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v -S. --" w "" ' -"Sla3: ' 'T 4 J - .e iSUf -
UWrl-dy and te-aorrow;
iwaenK'Bonnwest winds.
The Herald his tlw largest
morning home circulation, and
prints all the news of the world
each day, tn addition to many
exclusive features.
Terapertaures. yesterday Maxi
mum, 78; minimum, 69.
NO. 2121
Louis Krese, Waiter, Testifies
That Forty Men Prepared"
for Rosenthal Stiootinc.
Arrests, on Coroner's Order Mayor
Gajnor Orders Becker Kept
on Police Force.
New York, July Positively Identi
fying "Bridgey" "Webber an Jack Sulll
- ran as two of the men who ran to the
curb In front of the Metropole Hotel
Immediately after the shooting of Gam'
bier Herman Rosenthal on the night; of
July 15, Louis Krese a waiter, to day
presented the most damaging testimony
yet adduced against the alleged slayers
of the man who baa tnreatenea to ex
pose police sryift.
Krese told his story before Coroner
Felnberg at the tatter's examination of
"Webber, and as a result "Webber was
committed to the Tombs without ball
until August B. Charged with being an
necessory to the murder Jack suiuvan
was also arrested, charges against him
being based on Krese's story Krese de
clared that the street n cleared tn
preparation of the assassination by a
band of forty men He told how he was
ordered to move on b one of the gang
sters when he stopped to see wnat a
group of four or five men was doing In
the middle of the street These men. he
said went to the entrance of the Metro
pole at a signal from a man In the
doorway Immediately thereafter the
shots which killed Rosenthal were flred
and the same four or five men hurried
to the waiting auto and d sappeared.
Identifies 'Bridisej" "Webber.
"Dd you see any one standing to this
group of men who is now In the court
room'" asKed uistnci aiiwucj iimi-n-an
of the witness.
Yes there he Is" said Krese. point
ing his long forefinger straight at the
face of 'Bridgey" "Webber
The scene was dramatic in its Inten
sity, and, for a moment, not even the
court officials spoke. Tnen sensation 101
lowed sensation when Krese Identified
Jack Sullivan, and Coroner Felnberg or
dered his arrest.
Despite the arrest of Frank Clrofld,
alias 'Dago Frank," and his arraignment
to-dajv District Attorney Whitman this
arretnood'admltted the case against the
murderers of Rosenthal Is weak He
attaches little Importance to the arrest
,of Ciroflct
"I have enough evidence, I believe, to
convict two men but the one man I
would like to get hold of Is Sam Bchepp
With him in the Tombs we would have
the key to the situation.
It developed to-day that the police of
New Haven Conn . had Schepp under
arrest two da) s after the murder but
released him because the New York
police said he was not wanted.
3Iore Damnirtnic Testimony
W illlam Shapiro who made a complete
statement to the District Attorney, has
established the identity of the men who
used the gray murder car on the night
of the tragedy His evidence Is strong
agalnn Jack Rose Harry Vallon, and
Bridge "ft ebber, as well as against the
missing Scbepp
Three other witnesses, whose names
have not been made public, declare they
saw "Vallon at the Metropole before the
murder Mayor Gaynor to day wrote to
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Fourteen Aldermsn in City. of
Straits Held on Charges of
Graft in Railroad Deal.
Men Are Caught Red-banded Ac
cepting Bribes Arrested as
They Come from Room. '-
Income Tax Measure Dropped
by Democrats at Morn
ing Caucus.
Every Person, firm, or Corporation
to Pay One Per Cent on In
come of $5,000 or Over.
Of tbe tew York Police Department, vrbo waa accuse by nmu Rosenthal,
.-c .uMruma pwiir, ox nans- nen connected wtta tbe scandalous sys
tem existing between certain police efllelala and cambllna; bouse keepers,
the promise of exposing which Is believed to have been the direct cause of
Rosenthal's death. Becker has announced his wllllnness to appesr before
ine mna jury inresiiKatinc ne iiosentnal murder, and ten of his connec
tions with the many samblera whe hsve been arrested "on suspicion,' or
re held as witnesses. He declares he will make his statement la full
with no arrant of immunity.
Noted Pngihst Arrested in London
Accused of Stealing $250,000
in Jewelry.
Marc Elaw and Charles Dillingham
Attempt to Secure lighter's Be
lease but Are Unsuccessful.
iSWJifr.t!!!!!!1' -H . popularly
sioner not to suspend Lieut. Becker. aN known " 'Kld Mc'' WM arrested
leged to be the man who receHed thptnls afternoon In his apartment at the
gambling graft except on e ldence ' otel Cecil at the request ot tne Belgian
strong enough to convict. In this letter
me iaor sas
This la the third attempt by hunted
gamblers and other criminal, tn hri-
down the police administration inside of
iu years tnrough their paid press
agents Do not suspend Lieut. Becker
and put him on trial without evidence
10 j usiii j- nis contictlin and dismissal by
you. Do not bena a single bit to clamor
and especially to clsmor chiefly created
by the hired press agents of the gamblers
with whom you are at war
Flays "ForelKn Gamblers "
TVe hae Pi this city th largest for
eign population of any city, and a large
number of them are degenerates and
criminals The gambling of the city Is
almo-t all In their hands not to mention
other lces and crimes The published
names of every one connected with
Rosenthal and his murder shows them
to b of this same class of lawless for
eigners to which he belonged. When the
lAiuce arresi mem one Dy one and closo
their places they open others "
Regarding the writs of replevin by
which In the past gamblers have se
cured the retention of more than TO 000
vworth ot paraphernalia confiscated by
the police, the Major said
Take these gambling instruments
hereafter as absolutely contraband and
upon seizing the gambling places where
they are knock them Into splinters with
.... mc di.jui uuua uibi tne courts
mignt as wen "restore dynamite hnmh,
to an assassin as gambling machinery
3Inyor Rebuffs Aldermen
Alderman Curran this afternoon called
on Mayor Gaynor to tell him of a pro
posed aldermanlc investigation of the
Police Departments connection with the
tragedy, and was met with a sharp re-
Commlssianer of Accounts Fosdlck to
day learned that a letter sent by him
to Police Commissioner Waldo giving In
formation of gambling houses In the dis
trict controlled by ex Sheriff Tom Foley
a well known Tammany district leader'
had been put Into .Foley's hands by the
puiii.c auu wii c-uicu in .roiejrs office.
Fosdlck has written to Waldo, asking for
u JMuah.wu, uui uq receive, no reply
Formal charges were made at police
headquarters to-day against 'William J
File, the patrolman who was In the Met-
ropoie coning room at the time of the
shooting He la charged with n.t.T.
duty It Is hinted that the real reason for
uie ui.raum is uie tact that File had
collected evidence to show that one of his
Continued On Panre Three.
government on a charge of grand lar
ceny, alleged to hae been committed
last Sunday at Ostend. Ball waa refused,
and Selby was taken to Brixton Jail to
await extradition papers, which will take
a week In coming
The theft, according to Scotland Yard
authorities, consisting In the taking ot
J10 000 worth of Jewelrj belonging to
the Princess of Thurn and Taxis, former
ly Mrs Gerald Fitzgerald, of Unlontown,
Pa., who Is stopping at the Palace Hotel.
Mrs Selby. admitted to-night that her
husband Islted the gay Belgian water
ing place Sunday for the purpose of at
tending the opening race meeting and
also to arrangfte a prize fight In the au
tumn She said he saw a number of
ncted crooks while he was there, got
wind that there was some crime soon
to be committed and then left, so as not
to become ImoUed In any results
Friends Believe In Illm,
Most of McCoy's friends here believe
he Is Innocent, and that his arrest
has been caused by his being seen In
company with the guilty persons at Os
tend, and then suddenly returning to
London. Three arrests hae been made
at Ostend, two Belgians and one noto
rious English crook, known as "The
Squeaker '
To-night several friends. Including
Marc Klaw and Charles Dillingham, mo
tored to Brixton to give ball, but were
not allowed even to see the Drlsoner
The arrest has caused much feeling be
cause the prisoner Is an American and
has been locked up and refused ball by
another and frtendlv government. Mc-
i;oy nas Deen in London several months
promoting his health Ideas from a sana
torium patterned after Muldoon a.
The Princess of Thurn and Taxis Is
the wife of Prince Victor, of the Aus
trlsn roval famllv, and was married onlv
a few months ago Josephine Jtoffitt, sj
tormtr inew iorit cnorus girl, also claims
the title saying she was married to
Mince victor in Newark, X J, several
years ago
fiOO (o Lurajy A a- and Return.
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Special
Woman Moral hut Not Sane.
London, July 26 According to
a detailed report of the census
of England and Wales, the wom
en of these countries are more
moral than the men," but not as
sane nor as sober.
Colonel Comments Upon His Coming
Speech at Chicago Convention.
Attack on Interests
Minimum Wage Scale, Six Working
uay week, and General Bead-
justment to Be Urged.
Oyster Bay, N J. July .A ,aTage
attack upon Bryanlsm as well as Ryan
l"1 ?" trts the speech before
the third party convention i rw
August 6 when Col Roo.evelt will ex
polt the Progressive Ideas upon which
his campaign for the Presidency 1. to
be founded
The former President intim..- .
night that he Intends to tear the Bryan
theories to ttt.n -o . .
"- nwHTtii regards
anws'ln ."T" 0rator wh "hoots
arrows In the alcv vr . .
Bryan expounds vague Ideas in lis ef
fort to strike a solution nr .,.- " ' ' ff"
"" ."...i., wouio. De as harmful as
SZJ MX" bUbble lr "' mto
sIMs" r?niM.DrimCr.at,C P'a"rm he In
dlftni, v.Br5anlsra and IooIs to no
fl.2te,.:E!. U ?f he industrial
. ... i6 iUC country
tam I'n Sla.rn!mH,h.lcoIoneI wl In
lain in his speech that the flnancler is
like all others of his Ilk. who are watch
tul to see that nothing 1 thTwIS 'of
fZl'T rKS,at,on haPPs torn
the greed of the mnv.i r r
and Rjan. the colonel will contend are
- fc t, xyemocracy
Colonel Is Inquisitive.
In speaking of his forthcoming pro
nuncamento, Roosevelt expressed an In
quisitive concern to know hW big-business
was going to take it He hoped, he
said that the monejed Interest. M
not shj at it." His Columbus speech he
remarked, struck the business element of
the country the wrong way at first. a
while he made it clear ,i. ,' ...'
speech that he Intended no harm to
hn.hu. hi. i.,.. . "" "arm to
- --- " icierences to the remi
lstlon of the courts and their relator,
to the corporations produced a, clre
It Is not a thing that n 1 rZ"...
out In a ear or five jears. tho colonel
went on No given set of principles
ship a sstem that will put . ,,,.
- " " ' ,.r" ""'centration Of the
countrj s wealth. Everjthlntr rnt, il
adjusted to that end." B mUt be
Detroit Mich , July IS. Through the
agency of Detective Burns and his dla
tagraph, fourteen Detroit Aldermen and
the secretan of the Common Council
oommlttee were caught red handed to
day In accepting bribes for voting to
close a certain street for tbe 'Wabash
The Wabash Is not Involved, the offi
cials not knowing ot the use of ihe
railroad a name by the detectives In set
ting the trap The leader of the bood
lers. Alderman Thomas , Gllnnan, got
n 0CO and the secretary of the Council
committees, Eddie Schrelter, receved
half that amount. Both have confessed
Tho other twelve Aldermen received
smaller sums, some accepting a few I
dollars for their votes
Those thus far arrested, besides Glln
nan and Schrelter, are Alderman Aloli
DelraaL the oldest member of the Coun
ell In point of service. Joseph L. Thel-
sen, Louis Brozo Frank J Mason, Loud
Tossey, and Martin G Ostrowskl, of the
Mnth Ward.
The others sre expected to be appre
hended to night Their names are not
given out by the police All but one
of them have been Identified with the
clique which has made a political foot
ball of the street railroad question In
Detroit for a number ot ears and suc
ceeded last winter In defeating an or
dinance granting the city three cent
fares and unlveral transfers.
Applied for Street Cloalna".
It was shortly after the referendum
election January 3. that the Y abash
Railroad, at the solicitation of Andrew
H Green the millionaire manager of
Ihe Solvay Process Works and other
business men, applied to the Common
Council to vacate part of a street upon
which the railroad owned all the abut
ting property for the purpo.e of building
Urge freight sheds to relieve the con
gestlon In the West End.
The council tvfused p0-"!?:- Mayor
Thompson believed that certain of them
who managed to control had blocked the
plan for tbe purpose ot holding up the
He wrote to Detective Burns. That was
last Februsrj
Burns sent one of his best men to the
city, 'W J Brennan his chief assistant.
Erennan opened omees In the Ford Build
lng representing himself as a represen
tative of the Wabash Railroad As such
he began to approach the aldermen with
arguments as to why they should vote
to close the street
Played for Indncementa.
Pretty soon Secretary Schrelter an-;
proached him with ai Intimation that the
street closing could be effected by the
Tbe Senate, after about eight hours'
consideration of the House excise bill,
passed that measure last night by a vote
of 37 to 18. The bUl is the one reported
and pasfed bj the lib use. and extends the
special corporation tax that was a fea
ture of the Pa) ne-Aldrich law to Indi
viduals and copartnerships The Demo
crats in the Senate were reduced to
choice between the excise bill and
straight Income tax. It required a party
caucus for tbem to decide what they
would do The caucus was hastily called
In the morning and lasted for over two
hours and resulted finally In the adop
tion of a resolution offered by Senator
New land of Nevada, In which the Demo
crats went on record as favoring an in
come tax. but declared that in view of
the fact that the ratification ot two States
waa et necessary to the constitutional
convention legalizing the Income tax, that
they would support the special excise bill
for the present
Senator Borah ot Idaho brought forward
an income tax blU which he offered as
substitute for the excise measure, but the
substitute was voted dow n by a majority
of ten twent) -three Senators voting for
It. and thlrtj -three against It. The defeat
or the Income tax amendment waa accom
pllshed b) the votes of Democrats. Some
of the Democratic Senators are very rest
less unoer the outcome, and declared that
It was poor politics to defeat an Income
tax bill for tho sake of a temporarj party
aaraniage. bucn regular Republicans as
Burton of Ohio Fall and Catron of New
Mexico, Jones of Washington. Page of
Vermont. Perkins of California, and
Townsend of Michigan voted for the In
come tax amendment. Practically all of
the progressive Republicans voted for It.
nil! Is Intended
The excise bill as It finally passed tbe
Senate was amended In several particu
lars, but the amendments were all In
tbe nature ot supplemental legislation.
Senator Cummins bill creating a tariff
commission or live to ba appointed bef are
October L lli by President Taft. an
amendment that was defeated last night
when offered to the La Follette wool blU.
was adopted vesterdaj The vote was S3
to 29 Tho Senate also adopted an amend
ment offered bi Senator Gronna of North
Dakota, repealing the Canadian reci
procity act and imposing a general duty
on print paper of n a ton The adoption
of tho Gronna amendment repealing the
reciprocity act, amounts to a repeal of
the fre print paper provlon In the
Canadian reciprocity act. The Senate has
heretofore passed an amendment repeal
lng the Canadian reciprocity act. which
was offered b) Senator Cummins and
wad added to the bill revising the metal
schedule and Is now in conference but
that amendment reduced the dut
OKl'IsK' jiUnssssssssssssH
DenW hli fntdem br Justin Keojh.
thi isiiaiL
Thirty-five Members of House
Determined to Gef Two
"Pork Barrel" Held Out as Bait
to Recalcitrants Sulzer
Stands Firm.
Slayer of Stanford White Sent
Back to Marteawan by
Judge Keogh.
proper Inducements. Schrelter let It be I rlnt PaDr f rom "S a ton to K 50 a ton
known that he was to act as go-between
but Brennan Insisted on dealing direct!)
with the aldermen
lie pledged them, the approachable
ones to vote for the clolng of the
street agreeing with them individual! j
upon what they were to receive. He
Insisted on the council passing the or
dinance first. They stuck to their bar
gain, passed the measure and to-dav call
ed at the offices In the Ford building
for their pay
As fast as thej were handed their
money they were arrested and confronted
with the dictagraph records of their bribe
Emperor Mutsuhito Sinking Bapid-
ly and Physicians Work Hard
to Sustain life.
Tokvo July 26. Emperor Mutsuhito en
tered on a condition of extreme gravity
about noon and the physicians have
been doing their utmost ever since to
sustain for a brief time the feeble spark
of life The supense In the capital has
been Intense since the noon bulletin,
which told that the beloved ruler was
f-Inklng At 8 o clock to-night another
bulletin was Issued which read
No change And this only served to
Increase the feeling of anxiety which Is
holding the entire cit
At 10 o clock to night thousands of peo
ple are gathered In the great parks out
side the palace and the lawns are filled
with men and women wlo have been on
their knees for hours prtvlng for the life
of the Empe-or Throuch the ertrmo
he-U of mlddaj this crowd waited while advocated on the floor of the Senate
Inside the palace the cabinet held a meet-1 Senator Hitchcock of Nebraska sought
ing anu prrparea tor eventualities Continued on Tnac Two
The Gronna amendment reduces the dut.
still lower, making It C a ton Senator
Bacon made an effort to modlfv the
amendment to preserve the free print
paper provision nnd repeal the rest of
the Canadian reciprocity act. Ills
amendment was defeated bv a vote of
37 to 2" and the Gronna amendment was
adopted by a vote of 37 to 28.
Societies ot Subject
Senator Fletcher of Florida added an
amendment to the bill extending the ex
emptions under the present corporation
tax law to the new excise law This was
adopted without a dlvlson It provides
that religious and fraternal organizations
and benevolent societies when incor
porated shall not be subject to the tax.
Senator Bacon put In an amendment
providing that a tax of 1 per cent should
bo Imposed on the earnings of stock
owned b one corporation In another
corporation reg-vrdless of whether the
corporation the stock of which was thus
owned had once paid the excise tax
The Senate took up the consideration
of the excise bill under the unanimous
conent agreement shortly after It met
at noon Senator Borva of Idaho made an
earnest speech In support ot an Income
tax, while Semtor Hoke Smith and Sen
ator Bacon spoke In opposition to the
Borah amendment and in 'favor of the
Democratic excise tax bill
The closing act in the proceedings Just
before the final vote was taken was sup
plied b Senator He) burn of Idaho who
read the Senate a lecture on Its ten
dency toward radical legislation He de
clared that such legislation as the bill
that was before the Senate was Inspired
h) a spirit of hatred on the part of some
reople for the few persons In the com
n unity who had been successful and ac
quired wealth He declared that he was
unable to account for such a spirit and
that he would never vote for such a bill.
He said that the Democrats were seek
lng a part) advantage and that the) to prevent TMw from getting bis free
White Plains N Y Jul) Ix-Harrv
Thaw will be returned to Matteawan
,s)Ium for the Criminal lnane accord
lng to a deci'lon handed down b) Su
preme Court Justice Martin J Keogh
this afternoon Justice Keogh, denying
the application of Thaw s mother Airs
Marj Copley Thaw, for an order releas.
lng her son was brief and said In part"
Having listened to all the testimon)
and serlousl) considered It. I am of the
opinion thit Harry K Thaw Is still
insane and that his discharge would be
dangerous to the public peace and safety
"The writ therefore, must be dls
mled on hs merits and Harry K
Thiw delivered to the authorities at
The Ia)e- of Stanford White wis
much downcst at the Justice s decision
and wrote the following statement ask
lng that It be given to the public
I am sending the sad news to my
family It would have been better had
I been acquitted like Capt Ha ins
JIAimr K. Tllivc
prnd 1,0IOOOO.
The result of TJiaw s latest fight for
liberty comes sfter the expenditure b)
his family of probably Jl 000 000 In the
process of habeas corpus proceedings
His mother has appealed from ever) ad
verse decision going in one case to the
Cnlted States Supreme Court, hut all to
no avail
The recent hearing has again drawm
attention to the enormous expense con
nected with the Thaw cae New lork
State, for instance has spent $330 0CO to
pltce Stanford Whites sla)er In Mat
teawan and to keep him there Th s
makes the W hite homicide one of the
most expensive In tne h stor) of the
Tnls amount however Is but sm-ill
About thlrty-flve Dempcratlc members
of the House have determined to !. .
If the Democratic party caucus contin
ues to hold out against additions to the
battleship fleet. Indications are that the
CaUCUS Will be rea.wM-., .. ..-
te o'nnd a"2ther "T0rt md ftc
2?.S f n f a r'JtIon declaring
bm of ,ncorP?ran 'n this j car's naval
Dreadfno"unghU,h0ri2atlOn " IeMt ne
The House Democrat. -. ,.,!.. ...
e7s'rar- n,a.aI ". nd thi lead
ers are attempting to restnr m
not enHrlf 8n'.n """ranees that are
?hln - Mt'?aetoiy to U" bIe-
mo?.lMuthat a """Promise win
be made with the Sena'e. which proposes
the construction of two capital Pmen of
..n,nMCfr?.rt ls now bein made to reas
i. ,i P ,ne Irou Tuesday Repre-
Deeply Concerned.
The Democrats want to adjust their
troubl-s over battleship .. J!..
on ,n I """"on s again thrashed out
of New York fn?",a,the W,nUun boI"r
adeuTt. .WW d,wer,adW"ales 0C "a"
.-... n&yy that thev will n t.
Tner The"8 P-PosiUon"'
ber is hoimj . e caucus no mem
!t .i 0lmd to subscribe to a decision
question0?"'""0" on a conlTuora.
m. ? r any ""position on which be
ma) be bound by promises made to his
SJr seTwlVoSTS
.,-.- . -uo aciIOT. oi tfe Sjhject of
the cnla-gement of the naw lienre-
as follows """"5 reacting
olzrr for Tito Jliln,
In order that there slti h
"on In the future about the matter, i
advise you that I promise m, ...
s"afa -.utwE
, j i ,'" " "'r naval po lev and
efficleVy In",,, POmer " W. 5.
cmciency In this matter trerefnr. r
peropere',he rht "" as'TTeem
evr r 'orturpntif "S,
such great iron,,; . ,k.." .?"es"on ot
nation does not rnmrih... . .. "1"
of mind of th. ..""I."! '" 'ne Peace
2rKt?rt f T' ' erd
to bring members Into line behind the
be" hrowPnPr,Cramm' K . h a&tto
te thrown to thee members uho
;4nTn? aI e3tten"on because of the de- 1
termination not t ii .
for public building, T, thl.-oT"
.ht n rre' me"b "are been told
that an omnibus public buildlrg bill has
been framed In committee th, ... .
appropriations footim ,m ,n ., .
..Zh"lmemb.rs hao been inform-
rn I!, al " ,ne as?lst tne Part)
in getting out of a hole bv vo.. f
one or two battleships that the omnibus
measure will be reported and pa-sd at
the December session
Promise H,,, 00i Kffect.
This promise has had a good effect. In
fact the belief Is quite general that In
the forthcoming caucus a resolution will
be passed providing for one and possibly
two battle 'hips The controvers) has as
sumed a political significance that has
caused a good deal of alarm amone a ma-
when compared to the enormous sums if rl" f"e Democrats Members are be
put up b) Thaw and his familv It i.lns bombarded b) labor leaders and oth-
estlmated that they have spent more ers urS,n" them to support naval exten
than Jl 000.000 ln his two trials and the slon as Provided in the benate amendment
man) subseauent heirlnin, nnt it i. providing for two battleships.
sad that the) are ready to speiid as. Tbo Petitions call'ng for another caucus
much more should young Thaw again be
returned to the Insane as)lum
The estimated cost of the present hear
ing to the State ts-JjOOOO Another hear
ing would cost the State Just about as
mucn nut by this time the authorities
on battleships are now in circulation
One Is ln the hands of Representative
Curie) of Massachusetts Tho other was
prepared by I eprrsentatlve Sulzer The
Curie) petition reads as follows
We the undersigned members of the
L" ".: "':"" .",.'"u,"nun' Democratic Hcu'e of R,n ,."
u-.o Kuticn uscu vo spenaing large sumsh iH. ,, r"'." -""-"'-
j- -" ,--" -. ...i, .u uir tor two
would not dare to nut Into execution
tl-ey came Into power the policies they
T.Trs;es Minimum M nc
"Ws have got to come to the tm.
wage," said the colonel. In referring to
this part of his speech to night. '"The
men who control our Industries must
wake up to It. A complete r.,T."-.mus'
of the industrial situation Is Inevitable
Roosevelt s speech ls In th. V."",.'
the printer now Comprising more than
15.000 words it Is the most CmnJh."
stve document the colonel sAJ3 ,., t,'
pen has yet produced " h
S1.23 fa RnflffmM.tsSk mwmJI n
SflV.rda,"., anf 5u.n.,1.a? via Pennsyl.
9LOO Harpers Ferry and Marll..hn.
bsrlsnd. anjf -, wuxn
Baltimore and Ohio Special Tpn
sves Union Station x ?n .P '.. TlaiP
afrsonS.ref, s tei-..mi? .?" o. -rsr sa!?
except the "Congreislona!- Urmtei- ' orl'Sletropol 'ta'CB?anch!nC'I,al latlon
Ready to Announce Booklovers' Winners.
A complete list of all the winners in The Henld's Book
locrs' Contest will be announced m tomorrow's issue of the
paper The judges hac gnen final consideration to the sub
mitted answers and liac decided upon the pnze winners
Much interest is, centered m the contest, because of the large
number of readers of The Herald who entered the competition. The
first pnze is a $1,000 building lot at Randle Highlands The
second is a $750 mner-plajer piano. The winner of the third
pnze will be awarded a $500 library of choice books Two
hundred and fify dollars m the form of credits at the Citizens'
Savings Bank will be distributed among the other hick con
testants Order jour copy of The Herald to-day.
Thaw s first trial began January 23.
190", and lasted -sev ent) nine da) w hen
the Jur). after fort) eight hours
turned a disagreement the State had
spent for nothing- a trifle more than
Lawyers Got Thousands
Thaw said he had srerft nearly all he
possessed He gave Hartrldge 11W COO nnd
the l'avjers not being satisfied with mat,
entered suit for K0 000 more Delphln M
Delmas. the San Francisco attorney, was
paid 1(0000 Other lawyers received
sums from 31a 000 up
On top of this came the trial which
ccst the State another 1100 000. At the
end ot this trial, when he was adjudged
Insane. Thaw, from Matteawan, declared
he was i bankrupt. The two trials had
cost him W35 0O) in mone) spent and he
owed lw3.000.
In 1309 Thaw made another fight for
freedom before Justice Mills at W hlte
Flalns. District Attorney Jerome had
gone out of office, but the btate hired
him to present its rase Thaw lost and
the cost to the State wjs about $13,000. to
Thaw more than 5100 000 After a lapse
of two j ears Thaw succeeded In stttln-
anotner ncarng
In this hetring 773 COO words of testi
mon) were taicen Tills makes 3J00 type
written pages Jn book form It would
make eight novAs the size of th. het
battleships and to use our efforts an
our Influence to have the conferees of
the House recede and concur ln the Sen
ate amendment authorizing the construc
tion of two battleships in the pending
nival appropriation bill.
Representative Sulzer said jesterday
that his petition would bind every mem
ber to bolt If the caucus failed to
reverse Itself on the battleship pro
gramme Mr Sulzer will present in the
caucus a resolution reading as follows
Resolved That the action heretofore
taken b the Democratic raufus regard
ing appropriations for battleships at this
Continued on l'aicc Two.
Pretty Bold Bobhers. These.
Belleville. N J, Jul) 26
Three burglars entered the home
of the Misses Jennie and Anna
Osborne last night, and after
collecting a 'swag-." cooked
themselves an omelet and a
Welsh rarebit
$1.23 Baltimore and Return
Baltimore and Ohio.
Ever) Saturda) and Sunday Good to re
turn until 9 a m. train Mn .ii
trains both ways. Including- th Royal

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