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Fair to-day; to-morrow in
creasing cloudiness.
SEE PAGES 3, 12, AND 13
For Seal Estate Bargains.
NO. 1813.
Amphibious Ones
Clubman Gives Big Share of
$250,000 Estate.
Hurls Himself Vigorously
Into 1912 Campaign.
May Swim All
Winter Outdoors
One of Municipal Pools Will Be
Kept Open Chance to Flirt
with Pneumonia.
Body of Charles W. Allen in
Chicago Hotel.
Stood Between Millionaire and
Those Mulcting Him.
Leather aimrnnte Mjxteriously Fnlln
or la Pniihed from Window in
the Fnlrarr House Leaven
Fortune Kntlnuttecl nt $12,000
OOO Ilrother of "Nnthnn Mien,
"Who Is liider Imllctment.
Chicago, Sept 22 Violent death be
came a factor to-da in the strange
storv of Helen Dwelle Jenkins, her
smuggled jewels and amours with mil
lionaires, when Charles V. Allen, of
Kenosha, a director in the leather trut,
fell, jumped, 01 was pushed from
fourth-ston window of the Palmer
House Mr -Mien was a brother of
Nathan -Mien, who. with John R Col
lins, the Memphis coal magnate, recently
was indicted in New York, charged with
avoiding payment of dutj on $300,000
worth of j.ewclcr belonging to the ad
cnturess CUED IT RI. VCKM VII,.
Mrs Jenkins has ai5 repeatedly that
the gems were gifts from Nathan Allen
Ills attomej, William S Forrest, has
asserted that his cflent who was one of
the organizers of the Central Leather
Company ar a member of the firm of
C N Allen Sons Companj, of Kenosha
was a victim of a blackmailing plot of
wide ramifications Eidence was in pos
sepslon of the government, said Mr For
rest, tnat would verifv this statement
Charles W Allen had stood between his
brother and persons who he believed were
& stematicaliv mulcting his brother, Na
than of hundreds of thousands of dol
lars V hen he dico ered that Nathan
Allen had showered a fortune on Mrs
Jenkins he took prompt measures to pre
vent a further outflow in the same direc
tion He learned that in Chicago was n safety
deposit box to which Mrs Jenkins and j
Nathan Allen had access He induced I
his brother to accompanv him to the
vault where he took charge of the se
curities "and placed them beyond the
reach of the woman Then he sent Na
th in to California
Goeit to HI Room.
Charles t Allen came to Chicago from
his home in Kenosha this afternoon He
maintained a room regularlv at the Pal
mer House, and he appeared at the hotel
about 2 o clock A ttleeram was await
ing him Mr Allen took the telegram
and went to his room on the fourth floor
At 3 45 o clock a bell bov answ ered his
ring for Ice water Mr Allen was sit
ting near the window, which opened on
a court As the boj closed the door
he heard a noise and returned to the
The guest was not there Hushing to
the window the bov looked out and saw
Allen b bodv Ivlng on a loof that formed
the floor of the court a short distance
above the btreet level
The ho gave the alarm, and it was
found that death ev identlj had occurred
lnstantlv The body was removed to the
rooms of the W estcrn Casket Companv
Several circumstances caused the po
lice to withhold a conclusion is to
whether the fall had been accidental
suicidal or the result of a struggle A
broken chair was found near the
bodv Attaches of the hotel were unable
to say whether it had been, part of the
furniture of Air Mien s room or wheth
er it had been left in the court bv
painters There were marks on the win
dow sill and the chair back, indicating I
that Mr Allen had been In the habit
of sitting with the chair tilted back
against the sill, which is about eighteen
inches above the floor
Hail Terrible Hen dm he.
A telephone conversation that took
place between Allen and E C Thiers
secretary of the Allen Sons Companv, less
than four hours before the fatal fall,
strengthens the theory that his death was
accidental, the result of a temporary Ill
ness Over the telephone he said to Mr
Thiers 'Ed, I am suffering with a ter
rible headache I became dizzy on the
streets this morning and I thought for a
minute or two that I was going to faint
I guess I'll go over to my room now and
Jay down a while I shall come homo on
the 1 o'clock train:"
Charles W Allen leaves a fortune con
servatively estimated at $12.000 000 He
was a director in the leather trust and
held stock In half a dozen Chicago banks
Much of his wealth was Invested In lum
ber, coal, and elevated railroad securl
ties He Is survived by a wife, two sons
and a daughter
Cross-country Aviator Falls and
Gives Up Contest.
Rthbone. N Y., Sept 22, As a result
of his fall here with his aeroplane to-day.
James J Ward, who was competing In
the race fdr J5O.O00 for a flight between
New York and San Francisco, has retired
from the contest.
Father Sherman to Recover.
1 Jose, Cal , Sept. 22. The condition
f 'lav. Thomas .Ewlngf Sherman, head
he Chicago province of the Jesuits,
mltted to an insane asylum last Wed-
lay after attempting suicide, will
oably recover. jm
aes 17th annual nonaeturnUalng e
1)0 to Lurajr, Va and Return .".
Sept. 24. Baltimore and OMa rr
eclal train leaves Union ki.&L ?.'..
leaves Union BtatlSn 8:16
Oyez, amphibious ones' Yc swimmers
who must swim or perish'
By a great and beneficent mandate ls
fcued bv Dr William B Hudson, director
of the bathing beach, one pool will be
Kept open all winter One pool will re
main ready for use when the biting cold
6hall have incrusted it with Ice. when
the blizzards shall sweep the bleak sur
face and rattle the drj branches of de
nuded trees
Dr Hudson forwarded his recommen
dation to the. Commissioners yesterday
He didn't mention an one who might be
desirous of flirting with pneumonia In
water that has Greenland's icy moun
tains looking merely nominal He didn't
even express a desire to go in swimming
But If any one wants to go in, the
doctor feels that the Commissioners
should allow him to bathe, whether he
use Ice or wiwei for his nblutlon
So when winter Is upon us the en
thusiastic amphibians of Washington
may place an ax over one shoulder and
go down to the beach Then, chopping
a little hole through the ice, thev maj
Jump in Warnings will probablj be
posted around the beach advising the
swimmers not to let go of the Ice
Pastor Russell Says Xo Guar
antees Are Given.
SpiI to The vYshinston Herald.
Brooklyn. N Y . Sept 22. "Miracle
wheat.' which when sown to one-fourth
of ordinary thickness produces fourteen
times as much as common or garden
wheat, is now on sale at the tabernacl"
of Pastor Russell a devoted worker in
the vineyard of the Lord, who is selling
it at $60 a bushel to the elect
Although no guarantee goes with the
wheat, and although the pastor admits
that he Is only selling it because It was
donated to him the devoted followers
ha e purchased bctw ecn $1 SCO and $2,100
worth of the divine substance, and or-
ders are still coming In
Pastor Russell known in church cir
cles as one of the devoutest believers
that the Lord will provide declared to
day that the Lord would reward the
faithful ones who had paid Jl a pound
for miracle wheat and gave his pei -onal
assurance that heaven would bless
'But suppose heaven doesn't"" Pastor
Russell whs asked
He blinked slow and impressivelj
Then mv dear brother ' said he. 1
thev will have no cause to regret their
If the miraculous powers of the wheat
are a little weak is 111 money be re
funded' ' he was asked
' Certainly not ' replied the pastor, m-
hat agricultural experts failed to
tird Brother Hohnet discovered on his
farm in Ohio four vears ago By care
ful experimentation and copious prayer
he evolved the miraculous and agreed to
drnate it to Pastor Russell Brother
Bohnet occasionally lectures In Pastor
Russell :, church
Orders for wheat are sent to Brother
Dockev, who nas established his head
quarters near the Tabernacle hen
ever any questions are asked as to the
right of the hurch to sell this favored
brand of wheat Brother Dockey refers
the curious person to an unknown law
yer, who promptly announces that no
guarantee goes with the wheat, and he
who charges Pastor Russell with deceit
is a liar
Pastor RusspII church has accumu
lated $150 000 in the last vcar through
thc sa,f ot thurch literature and dona
tions The pastor admits that the
miracle wheat is the most lucrative
thing he has hit on yet
Holds Jail Bars Up to Trust
Bretton "Aoodb N H, Sept. 22. At
torney General Wlckersham, when asked
to-day if there was any truth In the re
port that he was about to resign, said
'There is no truth whatever In the 're
port. I have not resigned and do not
intend to do so
As to my being forced out of the Cabi
net by threats of powerful corporations
or trust magnates, I should like nothing
better than to go to the country on such
an issue
So long as I am Attorney General of
the United States, I Intend to enforce tn
laws, regardless of jj;hat Influence is
brought to bear to iitop some "-of the
suits the Department of. Justice has- al
ready begun, T"he only way the great
corporations can avoid prosecution is by.
strictly complying with the law, and they
are fools If they do not see that."
Replying to an Intimation that the way
to force the trusts to obey the laws Is
to send some of the wealthy offenders
to jail, Mr. Wlckersham said.
"If I serve as Attorney General till the
end of Mr. Taft's term I Intend to send
some of them to prison.
The heads of the turpentine trust
are already sentenced, and nothing can
save them from serving their terms In
Jail except a Supreme Court decision In
their xavor.
M oses' 17th annual houaefurnUhluc sale.
hi.a Gnnvmfnf nliipkllf On Va TTIOmtra
i is conoeded. They're fresh. 11th & i.
Name linked with that of Mrs.
Philip S. Hichborn.
Prominent AVnshlnKtonlnn Disap
peared at Time Younjr Matron of
Smart et Absented Herself.
Her Iltislnnil and Ills Mother
Hinted nt Divorce ProeeedliiK".
Friend Look, for Happy Outcome
Friends of Horace Wvlie, prominent
clubman of Washington and New York,
and of Mrs Philip S Hichborn, whose
disappearance last winter was coincident
with the departure of Mr Wjlic, are
looking for a happy termination to the
affair which for seven months was a
topii. in social circles
Mr Wvlie, through Mr llmarth,
his attonicj. vctcrda conveyed to his
wnc, Kathcnnc Virginia Wjlic, a large
portion of the $250,000 estate he ons
m Washington Six houses in Wlie
court, the home of Judge Wlie, in
Thomas circle, and four houses in N
street, between Fourteenth and Fif
teenth streets northwest, are given to
Mrs Wvlie "in consideration of love
and affection," and the sum of $10 re
quired by law.
Mrs Wvlie is now In Europe with her
three children Mr Wvlie left Washing
ton yesterday before the deed was filed
In court and. It Is stated at the Met
ropolitan Club, will remain in New York
for some time It is expected that he
will Join his wife there
Philip S Hichborn, who last March
threatened a divorce suit, is now In
Bridgeport, Conn where he and his
mother have been since the early sum
mer. Mrs. Philip S Hichborn. with her
mother, Mrs Henry M Hojt. widow of
the former Solicitor General of the State
Department, has been summering near
Boston, Mass.
The fact that Mr Hichborn's wife has
returned from Europe is accepted bv her
friends as Indicating that a reconcilia
tion is being attempted and that she
and her husband probably will be re
united Hiehhorn'H Attitude.
Samuel E Swayze. law partner of Mr
Mr Hichborn, said IaBt night that he
did not expect to see his partner before
the middle of October
"Whether he will remain in New York
or return direct to Washington, I cannot
sav, continued Mr Swayze 'I merely
know that he and his mother are away "
Mr Swayze refused to" express an
opinion as to the probability of a recon
ciliation between Mr. Hichborn and his
I can only refer to the statement
he made ' said Mr Swayze, referring
to the interview publlshel several months
ago. in which Mr Hichborn stated that
he had not decided w nether he would
bring suit for divorce Mr Swayze added
that since that Interview neither Mr
Hichborn nor his mother had made any
public comment on the case
At the home of Mrs Wylie in Thomas
Circle it was stated last night that the
would not return to Washington before
the late fall or early winter. She hud
been away since the return of her hus
band to Washington, it was said
Society Wn Incredulous.
Firt whispers of the famous Wylle
Hlchborn affair were received with In
credulity by society in this city It was
not until March when Mr Hichborn and
his, mother admitted that the wife had
gone to Europe, as had Mr. Wylle, and
coupled the admission with the announce
ment that Mr. Hichborn might sue for a
divorce, that the report was authenti
cated After Mr Wylle and Mrs Hichborn had
been away for three months, the former
returned to New York, where he stopped
at the Astor House and was met by sev
eral friends last July. Soon after his ar
rival here Mr. Wy lie's friends stated that
ho sought a reconciliation with his wife
He visited Washington three times during
July and August, met a few friends at the
Metropolitan Club, and began negotia
tions with Mrs Wyllo through their law
y ers Meanwhile Mrs Hichborn -had re
turned from Europe with her mother.
Mrs. Wj lie's Coume.
Even when Mrs. Hlchborn's husband
stated that he might sue for a divorce,
Mr Wy lie's wife declined to take any
such proceedings against her husband On
the night of his return to New York Mrs.
Wylle said that she had received a tele
gram from him and would meet him In a
short time. '
"I will not bring divorce proceedings."
she Informed all reporters who visited
Steamer Sank in Collision on St.
CIntr River.
Port Huron, Mich r Sept. 21 The steam
er Jollet was sunk early to-day In a
collision with the steamer Henry Phlpps
in the St. Clair River, opposite this cltv.
The collision was -due to the hcav. tog.
For a time It was feared several llos
had been lost, but a roll call showed all
had been picked up by the Indians camp
cd near Samla reservation.
91.33 to Baltimore and Return.
Baltimore and Ohio
Every Saturday and Sunday. All trains
both ways, both days, except Royal
Limited. The V. S.' Aviation PaeM nnrt
flights at College Park are In full view
ot passing trains on tils road.
Officer of the Corporation
Deplores Bear Baid.
Voir Vnrk Pent After Steel com
mon had reached its lowest point in the
stock market this afternoon and the
ticker showed it was beginning to climb
back again a prominent director of the
steel trust said to a Washington I'-rald
We have just passed through the big -
gest bear raid to which the I'nited States, seven of 1210 Moibc street northeast.
Steel Corporation has ever been subjected (walked three miles from Brnning to a
It was world-wide In Its plan and scope drug store at Fifteenth ind II streets
It had been carefullv worked out by northeast where after trving to describe
. . i.k ,., c the nature of his acc.dent. he collapsed
men of great wealth and resources Uej Ftnton s wonderfu, vtaIltJ in talking
know their names, or think we hive ex- ,ho ,onK distance with a fractured skull
cellent reasons for believing we know ( lia, my stifled physicians it Casualty nor
thern If some of them should be men- pital Hlb condition tlicie was described
tloned a real sensation would be created . I ist night as acutely critical, and Police-
For months they have been quietly work
ing from both ends of the line America
and Europe
They have done their worst, which is
precious little so far as the public is
concerned, except the demoralization
that such rapid and inexplicable de
clines of excellent securities engenders
The steel corporation Itself Is not In
jured "
The scenes on thc floor of the stock
exchange at the height of the panic were
almost unprecedented Iong before 10
o'clock, the opening hour, brokers had
massed themselves around the post at
which Steel shares are traded In Offers
to sell more than 100 000 of common stock
had accumulated overnight They ap
parently came from everywhere and
they were In big blocks When the gong
signaled the opening a great roar went
up Brokers physically struggled with
each other In their furious excitement to
carry out their orders to sell
The first transaction was a block of
45 000 shares of common, an almost un
precedented lot. The price shot down
like a plummet five points, to 531-4, the
lowest figure for tw o y ears Preferred
immediately followed the tumble of com
mon, going down In a Jiffy 2 5-S points,
to 103 Its lowest since 190S. Common
closed' at 66. a loss of only 2 1-4 Pre
ierred entirely recovered Its loss The
total transactions In the common stock
during the day were 717,000 shares the
biggest total of Steel ever traded In
News came from Washington to-night
that will deaden tho effect ot another
,,.. o that made much of by the
bear raiders " w that Herbert KnoxJ
Smith, Commissioner oi me uurc-uu u
Corporations, has nothing in the report
of his extensive Investigation into the
steel trust that is not already known.
De la Barra Throws His Support to
Gen. Madero.
Mexico City. Sept. 21-Gcn. Reyes to
day announced his withdrawal from the
presidential race, in a public statement.
In which he declares, that his legal elec
tion would be Impossible, because de la
Barra supported Madero. Reyes denies
that he is planning a new revolution.
Madero Is now the only candidate.
OB to BaltlBaoreB85 netarn
Sattrrdays and Sundays via Pennsyl
vanla, Ratlroad. Tickets good to return
unUl Sunday nbjht. All regular train.
except Um r,Cosrelesl Limited."
The Mount Washington, Bretton .Woods, N. H., Sept. 23.
To The Washington Herald:
No arrangements for dissolution of the steel trust have been
made with, or so far as I am aware proposed to the Department
Walks Three Miles
with Broken Skull
to a Drug Store
' Elmer Fenton Collapses While Try-
ing to Describe How He
Was Injured.
HN ku fractUted and his shoulder
1 badly cut. Klmer Fenton aged twenty
iran Roberts was detailed to sit beside
him and learn If po.sslbU , something
more of the accident
The man staggered into the drug store
! -at ID'S) n clock last nlirhl. i m ered with
, blo0(, and moaninff with the pain from
his fractured skull Before he col-
lapsed he Informed the police that he
had been struck by a train On rally
ing nt Casu ilty Hospital, he -ald that
he had been hit by a brick thrown by an
unknown man as he was walking along
the Bennlng pike
The man's mother, when seen last
night, said he had left for Baltimore two
days ago to get work She could not ac
count for his presence on the Bennlng
Following the trail of blood that ran
from Fenton s wounds, the police will
endeavor to trace his movements back
to the time of the accident It is their
belief, despite the stories Fenton told,
that he fell from a train
First of all
Tells how to add to jour beauty by dressing har
moniously ;
And then
Edwin h. Arnold has a clever story, "The Sea
Masque ;" -
Two splendidly illustrated-pages of Paris fashions,
a, children's page, another page devoted to brain and
brawn, many interesting local features,
And finally
Society gossip and other matters of interest to
women, a complete sporting section, and the best
comic section in the city. -
All in to-morrow's edition of The. Washington
A k Paper Worth Reading.
Indon, Sept 22 The "American mil
lionaire purchaser of Tattersall Castle,
near Lincoln. Is William Randolph
Hearst, according to statements made
here to-day It Is understood that the
fabric was purchased solely for the
value which attaches to the famous fif
teenth century glized Cromvvelllan
bricks Air Hearst will use these in
constructing a new mansion on Long Is
land There are also a number of Gothic
windows There arc 600 PC0 Cromwell! in
bricks in tho castle, and these are valued
ar over 25 cents apeice
Live Church News
in To-day's Herald
Mgr Falconio to Be Made Car
dinal President Taft Interviewed on
Men and Religion
Disciples' Institute Picnic at
Zoo Park
Catholic Layman Designs New
Church Bonnet
Baptists Project Big Bible In
stitute Some topics announced for to
morrow's sermons
Dr MacLeod ' The efficient
church In Washington "
Dr Woodrow "The standard
of living '
Dr Gray 'The tragedy of pre
occupation "
Dr. Shannon "A treasury filled
with treasures'
Dr Mulr "Deacon Fletcher a
Eeciprocity Tucked Away for Best
of the Tour.
President Wants People to Hear
His Side of the Question on Veto
of Tariff Measures Before Con-
dfranlnK Him Finds Illinois
Itepnhllcnns Torn Into functions
and Gets Little Encouragement.
Peoria, III, Sept. 22 President Taft
hurled himself with all his vigor into
thc 1912 campaign here to-day, pro
claiming himself a ".middle of the road"
man and bound to pursue the half-way
path between the progressive and retro
grade elements
Dropping reciprocity as an isuc of
his campaign, an issue upon which he
had counted before the defeat in Cin
ada to offset thc sentiment against his
veto of the tariff measures, the Presi
dent took up a vigorous defense of his
administration He allowed it to be
known from now on he will appeal to
thc people to use the "second sober
thought" in considering his act'
The President adverted to his diap
polntment over the rejection of his efforts
at reclprocit: and then, tucked reciprocity
Mr Taft will to before the people nowr
on his tariff vetoes Matntainlne that the
party which elected him expected him
to obtain accurate Information upon the
industrial "situation with respect to the
tariff to be fixed before urginB any legis
lation. In using the veto the President In
sinuated he merely fulfilled an obUKatton
placed upon him before election by the
party conventions.
President Taft. with trembling vol'e.
remarked; that ii" would have done the
same thing under any conditions, if it
had cost him his life He became deeply
serious In discussing thc vetoes, and
once it looked as though the President,
in his severe efforts to convince the
country of his right Intention would give
way to his overwrought condition
Vdmltn Mnklni; "Ulntnken.
The President, with a tone of regret,
admitted that he had made mistake",
but he strongly insMed that he had tried
to steer the right course He wan'ed
the people to consider his expl 1 nation of
his ac s of administration before con
demning him Mr Taft made his speech
of appeal at a luncheon at the Country
Club attended by Republican leaders
lth the State torn by three rival fac
tions in the rartv. the President was
somewhat in doubt as to his prospects
in Illinois 'While he came here ostensi
bly to be the guest of the Knights of
Columbus. It was soon apparent that he
was keenly sensitive to the political as
pect, and th it he did not propose o
leave until he had tried to strengthen
his own position
Illinois, the President learned, had
not been any too ken over his tariff
course While support had been given
him in his reciprocity campaign by the
two Senators from the btate t ullom
and Lorlmer and the Congressmen for
the most part were with him. there had
sprung up In the manufacturing cen
ters a sentiment of opposition
Pnt Him on Record.
Before the luncheon, the President
conferred w Ith Senator Cullom. Con
gressman Prince and others who figured
In the reciprocity- fight, and was urged
to come out with a strong defense of
his administration Even if his cam
paigi issue has to be a negative de-
Contlnned on Pane :t, Co 1 mint 1.
Two Hundred Held at Queenstown
by Strike in Ireland.
Queenstown. Sept 2.-Tvro hundred
passengers who arrived from Xew York
on the steamships Cedrlc and Arabic are
stranded here becauso of the strike on
the Irish raUroads
1,500 Troops from Tibet Reach
China's Troubled City.
Pekin, Sept 22. The beleaguered town
of Chengtu has been relieved Fifteen
hundred Chinese troops arrived from
Tibet yesterday, and the town grates
were opened.
rrhe Jean Bart Has a Displacement
Tftrest Vrnnee. Sent. 22. The-Jean Bart.
war ship of the super-Dreadnought class,
was launched to-gay With the Courbet
she will form the first two of six battle
ships projected In 1310.
The Jean Bart has a displacement of
23.4E7 tons and Is expected to make twenty
knots an hour.
Moses' 17th annual aonscf urnlahlnr !
fl.OO to Harper Ferry and Martina-
S2.0O to Cumberland and Return.
Sunday. Sept. 34, Baltimore and Ohio
R. R. special train leaves union Station
S:15 a. m.

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