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v -
Local rains to-day and to-mor-
row; cooler; light winds.
NO. 1688.
Speaker Clark Says Eminent.
Careers Are Spoiled.
Suggests that They Engage in
Other Activities.
Would Have the District of Co
lumbia a Territory with the Right
of Tote, a. Common Council, and. a
Delegate In Congrus-Speaker Is
Doomed for President by Rep
resentative Mann.
"Young man, keep out of Uncle
Sam's civil service," is Champ
Clark's advice to his brothers in
the Delta Tau Delta college fra
ternity. The Speaker is a member of the
famous Greek letter society, and
was the guest of honor at the an
nual dinner of the George Wash
ington University chapter of the
order at Rauscber's last night.
"Every young man should get
out of Washington as soon as pos
sible and engage in business or po
litical activity somewhere and
somehow. It makes me sick at
heart to go through the great gov
ernment offices in the National
Capital and see the men there, plod
ding along, old and without re
nown, who, if they had not entered
the civil service might be great and
influential men in business or in the
professions. The trouble is with
the atmosphere and the environ
ment of Washington. For .ten years
I have been advocating a plan to
mace the federal District of Colum
bia a Territory, with a vote, com
mon council and a Territorial dele--gate
representing it in the halls of
Sir. Clark olunteered a hint as to what
the House will do when the Senate balks
on the various tariff bills and counts on
"I tried the other day to find out from
the highest authority in Washington on
that subject Just when the Senate ex
pects to get down to work," said the
Speaker. "I failed to get any satisfactory
answer. All I can say is that those of
us in the House are as joung as most
of the Senators a little bit jounger. We
can stay here as long as they can."
It Is a dull day in Washington of late
that does not see Speaker Clark men
tioned for the Presidency at least three
"times between dawn and dark Repre
sentatUe James R Mann, of Illinois, the
House minority leader. In his address
"You Rather here to-night." said Mr.
Mann, "to do honor to the man who holds
the second office in the United States.
In two ears he may be presented to jou
as the man holding the first office within
the gift of the American people."
Judging from the cheers that greeted
Mr. Mann's remarks, there seemed to be
a great many Democrats on hand.
Doomed for I'renldent.
Representative Irvln S Pepper, of
Iowa, master of ceremonies, introduced
Speaker Clark In a felicitlous speech He
was greeted by deafening applause.
Eerye present arose to give lent to
his enthusiasm The Speaker said that the
man who branded Congress as a corrupt
organization was "an enemy to the re
public" He said the percentage of ras
cals In that high body was far lower than
the percentage among the disciples of
Christ, for one out of twelve of them was
Representative Mann, also a Delta Tau
Delta, was the other honor guest.
Prest-nt nt Dnnqaet.
Among those present were:
brxcr,fTirt, Itrprrwutlres J. K. Mtm. D. R.
Anthonr. Orus CHne. W.
land, II. M. Jaiowai. B
Oillop. V. P. Bor-
Hnmr-Iireji, L. P.
PadjcU, I. 6- Penper. C. EL Picxrtt. 8. P. r-m..t
and C. II. Sloan; Jiidse G. W. Atkinson. HaJ. A.
W. Bntt. Kradn-k C Babcock, Percy C. Adams,
fe. S. Arhhaugh. C. Louis Allen. H. P. Alden, It.
Bnin? Atkinson. A. Bmcc BWki. Anthonr Ar
nmu. Carl H. Btitmsn. J. M. Bnrkett. ITiillp
Bnettser. Theodore Block. . W. Bnrrell, B. S.
Barrett. Richmond Bryant. T. K. Bomnrs. J. 8.
Carpenter. W, it. Carpenter. A. B. Older.' J. H.
Clearer. K. V. ConncII. rVcd A. Crafln. B. D,
Daniels. Bobert Dougin. Dr. B, II. Dnenner. D. C
Dyer. Gilmer G. Easier. Dan R. Forbes, Charles F.
Fuller, n. W. Field. W. D. Groesbeck. F. W.
Hsnns. Morris J. Hole. Errol O. Homer. Frank 8.
Hcmmlck. Ralph H. Howell. W. A. Heine, Arthur
C Johnson. R. -F. Jones. Charles Jenkins. Charles
O. Jame. Sam T. Klatrans. Marcus W. Lyon T.
a McCnnr. Colin MsckalL Gnr E. Mitchell. R.' D.
Marsden. E. Montgomery, Abner Xeff, Baymond 1.
Atlantic City, May 20. Eloquence-of ,Dr.
"William H. Black, of Marshall, Mo., led
to the adoption ofthe" report and recom
mendations ofjlhexecutlve committee to
federate the boardflh)y the General Pres
byterian As6eJabl"f-late,thls' afternoon.
The Grant heresyappear'was heard by
the Judicial commission;- which decided to
entertain the papers and give a trial on
Monday morning. ,
"Social Sunday desecration,' practiced
by the' smart set," In whlth the National
1 t
Norton, Thomaa O'BHllr. Clanda W. Oven, Edward
C. Pmcctt, Charles 8. Patridge. C. 8, Been,
Jonathan IUnrUnd, W. H. Bofanoo. Dr. a E
Bteitzu, Dr. Gar & Stffdd, O. 8ailcr Mnifnn.
Junes G. Bhlbler. J- C Stocton. Jesses IVSMtcr,
Arthur Thompson, B. P. Tecle. Fred 8. Trier,
Gotso U Whltfort. Herbert W. White. Ve F.
Warner. A. B. Wells, Fred H. Walker, B. 8. Wal
ter, W. W. Vauran. T. Warland Vaughn, Bobert
PMllipe, Edward L. Bjrne. Dan U Borden, H. L.
Button. B. K. Craig. 8. M. Corbett, J. A. Diener.
Bar Fellers, D. P. Heaiott, Ctutis L. Ball, J. B.
Hooter, B, I. HnlsUer, Louis A. La Garde, W. L.
Larson. Herrer 8. Moore. Bey L. Matthews, Man
rloo M. Moore. It. M. Xorris. E. P. Parker, St.
Clair Smith. G. Walter Smith. William 8troc(,
Howard 8. Paine, W. C, Pollock. Don 8. Bathbun,
asd Tom Ecanlon.
Two Meet Death After Es
cape of Six from Prison.
Joliet, 111., May SO. In the blinding
storm this afternoon, while the wind was
blowing a hurricane, and while It was im
possible for a person to see more than
fifty feet, six convicts In the State peni
tentiary escaped by leaping the fence
of the prison quarry.
Two of the men, who made no resist
ance, were captured within an hour.
Later in the day one of the escaped
convicts was killed while resisting arrest
at Rockland. Still another met a similar
fate at the hands of officers at Lock
port. Two are still at large.
Example of Friend May Be
Cause for Sadden Dpath.
New Orleans, May 20. Thomas O'Con
nor, chief of the New Orleans Are de
partment, committed suicide by shooting
himself In the head late this afternoon.
Chief O'Connor was seventy-two years
of age and forty-two years head of the
fire department, and was the oldest fire
chief In any American city of considerable
He was a friend of Col. Henry O. Selzas,
who committed suicide in New York yes
terday. Like the colonel, he had been
in ill health and friends believe the ex
ample of the former New Orleans mil
lionaire influenced him.
Duty He Failed to Pay Swells
'Conscience .Fund.
Going over the President's mall yester
day, Secretnry Hilles shook from an en-
elope postmarked In an Oklahoma town
$33 In bills pinned to the following let
ter of explanation:
"My Dear Mr. President: Inclosed
find a JJO bill, a 10 bill, a J2 bill, and
a $1 bill I came over from Mexico a
few months ago with some goods and
evaded the customs officers. Now I
have sold the goods Under the new
tariff act the duty on them Is 40 per
cent. This makes the duty amount to
$33. I hope, Mr. President, that the
delay has not Inconvenienced you."
The $33 will be added to the conscience
President Taf t told Representative Nj e,
of Minnesota, j esterday that he was very
much impressed with the Idea of the
summer home situated on a northwestern
lake. Plans for this summer have
been made by the President, so that he
will go to Beverly, Mass., If Congress
allows him the time, buthe will seriously
consider spending next summer In the
Middle West.
The President has accepted the Invita
tion to participate in the celebration in
honor of Cardinal Gibbons, who on June
6 will have been a cardinal for twenty
five years and a priest for fifty years.
Mr. Taft also has accepted an Invitation
to address the New York State bankers
at Manhattan Beach on June 22.
Crew of Ship Saved from Drowning
in Bough Sea.
Baltimore, Md. May 20. After lumri-
ing Into the Chesapeake Bay to escape
tne names mat were consuming the gas
oline packet Nettle A. Ruark. and fleht-
lng for nearly two hours against death
oy arownmg, tnree men and one boy
were rescued by the crew of the steamer
Florida, of the Old Bay Line, off Poplar
isiana, to-day.
Exhausted from battllne acalnst the
waves, the rescued men vm tnn fuhi
to aid their rescuers, and had to be
araggea into the lifeboat of the Florida
by the life savers.
The packet is a total loss. After burn
ing to the water's edge it sang in the
The rescued men nri Cant Rinrir r
Hennemen, W. T. Dashleld, and . Irvln
nan, seventeen years old, all of Cam
bridge. Md.
1.00 Southern Railway $1.00
Suaday Excursion Fare.
ashlngton. Alexandria to Bluemont
and intermediate points and return, ef
fective May 2$. Trains leave Washing
ton 8:55 a. m. (Ltd.) and 9:15 a. m. (local).
Capital ultra-fashionables were particu
larly mentionea, came in xor a roasting
in the report of the special committee on
Sunday observance.
"Smart dinners are regular Sunday oc
currences at the Chevy Chase Club, and
an equal number of big dinners and golf
matches are given under vthex supervision
of the club," read the report.
, Wily real estate brokers who make free
excursions to suburban districts on Sun
dar to boom UmIc? botdlngs -were also rebuke!.
King George anH "Geri'nmperor End"Fleasant
Visit with Public Altercation in Railroad Station.
Bpecial Cable to The Waahioston Ilcrald.
London, May 20. An extraordinary
scene, capable only of one interpreta
tion, occurred at the Victoria Station
thte aftenjoon on the occasion of the
departure of the Kaiser.
The King passed through the royal re
ception room to the platform, talking
heatedly with the Kaiser, emphasizing
his argument by repeatedly smiting his
palms severely, and so engrossed was
the King in his argument that he was
apparently unaware that he was within
the public view.
Suddenly, with an expressive gesture,
the Kaiser turned away from the King
and begnn talking to Lord Lonsdale.
King George thereupon deliberately
turned his back upon the Kaiser and
commenced talking to the Duke of Con
naught, without taking notice while the
Millionaire Has Given Away
Entire Fortune.
Chicago, May 2a By Wednesday of this
week at the latest Dr.D. K. Pearsons, the
Chicago philanthropist, will have achieved
his purpose of giving, away his fortune
of $6,COO,000, and will retire to the Hins
dale sanitarium with an income of $6,000
a year. He was ninety-one years of age
April It
Not later than Wednesday he will sell,
at auction his beautiful estate at Hins
dale, near Chicago, all that remains of
his millions, with the exception of a mea
ger competency.
Dr. Pearsons will occupy the brief time
before the close of his career In conversa
tion with a few close friends, a little
reading, and much walking and watching
the Institutions which he has founded or
endowed. ,
Special to' Tho WaahisEtoo Herald.
Chattanooga, May 20. A pecu
liar chain' of fatalities appear to
be pursuing a prominent family
Mrs. William Dorsey died"
week" ago from an attack of heart
Yesterday Mrs. J. M. Sevls, a
daughter of Mrs. Dorsey, fell dead
of heart failure at exactly the ,
same hour as Kerjnother, and to
day another daughter, Mrs. N. F.
Walker, died of the same malady.
The third s-death occurred at the
identical hour of the other two.
C A O. Xaaatata
At XOOO to IM KloTXts.
Reached in three'ad"a half ta-aw
and a half hours.frosH WaatfMtoaCall
at C. ; o. Ry. Officer nsMFlt, or B
Penn. aye, for dcrlytly,teMr aa
Kaiser bid farewell to the other mem'
bers of the roaI party.
Without further word with King
George, the Kaiser and Kaiserln entered
the parlor car, while the King disdain
fully continued his conversation with the
Duke of Connaught. King George seemed
suddenly to think better of hi position
and went on board the car, bowed grae
ly only once to the Kaiser and Kaiserln,
without shaking hands.
He then turned his back upon the Em
peror and resumed his conversation with
tho Duke of Connaught, and did not once
look around before the train steamed
The waiting royalties on the platform
were obviously aware of the tense signifi
cance, and stood around in gloomy si
lence. The effect of this sinister incident
was not lost on the privileged spectators
within the royal Inclosure, as the King,
with a gloomy face, returned to Buck
ingham Palace.
Beacliey Ascends to a Great
Height in Trial Trip.
New Haven, May 20. Eight flights In
the air, during the course of one of
which Lincoln Beachey got lost In the
clouds and disappeared from view for
three minutes, were the events of the
closing day of the first meet of the
Yale Aero Club.
According to Beachey, the Instrument
that be took with him to register his
height in the flight for height registered
3,200 'feet He was up in the air nine
minutes during this flight.
J. A. D. McCurdy went .up. to about
1,500 feet and covered a flre-mlle course
In four minutes.
In the bomb dropping contest Mc
Curdy was up first and dropped his first,
bomb out of range of the battle ship.
The second, landed square In 'the funnel,
while his 'third was ' well within the
Beachey,. wHo followed him, got three
bombs well within the ship, his last
ohe going wild. Both dropped them from
about 700 feet
Paris, May 20. Mrs. Barney
Hetnmlck, of WasHlngton, D. C, '
Is exhibiting eighty of her! own
pastels at the Devambex Gallery.
Five of them are portraits ol her
self, six are portraits of.her two
daughters, and three of her young.
husband.1 The critics speak, of. the
work in the highest terms.
Every person who has seen ."The Man
from Home", will want to read .William
Hedge's jfinarkable story; ."The -GtieM
of -Honor.v- bow appearing" serially, la
the National- Magazine.. Second editioa
of May number now ready to snnfly
ersers-wKiuw. i sen anauiaaK er ami.
Queen Places Her Ban
On Women's Cigarettes
Landonr Mtty30,--riv-st
latest decree Is that no woman
cdnnected "with the court or who
hopes to be invited to court shall
be seen smoking clgaBettes in
In King Edward's time women
smoked over bridge tables In his
presence, although Queen Alex
andra never liked it but no wom
an dares produce a cigarette in
Queen Mary's presence.
Long-songht Bacteria Shown
fo Hospital Clinic.
Pittsburg, May 20. Dr. Frederick
Proescher, pathologist at Allegheny Gen
eral Hospital, it became known to-day.
has discovered the hydrophobia microbe,
for which Pasteur sought for years. He
gave a brief talk on his discovery and
exhibited magnified lantern slides of the
germs at a clinic at "the hospital this
arternoon. The clinic was attended by
many-noted Eastern medical men.
Dr. Proescher says he made bis dis
covery from microscopic examinations of
tissues from the nervous systems of dogs,
cats, and horses naturally Infected with
Composer Needs Funds to
Prepare New Opera. '
Paris, May 20. Raoul Laparra, the com
poser of "Habonera will tour America
In concert in the fell to earn- the wherewithal-for
a year -residence in Japan,
where he will lay the scene of his next
opera, for which he has already "con
tracted with the Boston Opera' House.
Boston has also acquired the-new fairy
tale opera, ;Blue Forest," drawn from
the -stories of "Red Riding Hood." "Hop
o' My Thumb," and "Sleeping Beauty."
Jacques Cheneviere Is the author and
Louis Aubert the composer, who emerges
from a ten years struggle for recogni
tion. . ,
, - ,'
Machines Beady for Paris to', Mad
rid Contest.
Paris, May 20. Nine machines, includ
ing -Wayman's. are officially examined
and sealed to-day for the Paris to Madrid
race. l
The aeroplanes are' scheduled to start
a S o'clock Sunday morning; -Machines
can be marked up to the minute of start
ing. ' ,
The -wind is hfgh to-night and threatens
to , interfere with , the. start . tomorrow
9TF?wfiy-'! -''-rr..'? l-h-
.3-- . . . r - - - - 1 1, "-, . in. p- i -- - r" - - . .w-rrr ' - r-
IN B. & 0. WRECK
Train Going to Baltimore Derailed at Fourth Street
and Florida Avenue Fireman Escapes Unhurt
Passengers Are Badly Shaken Up.
Engineer C. H. Burch, thirty-eight years old, was killed and half
a hundred passengers badly shaken up when Baltimore and Ohio train.
No. 14, which Jeft Union Station for Baltimore at 10:53 o'clock last
night, ran into an open switch at Fourth street and Florida avenue
northeast about 11 o'clock.
. The engine, tender, mail car, and baggage car were derailed. IV
is-supposed that Burch jumped, his body being found horribly crushed'
beneath the mail car. The fireman jumped and was not hurt.
The railroad officials are making an effort to have Burch's bodyi
sent to an undertaking establishment, but the police are holding it for
Coroner Nevitt, who has been summoned to the scene.
All the passengers were transferred to another train, which was
quickly made up and sent on its way to Baltimore.
To Join Husband Who Eloped
with Mrs. Hichborn.
Mrs. Horace Wylie, wife of the "Wash
lngton and New York clubman, who
eloped last December with Mrs. Philip
Hichborn, sailed from New York yester
day for Europe. Mrs. Wylle was ac
companied by her four children, Andrew,
Craig, Katherine, and Margaret.
According to information obtained yes
terday, Wylle Is in Europe. It is under
stood that Mrs. Wylle and her husband
have become reconciled and will live
Wylle was In Washington about t
month ago. At that time he had a con'
ference with his rife, and it was re
ported efforts b" friends to reconcile the
couple had ber unavailing.
At the time jf Wylle's elopement with
Mrs. Hichborn his wife was too pros
trated to give out any expression of her
own views In the matter. Capt. William
Hopkins. U. S. M. C, brother of Mrs
Wylle, met the newspaper men and made
the unvarying statement that Mrs.
Wylle had nothing to say regarding the
report of her husband's departure.
Since the occurrence -Mrs. -Wyle 'has
pant. br.tline -with her .children. She
has refused to participate in any social
events. The report that the 'couple .will
renew their marital relations Is generally
accepted by their Washington friends.
Paris, May 20 Now that the relief
column Is near enough to Fez that its
presence is expected to effect a.uh- 3!or
of the besieging tribes, the greater dif
ficulty of what Is to follow th occupa
tion of Fez Is being discussed.
Gen. Monler, according to Le Journal,
has received the strictest orders defining
his mission and limiting it to delivering
tho foreign colonies from danger, re-
supplying food and ammunition, and con
solldatlng the Maghzen's tottering power
by crushing the rebellion, and further
not to remain in Fez a moment longer
than necessary. The programme Is to
be carried out without making Muley
Hefid appear In the eyes of the natives
as a puppet of foreigners.
No conflrmlnatlon has been received of
the report sent by the Marquis Sagonzao
that the elder city was already in the
hands of the rebels. Sagonzac is accom
panying Consul Bolsset's column from
Alcazar with supplies, and Is now with
in two stages from Fez.
Elopers Trace by Husband Through
love Verse.
Reading. Pa.. May 20. Mrs. William F-.
Martin, the pretty twenty-slx-year-old
wife of a Reading road official, who be
came Infatuated with Howard Hahn,
single, aged twenty-two years, abandon
ing her husband for his love more than
a week ago, was located with her com
panion In Detroit, Mich.
The couple became acquainted some
months ago through the friendship of
young Hahn for the woman's husband.
Friendship soon developed Into a warmer
attachment and Mrs. Martin fled, taking
with her two small children.
Hahn. who is poet, woed his lady love
In verse, it is claimed, and it was the
discovery of a stray poem left behind
that put the husband on tho rlghf track
after Mrs. Martin' left home.
New York, May 20. Charles M.
Peck, an advertising agent, has
had experience in each department
of matrimonial litigation! His first
wife divorced him, the second had
her marriage annulled, and the
third one began action to-day for
a separation.
The third Mrs.. Peck "Is only
twenty-one years of age. She says
that he took her to live In Chi
cago and Boston, and finally
abandoned her.
She submitted this letter from
Peck. as evidence of her 'husband's
"Florence What 1 told you over
the 'phone ., to-day goes. Don't
Imagine that because I made a
mistake"' In marrying you that I
am going to support-you, for the
rest of'.-yeuf life. 1 'hall not pay
tw heavjr penalty, of having you
r".my haute forever.
Senators Will Be Chosen by
People -Through Pledges.
Madison, Wis.. May 20. Wisconsin's-
United States Senators hereafter win bo.
elected directly by the people by, tho
passage of the Hustlng bill, which waa
sent to the governor for signature to
The measure provides that candidate
for tl legislature must declare whether
they will support their party's choice
for Senator, and It Is believed the elec
tion will be accomplished.
Under the measure a legislator mav re
pudiate his pledge, but this event is con
sidered unlikely.
Graduation Exercises Will
Brfng Middies' Friends.
Special to Tho Wiihlcgtoi HenM.
Annapolis, Md., May 20. Capt John
Gibbons, the new superintendent of the
Naval Academy, to-day mapped out the
programme of official exercises and
cial festivities Incident to the graduaj
tion of the first class of midshipmen.
June week," as it is commonly terme
In local circles, will be marked by the
usual attendance of hundreds of visitors
from all sections of the country, includ
ing fathers and mothers, brothers, and
sisters, who are ccming either to see
their son or brother graduate or to visit
those who belong to the lower classes.
The week's festivities will begin on
the morning of May 29, with the official
reception to the board of visitors, and
there will be a continuous round of
drills and other practical exercises, with
social etcnts sandwiched In between, cul
minating with the "farewell ball," to
the graduates, to be given on the even
ing of June 2.
On June 3. the midshipmen of the
three lower classes will embark on tho
three battle ships comprising the sum
mer cruising squadron. The ships will
steam out of Annapolis Roads early on
me morning oi June o, on the first ete
of their foreign cruise, which will cover
more than 10,000 miles.
British Ships May Be Tied Up by
Special to Tho Wmhlngton Herald.
New York, May 2a A report from the
office of the general president of the
Sailors' and -Firemen's Union in London
to all the principal seaports of the world
calling 133.C00 men out on strike is ex
pected to-morrow by the Tfew York offi
cials. The strike has been talked of for
eighteen months.
The crew of S00 of the liner Mauretanla
is expected to strike, as well as the
sailors aboard some sixty other British
steamers now in this port. The walk
out will extend wherever there Is a
British ship.
Abductors of "Roger's Baby Face
Prison Terms.
Special to The Washington Herald.
Ids Vegas, N. Mex., "May 2a A Jurr in
the District Court, after five minutes'
deliberation, returned a verdict of guilty
to-night against Joe Wiggins, the ex
convict and accomplice of Will Roegrs-ln
abducting Rogers' baby nephew bn
March 29.
Owing to the fact that there was no
New Mexico statute covering kidnapping.
Wiggins was tried on the charge of
forcibly entering Mrs. Rogers' hcuse-
The penalty Is from three to twelve
years in the penitentiary. Judge Rob
erts stated to-night ha would probably
sentence the two kidnappers next week.
Prolonged Murder Case Renewed y-
Dallas, My 2a For the sixth time Bur-
rell Oates, charged with the, murder of
Sol ATonoff in Dallas, September X, 1C
has been granted a -new trial.
"Though seventy-two men have passed.'
Upon the case as Jurors, and seventy-one.
have voted the death sentence, the ne
gro escaped, by the remarkable record of
I few reversals of the court .eTerWteal
appeals; on .mistrials: lyrj
Vmu ajM.nt fuAjMM TflMTfa MMJ ...

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