President Copp to consider the
bids for erecting the stands and back
stop The contractor's name was not
made public Work on the grounds will
I0J (McCahev), out place, second. Cap
size. X (Olsen). out. third. Time, l:2S2-3
Chief Hayes also ran.
FIFTH RACE Five and a half fur
longs Cooney K.. Ill (Dugan), 5 to 2,
won; Paul Davis, 10S (Gasktn), 3 to 1.
second, Bendaga. 101 (Estep), 4 to 5,
third Time. 1:10 4-5. Manomi, Marsh
Light, Gold Bug. Western Belle. Cardiff,
1612 nth at. nw. Telephone North 135&.
Uctnaed Under Belden Patent
Phone M gS for a Demonatratlon.
COLE "30"
WILSON CO.. IS1 llth at.
Phone NorUi 5111.
113 L at. nw. Trlepboc !crt :
Largest Morning' Circulation.
start at once and everything will be in' Duno Campbell, O K. Herndon. Milpitas,
readiness in a week or ten davs.
The Braddock A. C. has applied for the
franchise made vacant by the withdrawal
of Wisconsin team, and If the Georgetown
f f Boratti GcUa$tal
& r Conpouod
IK safe and simple remedy for
If fmf I Broadudi, Catarrh, HajErctT la
f iC - Inflammation. Irritations, nloer
f V 1 atlona of ALL mucous membranas .
IfaSiWf I or llalnrs of the sose, throat,
1 1. i I stosaoh or other organs,
I QPll Why not CKTt ymrulf
---"Tn)aUMwlthaaehDOttU ""1
a. or mailed on request
V lVi EJ-Qoaal &. J I
lorn Shaw, and Havre aiso ran,
SIXTH RACE One mile and seventy
jards Tom Mciton. OS (Ertep), I to 5.
won. Harvey F.. 101 (McCahcy). 8 to 5,
second; Neoskaleeta. 1C6 (Bergcr), 5 to 2,
third. Time. 1:47. Bang, Miss Officious,
Kilderkin, Warden, Chepontuc, and Joe
Rose also ran.
Tito Cab klpm Up.
Chicago, April 11. Lou Richie and Jack
Pfeiffcr affixed their signatures to Cub
contracts to-day. These two pitchers
vrtrc tho last of the hold-outs. Orvje
Overall, the only man now out of the
Cub fold, has announced that he Is
through with baseball,
At Lexington. Va St. John's College. S; Waah-
incun and Lee. 2,
At Preridtnee ProTidenoe, Eastern Leasne, 2;
Brown Unitersltr, 1.
At Atlantic Citr. N. J.-Dartmouth, I;
CorctU.-l - . -
FIRST RACE To-year-olds. foor and one-half
Inwncd 112 Orphanrv 112
Mcnsienr X 115 OTfrman 115
Cntirt Jester . 115 1 Prince O'Day .. . 11!
SECOND RACE Three-jear-olds and up: six fur-loncs.
rTierokee Iliwr .. .. I Phil Moor 107
Kins: ATondale rw I Tasahira 110
Herprs.. .. . 1121 Dantield 116
Lawtrn Wicnns 116 I Drew Parade II . 112
THIRD R CE Three-vear-oids and up; mile.
Firmer "W I Mollie 8
Kaufman Ill t Ilsntxr 100
Rounder . 1W ldlcwcu. 112
Acnar ... 110
KOFRTH RACE Three-year-olds and up: six and
one-half furlong.
Walerrale 06 j Judre Monek 95
Sehontaiarm . MB I Montcalm 1M
Dr Holibers . .. lOfilC M. Miller 107
Alfred the Oreat- . 107 I Apoloirize 109
Michael Anselo 1W I
FIFTH RACE Two-year-olds; four and one-half
Wtlttr Sera 10S I Bill Lamb 10R
Maientius. 109 I Doodle Dandy 112
Omricn .. 101 I
SIXTH R CE Threc-yrar-olds and up; mile and
Alsronel. 91 I Frank Puroell 10S
Vly Gal . . . . 10S Cart. Swansoo. 106
The Golden Butterfly 106 1 Hilltop 110
FIR5IT RACE Threr-yesr-olds and up; foor and
rmc-half fiirlonsa.
Rlanche France. 1051 Mary Belle 119
Sanrtim 110 I Ahe Oor-dlnc 121
Amvl IIS I Autrrnatic 13
Pearl Hopkins. 110 I Clysmic 121
SECOND RACE Thrte- ear-olds and up; fire
Myrtle Queen. 109 I Chanato 112
Ldetcne 102 Betertein 111
IjocusI Bud 110 Red Rebm 114
F.ra Tariniai 110 Dr. Hollis. 114
Tankee Pcoh ... 112 1
THIRD R.VCE Three-year-olds and op; fire fur
lonjs. Flny Blair. 100 I Ia Sa Ja 112
Ralrnr M0 I John Oarnrr Ill1
lnnerw Tliome 110 Cnll Ilollaml. ill .
lAdy Harnlnirir "2 ' Johnnie Blake. HI I
Miss Imnr'ne 112 I Lucky Mate 117
FOURTH RACJ-Thrrc-resr-olds and up; six for
lonir. Hironnsh 100 I Denoran 113
Silicic. 102 Lady Chilton 114
Sandirer 19". I Bat Mtrvni Hi
Our Nrnnrt Ill I I"r" Watches 116
FIITII RACE Thr-e-yeawiMs snd up; mile.
n,.. "Gl iTotle Ill
Ooodscre So I Csrnr HI
Swen Owen 104 j Ksniril 110
Vanci BO I Lois Caranagh 120
Shawnee HI I
Fonr-mllr Race to Be' Ilun.
Lexington, Ky., April 1L A four-mile
race will be a feature at one of the
Kentucky tracks this fall. The idea was
suggested by MaJ. F. A. Daingerfleld.
manager of J. R. Keene's Castlewood
Farm, at a meeting of horsemen here
to-day, and the first entry was made by
the major for his employer, James R.
Kcene. I. H. Wheatcroft. Barney Schrie
ber, J. N. Camden, and Tom Stevens also
pledged entries. The race is to be a four
mile dash for three-v ear-olds and up
ward, tlCO to nominate and COO additional
to start,
renaacola. Races Called Off.
Pensacola, Fla., April 11. To-day's
races were declared off on account of
the bad Condition of 'the track from rain.
Crack Colored Team Han n Hard
Schedule for Comlnfr Sfaaon.
Yesterday, at I'njon League Park, the
Washington Giants began practice. Man
ager Jones was on hand with a bunch.
Including Ham, Beansy. Carroll, Givcns.
Tyler. Johnson, Cole, Bird, Williams, and
several new ones. Mason, of Rockville.
and Clark, of Knoxvillc college, will join
the team about the last of May. The
Giants have a gopd schedule this season,
which wfll bring them up against some
of the strongest semi-professional Uais.
both white and colored, in the countrv
They will play at Union League Park
everv Sundav, beginning next Sunday,
when they will meet the All White Stars.
Of Intrrent to Colored athletes.
The Interscholastic Athletic Associa
tion handbook will be published in July.
Ten thousand copies will be gotten out,
rr.d will be sent to institutions for mem
bers of the colored race throughout the
ccuntry. Athletic clubs, schools, and ath
letes desiring team pictures inserted
therein must get the pictures to the
editor of the handbook, at 406 V" street
northwest, Washington, D. C. The team
must present a neat, uniformed appear
ance, and the athletes should be grouped
well. All pictures, records of games,
and matters of general interest must be
sent in by May 30
season form, and either one of them
should prove effective against the New
Yorkers The game will be called
promptly at 4 o'clock.
Catholic Inlrerally Expect Hard
Game -with Xev York Bo.
Catholic L'nivcrsity meets Fordham
this afternoon at University Field.
Prookland, in what should prove a fast
and Interesting game. Fordham has al
ways had the reputation for turning out
List baseball teams, and the one this
j car should prove no exception to the
Cathollc University has put in some
hard practice the last few days and is
in prime condition for the contest Mc
Donnell will be seen behind the bat and
either Ryan or Greene on the mound
Both these pitchers are working in mid-
Meets Enalem College Mne at
Kendall Green.
A good game is scheduled at Gallaudet
Field this afternoon between Gallaudet
and Estern colleges. The latter defeated
Dartmouth University Mondaj
"Cotton" Birck and Rockwell are Cal
lander's probable battery. Umpire "Leftv"
Cleveland will call the game at Z.ZO
o Datrit for Marlboro.
Norfolk, Va . April 11. It was reported
here to-day that there would not be any
spring meeting given at the Upper Marl
boro track, near Washington, but there
was no one here who could verify it
The fact that they have not rcceiv cd any
dates from the Jockey Club as et makes
it look as if there might be something
in the rumor, however.
Important Changes in Passenger Stations, Lynchburg, Va., On and After SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 1911.
Southern Railway New Passenger Station
Located on Buchanan Street, Between Sixth and Seventh Streets, Lynchburg, Va.
Southern Railway at great expense has built a new line through the city pf Lynchburg, Va.. in order to
Improve and expedite the service.
Southern Railway New Passenger Station, located on Buchanan Street, between Sixth and Seventh
Streets, Lynchburg, will be open for service and use, effective 12:01 A. M Sunday, April 16, after which time
following trains will use this station exclusively:
Train No. 2A, scheduled to leave Lynchburg 1120 A. M.
Train No. 43, nchedaled to leave Lynchburc 4:07 P. M.
Train No. 20, nrbcdtiled to leave Lynchburg OiIO P. 31.
Train No 31. nchedulrd to leave Lynchburg 11:07 P. M.
Train No. 41, scheduled to lenve Lynchburg 328 A- M.
Train No. 37, nchedulrd to leave Lynchburg 3:48 A. M.
Train No. 20, ncheduled to leave Lynchburg 7:17i P, M.
Trnln No. 3S, ncheduled to leave Lynchburg 127 AM..
Train No. 42, ncheduled to Icnve Lynchburg 1:4." A. M.
Train No. 32, ncheduled to leave Lynchburg 3:4. .. M.
Train No. 30, ncheduled to leave Lynchhurc 522 . VI.
Train No. 30, ncheduled to leave Lynchburg- 727 P. M.
Trains Nos. 2a and 26. 41 and 42. are the "Memphis Special" and "Washington and Chattanooga limi
ted." respectively, and are through trains via Southern Railway In connection with the Norfolk and Western
Railway, and all of the trains, as above Indicated, including Nos. 25 and 26, and 41 and 42, will use this
new Southern Railway Station exclusively, going through Lynchburg without transfer or change.
All other trains of the Norfolk and Western Railway, also all trains of the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail
way, will continue to use the present Union or Norfolk and 'Western Station
The following trains of the Southern Railway will not go into the new Southern Railway Station, but
will continue to use the present Union or Norfolk and Western Station, viz:
Train No. ID, ncheduled to leave Lynchburg 8:3S A. M. Train No. 20, ncheduled to leave Lynchburg 7:30 P. M.
Train No. S.', nchednlcd to Irate Lynchburg 225 P. M. Train No. 44, ncheduled to leave Lynchburg 1:07 P. VI.
Train No. 0, ncheduled to leave Lynchbur 3i05 P. M. Train No. 10, ncheduled to lenve Lynchburg 7:30 A. 11.
?The passengers' tickets do not cover the transfer, where a transfer is necessary, for either passengers
or their baggage, between the New Southern Railway Station on Buchanan Street and the old Union or
Norfolkand Western Station at Lynchburg.
All through passengers via Lynchburg by Southern Railway In connection with the Norfolk and West-
XCEPT Southbound Dassentrers uslnc- Southern Railwav trains Nos. 9. 19. and 3."i. and North
bound trains Nos. 10. 20, and 44 (which will, as above stated, continue to run Into the old Union" or Norfolk
and Western Station), will, at their own expense, make their own transfer arrangements at Lynchburg, for
themselves and their baggage, between the Southern Railway New Station, on Buchanan Street, and the
present Union or Norfolk and Western Station.
Southern Railway trains Nos. 25 and 26, and 41 and 42. as Indicated above, are through trains operated
by the Southern Railway, in connection with the Norfolk and Western Railway.
All through passengers via Lynchburg by Southern Railway, in connection with Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway. EXCEPT Southbound passengers using Southern Railway trains Noa. 9, 19. and 35. and tho
Northbound trains J"os. 10, 20, and 44 (which will, as above stated, continue to run Into the old Union or
Norfolk and Western Station, will, nt their own expense, make their own transfer arrangements at Lynch
burg, for themselves and their baggage, between tho Southern Railway New Station, on Buchanan Street,
and the present Union or Norfolk and Western Station, i ,
The approximate dintanee between thene tiro ntntloaa ia a little more than one mile.
N. B Foregoing achednle figure nhoyrai only as Information and are not groaranteed.
E. II. COAPMAN, Vice President and General Manager. S. JL HARDWICK. Passenger Trafttc Manager.
H. F. CARY. General Passeaarer Arent,
S.4fc -

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