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Bhe apparentlr ch&nirM snd hapi bar
mind without the llMt dlCJcaltr to
agree with that of hr hnsband or awt
heart, and aha -makea over her form to
conform to the edicts of faahlos with the
same ease.
And from mr ooaerratlon I would aay that up to
cow most women have done this without any Inquiry
Into the why and wherefore of the chance some one
told them It was the thine to do. But all women are
beginning- to think; wltneai the aapjireealon of the hip.
I expect that right here aome one will aak with a scorn
ful laugh, what In the name of common aenee has the
suppression of a woman s hip got to do with her work
ing her brain to its capacity!
Just this the suppression of a woman's hips marks
her advent Into the human being class. Until now she
has heen just a woman something that was made from
a man a spare rib for Lis delectation and pleasure.
When she did anything outside of his direction aome
man rose up In his might and said, aa did Dr. Johnson
about the poodle that walked on Its hind legs
I am not more surprised that she does It well than
X am that she does It at all." and he usually added
softly, " I am sorry that she Is aiowlnr so unwomanly
"UnDomanl)" Boss of the Asa.
Man, of course, had to accept the fact that she must
be the "mother of the race, but he could not allow
her to have any other human qualities. This Idea
has affected fashion. "loo can hare any vagary.
commit any folly. If you do not ape any prerogative I
have taken to myself he said, and In her desire tp
make her womanly" fashion, as It always does, ez
aggerated what it only meant to emphasize, come-
quently we had the woman of large bust, big hips, and
proportionately small waist, until we coma to believe
that any other style of flgnre was Immodest. For ages
Woman has been compelled to wrap about her yards
and yards of material In a way which constantly In
vited the Imagination while It was supposed only
modestly to conceal every natural line of her form, be
cause anything else would be "unwomanly"
"The queen of Spain has no legs," thundered the
prime minister, and thla has been almost every mans
attitude ever since in regard to the women of his own
household even while he made them conform to fash
Ions that accentuated the characteristics he would have
others think they had not. Slowly but surely the
fashion has changed. We have today the woman with
a waist large enough to hold her Internal organs with
out cramping them. Her hips and bust have grown
entailer just in proportion as her waist has enlarged
and she can be seen to hae feet and legs as well as
arms and hands. She wears short, narrow skirts and
comfortable -waists and she wears her clothes for what
they were Intended utility and decoration not as a
cloak for modesty It is the Women who think and a
few artists who delight In "the human form divine"
Srho have brought this about.
Hips Index of Woman's Character.
I have for many years decided that a woman'a hips
were a sure Index to her character 2o, I am not mak
ing this assertion because I am trying to say some
thing startling, but I am giving you the results of my
observation of countless women In my travels about the
There are the "slip-shody" hips of the girl who apes
the young woman of fashion the hips that "waggle"
when the girl walks. Tou know from them without
looking at the face that goes with them that the poor
girl Is not one wl o is greatly supplied with brains. In
some way she thinks that this kind of carriage and this
kind of movement of the hips means an aristocratic
bearing, while It only means vulgarity I have seen
young women who seemed to dislocate their hip joints
at each step they took, and I have known that such
women have no other thought than of their own self
aggrandizement and the impression they made upon the
opposite sex.
There are the hips that can best be described as " the
middle aged spread." Tou seldom see these on a woman
under 35 but after that many women allow themselves
to "slump" down, they stand back on their heels, they
make the soft walls of their abdomen do the work that
should be done by their backbone, fat accumulates over
their hips and across their shoulder blades, their hips
Spread out and their abdomens come up.
Bods Reacts on the Maid.
These women grow slovenly in mind as well as In
body. Tou will find that they have lost all the alertness
which makes them sympathetic companions. They are
the ones who are beginning to say. " I remember when,"
Instead of "I am going to da" Mme. Bernhardt,
whose silhouette you remember Is like a wedge, or. It
you would rather have It, "pure Egyptian" (she is
wider at the shoulders than at the hips), said to me
once " The secret of eternal youth Is always looking
ahead, I am planning work that will take me until I
em long after the century mark." Bernhardt ahows
this youthful manner of thought quite as much in the
suppression of her hips as in her face or carriage.
Then there Is the "comfy" woman the one who is
tat her hips are like aoft nUlows tied on each side of
her; she perpetually smiles and perpetually alts; and
Che la as smilingly obstinate In her mind as In her body
you can t move her. She will not keep up with the
procession It Is too hard work.
I am not saying that every woman should be as thin
es one poor woman, who sacrificed her life to her cxe
Sot "beautiful bones." She was one of the foolish
women who carried the Idea to excess. I think every
woman as she grows older looks better with a com-'
-Portable covering of flesh, but she must carry it well
and aha must not allow her brain to get fat "Fat
head" is really one of the most expressive bits, of
slang of which even our college professors and diction
Vaddlsts must tacitly approve, and fat hips hips out
of proportion to the rest of the body mean a fat.
Slothful brain.
Exercise thsJSavms Grace.
" What shall I do to be saved from such a fate? "
asks the rosy young girl who has just come in from a
five mile walk up the avenue. " Just what you are do
ing, my dear," J answer. " Keep both your body and your
mind out of doors. The whole world is yours to live
In, do not confine yourself to your home, no matter
how delightful It Is. Let your mind wander through
ell the good books, your eyes see the glories of the
sunrise and sunset and your feet feel the springy touch
of the golf links and the tennis court Women the
-world over, aa they grow, more and more content lead
toa Inactive lives; the hug the heat radiator too much,
and fay their monotony wear themselves Into nervous
wrecks for lack of the variety of occupation."
Keep up plenty of exercise and don't forget to breathe
deeply; nothing- burns up superfluous flesh On all parts
of the body like pure oxygen, so the mors one prac
tices deep breathing the more ooe may be sure of keep
ing one's flesh in the right proportion as a covering of
one's hones.
Roberts tuya la "How to Get StroB," "Pert be
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fy; isH- -iioesssssn-ssssssssssB T jt svL bsbDsT -iassast PTBl' ssfsT sssssasT "fr. 'sssssssssssssasaV
unless we have deformed them by cramping them Into
the allly forms of some fashion, or allowed them to grow
gross because of lasy habits of mind. Do not pay
any attention to those old fogies who are always afraid
you will do something- unwomanly- If your mind and
heart are all right you will do-your part as a human
being, and that is all that can he asked of you. Health
and strength are just aa womanly as they are manly
and woman should give the impression of brain before
she does tlst of sex.
-rffeuce Ac&373S One oPiAe Sesi
Se7ovecti,essGS on 27ie xfra&e
guided by -your feelings In the matter of exercise, for
when one feels least like taking it is the very time It is
most needed."
Tight Corsets Cause Big Hips.
A splendid hip reducer' Is the stretching' exercise
stand in sftdoor, and rising on .your tiptoes, raise your
hands above your head on each aide of the door Jamba,
Just as far as the yi will reach; then take a long breath,
holding It for a few seconds; after exhalmp drop your
arms slowly to your aide. Do this moderately at first
bu you win soon find that to do this fife times with
Xlis window of your room open will clear out your
WteJBwayv mn&sforffer&IPJ
ffss$e Courage efffer GjnvJpfianfi
brain and make you think better, as well as help re
duce your hip line.
One.-of the reasons for big hips is a bad circulation,
induced by tight corsets. Please do not attempt to dls
eulse -your flesh about your hips by palling your car
sets overly-tight By doing" o:you wllllower the tone of
U your vital organs. Almost unavoidably you will re
dlttst your food, sending poison matter into your bleed
from the waste matter. Instead of expelHng- It"
Remember that freedom of mind and" body Is what
you .must strive for-
In tralnlnr our daughters Kuskln say the- first of owr
ootiM to hajwao'thOMhtfui person -bow deaeta Uit
FRANCES Massage the velna wfth a good skin
food .and- they will disappear. Blackheads are usu
ally caused from a sluggish, circulation, and some
times are due .merely to neglect "Ton can only get
rid of them by coaxing: the secretions out of the
ipores. and not by rorcing- them bacTc, to where they
came from. At -night, before retiring, cleanse the
face with a good cleansing- cream, applying- plenty
and working It into the skin a .few- minutes. Rub
what is left off with a ot -loth. then wash the face
, in warm water and. plenty of good pure soap. In the
morning-cleanse- wltltJhe a-eam. Doolc well to your
diet Do not eat greasy-fooda orjweetar If you will
send me a. selfaddressed. stamped envelope I shall be
glad to send you "my geen-idip treatment for black
heads and a ood 3eaflsbr cream, also the skin
food, and; directions 'for massage.
TJNHAEPXi T(lke enough pure, peroxide of hydro
gen to wet,the hairs and Add. s. few drops of am
monia, or one-third ammonia and two-thirds peroxide
of hydrogen. ITha, peroxide will bleach the hairs so
they will not Joe 10 noticeable and the ammonia will
gradually, kill 'the roots.
A READER: Do not prick or irfltate the moles on
your ftce. The electric treatment is the- best Jtor re
moving; moles. If the mole .projects prominently It
may be removed by tying a silk thread closely and
as Sear the root as' possible. This will stop the nour
ishment, ami In a few days the mole wUl turn black
add drop off, leaving no scar.
ilRS. K.: There may he several reasons for hair
turning prematuglkray. Is your scalp covered with
dandruff? This-Js-quenUy the cause of hair turning-gray.
OfUnWs hereditary. Scalp massage Is
often an effective preventive for prematurely gray
hair. Tou shoUld also apply a good hair tonic. Bend
me a itU-addressed. stamped envelope and I shall
- send youlhe recipe for an excellent Hair tonic In
which I hare pert pit faith, and also complete Instruc
tions for scaip massage,
...na r t . Tn,ii- .vi rv l crobablr ollr. and I
advise yo,ot to eat greasy foods. Including pork.
, fried foods,'"or pastrjV If tou will send me a self-
, is to secure for her such physical training and exercise addressed. stampd, envelope I shall send you an
as may -confirm ber health and perfect her beaUty the astringent lotion for oily skin.
highest refinement of that beauty being-unobtainable ,
Without splendor of activity and -df eycate arength. j k, M." The most.effectUal way or,retnovlns cal-
To- perfect her beauty.. I say. and increase its power; , n g.oU lrom ta fJet Is to soalcthem, every night
U cannot be too -powerful, nor shed ltecrea!Jls too f at least te mtautes isitibt water, made soapy.
far, only remember that all physical freeeefsT Is la vala rJktUT aalg them the handpieces are rubbed with a
to produce beauty wltoout a eorreaBOBaUns; freedom lM ot p3mice sfone fa Its tough condition. Con-
of the heart, and I would Ilka to. add. freeaees of the g rubbing- night after night will greatly reduce
mlndj Xearn to think for yourself and reaaesBber cany y,, scots. .Through the day cushions or Insoles
conventional movements and postures of tae'boey are inould Da worn and the feet should, be covered with
based oa error. fam9 oU or grease to prevent the callous fwra-jUr
There is no Teaion tor UiT tW-4i iaav Vaseline or coU sgeaarU ei,
2?I7Uq Zfa&h (fjxzsAxiGs-ssJs Ope
offer Gfeses 0iS7jnn& jS-'

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