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Mickey Keliher, Local Boy, Now With Wichita, Kans., Club
Clarke Lends Keliher
To Wichita Ball Qub
Not the kind others
but splendid $5,
$6, $7.50, $8 and
a few $10 trouser
ings. How can we
doit? We-couldn't
if we had to cut
them from the long
piece. But these
are made from suit- j
ends. Some fine
goods, only you get
them for half the
money. All on the
same counter at the
one price. Go to
it, Mr. Manl
Big Line of 100
Former Local Boy Farm
ed Out by Pirates To
Be Recalled.
! Goat &
25 SII-oO
to Order
Morton C.
Stout & Go.
910 f at. n. w.
C. E. FOSTER, Maniger
sf m i www
Southeera, 13; Equitable, 2.
Egnitable. AB H O A E
fiunnaton. cf.. 4D101
Thompson, if . 4 0 0 Q O
lasn. SO ...... 1 U 3 I 1
BealL lb .4 012 1 0
ockxuil ss.... itn:
uesoigru. p.... i o f l
Soathern. ABHOAE
Ehugrne. 3b.. 4 0 2 10
nattr. If ... S X I 1 0
McLean, lb. 3 212 1 0
Hnnteman. e. 5 3 5 1 0
Hefiin. ss.. 5 0 3 2 1
Morris, rf.... UOM
Jloneh. p..-. 4 10 10
Hoffman. 2b... 3 10 2 1
r. Eir. n 2 0 0 0 1
lUjraSdi. C..UI1I
Totals.. 4113 a 13 1 Totals 27 tail
Eoothero..... . 0 2 2 S 2 0 2 0-13
Equitable................. 0O-OOOO11-2
-Bmu-efcsaue. McLean (3). BUdla (3). Rlsdon (I),
Huntsman (2). Heflio.'' Hnncb, .Seall. Coggim.
First base q errors 6onthern. ; Equitable. 1. Left
oa bsses Sonthem, 7; Equitable, T. First bssa en
balls-OS Hunch. 4; off Geasford. 2. Struck oat Br
Munch, ; Geasford. 4. Uome runs Riddle. Mcnch.
Tnbss hits Biddle, Bisdon. Sacrifice hits Mc
Lesn. 137. Stolen boes-Riddla R). Heflin, Morris,
fttmririTort, fih. Ball, Gasxins K.
Br C. "W. SWAJT.
Mickey Keliher. the local boy who bad
a trial with the Pirates this sprint;, bas
been sent to the Wichita club, of the
Western League, by Manager Clarke.
Keliher got oft to a bad start with the
Pirates, and was sent to Montreal, but
was taken 111 and ordered home to rest
Fred Clarice still thinks that MlcKey
will make a big leaguer, as the follow.
Intr from, a Smoky City paper will show
"Speaking of the youngsters belonging
to the Pirates, but now farmed out witn
other clubs. Manager Clarke said this
morning: 'I hae at least three kids
who will be stars In a few years.
Look at Mickey Keliher. for instance.
There Is a kid who will make a great
first baseman in a couple of years. That
kid Is a natural hitter, and when he gets
a little experience will be ripe for my
club. I look for hlra to be another Hal
Chase In a couple -of seasons.
A statement like that, coming from
Fred Clarke, speaks pretty well for the
local lad.
Loftier lost a good game to Manhattan
yesterday In the Independence League,
putting the Meat Choppers Just that much
furtheraway from the pennant. There
Is little hope for the Lomier aggregation
landing the bunting this year, although
Manager Hill refuses to give up nope.
Walter Hughes pitched a cleer game.
and showed the form which earned him
a great reputation last year. He allowed
but two hits, one teing ery scTatcny.
and was ne-er in danger. Hughes won
his own game by a clean single with a
roan on second.
While It may seem rather bold to pick
a winner in the It. R. Y. M. C. A. League.
from nresent Indications, it appears as If
the Southern club will land tne Dame.
Southern has been playing mighty good
ball of late, and has given the other
teams a real fight.
At present the three clubs are buncned
around the top of the ladder, and the
pennant Is anybody's.
Buck Becker won another game for the
Atlanta Club the other day, beating
Montgomery, 7 to 4, in a good contest.
Buck got two hits out or rour times
up. which shows that the long boy Is
hitting the pill a little In the Southern
Joe Boehling Is another sand-lotter
who is winning his games with pleasing
regularity. Joe Is pitching for Jesse
Burkett's Worcester club, and to date
has won five and lost two games.
Monk Walter continues to get his dally
hit for the Norfolk aggregation, slam
ming out a double Wednesday, scoring
the only two runs made Dy nis team
Monk has made a hit with the Norfolk
fans, and they are all pulling for him.
It is needless to say that tne local dos
are pulling for the former local sand-lotter.
Big doings are scheduled for the
Northern Association at the meet
ing to-night at the residence of Presi
dent Anglln. The two leading teams
Pnrle unrt IVaverlev are flehtintr for toD
honors with tooth and' nail, and the
question of a game has entered Into the
Park has played nineteen games and
has five to play, according to the sched
ule. This is wrong, as each team should
play twenty-five games during the sea
son of the Northern Association.
On the other hand, the Waerley ag
gregation, when It has played oft the
six remaining games, will have com
pleted Its schedule of twenty-fle battles.
Now, Manager Stanton, of the Water-
ley club. Is fighting the Park team, on
the grounds that it should be made to
play the full schedule of twenty-five
games. This is no more than fair, and
it is understood that President Anglln
will look Into this matter at the meet
ing to-night.
Walter Hnglies in Form and Allows
Meatchoppers but Two
Scratch Hits.
Walter Hughes was In good form yes
terday and let Loftier down with two
hits, one being of the scratch variety,
Manhattan getting 'the game by a l to
0 score.
Twice during the game Loftier men
reached third owing to mlscues behind
Walter, but on both occasions he tight
ened and struck out the succeeding bat
ters. Manhattan's run came across In the
second Inning. With two down, Mene
fee singled and went to second on Bab
blngton's boot of his smash, and scored
when Hughes hit over second base
Lof fler AB H O A E
Neal. 2b. 2 0 0 10
Fischer, lb... 3 0 0 10
Wslker. rf... 3 10 0 0
Shipley, u .. H 1 t I
Mejen. c... 3 1 S 1 0
Buseher, p... 3 0 1(0
llrad, cf..... 2 0 0 0 0
Nsa, a 3 0 0 1 e
Steele 1 0 0 0 0
Minh'n. AB H O A E
Tlerrlmin. M.11 111
J Donnelly. 2b 2 0 4 0 0
CLDampier. 3b 2 0 0 2 0
S Damr4er. lb 2 0 3 0 2
I'limkelt. cf 3 0 0 0 0
U Don'Ij. if.. 3 0 1 0 0
Powell, rf ...30000
Uenefee. c... 2 1 10 3 1
2 2 0 2 0
21 521 9 6
Tntaia..... 21 21810 1
'Batted far Babblngtoa In serenJu
uan ooooooo-o
Manhattan. 0 10 0 0 0 x-1
Ran Menefee. First base It errors Lnflex. 4.
Left on bases Lnffler. S: Manhattan. ( First but
en hills Off Boucher. 2. oS Hughes. 3. Struck
out Bj Buscher. 8; by Hasbrs. 10. Two-bAM hit
Herrlnun. bscrifice hits Herrimsn, J Donnelly
Stolen btse Busier. O. Dimpier Fused halls
Meyers (21. Umpire Mr. Belts. Time of sime 1
hour and 35 minutes.
Defeats Car Department by Score of
O to 1 In Rallrond Lencne,
By losing to Southern yesterday In the
R, R. T. M. C. A League. Adams for
felted Its claim to first place, and the
Office Boys jumped Into the lead. Stroe-
bel's 6 to 1 victory was well earned, and
should hate resulted In a shut-out had
It not been for erratic fielding In the
fifth. Harney, Gregory, and Platz were
the star clouters. Score:
Southern. AB II O A K
Nauctten. If . 4 2 0 0 0
Crimes, 2h .. 4 0 0 2 1
Grrcory. lb.. 3 2 5 2 0
llsu. cf.... 3 2 10 1
MeMn. as.... 2 0 3 2 0
MeGresor. c. 3 0 S 0 0
rf .2 1 1 1 0
Rlbaon, 2b ... 4 0 0 3 0
PeckTSb. 3 0 3 12
Snyder, as .... 3 0 4 5 1
Hanier. lb.... 3 211 1 0
Stewart, rf.... 3 10 0 0
lioleu. It.... 2 0 10 1
Barron, cf..... 2 110 0
Brysnt, p 3 10 3 0
Totals. S 211S 4
StroetH. p... 3 0 2 2 1
Totals Siail
Southern 10 0 0 0 14-0
Adams H 0 0 0 0 10 0-1
Runs auchten, Gresrry (2). McGregor, llolbrun-
ner, blroroei. tioieu. tun base by errors South
ern. 3, Adams, 2. Left on basesSouthern. 4.
Adams. 7. First baxs on balls OS Stroebel. 1, o3
Bryant, 3. Struck out By Stroebel. . by Bryant, 1
Twobase hit Bryant. Sacrinca hit Barron. Stolen
bases Nsughten (2), Oymea. Gregory, Plata (2),
McGregor, Bischoff, llolbmsner. Fltrgerald. Barron.
Doable play Biachoff to Melrln. Hit by ritcner
By Bryant. BlaohoO and Gregory. Wild rJlch-Bry-anL
Umpire Mr. llandiboe. Time of game 1 hour
and 23 minutes.
Cornell, 7; Marines, 2.
The Marines received the short end of
an S to 2 score yesterday In the Capital
City League, at the hands of the Cornell
Tigers. Score:
Marines. AB H O A E
llammu. rf ,2b. 4 0 0 11
uaugn, n..... I 0 I O 0
Grief. 2b.c... 4 0 4 0 0
Keamon, 3b,34 2 0 2 1
Met ey. If. 4 0 3 0 0
Croghan, lb... 3 0 S 1 li
inompson, as 3 0 1 4 1
31 32110 4
Cornell. AB H O A E
Hollander, ss. 2 0 1 1 0
GlOTannetti e 2 0 4 0 0
Gaatem'r. 2b. 5 2 1 0
Msrc-n. e If.. 5 3 3 0 0
McDX rf.lb. 4 18 0 0
Eomon. ruts looi
Salb. 3bcf.ss3 14 2 0
Maje. If Jt .42100
Howtu. lb.. 0 0 10 0
ttoyes. fccf .. 5 1 2 1 0
Martin, rf.p.. 2 10 10
Jackson, p... 10 0 10
Totals..... 38122T12"l
Marines................ 02000090 0-2
Cornell...- 121iO0O0 x-S
Runs Gsatemeyer. Marceron (3). fislb. Martin.
Korea. Gloraxsettl. Keamon. UeVer. Lrt on lmaa
Cornell. 12: Marines, 4. First, base on balls-Off
Gels. Jl lamnjrs pttcheo By Edmoustoe, 2; by
Martin, 2: by J scion, i. B1U mads Off Edmos
aton. 1; off Jackson. 2. Struck out By Edrnonaton,
2: by Msrtln. 31 by Jackson. : by Gels. 7. Two-
base hits-Gaelemeyer, Korea, Keamon. Stolen bases
Gatemeyer. Moye, Giorannefti, TTawrmn Trouble
Mays uaatrmeyer to Holland to Howell: Kesmon to
Tbompscn to Croghan. Bit by pilcher By Gels.
uu asa tfacsxon. tvua men-oels. l'sesed ban
Mamrron. Umpire Mr. CbSlSower.- Time as asi-
1 hour and 33 minutes,
Terminal Company to Play Adams
Express at Railroad Dia
mond To-morrow.
Final arrangements have been com
pleted for the first annual baseball game
between the officials of the Washington
Terminal Company and the Adams Ex
press Company, Saturday, July 7, i
p. m, at Fifth and Florida Aienue
Northeast. Mr. C M. Harris, master
mechanic, will head the Terminal nine.
and Mr. James F. Waters will manage
tne Express company aggregation.
This affair promises to be one of the
largest eents held under the auspices
of the two companies during the jear.
Some of the plajera. aecordlne; to expert
authority (John Nolan) are In the three
hundred pound class, and hae been
tnlning secretly to reduce their "aor
dupols In order that they may be primed
for Saturday's conflict Physicians will
be on the scene of battle to render first
aid. should any of the '"has beens or
neer wases" be overcome by the heat,
or drop from sheer exhaustion after
strenuous exertions Should such a case
arise and the player affected be unable
to compete In the remainder of the game,
one of the five "athletes" who will be
held In reserve to meet any emergency.
will be sent Into tho fray.
All players are requested to report on
the battlefield not later than 1.30. and
be prepared to spend the entire after
noon on the lot. as the game may go
extra Innings. Another request Is that
all participants don uniforms Arrange
ments hae been made so that the mon
ster crowd which Is expected to attend
can be seated. All persons who can
prolde an excuse, no matter how moth
eaten, are Intlted to turn nut. This in
Mtatlon Includes the ladles
Od the umpire, why, no other thin
the efficient and brainy manager of the
last station club of the R R. V. M C
A. League, Mr John T Nolan, will
officiate in that capacity. If affilrs come
to such a stage that the "Judge" needs
any assistance, his coworkers will bo se
lected from the bench warmers by the
opposing managers It Is to be hoped
that "Uncle John" will not have to be
rendered assistance by any of the re
serves, as his reputation as a baseball
magnate might suffer. However. Mr
Nolan has been practicing the motions
used by umpires in calling balls and
strikes, and In declirlng a rusner safe
or out, and Is confident that he will need
no ass'stance
The competing teams will be selected
from the following officials.
Washington Terminal Compary 4. M Keprl.
superintendent: J J. Lain, auditor; W J Wilson,
trainmaster; O H. Spencer, engineer, E. Birch,
ticket agent; B R. Tolson. chief clerk to surerin
tended: O J Eoder. chief clerk to auditor; J O
Totten, derk superintendent's office, O H Wins
lme, secretary T M. (. A.. Dr. P II Steltx, medi
eal examiner: Dr T B. Dowung medical exam,
mer. T. E. Klnsey, suirintend-rt Pullman Com
Iny; J T. Nolan, euncrrlanr telcgraifc and tele
phone; W. R. lilt, chief derk master mechanic.
Adams Express Company O B Iteorge, g irsl
agent. O H. Kalian, ag-nt. a E. Phillips, cashier,
Vt". T. Gsry. foreman; VT. L. Wright, agent, Mnth
and D Streets: R A McPherton. corresponding
bureau; J P. Waters, chief accounting bureau: J.
Adams, chief O II. department: R T Taylor,
chief expense department; J IL Tayier, diief
charges and prepaying buresu; E. R. Hendley. tress.
nry aicrt; W C Pratt, chief bJl derk, (. W. Got
don, ehiprang clerk, W. E. Hatcher, chief book-keeper.
mm tales, sraa tukkish trd$hies Jjp
p) " "" THO pulled the fire Majesty's wives, and holds jWlm
Ww$t f alarm?" queried to5 them for heavv ransom." Wi$M
mm T Ink'aludclam- "Don't scare me like that &f
j or was heard within the palace again!" said the Kink. "I H
R S' thought the Turkish Trophies' S
J "Dire news, your Majesty," factory must be ablaze, and be- WWm-
Kip sd the Secretary of state. "'Old lieve me! that would be a cala- ffSjPf
ffiiip Uppercut,' the Bandit Chief, mity worth talking about," and fillip:
' J has carried away ten of your he went on with his breakfast P
Methodist, 7; Metropolitan, 1.
Watson was too much for Metropolitan,
and the Methodists won easily, 7 to 1.
Watson only allowed two nits, and struck
out eleven, an error preventing a shut
out. Score:
lat M. r. AB n O A E
Pt-CIair. If... 4 0 8 0 0
MeKee. lb .. 5 1 S 0 1
Jackson, ss .. 5 Z 0 4
Ilounlree. a. s z -
rerguson, Jb. 4 I 1 0 0
r.MUler. rf.. 1 3 0 0 0
Kdth. cf 4 110 1
11 Miller, c. 4 1 11 1 0
Yiitson. p.
Metrop'n. AB II O A L
Wood, c 4 010 ; I
McCaffrey. a 3 0 I 1 0
Campbell, 3b. J 1 10!
Itathbooe. lb. 3 0 8 0 0
Llgon. SS.P.... 2 0 3 3 1
Kericr, rf .... 3 0 0 0 0
Llojd. rf.p.... 3 0 0 0 0
Gate If 2 0 1 0 0
Coitey. p. ..3104 1
Williams, cf... 9 0 0 0 0
X 2I410 1
FintM. P. S0000010-7
MetropollUn. 0 0 0 0 0 I 1 0-1
Rims-Lton. McKee. Rountree. F. MUler 151.
Keith, O. MUler Left on bases-Flnt M. P. 9.
Metrooolltan. 3. First base on balls Off Llord. 1:
off Watson. L Innings ratchul-By Cooler, 5; by
ugon. z; oy s-wj". . "lis msae ua cooiey, 11,
off Ligon. L Struck oat-By Watson. 11 ; by Cooler.
4: by Llgon, 3. Two-baseibits-5. MOler. F. Miller.
Stolen bases-McKee. Jackson (a, rergnson. White.
Doubts plays-W'cod (onaasisted) ; Rountree to Mc
Kee. Hit by pitcher-By Cooley (St. Clair) ; by
W'stson (Gates). V0d pi'ch-Ojoley. CmpirrMr.
Jaeachke. Time of game 1 hour and 39 minutes.
Frank Bancroft, always far-sighted.
Las already started a movement toward
pulltng off a lot of field events when the
Pirates play the last game of the sea
son In Cincinnati on October 6. This
has come to be an annual event with
evaxy club that finishes the season at
Xedland Field.
Well, we didn't lose them both.
Johnson had the Tigers beaten when
a hit was needed.
Three knocked out In the same round
Schaefer, Alnsmlth, and Griffith.
Westward Ho Is the slogan of the
And maybe we will come back In first
Chick Gandll did a little hitting in the
samo battle.
And alo a little plajlng around the
Initial sack.
After singling, Cobb died stealing in
the first.
To runs in the opener without ahlt.
And Mr. Dubuo was a trifle erratic,
not to say peeved
So wai Cobb. He threw his glove Into
the air when Mo-gan was passed.
Moriarty whiffed In tho second
Stanago also struck out.
Shank got the fir't hit off Dubuc a
double to center. In the second session.
Cobb, the first batter to face Vaughn,
hit safely to center
Tho Georg'a peach walked home from
third when Wahoo Sam singled.
McBride made a beautiful one-hand
stop on Moriarty and thew him out to
Moeller stole his second base In the
Moriarty, who had walked, was thrown
out at third by Moeller on Stanages
single Jennings Licked like a steer on
the decision.
Schaefer-mocked Hughey In every move
he made.
Shanks made a beautiful running catch
on Dubuc's offering In the sev enth frame.
Howard was applauded.
Moriarty and Stanage each fanned In
the ninth.
Big George Mullln opposed Walter
Johnson In the second game. George Is
a little over weight.
Chick Gandll broke Into the bit column
with a slashing single to renter In the
first frame, scoring Foster and Milan.
Kocher fanned in the second, the first
Tiger to whiff
Mullln had trouble with his bonnet.
Schaefer his a new way to coach. He
faces tho stands
Bill Donovan returned to life long
enouqh to mike a pretty catch of
Shanks' lino drive In the fourth inning.
When the final score of the Boston
Cleveland gime was poster on the score
board a mighty cheer went up. It read:
Cleveland, 1, Boston. 0.
Ty Cobb got his first hit off Johnson
In the fifth inning, but was caught nap
ping and snitched off the bag by Wal
ter. When Gand 1 drove the pill to right
BUI Donovan waved It on Its way.
Koche" failed to show anything that
entitles mm to be called another Stan
age. Milan stole third with ease In the
seventh session
Germany wns banished In the seventh
for dlput!ng Billy Evans' decision.
Dutch was In tho right
And then Kvans banished Alnsmlth.
Verily, Billy had his troubles.
Uvans Is generally a good man. but
he was away off yesterday Even Jen
nings laughed at him.
Knnaus City Polo Pour Ins, 4 1-1
to S 1-1.
Narraganett Plerr, July K. Kansts
City btat Point Judith In the overture
polo, cup to-day by a score of 4it to 2i.
The l'ne-up:
Kansas crrr (handicad
l-Philip II. Nolind 2
S-T. A elle 3
S-S. H Velle 2
Back-J. Foster Simes. 1
Total - J
point jenrrn (ihndicapi
1 Cspt. l Lsnshorne. 1
2-Col. a O. Trest 2
S-MaJ II T Allen 3
Bsek-Lleut. Gcrdcn Jobniton 1
Total - 6
Kansas Cltr-OoaU- By S II Vetie. 4: by T A.
Velle, 2. by P. II. Noland, V, Lost by penalties.
2V becre, 4H.
i"oint Jndrth By Handicap. 3. i.oal-uy John
ston, i Lost by penalties. la Score. 2V4.
Time Eight TV mlnuta pcrioda. Beferee Alex.
FIRST RACB-For twTvyear-ol.it. arvwt re fur-
V T Bocaner 111 I'hiloins. Its
Wfdlsssle . . . I'D i Pjm On .111
I See It. . .110 Michael Rj-e . .. 113
SECOND R VCK TUree-jeards and up; fire
and ha'f furlongs.
Little Manon- .. ? I Bodkin Ill
I'ony t.lrt .... o I Nila W9
Vltghtful-. .. lfl Faneuil Hall. 110
l.lft rUi -Jalo Blend. Ill
Jennie Well . HlU Ji HI
T1I1RI RVCE For thn-e-jesr-o.ds snd up. nie
soil hslf furlongs.
Calethumpian. "S EtelTn f-Tr. li
lankes Lady 1" I I"or Ward 1"9
titers. .... 1M Cousin Peter . .. . Ill
Scarlet Pmrernel .. 100 I
FOURTH R.CG-SdhnB. three-year-olds and u.
six and half fu-lonss.
Msd Rlter. . . . 102 Tee Mst .. 1"2
Lyne 1M I l,ciis llMrcvT'ets . lit
Va Kilty .. . 112 1 The Gardner 113
Terdcr 112 1 Caasi-mary 115
FIFTn RACFFrr three-year-olds and up. Hie
and hatf furlongs.
Bay ft Pleasure .... 08 , eneOan. V
Silas llrjmp. W Joe ,altens Ill
Kaufman .. 106 I Incision .. Ill
Vjreneauue. . 109 1
SIXTH RACl-For four-yearoJis and up; sell
ing, one mile
Irish Kid Ill I fioln-mda- . ... 112
Lrty Orunar 110 I Ihike rf nridgewster.. 112
U it. S. Wlieh ... Ill Howard Shean... .. Us
Apprentice allowance claimed.
FIRST RCK-Iure Vn, tor tw-rraroU anl
iirmard abrit fie fiirU-n,;. Fred LTjr, IIS (ai
rtcctpn). Z to 1, won. Tfce !?, US (Small). 4 tn 5.
arennd. SL Ktmho. 113 (MonOM.). 5 t.i 1 IhinL
Time. 059 4A Prodfierii, Mattie U, aad Hoa't Fbr-
cet lira ran.
SECOND nACB-Thrw-rear-oMi an.1 tinrard.
five lMrlur, rurw. SOW. Xsvcetta, lf-4 (Ra-vlu.
urn, won. rno un. IA (Mcodonr. I tal, tveond.
Mta. 101 (Wanirnton). 5 to 1 Oiirt Tune. OJA IS.
Calrrt and L& S Ja left at (twt. Itodkin and iyun
aln ran
THIItl) RACT-Three-rear-frUi and Brwanl fl
furlcnjrt. pinw. J39X Kundamental. 106 tKuvWl). 3
to IV wtm; Bon San-1. 10t (Jmt). 3 to i i-ecnod &tar
Vtrd. 1G5 (Uaninntcni 3 to I third. Time. o..
Calfthumriin. Jim MUU-o, Gllrlin. Johnny l-w,
nd Jtw Rcoe also ran.
FOURTH RACE-Tnire-yttr-rtdi and upward fife
furious. Xum; $30 Ea I'ttdtnck 111 (Johrvm), 1
to 1. von. MLss Jean, 103 (Rtftaell) 2 to 3. Kcond.
Krroni. 113 (Drerer). 1 to I, tuird. Time ij
Jud Snook. Eoobj. Tea Mar. and Western belle
FIFTH KlCD-Fbnrrear-ok:. and nrwanL that
hare not wen twr raoe ince May 15, arren furlonca.
lir. COa The r.irdener, 113 (Johnaon), 4 to s.
. Von war. lis irvnicnii. tiai, aeconii: i.imia.
110 (Sma!l. 7-i to 1. ttlrd. Time. 12I3-&. Ladj
Orimar. Wilfred ucru. and John ilt'eraon. also
IXT1I RiClv-llirv. jaw for thnv-jearoMiand
nrwanl: one and one-Miternih milea. fitiHipin. l!w
IMixKlon). J to l, won. tnaen lira hut. ik uoet).
4 to 1. Hcrtrd, Rft of Fcrtnr. 1C (Knlrht). 3 to 5,
third. Time. 1 IVi Rose McNeil and .St Co also ran.
Billy Evans was off on Milan's rlout
In the seventh Innlnfr when he called It
foul But Clyde came hack and smacked
out one BUI had tu call fair.
Best Bet in Free-for-all Race at
Detroit Not Only Defeated
but Shut Out
Detroit. Mich . July 2. Tftere wai a
ls overturn of ft tophe.avy favorite In
the- free-for-all pace th s afternoon. Ver
non McKinnej-, bettT than even money
favorite oter the field, not only belns
beaten, but also s"iut out In the second
heat. In 2-021-4.
Independence Boy won the first heat,
tho fastest of the ear, but was beaten
In the next two rounds by tho Cleveland
mare. Evelj n W . a 30 to 1 shot In tha
In the first heat of the 2-12 pace. SaJle
Hal went to the front and staed there
until well in tho stretch, where Star
Russell passed her and won with some
thing to spare Mansfield won tho three
following; heats handily
Kther W lock the ; IS trot, which
went fle he-its. Summary:
Frrs-for-all rcing-rure, $l.5. two ia three
(threo beau)
Errljn V (Shank) 4 11
Ind. rendence lltr talmtlne) .. 113
Don Densnore (Parkerl 11
K-i K , envn McKinnej. Hal B . lr , srd Sir
K nnW-ed ss nsmed Vt time. 2iS
Z 13 rce rurse. 41UW1. three in flse Ifocr heats):
ManafieM br g. (Ceil 5 111
Sadie Hal. talk au (Socra) ill)
Strrm b g. (Crlwerl 3 3 4 S
Stetbbrtno Id. buae ltell Lerge W Newton.
Idrl Cnlrcn Dora J . and Mar TtoMell finished mi
named. Het tirae. Sis1
Z H tret Parse. Jl 000, three in fire (n beat!:
lather W . b m. Ital 13 111
Perbr Dot, h. g (JlrCarthjl I S 1 I J
Jark London, ch. g. (Ioni 4 1-34
Oikdalr snd Robert Malroi Cmstieil as earned.
r-t time JiSV
Z-C tree Ptuv SITU), tno in three ('no heats):
Hs'en Stilei (Dnrfee) . ..11
nrile Klctrsl S 1
Grav Gnn (bnrw) . ... 3 3
Krrron W also Jsrea liest tune. :D6i.
Both Spade anil Podse Allow ay offer
ed their services to Judge Kavanaugh,
of the Southern Le-iRue. as umrires. but
there was notlnns Joins, as the umpire
staff In that organization has been cut
down to the bone, due to poor business
this jear. Judjre Kavanaugh was op
posed to doing away with the double-
umpire system, but was forced to do so.
Largest Morning Circulation,
y ygy i. t
' -J,-.J-e

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