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TIDE WASHISnTOK FrrelTJi, STOmetTy JAyCTABY' 14, 1933,
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Freak Effects the
'Order In Milady's
Drawing Room, and
Society Adapts Itself
to the Humors of
the East
1,5 of doubtful antecedents, bat of unusually persistent vogue. Some say th dtwn of
"J to. creation was encompassed in New Mexico and that the Turkey Trot arrived
uuivm xorK by way os San Francisco, where It evolved through a combination of
imagination, experience and a -tough gentleman bora the Barbery coast. The ebarae-
tcxuuc roomer movement iscun es one to tmi new. Utters, nowtver, claim its direct
descent from Turkish harem dances, which, created because of hh- asnesl-ta hlau
Sultans, reach epic heights in the interrogation mark. At all events, in rmrjj;tii
form the Turkey Trot ia a scarlet blush and b allied closely to the Texas Tommy,"
uao scar wx, vnc scar squeeze. u iove tiug. ine cusercsces being subtle.
New York society has cautiously adapted the TurkevTrnt. with tern modified rmrA
If or the feelings -of our Puritan ancestry. In this final conrentionalized form it can pars
....in iui mi jwuji ftiuu-iiiut jrsung perxa un i too young, ine Doay-rnytnm
i uic wkc ia in KMiT saipaaga is cacciea or ine- sneniiaeri and it atcttnf af.
stance from Mr. ComstocVs coir of view. The Turkey Tnn. In firt I. Imn.. M
whiskey, in that it may be made almost as innocnona as you please. J
HEN Mrs. Jackson Gou
rand gave an evening's
entertainment ' recently
N'ew York awakened and
read its morning news
paper. Princesses had
performed, baronesses
had been active, all had danced, and the
dances -were something to see.
When, early this season, a debutante
war .presented to society through the
medium of a dance at Sherry's, a dele
gate of the Committee on Amusements
and Vacation Resources of Working
Girls was there to view tie activities of
the "turkey trot" and the "bear squeeze,"
which, in modified form, it was asserted,
-were danced by the members of the
younger set. The committee was's hocked.
unusual dances which hare become the
vogne both in Paris and here are bound
to hare an effect upon the future dance
of the ballroom. The art of ballroom
dancing indicates a constant process of
evolution, as does every other art.
'That some of these dances are vulgar
is true, but their popular acceptance
proves that they must possess some ele
ment of grace. Take for an illustration
the celebrated turkey trot, which prob
ably began as a tough dance in Frisco.
In its original form, of course, it wonld
be Impossible for the modern ballroom.
Scientifically considered, however, It has
irOaaBailsHilsaiL'aBaiaw jl
v J ' ) tSISIssaisH ' rt I llsaWsaiHlaiaiHaflPIPr7i
P lliMM&
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THIS is of the order of dances which
1 'New York society ladies have
lately, welcomed with eagerness in
drawing; rooms, and was brought to
the attention of the mors detached cir
cles bv the Baroness von Qrorta. who
possesses a retinue of Philippine fai
dancers and attendants. These perform -7
the dance, one of head hunters and dog
caters in the Philippines which sounds
sufficiently thrilling, even for society.
The dancer is supposed to kSl a man
in order to qualify for th honors of
cnicttamsntn. tc te-a oars way wno
enters furtively and with" a spear. Th
ihtrodnctory movement el the dance
are deliberate, fast increase Jn dramatic
intensity with the progress of the dance.
One notices mere dexterities of fee feet
to be absent la h. The movtassa ars
savage and from the body. The dancer
Jumps and sways from side, to side tUI
a rhythmic ecstasy of destruction is
reached Then she chares the war
at an imarinarv head uooa the
l-i-HIS provides the coopjetest inrui
I I which New York has cxperiecceC
I '. J- 4PVI.. Jlrnm
uom oancug nwoj " "
owes its vogue to the tolerant estabhsn
m,t of Mrs. Tacksoo Oouraud. ia which
lit was introduced cobra and an. Onthat
oocadoa the Fruwces sua ucn was a
inductor, and every Dooy, trom ear. sawmo
RuuU dawn, declared it'a sensation: The
Dxace of the Cobra is Indian, and tin.
Qouraud has tuniurmratrn tt ss some
moving lines 01 ner boos; -m.xn awKHv
published by' the Broadway Publishing
"And so she began," writes Mrs. OooraoJ
of Xotos Flower, a dancer. "She. waved
Iher arms. Her Bracelets jingled. She
ttssocd Bar iecw aier anucts jangiea
Tlw torn toss beets to throb. The proei
(began to Et and Lotos Flower started tc
foerionn .the Dance of the Cobra. She
fro. She floated backward and forward
Slowly at first. Then faster and. faster.
Finally sac sroppca.
"Is that the end of the Dance of the
Catmr asked Cantab' Lawrence. 'No.1
aid the Maharajah, 'that is only the begin-
" ""Lotos iTower had been nernng.ljerseli
forthsordeaL She had been working her
self up fat the performance. And now it
beaaa-lB earnest. A strong eusbeb. stood
guard ever a bUr basket. Lotos .Tlowet
stopped down, lifted the cover, thrust b
her arms and drew out a larre cobrt The
cobra wrklled and writhed in her dutch.
(The torn toms sttrted again. And the
pipes. At brsti-otosnower new tc? coors
tarrremDer. tbcb a utua uoscr. ash at
last she placed it upon her body. As she
disced around the cobrsjwiasd shout her!
had their origin tinder very different
auspices. The dances have new quali
ties of rhythm and measure, and grad
ually their vulgarities become discarded
and their beauties form the basis of
some new dance whose sole sin is that
h soes by some old name. New dances
are thus evolved, and these last 'sensa
tional ones which nave been so much
discussed are really not sensational- but,
properly adapted, are graceful and pretty
and are a distinct development in the
dancing art. They may generally he
said to begin where the older dances
leave off. Thus the Tango is infinitely
prettier than is the waits, tionch.lt must
be admitted, to be more difficult. It Is
what the higher mathematics is to the
lower, and its greater subtlety makes it
correspondingly agreeable to those that
can master It."
"The evolution of the freak dance is
Interesting .to the dose observer, and
there Is little variation between the vari
ous styles. The turkey trot is similar to
the bear squeeze, as Is the latter to' the
'HIS is-one of the South Sea Island
ihnpn which ia described as a
I joy dance but which really delineates
tne development 01 uiana ktc tiu
put it that way. It is graceful enough.
ht nmwhat leetric and fall been
pcpular this season as a spectacle' in
many ciawmg rooms.
A Dante Creation of that Baroness Tea Groves.
'THIS wahx, created by the Baronets too Croyss and conv
mendng a vogue as a drawing room spectacle, indicates
what an ingenious dexterity a waits cosy become. This dance
is what might be tensed the waltz dramatic. "It is se fruit
from te stalk of other waltxea." ear the P.... la the not
I T pride of authorship. Its moveaeats arc alternately of ssrrca-L-.--
der and ci evasion.
These present-as opportunity for a delicate aissousatas.
in the refinements of which sacierv has become interested.
There are dividing periods of sheer gaytty. and through them
au spues uc ruyuss nj languorous romantic music which ffl
ttnsifiestaemotionslaTOalashcroeeeis. First a wane- ladv
in turn sltares and coafotads her partner with a fise.fellne 1
unjjineas. nx to eso w eacn movement she Is gay as spring.
w r veu Becomes more seductively denned. TM
lover, rtpukid. tarns his back, and the music helps her to an
abandonment Of despertUoa. Coonetrv Is rasa saw ami the
Primll.fc?cUSf otUrn Iredv The music ia proeeed
jngarftonlliagUflymg., The reErodnctico of thaetataetre
Is a Paris scatetsr's coactpnso of the spirit ci-lbe dxace at
all events, that is what the Baroness declares.
but society has been becoming accustomed
to the unusual in dancing in the last few
years. There has been n vogue for the
eccentric in the matter of dancing. Set-
tfemeut workers raise protesting voices
against the improprieties of the turkey
trot; the love hug, the lovers' twostep, the
slow rag, the walkback' and against the
encroachments, of the bear -squeeze and
the hula-hula, but New York continues
to adopt them. In a somewhat expur
gated form 'tiev threaten, ia modify to
come, extent 4be time honored dances to
who.. ' s nnr fathers trod. An
era '"n is upon society,
and-Mous. Xaui.tx-, who knows as much
about caseins " as anybody, says: "The
. takes
"Tango" is one of these dances which in the original would shock even society. Society, however.
CCS tO it amaiUtrlv in diluted and rnmrar,tl.,lv Imuvunm farm. The "Tn" .T-J II- V.M.J
e.. St.....- a. tZ.Z . ,T,- r-- --..-- rr. -. ,--r.-r:- -- "7 "
,nu "-. .. " i" pwucipanrs gesture wiin sucn pantominw; Djusajiunes mat the orthnarr
Onental dance pales before It. New York society, however, takes it In conventlonalired shape and every
body dances it. Thus presented it depends for Its effectiveness on complete and continuous contrasts in
time and measure, and attpa are always changed at eight measures. To keep the rhythmic betutVbt the
dance andjet banish from it the suggestive atmosphere, H to declared, is society's aim, Perhaps that aim
I iakAaaBwSaaaaaasJ9awa(sMBH
Ht' HaiaaiaitisflaiaaiaiaiH
Fwji&tKt1'!: mLIHplH Fill
pAfejlsaa K -"11 J 'KMaaVssaaaaaaaaaaaa
J ' BwlilaiasaiK """
trie. WAVt. WALl.
THIS type of danrisg persessed exeat drawing room vogue tul re-
etsUybut h OMbeea replaced- bv spectacle dances even mere
dsrin. The Greek dances chatted great dance akfll and much
form. Mr. Bdmesd RasaeB and Countess dX Ciittrrccchto ars dt
ficua ajym aajvasjali I
THIS is the very latest style 0! waltz to which society b being isdscted through the
agency of Mons. Rrurice
nuM.M-H mvh. j-h., im n 1 1 1 r m. -j, ..am
Of I
1 the more subtle tansies
Dasdne. he beuevev should be an utter abandonment to rhvthm. A waltz
should he smooth and suave as .thrswiH of. waves on a calm at sea a thing ol satin
movement and oiled ease So when you see ioraebody guding round tfte room and tak
ing bet one step to. the three steps of- others you are probablv a witness of die Wave
Waltx. The Countess Thasura de Swirsky and ht( sister art pictured dancing "the
its beauties and may be made a graceful'
and an .unobjectionable dance by intelli
gent adaptation and elimination. In thia
fans. It is taught' to-day, althosgh it is
a little intricate and difficult for the
ordinary dancer. Indeed, this constant
fusing of new styles Is, the only way
that daaciag has derelejttd from its'
cruder stages. The waits of the present,
for example Is nothing like that "of eightj
or pine years ago. It is ore complex,:
mora ecJeatlSc ore tl4 It W
BaderfoA. an erolutionary process, sad
oclety. having mastered the latest
course pt the change, desires jet newer;
""i wsuca MTanaoiy oecwaw aie
agreeable, though perhaps more difficult
"That is why society ba readily adapts
IsUaeei which la the oridsal taiar have
Texas Tom or the Love Hug. Alt, ia
the original, were suggestive dances coa
lag from various points to Frisco aad
thence to the East

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