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A Charming Array of
i Women's
THE swellest and prettiest
models in Women's Foot
wear are to be found
here. A stock that is many times
larger than is to be found in the
ordinary shoe stores. Our prices
are very reasonable.
Our "Florence" Low
Shoes. Price, $4.
All the newest and rich
est effects in Low Shoes of
the highest grade. Equal
to any sold elsewhere at
Our "Edith" Shoes.
Price, $3.
In high and low cut; all
the latest styles and shapes.
All leathers. Equal to any
$3.50 shoe in the city.
"Capital" Shoes for
Men, $3.
Men's High and Low
Shoes, in all the best
leathers, black and tan, and
smartest styles, including
the new high-tee last.
"Bunion" Shoes for Men
and Women, $4.
We are sole agents for
the famous Bunion Shoes.
Ttie most comfortable foot
wear a man or woman
could wear.
jos. strasburger Co. 310-312 Seventh St N.W.
has been so bad recently that
many root's have suffered, spouts
have rotted, and gutters damaged.
,oaf 5,eaV1
BEO V t. orr
1304-S N T.ATB. N. J. 'PbOM U. 129.
Hrl"tt 'JJ"iJ
Tlie Famous
";" Ten years old. SMS. Order br 'phona. T
Alao TENNESSEE, J1.00 Bottle.
The Shoomaker Co
. 1331 E Street N. W.
4 Established laul Then. Main UMra.
, !
Mnx Ilj-ninn Asks Washington Police
to Find His Daughter.
Max Hj-man. of East Arlington. Va .
has asked tbe Washington police to find
bis daughter. Annie Hyman, nho dis
appeared from her home last Satur
A search of her room revealed that
all her clothes were gone, and the father
thinks she has eloped. He said he did
not know of any man who kept com
pany with his daughter, and Is at a loss
to explain her disappearance.
Ninth Street Stores Stripped
of White Letters.
The. police of the First precinct are
looking for the vandals who stripped
the windows In Ninth street of whito
letters on business houses. On the win
dows of the Astor Lunch, 440 Ninth
street, twenty-six letters were removed.
Martin's Cafe lost twelve letters.
Capt. Holllnberger, of the First pre
cinct, said last night It might be spite
work. He is of the impression the van
dalism was committed early Sunday
Mitchell Sent
Fifteen Month.
The temptation to handle the steering
wheel of a big touring car. belonging to
O. M. Foss, of Boston, who is stopping
at a Washington hotel, resulted In a Jail
term of fifteen months for Walter Mit
chell, twenty years old, who was charged
in tho Police Court yesterday with de
stroying private property.
Mitchell invited two friends to take a
"Joy ride," telling them ho was employed
by Mrs. Whiting. Tho machine was
taken from the vicinity of Fourteenth and
C streets northwest, and was loft at
First and D streets northwest. When tho
automobile was found It was damaged
Tlicjr Jin j- Be Released If Each Pays
$100 Fine.
Although they pleaded their altercation
with Thomas Carr was a fight and not
slaughter, Thomas Clark and Frank
Wlsnowskl. sailors on the U. S. S. Talla
hassee, were yesterday sentenced to ten
months each In the workhouse by Judge
Pugh in the Police Court.
The sailors and Carr were fighting in
a lumber yard, tho question of the fight
ing qualities of soldiers and sailors hav
ing arisen. Carr told tho court he would
have made a better showing, but vas out
of practice. If the sailors piy a fine ot
100 each, they will be released, and It
is said the fines will be paid by their
Lafe Bud says he's sorry he didn'
learn t' be a dentist, so he could
charge folks whatever he needed.
Don't worry over trouble. It
never broke a date yet.
Property Left to .Relatives
by Testators.
Cutnbllslied 1870.
314 9th St. N.W.
loney to Loan
Hatches, Diamond, and Jewelry,
Quality anil Service Unexcelled,
Arthur I). Darnel Hecrntlj-'Expoed
I'lot at St. ElIzn1-tltH.
A retition fur the pardon of Arthur
D Ilarnes .m inmate of the Goernment
2Uh,H.il for the Ini-ine. will be presented
to 1'ieMiIent "laft thlt fck
Sceral months ago Barnes exposed a
1 lot of u number of convict patients to
Barnes -was convicted of slajlng a man
who intruded Into his family while In
Indian Territory, lifteen ears ago After
serving a short time In the Atlanta pen
itentiary, Barnes showed signs of inan
itj and was transferred to St. Elizabeth's
Mcilnl Aiinrdeil Heat Cnlet.
Trank llartin, of 119 Second street north
fast, has been award the medal for the
btst drilled experienced priato In Com
pany D. of the high school cadets, in the
recent competitive drill of the company,
und not another cadet as erroneously
Prlintc I.losd round Guilty.
Private Hugh A Llojd, Company B,
, rirst Battalion of Engineers, stationed
at Washington Barracks, was convicted
by court-martial of the charge of con
duct to the prejudice of good order and
military discipline The court sentenced
Llod to be dlshonorablv discharged, to
forfeit pay and allowances, and to be
confined at hard labor for three months.
fcyuaro SSi Lota (A and 67; La wrer.ro A. Pjle to
A. L. Martin and Clement It. Illlllari, trus
ters, to erirs Kobert II Scrcczins. J2.131.S0.
r&Table Juno 30, 1911. 6 per cert per annuo.
Sauare 305 Lot 1M; Join C MeFarlanti et ux.
to tl K Howrrstni and 1-Yt-d V. RreTes.
trustee, to tecure Cbarles 3. Walier, 11.20,
monthly rayments. 9 rrr cent per annum.
Square 1ST Lot W, Thomas II. Perth et nx. to
II. B. Howenjtein and Fred W. Becres, trusters,
to ecare Jcs-ph Paul. $1,109, monthly pay
ment.. 6 rxr cent jr annum
txjuare 1M Let . Uesa A. liapler to Jesso L.
Hci'koll and Ilobert Callahan, trustees, to e
air William E II Mtrriu. $2 KX. 6 to X
month.. 6 jtr rent ier annum.
Square. aTJ-Lot 20. J. Eduard Fowler et nx to
Thoma. V. Femlcr aid Charles SI Bnckhcad,
tni?Tei. to ciire Otorce P Kiricwoud, J3.DC0,
3 rears 3 per cent, serai annuall)
Square 4-one half of cnjtinal lot 9; Frank A.
Junes et ux. to John Lewu .Smith and Floyd
n Dan rust-M, to se-eiir WUliam E. Am
brose, trustee under equity 20563. $1,463, 1 and
2 yeor, 6 jt cent, e-mi annually.
Barry Farm Lot 22. action 2. Channcev M. Blourt
e ux to John r Anas and Samuel A. Drury.
trustees, to secure Lee Ilrown JW12. 1 to 63
rontli". 6 ivr cent, rfmi annually.
Squar 23T3 Lot 19. J Edward Fowler et nx. to
Ticmaa W. Towlcr and Charles M Brlckhead
tnu;te. to sccjre Ofcrse P. Klrkwood, $JOr),
3 veir 5 pe r cent, cmi annually.
S-iuarc lftw-Part cf lot 11. Hetman It. HowensJeia
ct ux. to IS. Franas Saul and James F. Shea.
tniNtee-s. to curc the Home Savings Bank.
JwJOO 3 shears. 6 per cent, ml annually.
Square 10u3-l"art rf lot 12. Herman R. Howenstdn
et ux to U. Frarids "ail and James F. Shei.
tni"ti--s to e-ure tho Home Sanre Hank.
$2.20. 3 jers. 6 rr cent, semiannually
Pquan; 3-Lrt 2D; Jcrterhine M Shannon to Edward
S We-oU and James S Orant. trustees, to n-
cur- Eliia J. Ualton. S2.000. 3 years. 5 ivr cent.
ktoI annuallr.
Squire 933 Part of lot 10, John II. Burke et ux. to
Howard Itod. tnatce. to hecure William D.
Crc9man. 12,495, 1 to 48 months, 6 per cent per
Square 3110Lot O: Jare E. Hill to James Berry
aid William McK. Clayton. trusto. to ktuto
the rcrpetual Building Association. J2.0T0
Square 7 Part cf lot 6: Mildred A. Fauneo to
E'Icry J Burtt and Frank A Johton. trustees.
tn secure the Mutual Serial Building Association.
120 Bennies road Fortune Enlarged, part of lot 1;
ltoUrt F. Jones et ux. to Harrej C. Bickel and
Ilnire Clrrrland. trustees, to secure Hush A.
Thrift 11,075, monthly luyments. 6 rer cent per
Dobbins' Addition-Lot 94. block 7; Charles S. Brun-
eiaje et ux. to Ercauuel Siieich and Emanuel
Sjeieh. Jr.. trustees, to secure Percy S Bruu-
l 2 jenrs 6 per cent, semi aonualb.
Chief JuMlce Clabaucrh Iteccrrea IJe
cinlon After Argament.
Chief Justice ClabauRh jesterday heard
arguments on the demurrer filed to the
plea in abatement raised by Grlflln Hal
stead in indictments for alleged false
pretenses In connection with transaction
when he was engaged In the stock
brokerage business under tho firm name
of Griffin Halstead & Co.
Involuntary proceedings In bankruptcy
had been filed against Halstead, and
when a receli-er and later when a trustee
were named by tho court Halstead sur
rendered his books and papers to him
In his plea of abatement Halstead al
leges misuse was made of these books
by tho United States attorney when he
presented them to the grand Jury In con
nection with procuring the Indictments.
It was argued by Attomejs A. A, Blr
ney and H. Prescott Gatley, counsel for
Hulstead, that by such action tho govern
ment had practically forced Halstead to
be a witness against himself, contrary to
his consltutlonal rights. United States
Attorney Wilson contended It is not
shown that such accounts were the only
evidence before the grand Jury upon
which the indictments were based
The chief Justice reserved decision.
Coroner's Jury Given Verdict on
Dentil of Engineer llurcb.
Unavoidable accident was the erdlct of
the coroner's Jury yesterday morning in
the case of Charles Burch, tho Baltimore
and Ohio engineer, who was killed Sat
urday night when his engine, drawing the
Chicago express, jumped the track near
the end of the terminal jards, New York
and Florida acnucH northeast.
An autopsy performed on the body Sun
day developed the fact that Burch s heart
was crushed when the front trucks of
the mall car passed over his body.
Howard Crambllt, the fireman, who
was thrown out of the cab, but escaped
uninjured, testifleel he did not know how
the engineer came to be thrown out of
the cab, or what was responsible for the
accident. Dr. Edgar M. Partlett. medical
examiner In the employ of the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad, told of being a pas
senger on the train and of noticing the
brakes being applied quickly and the
train stopping. Ho told of finding the
engineer under the mall car dead.
Clarence B von Drehle. assistant train
director for th Baltimore and Ohio, tes
tified that immediately after the accident
he examined the tracks. They were In
perfect condition, and he could not ex
plain the cause of the accident.
Tho bodv of the engineer, which was
taken to Martinsburg, W. Va., Sunday
I mnvnln K. l.le nanhnti' Alhnrf C TliirntT
Eq"? L'L66 V w " JTO- " P" was buried vesterdav afternoon. '
lots 9S and 99, and part of square the Supreme
Council. Mother Council f the World, cf the
Inspector's General Kntjht Commanders of the
lK-uso ct the Temple of RJomon of the
thirty mini decree of the Anaent and Ar-
cepted .Scottish Bite cf Free Masonry e the
Southern JurUliction of tha United States to
the National Satires and Trust Ompany. trus
tee, to secure tho American Security and Trust
Company, WO (I) 3 years, 5 rr cent, quarterly.
Square 1233 Part of let 2, George P. Du Brw
et ux to the Washington Loan and Trust Com
pany, trustee, to secure the Equitable Co-opera-tire
Building Association JTCO
Mount Pleasart Lot HI; Samuel O. Parker ct ux.
to Herbert T. Shannon and Mori en J. Lucks,
trustees to secure J. Wallac- Allen, $7,750, 3
rears. 5 per cent, semi annually
Brookland-Part cf lot 20. block 23; Frank 11
Jackson. r , to the Washington Loan and Trust
Ccmpany, trustee, to secure the Equitable Co
opentlre Building Association, S3 000. .
'3, 3M &$4 Shoes g,
Y OU are invited to visit W. L. Douglas
i shoe store and inspect the Spring and
Summer Oxfords and high cut shoes. The
greatest variety, all the latest novelties, in
cluding Short Vamp Shoes which make
the foot look smaller ; High Heel Shoes
for Young Men, as well as the more
Substantial Styles which have made
V. L. Douglas shoes a household word
everywhere. Whatever your ideal of a
shoe, you will find it in a W. L. Douglas
store. W. L. Douglas warrants every
pair of his shoes to hold their shape,
fit better and wear longer for the money
than any other make.
PflimnN Tfc genuine Intro IT. L. Douglas
UriU I IUI1 name and the retail price tamped
fiHH3&.ov- fas
ftoys' Sho, t2Jk$t0
Tbe Best School sad Dres Shoes
for tne mce in Amen.
aalnat high prieei and Inferior shoes.
If yoa cannot obtain W. L. Uouglai (noet in yonr town, write for catalog. Shoes sent dlreel
from factory to wearer, all charges prepaid. W. I DOOQLaS, 152 Spark St. , Brockton, Mass.
W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO., 905 Pa. Avo. IM.VV.
Union Ticket Office.
The Washington, Baltimore and Anna
polls Railroad now maintains a union
ticket ofDce near the center of tho city,
located at 1424 New York aenue, with
baggage, telegraph, telephone, and waiting-room
facilities. Tickets are sold not
only to Baltimore and Annapolis, but
also to Kensington, including tickets
oer the Chevy Chase lino of the Capi
tal Traction Company, also over the new
and Interesting line to Bladensburg, in
cluding the Columbia line of the Wash-
Irigton Railway and Electric Company to
White Houpe Station.
Tho Rill of Julia A. Kheam. dated De
cember IT, 190S, was recorded yesterday.
She bequeaths all her property to John
A. Hamilton and L Cabell Williamson,
executor", to be held in trust to be dis
posed of as follow b: To her daughter.
Sadie V. Downing, personal effects, hus
band. Henry W Rheam. tho entire in-
"ome of the estate.
Annette SI. Wright, by will dated Feb
ruary 2S last, devises to her brother,
Charles S Wright. $100: Barbara Horn,
of South Acton. Slabs, , J500; the Woman's
Hoard of SIls&loiis of the Pacific, affili
ated with the Congressional Church, for
foreign work in India, jyv, Washington
Loan and Trun Comp iny, J4.C00 to be
held In trust, the Income to be paid in
monthly Installments to her sister, Anna
Wright, during her natural life, the rest
to bo held in trust by the Washington
Loan and Trust Company to paj the In
come to her bister, SI. Anna Wright, to
pay at her death the Woman's Board of
Missions, of the Pacific, and the reslduo
to the American Board of Commissioners
for Foreign Sllsslons The Washington
Loin and Trust Company is numed exec
utor. By tho will of Col George 31. Brayton,
V. S A , his w ife. Sirs. Elizabeth 1
Brayton. Is named as sole bencflclarj and
executrix. The will is dated April 23.
Isolation of I'uteuta llejjun lr tbe
Health Department.
Sixteen caes of whooping cough have
been reported to health officer from Si.
Ann's Infant Aslum, where a measles
epidemic caused four deaths The
health department has isolated the
whooping cough patients, and it is
thought the disease will not spread.
The reports of the cases were received
estenla morning Dr. Eugene Li
Slerle. phjslclan In charge of contagious
dl-eo.s. sas whooping cough Is not a
dangerous dlfase
There are 110 cases of whooping cough
under treatment In the District This is
aboie the usual average for this time of
j ear.
There are 1.004 cases of measles under
treatment In the District, and about fifty
cases were recorded jesterday.
Old Cnne La Itrilieil,
The District Court of Appeals will
be called upon to decide the Jlu.G-w claim
for alleged, libel of Daniel W. Baker,
former United States Attorney, against
Bralnard II Warner, according to ac
tion taken before the District Supreme
Court, jesterday, when counsel for Sir.
Baker submitted to a Judgment being en
tered In favor of the defendant, and noted
an appeal to the District Court of Appeals.
is the name that springs
to the lips of epicures
when good eating is
talked of.
The Original Ger
man Rathskeller where
the Planked Steak and
Lobsters are prepared
and served in the most
appetizing manner.
Orchestra Excellent Cois of Waiters finest Cooking
Noon Day Lunch with Beer or Coffee, 12 to 2 P. MT 25c
A Well Prepared
Table d'Hote Dinner
With Wine 6 to 8 P. M.
Regular Meals a La Carte at all Hours
Music, 8 to 12 P. M.
Special Musical Program All This Week
Wines, liquors. Imported Beers and Cheeses
Pa. Ave. and Four-and-a-Half St. N. W.
A special meeting of the Ladles Guild
of Emmanuel Episcopal Church was held
jesterday afternoon In the parish hall
of the church, with Sirs. A. B. Frlsble
presiding, when plans were completed for
the purpose of raising funds to help
with the current expenses of the church.
Tho ladles of thlB order are also to as
sist at the Episcopal Home for Children
on Saturdij- afternoon next In serving
supper and receiving guests.
In the reserve force at the Eleventh
police precinct In Anacostla will permit,
Capt William T. Anderson, commanding.
Is to detail nn additional officer for duty
in Anacostla proper on each Saturday
night hereafter. The territory covered
bj- this beat is too large for one man
on this night and he is unable to com
plete his rounds and giie proper care to
the business section. Additional patrol
boxes will also be stationed on several
Important streets to insure the proper
The annual election of officers of the
Epworth League of tho Anacostla SI. E.
Church will take place at a meeting
called for tonight in the church build
ing. Fourteenth and L streets. Charles
F. Linger will preside at this meeting.
The Anacostla Ice plant, the onlj' one
of its kind In this vicinity, started oper
ation j'estcrdaj' and the management of
this plant state that It Is their desire to
make about fortj- tons of Ice a daj The
plant is undir the control of local men
and will do much toward furnishing the
residents here with the desired quantltj'
of Ice. Tnfi addition of Improved ma
chinery roafjs it possible to perform this
work. An auxiliary has been Installed
to be ued In case of n breakdown on
the regular machlnerj'.
Plans are being made by the staff at
the Government Hospital for the Insane
for the annual graduation exercises that
will take place on the 9th of June, when
a large class of nurses will receive their
diplomas. It will be the largest class
eer graduated from this training school
and the exercises will take place in
Hitchcock Hall. -
library cf CocpuM Open 9 a. m. to 19 p. m. oa
frcolar daji; from 2 p. m. to 10 p. m. oo Sundays
and on certain holiday. Durins July, August, asd
bticmber. cloaca 1 p. m. Saturday.
Public Ubrary Opra 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. ; holidays.
9 a. ta, to 9 p. m. : Sundays. 2 to 9 p, m.
White House Open 10 a. ai. to 2 p. m.
United Sutra Capital-Open 9 a. m. to ISO p, m.
Corcoran Gallery of Art-Open (free) Tuesday.
Thursday. Saturday, 93) a. m. to 4 p. m.; 3unda7,
130 to JO. Other days, 3 cents admission.
State. War. and Naiy Derailments-Open 9 a. m.
to 2 p. m. (The original Declaration of Independ
ence is in the library at the etate Department )
United State Treurj Open 9 a. m. to 2 p. m.
United States I'atent OSes Open 9 a. m. to X
p. m.
United States Pension Bureau Open 9 a, m. to 4
P. n.
United States Post-office Open 9 a. m. to 2 p. m.
Washington City Post -otSce Open all hours. (The
dead letter office la In the city pot-c3ce.)
National Botanic Garden Open 6 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Fish Cotnmlwion Open 9 a. m. to 130 p. m.
Army Medical Museum-Open 9 a. m. to 430 p, in.
National Museum Open 9s.m.to4JDpm. (in
cluding holidays).
Agricultural Department-Open 9 s. m. to 430
IX m.
Bureau cf Ensrartrg and Imtlng Open 9 a. m.
to 2 JO p. m.
Washington Monument (H6H feet la height) Opes
(30 a. m. to 4 39 p. m. (Elrtstor runs from 9 a. m,
to 1 p. m 1
Bureau of American Republic: Open 9 a. o. to I
P. m.
Daughters of the American Berolution Buildings
Open 9 a. m. to 2 p. m.
Smithsonian Institution Open 9 a m. to 430 p.
m. (Including boll lays).
GoTcmment Printing Odce Open 10 a. m. to 2 )
p. m.
Nary Yard Open 9 a. m. to 32" p. m.
Southworth Cottage. 36th and Prospect are.
Key Mansion llotae of Franca Scott Key, author
of "The Star Spargled Banner." 3518 M street
northwest. Open dally, except Sunday, 9 a. m. to
530 p m. Admission free.
Arlington National Cemetery.
Cbrry Chase and Kenslrgtcn.
Zoological Park (open all day).
Rock Creek Bridge and Park.
Mount Vernon (the home and tomb of Washlsr
ton) Open 11 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Nayal Obsenatorj Open 9 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Mount Oliret Cemetery.
United States NaTal Academy.
Maryland State House.
The Popular Service for Outing
Is Terminal Taxlcab Co."s Packard "30"
livery. Rates. $3 hour. Phone North 1212.
If you think it too hot for
beer this kind of weather,
you need not keep from
quenching your thirst with a
cold bottle of delicious
the only real substitute for
beer. Contains the flavor,
color, and all the health-giving
qualities of beer, yet it's
a true temperance beverage.
Sold Evcrj-whcrc by the GLASS
In the Bottle.
Ask for It at Soda Fountains.
'Phone Lincoln 234 for Home Deliver-.
In every waj for cooking. It is
clean, economical, and absolutely
satlsfactorj. We supplj- coke at
these prices:
3 Bushels Large Coke, drllrnrd CM
10 Bushels Large Coke, dellrered 8.70
W Bushels Large Coke, jelitercd J3J0
a Bushels Cnmhed Coke, d-litered 0.00
40 Bushels Crashed Coke, delltered J4.M
(0 Bushes Crashed Coke, delltered JS.S0
.. 413 Tenth Street N. W.
' 'I 'fr i' t' $ v '1 '' v I' v v 1' ' '' - '
Your Teeth Are
Your Health
Flslier'n Secretary on Job.
Georpe R. Grove, new private secretarj'
to Secretarj' Fisher, of the" Interior De
partment, arrived in Washington Sundaj
from his home In Milwaukee, and jes
terday began to acqualrft himself with
the duties of his new position. Ashmun
N. Brown, the retiring secretary is as
sisting Mr. Grove.
Norfolk asd Washington Steamboat Company
steamers from foot ot Serenth street for Old Point
Comfort and Norfolk dally at 6 43 p. m.
Steamer Charles Macalester for Mount Vernon
leases berenth street vharf at 10 a. m. and IAS
p m. daily except Sunday.
Car from Fifteenth street and New York aresur
erery quarter hour for main cntranco Zoo Park.
Chery Chase, and Kralngton.
Washington, Baltimore tod Annapolis Electrlo
Railvay operates ilxty-thrr limited trains each day
between Washington, and Baltimore, tearing Fif
teenth street and New York arenue on the hour
and halt hour. Abo trains to Annapolis lire min
utes after tbe hoar.
Oars from 15th and H street! northeast direct to
National Training School and BUdenaburg.
My Specialty:
Porcelain Bridgework.
This is without doubt the most beau
tiful and lasting work known to dental
science. Spaces where one or more teeth
have been lost I replace to look so natu
ral that detection is impossible. Ask to
see samples of this beautiful work.
y..MssssssssssssssssrS'NsssssssssssssssssSF ""
X -JrJssssssssssssssssKTsssssssssssssssf--- fV iA
A ? Av4tiUsssssssssssssssssF xf .'BSSSSSSSSSSSSSK .& -.vV
"-.?. mbssssssssssssssssfVv sssssssssssssssssf trT&.VV
Ax.f, tf isssssssssssssV-',,lssssssss3sssssf - -o"'v . il'-r
iV VSsssssssssssMTsvM sssssssV r&r'ZA
J 'fttsssssssssssssssr- "'-Ss.IsssssssssssssW . ?,:.'- -x-v -
,relsssssssssssssss5fjs.isssssssssssV'.: 'ft-yX
AisssssssssssssPIMMsssssssssssssssssI '-,:-"; rr
fr'i'titMssssssssssssssssssssV T M -'" "i-V-V''-;l
lV ,VL&tsssssssssssssssB , assasMssflsssssssssf . J ..". Ml
l.'';ssssssssssssssssssssssssisaiilllllllllllllHssS "'A , V I
I? l-.f;' issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssVPeBRV -4' t
losssssTIS&asssssssssssssss '..Zii? i
i?TWx-;sssssl a- Hi1sssssssssssssssll ' -Hy - tV'
Kf - "sHW- " !4WSlsssssssssssssl-' & t1f?ieVM
LSy ""ssssr X-rt?i&Vt3rtsssssssssssssX t arTir -
t?Vvsv st-l'v stifrVUssssssssssssssH ?J
Xff-f frSsssssssK
You can't become disappointed with dental
work done here. Mj- guarantee makes dissatis
faction impossible. Assures you of dental work
as lasting as It is beautiful. An office employing
dental experts only could mako such a guaran-
One of the most extravagant things you can
do Is to put off coming to me. Decay spreads
with marvelous rapldltj-. Let me save your
teeth and save you money right now.
You Take Bo
Chances Here
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I am the Man Who Kills Pain-Painless Dentistry
is not a myth.. I bring it into actual practice when I treat vour teeth. My up-to-date methods of extracting, filling, and bridging
teeth cause you no pain whatever. Let me treat your decayed1 and aching teeth to-day and save yourself a great deal of needless
I do nothing but the highest class work, absolutely painless, and my prices just one-half charged by other first-class dentists.
Crowns, $3 to $5. Fillings, 50c Up. Plates, $3 Up.
Gas or local anesthetic administered. Painless extraction.
Painless Dentist. 627 PENNA. AVENUE. Dm 6ilman's unig More
Phone Main 3676. Appointments May Be Made by Telephone.
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