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Generally fair to-day and to
tnorrow ; light variable winds.
NO. 1743.
Elephant-Eonkey Babe to
Washington Halted.
Secured Leave to Be Active
in Politics.
House Request for Full Record
Not Complied With.
JThe Reply of the "War Department,
Printed as nn Official Document,
la to Be Made Basis of Investiga
tion Said to Have Escaped Panlih
znent on Serious Charges Hovr 3Iat
ter Started What Record Sho-vred.
The mystery of Maj. Beecher B
Ray, of the Pay Department of the
army, is finally to be solved through
a Congressional investigation. Ac
cording to the official records, Maj.
Kay has been given all the leaves of
absence which he desired, and has
not been disciplined upon formal
charges which were substantiated
after investigation. The fact that
he ran a political bureau in Chicago
during the last Presidential cam
paign, and claimed to have been in
strumental in securing the labor
vote for Taft and Sherman, is said
to have had something to do with
his favored treatment
The first chapter In the Interesting de
elopments which hae led up to the
Investigation was a resolution introduced
In the House by Representative Coving
ton, of Maryland calling for informa
tion "relative to charges of misconduct
on the part of officers of the Pay De
partment since January J, 1903." Thl"
resolution was adopted, and while the
jeply was in course of preparation. Rep-
resentative Sweet, of Michigan, was
asked by some War Department officials
If some of the record could not be
omitted Mr Sweet replied that. In his
Judgment, the document should be com
llete, and that the House would de
termine whether It should be printed In
whole or In part. When the reply was
sent to the House, however. It contained
much detail concerning delinquencies on
the part of some four other -pay officers,
but the record of Maj Ray was not sub
mitted in full When the House docu
ment came from the Government Print
ing Office, all the InformaUon concern
ing the other officers had been edited
out, and the case of Maj Ray was given
as fully as the War Department had
eent it in
What the Record Shoired.
The record showed that Maj Ray had
been treated most generously In the mat
ter of leave of absence. Every request,
Contlnned on Page 3, Column 4.
Powers Agree to Unite When
Involved in a War.
London. July 14. The foreign office this
afternoon issued a draft of the revised
Anglo-Japanese treaty. It was signed In
London yesterday.
The new treaty permits the ratification
of the Anglo-American arbitration treaty
by the addition of the stipulation that
the obligation to go to war Is not bind
ing If one of the belligerents happens to
be a nation which Is party td a general
arbitration agreement with Japan or
England. The new treaty goes into ef
fect Immediately and will remain in force
for ten years:
Section 4 of the treaty reads:
"Should either high contracting party
conclude a treaty of general arbitration
with a third power. It Is agreed that
nothing In this agreement shall entail
upon such contracting party an obliga
tion to go to war with the power with
whom such treaty Is In force."
The first article provides that when
ever specified rights or Interests are men
ace the two governments shall mutually
safeguard them. The second article pro
vides that If unprovoked attack or ag
gressive acUon arises on the part of any
power or powers, causing either of the
contracting parties to Become Involved
In war In the defense of Its territory, or
special Interests, as specified, the other
party shall Immediately come to the as
sistance of Its ally and conduct the war
In common of make peace mutually.
Aviator Falls Co Death.
Algiers, July 14. Aviator Paillette,
ghlle preparing to go to a military re
view to-day. fell from a height of ISO feet
and was Instantly killed.
Stlmson Sees Canal Worlc.
Colon, Panama, July 14. Secretary of
War fltimson and his party to-day mado
an examination of the Culepra Cut. Col.'
Goethals accompanied them.
White 'Snlplinp SprtoKC
Old patrons will be delighted with ana
new ones will appreciate the modem im
provements mado during past twelve
I months. JCnoer management of Mr.
I Adams, of OWPoInt Comfort. Call at
I C, & O. offictffor booklets.
New Yorlc, July 14. Jenny and
Judy, the donkey and elephant
racing from Luna Park to Wash
ington, D. C wearing banners
inscribed "1912 the White House
or Bust," were halted and the
race called oft! by Fred Thompson
to-night 'when the two political
representatives ambled Into Dar
by, a -western suburb of Philadel
phia, at 6 o'clock to-night.
Jenny was lame In both for
ward legs, and Judy was sore as
to one off pad, from picking up a
Jersey nail. They will be shipped
back to Luna Park 6y boat from
Philadelphia to-morrow.
Twenty-eight Cents Asked
by Wholesalers.
Beginning to-day, the wholesale price
of milk will be increased from 24 to ZS
cents a gallon. Bidders at the milk
depots are paying as high as 35 cents a
Shipments Decreased.
Shipments are daily decreasing, and a
large percentage of the milk recehed
here is sour. Washington milkmen say
conditions have advanced too far for
rain to be of relief, and the only pos
sible hope Is a protracted cool wave.
Dairymen have been compelled to raise
their prices, and all are now cutting
down orders to the minimum.
John Hartung, who conducts a dairy
at 108 Florida avenue northwest, said
last night that for thwast week hel
has been unable to serve half of his
In order to keep his customers
he has been compelled to reduce all of
the orders one half.
"I have been forced to raise the price
of my milk to 9 cents a quart, and 6
cents a pint," said Mr. Hartung. "The
prospect Is dally becoming wojse. This
week I was down n Virginia making
arrangements for milk shipments, and I
found conditions there the same as In
Washington. There are no pastures, and
there Is nothing green. The farmers
have to feed the cattle on winter feed.
Fully one-fourth of the milk shipments
have fallen off. Rain will do absolutely
no good. We must have a cool spell to
reduce the souring of the milk In (order
to p-event a famine here." !
One reason for the milk souring so
quickly Is that dairymen usually cool
their milk in springs, but as a result of
the drought, the springs have dried up,
and this process has to be omitted.
The arrivals of cream have greatly di
minished, and the supply and demand are
now about equal. The only persons ex
periencing inconvenience from this source
are the manufacturers of ice cream.
Supply from New York.
There was a carload of milk from New
York yesterday, and there will be an
other one to-morrow. Most of the milk
consumed In the city, however, comes
from Virginia and Maryland by railroad,
steamboat, and the Old Dominion Line
from Falls Church. A good many farmers
sell their milk to the creameries, but be
cause of the shortage they are now giv
ing their supplies to the regular dairy
men. It is asserted by the Ice dealers that
there Is no likelihood of a famine of the
cooling blocks, and that the American
Ice Company Itself Is fully able to copo
with the abnormal conditions. But,
nevertheless, there is a shortage, and the
people are feeling the effects of It. The
American Ice Company has raised Its
price S cents on thn hundred pounds, and
It Is probable other dealers will-follow
their example. A. B. Willis, of the
Home Ice Company, said last night, how
ever, that his firm would stick to the old
Huge Column of Swirling Water Is Menace in Ad
vance on City Driven by High Wind.
Baltimore, July 14. Careening down the
rjver Into the uppr bay this "rnlng,
a waterspout estimated to be 100 feet In
diameter at the bas6 and several times
that dlstanoe In height, smashed and
twisted things Just below Sparrows
Point and terrorized shipping men who
were in its path or that vicinity.
A large lighter of the Raymond Con
crete Company aniT several smaller craft
that were moored to the wharves or
anchored In the neighborhood of the
Marylarid Steel Company were torn from
their moorings by the whirling and dash
ing waves that followed the "spout's"
downfall. Few of the harbor men had
fever witnessed such a phenomenon, and
it Is said that the "spout" was the first
seen In the river in 90 years.
Dike water spouts of the Orient, the
one to-day In the harbor came up with"
out the slightest warning. The already
strong winds which swept the harbor
with the approaching storm were sud
denly transformed Info, a howling gale.
Men working on the flocks at Sparrows
latf Bsltlraere bjmI Kea
Saturdays and Sundays vl Pennsyl
vania Railroad, Tickets rood to rstnrn
until Sunday Blent. All regular trains
except -th 'CoRgrJonal UM."
President Tatft's position Is
Doubly Embarrassing.
Beprimand-Seems Only Alterna
tive for the Administration.
Democrats Inclined to Aconio At
torney General Himself of Ir
Trsnlarltles In His Department.
Protest Against Pare Food Ex
pert's Removal Poor Into White
House Chemist Falthfal Official.
The situation confronting the
Taft administration as the result
of the attempt to oust Dr. Harvey
W. Wiley from his post as chief of
the Bureau of Chemistry grew in
seriousness yesterday, mere is a
disposition on the part of the Dem
ocrats and Dr. Wiley's friends to
emphasize the part which Attorney
General Wickersham has taken in
holding that Dr. Wiley's offense
"merited condign punishment," and
it is apparent that in the event
of Wiley's removal Mr. Wicker
sham will be the chief object of at
tack by the Wiley supporters.
This makes the President's DosIUon
doubly embarrassing. If he orders the
removal of Dr. Wiley he will be con
fronted with the certainty of another
bitter controversy Inside his administra
tion, and If he allows the pure-food spe
cialist u retain his post he will be In
the attitude of having rejected the find
ings of his official legal ndvlser.
Democratic members of the House
Committee on Expenditures In the De
partment of Agriculture met yesterday
and decided upon an investigation Into
the entire controversy. Members of the
committee declared that they were de
termined to ascertain "who wants Dr.
Wiley fired, and why."
Representative Moss, of Indiana,
chairman of the committee, had a con
ference with Dr. Wiley, but declined to
comment on it. The Inquiry will begin
without delay, and Dr. Wiley probably
will be the first witness called.
Prof. Wlllet M. Hays, Assistant Sec
retary of Agriculture: George P. Mc
Cabe, Solicitor of the department, and
C C. Clark, the department chief clerk,
members of the committee on personnel
which decided that Dr. Wiley was guilty
of a violation of the law, and recom
mended his retirement, also will be sum
moned. It Is understood, too, that the
committee will summon Attorney General
The disposition of the Democrats to
turn the Wiley lncfdent to their advan
tage politically by embarrassing the ad
ministration is Indicated clearly by in
terviews given out yesterday.
Some of the Democrats were inclined'
to accuse the Attorney General himself
of Irregularities In connection with the
administration of his own department.
Chairman Beall, of the Honse Committee
now Investigating the Department of Jus
tice, charged that lump payments had
been made by the Attorney General him
self to specially retained lawyers for their
expenses, whereas the law specifically
requires that all such accounts be Item-
lxed and payments made on vouchers.
"In view of the disclosures concerning
the liberties taken by the Attorney Gen
eral," said Chairman Beall, "I am unable
Continued oa Pne O, Colnmn 4.
Point were driven to shelter by the
downpourlng rain. Looking out over
the river they saw to their surprise a
small spout forming about half a mile
from the shore.
As the wind Increased in force the
spout began to get larger. Larger and
larger It became, until, with a terrible
sweep which sent spray flying for yards,
the spout flow into the air and started on
Its ascent to the clouds.
The higher the spout went the larger
It became, and It started off up the
harbor toward Baltimore. Soon It at
tained lt full height. Seen from the
shore. It appeared to beaway up in
the clouds.
Starting from Sparrows Point the
spout .proceeded northward, whipping the
river Into a seething foam and forming
great waves. Driven by'a strong wind
the spout whirled up, the river Tor nearly
amllo before It broke.
The great .Hlr of water stojppen in
Its course, po6ed for a moraeat la. the
air and topplea over, maklsg a tremen
dous splasa, wftlcs was hears lac In
JS.M Xwiyr"Ta auC 'Xetara, Smmr,
1 Mr MrMi. BaltlnMM Jt Mil.
pclal train leave Uakw, attoa
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Copyright by O. V. Bnc.
Eemarkable picture taken for The "Washington Herald before Boston aviator descended in. the White Haaae
gardens, where he was presented with a gold medal by the President yesterday afternoon.
Thief Demonstrates Ability
to Italian Police.
Spniil Cable to Tha Wfthlogtoo Itnsld.
Vlterbo, July 14 Capt. Fabronl, of the
Naples Carbineers, continued his testi
mony when the trial of the Camorrlsts
opened this morning.
The witness told of the meettng of the
Camorrlsts at the home of Maria Sten-
dard, where, he said, the murder of Gen
naro Cuoccolo and his wife was planned.
Fabronl testified that the common-law
wife of Nicola Morra, who is among the
prisonerr. took tho Bnlen furnituro and
other goods of the Cuoccollos to her home,
where she stored It.
Fabronl, in reviewing the character of
the prisoners, related an Incident which
occurred In his presence.
Antonio Parlatl, wishing to prove that
he was a thief and not a murderer.Nplaced
a wager with a friend that he could
rob Marshal Farts In the witnesses' pres
ence. Although his tunio was buttoned,
Fabronl testified, ten minutee later the
marshal discovered that his cigarette
case and pocketbook had been stolen.
Attorney and Banker Cause
Terror in Meeting.
Sped to The tVuhlrgtoo Reald.
Lynchburg, Va., July 14. A report
reached here to-day by a Lynchburg
professional man who was a wit
ness to an affray Tuesday night In the
chamber of the town council of Crewe,
wher Harry Lee, Commonwealth's at
torney for Nottoway County, Is alleged
to Have shot at C. B. Wilson, a banker
of Crewe, who is chairman of tho mu
nicipal finance committee, and chair
man of the Nottoway Republican coun
ty committee.
The .bullet went wide of Its mark,
because a mutual friend 'struck the arm
of Lee, causing the ball to Imbed Itself
In the wall. It Is said Wilson resented
a statement made to the council byLee.
and he declared it false. When pressed
by Jee he said he' meant to call Lee a
liar, and Lee, the recital goes, drew his
revolver and fired.,
The council Immediately adjourned
without formality, and It Is understood
that a warrant was Issued for Lee's ar
Epedil CMJs to Tha Wuhlnatoa Ratio,
London. Jutr 14. The Duohesa of
Devonshire was taken suddenly ill this
afternoon at the S&ndown raoe meet
ing and collapsed. She rss; removed to
her hoEae nnooasclotis, and la reported
to be seriously 111 thla evening.
CutfcQnt Luna Park toppog, page It
TW MuprtmatT JMaeWateae Fwn
u ooBeeaea. inr ireao. ia m b.
Passengers Are Trapped Be
low Deck.
Port Limon, Costa Rica, July 14 In the
blackness of a tropical storm at night.
thfrty-two passengers and several
members of her crew sank with the small
steamship Irma, when it was struck by
the steamer Diamante News of the
disaster has Just reached here from Blue
fields. Only eight passengers of the
Irma escaped and they figured In thrill
ing rescues
The collision occurred in the estuary
of the San Juan River. The Irma was
rammed with frightful force. Her sides
splintered In and several passengers are
thought to haie met death In .he shosk.
Almost Immediately the boat began to
Blnk. Those who escaped were saved
almost entirely by accident, except such
as were taken to the shore through
heroic efforts of the Costa Rlcan coast
Boats carried out lines from shore, and
a careful patrol of the rough water was
begun. The storm was so severe that
lifeboats barely could be kept upon their
keels. But their efforts in most cases
were vain. The storm had kept every
one aboard the doomed vessel below, and
the boat sank so quickly after being
struck that many did not have time to
reach the deck.
Very few of the bodies have been re
covered, but at Colorado Bar the sea Is
covered with floating merchandise from
the wreck. The total life loss probably
reaches fifty, lnoludlng three Nlcaroguan
coffee growers, two, with their wives,
forming a party which recently had re
turned from Europe. They were going
to Castillo on business before proceeding
to their homes.
' The Sunday Edition
The Washington Herald
To-morrow will contain an interesting
illustrated story of
Bird Jen Learning to Fly at
College Park
Women's Section, Sporting SectionBoys
and Girls1 Magazine Section,
Local and Telegraphic News
A Complete Sunday Newspaper
3.3R .Baltimore and Reran,
Baltimore and Ohio,
Jftery Saturday and Sunday. All trains
bath ways, both days, assest Kara!
Death Sentence Commuted
to Life Imprisonment
Ottawa. July 14. Angelina Napolltana.
the Sault Ste. Marie woman sentenced
to the gallows for murder, will not be
hanged. This was decided to-day at a
largely-attended meettng of the Dominion
cabinet. The sentence has been com
muted to life Imprisonment.
The members of the cabinet stated that
they had not been Influenced In their A&
clsion by the carloads of petitions that
had come in to the governor general and
the department of Justice, from all parts
of the United States and the Dominion of
Canada, but that the case was decided
wholly on Its merits.
The decision was arrived at on the
grounds of the woman's approaching con
finement, the circumstances surrounding
tho case the recommendation of mercy
by the Jury and the trial Judge.
The decision of the cabinet must be ap
proved by the governor general's deputy,
the governor general being absent, and as
soon as this Is received the order of
commutation will be given.
London, July 14 Adolph Francis Julian
Stonor, Lord Camoys. usher at the De-
cies-Gould wedding and chum of tho
Hon. "Bobby" Beresford. is engaged to
be married to Miss Mildred Sherman,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Watts
Sherman and one of the wealthiest
heiresses in the United States. This be
came known to-day, following "the an
nouncement that Camoys Is to leave
England soon to visit the Shermans at
91,60 Frederick: and Retara July 18th
Baltimore & Ohio R, R.
fpeolal train leaves Union Station
8:38 a, is. See tka Maryland National
IhH ftataiap.
Most Difficult Exhibit Air
man Has Made.
Eeceives Gold Medal Presented
by the President.
Trlbnto of Visit and ANomjNA.
mend In Waahlnsrtou a Gift from
"Waahlng-ton Aero Club Aeroplano
Guarded by PoUoeman During? the
Klffht Atwood Goes to Xevr Yorlc
and May Retnrn and Vly Boole.
Weaving his way in among the
White House trees and weaving his
way out again, Harry N. Atwood
dropped in on President Taft yes
terday afternoon, received the gold
medal of the Washington Aero
Club, and furnished a new chapter
of thrills for the flying art.
Scenically, the air trip from Po
tomac Park to the Executive Man
sion lacked the dash and bravado of
the Thursday night journey. Tech
nically, it was infinitely more diffi
cult than anything Atwood had
hitherto attempted. The alighting
and the departure from the White
House are quite the best things he
has done.
The airman threw on a new pair of
trousers and Jumped on a train for New
York an hour or so after Ihe trip was
over. Shelterless, the Moth rested on
the polo grounds all night, guarded by a
lone policeman, but its master will be
back to-day, brimful of plans for new
exploits and with the ambition to make
the air route bock to New York with the
trusty biplane.
Things "broke" yesterday in swift suc
cession. Atwood took the sky Journey
from College Park in a driving rain, and
looked like a drowned puppy when he
descended at Potomac Park only fifteen
minutes before his engagement at the
Chamber of Commerce luncheon In his
honor. He husUed to the New Wlllard.
ohanged his clothes, was reoelved with
enthusiasm by his hosts, and then
hurried back to his machine In '.ne park.
He had a proud date with the Presi
dent of the United States, and knew his
mother also would be at the White Hous
to see her boy show what was In him.
Washington was also aware of these
facts, and was out In goodly numbers when
the biplane scudded and clipped over the
Tidal Basin, Its wings all a-qulver with
excitement Just before It vias ready to
climb and soar.
As the Moth swept Into full view
around the Monument, cutting didoes
nonchalantly, the thrills began to come.
The engine was worklngly enthusiastical
ly, the biplane was chipper and con
fident. It burled Its nose In the face of
the twenty-flve-mlle-an-hour wind blow
ing across the field, and never wavered.
Tarns a Biff Trlolc
Atwood had no Illusion as to the real
hazards of his task. He was going to
do what only a handful of daredevil
flyers would dream of attempting.
Contlnned on Pose 2, Column 4.
Patients Die After Eemoval from
Steamer Ifoltke.
New York, July 14. Health Ofllcer
Doty reported to-day the deaths from
cholera of two passengers of the steam
ship Moltke, removed while under ob
servation at Hoffman Island to Swin
burne Island Hospital. They were Gab
riel E. Mastrobuoni, eighteen years old.
who died on July 12, and Lucia Daldone,
sixty-nine years old, who died on July 14.
Two patients, Pletro Mussalo and Al
fred Flori, are at the Swinburne Island
Hospital suffering from cholera and both
are very ill. Six suspicious! cases are
also In the hospital.
Superstition May Save
Han With Broken ITeok
New Rochelle, N. Y., July 14.
The friends of Waldorf Miller,
the young man who broke hla
neck diving from the rooks at
Hudson Park: on the night of July
8,. believe that his superstition
may be the means of his ultimate
recovery. Yesterday was the
tenth since his accident, and it
was his firm belief that he would
reoover If he lived longer than
his brother Fred, who lived Just
ten days after he broke his neck
In a similar manner at the same
spot three years ago.
Though the doctors at the hos
pital regard It as a mere super
stition, they think his hopeful
ness may Inorease his vitality,
which will help him In his battle
against death.
8&O0 Week-end Trips to Jersey Seashore
Resorts. Baltimore & Ohio R. n.
Ask agent tor particulars.
Oet t Lwi Park eooysa. yac SI

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