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J ,
Twelve Acted Upon in Senate
and One in House.
Measures Before the Senate Hove
Been Favorably- Considered In
Previous Session Retail Grocers
Ask a Sunday Rest Hill-Eight
Hours of Labor for "Women.
mXhe calendars of both the House and
Senate were swept clean of District ot
Columbia bills yesterday. Regarding the
former body, this did not mean a great
deal, for it had but one District measure
on Its calendar. In the Senate, however,
twelve District bills, reported favorably
from the committee heretofore, were
considered and passed, as follows:
Authorizing the surtcjor cf the District to adopt
tho sjTtua of dctJgnatlDS laud ill (or Co in the
cfHco of th3 ajecsvt:
To receive arrearages cf taxes due tho District
to Jul; 1. 1936. at 6 per crnt per annum, in lien
c penalties and oosts.
AuthcruiM; Uio Srecxrtar.,- cf War to conrey the
outstanding utle of the United States to lots 3
and I. siiiar 103.
Ta except dialers in second-hand books from
liability f r Ik. : si as nccr.d hand dialers.
To -Mrcct tiie riecretarj cf War to convey the
outstanding legal title cf the L'nitcd States to sub
lou 31. 32, and 33. cf 103, square SO.
To anund th? birth rc-ctrancm act to provide
better birth rcg.stra!ion.
To rrc.idc fiT th intension cf Kctvfon street
frcm seventeenth street to Mount Pleasant street,
and for the extension i f Seventeenth street from
Kenyoa strtct to Jivuig street.
To widen sixteenth street northwest, at Pincy
Iiranch read.
To ccntirra tlie nam- of Barney Circle.
To amei.d an act for the cxteiiien cf Newton
place ni-rlhxe-t
tor the relit f of Ida A. Chew with regard to
asu-ument and i-aymrnt of damages im account of
changes cf grade cue to ccntructicn cf the L'nicn
To prov.de fiT gtud"s in the Ditrict and defining
then- duti
A bill au'!i ruing tli? extension cf Underwood
street via-, liuhn'r.iitlr loirmsed on account of
the introducticn of a ten-d measure for that pur
pose One Bill 1'aHi'i House.
It was tne tt-numr District day in the
House : estirdi, but the one bill on the
calendar was soon- disposed of. This was
the bill providing for the widening of
Colorado avenue northwest from Long
fellow street to Sixteenth street, and of
Kennedy street northwest through lot
No. S00, square ZTIS. The estimated cost
of the land necessary to widen these
streets is $17. Jn The measure prov. ides
that the total cot. together with the ex-1-enses
of the condemnation proceedings,
shall be assessed as benefits on the sur
rounding and abutting pioperty
Detail Uroeers AN lint buuriuy Host.
The retail grocers of the District of
Columbia have decided to take advan
tage of what sentiment there Is In Con
gress favorable to the establishment of
a legal dny of rest in Washington. A
bill has been prepared for introduction
in the llcuse this week which will make
it unlawful to sell or purchase meats,
vegetables and other foodstuffs on Sun
day in the District of Columbia.
A committee of grocers visited the
Capitol vtterday and conferred with
Chairman Johnson of the District Com
mittee on the subject Representative
Johnson was noncommittal as to his
opinion of such a measure, and on the
ground that individual measures should
have their spongers in the House, he de
clined to Introduce it. He suggested that
the grocers place the bill in the hands
of a Congressman who would be willing
to urge its passage.
AstcvKinents for Opening Alleys.
Representative Henry George, jr a
member of the District Committee of
the House, introduced his first bill yes
terday. It related to the method of as
sessing benefits for th opening, exten
sion, widening, or straightening of al
loys and minor streets in the District.
Such action, the bill provided, should
be by a jurj, which body should assess
as benelits accruing from changes an
amount equal to the damages asascer
talned: $5 per day is Included In the
damages as the pay of the marshal, also
$3 a day for each of the jurors. It is
stipulated that in fixing the amount of
benefits to be assessed, the jury shall
consider the situation and topographic
conditions of the property affected.
KIglit Hours n Dit for Women.
A bill to regulate tho employment of
women In the District of Columbia was
Introduced yesterday by Representative'
Victor I.. Ilergcr, the Socialist member
of Congress. The measure proposes
that women shall not work In any mer
cantile or manufacturing establishment
more than eight hours in any one day,
more than forty-eight hours in any one
week, or more than six dajs in one
week. Women are not to bo employed
before 7 in the morning nor after 10 in
the evening.
It is the hope of Representative Her
ger that Congress will pass the bill and
that It will become a model for the
States in regulating the sweatshops of
the country.
Provision Is made for the appoint
ment of two inspectors at salaries of
41,200, who will be authorized to enter
any place of business at any time and
make report on any violation of the
Abandonment of I'arcnts.
Senator Pomerene yesterday intro
duced a bill placing a penalty on the
abandonment In the District of Colum
bia of destitute, aged or infirm parents
by their sons or daughters. A term In
jail or in the workhouse, lasting not
less than three months, according to
the terms of the bill, will be Imposed
upon persons who do not live up to
their parental obligations.
Dr. Ashmorc Dead.
Schenectady, N. Y . Hay 22. Dr. Sid
ney Gillespie Ashmore, professor of
Latin at Union College for the past
thirty years, died to-day at his home
on College Hill.
Capital and fronts Over .1.800.000.
Don't Risk
the loss of your valuable
papers, jewels, &c, when you
can rent one of our
Safe Deposit Boxes
for only $5.00 per year.
Attend to this important
duty before leaving town for
the summer.
National Savings
and Trust Company.
Cor. 15th and N. Y. Ara.
Debate Has Been of Great Interest to Members of
Congress who' Are Lawyers.
In the House of Representatives for
the past week there has been in progress
a somewhat remarkable season of de
bate on the resolution to ratify the con
stitutions of New Mexico and Arizona.
With the termination of debate to-day
and the vote on the resolution, there will
come to an end what many lawyers of
the House have termed a genuine legal
feast. For the first time in the history
of the House there has been opportunity
for direct debate on the momentous ques
tion involved In "new Idea" State gov
ernment, such as now exists In Oregon,
California, Washington, and other com
munities where there Is s decided change
from the old order of things. The Initi
ative, referendum, and recall are strong
ly intertwined in the questions involved
In the ratification of the constitutions of
New Mexico and Arizona, and the legal
minds of the House have found material
for interesting discussion such as has not
presented Itself in the debates of years.
Although nearly two-thirds of the
House members are either out of town or
are engaged In private duties while wait
ing for the Ways and Means Committee
Frenchmans Plot to Fool Wife Discovered by Disci
ples of Detective Lecoq in Police
Srial Cablo to the YYashiEgton Herald.
Quebec, Canada, May 22. The mystery
of the disappearance of Ferdinand Dar
rent Dabbadle, a wealthy Frenchman,
well known in the social life of Paris,
who was believed to have been drowned
in the Seine two weeks ago, was cleared
up with the arrival here to-day of the
Canadian Pacific steamship Lake Mani
toba. Among the passengers, traveling under
assumed names as man and wife, were
M. Dabbadle and Miss Helene Benert.
nineteen years old, who was, before her
sudden departure, a governess In the
household of her traveling companion.
M Dabbadle and the young woman
were listed on the steamship as Mr and
Mrs W. F Wye, and pretended to be
very indignant when taken from the
vessel at this port by Canadian Immigra
tion officers They persistently denied
their identity until examined separately,
when they acknowledged they had eloped
The tracing of the couple on the high
seas was similar to the case of Dr. Crip-
Paragraphs from
Crawfordsville, Ga., May 22 Joe Moore.
a negro, was taken from the Jail here by
a mob and hanged to a tree Moore had
tonfessed to having murdered Henry
Googher, a wealthy farmer. Saturday
Munster, Westphalia, May 22. Ten
thousand workmen in the textile manu
facturing district were locked out to-day
as a result of labor disputes.
Cork, Ireland, May 22 Capt. Anthony
J. C. Donelan. the Irish Nationalist
"whip"' In Parliament, was to-day un
seated by order of the court, which has
been conducting a hearing upon a petition
charging Irregularities in his campaign.
Grays Lake, 111.. May 22 James Carey
and FredOliller. trainmen, were killed
and four others were seriously hurt to
day, when two freight trains met head
on near here to-day on the Soo Line.
Both engines were smashed and mans'
cars demolished Misunderstanding of
orders was the cause.
Copenhagen. May 22. Prince John, an
unrle of Dowager Queen Alexander of
England, is seriously ill of pneumonia.
Because of his advanced age he is
eighty-two fear is expressed that he can
not recover. ,
Dover. England. May 22. A United
States souadron. consisting of three bat
tle ships and a cruiser, which will take
part in the coronation naval review, ai-
rived this morning ana proceeaea to
nonmirli Trip snundron will return to
take part in the coronation ceremonies.
London, May 22. The colonial premiers
of Great Britain, who are here to take
part In the imperial conference which be
gins to-morrow, were the guests of King
George at luncheon at Buckingham Pal
ace to-day.
Troy. N. Y.. May 22. While watching
a circus parade here to-day an unknown
man dropped dead from heat prostra
tion. The thermometer stood at 91 de
grees. Buffalo. N. Y.. May 22. George Schlenk
cr, Buffalo sales agent for the Beck
Brewing Company, was Instantly killeu,
and Alexander Nagle. also of Buffalo,
was fatally injured when Schlenker's aa
tomobllc turned turtle near Wllllamsvllle
late last night. Schlencker was pinned
beneath the huge machine, his head al
most cut oft by the back of the car.
Chicago, May 22. One man was killed
and seven others probably fatally in
jured in a collision between two automo
biles and a big auto truck at Kcdzie ave
nue and Washington Boulevard to-day
The autos contained parties of "Joy
riders," and crashed with such speed
Into the truck as It crossed tho street
ahead of them that the machines were
completely wrecked.
Baltimore, Md., May 22. From ill feel
ing growing out of the building of a barn
and a laugh over a remark about a
newly made sheriff. Constable Richard
Watts, of St. Mary's County, shot two
men, tried to shoot a third, and in the
melee he Was himself shot at Drayden
post-office Saturday night.
London, May 22. A bill prohibiting
aviators from flying over the corona
tion crowds in June will soon be pre
sented to Parliament. In consequence
of yesterday's fatal accident In Paris
the home offlco to-day began to draw
up such a measure.
Dechard, Tenn., May 22. Henry Bunn,
a prominent rnerchant, shot and killed
Harvey Hannah, in a street duel here
to-day. .
Rheims, France, May 22. During a
flight over the aviation field bere to-day
to report its recommendations regarding
the wool schedule, a handful of those who
revel In Intricate points of law have been
in attendance eaoU day. From 11 o'clock
each morning until nearly 6 in the even
ing the speech-making has gone on
steadily. Oftentimes there have not been
over twenty Representatives In the hall
of the House, but these have been inter
ested and even fascinated listeners to
the proceedings.
For the first time the vital question of
the recall of the Judiciary, 6uch as Is pro
posed In the Arizona constitution, has
been under discussion, the Democrats, as
a rule, being the upholders of the new
political departure and the Republicans
outside of the Insurgents, of course
being either somewhat reluctant 6r firm
ly opposed to Its Inculcation into matters
which are up for Congressional approval.
The House will pass the Statehood reso
lution to-day, the Democrats being aided
to a considerable extent by the Republi
can progressives In so doing. It is agreed
that a subject of mighty Import has been
opened up and that the initiative, refer
endum, and recall, when it is debated in
connection with the Territorial constitu
tions In the Senate, will cause even more
Interest among the lawyers of that body.
pen and Miss Leneve. The two principals
and the remainder of the passengers were
ignorant that tho wireless had found
them out. The first they knew of It was
when they were pointed out by tlje ship's
officers and taken Into custody by the
Immigration officials.
A few weeks ago Mme. Benert gave up
her position and moved to Paris from the
Dabbadle home. M. Dabbadle made one
of his frequent trips to Paris on business
a few days after the departure of the
joung governess.
One morning Paris was startled by the
news that his clothing had been found
upon the banks of the Seine. A note that
he had written to a friend pointed to
French detectives who investigated the
case would not accept the suicide theory,
as M. Dnbbadlo was happy. In good
health, and rich. They began their In
evitable search for the woman, learned
about Mme. Benert, traced her moe
ments, and then, by the use of the wire
less, located the supposed suicide and
the missing governess aboard the Mani
toba in midocean, traveling as man and
Many Quarters.
the aeroplane of M Bardot crashed to
the ground and he was seriously injured.
When taken from the wreckage. It was
found that a shoulder was broken and
his body covered with contusions.
Barrow-in-Furness. England. May 22.
England's giant naval airship, the larg
est In the world, was successfully
launched here to-day. The weather was
fine, and a great crowd saw the official
Chicago, May 22. The plant of the
Northwestern Can Company, at 330
Orleans street, was destroyed by fire
this morning, entailing a loss of more
than 1100,000.
Boston, May 22. Mrs. John I Gardner,
known throughout America as "Mrs.
Jack" Gardner, is so seriously ill at her
world famous Fenway home to-day that
her friends are gravely alarmed Mrs
Gardner has tx-en in the limelight for
many years because of her spectacular
financial prodigality.
Oklahoma City, Okla., May 22. The
Federal court here to-day declared the
grandfather clause In the State law, vir
tually disfranchising negroes, to be un
constitutional. The clause, which was a
Democratic measure, would have barred
4000 negroes from the polls.
Harrlman, 'ienn.. May 22. Because she
objected to his attentions to her daugh
ter, Fred Newton attacked and killed
Mrs. Bertie Baldwin hero to-day.
New York, May 22. Mrs. Garsone
Schroeder to-day killed herself and her
two children with illuminating gas in
their home, 133 Coffey street, Brooklyn,
after writing to a friend to come to
tho house. All were dead when found.
In the executive session of the Sen
ate the nomination of Elmer Caldwell,
of Orgeon, to be marshal for the dis
trict of Oregon was rejected. The
nomination had been unfavorably re
ported to the Senate earlier in the day
by the Judiciary Committee. Tho nom
ination was opposed by Senator Jona
than Bourne.
The forthcoming caucus of the Demo
crats of the House, to be held within
the next ten days or fortnight, date yet
to bo announced, will precipitate the
oldflght for free raw material which
so often has been the Issue between
Eastern and Western Democrats.
Senator William P. Frye, who re
signed as president pro tempore of the
Senate recently, on account of Illness,
will go to his home at Lewlston, Me.,
to-morrow, if his hclath will permit.
He does not expect to return to Wash
ington during the extra session.
Lawrence O. Murray, Comptroller of
the Currency, issued a statement stat
ing that he had refused all offers to
leave the office and would finish out his
term as Comptroller. He has still two
years to serve.
The Independence of the Philippines
is contemplated In two resolutions In
troduced, one of them by Representa
tive McCall of Massachusetts, a Repub
lican, and the other by Representative
Martirt. of Colorado, a Democrat.
The Houso Committee on Rules will
take action Saturday on the Francis
resolution providing for the creation of
a special committee to inquire Into the
affairs of the American Woolen Com
pany. The resolution charges, in effect,
that the so-called trust Is operating in
violation of law.
The wreck of the battle ship Maine,
now lying in Havana Harbor, when
raised, -will be towed out to sea and
sunk In deep water, unless Congress di
rects otherwise. Information to this
effect was received by the House and
Senate from the Secretary of War yes
Practically Unanimous Opin
ion Favors Investigation.
Shall the .Regular or a Special
Committee Act.
Doth Senator Dillingham and Sena
tor La Follette Present Resolu
tions for Another Inquiry Wis
consin Senator Spend Afternoon
In Dlscusslnir the Case Speech
Commands Much Attention.
s That the Senate will vote with
practical unanimity for a reopening
of the Lorimer case was made clear
yesterday, but there is division
among the Democrats, as well as
Republicans, as to whether the in
vestigation shall be intrusted to the
Privileges and Elections Commit
tee or to a special committee, as
provided for in the La Follette res
The case of the Junior Senator from
Illinois, whose election, it is charged,
resulted from bribery and corruption.
was again brought to life In the Sen
ate yesterday when Senator La Fol
lette presented his views as to why there
should be a reopening of the case and
an Investigation by an Independent com
mittee. The Senator did not conclude,
but announced his purpose to continue
his remarks to-day.
Before Senator La Follette had ap
peared on the floor of the Senate Sen
ator Dillingham, chairman of the Com
mittee on Privileges and Elections, of
fered a resolution, on behalf of his
committee, urging another Inquiry Into
tho Lorimer case. The resolution pro
vided for the investigation conducted by
the Privileges and Elections Committee.
This move was regarded as an effort
to forestall Senator La Follette, who
has pressed his resolution for a new In
quiry into the Lorimer case by a special
committee, whose members had nothing
to do with the previous inquiry, which
resulted In clearing Lorimer.
Iteicnlar Committee Fmon Lorimer.
The general Impression is that the
Dillingham resolution for a new inves
tigation will be supported generally by
the regular Republicans and old-line
Democrats, while tho progressive Dem
ocrats and Republicans will lino up sol
idly for the La Follette resolution for
an investigation by a special commit
tee. An effort was made to get all the
Democrats to support the Dillingham
resolution, but It failed and has been
abandoned. Senators Martlne. of New
Jersey, and Reed, of Missouri, along with
other new Democratic members, served
notice on Minority Leader Martin and
members of the Democratic steering
committee that they would never vote
to put the investigation of the Lorimer
case again In the hands of the Commit
tee on Privileges and Elections.
The committee, as reorganized, con
tains seven members of the committee
of the last session who reported in fa
vor, of clearing Lorimer These Sena
tors are Dillingham. Gamble, Heyburn,
Bradley, Paynter, Johnston, and La
Follette. Senators Bradley and Oliver,
who voted In the Senate to uphold Lori
mer's title to his seat, have been added
to tho new Committee on Privileges and
Elections, so that tho present commit
tee has nine membors who were record
ed In favor of Lorimer in the last ses
sion, as compared with six who cither
voted against him or are new members
of the Senate.
Issue Will Be Sqnnrely Met.
Senator Dillingham asked that his reso
lution referring the case to the Commlt
teo on Privileges and Elections He on the
table, but later he gave notice that he
would offer it as a substitute to the La
Follette resolution of Investigation. In
this way the issue over the manner of
tho investigation of the Lorimer caso will
be squarely met. Senator La Follette
made plain yesterday that ho will oppose
reference of the resolution of Investiga
tion to tho Senate Committee on Privi
leges and Elections.
In his speech In the Senate yesterday
demanding the reopening of the Lorimer
case. Senator La Follette addressed him
self particularly to the new members. He
received very close attention. The Wis
consin Senator surprised some of the
older memDers oy introuutuis v-iwumu-qua
methods in the discussion of the
With dramatic emphasis, Mr. La Fol
letto went over the roll of the Senate,
first calling the names of those Senators
who voted with Senator Lorimer and
then those voting against his continued
presence in the Senate. This was some
thing new in a Senate debate, and some
of the older members looked shocked.
Senator La Follette severely censured
Senator Lorimer. for remaining mute In
the Senate for weeks while the public
prints throughout the entire United States
were heralding the charges based on tho
confessions of members of the legisla
ture that his election resulted from brib
ery and corruption.
Criticises Senatorial Courtesy.
Denouncing Senatorial courtesy and leg
islation by the log-rolling system. Sen
ator La Follette said:
"We have a system built up here that
has taken away and alienated men sent
A rhlUnthrorie Institution.
References Any flnuicial
lr.Mituticn in- the ritj. Re
demption! nude from pawn
brokers tod new loses issued
it sreatlj reduced sating to
ths borrower.
Ground floor. N. W. Cor. 12th ndO sea.
rrlrtte slda cntnnee. .Transections strfctl ooo-
Msln Office: PbilsdelphU. Odd Howy Temple.
Branches: Baltimore, Equitable BuUdin; nttsborg-.
Boost; Bocasstsr. Chaabsr of Onrnmsros.
k 6 per rent S
yk per year. M
by the people to represent them. We
tee In this chamber the system or cour
tesy and consideration for members that
has tended to undermine a true repub
lican form of government-
"I fail to see how any man," con
tinued the Wisconsin Senator, "could
have rested tinder the publications that
the men who voted for him received
bribe money. So tense did the 31'uatkn
become that there were mutterlngs In
the cloakrooms, and finally the Senator
was told that he would have to speak
or some one would have to speak in his
Senator La Follette threw out the sug
gestion that Senator Cullcm" finally com
pelled his colleague to speak.
Waving his hand at the Republican
side of the chamber from his position
on the Democratic side the Wisconsin
Senator handed out this shot Just before
he concluded:
"You may Jeer and you may smile,
but you don't do that as much as you
did five years ago when I first camo
Which is literally true. The Wisconsin
Senator commanded a large audience on
both the Republican and Democratic
Sanctioned by the House Pen
sion Committee.
At an executive session of the House
Invalid Pension Committee last night,
following a hearing given Gen. S. S.
Burdett, chairman of the pensions com
mlttco of the G. A. R., the tn members
present voted to authorize the chairman.
Gen. Isaac R. Sherwood, to report the
Sherwpod dollar-a-day bill favorably to
the House as early as Congress will take
the matter up. Gen. Burdett made a
lengthy and eloquent plea, and the bill
was discussed in detail, section by sec
tion. The bill will be considered at the Dem
ocratic House caucus In the near future.
Gen. Burdett read a letter from Sen
ator McCumber. chairman of the Senate
committee, in which the Senator stated
no action on pension legislation would be
taken up by the Senate at this session.
The Sherwood bill is believed to be a
more economical measure than the Au
derson old-age pension bill, which Is now
pending In tho House. It Is claimed the
former would, if in operation, entail an
annual appropriation of about 23,000,00) at
the beginning, diminishing each year
through death, while the' Anderson bill
Involves an annual aggregate cost of ap
proximately Jj5.0u,0ii0.
The leaders of the House majority feel
confident tho measure will be approved
by the caucus, considering the Impetus
given It last night by ths Pension Com
Knox Willing to Discuss Ar
bitration with All.
The German government has been in
formally advised by Secretary of State
Knox that tho United States is willing
to negotiate with Germany a general
arbitration treaty submitting all future
disputes to arbitration, which will be
similar to the conventions now being ar
ranged between the United States and
France and the United States and Great
Britain. There have, however, been no
diplomatic interchanges on the subject.
Several days ago a draft of a pro
posed convention of this character was
submitted to the Br'tish and French Am
bassadors here. The proposed draft,
however, has nbt been transmitted to
Germany. Secretary Knox takes the po
sition that while he is willing to nego
.tiate such a treaty with Germany ho
cannot properly make any definite pro
posals until the German government has
indicated Its willingness to take up the
subject. Mr. Knox, however, did go so
far as to suggest to the German gov
ernment that ie would be glad to dis
cuss the question if the officials of the
German government are willing to do
so. So far, however, no reply as to the
attitude of the German government has
been received.
There has been a change In the pro
gramme of the administration In nego
tiating these arbitration treaties. At
first Secretary Knox planned to arrange
a general arbitration convention be
tween the United States and Great Bri
tain, which would be made the basis,
when ratified by the Senate, for other
conventions of this character with dif
ferent foreign countries.
When-thls plan was announced there
was considerable discussion in Ameri
can and foreign newspapers as to
whether the proposed convention be
tween the United States and Great Bri
tain would not virtually amount to an
Anglo-American alliance. To demon
strate to tho world that the proposed
arrangement would not constitute an
alliance. Secretary Knox abandoned his
original plan and decided to negotiate
simultaneously a treaty with France
and a treaty with Great Britain. Ho
has probably spoken also to the diplo
matic representatives here of the gov
ernments with which the United States
now has arbitration treaties, to indicate
his willingness to negotiate general
arbitration treaties In their stead. So
far, however, no formal negotiations
havo been begun, except with Great
Britain and France.
Ironmaster 'Will Xot Testify Before
Committee Until Later.
Andrew Carnegie will not be required
at this time to appear before the House
committee that is about to make an In
quiry into the affairs of tho United
States Corporation.
It became known yesterday that Rep
resentative Stanley, of Kentucky, chair
man of the committee, has excused Mr.
Carnegia for the present. The ironmas
ter was asked last week to come to
Washington and tell the committee what
he knows about the affairs of the Steel
Comapny. He promised he would be
here on time.
It appears that Mr. Carnegie got In
touch with Chairman Stanley yesterday,
saying that he had made arrangements
to sail for Europe to-morrow and ask
ing to be excused for tho present. Mr.
Carnegie will go before the committee
early In the rail.
May Cause His Death.
While riding on the hub of the front
wheel of an electric delivery wagon be
longing to Frazee's laundry yesterday
afternoon Isaiah Gordon, colored, liv
ing at 1725 E street northwest, slipped
and fell' under the wheel, receiving In
juries that necessitated his removal to
the Emergency Hospital. The physicians
say the Injuries are internal and that,
his condition la serious.
928 Fourteenth Street
(Opposite Franklin Park).
I took good care to have plenty
of the very light weights among
my selections in this special lot
of Suitings. They'll fit into this
weather nicely. Splendid pat
terns, fine weaves. They'll make
-up light as a feather; hold their
shape nicely. Absolute comfort
without sacrificing any of the
style points.
A critical test, too, of my work
manship. Takes good tailoring to
make these light weights stand
up under the strain of service.
But you've got my guarantee
back of you alwavs. A Gatchell
Suit has to CONTINUE TO BE
Civic league to Make City
Spotless Thursday.
After Loslntr His Pink Slip, Customer
Hnlen Chinaman Into Court Frame
Dwelling Dentroyed by Fire One
of Yonnir. Housebreakers Caught
and Turned Over to Parents.
Alexandria. Va., May 22. Thursday
next will be clean-up day in this city,
under the auspices of the Civic Improve
ment league. A proclamation will be Is
sued by Acting Mayor Marbury, calling
upon the citizens to respond to the cause
and assist the league in making the town
a spotless one.
Kxtra carts will be employed to carry
away refuse to the city's dump. Trash
placed In barrels and other receptacles
and left at convenient points for the
drivers will be removed.
Having lost his pink slip for his laun
dry, Archie R. B. Onyun was compellea
to report to the courts to obtain his im
maculate white linen this morning. Lee
Soon appeared as defendant. He little
understood what Onyun told the court, al
though he knew he was after his laun
dry. The court settled the case with dis
patch by directing that Lee turn over to
Onyun laundry which he may identify as
his property.
An unoccupied two-story frame dwell
ing house In Wythe street, between
Washington and St. Asaph streets, was
destroyed by lire this morning. The
house was owned by Charles Ewald. The
loss Is partially covered by Insurance.
A slight fire occurred shortly after 5
o'clock at the store of C. R. Yates, Fair
fax and Duke streets. The damage was
Several shots fired on North Henry
street shortly after 3 o'clock to-night at
tracted considerable attention. The po
lice are investigating.
Special services will be held Thursday
morning next at St. Mary's Catholic
Church In observance of Ascension Thurs
day. Masses will be celebrated at 6 and
8:30 o'clock. Confessions will be heard
Wednesday afternoon, beginning at 4
o'clock, which Is the usual hour.
A fine of $25 was Imposed In the Police
Court to-day in the case of John Black
burn, negro, charged with assaulting
Lizzie Means, negro, and also charged
with destroying a quantity of furniture
which It Is alleged he burned Saturday
afternoon last.
Peter Proctor, a negro, arrested on sus
picion of having broken into the residence
of his uncle In Fairfax County and stol
en a number of articles, was to-day ar
raigned before Justice Wright, in Fair
fax County, and held for the action of
the grand Jury.
Two youths yesterday entered the of
fice of the lumber mill of H. K. Field &
I saw the aviator soar far in the windswept void, and said:
"He really ought to be more usefully employed. He's apt to fall a
hundred miles should pinions break or bend, and while such things
amuse the crowd, they're serving no good end. Some day he'll
break his swanlike neck while painting cloudland red ; and if he's
useless when alive, he's more so when he's dead. I have no wish
to soar aloft and ride the sweeping gale ; I'll keep on raising prairie
hav, and sell it, bale by bale. The man who makes two bales of
hay come forth where one has grown contributes to the public
" good and earns a half a bone." "The man who flies," my neighbor
said, "will gather in more dough than you will get for all the hay
from here to Jericho. And though his airship often sails above a
field of wrecks, he entertains a jaded world a world of rubber
necks. Some people think," my neighbor said, "that no one's doing
good, unless he's growing bales of hay and other breakfast food ;
but any man who takes our thoughts away from toil and care con
tributes to the public good a large and handsome share."
(Coprright. Mil. br Gears Mtthew Adams.) WALT M.VSOK.
One Way of Saving
a Baby-Free toTry
The mother does not live who would.
mm jn nil in nov rnrof tn keen her child
healthy, but often she docs not know
how. So when a doctor oi sianu.ns
points the way all can afford to listen.
t i. an a.ntil fact that nine out of
ten of the troubles of Infants and
children is Intestinal. You notice It by
v. ... .ho. tho hlld la ronstlDated. it
belches. Is peevish and cries. Don t
give a remedy mat contains an upiuic,
because the child will get in the habit
of needing it, and don't become alarmed
and run at once for a doctor.
Try a scientific laxative nrst. uive a
.11 JnA f rw PnMvtVl Svnin
Pepsin, the remody that Is Intended
. th. tiA tt ohllrirpn Tf Id mflf
gentle, and nongrlplng. the remedy
Is absolutely pure and Is juaranteed In
sider I've canceled my obligation
to you at the beginning of your
wearing it by any means.
These weaves that you'll make
selection from belong in Suits
25 PER CENT higher in price
than I offer to make them
up and I'll make them up as
they should be made so at $25
to $40 you are really SAVING
That will suit you all right,
won't it?
It's up to you. I've got the
goods ready ; it only requires that
you make your selection, and let
me take the measure.
A Poured Cement House.
Are you still paying rent? Better
change! Buy a lot, and let us build
you a house after your own sugges
tion. A poured cement house, all
modern Improvements, built to or
der from $1,000 upward on very
easy terms. Beats the landlord and
his rent receipts. Take Alexandria
and Mount Vernon trolley at Post
office Corner. 12th & Pa. ave., twelve
minutes' beautiful ride. Cars leave
every little' while. We havo ono
house ready for occupancy.
Come and See n House Deing Poured.
Virginia Highland Association.
'Phone Main 3045.
Washington Offlees,
Corcoran Building,
Opposite Treasury.
Sales Manager. "
Co. Entrance was made through a win-
dow. Chief Goods, of the police force,'
captured one lad, who took refuge in an
ice wagon, and turned him over to his
parents. The other boy got away.
A new cemetery, said to contain 273 '
lots, has been laid out west of Union '
Cemetery. It is announced that the
Benevolent Hebrew Association has pur
chased sixteen lota west of the present '
Jewish Cemetery.
Upper Marlboro, Md., May 22. The feud
between the rival factions of the Demo-J
cratlc party In Prince George County,!
has reached an acute stage. .'
For some months following the last'
Congressional election. It had no fresh I
outbreak; but mutterlngs and recrlml-
nations were made, and new alignments'
without number were planned.
The "antagonism came to a head last
Saturday in Washington City, where the
two wings held separate conferences, and
each mapped out its plans of battle.
That the fight will be to a flnl3h is tho
belief of all who are acquainted with
the men and matters concerned.
The Clagett forces, twenty-one in num
ber, met at Mades." Hotel In Washington,
Saturday, and nominated a county tick
et. The antl-Clagett forces, about Vfi
strong, with representatives from each
one of the election districts in the coun
ty, met at Mades' Hotel at 2 o'clock p.
m. on Saturday, to prepare an Indepen
dent ticket.
every particular. Mrs. Toomey, of Em
lngsvllle. Pa., and Mrs. Fred Croms, of
Alanson, Mich., never give their child
ren anything else. These are only a
few among thousands of women.
You can buy a flf ty-cent or one-dollar
bottle of any near-by druggist, for they
have all sold It for a generation, but
if you want to test it on your child
first send your address to Dr. Caldwell
and he will cheerfully send you a free
sample bottle.
Dr. Caldwell does not feel that the
purchase of his remedy ends his obliga
tion. -He 'has specialized in stomach,
liver, and bowel diseases for over forty
years and will be pleased to give the
reader any advice on the subject free
of charge. All are welcome to write
him. Whether for medical advice or
the free sample, address him Dr. W. B,
Caldwell. 541 Caldwell building; Monti
cello, I1L
X dm m W Or
. fr-X'yy-W &
.-.-T'frW "jCMhTi irlj.? -?-.& tsk. j4&3HJbagi:

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