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JULY 26. 1912.
Woodward & Lothrop
Friday Special Sale
Men's Pajamas and Night Shirts.
The entire -sample line of the best known and most reliable
maker, whose goods are confined solely to us in Washington, has
been purchased at a great price concession, and will be sold at
much less than real value. The principal reason for the low
prices is that a lot of the garments were mussed in handling
and packing, here and there a spot of oil, probably a stjtch
dropped or disconnected; some few of the pajamas mismatched.
The imperfections, however, arc
Lot 1 Pajamas of madras, per
cale and outlntr flannel good pat
terns; small, medium, and Urge sues.
59c suit Values up to $1.50.
Lot apajamas of Biulraper
cale, and outlne flannel hlsh grade .
small, -medium, and large sizes.
69c suit. Regularly up to $2.00.
Lot 3 Pajamas of soisette. mad
ras, and outing flannel; small
medium, and large sixes.
95c suit Regularly up to $2.75.
jjot i Pajamas of aolWvcolored
soisette, silk madras and all-silk.
$115 suit Regularly up to $3.50.
n, is wren's Colored Negllco
fexr golld colors, such as tan and gray solsettes all In cool summer style,
soma with soft collar and cuffs attached. Sizes 14 to 17 In the combined
l0t" $115 each. Regularly $1.50.
Vint Socr-I .
Friday Special in
Women's Untrimmed
TJntrlmmed Hats in a number of
different shapes, colors, and mate
rials, marked half and less than
ialf regular prices, many of them
having been 84.00. End-of-season
clearance for us. yet ample time
still remaining to make them high
ly desirable for many weeks' wear.
In this group are also included
women's Rough Straw Sailors In
black snd white, trimmed with tai
lored bands; ideal for midsummer
Special price, $1.00 each.
Formerly $2.00 to $4.00.
Second floor Tenth at.
Friday Special in
Valenciennes Laces.
A new line of French and Ger
man Valenciennes Laces has Just
been received, and the most desir
able designs are represented. Edges
In widths from 1 to 4 inches, with
Insertions to correspond.
Special price, 60c piece.
Main floor G at.
Friday Special in
. Embroideries.
A small lot of Cambric. Nainsook,
and Swiss Embroidery Edging, some
-with insertions to match. In widths
'from 2 to 6 inches, which are al
ways in demand. These are offered
greatly below their accustomed
price, and are an
Exceptional value at 15c yard.
Main floor O at.
Friday Special in
Damask Napkins.
50 dozen 24-inch High-grade
Damask Napkins, soft finish.
$3.75 dozen. Were $4.50.
Second floor Elerentb it.
Colored Dress Goods Dept.
40 remnants of Fine Colored
Woolen Dress Goods and French
Challls, In the best colors and de
signs of the season: lengths rang
ing from 1 to 3 yards.
Remnant price, 50c yard.
Originally 75c to $2.00.
Second floor 3 si.
Men should recognize that It Is just as essential to have a fresh, healthy appearance and well-groomed head
of hair, as It Is to be cleaned shaved or have their shoes polished. It gives a man poise and self-confidence. To
look really ".clean cut greatly aids him In business, as well as In social affairs. A man with a sallow, muddy
complexion, though he be clean shaved, does not make the agreeable impression, as the man with a healthy,
ruddy complexion, even though he has a week's growth of beard. A. bald head has never added to the ap
pearance or dignity of any man. It Is a thoroughly established fact that there Is no reason why any man
should become bald, or ha ve a sallow, pimply, muddy skin. A few minutes' occasional attention and care, us
Iner the Arnold Massage Vibrator, will crlve vow that rinitfev- v,ii.crflnm well-bred annsannpii n mn.h
admired by everyone. A few minutes' massage after shaving will remove all soreness of the skin. Apply
Arnold Massage Creme and massage the face with the Vibrator. It produces an agreeable, refreshed feeling.
ua icikY . , 4..,j Bfwiu
Removed to 906 F St.,
Manager . - -
very mvm.
Lot 5 NlRht Shirts of outing
flannel and cotton, some with trim
ming! sizes 15, 16, 17, IS, 19, and 20.
39c each. Regularly up to 75c
Lot 6 Night Shirts of outing flan
nel; sizes 14. 15, 16, and 17.
55c each. Regularly up to 95c.
Lot 7 Night Shirts of soisette.
cambric, and outing flannel, sizes
15, 16, 17, 18. and 1$.
69c 6uit Regularly up to $1.50.
Lot 8 Night Shirts of soisette.
cambric, nainsook, and madras;
sizes 15, lt 17, 18. 19, and. JO.
89c suit. Values up to $2.50.
Shirts, neat atrlned natterns. and a,
Friday Specials in
Men's Summer Clothing.
Men's and Young Men's Summer
Suits remaining from the season's
selling have now been regrouped
into two lots, and prices that will
effect Immediate disposal placed on
them. Genuine reductions such as
these mean decided savings in cloth
ing that is representative of the
best productions in ready-for-service
apparel, and made exclusively
for us. Materials, colors, and styles
of this season's designing and mak
ing. All sizes in the combined lots
and variety sufficient to make selec
tion agreeable with jour desires.
Suits, $14.75 each.
Were up to $22.50.
Suits, $19.75 each.
Were up to $30.00.
We also offer our remaining stock
of Men's and Young Men's Worsted
and Outing Trousers, in various ma
terials and patterns; perfect fitting
and well made garments, at special
prices for clearance.
Trousers, $3.95 each.
Were up to $6.00.
Trousers, $4.95 each.
Were up to $9.00.
Main floor F st.
Boys' Department.
Boys' All-wool Suits, the best, and
most serviceable new shades of
blue, gray, tan. and brown: light
and medium weights in double
breasted and Norfolk Jacket styles;
sizes 7 to 17.
$5.00 and $6.00 each.
Were $6.00, $7.50, and $8.50.
And these remnants:
25 Double-breasted All-wool Suits;
sizes 10 to IS; 53.75 each. Were
85 00.
12 Tan and Gray Double-breasted
Suits; sizes 10. 12, 14, and 16; 82 50
each. Were 83.75.
25 Double-breasted Khaki Suits;
sizes 7. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14, and 15;
82 50 each. Were 83.75.
10 Red Reefers: light weight,
sizes 3. 6. 7. S. 9. and 10: 82.95 each.
Were 85.00 and 86 00.
All Straw Hats Reduced.
Sailor, rah-rah, and middy styles
for boys and- small children
39c each were 50c 75c. and 81.00.
75c each were 81.50 and 82 00.
81.00 each were 82.00 and 83.00.
Third floor Tenth St.
Friday Special in
Women's Stockings.
50 dozen pairs Women's Plain
Lisle Stockings, very thin and sheer,
gauze weight; all sizes. A regular
50c quality.
35c pair; 3 pairs for $1.00.
Main floor F it.
auu r&uiaiing wim tne color oi periect ueaiiu.
Second Floor, Room No. 4,Over O'Donnell's
store, with Dr. Hursh, Dentist.
Jg -w ' I m
Mrs. Taft win com to Washington
August 1 from Beverly, to be present
when the President receives the formal
notification of bis nomination for re
election. -j The Naval Attache of the Russian Em
bassy and Mme. VassIUef will close their
house, at 2115 Bancroft Place, In a few
days, and on Tuesday will leave for
Newport, where they.Vlll Join the other
members of the Embassy staff for the
remainder of the season. They have been
detained In Washington later than they
expected on account of business.
Mrs. NageC wife of the Secretary of
Commerce and Labor, has left their sum
mer home at Marlon. Mass.. for Bye, N.
Y where she Is the guest of Mrs. Henry
Mme. Arias, wife of the Minister from
Panama, Is In New York to meet her
son. Adolfo Arias, who will arrive In New
York In a 'few days from London. Hi
Is a. student at the College of Physicians
and Surgeons In the English capital. They
will return nere as soon as he arrives,
and later select a place for the remainder
of the summer. The choice will lie be
tween one of the resorts on the North
Shore of Massachusetts and a trip to
His Eminence James Cardinal Gibbons
has returned to Baltimore after a ten
days visit In Carroll County, Md. He
will leave the last of this month for
Southampton, Long Island, for a few
weeks' stay, after which he will go to
Wichita, Kans. He will stop at St. Louis
on his return. He celebrated his seventy
eighth birthday last Tuesday In the
country home of Mr. Michael Shrlver, In
Carroll County.
Mme. Bakhmeteff, wife of the Russian
Ambassador, has added a silver trophy
to the many cups offered at the dog
show to be held In the Newport Casino,
August 10. The cup will be for French
Th, nn.ia a PhanlnM. formerly Miss
Theodora Shonts, entertained at a din
ner Tuesday evening at wr jiarDur.
when covers were laid for eight, preced
ing the regular weekly hop at the Mal
vern. The duchess Is spending the season
at Bar Harbor with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Theodore P. Shonts: her sister.
Miss Marguerite Shonts, and her small
son, the Due de Chaulnes.
Mrs. Edward A. Mitchell -Rill leave
here next week for a visit with Mrs.
Clarence Moore, at Pride's Crossing,
Mrs. Moore's summer home.
A wedding of International Interest
which took place yesterday In Holy
Trinity Church. Chelsea, London.,
was that of Miss Rosaf! Tunstall
ct,h t.n.ht.ii nf Mr. Tunstall Smith.
i.i. Mi,.. an Afr r,tfA PnKtrr.Cooner.
of Cambridge University. England. The
bride was gowned in wnue un em
broidered In a design of orange blossoms
and myrtle and trimmed with old point
, ch. m-a a ttillM !! .nil carried a
bouquet of lilies of the valley and step-
hanotls. Jllss Anna ana Jii-a uwn
Tunstall Smith, the bride's two sisters.
were her only attendants. They wore
gowns of white embroidered chiffon over
taffeta, with black hats, and carried bou-.....-
..e btpsa. vu.fl Ottlnir to mourn
ing in the family of the bride the wed
ding was very quiet ana atienaea uy
only the members or me xamiiy ana
few Intimate friends. Following the cere
mony a wedding breakfast i served at
Bailey's Hotel, Sloane Street.
Dr. and Mrs. William Gerry Morgan
and family, with Mrs. Francis W. Dick
Ins, are making a tour by auto from
their summer home In New Hampshire
through Vermont to Burlington, then to
the White Mountains, roian bpnng.
and Portland, thence returning to Hide
away, their charming home In the
Among the guests were Mrs R. Snow-
den Andrews, grandmother of the bride;
Mrs. Gibson Fahnestock and Mrs Henry
Bacon, aunts of the bride; Mr. and Mrs
Bruce Cotten. and Lord Fairfax. The
bride and bridegroom left later In the
day for a wedding trip which they will
suend in Torkshlre, after which tney
will make their future home In Cam
bridge, where Mr. Forster-Cooper Is an
Instructor In one of the colleges ie
of -the unique but very useful bridal
presents Is a "planted garden. They
will live in a charming house In Cam
bridge given by Mr. Forster-Cooper's
mother, and the garden, which Is an
Important part of all English homes, has
No matter how you name your "long
standing affection," the fact still remains that
it arises from bad circulation, which causes in
ward impurity.
No matter what medicines you have
taken, the fact remains that nothing can cure
it but better CIRCULATION.
Proper circulation keeps the skin, kid
neys, and other vital organs in perfect condi
tion. The Arnold Massage Vibrator
Improves Circulation and Health.
Ask Your Physician About Vibration
It cures all chronic ailments, stimulates
your circulation ; and you know that the blood
is the elixir of health and beauty. Any one not
being able to attend the
Free Demonstration at Our Office
by our famous health specialist can have free
demonstrations at their homes. Telephone or
write. Mail orders promptly attended to.
been planted by one of the professors
at Cambridge as a wedding gift of his
colleagues. The planting of the garden
was done In the early spring and every
thing imaginable or needful was set out
In Its proper season. There are flower
ing end ornamental shrubbery; hedges,
and small trees, .quantities of flowers.
both annual and perennials, and best of
all a vegetable garden, where the bride
will And many cf her American vege
tables. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Qlnter are guests
at the Hotel Franklin. Asbury Park,
for the season. '
Admiral and Mrs. Charles H. Stockton.
of this city, ipent the early part of this
month In the Netherlands, visiting the
principal places of interest in that
Mrs. Robert M. Thompson has arrived
In New York from Europe, and will come
to Washington to spend a few days be
fore going to one of the North Shore
resorts for the remainder of the season.
MaJ. Gen. VT. W. Wotherspoon, U. S.
A, recently assigned to command the
Department of the South, with head
quarters In Atlanta. Ga., has Joined Mrs.
Wotherspoon at their cottage In James
town, tt. I.
Mrs. J. C Fremont la spending the
week-end at Newport, the guest of Mrs.
Stllson Hutchlns.
Miss Marguerite Barbour, who Is spend
ing the season with her mother, Mrs.
James F. Barbour, at Narragansett Pier.
was the guest of honor at a luncheon
gien Wednesday on the veranda of the
Imperial by Mrs. Thomas B. Gilford of
Hew York.
Mr. Earl Z. Jordan, formerly of this
city, has returned to Washington for a
month's visit with his parents. During
his absence of nearly three years. Mr.
Jordan has studied voice under the
famous tenor, Mr. Charles Le Seur, of
the English Grand Opera Company, and
traveled extensively through the Western
and southern States.
Miss Minnie Zlnkand, Mrs. Annie Zink
and, and Mr. Wiley Wentworth. all of
Baltimore, spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. Roland P. Skinner at their
home in Langdon.
Among the Washlngtonians sailing for
Liverpool Saturday, July 27th, will be the
Misses Annie Laurie Musser. Ada Cary
Musser. Florence Bordeaux, and Ida
Agnes Bowes.
Helen Gould Replies to Minister
Who Says Old Maids Are
Grand Junction. Colo , July IS. Miss
Helen Gould defends the single life of
bachelor maids herself Included In a let'
ter addressed to Rev. Elmer V. Hupper.
pastor of the First Christian Church here,
who recently delivered a sermon on "Old
Maids and Bachelors." in which he sug
gested the exile of old maids to a desert
Ifland on the ground that they are worth
less to humanity
Miss Gould's letter save:
"Glancing oer a Denver paper I notice
an item concerning your sermon on Ioe.
courtship, and marriage, one part of
which I especially notice, saying that 'All
old bachelors and bachelor maids should
be Isolated on an Island so they could
not hinder the progress of civilization
"I do not know why ou made this
statement, but I feel that It Is a great
Injustice to the bachelor maid of our
country. There are. I admit many men
haters In the world, but a great many
bachelor maids are not llvlne alone be
cause they so choose, but have been
unable to nnd a suitable companion.
"I must admit I am speaking from the
standpoint of the bachelor maid. I feel
that such people as myself are not hln
derlng the progress of civilization, but
are advancing It. If I had found a suit
able helpmate. I might have spent my
money in a oinerent way and a way
which might not have done as much
good as It Is now. Please think this ques
tion oer, ana berore preaching on this
subject again make up your mind that
there is some good In living a single
Week-end Trips Appeal to Busy
Business Men.
The special week-end trips to Colonial
Beach on the steamer St. Johns are be
coming more popular with the pleasure
loving people of Washington each week.
Men and their families who are required
to spena tner vacation- at home are
eagerly taking advantage of these week
end trips to Colonial Beach to get out
of the heat and dirt of the city. The
healthful and invigorating salt water
bathing at the Beach and the crabbing
and fishing and sailing on the broad
river combine all of the advantages of
a trip to the seashore at one-third the
The steamer St. Johns leaves Seventh
Street Wharf on the week-end trips on
Saturday at 2:30 p. m. and Sunday
morning at 9 o'clock, returning Sunday
The round-trip fare for one day Is GO
cents. A round-trip ticket good until
the end of the season Is Jl.
Verltn Club Members Gnests of
Park Management.
Veritas Club members, under the chap
eronage of Mrs. H. K. Hairing, spent a
happy afternoon yesterday at Glen Echo
Park Instead of going Into the woods.
An Invitation frcm the manager of the
park stopped the party on Its way to
the countryside. Such absolutely Irre
sistible Inducements as Ice cream cones,
peanuts, rides on the merry-go-'round
and roller-coaster resulted In a rising
vote on tne part of the club for a stop
In the midst of those attractions, the 1
lurements and blandishments of nature
being temporarily disregarded.
There was another rising vote by the
club-one of thanks to the Glen Echo
manager. The shrill hut cordial chorus of
gratitude was:
"We sure hid s good time, mister
much obliged!"
Approve-, Judge's rtctlrrrueut.
President Taft approved yesterday the
voluntary application of Federal Judge
James W. Locke, of the Southern Dis
trict of Florida, for resignation and re
tirement on full pay. The nomination
of District Attorney John M. Cheney to
fill the acancy was promptly sent to the
Senate. Judge Locke Is one of the old
est Federal judges In point of service,
he having been on the bench since Feb
ruary j. ism more than forty yean.
For Tailored Suits, of silk,
bffoadcloths, mixtures, and
winter and summeir.
weights that we waat to t
close out before inventory. '
89 suits, in misses' and'
.women's sizes.
Serge and Foreign Linen
WMpcoffd Suits Tailored Suits
up to SSS.OO, up 'to $15 JO,
SS2.75 $7M
Linen, TeTzy, and resses for
Lingerie Dresses Morning Wear
up to $IEM, up to $9.00,
$7c9 UM
White Waists White SIkisrts
up to $1.50, up to $6.00.
Q9c , $M
Linen Coats Silk Co&ts
up to $20.00, up to $30.00,
Cloth Coats Sillk Presses
up to $30.00, up to $35.00,
m.7 m.7
. . i
Silk Petticoats "Royal Make
- &m Linen Waists
up to $3.50, up to $2.50,
$05 UM
Br SoMin' nnme Bind. Ja S. 1L Zln
mrrmitn, director, t bind lUad. ,t t p. m-
rroerunm. '
Sluth. "Tiff, lnuiurl" (W
Orrrtnrr, "Guy Mancertc" Blahop
8n.h dine, "Ebcuq11Um.... Blls
6IfctlDn. "Auld ScoU" .HHT ludrr
JUs oddity, "IUgiZt R.K" Brjwu
EicrrpU from "iuie ModUto". Hwtxrt
Morcnu. "Cnrfd'i Pltrol" .. Morrt
rltnle. Fedtruion" Klr
The Sux 6p4or!fd Banwr"
By D. S. Ecib!T Bind. JoJiai Kuajxr.
leedfr. at BmlthscoUa Grocndj; at S P- si.
March. "National Bnbln"... Btia
OTmnra. "Merry WItc of Wlndmr"
6raUt from "Loda" (by rsoBt...I9noirtU
Walti. The Skltrr" WaldtMfd
Selection. "11 Troiatorr" erdl
Sn. "Garland of Old Faahloned Rosea"
Rat oddity. "At the Rirttma Ball"
"Dance cf the SernenU" Bocolart
Dracrititita t anUaie. "A Day in W eat
roint" Bendu
"The Star Spancled Banner "
By the Fifteenth Cfcialry Band. Arthur S
Uitcomb, director, at Fort Myer, Va., at
8 p. m. Frecramme
March. Sanitnl" Danleti
Ottrture. Tanniauser" - Warner
Concert walta. "Dreims of ChBdhood"
Selection. "Little Boy Bine." Bernay
gextet from "Lnda dl Lammonnoor"
.. DooUetU
Patmt, "Irish".. ......... ............ ..Pneraer
EicerpU from "Bright Eyea" ...Heachna,
Bar oddity. "Procrastination Bac"...Cobb
"The Star Spancled Banner"
GoTernment Snpend Constitutional
Guarantees In SeT-ernl Slntea.
Constitutional guarantees have been
suspended by the Mexican government
In the State of Morelos. and in parts or
the States of Puebla. Mexico, and Tlax
cala, and throughout the States of Sonora,
Chihuahua, and in te northern pan of
Durango. Activities of the Zapatistas In
Southern Mexico and of Oroco'a
men In Sonora and Chihuahua
are responsible for these drastic measures
upon the part of the government. The
Insurrectos. It Is said, are Uolatlng all
the laws of civilized warfare In their
From Monterev it Is reported that con
ditions have so improved "that people
have forgotten that there Is a revolution
in progress." Crops are promising. It is
stated, and the mills and mines ae In
full operation.
Col. Steeer, V S A , has reported
from El Paso that atlempts to smuggle
arms across the border hae been re
newed along the loner Rio Grande.
Receiver for Tlnno Company.
Justice Wright yesterday appointed At
torney F. 'Walter Brandenburg receiver
for Charles B. Baly. trading as John F.
Ellis and Company, piano dealers, against
whom was filed a petition to declare them
In Involuntary bankruptcy. It is set
forth In this petition that the creditors
and their respective claims are N. E.
Schoenlng. 1177.16; the Pease Piano Com
pany, 32.000; and the National Bank of
Washington, tlZXfiO-
The court cited Sir. Bally to snow cause
August IS why he should not be declared
bankrupt and authorized the receiver to
continue 'the business until a, meeting
of the creditors Is held.
Veteran Worki Will Talk to Cen
tral Citizen' Asftoclation.
Veteran workers In the citizens' asso
ciations of the District will address the
recently organized Central Citizens' As
sociation at its July meeting to be held
in Old Gonzaga. College st 3 o'clock Sun
day afternoon. It was announced jester
day. The new association, which covers the
territory between Pennsj lvanla. Aienue
on the south. X Street, north. First
Street, east, and Seventh Street, nest,
has an enrolled membership of about
300 In its territory are the Government
Printing Office, the Pension Office. Gon
zaga College. Sibley Hospital. Union Sta
tion, and a number of prominent
churches, school". hotel, and private
business Institutions
Te officers of the Centra Citizens' As
sociation are President. Dr. James J.
Kilroy: first vice president. Maurice J.
Sheehan. second lce president, Fer
nardln F Roer: treasurer, Henry C.
Relnhardt. Secretary. Leo A Roer. ex
ecute e committee, the president, treas
urer, and secretary, ex-offlclo, and Wil
liam J. Keale. George L. Leese, Hugo
Worch. and John H Borger.
The oil from a large well recently drilled
In Louisiana Is remarkable from the fact
that It contains no asphalt, gasoline, or
paraffin wax.
Quickly Eases Stiff, Sore, Swollen
Joints and Muscles Drives
All Rheumatic Fains
It Is needless to suffer any longer
with rheumatism and be all crippled up
and bent out of shape with Its heart
wrenching pains, when ou can bo
quickly and permanently cured
Rheumatism cornea from weak. Inac
tive kldnejs. that fall to filter from the
blood the poisonous waste matter and
uric acid: and It Is useless to rub on
llnaments or take ordinary remedies to
relieve the pain. This only prolongs the
misery and can't possibly cure you.
The only way o cure rheumatism Is
to remove the cause The new discov
ery. Croxone. positively does this. It
neutralizes and dissolves all the poison
ous substances and uric acid that lodge
In the joints and muscles, to scratch
and irritate and cause rheumatism, and
cleans out and strengthens the stopped
up, inactive kidneys, so they filter all
the poison from the blood and drive it
on and out of the svstem.
Croxone Is the most wonderful medi
cine ever made for curing chronic
rheumatism, kldrey troubles, and blad
der disorders. You will find It different
from all other remedies. There Is
nothing else on earth like It. It matters
not how old you are, or how long you
have suffered. It Is practically impos
sible to take it Into the human system
without results. You will find relief
from the first few doses, and you will
be surprised how quickly all your mis
ery and suffering will end.
An original package of Croxone costs
but a trifle at any first-class drug store.
such as 0"Donnell's Drug Store. 901 F
Street Northwest, who sell It on a posi
tive money-back guarantee. Three doses
a day for a few days Is usually all
that Is ever needed to cure the worst
backache or overcome urinary disorders.
Ice Tea
Colonial or Floral pattern,
silver-plated on nickel-silver.
Six for One Dollar.
Water Tumblers,
35c Dozen.
Regular size Thin-blown
Water Tumblere unlimited
quantity at this special price.
Pressed Glass Water Tum
blers, 25c dozen.
Glass and China Water
Choice, 25 Cents.
Lemonade Tumblers, spe-
rial, 3 cents each.
Dulin& Martin Co.
Pottery, Porcelain, China, Glass,
Silver, Ac.
1215 F St. and 1214-18 0 St.
If you think of
Talking Machines,
or Music
You must-think of
Percy S. Foster,
1330 G STREET.
"Washington's Musical Center."
at 8:15
W &bingtoa's Leslies Thntes.
The Columbia Players 75c
Matinees Thur. and Sat
J will ba siren
Oa account of the creat demand
Frlday at IJ5. Prior.
extra BASEBALL 8S5S&.
Nationals vs. Cleveland
New Electric Score Board.
Reserved Seat Now Selling.
25-50 Ol73 BJ&SA.H&aAg'J
In the Bis Xe Tork and CtlocJ Comedy Hit,
First Time in Any Waahirjton Theater.
Come On Along
Come On Along
With the Elks of Washington and'
To Their Reunion mt
July 29th to August 4th
50 Amusements SO
Dlre-rt Car "Service to Park every
10 mlnutea from IZtb and Penn. Ale.
Continuous, 8:30 to 11. All Seats, 23e.
Kinemacolor Pictures
Orchestra Kefreshment Mat. Sal., 10c
PtetHT in Trealer If tt rale.
Buaburs. July 3. 15 lsl Pre. Grist. .An. 9
tKik"n Su: Vic.. At. 1 1 Vrcpnk........ .A.o. Ifr
T II unburn 1 Boulogne (2 acd M elkm).
fRltz-Carlton a 1 Carta RrtUanct.
S.S.MOLTKE... August 20, 11A.M.
S. S. IIAMUUItC. September 19, 1 P. it
Or C F. Droop & bra Ca. Uth and O ats. nw.2
Geo, W. ilon. 817 Hta St. Waihlnxton. P. C.
3 The Famous
. Tern yean old. fl.25. .ai
.j. Order by 'phone. .a,
Alio TE.VNESSEC. 81.00 Bottle.
The Snoomaker Co. t
1331 B Street X. IV. X
j- Established 1S33. 'Phone 31. 1138m.
Unman f
Engraving Company,!
Illustrators and Designers
Weshingfon Post Eldg. M. 671
Largest Horning Cirtulatiom.
-&.. - "rvcJ
4- "
Cfr3?iSiifeS-afcy i
jfeiRfeg&aVe, ---r -W,i-r.

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