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THE WASHmGT0N'HEIt4l.r'r?nESnAY APMJr 30. 1912.
Amateur Season Starts
All But One League Gets
Under Way Bankers
Win Contest
The amateur season la qn In earnest,
as all but one circuit started opera
tions yesterday, (the Sunday School
opening being scheduled tor to"-morrow.
In the majority of the leagues, the:
games were dose. The Herald and .An
drews cluba playing- a tie game In the
Northern Association, This was by Jar
the best game of the lot. as both pitchers
"were In good form, and the fielding was
sharp. While this was the Initial game
of this circuit, the class of ban dls-'
played yesterday plainly shows that the
team that lands the pennant will have to
hustle all the way.
In the East Washington League, an
other new organization. Ninth and the
First4 Presbyterian battled in a. great
game, the former winning; 3 to L "Me
Bankers, amateur champions of the Dis
trict, managed to hand the Kensington
club a 2 to 0 beating in the Columbia
Griff on Hand.
Clark Calvert Griffith, manager of the
Nationals, tossed out the first ball In the
Columbia League opening; being greeted
with a great burst of cheering upon his
appearance on the .field. Mr. Griffith
threw out the first ball,, and .the season
was on.
In the Departmental League, the War
team hardly classed with the Agricul
ture outfit, the Farmers landing a slow
same, a io 3. Tne war club showed
the lack: of practice plainly, a it was
unable to hit the Aggies' twlrler.
The Marquette League fans were
treated to a game that smacked of last
year's contest.- the Bethesda outfit de
feating, the Carroll Institute club. 10 to
E. in a long-drawn-out contest. ,The Gov-
vrnmcui mssub oiue-weni xo wo Agri
culture club. 11 to 10. Interior being on
we snort ena or tne score.
Loffler. with Smith hurling, handed
the, Aloysius clubmen a 3 to l beating in
the Independence League. This was the
best game of the season so far, as the
Butchers worked hard from the start,
and with Smith twirling' a one-hit game,
the Aloysius club hardly had a real
G. P. O. Start To-day.
The G. P. a aggregation will make its
Initial appearance in the Departmental
League this citernoon, when It faces the
club from the Commerce and Labor De
partment. Manager Williams will use
Smith: Jn the box. With Cockrelle behind
the bat.- and 1s -eoitndent.or"ta"Hng?lhe
"Ths Treasury Department Baseball
League win begin Its first season this
, afternoon when the team from the offlce
of the Auditor for the War Department
meets the team from the office of the
Comptroller of the Currency on the north
diamond -of the Ellipse. Games will be
played-every Monday, Tuesday. Wednes
day, and Thursday.
Seaton A. C meets the fast Waverley
club this afternoon In the second game
of the Northern Association, on the
Northern field. The Seatons have been
working out daily, and expect to hand
Manager Stanton's boys a good "beating.
The game will be called promptly at 53
" n" a k as nas oeen reported.
ft W. BTVAX.
Yesterday's .Result,
t. Capital City League Pampers,.
Columbia League Bankers, S;
Kensington, 0. ,
Departmental League .Agri
culture. 15; War. 3.
E. Washington LeagueNinth,
I: First Presb, 1.
Independence League Loffler,
S; Aloysius. 1. ' .
Marquette League Bethesda,
1Q; Carroll Institute, S.
Northern Association Herald,
S; Andrews, 3. , t-
R. It, Y. M. C A. League Ad
ams, 15; Station, . . -
Government League Agricul
ture, 11; Interior, 10. -Games
Capital City Leagues-Cornell
vs. Seaman Gunners..
Columbia League Southern, vs.
Departmental League C & L
vs. G. P. O.
X. Washington League Metro
politan vs. First M. P-
Jhdependence League South
land vs. Manhattan.
Marquette League St. Steph
en's vs. Tennallytown.
Northern Association Seatons
vs Waverley.
R. R. Y. M. C. A. League
Southern vs. Station.
Government League Naviga
tion vs. Marine Corps.
Treasury League Aud. for
War vs. Comp. of Cur,
a iijiin i-aagea-Ma-t-Meg-gaa-Bt-pBwwMK-aBrEgaae
e'e. ssgsBss
rtt i -
mm GAME in
National's Boss Opens Columbia
League Season Bankers Are
Victors Over Kensington.
Clark Calvert Grlfflth. pilot of the Na
tionals, opened the Columbia League
season yesterday, tossing out the first
ball In the game in which American Se
curity scored a victory over 'Kensington
by a 2 to 0 counts A hit, tow errors, and
la. base on balls In the first inning gave
the Bankers' nine Its victory.
Chief Greene, of Catholic University
fame, and John Kelley, a product of the
local high schools, opposed each other
on the mound, and the former had a trifle
the better of. the argument. Both al
lowed but two hits, but Greene struck
out eight men to six for Kelley.
The high school boy went In at the last
minute after Flynn. who had been ex-.
pected to pitch, failed to show., up. and
acquitted himself-la great style. Score:
KrrabtAn 1BHII1I
0. We-rea, 2b. 3 1 8
AMU, tf .
.1 1 3 t
'Am. Sec ASHOiE
Uac&anald. 2b2 0 1 S
Hares. m.te urn
juoaie U..3 9
II Bair-n. U3 M t I
Darts. 3U-..3 0 110
n. Baw-, it: i i 1 1
Bojttn. It I ties
wot. c2 oris
umw, p.-. z v 9 z m
Tot.-.. 21 XISi J
American S. & T. ......
Eo MaedonaM. Bum. lint bes. o tmn
Aaeriean Cecurity ud Trust, 1; Keratnttnn, L left
on base American Security sad Trust. 3; JCeeatne-
ton. !. s"int oase on nans on unene, i; on
Keller. Struck oat Br Gnene, S, by Kelley. 6.
BicnlcB hlt-W. KeSer. Stolen baats-llaodona'd.
UnUnss. BoyHn CD. Umpire Mr. Haxbe. Iki
or sisie os Alnatef.
nidseld. lbi.11111
W Keller. Ilk 1 S 4 D
offat. c.. :o;ii
Andenon. t..! 1 I I I
i. K4kr. p.- 2 0 2 1 1
ToUlsl..... 2li"43
..--.... 2 0 000-1
......... M10IM
XenUi utrei Stttle.to 3 to 3
Cfl in Ofcniss Con- ""
'opening Its season with a He giyae,
the Northern Association cot away es-
icrua? 10 a goua siari, wi& m-uiy nowi
bles "present towatch The. Washtngto
Herald club battle with the R. IV An
drews Paper Company aggregation.
When K. P. Andrews tossed the first ball
to Twlrler O'Brien, on the mound for
the newspaper lads, the Initial game ol
the Northern Association was on.
The gmt Itself "was exciting from the
start, as Tl-.e Herald club went into the
.lead, and then Andrews tied It up. Bqtb
twiners -were In form, Mulvehlll, for
Andrews, allowing but five hits, while
Jack O'Brien gave the Cardinals but six
safeties. Mulvehlll gave three passes,
two of which figured In the scoring.
Fergie Fajrue. holding Down first for
The Herald outfit, waa easily the star
01 ine came, tna soutnpaw taung care
of twelve chances In great shape, mak
ing several spectacular plays, while Ray
Toense carried off the slugging honors
with a triple and a double, out of three
trips to the pan. Walsh, -frith a dou
ble and single, led the Andrews tribe at
the bat
Andrews tied the count In the firth
round when Walsh singled to left, the
ball going through Toense an the Car-J
tunai ngoi newer compieung ine cir
cuit. Toense doubled In the sixth, and
went to third on a passed ball, but Kit
enour and Allen tailed to come through
with the necessary tingle to land the
contest The Waverley club faces tne
Seatons this -afternoon. Score:
RrraM. AB R O A E
KlM. u., 1IHI
ruSastt. sties
Andrrwm. ABROAE
ftutu-d. 2l. 1 0 1 e
Tlpuo. k... 10
U.Uh. it. .1 2
Melnttah. Mlill
Uatdnao. nl 1 X
MnlitrT" Mill
Imnnianv lb J 119 0
Hew. ?... lOtti
Mice. c... 1 141
Wuton. e-j.. 1 0
Malraliin. r- 2 1
Touij . SIum'x
Rons IVilih.
U'snen. Allen.
.2 411
t 2
n Rrln n..
putcnoo. a.:itll
Bel. S). .- .. X 2
Tome, It... 1 2 ( 1
Rltcnoar. ct. 2 1
AUro. rf .--. : I 0 0
Totsis.. aluiil
Oar, SptpiaLQffcr
3ui1 a, . ,
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TkBfgt Bargai Im Ofati ia Wasfagtw Has toft n fte Sam
Wuhisftoa's Stxr Third Buemia.
........ . I11MH
Hau&fcaan", itut. rstttneo.
run bum on mm Herald. 1.
UR oa bua-Benld. i AodmriL 3. Flnt b
oa tails-OS CBritB. 1; o3 MalrrlulV Stnek
oat-Br O-BiUb. I: br UalKhuL . Thrw-bu
Hlt-Tortat Tva-bue HU-TWom, Vithk, Immn
Unn. Burlflca hlt-Bfll. Etolcn bu&-Tm. VtX
tmoa IZI. AUes. Wilih. lltn O. DouNe nUn-
uciuou uumnnea u uiiemir fa. lilt w
rttcner-By Mult.MIl. ,1'tttenon. Wild pUchtK-
uninsiu. iriinen o M tHJii- 12)
Umpbe-ltr. Jenilax Time ot (U-1 boor sal
ia ninniei.
Tal.es Interior .Into Camp by 11 to
IO Score Jn Government Leasrue.
Agriculture defeated Interior in the
opening game of the Departmental
League by Jt to la JJooIan's long drive
tit "I. or inree- oases teatured. Score:
gotelor. ABHOAS
ition. KJ a l 1 3
CoUtoo. a,ti,2 ! 2
Cwter. c,j. 1 I ro I
Moadrcke. 3b4 0 S 0 1
Khiw. . 12 2 1
HUott. lb.4 2 10
OComell. rt 1 0
Hurls. n. .loses
UoCchlta. rfI 0
.Ar-eU'e. ABROAE
Jirfvx u nut
KcUr. It. .! 0 ( 0
rniter. n. I I l o
Ktnup. 3D.-2 S I
J'-ren, ct. 4 1 0 0 0
IXjoUn. tt. , 2 2 0 3
Irutar lillltl
Iteimer lbi2 0 4
"UeLuarr. c.1911 0 1
Bnsso, pl. HMD
Touiz 5"ii"3"i
lBtrlor...f......... 0 0 3 4 1 s-u
uass-juiaoa, Kellr. Frszltr. Kcnua B). Owss.
Doolxn, Bdmer. UcIAaer. Enno (S. ClirtKm,
CoWoo 0), Quter C), 8hw m. rillott. Alt
laui. Ilat bM on error Asrlcoltnre. 10; In
tlor f lTl oo bates Acriailtim. f: Interior.
T rint Sue on tall-OS Kcno.tr off. C6Hesi
rnsn. 3, oS Hurls, 5; oS Cuter. 4. Tinr,
pitrhtd-Br tyxitzmxa, S; Tar Hurii, 2; br CSiv
ter. 1. Timet t bit hy epemests Afii-lst CbUegv
din. . Hurts. 10; Outer, Bits' rude-OS Cot-lr-tBoui,
2. oa Hurls. : off Cuter. 2. liiee
M hit-Euiuluw. Traimx Wt-McLuaey. Sac
riflos eies-Doolui. "Bd-ser. - Swim Uao-KeOy.
nruler. Kerasa. Futsoo, Cuter. Bhiw'Altmuu
Hit by pitcber-Br Hsrrl Kellr. Wild -jltcbes
Hurls. Koski W. Cuter (2). Empire-Mr. On.
Time of ruae Z boar sad 8 rninntn,
Agriculture nnna.rar -ivltl Clerics,
Final Connt Being; 15 to 3.
Before a large crowd yesterday. Agri
culture Tan away from War by- a score
of 15 to A The game was fast and in
teresting. The Aggies won by timely hit
ting; while Peter kept "War from bitting
when runs were- needed. .A catch by
.Bryan mo learure or the contest
wu. An it n ae
Neljon, U..-. 3 S 2 2
VtiM-tX 21.3 0 1 3 1
taroner. tf . 4 3
Hands Aloysius Short End of 2 to 1
.Score in Independence league.
In a fast'and exciting game in the In
dependence Xeague, Loffler defeated
Aloysius. 2 to'l.
Fischer opened hostilities in the second
inning by going'' to first on Handlboe's
error. "Walker then tripled and Smith
won his own game by following suit
Aloysius made, its lone hit and tally In
the same inning, jrben Babblngton tripled
and scored on Smith's wild pitch. After
this the gam resolved itself Into a
pitchers battle, with Smith having a
sugni aavaniage. waucers batting fea
tured the contest. Score:
itu. a
Mann. m. 3110
Muldox. IT-S 0
j-ucner, id... z s h
Walter. Tf 2 20
Smith. p..l 10 4 0
Pimrt. 3b.- 200
OBfUlr. lf.l 0 0 1
lUndltoe. 2TS. 2 1 2 2
Kmcn. as. x o o z 1
eolUTan. 3b. 2112
RodTer. Ik O
Hides. .-.. 2 0
, D- J B 0 1
... 1 0 0
ToUU.... IT I'll 10 S
Totals.-.. nTu I I
flmltli oat far tllMsltT thatfinr TmTT.
Laaer...... ...... ......,".. 0 2 0 0 J
A!oTi5ns.......-....M.... 1 a o-i
Bnns Fkcber. Walter. Batanxtoa. nut hu.
on ernes Loffler, tr Aloralns. 1. Left on btaea
booer. 4: AjojKUa. L strook oolr-Br Smlih. r
br TbomxNon. s. lbne.tMj0 bits Wafter, Bmtth.
taMt-euvart. "JadiVrr. WM utteb-BmUh. fuul
baQs Mjers CD. Crspire-Ur. Newman. Time of
fame 1 soar asa si munizaa
Wins Opener in East Washington
Circuit from First Presbyterian.
The Inaugural game of the East Wash
ington Sunday School League waa close
and -exciting all the way. Ninth Street
finally winning from First Presbyterian.
2to I, errors by his team-mate causing
HTmanoiXj to lose a welKpltched game.
The base running and fielding- of "011"
Cassidy, and the fielding of Allen, were
the features of the game. tabbes fine
running- eaten in the first inning saved
Smith in a tight place, two men being
on at the time. Score:
.tat Pre. ABHCIAE
Rurn. rf 2 1 a
Marx, rt .1 1
U. RoVia. Ibl 1 1 1 1
tetth. i.,:nii
Tn"m am, lf 2 0 t
Tboroet. 3b. 2 1 0 1 1
Tbomaa. Six-3 12 1
Roberta, 2i 1 t t 1 0
Altai, at. 114 1
goojler. e.,2 1 t 0 2
pmwfl, p.. Z 0 i 4 s
.. I 9 o V I
Ninth St. Ian n n a K
Camidr 31k. alas
9iantrie. lb. 3 1 4
C Broome, rf. 2 1 (
3t.iirocme, 2b 2 2 1 3
Or.be ed 3 0 10
Mill. it.-.-. 2
Kaiviaw. it- 110 0 0
Uarrta, av -. 2 2
Gotbel, a.. 2 13
boltb. p.3 1 2
Totals.-.- r SUB 2
Potals..... a StlT 13
"Batted for -Allen Is diUi miI
IFuiehav out for no toolcx flnt lass.
XRoberts bit by batted balL
Sr J?"- .......... I t 0 I 0-2
u1- "KnFumH.nw,HHU,l 0 1 0 0 01
Btms-Cassidr. Allen. QnastrUle. Left oa baies
nmu. i; rim. a. tint bass oo balls-Off Smltb.
4: off Srmanoald. 4. Street mun, fbnits a k.
SjmaaoaU, 4. 8acrtsee bit Tboraeu. 8 total -baaci
Allen. Brmannaai OortL isKt mt
,-uc. 4ij Quwiij, sa. xiroome. umrue air.
nwi,u8. aim or carat i nour tth S w.iw
Carroll Institute Loses tn "Uarqtsette
Leaa-ue, 10 to B.
Capt Edwards opened the llarauette
League season yesterday, throwing the
first balL Bethesda won from Carroll
Institute ln"a slow game, 10 to fc. Mar-
tuv the first man to Ace Hicks, hit a
single, and went to third on Brewer's
two-saelcer. The game was won by the
suburbanites in the second inning, -when
they scored six runs. Score:
Carroll in. AB 1IO AE- DrthMdi ABHOAE
liaison, nx -. 3 2 1 1
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Js aS- l . riiili 15i. r i
Carmll. St..
Thoee. lr.cf..
raasanor. xf.
3 1 B .
PfrrfUTlt-.. 3 2 0
nmooos. q. j z T V 1
Dtr. In.-.-.. 3 0 4 0 0
Homer, ct..-. 3 1.10
Hicks, p..,. 1 i 1 o
tow, rf ... 3 1 1 0 a
3131 2 2
XziicultuTt ABHOAE
jHi .- z a i o
1 1
Brrao-'lL 2 1
Bailer, .llx-v I0TI4
McGrath. ctlflt
Hlmej. U.-.-2 2 12
DowneT. 9k.- 3 1 I 2 t
l-vur- n. T i
Jones, -.. 2 0 0ft
Totals-.. SJMla 3
Bo-rler. lt. 4 11
nolle, .. 3 I l s 0
JVtrV... 11011
O Oomior, jl. J 0 8 1 5
Waton 1 I Oil
ruiler) . Ititl
iS!-a. a"5ai"f
Batted for lTlmnaa tc ettfttli.
loiun xor easicu a eisfith.
y-im- s-' u i 1 1 c-i
Ar-lmltme.... -...-... 2 4 S 1 0 0 3 x-W
RBns-Btralt4t CO, Ptener. Tiller CO. Brjan 1.
Dossey 43, Jorxa. Flnt baa. on e-orv-War. 2f
T. nat bJ on TBalls-Off Peter, tv vs. 3ect J
O'Connor, 3. Innings fitchcd-Be Btcxv 2 ? Or
O Connor 4JJ Xtmm. at bat br srmAtm
Asalnat Bedc Uratsinat O Conner, a. Jltts aa.de I-
us aiecsv .; on uvosnor. s. tunes oat By Pe
ter 3: br Beck. 1 bj O'Connor. 3. Kti-jfl, nr
Tajte. SacrlSo. bitaFeter. ffdsanlieim. Dnner:
Etohn basw-WeJaenheuer. Btralfit Itovler, Bexlla,
'Bepk, Bosa, CnHI-irn. Doroer CD. DoubU jJar
Duwntj to Bailer Elf bj pltcher-Sr Teter, Hla
nun, vms pttcb-Beex. "Paeaed ban-UeGntlb
Cnipiiv-Ur CoDlfio-rec Tfcae ot (a-ns-1 boor and
X mtimtcs.
Pumper. Apply "Whlteiraali Brtuk
s 10 to O In Capital City League,
Tumpins Station defeated Nai-y Tard
In the first game at Capital Cltr Park
yesterday by the .score' of 18 to fl. The
game was uninteresting and listless.
Navy Tard went out ia order In its .half
of the first, but Pumping Station scored
two runs in its half on one hit and two
passes. No more runs were scored until
the third, when Putnclng Station made
three on two hits, an error, and a pass.
Again, in ine mm, ine. futnpers got live
tallies on five hits, aft error, and two
hit batsmen- "Kayy Tard put up a poor
article of balk- errors of Judgment prov
ing -costly. Buscher.pltched. a .line game,
striving out eight men and passing two.
The only feature was the batting of
Steele. Score:
Pimra. R. An HOIS
Dirts, Jo. -J 110
nartoa. If I 13 0
Basreue. 2b- I J 1
McCaru-r. Ibl 1 41
Stella. JJtfO
XL. 1 I
0 fl
Can . a.. . 3 0 110
Beam, in, . l o a l o
Oloraanetti. 8 2 1 3 2
Rosntrm. If... 2 t
Oomo-J-th. 301 j 1
jieiron a-cu. anvil
Chtan. p. 0 0 4
Brrun, !. . 1010
Touij... Sliitti
The Northland A. C. challenge any
thlrlen-yer-old team In the district.
Address. Harry Donahue, i New rorlt
Avenue "Northwest;
Total!.:... aiutt
Katy lard ......................... 0 8 0 0 S 0
Pnnptss Rtitinn ....- ..... S 8 3. 0 I x-10
anntDa-ds (2). Claitoa (a. lTcCartir. Bted.
Bittemnenr tS. Sotcher: E. Clara. Left on lm
Pcmptnx Station. 4; Nary Tard, X FInt bau
on tall OS Buicber. i, oil Cbta. A Isnlna
pltched-By CUB, I-J; br Brrut. i HUa
made Off Chita, t: eX Sijut, 1. 8tnskrOaV-
ur ut-KEer, s; cy cuao. x. Two-ba bns-etecle.
Alot-phy. E. dark. Bacrlfles hlU-Chlas). "Ma.
3 2 31
l a a e
ZUlfe-r. n.tf 1011
Allen. av. 1 1 i t
Totala. elnl 4
Canon.-,... ............... 1 e 0 04-S
Betbeadt ....... ... 241 x-n
Bsns Uarttn. Brewer, ilcXamara. Paa-ardor, Al
len, Eitaon tl), lIUEnrs Ov reatll (. Jtoroer.
Hlda, low. Pint baa. oo emrv-CamU Inatltate,
2: Betbeada, 2. Left on bates Carroa lutltnl, J;
Betbesda, L nnt,baie on baSs-OS ZUllox. l;oC
Vlartta,. 2. IsnlcCT pltdKd-By ZUllox. It J; br
llartla, 31 J, Bits mada-OS ii. 1; off Mnei.
1 Btraek oat Br ZUHur. h llrtln. l- m.
Hlctl, 1. Two-bue. blto-Parren, VcNamari. Hut,
nw. i.ii.i.n tdf. nom iiwi ii iiiitm, nwimiry
Auen. i-eneu. npioaor. . llll. sy pitrBer ur u-
ooj-, urm mm cau iienaBarv umttre-Mr.
Brooks. 31ms of came 1 boor ssd U curate,
Captures Sloir Game by )5 to 4
Count front Station.
Adams captured Its Initial gam In the
Tt. JR. Y. it. C A. "League yesterday.
ifom Station, in a slow and uninterest
ing contest, 15 to I. The only brilliant
play of the game -was made in the fourth
tailing, -when Stewart, after a fifteen
yard run, caught "UcMahon's Sy to cen-
xer score:
Williams, rt.0 3 0-3
etraton: 2b... t 0 11
Hot.. St.. 112 2 2
uin. id., z 9 s s
McMa&on. tt.l 1 0 0 6
jmbausl, r. 1 0 I 3 0
Vaner. v...t IMI
rtmenca. en. a . a s i
Peek. tw.
2 4
2 1
McBrideC p..- 3 0 1
JJanm. tb.,,4 2 110
Sboehan, rt i 3 tool
T(T n1fl,- ,
ToUU.-,. U llUltl --
Adana ...................,-.. (ill f-B
Station ,-.-...-......-.......,. 4 010-4
Snn-trrt. "Pedr CD. Balder tC. atanrey (37,
TloltU. Baron (3), Eebl Btritoo. Uaye, Blaalar
First ! br emn-eutlon. 2: Adams, t, Xert
no Use. EUUon, 3; Adams, a. -Rnt baa on
baDs-O McBriae. J', off UmbanfX 1; off IVar.
ner. 1. laclnc Dttebed-Br "MeBride. S: Vr !.
baosb, 4; by -Warner, J. "Hits mid. Off iJo
Bri ;,&, Cinbansli, 3: oS Waner, Thn
baa laibFntsaenKV Balder. , Tso-baa. blts-Haa-eey.
Bhaler. Baottoe. Jilt-More. JBtolen tair
Btntoo, Peeki'D. nlder S. Hasrey. Vlolelt CS.
MiHiM. m. -B-mU fl rvM J.ln a.
8toIan btses-Steels R). KitteBsnrer. 1 Bnsw "Wfla Jt(e--ttcBr4e. Lmbanrh O), War-
i - iicpo or .riwn. auftnec aiiwa bh i-sok. ajoenoa, ruua-s J2)
KtBettes; Taarot sasw-1 boc-raca M -tft-iiiiraiaiiv
The Wltchlne Honr."
Augustus Thomas wrote "The Witch
ing Hour," Th Messrs. Sruhert an
nounced that they were going to produce
It, wltl) John Mason and Amelia Gardner
playing the leading roles, and immedi
ately the theatergoing public declared
the thing Impossible. Nobody saw the
merest ghost of a chance for a play
dealing with the problems of hypnotism
and thought suggestion. Nobody hsd
eer heard of the Injection of. such a
theme into a drama. Consequently every
body -went to see how the idea would
work cut, with the result that the longer
the piece ran, the greater became the
Interest tn it and the problems which it
proposes. All this happened in ,New
Yorlt, when "The Witching Hour" was
first produced more than three years
It was In April, 19J, that "The Witch
lnr Hour." with the original company.
made its -first bow to Washington, prov
ing the same fondness on the part ot
the public, here for a drama with the
mystic element as It had proven In New
York, winning such applause that thea
ter-goers -who saw it tnen tianea witn
delight the announcement that It would
have a. stock Dresentation in Poll's Thea
ter during this, the third week of the
career of the Poll Flayers.
Tfit popular playhouse In Pennsylvania
Avenue was filled last night with an au
dience which gave "The Witching Hour"
the closest possible attention and inter
est, as well they might, for the scientific
discussion of telepatny is notpreseniea
In the play In the. usual prosy manner to
which one is accustomed. On the con
trary, the lines in the Thomas piece
teem with rara bits of sparkling dia
logue, and it la declared to be oneof the
most Instructive dramas (St the present
age. and at the same time one of the
richest in comedy.
In the principal role ot BrooKntio.
the h-ronotlo rambler. A. H. Van Buren
presented last night the character made
famous In the original production by
John Mason, the delineation suffering
nothing In his hands.
The character of the big hearted gam
bler calls for the true manliness of a
manly man. as well as for virile acting,
both of which requirements did not
seam to overtax Mr. Van Buren in the
The fact Is that his interpretation and
presentation of the leading masculine
role in '"Tin . Witching Hotir" Is the
biggest and finest thing to which Mr.
Van Buren has yet treated "his Wash
ington admirers,
Iietta Jewel, as Mrv Helen Whipple.
the mother of the unfortunate lad on
trial for murder., essayed the role, orig- I Blanche Yurks. his leading lady. Play-
inated oy Amelia Gardner, witn a sym- I injr parts wnicb called for sudden tran
pathy so strong and appealing that it ' sltlons from the most serious love-
wrnns- tears from her auditors.
Be it said ever so poorly a clever or
witty phrase will produce a ripple oc
laughter? but the actress who makes a
pathetic stage figure, so live that her
troubles get down under your skin, and
tug so desperately at your heart strings
that, the flood gates come down, is an
artist of no mean ability.
The second act. In which Helen Whip
ple pleads to 'Judge Prentice, a. former
sweetheart of her dead mother-, for tne
life of her boy. Is Miss Jewel's big scene,
and she handled it with a sympathy
that was only equaled by the exquisitely
tender quality of her voice.
One day last week Miss Jewel told
me that the rehearsal of "The Witching
Hour" held her enthralled. Last night
she turned the tables, for It was she
who held a big playhouse filled with
people enthralled.
Mark Kent as Judge Prentice gave a
splendid presentation of the gentle, op
jtlmistlc gentleman,' who taught Jack
Brookfleld how to use his dominating
mental powers for good. v
Amonp; the Poll Player cast In "The
Witching Hour." the work of Robert
Cu minings, as Frank Hardmuth, the
rascal of the piece, deserves special men
tlon. He "played the game and lost."
but he played It well, winning applause
that waa well deserved.
Four acts are required to ten the story
of "The Witching Hour." the scenes of
which are laid in Louisville. Ky., andin
Washington. D. C
Because the theme is so novel: Its
depth and strength so deep; Its comedy
and pathos so genuine, and also because
is strongly presented by the Poll
Players, "The Witching Hour" 1 well
worth seeing. j. a MANZ.
Walter' Heed Hospital Club Beaten
by 10" to a Score.
The National Athletic Club of the In
dependence League defeated the strong
Walter. Reed Hospital team in a one
sided game yesterday. It to J. Tbo fea
tures of the game were home runs by
Holloran and Thompson and the pitch
ing of the Utten Score
N A. a AB H O A E
2X.B S S .
n .113
x umao, er . 4 z
:-ntng. x.
a'loran. lb.
l e
4 3 3 0 4
... 4 4 1
Besannr. 3x 3 0 113
Firmlnx. rt.... 4 12 0
nut. p...- 46111
Roberta. F.
Hebinm. b? .. 4 4 0
Faotoe, ft.. J li2
fredltson. 3b. 3 0 1 I
lima, tf- 4 1 I
Mcis-ide. e2.J-f 4 1
r. Tb-pKO, p 4 1 3
.Total..-. S132T1T 4 1 Total.-- S3ITII
National.-..,-, .. . 4 2020103 2-U
Walter Beed ... t 0002000 1-3
Bnns t. Rnsa (3). Colftan (3). T. 'fitaao (2),
Bawllnta, HaOoran- CD. 'Shalln. Oaoa-a. VfeBrld.
41). Tbaspsoo. Eobetta. JtntOT.' rredertdsoa.
Earned rana National. C Flat beat br errors
-National, 5. trailer Seed. S. IMS. oa bate Na-
tlooala 4; Beed, 1 lint baa. oa balls-Off
Thamtwn, 4r off ad- t. Sim oat Be Tboeis-sno-
t br GUL 4. Bob. rofl-ThaBtiecfi- Hal-
Una, Tbne-bs Mt-HoUoras. To-baae blu
Bballn. U Homo, McBrtor. T. fUma. BavUnfa,
"SatrlSc. bit-Ouncm. Stolen basie IV Ruho ())
T. n-aas 1)1 MeBrld"CDj O-U-na 2, Skailn.
uoun. pun -eesno. u -aansass; aieJil I
BsOoriB. Fsated bet-VeSfUa W4nB .
"Beeanse She Loved "Htm So."
Stock companies, in addition to bring'
lng high-priced -productlojis at popular
prices, often serve another and excel
lent purpose In showing the tneater-
going public ot the present day Just how
far the stage has progressed during the
past decade or more.
Consider, tor example, "Because She
loved Hlni So," the- farce by William
Gillette, produced by the Butterfleld
Players at the Belasco last evening.
The piece was first brought out in the
fall of iSSS, and the fourteen years
which have elapsed since "then have
surely served their end In Improving
farce comedies, if they have done nothing
else. The Gillette piece, presented last
night with every nicety of stock pro
duction (It one forgets a moment's
lapseof memory on the part ot an actor
In whom it could easily be excused),
came fcbou-, as far from hitting the
mark attained by "Baby Mine." "Over
night," snd other successful farces o
the present day aa It wen could.
It Committed what would have been -recognized
as a faux pas to-day when it
mlxed pathos with farce, and It was
guilty ot another In Including long mon
ologues to explain Its action. That the
tun, "When it starts, is fast and fu
rious cannot be denied and, it loses
nothing! In its Interpretation by the But
terfleld Players, who uniformly get all
out of their Darts that there is In them"
but the" comedy ia too slow in getting
started and the serious parts "laid on
too thick' Truly nave we progressed
farcically speaking in the past decade
and a half, We may have no Booths or
Barretti the art of 'Forrest may havrf
degenerated Into, mummery but at least
we have farceurs who- know their work.
Tnat tne- auturneid. Flayers were
able to get all out of "Because She
Loved Him. So" that they did is a high
tribute t their ability. Handicapped
to a certain extent by an unexpected
change in the cast, the entire-company
acquitted themselvs last evening, with
an ease and; grace sometimes lacking
in companies wmen have had weeks or.
preparation. Particularly was this the
oas with. Everett Butterfleld aad. MIm
making to burlesque tragedy, they sue.
ceeded In holding the Interest ot the
audience to a remarkable extent and
In centering its attention on the rather'
tenuous story of the quarreling hus
band and wlfet who are reunited by the
simulated "family Jars" of their pa
The roles of the parents, fully as clear
cut as those of the lounger members of
the cast, were In the capable bands of
Walter Wilson, who will he remembered
for his excellent character work with
the Columbia Players In years past, and
Miss Anna Bates, whose Aunt Oretchen
last week was one of the hits of "The
Spendthrift." Outside of the four prln
dpal roles, particular praise belongs to
Miss Bess Monaghan. whose charactec
hlt of the Irish servant did much to
enliven the first half of the second act.
and to Miss Glendlimlng. who made a
most charming maid the cause ot an
the marital trouble. Freredlck Forrester
as a middle-aged lawyer. Lewis Marbury.
a newcomer, as a bachelor brother, and
Miss Nina Melville completed a cast of
uniform excellence.
"Fifty Miles from Boston." by George
M. Cohsn. Is announced for next week's
programme. Comparison of the more
modern farce with the one of the vintage
of ISM trill surely serve to show Just
how far we have progressed In the' mean
'Green Stockings."
When Margaret Anglln. turned come
dienne, and that sterling actor. If.
Reeves-Smith, presented "Green Stock
ings" at the Columbia, last January,
those who had the good fortune to see
A. EL W. Mason's sparkling comedy left
the theater vowing If one ot the treats
of the season.; And just as surely as his
tory repeats itself. "Green stockings."
as presented by the Columbia Players.
if the opinion of the capacity audience
present last evening be a criterion, is
one of the treats of their season.
The Mason comedy makes an excellent
vehicle for a stock- organisation of the
caliber ot the Columbia Players. The
lines are clever, their humor keen, the
second ahd third acts teem with laugh-
aoie situations, and mere are many
"fat" parts for distribution. What more
could any stock company, and far more
important, any audience, desire?
"Green Stockings." as many will re
member, is tne story of one Cella Fara
day, an elder In a large family, who.
in order that she may escape the odium
which the possibility of splnsterhood
nas aireaay inrust upon her. manufac
tures a fiance out of the -whole cloth.
a jou bmun, wnom. she tells her sis
ters, has Just sailed for Africa with
his regiment. By mistake a letter she
has written to appease her sister, I
mailed to CoL John Smith, and. ot
course, there Is a Col. John Smith who
receives It. Col. Smith arrives at the
Faraday bouse In time to find that Cte-
lla's fiance has Just died, Cella having
naa a aeatn notice to tnat effect pub
lished In the Times.
Co", Smith poses as the late Smith's
most Intimate friend, and there ensues
a delightful duel of words between Cella
and Smith, a scene played in splendid
fashion by Edwin H. Robins and Frances
Neilson. And there is that other -de-
llctously funny scene In the third act.
when Cella'a Aunt Ida. having made the
acquaintance of the brandy bottle to her
discomfiture, looks for a place to lie
down -''If only tor five minutes." It Is
all fun throughout the three acts, and
unquestionably one qf the best oppor
tunities the players nave had.
Mr. Robins has in Cot J. N. Smith. D.
S. O.. a light comedy Vole worthy ot his
best efforts, and these he put forth last
night to score with a smooth and thor
oughly satisfying performance. And
Miss Neilson. fully grasped her oppor
tunity as Cella, being especially effective
in .her second act scene wth smith, and
making a, most attractive figure when
she appeared transformed after announe-
ktg.her otagagtment. His Blanc's "Mrs.
Chlsbolm Faraday, alias Aunt Ida, re
ceived several rounds ot applause after
her excellent work in the third act. The
other roles were in the capable hands of
Aline McDermott as Phyllis Faraday,
George W. Barbler as William Faraday,
J. Hammond Dalley as the Hon. -Robert
Tarver. and Carson Davenport as Ad
miral Grlce. Stanley James made a bit
stand out as Martin, the butler.
A distinctive and high class of vaude
ville with a bin replete "with specialties
that brought forth-hearty sppiause was
presented yesterday 'at the Academy to
three large audiences that expressed
their appredatio-r of the new manage
ment's enterprise by repeated applause.
The headline attraction was Jessie
Laskya novel Planophiend Minstrels,
featuring Ben Linn There are four at
tractively costumed singing, jjanolng
and piano playing girls, and the same
number of young men whose efforts com
bined give a- delightful melange, of mu
sical numbers and dances that "caught
on." Singing "Beana. - Beans. Beans"
gave Ben Linn the opportunity to prove
his clever special work.
Hermann's cats. dogs, and the goat
In tricks and feats show the wonders ot
animal training and make up a feature
that particularly pleases the children.
Nester and Dalberg. in a dainty song,
talk, and dance number, were accorded
a hearty welcome.
In a protean comedy styled "Made
Good." acted by Billy "Swede" HaU and
company, a great deal of fun mingled
with a little bit of "near tragedy," rnade
a hit
Billed as "Relics ot TV the Creighton
Brothers in a clever representation or
two ruralites, with quaint talk and cos
tume, keen Jokes. "Yon Gotta Quit
Klckln' My Dawg 'Round" song, and a
musical number on an antiquated, cornet
and violin, mads a great big- hit. n
rarely one sees .such a quaint team, and
tbey are worth seeing often.
The photo plays presented are subjects
that are selected with the particular de
sire to please, and a fuU orchestra ac
companiment adds to the Interest. Ren
ovated and redecorated, the Academy
presented an attractive appearance and
the management offers the assurance
that vaudeville at the Academy Is to be
the kind that will, because of Its quality
and variety, please every one. '
The standard for elite vaudeville set
by, the Casino is maintained by the high
character- of their bill this 'Week, which
Includes as the beadllner. Palmer "Bines
and his slxvmerry dancing and, staging
maids. With four Chang ot costume,
songs, and dances, the Act goes with a
snap and swing that brings forth plaud
its of praise.
In balancing and sensational straight
acrobatic work Franklin and De Ore
are entertaining. As a laugh maker. In
songs and clever imitations. AL H. Wild,
billed as "that tunny fat fellow." was
cordially received. i
In a comlo singing and nsnclng stunt
Warren and Faust scored a regular
Casino hit.
And as a novel animal act on comedy
lines Becobina's Horses are surely a
feature, and as an extra act made a hit.
The usual snowing ot excellent pnoto
plays ras made, and large audiences at
alt performances were in attendance.
"Jersey Miles."
James Cooper and his popular "Jersey
Lilies' are bade at the Gayety this
week, aijd with Charlie Howard as Hi
leading 'comedian and Cooper himself as
th.tame old "Grouch." gave a good en
tertainment. Fannie St. Clair Is fea
tured with. Lucia Cooper as tf 0 Mrs.
Krugers in the first -part, whlct is called
"A Complicated Affair," each having
several songs wljlch had- th audience
with thtmu
"Delia Scha.ll And Charlie -Howard-had
a song and dance number- which "Was re
peatedly encored. Marty Reagan. John
nie Walktr. and Jim .Dixon each had a,
good part and helped with the general
funmaklng; Charlie Howard's imitation
ot a drunk In the second -part" was ex-
CeatUsed oa Fae TusIts.

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