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Tise Herald haa the Jre-t
triertrMf home ctreuUtkM, ami
prints all the news of the world"
eSch ,dayt m addition to -setty
exetetve feature. '
Unsettled, probably showers
to-day, to-roorrovr fair.
ISO. 2021.
Vivid Tate of Titanic, Castrophe ? Flashes
Through Atmosphere from the
New York, April 17. Confirming the most liberal estimates of
loss of life a-rd? exceeding- the worst catastrophe conceived by im
agination, the elements of the great tragedy at sea the sinking of the
$10,000,000 liner Titanic earl on Monday morning arc slowly coming
to light 1
From his wireless tower at Wellfleet, Mass, the special corre
spondent of The Washington Herald, an experienced wireless operator,
late to-day talked across the seas with the operator on the steamer Car
pathia, and secured from him full confirmation of the disaster and such
few scant details as could be transmitted before they were interrupted
b the rough weather.
The only survivors of the wreck are those who were picked up
by the Carpathia. Bejond that list there is no hope.
The Carpathia. fqund no other ships on
the scene. Fishing craft may have ar
rived later and searched the "waters, but
they were too late to find any Urine
thins The crew ard passengers or the
Carpathia, lining the rails, saw a deso
late expanse of water broken only by
the floating- bodies of half a dozen victims
and what wreckage had come to the
Far enough away to have escaped the
suction of the slnkins liner, drifted twenty
MfiboaKfllled. wttjrgontied women and-
sides some mefibrrs qt ihe crew "who
had been lowered away to man the. boats.
Many of, -these women were attired Jin
eveninc towns which they wore at a
gathering of the f ashlbnablcs- in the main-
salon or the great lmtr as spe sirucx we
berg Other of the women and all of
the children wen In their night garments,
and but few of 3hem had overwraps' of
any description. To-night as the Car
pathia Is plowing the Atlantic on her
way to "New York, many of these women
are under the care of physicians in a
pitiable state of mental and physical ex
bausUon. How many hours these people have
been drifting about in the bitter cold
aha among the floating fragments of Ice
The Herald correspondent could 3iot
Women Hysterical.
The Carpathia s operator was able,
however, to ten him that practically all
of the survivors, with the exception of
the members of the crew, were In a se
rious condition. Many of the women
were hysterical and some in a state of
mental collapse. Conditions aboard the
Carpathia were described as thoe which
would "be unbearable under any other
circumstances. The ships medical sup
piles were inadequate for the treatment
of more than a few of the most serious
cases There were not enough c'othes
to go around, and the survivors were
suffering from the cold
From the few details .which the Car
pathian operator was able to transmit
to a fleet, the ..sea waa perfectly calm
when tbe accident happened. On every
side stretched a great white expanse of
broken ice, and it was through this
mass that the Titanic steamed to her
doom. From the estimates of the sur-
Ivors, the operator conjectured that the
vessel was steaming at a. rate of ten
miles an hour Considering the ships
equipment of engines, this was approxi
mately at the rate of half her full
speed. XhuK Indicates that, although
Capt Smith was "hoping to establish a
record on the rereels maiden trip, he
Exclusive Details
In The Herald's Extra,
First on the Streets
Beating Its nearest competitor by five minutes In getting last night's
extra edition on the streets, and printing two big. exclusive stories. The
Washington Herald added another notable coup to Its already long list.
and maintains Its reputation as the newspaper of the National Capital
which prints all the news and prints it first
The startling account of the dangerous predicament of the "Earl Grey,
with 200 human beings aboard and Its wireless apparatus,flashlng out the
dread "S. O 8, was printed exclusively by The Washington Herald last
night In the extra edition which newsboys were scouting at 8 10 o clock,,
and the latest bulletin on the Titanic catastrophe, revealing the story of
how ISO met ifeath the Instant the leviathan rJowed into the floating
mountain (if ice, waa also , exclusively displayed In the special edition
The following exclusive stories, properly displayed under big head
lines, were given to the people of tbe District last night in The Washing
ton Herald at IS o'clo-lci
Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 17. The Earl Grey, with 100
passengers. Is ashore at Cape Bohn to-night- The govern
ment boat Jitnto Is rushing toiler assistance The Karl Grey's
first call'ior assistance came at boon and the, wireless "SO
B." was Hashed at regular Intervals for several hours. Tbe
Earl Grey piles between Charlotfestown. Prince Edward
Island, and Plctou Nova, Scotia. ,.
BtfLDETTN. Several passengers were killed on tie Ti
tanic by the -force of. the Impact Many had limbs broken.
It la reported that at least ISO- members of the Titanic'!
crew were Instantly killed when the collision occurred. These "
atn were quartered in the forecastle head.
had confined his efforts at spurting to
unobstructed water, and waa cognlxant
of tbe danger which the captain of the
French liner Touralne reports he pointed
out to him. It also Indicates that, as
usual, the great bulk of the Iceberg was
below the surface.
The night was dark and a low haze
spread over the ocean, making It Im
possible to discern., objects ahead. How
many Icebergs were shrouded In this
mistrwill neve be known. But !t Is-certain
that the -greatest qt t"e-nand of
lSSSSt uSiwSSt
then is no report. But the Carpathia i
operater said that the survivors had
only words of praise for the conduct of
-Cast. Smith add his crew.
"Hvptalm on Bridge.
CapCojKh was on the bridge with
the lookSwhen the vessel struc.
There waano need to sound a muster
ca n, for -the crew. The crash brought
every man to the deck. Neither was
there any cause for the enforcement of
the law of tbe sea, that when men dis
regard the -rule .of --women and chil
dren," they shall be clubbed back.
The Wellfleet dispatches confirm the
supposition that a "large number of the
crew peacefully sleeping in the forecastle
head were Instantly smashed to death.
Bui how many perished In this manner
Is a mystery of the sea,
The wireless operator managed to utter
his cry for help before the electric power
gave out This explains the abrupt end
ing of his message .
8. O B, Titanic sinking by the head.
Rush assistance.
The last words of his message only
barely agitated the detectora on the In
struments of the vessels which picked
up the calL
Tbe lifeboats escaped tbe sinking ship
only to fight another life battle against
the floating ice Whether all or them
tent to destruction is not known.
The number of lifeboats picked up by
the Carpathia is not definitely known.
Neither is It known.whether any of the
floating bodies were picked up by the
At midnight tbe Carpathia is estimated
to be SO milts from New York.
Mrs. Hughes, Sr., Dying T
Wheeling. W. Va.. April 17 Mrs.
Hughes, wife of the West Virginia Con
gressman, Is reported dying at her horns
here to-night from shock" caused by fail
ure to receive any news from her daugh
ter, who waa aboard the Titanic
JCAEijfr'gocB pms,
Car-Nttkia,-New Nrar'a New York,
Resorts that All Is Well.
Uewport, B L, April 17J-At IJ0
o'doclc to-nfrhtMhe' wireless -Wiiion- here
reports that -the Carpathia is lnrcom-
rnunlcation, with th, Marconi station at
Elaseonset, but at this hour has not
received any definite Information, except
that tbe Carpathia Is proceeding toward
New York and making good speed.
A message from" the White Star Line
offices at New York to J, .Bruoe Ismay,
on the Carpathla,-expreues thankfulness
that he escaped.
Were Quartered in forecastle When
the Collision with Ice
berg 'Occurred.
Wallfleet, Mass, April 17. (By wire
less from Carpathia) The iceberg was
not sighted until tbe Titanic -was dead
upon It Capt Smith signaled to re
verse the engines. It was too late
Halifax. April 17 Tbe liner Pari
sian. of tbe Allan Line, anchored off
this harbor to-night She reports that
she has no survivors of the Titanic
aboard and that she doubts that aby
survivors were picked up by a fishing
Several passengers were killed on the
Titanic by the force of the Impact
Many had limbs broken.
It is reported that at least 150 mem
bers of the Tltanlc's crew were In
stantly killed when the collision oc
curred These men were quartered in
the forecastle-.head.
Cunard Officials Hake Full
range-neat for Arrival
of Carpathia.
New Tork April 17. Fearing turbulent
scenes when." the Carpathia reaches her
pier, officers of the Cunard Line are
making -extraordinary arrangements for
her reception She Is due between acd
IflsOeJocktofB-orro-W night There has
lssuecT to -relatives and friend ofthe ua-
"YtyoxB v
The Cunard officials announce that rep
resentatives of the Individual newspapers
and all pbotpgrapherr will be barred
from the- -- Each press association
win bepersaed to have "fifteen, repre
sentatives ,-7 the DIrr This action
waa mainly IJue "to the pressure brought
to bear upon the officials by S. P. Mor
gan, Jr . who Is a1 director of the White
Star Line. The'capaclty of the pier was
placed at 1.200. This number of, passes
have already been Issued by the company
to friends and -relatives of, the survivors.
In addition,' Surveyor General Henry's
office has issued 1,600. pier passes, each
good for two persons. ,
Wireless Operators Requested to
Stop Operations Just Now
Marconi Station, Wanamaker Stores
Building. New York, April 17 (SJS p. m.)
All wireless stations have been re
quested to refrain 'from using the ether
except In cases of emergency, so as, to
facilitate communication with the Car
pathia. .
The only stations with which the Car
pathia is now In 'touch are the International-News
Service station, at the
Wanamaker Stores. Seagate and Saga
ponack. Long island. These stations are
authorized by the Marconi Company.
rfl't3-4 Jr ?rSp','"!t- V-fcKii.A h$fipr& VVtsr?Pt71
mSmJm'SM H3i JliM 41 r t k - - jLsf? -?
MMBMjtissssssssssBJK9Wjii JiZmZZtr'M'" Z!X Kimmmt'JmMXOifWftKKKft
ssessessessesseBssesseBssseWssessssessessessess J
The Titanic was the largest vessel that was ever buiij. Uerelare-
skeleton'OuUme of Tier Jize: Xength, over all, 882 feet fi inches: lm,
deck, 97 feet 4. inches, he "vessel was launched at Belfast May 3IJ911. She was designed to comfortably
accommodate 360 tiersons oT this number 860 were to be nffksktlv emploed as officers and crew, A
krgehjiaJQrltyof ih-lbwns of the
lor a- sea-vovae.
A "Blue Iceberg," Wrapped
in Haze, Caused tbe
Wellfleet Mass., April IT. There is no
chance to obtain direct statements from
Titanic survhora on board the Carpa
thia, as the ship Is bombarded with pri
vate messages and the operators have
been on duty continuously for sixty
hours. The foltowing facta have been
learned, however.
The only survivors ofthe Titanic are
those who put to sea In the life boats
and who were picked up by the Car
pathia, the first ship to arrive on tbe
scene, women and children placed in
Ufa boats which were manned by two
and three men. Many of them were In
scant attire when they took to the boats
snd suffered greatly from exposure. The
Carpathia hospital Is overflowing The
sea was calm, but Ice abounded
The Titanic struck what mariners term
a "blue Iceberg." which was obscured
In a thin. low-hanging haze. The Hi
fated ship waa proceeding at a speed of
about ten knots, feeling Its way through
the thick field of ice. The Iceberg was
not seen until the ship was dead upon
it and too late to retard her speed or
after htr course. Tbe bow was stove In
for a considerable distance and ripped
out the bottom of the hull from bow to
When Crash Came.
The ship officers felt certain the ves
sel would be able to remain afloat but
fould not calm the fears of the passen
gers, most of whom had retired, and
were thrown from their berths when the
liner struck with a deafening crash.
Scenes of Indescribable horror occurred
when tbe dynamo room "was flooded,
causing-the electric lights tojco out and
plunging, the ship .Into- darkness. The
jortre't-:. operator. roanagtd.tto4ransroH
ml&ctfop-'-ieln beffve thWeowep fitted.
IM-thea- Tomea-To" theaertal safeWC
which -was weak, and barely -caetspia of
carrying a greater distance ihsn
miles. Lifeboats had a hard time-tkeep-
Ingrafioat In tbe fleld of Ice, and-many i
women were rendered temporarily insane
by harrowing experience.
Many were dressed In evening gowns.
which afforded small protection. Sev
eral bodies were seen floating around in
the wreckage and fleld of Ice. but no
effort was made to recover them, as
search for survivors was more Important
No trtf.-e of Ma Archibald Butt who
probably lost his life Commanders of
the Chester and Salem asked tbe car
pathia. If In need of provisions, but were
told supply was plentiful. Both ships,
the Franconla and North German liner.
outbound, bandied hundreds of messages
to the Carpathia during the day.
The wireless operator also stated that
Isidor Straus was not on board the
Carpathia. He gave the first authentic
details as to the sinking of the Titanic
although not a complete story.
He said that Capt Smith stuck to the
shin and was on his bridge when the
Titanic took her final plunge. The sec
ond wireless operator on the Titanic,
who was in charge of one of the life
boats, was among the rescued.
Report from Cheater. -
A continuous stream of wireless mn.
ages are being sent from the Carpathia
and are being reiaed by the scout
cruisers Chester and Salem to the land
The captain of the Chester reported
United States could put Unir-Mire.
that he was making twenty knots an
hour and would reach the Carpathia, by
il o'clock, to-night
The caataln of the Chester sent word
that he would kftp withm wlreles
rang of the North Truro station and
attempt to get- first-hand statements of
Tba disaster from sonje or the survrors
to be flashed landward,
The above account waa the. first direct
word from the Carpathia, and the first
auuienuo account or uie laie oi un.
Definite Information has been received
here that, the Titanic ws proceeding at
a peea oi aoouc ten Knots -ice aoouna
ed on all sides and" Capt Smith was
cautiously- feeling his way through the
floating cakes. There- was 'a thin, low
hanging haze Which added- greatly to the
danger. -
The Iceberg was not sighted until til
Titanic waa dead upon it Capt Smith
signaled for the engines to stop, but It
was too late Bow on. the queen of the
aess sped to her fate. The' gigantic mass
of ice pushed ahead with Irresistible
force The Titanic buckled "up
Passengers who had retired were flung
from their berths by the terrinc force
of the Impact and seversf were killed.
Windows were shattered and ornaments
were ripped from the wait
The rush of the torrenu of water could
be plainly heard
Suddenly the lights went out as the
water flooded the dynamo room and the
sinking ship was plunged Into darkness.
The cruisers Chester and Salem, sent
out by order of President Taft have
been In wireless communication witn me
Carpathia to-night, They asked it the
captain of the Carpathia War In need of
provisions and were assured that there
waa a plentiful supply on board.
All day the Carpathia has been flooded
with wireless messages. Tbe Franvola
and a North German llnsr out-bound,
handled hundreds of messages to the
Carpathia during the day.
to suryiyors'list
White Star line Makes Beviiion of
toe Original Announcement of
Those on Carpathia.
New York. April & The following list
of persona not previously mentioned in
the list of persons rescued from the
Titanic - as given out at the office of
the White Star Line to-night as aq "un
official' Hat of persons- rescued. The
names in this list were:
william .cHAntJroNr"" v '
. JHSe'ETHEL aABSTIiE.Jkojl ?-,
MRS WARIAV (Mrs. F. M. Warren)
These names were added to the list
of those saved through reports which
have reached officials of the White Star
Company from various sources. None
of them has been received "by wireless
from the Carpathia.
Nerra that Brother Was Amontc the
Milting of Titanic Is Cause.
Rome, April 17 Nathan Straus Is dan
gerously 111 here and fears" for his. re
covery are entertained Mr Straus col
lapsed to-day when he learned of the
fact that his brother Isidor was among
tbe missing on the Tltanlc's passenger
rhyslclans were summoned Immediate'
ly and they reported his condition
grave Nathan Straus, with Mrs. Straus.
sailed from New York, last August, as
the representative of the United States
government to the International Congress
for the Protection of Infants.
the basic simple proportions, the
92 feet. 9 inches: depth. keel to
population on board- the big ship
Wireless Stations Neaij-Iew York Lose Com'
munication with the Cunard Liner
After 9 o'CIock Last Night.
New York, April 17. ThtT steamer Carpathia,. bearing to New
York the survhors of the Titanic disaster, is making good speed to
ward thfs port at a late hour to-night and at the present rate will dock
here to-morrow night. This-information was received at 10 o'clock
from the scout cruiser Salem. That
in communication with the scout cruiser Chester and that vessel re
ceived the message from the Carpathia.
The wireless communication
had stated her progress. The Salem
to take the names of the third-class
was bad and there were more important matters waiting to be trans
mitted by wireless.
All doubts as to wreck of the
was removed by a wireless message from The Washington Herald
correspondent at Wellfleet, Mass , who secured" absolutely the .first
details of the catastrophe. Wellfleet
Carpathia since 9 o'clock, owing to
the cruisers Salem and Chester.
Every wireTess station in New
out cessation, but at a late hour none
The thousands of geofjle jVho,
rjayiand.to-jitght -it the-White iptar omces tor .some word obtbesterda-
- b'ywM fnendsT-acoatJthi Vflfleeti:rSjrasaJ..iThat kh
of Jhe"" notables reported aiyf'ttejrfsiperished isnoJongeTK
Wellfleet, Mass , April IT. Capt. Smith was the first officer who
realized the peril, but he did not believe- that his boat, which he had
expected to pilot to glory on this,
going down-- As a precautionary
wireless operator to send out 'the
signal of distress on seas, so that
the worse. This was before the
signal was sent into the night .asking for assistance. The operator
had barely clicked his instrument
when the water flooded the dynamo
He turned to his accumulator
messages were sent out, but they
distance man a nunurca roues.
Many of the women were rendered tem
porarily insane, and are now under the
care of phiatdana on the Carpathia
The first S. O S call was picked up
by the Carpathia. which headed at once
for the scene of the disaster The Titanic
had gone down, before she reached the
spot but numerous pieces of wrecksge
told the story of what had happened
A number of bod.es were seen floating
about In the ice fleld They were evi
dently those who had sought refuge on
the floating cakes of Ice or In clinging
to the pieces of wreckage. The cold
overcame them and they perished while
the Carpathia. and a number of other
liners were rushing to their aid. No at
tempt was made to recover the bodies
With the final realization that his
splendid craft was doomed. Capt Smith
o-dered tbe lifeboats lowered His or
ders were obeed with alacrity, and the
women and children were loweted. The
lifeboats were rocked and swayed by
the wind and the rolling of the boat anj
great difficulty was experienced in get
ting the women aboard without mishap.
There was a .gathering of fashionables
in the grand salon. Many or the women
were lowered into the lifeboats. In even
ing" gowns. s
Latest estimate Is 1.S3 deadtand prob
ably TOO saved.
There was. a gathering In. -the: grand
salon on Sunday night, attended by men
and women of the first cabin In evening
clothes. Many of the -women -were low
ered Into the lifeboats in1 (heir evening
gowns, which afforded but scant protec
tion from the chill winds and water.
Guided only by the cries of the dis
tressed sun Ivors., the Carpathia. cau
tiously made her a) through the dan
gerous Ice .fields,, picking up. boat .load
after boat load of frenzied women and
children Msny of the women were ren-
rowing experience, snd are still under
the care oi pnysicians in ins uirpainias j
When communication waa -first estab
Ilihed witn tne carpatnia ner wireiesa
was working dearly and; distinctly. Stjell
(hit h -wjtri SSA tntles fflfirtiv nf P
Cape Cod at noon, and that she expected
to reach New York either lattf Thurs
day night or 'Friday morning '
The wireless operator connrmed itB
flaurea previously sent tbVThe 'Washing
ton Herald. He said he uld not gfve
the exact number ot sur
bra on board
but It would- approximate
He denied that any
rs of tV
those. oSrv
Titanic survived other
board the Carpathia. Wh
the Carps!-
thla reached tbe scene of th'
were no other vessels In sli
wreck there-.
All tha
remained -of the giant shlplwere a lit
Doxies seating on ins awwee eeeav
vessel reported that she had been
was broken off after the Carpathia
asked the Chester not to attempt
passengers saved, as the weather
Titanic with an appalling loss of life
has not been able to pick upthc
the bad weather also reported by
'York is calling the Carpathia with
has been able to reach "her.
.stricken with grief, have waited all
her maiden trip, was in danger of
method, however, he instructed the
"S. O. S.' call, the- international
aid would be on hand if it came to
power failed, and the terrifying
for the final letter of his message
set, wmch was weak: spluttering
were incapable of carrjingjajgreater
where she had sunk and a small amount
of wreckage. Asked concerning promi
nent Individuals uot reported among the
survivors, he said that Isidor Straus,
John Jacob Astor. Benjamin Guggenheim.
Ma Butt and President Haya. of the
Grand Trunk Railroad, were not aboard
tbe Carpathlr
Capt. J. Smith, commanding the Ti
tanic was last seen by the survivors
standing on the bridge, with medPhrne
In hand. Wireless operator Ph-J r did
not leae ills station H S. P-. . the
second 'wireless officer of "-the Titanic
was placed In one of the boats and is on
the Carpathia. It Is believed that Phil
lips, when he realized the ships doom,
compelled Bride to leave the staUon and
make his escape
The survivors only a few of whom
are able to glte connected accounts of
what happened before thej put off in
the lifeboats, pay high tribute to the
conduct of Cspt Smith and his crew
and to the men among tne passengers.
The Carpathia s operator said he had
tried all last night to communicate with,
Sable Island, .but was unable to do so
on account of the storm. The weather
cleared Bomewhat to-day. however, and
he picked up the Wellfleet station and
the scout cruiser Chester
As soon as the survivors learned that
the Chester had been reaclied. they
flooded tbe station with reassuring mes
sages to friends and relatives. Thes,
messages were sent to the Chester t be
relayed by Sable Island
Prom tbe fact that this station com-,
munication with the tarpathia was
broken off It is doubted whether the
messages filed by the passengers have
reached their destination. The Chester
asked the Carpathia for- a list of third
class passengers, but this was not com
plied with at that tlm, probably be
cause ot the difficulty In securing con
firmation of the names. The last -message
from the Chester picked up here
stated that she wss proceeding at top
speed for the Carpathia and expected to
reach her before midnight to-night The
operator here is calling the Carpathia
at regular Intervals so us to resume
communication with her Immediately
f"e,r th ptnontl """
8. wean
X..Nora Scotia, AfertI IT, The
EarfGrervlth SO passengers, is ashore
at CevBohn ipwghgTpovernment
. nto jm-way-iKTtJlsUnee.
e Earl Grey'sS'rsLeU.t ior assistance
catae airooon. anWeW-rcs.B O, B.
was l)-.strat TTguiaru'niiefvaHTIor sev
r hoorsrrne. fcar! GreytHies between
Char'Qttet6-ui, Prince Edward Tllm.
a-Bd-FlctouNova Scotia.
iv 1H1 V5X-K

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