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Ttree Attractive Embroidery Designs for Blouses
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Thesa attractive cesigna are easily worked. The
dairy 'design urU worked Jo French or eyelet.
The bowknot design may be worked In outline or
laee tneert41ri the space. The conventional design
! worked In outline with dots worked solid or with
French knot. Detail drawings show methods ol
There are two waye to apply the dealsna to the
material upon which you with to work them.
K Tour material la sheer eneh as handkerchief
Hn-c lawn, batiste, and. the like the simplest
method is to lay the material oer the design
and ith a wall pointed pendl draw orar each line.
If your material 1 heavy secure. piece of trans
fer or Impression paper. Lay It face down upon
this then draw over each line of the paper as
sign with a hard pencil or the point of a steal
knitting- needle. Upon lifting- the pattern and trans
fer paper you will find a neat and accurate im
pression of the design upon your material.
There are two points to observe in this simple
process If you would execute It satisfactorily. One
Is, see that your material la level cut and folded
hy a thread and that your dealgn la placed upon
It evenly- at avery point.
The second Is. when pkcedaocurately secure the
design 'to tha material with rhumb tacka'or pins
o they cannot sap doting lbs operation.
Do not rest your band1 or fingera upon any part of
the dealgn you an transferring, else the Imprint
of your angers will be aa distinct upon the material
as the drawn lines of the design.
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Decorations of a Boy's Room.
In many homes the boys are all crowded Into
one room, the two double beds holding; as
many as one household is usually blessed
with, but If by planning It can be found possi
ble to give eacb boy a room It should be done
so that he maj-have some chance to express
his own individuality in It.
When a room Is given the boy It should be
papered in a good background color en olire
or moss green, old rose bordering on terra
cotta. or a clear Delft blue a plain paper
with no pattern of great geometrical figures
or Impossible roses of mammoth proportions
bedecking It: for only against ft plain paper
can bis countless mural decorations show up
to that advantage which makes them radiant
ly eye-pleasing to him and his chums.
In kindness to the boy let him adorn these
walls himself In true boyish fashion, for only
a an expression of himself will he realty care
for his room and take pleasure In having his
friends compare It with thlr own.
His crude taste In art productions Is only &
passing phase and one need not fear that be
cause he now likes highly colored lithographs
and prints at 14 or IS he may never learn to
appreciate a "Whistler etching or a Co rot land
scape. He Is only chooslnr what he likes now
because of its subject and its vividness. Just
as the savage chooses a red blanket and
strings of blue beads; but In a few years more
the subtle appeal of delicate tints and master
ly technique will have Its sway and he will
clear away all these decorations, which ha
Will then think paltry.
Wayt of Normal Boy.
But for the present allow him to display
his art treasure's in the way that stems good
to htm, and if he is the normal boy there
will be great posters of sportsmen with dog
and gun, fishermen with strings of speckled
beauties, Indians on the warpath, Canadian
guides paddling (heir kyacks through dan
gerous waters, campers around their evening
Are, boxers giving each other solar plexus
blows, batters making marvelous home run
hits, and a football tackle that looks for all
the world like some monstrous creature with
many heads and feet that propel the air. Not
only one of these does be proudly place on htg
walls but scores of athletic heroes, if he can
get them.
He also manages to secure a picture of the
fastest ocean liner, the record breaking; flying
machine, the cup winning yacht, for the
normal boy's nature delights In all that ahos a
skill, daring, and endurance and these, no
matter bow crudely pictured, are calculated
to Impress rnanly qualities by subconscious
methods. Then, too, he lores to have his
family or friends give him several of the in
expensive copies of the old English prints
knowing gay and brilliant fox hunting scenes,
the red coats of the riders coDtrastingsowell
with the flat black frames. These make what
the boy considers extremely choice decora
tions for his room; an4 festooned over and
around these gems of art that depict open air
activities he likes to have strings of the flags
of all nations, which are now made of heavy
rich paper In the colors and devices of every
Flags al Small CoiL
These paper flags are pasted orf a kmg
strand of strong cord, adapting; itself to all
sorts of turns and twists. They cost but 15
cents, but are as decorative and instructive
as If valued at $5. Pennant ar? to bi regard
ed as next in favor with hm. and he yrants
both his class and school pennant as well as
the pennants of our most famous colleges.
He will stick the poorly developed prints of
his own amateurish photography all around
the edge of his mirror and in every other
available space, but these are dear to him
and the considerate mother dots not ridicule
But as an offset to IJ these loud and In
sistent pictures of vainglorious deeds It Is
well to present to the boy for his Toora a
framed copy In soft s epla of WatC ' beautiful
" Sir Galahad," standing In tnystlcreyerU
beside his white charger, and beneath the
picture inscribe the' words from Tennyson's
Galahad ,r:
" His strength was as the strength of ten
because his heart was pure."
Answers to Etiquette Queries.
Dear Was Van Rensselaer: 1 would ap
preciate your advice In regard to a lev so
cial matters:
"LA girl who Uvea in the next block from
ua has asked me to call on btr some evening
and would it be proper for roe to take a boy
friend of mine pyer Hh mel
" 2. And In Introduces a boy to a girl,
whose nam should be mentioned first in the
introduction, the girl's or the boy'sT
" S. Also, If a girl happens to jive In an
apartment and you take her out, who should
go first' downstairs, the boy or girl.
"4. In taking a girl to a theater who
shpuld lead the way "down the aiatoT
" Kirn. Btq."
1. Perfectly proper.
2. Tou may gar. " Miss Brown, allow me
to 'present Mr. Jones."
8. Tou should go first, down the, stairs of
an apartment building.
i As a rule, thq usher goes rx The lady
follows and the man brfng up the rear.
PAIST: Flay any kind of game, such as
"Jr6j the haodkerchieCr" '" I py," " tag"."
Charades are always popular. AtBuppefthe
girls nrust'wilt on 'he tioya." They inuat jlaq,
ask them to "dance- Coffee, sandwiches, lea
cream', and cake must be served, and you
may add scalloped oysters, or chicken salad,
or both. '
"Dear Miay Van RanMelam Hsre had
Jnvititlons to dancing partlesi and. cthtr so
cial' function but cannot accept them, be
cause t cannot entertain "tny. company at
home. Via afraid; it J rnet tbenf elsewhere
thjy would not respect rn. 'What'wou)djyou
advlie me o d? prscotnuaxD."
I thick you are a llttla oversensitive. Goto
all the parties, and remember, you confer
favor on your hostess by golnp If only
those; persons accepted who could return the
hospitality, parties woul4VbthlnlratUrf4.
Fashion Notes from Paris Shops.
Changeable taffeta hats are popular.
Shoes are becoming a little more orna
mental in their effect.
Small bows of black velvet are much used
to trim blouses.
Newest dress models show a continuance
of one sMed effect
Wide girdles appear on most of the elabo
rate afternoon, frocks.
There Is a propheoy of plain effects In
everything fashionable.
There Is a return of pie yoke cut In one
with the stock and boned from the collar to
the ears.
Tassels and ball fringe are popular trim
ming for the new satin suits.
Jabots of white tulle tnd deep cream lace
are much favored by smart women.
There Is a trend toward simplicity In every
thing pertaining to the coiffure.
Separate blouses of navy blue crtpt de
chine are relieved by revers and collars of
white satin.
Quillings of chiffon and Iridescent ribbon
edge pockets and outline the lining of this
season's wraps.
Pearls and thtlr imitation hold fast to
their popularity, and will go through the
spring in great favor.
New Spring Suits.
Taffeta suit are a feature of the advanced
spring and summer suits. The darker
Shades axe used in two eSecU, the richer
qualities atowiar-thm teas eotertnsjn '
Which Is tbebiggtr
crop raiser, the ter
rifying storm that
poura down torrents
to ear splitting ac
companiment of
thunder, or the gen
tle drlxxle that
frightens no one, but
sinks- Into the roots
of things?
With your eyes
toward the goal of
success, train your
ways to gentleness
and th path will
shorten. Bluster Is
a bad business asset
It It Is not alt bluff
to cover incompe-
ttucyt it Is an Incocsiderateness of others
and an innate vulgarity! that makes for
Don't confound gentleness and ruplneness.
I know business woman wboe voice is
never raised, who is thoughtful, unassum
ing; tender, who does her work: without
noise or pretense, who could not bluster if
she tried, yet that woman never falls to
get things dose as she wants them.
She Is at the- head of a large force, holds a
position of responsibility, there must be
many worries and annoyances in her Bfe.
for she has been raised over the heads of
men and women who covet ner place, yet
her manner is as quiet, hejr voice as placid
as f nothing could go wrong.
And oddly- enough Uttle does go wrong.
Stringers who see that slim, gracious wom
an, essentially feminine, apparently cere
free, wonder how such gentleness can ever
maintain discipline. She never frets or
nigs, her orders are unassertive as her man
ner, yet they ere always obeyed.
Ones a subordinate made the mistake of
confounding- gentleness apd weakness. He
decided, that a woman ne,'ed not be obeyed,
that disobedience would go." Tbe quick
ness wjth, wtlch that man" wag uniJecelTed
has given hha -a lasting understanding of
the Iron-hand-velxfit-glove combination.
Not that the woman Is a tyrant or unrea
sonable, abe has no hankering for authority
for authority's sake, but she U self-confident
tnotrgh t know "whet she' want's and firm
enoirh to see that she gets It Everything-.
Jnj that offlce" Is run without friction, for there
is nothing to cause it on the chiefs part
Her eranlqy respect her, even lore, per, but
they realise her Orders must be obeyed and
her suggestions mean business.
Thj?re. no feeling' of being driven, but
that gentle woman has a really remarkable
-way of getting people to see her point of
view, Ko one quite understands how ah
dots It: there 1 no cajolery, nq nniue Influ
ence or force work, but somehow: most pepple
find, themselves agreeing uaconsc)usly with
Jier, wishes.
WbatsiakesberTpower? It Is because never
for a minute does ifo bluster and storm, but
carries put her strong life purposes with
kindly act, clever diplomacy, gentle con
sideration, but absolute; If caJmfirmness.
I know another woman In the same bulld-tagwoto-ajea
Isia a, goal Won. of Authority.
and shows it She is noted for w hat Is slang
lly known as "feeling her oats." Her orders
are commands Her manner la almost Insuf
ferably domineering.
There Is no pleasing that woman. She Is
critical, overbearing, nagging, and a dread
ful stormer over trifles. She has brains and
plenty of them, or not for a moment could
she hold her position, but as it is. the under
current of ructions in the office may event
ually drive her out.
What results from this blusterT Nothing
that makes for peace and progress. The
force hate her and obey her because they
must So unpleasant Is it to work under the
blusterer that good workers, who are also
the self-respecting ones, get out at the first
opportunity. The force Is kaleidoscopic In its
changes and Is steadily lowering: n its per
sonnel. To hear the stormer talk you would think
the working world is going aamlght to the
dogs. She Is obsessed with the Inefficiency
of the present generation, and boreeome In
her complaints about her office force.
Kot long ago I happened to hear the storm
er on her favorite tirade before heJf a dozen
business women. She was erTedaljy fierce
In her denunciations of a stenographer whom
she claimed, to have discharged. "The girl
was utterly worthless anil Insubordinate,"
she declared. "Koonewlllkeepheraweek.
I'd like to knertr what became of her.
Quietly the gentle managerrepUed: "Miss
Blank la with me, and has been for rix
months-. I am surprlred at what you sar,
we find her one of the best workers we have
ever had, and she has been promoted twice."
"She must have changed migbtllyi" sniffed
the other, undaunted In her own Judgment
She could not' fee that the weaknee of her
employes was up to her: that her aggressive
ness and unreasonableness cause the lack
of discipline in her office.
GenUenea-tbe kind of gentleness that Is
quiet strength, not colorless easy going
pajs best in every phase of hvros Fear Is
absJ-rotrre force for getting' the best out of
people. We nay fear the club and yield it
perfunctory deference, but be surs any one
worth while will get from out of Its sweep
as soon aa possible.
The parent Trno storms and sags rarely
has anything- but surface goodness In her
children. Tbey may be models when under
mother's or father's eye. but are "little
dlrlls" when, restraint is removed. When a
little older that child becomes sly If too cowed
for open disobedience. v
Wltenever I hear a woman complain of her
Impertinent servants li suspend Judgment
until I learn more of the way of the mis
press. If I find her a blusterer I am not sur
prised. Nothing breeds rudeness like rude
pt3, and the stormng manager brings on
herself trials that, the low voiced, gentle, but
firm one knows nothing of.
Socially It pays least of all to bluster. The'
warp And woof of social life Is gentleness,
well bred-alias sett-polied manners. The
girl who files up when things do not go her
way, who storms if she feels herself slighted.
Is domineering- to these who "cut tittle
ice " and, tries to ram her opinio down her
neighbor's throat mar- count on certain ua
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