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Temperatures yesterday Mix-
I imam, 79; minimum, 6a.
NO. 2085
Taft Men Claim that Roosevelt's Programme
Will Be Disarranged by Desertions from
His Forces Illinois Not with Him.
Chicago, June 20. The close of the third day of the Republican
National Convention left the old organization in absolute control of the
situation. So far, at least, as this convention is concerned, Roosevelt
is politically dead. The only work left to the old organization is to
see that he is properly embalmed, and to see also that the mourners are
Already the grief of the devoted political family of Col. Roose
velt is being assuaged, and it is the expectation of the Taft managers
that by to-morrow night they will be completely reconciled to the loss
of the dear departed. N
To-morrow will be given up to
the credentials committee this by
Roosevelt leaders are being solaced. It is the confident belief of the
Taft managers that by Saturday morning the stricken Rooseveltian
supporters who last night, in their great grief, were declaring that
they would jump into his political grave, will be able to "sit up and
take notice."
T. It. 310' WIIiI, NOT STICK.
Already some of them are beginning to cast eyes at new political
favorites for the nomination to head the ticket Early this afternoon
the Roosevelt leaders adopted a resolution to have their forces sit
silent in the convention, refusing to vote upon the report of the com
mittee on credentials in case the report should be unfavorable to their
claims, but time is a great healer, even of political griefs; in fact,
it takes very much less time to heal
a ereat political wound than it does so Saturday night, even though the
to bring forgetfublCSS of a personal
Within four hours after the Roosevelt
leaders had voted to have their delega
tion sit silent la the convention when
the committee on credenUals presents
lis reran, the Taft leaden, after a care
ful canvass, made the announcement
that they had positive assurance which
warranted them In predicting that not
men than 150 of the Roosevelt delegates
would follow the plans agreed upon by
the Roosevelt leaders earlier in tne oay.
but would vote upon any question
which came before the convenUon. In
cluding the report of the committee on
Illinois to Star In Convention.
The Illinois delegation, at a meeting
late this afternoon, decided by a vote of
fifty-six to two to participate In the
proceedings of the convention. The dele
gaUon from Idaho has also decided to
abide by the decision of the contention.
Oklahoma Is said to be ready to turn
from Roosevelt for any nominee the ma
jority of the convention may agree upon,
and while Boss Flinn. of Pennsylvania, Is
still beating the air in uncontrollable an
ger, his delegates are taking a much
more philosophical view of the situation.
The California delegation and a part of
the Pennsylvania, therefore, are the only
part of CoL Roosevelt's valiant army
willing to go to the last political ditch
with the rough'rider. The general opin
ion is there will be no bolt, as the only
bolters are the colonel. "Boss" Fllnn,
and Gov Johnson.
When CoL Roosevelt issued his state
ment this afternoon setting forth his
poslUon. a number of messenger boys
were hired to distribute printed copies of
It In the hotel rotundas.
'But jesterday our noble chieftain de
fled the world, and now he has been re
duced to the low position of a pam
phleteer. ' was the sarcastic comment of
one of the Taft leaders, who witnessed
the distribution of the Roosevelt pam
phlets in the rotunda of the Congress
Hopeful of Harmony.
The old organization leaders are in high
feather to-night. They have not only
put CoL Roosevelt out of the running,
but they are now hopeful, almost confi
dent, that before the convection ends
they can bring'about a show of harmony
which will leave CoL Roosevelt a prao
Ileal monopoly of the dissatisfaction over
the convenUon s action.
This means, of course, that they are
of the belief that Taft can be eliminated
as well as Roosevelt. When the proper
time comes they will propose to Mr. Taft
that he carefully consider whether or
not he wishes bis name to go before the
convention. Their desire Is to have Mr.
Taft withdraw of his own volition In the
Interest of party harmony.
If he can be persuaded to see his duty
in this light, then they also believe that
he will release Supreme Ccurt Justice
Hughes from the pledge which Justice
Hughes gave him at the time of his
appointment that he would not be a can
didate for the Republican nomination.
If Mr Taft decides upon this course,
Hughes Is almost certain to be the nom
inee. Ungues Mar Br Nominee.
If Taft decided to get out and at the
same time gives Hughes a release, the
personal inclination of Hughes himself
v:il not be considered. He will be nom
When the suggestion was made to some
f tho big Taft leaders to-night of the
loeslMUty of Hughes declining the nomi
nation even If his nomination were
i. ought about In the way that has been
j 'tUned. one of the mest prominent of
l.iem said.
' Ko man ever yet has declined the
romlnaticn for President of the United
States, and no man ever wUL"
The probability is the convenUon will
rn'sh Us work by Saturday night. Some
cf the delegates are already becoming
impatient, and when they learned to-day
of the plans of the Taft leaders to carry
the convention over Ull next week with
the idea of flattening out the Roosevelt
ondldaer mre completely, they voiced
their dtesatisfacUon with this programme
a; some of them threaten to leave Chi-
the hearing of the contests before
way of marking time while the
concluded. . Thes threats chnseI th
'"- j"c Aim manager ana'rea uero
to decide that the work W, the convenUon
oe expedited o that everybody could get
away by Saturday night,
Will Not Bun Personally Conducted
Bolt Until After Begular
Long Statement Makes Clear, to
Colonel's Satisfaction, Manner
in Which He Was Bobbed.
Chicago, June 3). Col Roosevelt Issued
the following complete statement this
"The time has come when I feel that
I must make certain statements, not
merely to the honestly elected members
of the Republican XaUonal Convention,
but to the rank and file of the party and
the honest people of the entire nation.
I went Into this strife for certain great
principles. At the moment, I have to
bear the personal responsibility which
their advocacy has brought to me.
"On behalf of these principles I made
my appeals straight to the people them
selves. I went before them. I made my
arguments In full, and every one I made
was In the open, without concealment
of any kind. The opposlUon to me was
extraordinarily bitter, for I was opposed
oy pracucauy tne solid phalanx of the
big. conscienceless political bosses, with
back of them a practically rolld Dhalanx
of the big. conscienceless beneficiary of
inese special privileges in every form,
and, of course, the many big newspapers
which are controlled by or conducted In
the interest of the bosses and special
Won In Primary Stntes.
"Nevertheless, in the appeal to the
people I won. In many of the Republi
can States, and of the Democratic
where there Is a large and real Repub
lican party, primaries of different kinds
were held, and ,a substantial expres
sion of the will of the people was ob
tained. In these primary States some
3.000.000 voters, the rank and file of
the Republican party cast their votes;
I beat Mr. Taft considerably over 2 to
1. In these States I obtained six dele
gates to Mr. Tart's one, nearly three
fourths of my delegates came from the
primary States where the people had
a chance to express themselves.
"Mr. Taft's strength, as Indicated by
the two roll calls, already taken, con
sisted chiefly (aside from his ninety
stolen delegates) of the nearly solid
delegations rrom the Territories and
from the Southern States In which
there Is no real Republican party
South Carolina. Georgia. Florida, Ala
bama, Mississippi, Louisiana and all
the Northern States, like New York,
where the people had no chance to ex
press themselves at primaries, and
where the delegates were picked by
the bosses. In spite of these odds
against me, I obtained a clear major
ity of all delegates elected to the con
vention. "In my campaign I again stated that
if the people decided against me I would
Continued on Pace Three.
A1.23 to Baltimore and Reftnv.
Saturdays and Sundays via Pennsylvania
Railroad. Tickets rood to return until t-m
th. "CcnesiioSi Ited- " ew
. rAKji... a i, w..i- . i ..
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Committee on Credentials
Gets Out the Steam Roller
Chicago, June SB. Working on the the
ory that CoL Roosevelt Is a dead candi
date for the regular Republican nomina
tion for President, the Taft members of
the credentials committee of the National
Committee insisted upon running the
steam roller over the corpse.
Wednesday night twelve Roosevelt mem
bers of that committee bolted because
they claimed they were denied free, full.
and open hearlqgs of all contests for seats
in the convention.
To-night the Roosevelt members who re
mained, and the bolters who came
back were almost ready to secede again
because fail. free. 'and open hearings" were,
forced upon them.
The Taft men had taken the Ud off tor
time, new evidence, and everything else.
And after the committee had spent seven
and a half hours to-day mulling over two
cases involving a total of eight seats two
for the Ninth District of Alabama and six
for Arizona at large the Roosevelt men
offered to abandon all the remaining con-1
lesia except tnose lor California. Texas,
and Washington, a total of forty-two
Taft Gets Thirty-six.
The Taft members refused emphatical
ly to consider that proposition. They
held that all cases must be heard at
length, and proceeded to the hearings.
And they are going to go right through
to the end, no matter how long It
At midnight the following cases had
been disposed of-
Taft delegates seated for the Ninth
Alabama District. 2.
Taft delegates seated for Arizona. &
Taft delegates seated for Arkansas, 16.
Taft delegates seated for Florida, IS.
Following Arkansas the Fourth Cali
fornia District was called, but neither
Gov Johnson nor Francis J. Heney
who have accused the Taft men of steal
ing this district, put In an appearance.
so the sergeant-at-arms was directed to
find them While the Hunt for Johnson
and Heney was on the Florida contest
was taken up and settled. Georgia .foi
led ea.
Slaking election Mnterlnl.
The purpose of the Taft men Is to
give themselves a clean bill of health
in all the contest cases. They are work
ing against Col. Roosevelt, as they re
gard him not as.-a candidate for the Re
publican nomlnaUon for President, but
as an Independent candidate for Presi
dent. They are making election and not
convention campaign material.
"They Insisted that the credentials
committee is a court of original Juris
diction In contest cases," said former
Senator James E. Hemenwjy, the Taft
leader, "and we have taken them at
their word. We are going to 'make them
bear all these cases or make them aban
don them in open court."
After seven and a half hours on the
Alabama and Arizona cases, Sullivan of
Ohio. Taft man. complained because
Chairman Devine had not enforced the
semblance of a time limit In rule four.
"We agree unanimously that the chair
man has been too liberal with us," said
Halbert. the Roosevelt leader since
Heney went out and stayed out But
Devine only smiled and said "call the
Chicago, June 20. A campaign song that has made a great
hit is being sung every few minutes by afereat chorus in the Flor
entine room of the Congress Hotel, the Roosevelt headquarters.
It is: -
Teddy, Teddy, Teddy Roosevelt, Roosevelt,
Teddy, Teddy, Teddy Roosevelt, Roosevelt,
See that delegation over there.
See them throw their hats into the air;
" Hear Taft's delegates begin to swear;
, , It's the bear, it's the bear, it's the bear.
Teddy, Teddy Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt,
Ain't that cheer a-touchin your heart?
Hear that steam roller trying to start I
Come, come, come, come, let us shout,
All tlie crowd's for Roosevelt now.
Texas cases." The Taft majority alto
decided that they will sit in continuous
session until all the cases are disposed
of. That may take twenty-four, thirty'
six. or seventy-two hours, but they do
not care. Also It may keep the conven
tion In session until Tuesday of next
week, but they do not care for that
To Hare Tvro Mills Grinding.
"We Insist upon .proving our right to
every'seat we claim." said former Senator
Charles Dick, the Taft lawrer-ai-larm.
To facilitate matters, though, the Taft
men propose that when -taa convenUon
meets at noon to-morrow they will make
a partial report to let the convention
take un the cases one at a Ume also.
and thereby get both mills to grinding
simultaneously. There was a suggestion
to-night of an adjournment for dinner,
but the Taft men said "No." The sergeant-at-arms
was sent out for sand
wiches and coffee, and the roller rolled
A atralficant thlnar about the bearings
Is that Ormsby McHarg. the Roosevelt
lawyer, has, like 'Heney, "bolted" the
contests for good. He Is not appearing
In the hearings, but Is letting each State
make Its own flght-
Also It is significant of the twelve mem
bers who bolted. Carrlngton. of Mary
land, and Way. of South Dakota, were
back to-day. That Is taken to mean
that even should CoL Roosevelt' change
his mind again and try to pull off a bolt,
the delegates from the States whose
representatives stuck In, the credentials
committee, win rexuse to tuuow mm. in
deed the Missouri and Illinois members
announced flaUy thst they will not bolt
Vote on Alabama Case.
In the Ninth Alabama case, although
three hours was spent on It. no new facts
or new arguments from those made be
fore the National Committee were pre
sented. The lawyers and principals Just
talked longer. The only Important thing
as that while that Is the case about
which Col Roosevelt has cried "thief
most loudly, two of his men Mitchell, of
Delaware, and St Clair, of Idaho and
Cady. the La Follette man. of Wisconsin,
voted to seat the Taft delegates. The
vote for the Taft men was thirty-four to
ihl teen.
The Arizona contest was fought bit
terly, but it was the same old washing
of dirty clothes heard ten days ago.'
The vote was thirty-three to fourteen.
When the Arkansas contests were called,
the Roosevelt men. except for the Fifth
District, submitted their cases -without
argument, and fourteen Taft men were
seated by a vote of thirty-four to noth
ing, the Roosevelt men not voting at alL
Then the old Clayton-Rennels tight In
LltUe Rock the Fifth District was tried
again, and Clayton (Taft). won thirty
one to eleven.
Tntt Likely to Win AH. -
During the hearing of the Georgia con
tests Henry L. Johnson, a. colored law
yer, created much amusement by as
serting that .a, man must be a "con it! -tutlonal
lawtr'JMto vote legally In that
He said the Roosevelt contests were
conceived overnight by men. who re
fused to participate in the party con
venUon. Counsel for Roosevelt renewed their
charges of "gumshoe" convenUons run
by Federal officeholders.
Though the Taft men were disposed to
approve the placing on the permanent
roll of the entire anU-Roosevelt twenty
eight, the Roosevelt counsel secured a
respite by getting a postponement or the
vote unUl morning.
Indiana then was. taken up. former
Senator Bevertdge leading the attack
for the ousting- of twelve Taft dele
gates from Indiana.
Georgia will no doubt be again put
on the Taft Use with twenty-eight be
fore daylight, together with Indiana's
Predictions are positively made that
the credentials committee a majority re'
port wlU recommend the seaUng of the rule-or-ruln Roosevelt faction Is an
every Taft delegate placed on the tem- ff0rt to Induce Taft delegates to sup
porary roll by the National Committee. port t ,. compromise candidate.
I All day long they have, been Insidiously
UTCTDDW DDPTiT ADQ 'whispering into the ears of the friends
1 Jl lljljll llDUUlJnllU
Bebels Gain First Decisive Victory
Over Cuban Troops Near
El Caney.
Santiago. June 30. In a battle between
Gomez troops and rebels under Gen. An-
tcmarchl. near El Caney, this morning.
fifteen regulars were killed and the fed
erals were forced to retreat. This Is the
first decisive clash between the opposing
factions, and the victory of the blacks
has caused renewed activity on the part
of Gen. Monteagudo.
The brigade commanded by Antcmarchl
represents less than one-fourth of the
army In revolt, but this force has been
sufficient to spread terror In the district,
which Includes Daiquiri. El Cobre. El
Cutro, and Chrlsto
Estenoz, with 1.S00 men, set fire to
Tlgusboe. a town of 3,000 Inhabitants, and
then continued his march In the direction
of Altosongo.
Anticipating field service for every man
that can be put ashore. Admiral Usher
has ordered the white sailors' suits dyed
khaki color. The State Department, at
last aroused, has ordered daily reports
on conditions resulting from the recon
centratlon system, and the location of.
the rebel forces.
Gen. Monteagudo reports the surrender
of fifty-two blacks at Acago, but this
has not been verified.
Says He Will Be Nominee No Hat
ter What Happens Admits
Narrow Margin.
Chicago, June M. William Barnes, Jr.,
the leader of the Taft forces from New
Tork. declared to-night that no matter
what happens In the convenUon Taft
will be nominated. Barnes made this
statement when It was suggested to him
that Roosevelt would bolt.
"We have a very narrow margin In
the convention according to yesterday's
vote," said Barnes. "Our total vote yes
terdsy was 6M. The fourteen delegates
from Washington will not be allowed to
vote upon their own cases, whlch-'wll!
cut down the strength to S50. That Is
only ten more than the numberof votea
required to nominate a candidate"
-If the Roosevelt delegates from Wash
ington should be seated the S50 would
be reduced from 50 to 53t That Is.
six less than the number required to
nominate. It Is known that Barnes and
bis friends will not accept as a com
promise candidate a radical Roosevelt
man like Gov. Hadiey. Barnes declared
that the Taft men controlled the con
vention and that they would not relin
quish the moral victory they have fought
to -acniea.
SI.OO Blnemont and Return Snndav.
June 23. Southern Railway, Trains I
leave wasnmgion s
and 9U5 a, m. (local),.
m. (limited),
Proposition for Compromise from the T. R.
Faction Regarded as a Sign of Weaken
ing, and Does Not Affect Regulars.
Chicago, June 20. President Taft continues in absolute control of
the situation in Chicago. The convention made no progress to-day
because it is the desire of the President that fullest opportunity shall
be afforded in the committee on credentials to disprove the charges of
Mr. Roosevelt that the Taft delegates are not entitled to their seats.
As the committee on credentials was not ready to report the convention
met twice to-day, but immediately adjourned.
Mr. Roosevelt's threat to bolt has been a flash in the pan. As
a defeated candidate for the Presidency he cannot find a following. It
was known last night that Illinois and Missouri would not follow him
in his desertion from the Republican party. To-day notice has been
served upon him by the leaders of other State delegations that they
represent the Republican organization and cannot be counted as a
part of any third party movement. In Maryland, for instance, Gist
Blair says that the Republican delegates were elected under a State
law to represent the Republican
party and as State officers they are
bound to remain with the conven
tion until it adjourns,
Only one delegate In Indiana will fol
low Mr. Roosevelt, in Pennsylvania very
few delegates will follow Fllnn; while
iu Orecon. West Virginia, Kansas. South
Dakota, and other States there is no de
sire to be Identified with a losing cause.
This Is the reason why Mr. Roosevelt
this afternoon Issued a statement, de
claring that he would accept a nomlna'
tlon as a progressive candidate, even If
he did not get a single eieciorai vote.
He knows that as long as he seems to
have a chance to win he commanded
nrenrtn. which has departed from him.
now that It Is certain that he cannot
h named. There la hardly a delegate
now In the convenUon who win admit
that Mr. Rooseve.lt has the slightest
chance of the nomination.
Taft Men Stand Tat.
This being the case, the last resort of
of the President the assertion that Mr.
Taft cannot be elected if nominated
This Is the origin of the Hadiey and
Cummins talk which has filled the cor
ridors to-day. It has not affected the
Taft men because they know that they
have an ample majority of the conven
Uon, and there Is no reason why they
should desert the President, especially
after they have .come, here determined
to nominate him, and have stood firm
against all the villiflcatlon which has
been so unjustly directed against them
by the Roosevelt managers Mr Barnes,
of New York, voiced the sentiment of
the Taft people to-day when he said
that the New York delegation had come
here to nominate Mr. Taft. believing tnat
any other selecUon would be fatal to
the party, and now that Mr. Taft's con
trol of the convention nas Deen aemun
strated. It would be absurd to desert
him. He predicted Mr Taft's nomina
tion on the first ballot, and added that
the President would be stronger every
day urrtll the election occurred.
Still In the Saddle.
Analysis of yesterday's vote proved
conclusively that the President has a
clear majority. On the nominating bal
lot, as compared with the vote yesterday,
ha will lose five in Illinois, "even in
Man-land, two In North Dakota, and five
In Oregon, a total of nineteen. He will
gain one In Arkansas, four in Georgia,
two in Mississippi, three in New York,
two In South Carolina, two In Texas, and
one In Virginia, fifteen In all. or a net
loss of four. Deducting four from 561.
his vote of yesterday. 360 votes, or twenty
more than a majority This Is an ample
margin of safety, and the fact that this
ample margin exists gives to his support
ers a courage and determination that Is
In marked contrast to the weakness and
disintegration manifested by the opposi
tion. It does not seem possioie inai tne
Taft supporters will deliberately ghe
away the victory which they have In
their hands, nor that the President, for
whom such a gallant fight has been made.
will ever consent to the nomination of a
compromise candidate.
Promise n Surprise.
When the committee on credenUals re
ports to-morrow In favor of seating th.e
two delegates from the Ninth Alabama
district an unpleasant surprise ks In
store for the Roosevelt forces. The en
tire twenty-six votes of the Wisconsin
delegation will be cast for the Taft dele-
Kates, not because the La Follette men
want to help Taft. but because their
national committeeman. Mr. Rogers,
voted In the NaUonal Committee to seat
these delegates, and has assured the dele
gation that he voted honestly upon the
merits of the case. They have, therefore.
decided to sustain their national com
mitteeman, and this means that the vote
upon the Alabama case will be over
whelmingly In Taffs favor. This vote
will be also an answer to the charges of
theft and robbery which Mr. Roosevelt
has so emphatically made.
Mr. Roosevelt. It is now evident, made
a -tactical blunder when he made his
appearance In Chicago as long ago as
last Saturday. He has shot his ooit.
More than this bis actions since he has
been here have alienated, many who were
for him. Last night, when he plunged
through the corridor of the Congress
Hotel like a quarterback In a foqtball
game and then climbed upon the tables,
all the Ume shouting "Thief and "Rob
ber!" at the top of his shrill voice, and
to-day, when he issued aU manner of
l3 Baltimore and Return.
Baltimore and Ohio.
Every Saturday and Sunday. Good to
return until 3:00 .. m. Train Monday. AH
Trains both ways. Including the Royal
Tfie Herald bu the largeit
norning home, ctrenlation, and
prints all the news of the world
each day, in addition to many
exclusive features.
contradictory statements from his head
quarters, it was evident that he was
losing his self-control He came to Chi
cago to save himself from defeat, and
his failure to create a stampede has
been to Mm a cruel disappointment. Ha
's now endeavoring to puU President
Taft down with him. If the Taft dele
gates stand firm, as would seem to ba
their logical position, he win not be abla
to succeed.
Dr. John Haywood and Mrs. Mar
garet Palmer, of Washington,
Wed in Philadelphia.
SrerUl to Tha Wuafaitos RmlL
Philadelphia. Pa.. June ax Dr John
K. Haywood, a chemist In the Govern
ment service at Washington, and Mar
garet O'Brien Palmer, also of Washing
ton, were married here this afternoon
at the home of the Rer. E. P. Lear.
2517 Columbia Avenue.
The ceremony was witnessed by Mrs.
E. P Lear and Mrs. George H. Blh
the wife and tiaugnter of Uje clergyman.
Both Mr Hsywood, who is thirty-seven
years old. and his bride, who is eight
years his Junior, had been married be
fore. The former was 'divorced from
his first wife on February 1, UU, while
Mrs Havwood was legally separated
from her first husband on SeDtemhr
The couple came to Philadelphia this
morning, obtained the marriage license
shortly before noon, and Immediately
after the ceremony left the city
Friends of Dr Haywood, who Is chief
of the Miscellaneous Division. Bureau of
Chemistry. Department of Agriculture,
and of the former Mrs. Palmer, who
lived at 2469 Eighteenth Street Northnest.
said last night that the couple had gone
to Philadelphia to be married, becausq
they wished their wedding to be quiet
According to the Washington friends
of the couple. Dr and Mrs. Haywood will
return to this city July 1.
Cow Has Tailless Calf.
Hagerstown. Md.. June 20. A
calf was born on the farm of Jo
seph Shoop, near Shlppensburg.
without a tall or any sign of
such an appendage. The calf Is
a freak that Is arousing much
curiosity In the neighborhood,
and numbers of persons are vis
iting Snoop's place to see the ani
mal. Drop Bombs on Enemy.
Rome. June 20 The Italians have won
another victory against the Turks and
Arabs In Tripoli, according to a dispatch
received from Benghazi this afternoon.
The Italians won by dropping bomljs
from dirigible balloons, which soared
over the Turkish lines. Turkish casual
ties were heavy.
81.00 to Frederick, and HsgerstOTm an
Return. Baltimore & Ohio, from Union Stal-
tlon at 8 a. m- Sunday, June 23. Ri&
turnlnsr same day. "1
Bpok!ovs, Contest
Ends 6 P. M. July 3
The Washington Herald's
Bboklovers' Contest, in which
$2,500 in prizes will? be
awarded Jhe winners, will
close 6 p. m. July 3.
. There is yet ample time for
contestants to study the sub
jects thoroughly and to pre
pare their solutions.
with the full set of pictures
used in the contest
At the Office, By Mail,
50 Cents. 60 Cents.
iw-'fiiiifcMisiiWr -"-a:-.---.
. -safavo-aaasg,,
Vfaf -- . tsa
... ...a.

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