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420 h 42. 7tk SL
417 to 42S 1th St
50c and 5k Aprons, $9c.
Bib and Band Aprons;
made of excellent quality
lawn; neatly trimmed with
fine embroidery; hemstitch
tucks and deep "hem ; also a
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plain lawns. Regular 50c
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39c and 29c Aprons, 19c.
Band and Bib Aprons,
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lawn; hemstitch tucks; Gib
son bib and deep hem. Regu
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Special .-.19c
29c Gingham Aprons, 19c.
Round Aprons; made of
standard gingham; bib and
pocket.' Regular 29c val
ue. Special 19c
Songs of Old Eli Will Be Feature
at Annual Banquet of the
Alumni Association.
Here s to Good Old Yale" and all of
the other songs dear to the heart of
ery man who has walked beneath the
elms, of Old EH will be resurrected by
President Taft and a host of other nota
bles when the Yale Alumni Association
f the District of Columbia gather In th
banquet hall of the New Raleigh on Feb
ruary 21 Mr George X. McLanahan,
nrrsldent of the association, will preside.
Special arrangements have been made!
"or the singing. A corps of men liberally
ndowed with a spirit and voice will
iead the songs that have gone over foot
hal and baseball fields and that corps
has been told that It must sing like birds
of paradise even If every man dies of
apoplexy .
They haven't learned now the President
rates as. a singer, but it is confidentially
rumored that the Executive basso will
Jo much to swell the glory of "Clemen
tine and "Solomon Ley" and all the
utters not overlooking the classic Yale
Hoola. without which no Yale dinner
nould cier be complete. .
i Uxtra Scats for -Kobclllq. Concert
OnlnP frt th. pwat -n.,,. fnw a
I for the violin recital by Jan Kubellk at
the Columbia Theater this afternoon one
hundred chairs will be placed upon the
stage These tickets are now on sale at
Sir Kubellk has Just returned from
a ery successful tour of the West, and
has been greeted by some of the larg
est audiences ever assembled for a con
Tt This will be Kubellk's last appear
me for xeeral years, as he has con
t acts abroad that will occupy his time
mill 1316.
I. S. Dept, cf Aarictllore. Westher Baxean.
ttashmcton TiKeda February 138 p. m.
T c Southern -torm ml! continue its moremrat
rarrd dniinff Wednesday to the Atlantio emit,
eaiismE troeral ram in th Southern States east
! llie Mifisnpri Wedncedar. probably reaching- as
tar nrrtli as Virginia Wednesday nisnt. In the
North Atlantic 8talrs and the lnttr Lake region
fair weather .ill preTau. while In the Statu farther
weM unsettled conditions will continue, bat with
nn little precipitation.
The cusnsrs in trmprratnre wiD not be marked,
altboncti the tendency will bo upward In the North,
em State
btumi warning are diplaed on the Gulf coal
frm Galrnton to Rockwell. Fla.. and en tho At
lantic cnart from Jacksonville to Fbrt Monroe
The winds alonj the New England coast will be
n xlrrate rarable. on the Middle Atlantio coast
moderate Tanable. shifting- to northeasterly and in
ncaunE on southern portion, on the South Atlantic
oa-t high northeasterly, on the East Gnlf coast
high rtufting on the West Golf coast high north
wvftertT diminishing; on Lake Michigan moderate
Local Temperature.
Midnight. 32. 2 a. m.. 18 4 a. m.. 14; & a. ra.. 15;
a m 16. 10 a re. 21; 12 noon. 25. 2 p. to., 29; 4
r m. 3 p. m., 33. I p. m.. 2T; 10 p. m., 23.
Highest, Jl lowest. 11.
ICelatire nnmidity S a. m., ?2, 2 p. m,, 44; 8 p.
in. 41 ttalnfan II n. m to ft jn.). . Hours of
ermsnlne la.. , per cent of possible sunshine, 100.
Temperature fame data last Tear Highest, S: low.
est 25
Temperatures in Otner Cities.
Temperatnrrs In other dues, together irlth the
amount ot rainxau lor the twenty-tour Boon ended
at S p. m. jrsterdaj. an as f&noirs:
Mai. Mis. 1p.m. fall.
AheII!e X. C .. 24 33
Atlanta Ga K 32 4i
Atlantic City, JC. J........ 38 12 2S
Itismarck. N. Dak........... SO 20 26 ....
Boston. Mars ...... ... 30 It 22 ....
Buffalo. I X .. 22 4 18
Chicago. Ill 25 10 2s
Cincinnati. Ohio........ 32 6 30 ....
merrtme. Wro...... . 40 16 32 0.01
Darrnport, Iowa. -4 10 24 s.io
-cnTrr. uoio.. 48 24 41
Ies Motnet. Iowa. ....... 28 22 28 0.40
JJuluth. Minn... 21 0 . 21 0.02
.lt-iton. Tea. ,. u SS t.H
Helena, Maw. 41 21 42 ..
Indianapolis,. Irtd 30 4 26 ....
JacfcsonTiue. Fla. ...... 62 40 84 ....
Kansas City, Mo 32 28 3 0 it
l.ittto Rock. Ark-.... 42 30 40
Ixw Angelee. Cel. 68 48 80 ....
Marquette, Jlieh..... ....... 20 4 It ..
Memphis. Tain 42 24 40 ,
New Orleans. La . 84 44 K I.T8
New York. Jf. Y 32 0 3
North natte. Nebr..... 46 3 38 0.01
Oreaha Nebr ,. 3S 28 30 0.28
lTiuadelrlua. r . -34 14 a ....
llttsbuig. r..,.. 30 6 28
rortUnd. Jle..... . -2 . a
rcrtland Ore Ct 44 54 0,30
i-alv lake CMJ-. Cuh.. M 28 48
hf. Lrais. Mo. .. 34 16 32 ....
Si Paid. Mmn 34 8 26 ....
Han fianci-oj. Cal.... a is sj ot
hl-rngicld 111.....' 30 II 30 ..
Tiecroa'. Wash .... .. SO .. M ....
Tan-pa. 11a. . 70 C 61
Teledo Ohif. 23 2 II ....
ick-bnrg, -U'i.. ...-..... 18. 44 41 jj
Tide Table.
To-dirHlgh tide, 13 I. B. i-d !3 p, ro.? low
iWr. 1131 mm.
Tu-morrow High fide. 6:11 a. m. and 823 p. m.-
Icw te 12a a. m. ani-12.40 i nv.
Try Murine Eye Remedy. No SmartlnpJeela
Fine Acta tJulcUyv Try It for Ked,Weas,
Watery Eye nd OranuUted Eyelids. IUnt
tnted Book In each Pafkage. Murine. U
compounded by eor Usut-nov."rteBt Med
icine5 la sneeeMfal PJllclB Pr
tlee for many Tears. Sow dedicated to the Pnb-
t w A&ivMin Asntie Tnbes. aSeanafiOc.
Murine pv Remedy Cot. Chicago
"Would' Have Made Good Newspaper
Man,"' Says Speaker in Men and
Religion forward 'Movement.
'Christ would have made o corking
good newspaper man. I say It revcr
ently. Did it never occur to you In read
ing the Gospels how Christ had gone
through the .fields doing things on the
Sabbath? He did it thus that we, should
know about It If he bad done It other
wise, we would not have known about
With these words Eugene N". Camp,
president of the Church Ktfws Associa
tion ot New York, reached the climax
of his address ort "Publicity" before one
ot the opening meeting of the Men and
Religion Forward Movement in the First
Congregational Church yesterday after
noon. He re-enforced his statement in the
following manner:
The, temper of the dally papers in
America toward the churches is steadily
improving. Tiiey are more and more
wanting and t tying to print church news
In improved form. They are iless and
less willing that the reports should ap
peal to the sensational side. The New
York papers are perhaps leading all pa-
Trs in that direction. They are paying
mote and more money for churcn news.
More ot them are having church pages
on Saturday and printing church news
ar.rj treating the .churches with sincere
rerpect. There Is tremendous gain In
that direction and these movements. The
Men and Religion Movement and the
Laymen's Missionary Moeroent. are
helping greatly to strengthen this atti
tude. '
"You must publish the facts in the
case In order to get any publicity.
"J wonder if there is anybody who does
not think that nes is just as legitimate
for the churches, for the material side of
the church, for missions and social serv
ice, as It is for Pears' soap or automo
biles; If they think that, they had bet
ter get It out of their heads. 'What do
people take into their consciousnesses?
It lb the things that you know about.
Under the leadership of Lyman I
Pierce, ot Pittsburg, team specialist on
missions of the Men and Religion For
ward Movement, Washington campaign.
largely attended institute was con
ducted jesterday at Kplphany parish
halt Following Dr. Arthur J. Brown's
stirring address of the afternoon,, in
which he alluded to the war nearing Its
end in China, Mr. Pierce Introduced a
native Chinese Into the institute on mis
slons. who paid tribute to China's debt
to Christianity and spoke ot the present
strategic position of Christian leaders In
the new republic
Dr. Brown addressed the afternoon ses
sion of tne opening day of the con
tention yesterday in the First Congre
gational Church, and while he spoke to
the topic TTie world call of the gos
pel, he devoted most of his remarks to
summarizing the conditions In the Orient.
Fully 300 delegates and ministers were
present at the institute on missions,
which was addressed by Mr. Almy, and
missions and publicity were the most
Important of the meetings of the after
noon and evening. In connection with
the social sen Ice work, in which Mr.
Almy. Is vitally Interested, the commit
tee on social sen fee. In co-operation
.with ibe Moeylay Evening Club, and As-
Lejigue.-of Washington, have an exten
slveexhiblt tm the parish hall or Epi
phany Church, In which actual condi
tions in the slums of the Capital City
are graphically illustrated. This exhlBlt
will be continued througnoui tne cam
paign. "I look to the time when there will be
free doctors as well as free schools," aid
Dr. Almy, inin address at Calvary Bap
tist Church in the evening.
With free education, illiteracy has
been practically abolished inside one gen
eration. Is not disease as dangerous as
illiteracy? The city can ghe a boy an
education, but it does not give him
health, ) et any father would rather have
a live boy than a wise boy The day
will come when we will have free doctors.
Already a. long step has been made In
that direction, for in many cities there
are dot ten or twenty times as many
paid officials of the health departments
as there were ten. years ago."
Mr. Almy discussed the entire field of
social service and the forces at work for
social welfare. He declared that modern
charity Is the freest and most satisfac
tory ever known.
Through Chairman Dr. D. C. MacLeod.
of the eight-day campaign committee of
the Men and Religion Forward Move
ment. a telegram was presented to the
opening session of the convention of the
Washington campaign as follows:
Chicago Methodist preachers' meeting
and willard Hall mass meeting ask Men
and Religion Forward Movement forces
to request President Taft to apply find
ings of the Chicago and Minneapolis vice
commissions by requiring police to abol
ish unlawful segregation In National Cap
ital as good example to other cities and
preparation for Inauguration.
communication from the Aloyslus
Truth Society, representing the Catholic
Clergy and laity of the city of washing'
ton, was also read, asking that the men
and religion campaign should be made to
Include co-operation with the society In
Its efforts to stamp out the sale and ex
hibition or Immoral and lewd posters,
post cards, and pictures in the National
An Interesting meeting was held at the
Ebenezer M. E. Church. Fourth and D
streets southeast, last evening.
A Bible institute meeting was held at
Lincoln Memorial Congregational Church,
the. pastor. Rev. S. Brown, presiding.
Addresses were delivered by W. A. Hun
ton and Dr. P. O'Connell, of Howard
At the First Baptist Church. Twenty-
seventh street and Dumbarton avenue
northwest, services were held with Ker.
E. E. Ricks presiding. The meeting
at St Paul's A. SI. E. Church was ad
dressed by Rev. Charles Young, Iter.
C, Gamer. Rev. N. Williams, of Balti
more, and Rev. I. Tolllver.
An address was delivered to the stu
dents of the Armstrong Manual Training
School by A. K. Colton. of Buffalo. Other
addresses were delivered by N.'J. Becxett,
E. B. Henderson, anrj lwis jonnson.
Leonard Imboden. 47. and 'Isabel G. reckham. 49.
both of New York City. Iter, rtollnd Cotton Smith.
Eosroe J. Sybulln. 28. and Susenie U. It Grace.
21. Jndce C 8. Bandy.
Frederick W, Jacobs. t. of Alliance. Ohio, and
Helena Jacobean. 29. Iter. Robert J. FrcehUch.
Kaney M. Middltkanff. 3. nd ilrrtle K. Andcr-
on,,2t Iter. John T. Hndrfle.
Frank Dooohne. 26. and Mae Bnrke, 20, of tlliU
delphia. ra. Jndn C S. Bondy.
Earl B. Barrett. 22. and Dora E. Lanrnm. 1L
Ker. Clirtrja S. Ehlers.
Walter fi. Yarborouxii. 2T. of Caroline Ooimty.
Vs.. .and Reese Tate, S3, of Csroline County, T.
Her. E. Tits Swem.
rani X. Dohsne. 291- and Marstret Emily Browse.
2t Iter, J. O. Baker.
Charles B. Barbour. 24. and Acnes E. Brace. Xa.
TEer. Edsar Carpenter.
James Taylor Amiss. SO. and Jane Biraberh
Amiss. 41. both of AsierUle, a. C Iter. Jtmrs &
& rroctor. J4. and Ylola Tillman, it, Rer. S, H.
4. ti. Hurrow; 0. ana uizaoeta. .aowien, 3. iter.
. A. Tailor.
I. F. CnrtuuSl. and Eebecca Hammond. 48. Her.
w. weatray.
a. coicrcso. s. tad' Helena Ha-tiion. nir.
9:30 a. jn. 3penlns otjamven-.
Hon In First Congregational
Church. Addresses y pr. Ar
tBur J. Smith and Dr, Arthur J.
Brown. ' . ,
12:15 noon Luncheon ana oe-
nominations conferences. Cal
vary Baptist Church.
. 3:00 "pi m. Afternoon session
of convention opens. Addresses
by Ur. Edward X Devine. Dr. Ar
thur X Smith, and Lyman L.
Pierce. ' .
3:S0- p. m. Conference of so
cial service workers in Epiphany
parish halt.
4:50-6:00 p. m. Institutes.
8:00 p. m. Platform meetings
id districts.
Two Hundred Members Make Merry
at Festive Gathering Filled
with Generous 'Eoastings.'
Gridiron night of the Srookland
Brotherhood was celebrated last night
with all the attending features of the
real article, and was thoroughly en
joyed by the 200 members who gath
ered in Lord's Hall. Twelfth and New
ton streets northeast.
Stephen II. Booth. In charge ot the
committee of arrangements, did his
work well, the entertainment consist
ing of "stunts" by every committee
which is a part of the brotherhood.
Cartoons Illustrating several of the
Jokes which were perpetrated upon tho
different citizens of the suburb were
shown and much hilarity prevailed
when local celebrities vrere seen In
grotesque and unnatural surroundings.
One cartoon especially, showing the
Brotherhood baseball team in action,
was a great mirth provoker.
C. F. Tansill. president of tho Broth
erhood, probably the most popular res
ident In Brookland, was the object ot
much laudation.
A. J. Doelng, chairman of the finance
committee, presented a report of that
committee as he dreamed It would be In
1337. Organized in 1907 with a member
ship of twenty-tlve, the catiy resources
'of the brotherhood were 5. In his
report Mr. Doeing pictured Brookland
as having grown to a city of large pro
portions, and accredited tho brotherhood
with a membership of 3,000.
John B. Burg, a member ot the State
legislature of New Mexico, was present
and spoke on his home country, telling
of the good work being done by the
Reclamation Service, and urging any
thrifty person who wished to settle in
a prosperous country to try New Mexico.
Another nleasinc feature was a recita
tion of Lincoln's Gettysburg address by
Franklin J. Hough, third. Piano recita
tions by Rc. J. M. Long; solos by Fred
Tansill and I. R. EchvUnger, ana seieo
tlons by the Brotherhood Quartet, com
nosrd of Messrs. TansIL Booth, Prim
and Sherwood were other features of
ihn evenlnc
Previous to the Gridiron movement the
business meeting of the Brotherhood was
held. Six new members were admitted
and President Tans!! welcomed them to
the organization. Those who werc en
rolled were Charles Goocn, w. IU Evans,
J. L. Knono. CW. L. S. Walter. C. J.
Schwlngcr, D. IL Deloe. and P. V. Keat
Sothern and Marlowe Seen In Im
pressive Shakespearean Tragedy
Before a distinguished audience which
filled every nook and cranny of the Be
lasco and threatened to overflow Into the
aisles. Sothern and Marlowe last night
scored the second triumph of their en
gagement In their truly wonderful and
artistically perfect production of the grim
traeedv of "Macbeth." Of all of the
plays of the srtat poet, certain it Is that
there Is none wnlcn requires more 01
the stage manager, the mechanical
genius, and the costumer than this one.
Eery opportunity is tuny appreciated
and realized.
Mr. Sothern's Macbeth Is too wen
known to call for comment. His scenes
just after the murrVr of Duncan, and
again when he Is confronted at the ban
quet tabic by the ghost of Banquo nro
magnificent, depicting a degree of abject
terror and mental anguish almost unbe
lievable. And then his 'visit to the cave
of the witches, where he receives advice
from the spirits In the caldron, will be
long remembered as a fine piece o act
ing. Miss Marlowe's "Lady Macbeth'" can
be described by the one adjectlvp su
perb. Her wonderful voice, her flawless
enunciation and perfect poise make the
character her own. Her admonitions to
the weakening Macbeth, and particularly
her sleep walking scene, when she talks
of the murder of Duncan, demanded and
held the tense attention of her auditors.
Of the supporting company, which is
uniformly excellent. Frederick Lewis
gives a splendid performance as Macduff.
His scene in the fifth scene, .when be Is
told of the murder of his wife and chil
dren, was beautifully handled, and called
forth the applause It rlchly deserved.
At the matinee to-day "Romeo and
Juliet" will be presented and "The Mer
chant of Venice" will be the attraction
at the evening performance.
William P. rartello uuriru. f
The funeral of William P. Partello, a
veteran ot the Spanish-American war.
was held from Hlndle'a chapel. Fifth tnd
It streets northwest, yesterday afternoon
with full-military honors. Burial was in
Arlington. Gen. Nelson A. Miles Camp,
IJo. 3. of which Mr. Partello was a mem-
oer, was represtnieu nv uie services.
The pallbearers were Jere A. Costello.
Daniel Leahey, "William W. Djer, Ed
ward A. Mettee, Charles It. Merrltt, and
Commander Chris Hultenach.
lee Gorge Threatens Damage.
Niagara' Falls, N. Y., Feb. IX Record
damage, even outweighing that ot three
yean ago. Is threatened by. a six-mile Ice
gorge which is clogging the .lower river.
The water is rising rapidly and residents
along tne nanus are preparing to flee
with their household effects. The ex
treme cold weather has caused an enor
mousjam to form and experienced river
men said that the danger was grave.
ilonyon s Cold Remedy Relieves the
bead, throat and lungs almost Immediate
ly, Checks Feren, stops Discharges of
the no&e. takes away all aches and pttni
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OngYoiir Little Ones 4kC-
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k tite and digestion. g
.- The refreshing mint leaf juice is a splendid teeth preserv- jKKm
ative. The iriction of chewing brightens teeth wonder- QV
H fully. Appetite is sharpened and digestion aided by m
Bl this flavorful juice. V
tH. Make your evening kiss pure with it make your m
sj. evening welcome greater with it tonight! w f
fe. All dealers sell itfor little by the package, m
but less by the box. .MbbP
Look for the Spear
It Ilejirrnenlrd Prof. Hammer and
Conitrcuman Jiartholdt.
Prof. Helnrich Hammer, musical di
rector of the Washington Sacngerbund.
has tendered his resignation to the beard
of directors of the society, the same to
take effect with the expiration ot his
present term in September next.
Reference to the cause which led to tnts
action was made in carnival cortoonery
on tlie title page of the carnival and
"fools' .session" programme last Monday
night, the artist placing the chorus leader
of the bund on a keg and box. labeled
my principles, from which elevated
position he Is seen to conduct a "fool"
chorus and orchestra.
Prof. Hammer resigned hue position.
because, it Is understood, his principles
as a musical expert did not permit him
to accede to the wishes ot the bund to
move the orchestra at concerts from the
stage to the pit.
A the top of the programme appeared
the carnival lirnette ot Representative
Richard Bartholdt, an honorary memoer
of the bund, and not that of Commis
sioner Rudolph, as has ben erroneously
Destroyed Fourteen Years Abo.
The fourteenth anniversary of the. de
struction ot the battle ship Maine In
Havana Harbor will be remembered by
Gen. Nelson A. Miles Camp In a meeting
to be held at Costello's Hall to-morrow
night. A meeting to arrange for the de
tails was held last night, and the follow
ing committee on arrangements was ap
pointed: Charles II. SIcrrlott. Kdward
Mettee. William A. Hlckey. J. A. Cos
tello. Daniel Leahey, W. W. Dyer, and
Richard J. Norton.
Funeral of Ma. W. It. Logan.
The funeral of MaJ. W. R. Logan, re
cently appointed superintendent of the
new Glacier Mark In Southwest Mon
tana, were held from St. Paul's Catholic
Church yesterday morning at 10 o clock.
The remains were placed In a vault at
Mount Olivet Cemetery.
Troubled with
Corns. Bunions,
Ingrowing- Nails,
and other defects
should have
Georges' a 1 1 n
tion. You will ap
preclate how
quickly we banish
misery and give
comfort. Consult
Tuft's Pills
stimulate the torpid liver, strengthen th
atireatlve organs, regulate the bowels, care
neaoacne unequajca as aa.
Elegantly a jar coated. Smafl dose. Price, 25c
HORNING, Ninth and D.
143 Eleventh St. M E. 'Phone Line. 1736.
Mandolin, Guitar, and Banjo Teacher.
Weekly club practice.
Phone Main SCOT- Studio, SS) K sL nw.
If yoo- need coeehlnr for tna Clerlt PraraoUon. er
or any otner trontnatlna. Join ,cr CIVIL, BEIU ,
ICX CLAbti. Our pupus paaa.
sTSSOonAwnc and TtpmTKiTiMi,
ic H atirrt -norfcmrJl.
31 r.
Henry I.. IVrit Chosen Presi
dent at Annual Meeting1.
The following officers were elected to
ne for the ensuing year at a meeting
of t,ho Washington Cat Club last night
at the residence of Mrs. L. II. Blxby,
1013 .kalorama road:
, Mrs. Herfry L. West, president: Mrt.
F. M. Tompkins, first vice president; G.
II. Burpee, second vice president: Miss
Gertrude Woodbury, third vice president;
Mrs. H. D. Moyer. fourth vice president;
Edward S. Schmld, treasurer; Mrs. L. IL
Blxby, corresponding secretary, and Miss
Ada Rhodes, recording secretary.
The following were elected delegates to
the American Cat Association: Sirs.
Blxby, Mrs. Burpee, and Mrs. Moyer.
Flswera for Valentine.
Gude's homegrown flowers are most
appropriate always acceptable. 1114 F.
Genealogist to Glrc Dinner.
The National Genealogical Society will
give its annual dinner at tho New Fre
donta next Saturday night Addresses
will be given by Dr. J. G. V. Bulloch,
Dr. C it. Vowker. and Dr. Sinclair.
a week than to save nothing.
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614 9th
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lor U.IUU1 r..nc at s p. ra. lei raxs
Richardson and the Soboroan Title and Invest
ment Cfcmpany hare rrmored their orBees from the
Bond Budding, and via hereafter occupy the elfMh
floor of tha Unlra 8srlns Baca Bonding. Ml
Ilia st. mr, les-ut
ural. nansurfirlr.nl? 4fflVn bonle free. An
ply by mall. SIS Colorado Bids. Free lec
ture ior women weanesaa. i at z:u p. m.
To Enjoy Buckwheat
Cakn tWrxiiMr. trr the irtwtonme. dtUrfcx.
una mad wttb MlLLr HE.u.r-HAi3L."t
HCCK WHEAT UttW a ractagc of thb Doted
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35TH ST., )
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Inxnrtoos. romtortshle and booellse.
Nearest ssuananta, abopa aid depots.
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rABf)It. BKDEOO. BATH. ts.0O.
t or month.
Also ol d'hote.
rittiiky. rrupt
the most rcpular White
Ittctrtion mrch. JIM a
gallcn, only st
909 7th St.
The Famous
Order bir 'Dlione. ..
At TEXXESSEC SI.0O Bottle, jj
Th Shoomaker Co. H
133J B Street X. W.
EatsvblUked 1853. Theae M.USSsa. S
The Flavor Lasts!
-Tou CS4J set It at Andrews."
That Jnt expresse-i the senUment
you wfcsh to convey. Alt sorts of
nov.'l and dainty roneeptlons- in
' pajers satltv celluloW. -
1c to 94.50.
1331 F SL N. W.
625-629 Louisiana Avs.
HODGSON On Wednesday February It.
1911 at her residence. IliK Thirteenth
street northwest. Mrs. MARIA
IX)UISA HODGSON; widow of Joseph
V. Hodgson.
Notice of funeral hereafter
KING On Tuesday. February IS. iSlt,
- at SM p. tn HENRT KING, Jr..
beloved son of Mr and Mrs. Abo
Kins, aired twelve years. .
Funeral notice hereafter NcW York
and Paterson, X. J papers please
L.VTIMER On Sunday. February II. 1315.
at 11 p. m.. at his residence, 1713 R
strevt northwest. GEORGE LATI
MER. M. t.. in the eighty-eighth
oar of hl ase.
Funeral services at bis late residence
AVcdneday afternoon. February It,
at I o'clock. Interment private.
SHACKELFORD On-Tuesday. February
13, WIS. at Colonial Beach. Va.. MARY;
l-i, wife of John A. Shackelford.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
SCH3!ELZLE-On Tuesday, February U,
1312. at 12 p nv, at the residence of
her son. Mr. C. F. Umhau. 3305 Six
teenth street northwest. CHRISTINA
IM1IAU SCHMELZLE. aged eight)
three years.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
TAYLOR Suddenly, on Monday. Feb
ruary li 1912; at la a. tc. WILL
IAM C, beloved husband ot Sarah
B. Taylor.
Funeral services will be held at Mr
Zurhorst's funeral parlors, S01 East
Capitol street, on Wednesday. Febru
ary It, at 20 p. m. Relatives and
friends Invited tc attend. (Maryland
papers please copy.)
TAYLOR A special meeting of Wash-
lngton Aerie, .no. ts. rraternau or
der of Eagles, will be held at th
Eagles Home to attend the funeral
of our late brother, WILLIAM C
TAYLOR. Wednesday. February 14.
at ISO p. 'it. William IL Clarke,
Prestdent; J D. Brltt. Secretary.
VALE On Tuesday. February W, 191i t
her residence, zao fatneorai avemir,
SARAH WEBSTER, widow of Judgl
Lewis W. Vale. ,
Funeral at her late residence Thurs
day afternoon, at 3- o'clock.
J. T.Clements' Sons
rvnmDt end efficient service, night ot
day. 1241-43 Wisconsin avenue.
Fnonet naisuf.
Establisoed 18S7. CUAS. 8. ZCBBOSST. itgr.
ISO yoartaesta street aar.
Chape. Pboos North 9Ba,
J. WILMAJl LEE. Fnaeral Dtnetar
sod Embalmee. Liren ta eorrnecuanv Ccmssoossas.
Cbaptl and Mcdera Crtmatortnm. Modest prtcas.
S3 Pasnsrlranla att, n. Telephone llaln UssV
940 F Street N.W.
P6ones Main tat,
Frank A. Speare. Mgr.
tXntiral Floral Dcslfsa. far reasonable ta priest
raeos tut Ualav :u sja aa. aav
Ot ttta DtralpUoo-UodeataLf Fatasst.
ftaersl Daaleas.

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