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Advances'Tv?elve Points to Highest
. .Price on Eecord General Tone
of the Market Strong.
New Tork; July 3. While there were a
few weak spots, the general, tone of the
market io-day wa's good. General Chem
ical common stock created a sensation by
advancing twelve points to the blcbest
price on" record on the first sales of the
day at ITS. There were not any rumors
of extra disbursements to help the ad
vance, but as the stock is a very closely
held specialty, the advance might have
been manipulated. This stock and
the decline in National Biscuit were due
to the great strides that the Loose Wiles
management are making In the biscuit
and cracker business.
Pool operations helped American Ice
to an advance of a full point on the first
few transactions. International Paper
Issues were weak due to overbuying on the
recent rise. Consolidated Gas advanced
In anticipation of the declaration of an
extra dividend at the directors" meeting in
the afternoon, but after that meeting
had been held and the dividend de
clared only at the usual rate, the price
fell again. General Electric Jumped rap
idly after the declaration of the30 per
cent, extra dividend. Although there
were some declines in sales between the
higher ones representing profit taking.
Texas Company was strong.
The General Electric Company directors
declared a 30 per cent extra stock divi
dend to-day. which will bring the out
standing capital stock from XU.fOO.KO to
ever J100.WO.000. The recent strength of
the stock has been based upon the knowl
edge that this increase would be made,
and that a stock dividend would result.
The authorized capital stock will be in
creased from JSO.000,000 to J1C8.OO0.O00. The
dividend will be paid for by the com
pany's surplus account. It Is given to
partly recoup the stockholders for divi
dends which have been passed or reduced
since 1S93.
Clirralral Stock Sonr.
"General Chemical Company stock has
been making phenomenal gains on the
market recently, and it is due largely to
the strong financial position of the com
pany. Net profits have Increased- each
year at a steady rate, going from J1.227,
K7 in 1908 to SS.121.SS0 for 1811.
Directors of the Consolidated Gas
Company at their meeting to-day failed
to take any action regarding the extra
dividends which will eventually be given
stockholders to make up for the reduc
tion in the rate from 1909. They merely
declared the regular disbursements, but
interests in touch with the company's
affairs say that it is practically" a cer
tainty that the back dividends will be
paid in the near future.
The annual report of the American
Glue Company for the fiscal year ended
May 31 showed net earnings of JH2.4S3,
the smallest for any year since the 1909
fiscal period. During the year the float
ing debt was reduced from SL53.S45 to
ST50.S60. and further reduction will be
made during this year.
Time money rates for the longer ma
turities have advanced slightly within
the last few days, although call money
and short time loans are still given by
the banks at the prevailing easy rates.
The United Cigar Stores Company of
America was incorporated at Trenton to
day with an authorized capitalization of
J35.000.000. consisting of J30.000.000 common,
and J5.O0O.O0O 7 per cent preferred stock.
Only 127,000,000 common and (1500.000 pre
ferred will be Issued at this time, the
balance being held in the treasury for
i v
new financing when needed. The out
(Undine J3.600.CCO bonds of the Corpora
tion of the United Cigar Stores will be
sold to the new company at par. Most
of the bonds,, If not all, are held by the
American Tobacco -Company. The bonds
will be retired, the purchase price com'
Ids from subscriptions) to the new pre
ferred stock, which will be at par by
l stockholders of the old corporation to
the extent of one share of new preferred
to two of the old common held.
Qociatlons furnished b?. W. B. Hibba 4k Co-
members of th. New Ton Slots Excbanre, Slbbf
Open. HUA. Low. dose.
Ateh.. T.ll Ft. com.... 1041. 10BH 109 JOSH
Baltimore & Ohio com 109S 109 IC9"4 ins
Brooklyn lUpid Transit..- 9m 924 914 Kt
unaauvn raeine..... ..... z&s :k 361
Cbessinke & Ohio g KXi 80 KKi
CMC, 31. & St. 1'. cum..., IKFs 101 183 10J
Chic., m. & st r. com.... rati in 103 .ia
Chic. & N. W. com. I3U 139S 138H W
Eric com..... 35, IHl SH JS14
Erie. 1st 14- t 5S 53S SS4 53H
umt Aortbcrn pea......... m no 13,
Inter-MrUu. com. 3D m Wt 2Hi
Inter-Metro. Eld. ...... MS Si M
Lehigh Taller ISiti 1CH lfS lata
Loulsrilla 4 Naihrilie. 1STH 157 15TH 157!.
Mo. Kan. & Tex. eom.M. 7 27 27 27
M.. S.P.1S.S. Si. com.. 14S imi 1(5 H7U
M.. S. P. S. S. M. pfd.. 51 31 a 31
Missouri riciP.e....... JSK Xi i 3CH
x. y. o. n. n iish nwj itm us.
Norfolk 4 Western IKS U6 IKS IKS
North America. Co. H Sl4 H H
Northern Pacific........... ffl 123 la 1
Penniyltacia .- 12J 12JH 1234 1ZT4
Readin com 1C3. ISIS lCli Ki
Rock Island Ui 47 4J 474. H
st. l. a r. m rd si :i sw
Southern TadSc mm 10Mi 1C9A. 109 1W
Southern Ry. com.......... 314 28H 2K4 31
Southern Rr. l 77 77H T6 77s
T.. St.' L. & W. com. 12 1S ir, WH
' StUi V. pfd 31i 31V 32
Union racinc com K7H lCW inn, 163-4
Tnion radfle pfd 914 994 KHi 90,
Wahaih iifd 1SH 1IH "4 "4
Weit JId. Ut. com 5TA 554 ST. 5T
AmaUamatixl Coprrr..... KK R3 KS C
Am. Beet Sutar com J3H 73 73S 3
Am. Can com 3JS 34 35S M
Am. Car & rdr. ccm. Si sm SS W
Am. Ice Secaritii.- 3S4 ZH 364 SH
Am. locomotire cam U 13 O a
Am. Kmeltins A. Bef. com. tS OT Bi BH
Am. Boxar Be, cam 1T4 1T4 1SH JS4
Am. TeL & Td 1154 US'. 1IJ4 IB
Anaconda Correr. OH 1H n US
Central Leather com r? 27 ST
Chlno CcrrT. 314 J1'4 314 314
Colorado F. & 1. com 304 304 334 34
Cbnaolidated Gaa. X. T... IWi ICS llWi 1144
Com Producta Bef. com... 14 i US US
Corn rrrdnrta Bef. pfd.... C C S3 S3
DisOners' Semritie. SIS SIS SIS SIS
General Electric. 1S64 WS4 134 1SS
Gnat Northern Ore C C'i U O
Jnt. Ilarrester com 13)4 13Hi 13)4 1E4
Int. rarer 13 15 US
Int. I-aprr pfd M K SJS M
Ladrdo GaaUtfit com 106 106 101 K
Slackar Companies com f9 P9 f3
Miami Corper 3S W 3 SS
National Blaruit com 13S 133 1S34 134V
National Lead com 5S S&i H'i SHi
Nerada Coiuulidatcd Cop.. 30V a 3K Vi
Peoplea Gat of Chicago... 116 116S 1154 lltV
Preiaed 6teel Car com 35U XS 35'i 354
Br. RteH Sprinjs cam 35 3S4 35 S5H
Bar Conaolidated Copper.. 204 3 D4 30S
RrpuUic L i S. pfd H ft'4 MS H
Slow-Kheffield S. & I. com. 55 56 55 55
Tennerj.ro Copper. 154 454 C4 454
D. B. Bealtr 4 Imp. 4 874 B4 KH
V. S. Bubber enm 534 5?4 534 5B4
B 8. Bubber lat pfd JOSS 1054 105S MCH
U. S. Rwel com 694 TO 69 704
U. B. Steel pfd 1134 IMS 1134 1134
Utah Copper. 614 614 61 CI
Va.-Car. Chemical com..... t, O W i'H
Westlnchonm Sifc com.... 60V 834 (0
B. B. T. crt. 4a. 914 714 SIS 914
a. H. & Q. joint 4a. K4 964 964 964
Intrr.-Metro. t4-. Ki IC4 cv tTA
Pennailrania, crt 34a, WIS 974 9T4 74 674
Union Padfle rtt. 4t 1014 1014 101 S 101S
U. S, Sterf 3d 5a- 10K4 IfflV 103W ITCH
Rid. A .led.
U. S. con. 2a. reciatered. 193) 1004 191
U. S. con. 2a, coupon. 1930 1004 101
D. 8. 3s. resirtered. 190S-15 102 1C3V
U. S. 3a, coupon, 1905-1J.;.. 103 102
U. 8. 4a, resistcred. 1325 1UV 1144
H. S. Is coupon, 1925 1UV 114H
Panama Canal lOO-jear 2a. res., 1836.. 1004 101
Panama Canal l&OO-jnr 2a. nc, I93S.. 1004 101
Puama Caial 3a, recistered. 1S6L 101S KT.V
Panama Canal 3a, coupon, 1961 ,.... 191S 10114
One of the summer tours for the
Minnesota State Automobile Associa
tion is being outlined and mapped by
J. XV. Whitehead, of Minneapolis, on a
Telephone Horizon
With seventy thousand towns connected,
each with every other, by two million miles of
wire, the Bell horizon is mighty near a point
beyond conception. Chicago is next door to
Philadelphia and both are next door to every
hamlet in the country.
Thousands of business men use this vast
system daily, in prof it-making and dollar-saving
hours of worry and waits avoided.
1 Go over the toll rate pages in the front of
the telephone directory ana see how this fits
YOU. Try the telephone travel method next
time business in another town calls you.
Use the Bell
The Chesapeake and Potomac
Telephone Company
Stocks and bonds'of the public utilities
held most of the Interest at yesterday's
session of the Washington Stock Ex
change, Washington Railway and EleO'
trie stocks leading.
Capital . Traction Ks. of which J3.000
were sold, were' the feature of the bond
To Improve -Xorthenst Property.
Transfer of the property at H6 Four
teenth Street Northeast from John E.
Toner to Dennis Hurley and his wife
was recorded yesterday. The purchaser
has let to Henry Wahl a contract for
the' construction of a brjck dwelling on
the lot. It was announced. The trans
action was made through the office of
J. Leo Kolb.
Wolfe Succeeds RtdceTcay.
J. Castle -geway's resignation as
cashier of the District National Bank,
and the election of E. S. Wolfe, assist
ant cashier of the -American National
Bank, to succeed him, were made public
Mr. Kldgeway, who was educated in
the Washington high schools, has been
prominent In financial circles of the Cap
ital for some time. Besides a wide ex
perience in banking, he has had ex
perience as a national bank examiner.
He has been offered the vice presidency
of a bank In Chicago and will probably
accept it. He has a similar offer from
a bank in Milwaukee.
Mr. Wolfe also was educated in the
high schools of Washington, and has
taken a course In law at George Wash
ington University. He has been presi
dent of the Washington Chapter of the
American Institute of Banking, and is
one of the most prominent Junior bank
officers of the District He Is well known
In fraternal organizations, and has a
wide acquaintance. He held the office of
assistant cashier at the American Na
tional for five years.
Preston Gibson Days Home.
Purchase of the residence. 1712 Rhode
iBland Avenue Northwest, by Preston
Gibson, the playwright, for JTO.OOO, was
announced yesterday. Mr. Gibson will
ure the place as his home.
Ills; Deal in 'orthenst Property.
A big tract of land In the Northeast
section, owned by Col. O. G. Staples, has
been acquired by the Real Estate Trust
Company, It became known yesterday,
and will at once be subdivided for de-
elopment. The property, when develop
ed, will contain twenty-eight city blocks.
It Is bounded by Florida Avenue, Mount
Olivet Road. Bladensburg Road, and
Trmldad Avenue. The selling price is
said to have been about J450.000.
New York. Julr 25.-MILLFEED-Wraler. bold,
rv inactire. KprinaT bran. 21.00: standard mid
dlinga, 27.60: Western rrd-dnsr. 33.50: winter wheat
bran, in 100-pound aarxa, to arrire, 25.75; cltr bran,
in bulk. 23.00.
FLOOR Stndr: moderats tnda. Kansas
straights. i.90a5.00. in aacks; sprint patents. 530.5.75.
barrels: spring clears, f.75,00: soft wheat
atraJchts. 4.90a500: new Karma straifhts, to ar
rire, 4Joa4.60. New aoft atraifihts, to arrive. 4 Ga
4.13. in narrrla.
BYE FLOCB Stradr: dealings are owM. Choice
brands quoted at 4JOa4 90.
COBN3rEAL-6teadr: dealinra are Quiet. Klhv
dried for export,; coarse mtal, in hag.
HAY Becernla, C? tons; steadr: trade ! dull.
Quotations are: For prime ttmothr. L35; No. t, LXa
L35: No. 2. No. 3. 9100.
STRAW Becrlpts. none: firm: bosirjesa slow. Long
rre quoted at 80a36.
rORK-Steadr: trade la Quirt. Sins. rtfrnTl.Ti:
famllr. 2O.OOa20.5O.
BEEF-Steadr: Inqnirr is dull, racket. KJOa
17.30: famllr. U0CalS.H.
LABT Firmer: inqnirr lisht. Prime Western.
10.60: rcSned Continent. 1LCO: South American.
1170; refined" Brazilian, in kegs, 12.70; oleostearlne.
124: lard atwrtna; qmet: New York. 124al2S.
exit r E&-To-aa-s market lor ro3ee rutam waa
aomewhat higher, initial price three, to lire points
np, and the turn in the. afternoon session showed
net gain In price or tour to nine, points.
The dar'a prlcaa were aa tollowa:
nigh. Low. Clota.
Julr 1301
August 1306
September. 13.10 13.00 13.11
Becular boob ealL BaWal
Capital Traction 5a. H.0M at llltt, H.M0 at 1IH.
H.0O3 at ,1114.
Washington Raflwar & Bectrta com., 25 at 91.
25 at 91, 25 si, M. 25 at 90.
Washington RaUwar t EIretria pfi. 25 St 94V.
t at WH. 25 at 944. 10 at 944. 4 at 94T4. I at 944.
25 at 914, 3 at 944; 25 at WS. .
Norfolk ted Washington Steamboat. 10 t 3.
Laxaton, 1 at 9114.
Gecrrtlown Gas cert. tod. 5a. 105 ..-.
Georgetown Gas 5s log lit)
Washington lias 5a. 1104 1114
Capital Traction 5a Ill 1114
Anaeoslla & Potomac 5s 994
CUT & Suburban 5j. 104 105
Columbia 5. 004 .....
uoiumma aa Nt
3Ietropollttn 6a..u 107
Washington Railwar A EJectrie 4.... 5H
Waahlngton. Alex. s. lit. Vernon 5s.... 91
Potomac Klrvtric cons. is. 1C3
Potcmac Elrctrto Light 5s.... 1064
Chesapeake & Potcmac Telephone 5s.... lot
Amerioiu Tel. A Tel is Il
D. 0. l'apet Manuficttning 5a 100
Norfolk & Washington Steamboat 5a.... lot
BIgga Bealtr 5a (long) KD
Biggs Bealtr 5s (shortl 101
CsplUl Tracfioa ixfi
Washington Railwar & Electric com.. 39
Washington Railwar Electric pfd... 944
Washtagton-VirgtnU Railwar com. R
nashington-Vlnrinla Railwar pfd.
Norfolk & Washington 6teamboat. 309
Washington Gss 83
Esstern Light & luel
American TeL 4 Tel 1
Great Falls A Old Dominion 109
Mergenthalrr Umtrpe 1 23
Lanston 31onotri 91T4
Greene Cananea 94
American 175
Carital M no
Columbia 550
Commercial 2K
District Hi
Fanners A Mechanics 3
Lincoln ix
Mctropulitsn 203
ItUsn Ml
Nstlonal Bank of Washington 20
American Security 4 Trust 235
NaUonal Springs A Trust. 250
Union Trust lto
Wsshtngton Losn A Trust 235
umtea Mstn Tnt 140
Citizens nl
Home 323
ITnion 258
lisnk of Commerce A Ssrlngs XZtt
East Washington 1SV.
Arlington 13
men's 1M
Franklin 3
German-American 270
.-atlucal uniuo. 1
Putomsc 34
Columbia 514
Ileal Estate H
Chaian-nack. . 1
D. C Tapir Mfg. Co. 13t
rnerson "uara t'uap
Graihcphocr ccm J6
t,raphophnn Kd 75
Stcnrttr htorace 2
Washirgton Market 17
Ex diildend.
New York. Julr 25,-Cloelng quotations of
cellanfous brnds:
New Yifk Central 4Us. WO. tern. rets, wi....
AlliChs!mer 5s. trust CO. ctfs
T. A S. F. crt. 4
Baltimore A Ohio gold 4s
Baltimore A Ohio Ittts. L. E. A W Vs. ts..
BroiklTn BaUd Transit 4s
Canaoa Southern est. 6s
Chesapeake A Ohio crt. 4S
B. A O. ioirit 4s
C, 31. A St. P crt. t when hauol
K. I. A r. general Is.
Du Tout d Nr Powder 44
Indiana Steel 5s. trust Co. cus.
IrrterUTO-MetrrnnllUn 44s
Ltfgrtt A M ?.
M . K. A T. 1 ts
r. C.-U S. 34s. ntlBered
New York Railwsr rig. 4s
New York Railwar adL 5s.
Pennsylranii 34s. 1J15
SeaJrrd Air Line adj. 5s
Southern lHciflc rfg. 4.
Third Artnus adj.
Wabash rfdg. 4s.
Western MsrTlacd
Tctsl siles. Sl.W.OfO.
Qnctatlons furnished br W. B. Bibbs A Co.. menv
twrs of th. New York Stock Exchange. Hibba BuQd
tng. Bid. Asked.
Atlsnta 29 31
Bar State Gss. - S 4
Brsden Copper H 74 71.
British Cnliur.Hs Orper 5S 5S
Chlcsgo isubwar 44 ....
Cobalt CentraL
Giroitx Copper
Goldfield Florence
Greene Cananea
1 1 IS 1 3 1
Intercontinental Bubber . 12H
Jumbo Extension 40
Kerr Lske. 2
L Rose 3
Manhattan Transit. 2
Mason Taller 131
3Iinea Company of Amerlc&. Vi
Ncrada Hills 21-15
Nenda-l'tah M. A S. Corporatfcai.. 3
Nlpisstng 31ine. Compsnr 7S
Ohio Corpcr 14
Bawhide Coalition ti
Sioui 10
United Copper. 4
United Corper pfd
Yukon Gold 3
Quataticri fmmbhtd br W. B. IIJbb &. Co.,
mrmbers ot the N?w York Stock ljtcfcDfff, IIiWm
New York, Jnlr 13. Cotton cootricts wf sd
Tinoed to new hlh lerrii t-rtj In tli dyi tndinrf.
Prion anotrd ne nearlr -2.50 bale crrr th low
rrlces cf Monday of the. ctirrrnt week, and at this
lerel conrtdcrabla reallxlos and other jresMire t
place. The rise wu nustny due to strength in
LItftpooI and weather map. which no
promba of airy relief from the conditions ruling
orer tha Western belt, and seemed to winost a
retnrn of wet weather for Georgia and the Caro
lina. To-daVs crop reports1 bielwJed ttatements of bich
temperatiirea for TVxaa. gruwy flrids for tha Eastern
cotton belt, with Insect and army worm damc in
portions of Mississippi and Alabama.
liTTrpool futures doted at an adrance of from
SH to Si poinu for the dar. Manchester quoted
yarns quiet but steady;- cloths quiet and firm.
Rales of 10.COO bales of spot cotton were made in
Lirerponl tn-dar at 11 ozluh points advance to
7.33d. for middlings.
itpen. nth. Low. Clo
Arjcast. 1X51 12.51 12.41 li(5
October .... 1I5 12.70 llft 1165
December. U 12 T2 llC 11C7
March 12.75 12.82 12.T3 12."
Baltimore. Md.. Julr J3.-MILtJKEDSnrinT
bran, in 190-1K ackt. rrr on, 25JCa2En: flour to
white reiddllcsv in 100-11. ck-. JtaJI.CC: Wrstern
middlicsn. In 100-lb, aacks, rrr ton, 3.50a29(; City
MilU middlincv In 100-lb. aacks, pr too, 28.50a23.tW;
atr Mills mldilinss. white, ta 100-lb sacks, ton.
IG.C0a3e.00; City MUls bran, in 100-lb. sacks, per ton.
a viaaj.TO.
OATS Stock in elevators. 83,061 buheU: rfiin-
menta from elerators. 8.812 buabela. No. 2 white.
l: standard white. 60H o. z wbite, i5D4afl0.
HAY-Vo. 1 timothy. 25JGa3&00: Xol 2. 3021.0:
Nol 3. 1I.SQd21.00; choice light dorer mixed. Ma
21.50: No. 1 mixed. 21.50a22()0: No. 2 mixed. 18.00a
2L00; No. 1 dorer, i:.50ul!JO; do.. No, 2. lisaj
W.50; meaoow etsm ana rery cngr nay, I3.ooai5.oo;
so-crade hay, as to kind, quality, and condition,
10.OOal6.00; pecklrig bay and swale itsm, lOOOallOO.
STIUAV-No. 1 straieht rye, 17.00; No. 2 atrafht
rye straw, l&.00al&50; No. 1 tarsled rye straw, 13.00a
13.30; No. J tiorirf rye straw, 12.00al2.50; Na 1
wheat straw. MiSOall.W: whest straw. No. 2. 9 00a
10.00; No. 1 oat straw, 11. 00a 11.50; & 2 Cit straw.
BUTTEB-Creamery. fancy, per IK. 274:' da.
choice. IK, 2a27; do., good, rer IK, 2U2S; da,
prints, IK, 2Ja30; do., blocks. 27a29; Udles. per IK,
Has; jury una ana tcnnjiiama rous, in., isaa;
Ohio roll. IK. 1: West Virrinia rolls, per IK. 13:
store packed. IK, 19; Maryland. Virginia, and Penn-
sylTanla ditty prints, per id., u; process Ktttcr.
EGGS Maryland, rennsylnnia, and nearby firxta,
lo off, 20: West Virginia, 19s4 Western first,
loss o9, 19a20; Southern firsts, loss off, ri3a2S.
GREEN COFFEE-The market tday wu stead;.
K& 7 snot (Klo grade). 11V
ROASTED COFTSir-Tbt Bazfctt na tmOf,
Nothin's as hard as goin' back
t work after you've been narrow
ly defeated for a fat office.
Blowin' up th' stumps an' string-
in wire fences is ' drivin' the
country boy t' town where he
kin git a seat
New York, July 25. Money on call at the stork
exchange to-day opened at 2 pr cent, highest 3,
lowest 2, doing 2 per cent. Most of the day's
loans were made at 2 r cent
Altbuugh in some quarter It was reported that
the time mncy market waa Inactire and unchanged,
in others a decidedly firmer tone was reported, w.r-
tirjlarly on the long maturities. IKtrowers were
unwilling to adfance their lids, and on sixty and
ninety day loans banks made no effort to compel
thrm to iy higher than the rates lately qucti-d.
But on loans for the longr periods four. At, and
sli months the tnUrest of borrowers waa met by
evidence on the part of banks to hold tore firmly
to the akcd rates than formerly. Bates were 31.
3S per cent fcr sixty and ninety days; 4 prr cent
for four mouths; iH irr cent for fire months;
Vt for six mouths.
Mercantile paper came into the market with me
freedom, the axunent offered ortorrlMng msnj
attractrre names, Iax buyers, howeter, re
largely out of the market, and the demand frutn
other centers was onlj fsir. Rates, 4atV rrr rent
for sixty and ninety days bills rerthable, and
choice four to six months single names; SxSH irr
rent ftr other.
Interior money rates unchanged.
Qnolstlons fnrntshad tn W. R. tllbbs A Co.. m-rm-brn
of tba Ktw Tork Stock Eichacta. llibba Balld.
Bid. Askm.
Advntnr 8 8S
nshrala J JH
Calcmrt Arianna- T5 T
Calunu & Hfcla SJ S3
CoHT Kansr M'a Wi
Ea.t llntw US .
Franklin 11V. 12
IndUna ITS
Lsi X
La Salle .
Min Vailr US
Mnrrnthalsr ZSS
Mithinn r.
Uohak CT
North Bntt. 301.
North Lake - SS
Old Ctolonr - S
Old rnhilon i
SVnrth Lai.
Uritod Frtlt
Utah Conciliated..
.... HTV.
... i
Quotations furnished tr V I lilbhs k Co.
mrmbrrs cf Tiics fV?ard of Trad., lilbfa. Hnlld.nc.
Chicago. Jnl7 55 Wheat elmM at a loi of 't to
on a IWlef that the prncnlsed Hs crop will ml
terialiar July. T: SeHMnher. KSa?!: Mar. .
Corn . lower to S higher on cnnltirtins nws
frrtn Ksnsss. Jnlr. TZS: September. 6jaaS'.; Do
ceraber. StSaS1!.: Mar. STSSSH
Oats S lower tn H hiat'r on local tradlnff oolr.
Jnlr. 60; September. JJS: IVcember. MS; Maj.
ttllMT- Oren. lilsh Low Clow.
Sriember M OT ES ES
Iember W. IW, 51'. 56
rytmber. ...... ...... M
Ileeember 5T
Sertrmber 33S
reembeT M... SS
Seiftcmber. 17.3S
1T.9S 1T.5 1T.96
Seiember. 1.ST 10.53 10.56 1J.5T
SertemSer. 10.S5 10.70 .T 13.6T
Baltimore. Md.. Jnlx 25.-WHE-kT-Stock in ele
rators. 3r,GGr tcishcls; shipments frcm elerators.
3?3 bushels Receipt of new Sonthern whest sre
rnnnlnt lleht frta dsy to dsr, with a rood demand
prai allies for prime samples and Utile trouble is ex
prriecced in keeping the market cleaned np. Sales
of earpofs en grade at 9bS for No. 2 red. 9S for spe
cial bin rteamer No. 2 rvd. 94S for stock tteamer
N.v : red. SOS for rejected, and SIS for dried re
jected and can't use rejected. Ba lots, by sami4e.
as to Qualltr and eondluon. brought , W. ftS. ST.
8. M 31, 72. 33. 34. 35. 06. and 37 cents iicr busliel
F'lreijn markets were lower.
Contract to-dar at tho opening wa strady. with
July 9S bid. Snot No. 2 red wheat early mi 9 bid
snd Ancust the. mum prior, while SfptemNT
brought 394 sales. Tbe market at th. tZ 1J call was
steadr. with July 9& Spot No. 2 red wheat was 'A
ard August the same price, while Seiember sold st
3?1. and reamer Na 2 red at 34 Sales Two cars
Na 2 red. track. Canton. 35S. i-ne car No. 2 red.
Wetem. track. Canton, H; 5.0(10 buhels Jnlr. 33
and LW0 bushels September. S- Sfttlln pnee.
officullr icieted were: No. 2 rel. 98; strjunvr Na 2
red. Si.
COitN Stock in elerators. Z3.32 busheii; ship
ments from elerators. J,3Si buwieis. What little yel
low and white Sonthern com there ts coming at the
moment is finding quick isle, and the market rules
steady. Track yellow com. for domestic delirrry.
Blasts rar bushel for eaf lots on spot. There is a
fsir demand prerailine foe cob corn, and the market
is steady on s basis of .J6al. per barrel.
Contract at tha cpenicg was dull with spot mixed
corn 76 nominal. The market at the 12:15 call was
doll. with, spot mixed com. 76.
Sales-One. car yellow, domestic, derates-, ans. sua
2 cars steamer yellow. dTnestle. elerator. 7SS. Set
tling prices ofacially rowed- lonlxact. ifc.
nine IT. Smith. Former Soldier,
Snccmtilin to Injnrie..
A coroner's Jury which investigated the
circumstances of the death of James E.
mlth, an Inmate of the Soldiers' Home,
t Emergency Hospital yesterday, re
turned a verdict that death was caused
by cerebral hemorrhage, resultant from
fracture of the skull sustained wnen
Smith fell down a stairway of a Ninth
Street hotel Wednesday.
It had been suspected that Smith might
have been the victim of an assault, but
the police of the first precinct made a
thorough Investigation of the case, and
said there was no Indication of foul
Smith's body will be taken in charge
by officials at Soldiers Home for burial.
So far as Is known there, he has no
kinsmen or relatives. He was forty-five
years old.
Uiideslrcflble"" Shoots Escort.
Detroit, Mich.. July 3.TH. G. Herbert.'
a traveling Immigration Inspector of Ot
tawa. Canada, was shot dead on the
ferry boat Excelsior as the boat was
landing at Detroit this afternoon by a
man who gave his name as Jgmes Fer
guson. Ferguson had been turned back
by the immigration officers as an unde
sirable, and was being escorted across
the river. A letter found on the prisoner
was addressed to 'William Ferguson.
Bloomington, San Bernardino County.
Allege Compincy to Nullify th:
Hepburn Act by House
Commissioner Clements Says the
Honse Might as Well Abolish
the Tribunal.
An alleged conspiracy to nullify the
force of the Interstate Commerce law,
said to be fostered by the Lumber Trust
and other big combines that operate what
are known as tap line railroads, has
provoked dissension among the Demo
cratic leaders of the House. This so-
called conspiracy, according to officials
of the Interstate Commerce Commission,
finds expression In bills designed to
broaden the power of review by the
courts over orders Issued by the com
mission. It is the opinion of Judson C Clements.
a member of the commission, that If
any of these bills are enacted into law
that the commission might Just as well
be abolished. Mr. Clements takes the
position that If broad powers of review
are conferred on the court, there is no
use for an administrative body like the
The bills In controversy were Intro
duced In the House by Representatives
Iiorland of Missouri, Broussard of Louis
iana, and Saunders of Virginia, Demo
crats. They propose that, in errors of
law, aggrieved shippers may appeal to
the courts. This right Is now denied.
Officials of the commission Insist that if
any one of the pending measures is put
Into the form of a statute, the chaotic
conditions In Interstate commerce that
obtained prior to tbe passage of the
Hepburn bill in 1306 will be restored.
This will result, they Insist, in breaking
the force of the rate act. and end in
hopeless confusion.
Controverwr tn House.
Controversy has broken out among the
House Democrats over the Borland.
Broussard, and Saunders bills. Repre
sentative Adamson. chairman of the
House Interstate Commerce Committee.
said yesterday that It any of the meas
ures were enacted Congress should com
plete the job by abolishing the Interstate
Commerce Commission. He gave It as
his opinion that the power of the courts
pa&stng on orders of the commis
sion should not be enlarged, and that
If this power was enlarged that it would
render Ineffective the system of regulat
ing Interstate commerce that had been
built up after years of legislation by
Congress and Interpretation of law by the
Supreme Court.
The trouble over this proposed legisla
tion has been accentuated by the action
of the House Judiciary Committee in re
porting the Borland bllL Members of
tho Interstate Commerce Committee
threaten to take the matter up on the
floor and to move that the Borland bill
b referred to the Interstate Commerce
The Borland bill provtdes that the
courts "shall have Jurisdiction over all
cases brought to correct any error of
law made by the Interstate Commerce
Commission in granting or refusing to
grant relief In any proceeding before
said commission." Officials of the com
mission contend that this proposed
amendment would result in Interminable
delay in the adjudication of rate cases,
and practically render abortive any at
tempt on the part of the commission to
correct abuses in Interstate commerce.
They declare that while the measure
appears to be framed In behalf of the
shlrper that It Is really designed to take
the teeth out of the rate act, and pri
marily to serve the Interests of big cor
porations that own railroads that con
nect with common carriers. In this con
nection they mention the Lumber Trust
as an Interested party.
To Safetrnnril All lntcrcntn.
In making his protests to the Interstate
Commerce Committee against the pending
bills, Mr. Clements stated that Congress
In enacting the Hepburn bill of JHW at
tempted to narrow the court review of the
commission orders in a manner ui
would safeguord the Interests of all par- I
ties. He pointed out that later, in 19!0, '
when Congress created the Commerce
Court, care nas taken that the power cf 1
review should not be enlarged. Mr. Clem- j
ents said. In part: "It has been the con
tention of the commission ever since the
Commerce Court waa created that that I
court was not gtven authority to review J
the decisions of the commission on mat- j
ters and conclusions of fact or of mixed j
law and fact In such a way that It should
vnhtitnte its indement for that of the
c mmlssion In regard to the amount of a j
rate or as to a discrimination, wnetner
due or undue."
Judge Clements argued that the Su
preme Court decisions limiting the power
of the lower courts to Jurisdiction in
commission cases over pure errors of law
had resulted in a uniform and workable
system of orders governing commerce be
tween the States. To grant the power of
broad review to the court, he contended,
would be to lodge In the court work of
administration that could only properly
be delegated by Congress to an adminis
trative body like the commission.
"If that principle Is right." he said,
"there would appear to be no reason why
the controversy should not go Into the
court In the first Instance and- not have
the delay Incident to tho trifling with It
by an intermediate tribunal such as the
commission. If the matter Is determinable
only by Judicial process It might as well
go to the court In the beginning."
In a letter addressed to Chairman
Adamson. of the Interstate Commerce
Committee, Attorney General W'lcker
sham expressed sympathy with the pur
pose of shippers who desire that the
law shall be amended so that shippers
may appeal to the courts from orders of
the commission. In another letter the
Attorney General gave nls approval to
a proposed amendment, authorizing the
commission, in advance of the issuance
of an order, to call on the court for an
opinion on a question of law. This lat
ter amendment will not be opposed by
the commission. But the Borland bill.
which provides for an appeal on an er
ror of law. is objectionable to the com
mission' officers for the reasons Riven
by Judge Clements. They contend that
the line between fact and law In many
cases Is so thinly marked that the pro
posed amendment would In effect give
the court Jurisdiction over fact as well
as law.
II ia
X lKllHas99ilafaV
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Caring for your valuanls
papers, silverware, 4c.
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The Washington Loan
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Cor. 9th and F Sts.
W T ST. M. W.
Co-operative Building Association
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stem et nx. to Stephen E. Cocfcrsn, lot 3.
nnsre DC $10.
I Street Xcethwest betren Fonrth snd Fifth
Stres-Lieetta M. Kolb et al. to WUIiim
Beochert. put cnrjnsl lot " rpare 31$. C.
Tennessee Arenne Northesjt between M snd C
Streets-lisrriet jr. Trier, to WlUixai T Csr-
ro!l. lot 123. sanre IC10. JV
Villa Park-Clara A. Marten et rir. Edwin K..
to R. V. Lore, lot 14. fclix t.m. 35.11.
Connecticut Arena. HurManda-LwTenc J. Has-
lrtt to Oeorr- a Honih. let f. block Jw t3.
retworth Geonre C Hoceh to nx. to Iwreno J.
llaslett. lot a asnaro XUi JW.
Klntsloo If. Refina Moor et rir IHrtd. to K2m
K. Slmonton. lot M. sonars 3.168. CO.
Mount neassnl and riessant rialns Harry Ward-
man et ai. to Henrr II. Hancock, lot ISJ.
square 2J8&, $10.
T0 Twelfth Street orthea.t Ensene D. Smith et
nx. to E. Baker Erans, part crisinal lot 10,
siiusrr vJ. $10.
Ptirrrille ilr..iwln T. Atlee. trustee, to Emm J.
nrdVr and EUn A. Ba.rler. lots 1 to 3.
iuare eat rf 5.23. $1
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Teeth Strrets-Rcbert O. Irael to Norman T.
Iraper. lot 1. square 3S. W. Norman. T.
Ira;r conrejs same reorrrtr to Bradford &
Ilrsilfird Compane. $10.
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IK. $10.
r-" "" ??5r',T" -. ?." ". -J?
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Dennis and Rofanna Hurley, part CTi-inaI' lot 4.
square 10S3. $10.
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Ojnyen. lot U. section S. $19.
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msnn. lots 31 to 31. Nork 11. $19.
Scott riaco Ncrthwet. near Thirty-cmd Street
Mary G. Offntt. trustee, to William Britt, lot
39. square tSO. $32.
Injieside Thorns A. nuncerford to Charles F.
liaden. lots M to ST. Nock 3. $10.
Le Droit rark Georje C Housh et ux. to Alice J.
Resrdon, lot 150. Hock 12. i!0.
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and i6T. squsre 1X0. $10. Wslter R. Klstx eon
rcrs asm. property to Wlllisxn G. Carter, $19.
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Florida Arenue-John C. Deiehmsnn et nx. to
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II. Sardo. lot 4. square 80S. $19. Lorena B.
Whits to Fred B, Gibbs. same property. J10.
Recent eiperlments in India Indicated
that the light emitted by fireflies waa
similar la majy tragi to x-rajrtv
ptg''fl?tflTAltr, p
1 IB 1 1
at uasribJa-1.'. t-

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