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Nationals Defeat Yankees; Retaining Lead Over, the Athletics
Best Macks Can Do
Is To Tie Nationals
Climbers, With Groom in the Box, Hand Yankees 4
to 2 Beating in Second of Series John-
son' to Pitch To-day.
Buetml Expert, the New Totk Times.
Special ta The Washington Herald.
New York. Oct. 4. Clark Griffith! Nationals clinched the runner-
tip position in the American League race, here to-day by a victory over I
tne xanKees on me nimop, iu 4. inc wuim uiai can now uciiui
the Nationals is a tie with the Athletics for the position if they lose
the final game "of the season here to-morrow afternoon. If the Yankees
take their third straight tumble, Griffith's cfew will be sole owners of
second honors, regardless of what happens to the Athletics.
Loose fielding by the Yankees helped the Nationals to three of
their four runs, but some equally loose work figured in 'one of the
Yankees' counters. Bob Groom.,
had the Hilltoppers next to helpless
when a hit would have cashed in a
run, and he retfred them hitless
in seven of the nine innings.
Two Hlti in Second.
year, and four of the victories came In
the same series on the Hilltop only a
few day before Washington's great win
ning streak began.
It Is expected that Manager Griffith
will send Walter Johnson bark strain to.
Two hits came In the second lnningJmorrow to clinch his hold on second
without furnishing the Tanks with
close look at second base, and the other
two arrived In the sixth. The second
pair netted a run with the assistance of
a sacrifice fly. Groom's control suffered
somewhat in comparison at times. In
the fourth Inning the Yankees had run
ners on second and third bases with one
out. Groom fanned McMillan, filled the
ha.es ith a. nass to Sweeney and then
struck out Russell Ford, ending the ln-
But for an Inexcusable error by fcd
Sweeney in the sixth Inning, the teams
might have gone into a :-: game caum
nn urcount of darkness, as it would hae
been Impossible to play fle minutes after
the ninth Inning ended. Sweeney crvp
ped the easiest kind of a pop foul with
two out in the sixth inning, and the hit
which followed the error sent the two
runs which separated the two teams at
the finish.
Germany Schaefer and Nick Altrock
eased up a bit on the comeay wnicn
fcttiirri the ODeninir came of the series.
The fans asked early for a repetition of
Aitrock-s boiintr act and JCIck favored
"several innings later with a wrestling
match against himself " that was even
more ludicrous than the boxing perform
ance. When the comedians were resting
the Hilltop was as lively as a side street
In Oshkosh. a great running catch by
Eert Daniels alone breaking the monov
ony of the slow struggle.
Score In Thlnl.
S The Nationals started the scoring in
the third Inning, when Moeller lifted the
ball Into the center field bleachers on
the first bound for a home run. In the
next Inning Milan and Gandil led oft
with singles, but there was no scoring,
as Laporte forced Milan at third base,
and the next two batsmen were easy
In the sixth inning the Yankees handed
over the game. With one out Milan hit
' tn left and fast SDrinting turned an or
dinary single Into a double. McMillan
allowed Gandll's grounder to roll away
from him. and Milan scored. Laporte's
double to center advanced Gandil
third, but he was thrown out at the
plate when Shanks' grounded to McMil
lan After Sweeney lost a chance to re
tire the side by dropping an easy pop
foul from McBride's bat the latter
walked and Williams followed with
single to center, scoring Laporte and
Stump's single. Smith's double, and Mc
Millan's sacrifice fly to Milan gave the
Yankees a run In the sixth Inning.
the ninth McMillan walked, took second
on a wild pitch, stole third, and Bcored
while McBride was throwing aweenej
out at first. Score:
The Score.
Motll-r. if S
Fester, 3b I
Milan, cf 4
Gandil. lb I
Laporte. 2b. 4
Shansa. K 3
MeBride. m 3
Williams, c ..- 4
Groom, p. 4
MldxiC. Jb-..i...
Chaae. lb
Daniels. If
Lelirelt, if
Stump, 2b
Smith, cf
McMillan, s
Sweeney, c
FoM. p.
AB. B. H O. A E.
AB. K. H. O. A. E.
Totals E 2 4 9 It z
Baitd for Ford In the ninth.
Washington 101 II141M
New Tar 00000100 1-2
Twobasa hit Milan. Laporte, Smith. Home
run Moeller. Stolen bases Chaae. S'tamp, Shanks.
McMillan. Sacrifice fly-McMillan. Lett on bases
Washington. 7; New York, 9. Bases oa balls 09
Groom, 3; off Ford, 1. btruck oat By Groom, 6;
bT Ford. 3. Passed ball Williams. Empires
Messrs. Diseea and Hart.
To-day's victory was the fifteenth the
Nationals have scored over the Yankees
place. A victory w-111 give the place to
the Nationals, while a defeat will allow
rnuaaeipnia to tie Griffith s team.
Schaefer's comedy has always been a
big hit with New York fans, and never
has the German showed io much of his
wit as during the present series. Every
time he speaks he draws down a laugh.
Clde Milan made a strong effort to
boost his base-stealing figures In the sev
enth Inning, but was tagged out by Mc
Millan on Sweeney's good throw. Milan
led both teams in batUng to-day, with
two singles and a double. Every hit was
as clean as hits come and fairly whistled
from the bat.
Groom's wild pitch in the ninth inning
was his fourth ball to .McMillan, and the
Yankee midget took an extra base while
Williams was chasing back to the (tand3
after the ball. Williams let him run
when he started for third and made no
Play to catch him.
In two innings the Yankees had run
ners on third base and In two other In
nings had men on second, yet each time
tney lanca to score. Groom was unusu
ally strong in the pinches.
Both of the Yankee discards Eddie
Foster and Frank Laporte are playing
une Dan on tneir Old meadow, Their hit
ting la not so notable, but both are mil.
ting up a good game in the field despite
j-iapones error to-day
The Nationals could not hold the ball
In the fourth Inning, yet the Yankees
failed to count. First Milan dropped a
ball squarely in his hands. When Stump
laid down a bunt Groom fumbled the
ball, then picked It up and threw to La
porte, covering first, in time for a put
out. The ball bounded out of Laporte's
A small crowd saw to-day's srame.
Yankee rooters will not be sorry to see
the curtain pulled down on the Yankee
season to-morrow. It Is the most disas
trous season the Hilltoppers have had
since they entered the Johnson circuit.
Waifalnirton, 4 New Yqrk, 2.
Cuicaso, "I Detroit, 2. .
Philadelphia, 4 Boston, 3.
Washington at New York.
Cleveland at St. Louis.
Chleaajo at Detroit.
Boston at Philadelphia.
Lost. Pet. Win. Los.
Boston 104 7 .&S3 .tSl .(H
WASHINGTON 1 61 .83 .606 .39
Philadelphia SO .8 J3 JB
Chicago. 7 71 . JOt .497
Cterrland..i . 74 77 . .433 .4!7
Detroit. .... O a .457 461 .454
St. Louis. B 103 JX Jll J3
New York - - 101 J3 XS -SO
Boston, 14 1 Philadelphia, 2.
Brouklyn, Si New York, 3.
New York at Brooklyn.
Plttabnrir at Cincinnati.
St. Loots at Chlcnuo;
Philadelphia at Boston.
Won. Lost. Fet. Win. Los.
New York IS II .CO JS .CI
nttsburz 3 58 .413 -SIS .403
Chicago - SO 51 .8)4 .837 .603
Cincinnati 71 77 .CO .0 .487
rhilldelrfcla....... 7J 7s .483 .17 .480
St. Louis a M .417 .43 .414
Brooklyn 58 94 .31 J87 JTJ
Boston 51 111 JX J J
T-B" The Mark of Quality
Are Founded
Clothes Are
Pennant Winners Play Slovenly
Ball ibd Mackmen win,
4 to 3.
Philadelphia, Oct. 4 Boston played
Slovenly baseball to-day. and the Ath
letics won, 4 to 3. In the sixth Inning
Umpire Egan chased every Athletic sub
to the club house for yelling at him from
the bench Only the nine men In the
netd were spared. Score:
Oldrine, cf... 4 3 10 0
Baker. !b .... 4 14 0 0
3 0 10 0
Lean. c. 3 0 5 3 1
Boston. AB H O A E
Hooper. If. .. 2 0 1 0 0
lcrkrs. 2b ... I 0 1 0 o
riaaer. .. .12 2 0 I
Lewis, if 4 1 J 0 0
fiani. id. ... 3 0 5 0 1
R Collins.
.. ! 1 0 1 1
rt: 13 3 0
is. lb . 3 1 8 3 0
ualsn, u 3 0 10 0
Butt, fjK... 3 0 30
tan. c. 3 0 5 3 1
lloack, p..... 3 0 14 1
Totals. a "? 2H2
Totsls. 3I3U 4
Batted for C. Thomas in ninth.
t Batted for It. Collins in ninth.
Boston 00000200 1-3
Philadelphia 11000300 z 1
Reus E. Murphr. Oldring. Baker (a. Speaker.
Lewis, Enite Left on bascs-PhiladelDhia. 4: Rn-
ton, 8. First bete on errore-Philadelrhla. 3. Two
bsso hit Speaker. Three-bus hit Lewis. Hma nm
Baker Sacrifice hit Mclnnis. Double Mar Barrj
10 vouins u sicinms. stolen pases E. 3Iurpbr.
Hooper, Warner. Struck oat Br lloack. 4; bj B.
Collins, 5. lint base on balls-Oil Houck. 5; off R.
Collins. 3. Hit br pitched ball-Be Houck. R. Col.
bns. Hooper. Stahl, Wsgner. Umpires Messrs. Eeuj
and Erans. Time of came i hours.
Meridians vs. Regents
The Meridians will meet the strong
Regent team Saturday afternoon at 4:45
o'clock, at Sixteenth Street and Colum
bia Road.
The Meridians will line-up as follows:
Pandoe, left end; Slelvtn, left tackle:
Durham, left guard: Cash, center; Court
ney, right guard; "Wilkinson, right tackle;
Melbourne, right end; Gessford, quarter
Wiltse Believes Marquard in Sixth
Inning and Loses Game,
8 to 3.
Brooklyn. X. Y., Oct. 4. Marquard held
the Dodgers scoreless for five innings
to-day, but Wiltse, who relieved him In
the sixth, and Ames, who succeeded
Wiltse in the eighth, were pounded hard.
Score, S to 1 Curtis was a trifle wild
In the third Inning, -but after that pitched
winning bail. Score:
Brookljn. AB II O A E
Straeel. cf. 3 2 3 0 0
Cuubaw. 2h... 4 3 3 4 0
Hummel, rf ... 5 0 0 0 0
nauDen. 10... m
h..l If 3 1 4
Kirkit'k. cL. 4 1 0 3 0
Curtis, p. . 4 1
Totals. SlU:
17 0
Derore, 1(... S 2 4 0 0
IfcOle. 22 4 112 0
snndgrsjs. cf . 3 0 1 10
Murrar. rf.... 2 2 0 0 0
Becker, rf.... 10 0 0 0
Merkle. lb 4 1(00
Herat 3b.... 4 110 0
HarUer. c... 4 0 10 0 0
Kletcncr. as.. 3 0 1 Z 0
Msrquard. p. 1 10 3 0
U iltie, p. ... 0 0 0 0 0
Ames, p 0 0 0 10
MeOormiek .10 0 0 0
bhafert 10 0 0 0
Totals 5"Sj""o
'Batted for Wiltse in the serenth.
tBsUed for Ames in the ninth.
New Tork....: 002001000-3
Brookljn. (0000404 x-f
Runs Derore, Murrsr, Marquard. Cstshaw. Dao-
ceix ui. wneai i, mnpaincz. smiu. siiuer
Two-base hita-Cutshaw. Miller, bacrtsos hit-Cut-shaw.
Stolen bases Murrsr (9, Herzos;, Cutshaw
Bauble pUj-Dojl to yietcber. Left on bases-
New York, 6; Brooklyn, 7 Base oa balls-On
Marquard. 3, oft Wiltse. 1: off Curtis. J. Strock
out-Br Marquard. 4, br Wiltse. 1, br Ames. 2,
br Curtis, 3. rassed tnlls-HartJer. Z. Wild pitch
Curtis. Wiltse Umpires Messrs. Klein snd
Orth. Time of came 1 hour and 41 minutes. At
tendance L50O.
Braves Take Swatfest front Dool
CI nb, 14 to 2.
Boston. Oct. 4 The Boston Braves
smothered the Phillies to-day, outbattins
and outfleldlng the visitors from every
angle. Score, 14 to 2. The game was
uninteresting from the start on account
of the big lead secured by Boston
the first two Innings. Boston made four
double plays. Score:
r-hila. AB II O A E
Pajkrrt. cf .. 4 1 0 0 0
Ilolan. S- .. 4 : 0 2 1
Magre. If 4 2 0 0 0
Craiatb. rf... 4 13 0 0
Walsh. 3i ... 4 1 2 S 0
Luderus. lb.. 4 0 It 0 I
Dodce. n 4 12 3 1
Horn, c : 0 1 2 0
Marshall, p.. 0 0 0 1 0
Miller ....V.. 10 0 0 0
Totals. .
0 0
5 3 4 0 0
3 2 14 0
5 12 7 0
4 0 2 0 0
3 2 10 0
3 313 0 0
4 12 3 1
4 12 0 0
4 3 0 0 0
Totals. 30 15 r 16 1
Klrke, if....',
Titus, rf.....
Houser, lb.
Mar'tille. as.
Randen. c...
Hess, p.
this season. sThe Yankees have won only I back; Benton, right half; .Imrle, left
six games against Griffith's team- this I half; Dent, full back.
si afatfLlBislsflBSklaW.
Attractions To-day at
Laurel Park
laiiel; mi.
Maryland' State Fair, Inc.
.Positively Ho Children -Admitted. All ladiei Admitted
rree. A Handsome Souvenir Satin Programme Presented- to
Hadi Lady.
Steeplechase Races Every Other Day.
Gentlemen . . . $1.50
ladies ....$1.00
2. & 0. Train Leave Union'3
Station 1:10 p. m. and 1:30
p. m.
33 82116 3
'Batted for Marshal! Jn the third.
Philadelphia .: 100100000 3
Botton. 47002100 I-H
Runs Dolan. Masee, Campbell R), Derlin.
Ssreener (2). Kirke, Tltas (3). Houser (21, Barlden.
Hess (II. Two-base hits Houser. Derlin. Three
base hits Dolan, Maeee. Bess, home run Csmp
belL Bases on balla-OS Marshall. 1; off Flneran.
I: off Hess. L Struck out-Br Jlarshall. 1; br
Hess, 2. Double plays Deilin to Houser: Deslm
to Bweener to Houser; Walsh to uderus: SveLener
to Msranrille to Houser. Wild pitch Marshall.
Umpires Messrs. Johnstone and Eastoo. Time cc
came 1 hour and 25 minutes. Attendance LOCO.
Walsh Holds Detrolters to Six Hits,
Sox Winning;, 7 to S.
Detroit, Mich.. Oct. 4 Detroit could
only get to Walsh for six hits to-day.
and the White Sox won the second bat
tle of the series, thereby gaining half
a game on the Naps, who were Idle to
day. Score, 7 to 1 In the eighth three
Detrolters singled in succession, filling
all the corners, with nobody out. Walsh"
fanntd Corrldon, Jones forced Bush at
second. J. Onslow scoring on the play.
and Cohb popped to Weaver. Aside from
Walsh's pitching the hitting of Rath and
the fielding of Weaver and Rath were
features, score:
Cfcican. AB H OA E
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Avenue at Ni
Doyle's Injury Will Not
Keep Him Out of Series
Barring Another Strain on Wrenched Ankle Giants'
Captain Will be in Fine Fettle Joe Wood
Has Great Record.
New York, Oct. 4. A great load of anxiety was lifted from the
minds of John J. McGraw, the Giants, and the Giants' rooters to-day
when Larry Doyle, second ba'seman and mainstay of the Giants' infield,
appeared at his post in the game against the Dodgers, and he an
nounced after the game that his injured ankle had so far improved
that, barring another strain, he would go into the world's series with
out an ache. Doyle limped off the field after Thursday's game with a
badly "wrenched ankle that required medical attention. McGraw was
excited over the prospect of having Doyle incapacitated, and not until
this evening did he regain his equipoise.
Doyle, as attested by his winning an automobile as the most valua
ble man to his team mi the National"
League, is the pivot of the Giants
infield, and his loss would be irre
Detroit. AB H O A E
nah. m. 114 4 0
Corrldon, a, ..4 0 1 1 0
Joan, rl..'...'.'t 0 110
KJtOO, C3...... t v a V Q
Vtarh. If 4 14 0 9
IOmW 2b 4 12 3 1
Onslow, lb... 4 e 11 1 0
J. OnsW. e. 3 I 2 1 0
Boehler. p ... 3 1 0 4 0
. 5 3 5 S 0
iBodlr. cf 4 10 0 0
twnon. ib... j z U 1 0
ZHdcrr. M.. 4 10 3 0
WTrr. a.... 5 J 3 J 0
noiUTan, c... 4 3 4 10
Walah. p. 2 10 6 0
Totals...... 31 irn 3 Total S7HS3) 0
Chicaco......... 1020ofll i?
Detroit. 00000011 0-J
Bmn-Cobb, J. Onaloir, Bath. CoWnl (2)7 Bodie
Bcrton. Weafer. 8uIItu. Two-baaa hlta fVJHr,.'
Bodie, Borton. Vtacb. SalUran. Sacriioa hlt-Sutll-in.
Stoics baac Cobb. Donbla plara-Loodm to
Boat ta E. Onslow; Bush to Louden; Corrldon ta 3.
Onaaow to S. Onalow; Jonea to . Onalow. Flnt
UK CO balls-Oil Walah. 2: oil BorUer. fit,
oot-Bj Walah, J; br Bocnler, L Pasted balla-J.
Onaloir, 2. Umplrra Meaanv O'Lougtalin and Mo
Greer. Tim of fame 1 hoar and 43 minutca.
Stanct Wins Marathon Race.
Brockton, Mass., Oct. t Augustine
Etugl, North-Dorchester A. A., won the
twenty-flve-mlle Marathon, from Boston
to Brockton, covering"' the course In
2:33:83-1. William Gavln was second In
a neia ox tnirty runners.
Washington Stars Win.
The Washington Starsdefeated the Lit.
Ue Giants yesterday on the Monument
Lot. i to I Score:
Score: n tt
WaahiniEton Stan. 0(00211000 11 I
UtUa CUaU..,. LlllllMMHJl
Joe Wood will report for duty against
the Giants next Tuesday with the great
est pitching record "hung up since A. G.
Spalding tore off a percentage of .SW
In 1875. Joe pitched ttlrty-four victories
out of a possible .thirty-nine tnis sea
sonr-en average of .872. Matty led with
.SOS in 1909 and King Cole led in 1910 with
Statisticians' universally gie the
Giants the bulge, over the Red Sox In
the matter of catchers. The reason is
Chief Meyers. His hitting and throw
ing are far ahead of the best perform
ances of Carrlgan and Cady, the Boston
mainstays. Carrlgan is largely respon
sible for the Red Sox machine. He is a
quick thinker and a steady leteran, but
his throwing is mediocre. Wilson, the
Chiefs aid. Is about of the ability of
Cady, Joe Wood's battery mate; al
though the latter excels In the fielding
average, having made only one error in
forty-six games. Cady will catch Wood
In the series and likewise Wilson will
probably be used only with Jeff Tesreau.
Wlli-fn has & fielding average of .862. His
battnig average Is .278, Cady's Is .279.
In the matter of experience Wilson ex
cels. .Then there are Hartley, little used
by the Giants, and Nunamaker of the
Red Sox pinch staff. Comparing the
three back stops o- each side as a
whole the Ulents are shown 'to have a
batting advantage over their opponents
of six points, but fall behind the fielding
of the Red Sox, by twelve points.
Just how much an advantage a bench
manager has over a playing manager.
If he has any, is a question that the
coming series may go a long way to
wardsblvlng. 'In McGraw and Stahl, the
series will produce the best type of each
species. McGraw, conceded to be the
greatest manager of bis day, and perhaps
of all time, will 'do most of I thinking
xor his men, tit S tne Drains, the mas
ter tactician. The Giants 'will do what
Mcuraw thinks they should do. Stahl.
conservative where McGraw is aggres
sive, will be at first base in the thick
of the battle. It remains to be seen how
much of a tactician he Is and whether
he will be able to cope with a man who
has had greater experience than himself
and a man who will take greater chances.
Having shown to some extent In what
respects the dope favors the Giants the
Boston outfield confidently begs analysis.
Between this Red Sox outfield and the
Giant gardeners, there Is no comparison.
Murray, Snodgrass, Devore. and Becker
are not to be classed with Speaker. Hoop
er, and Lewis. The latter form the most
cpable fly-chasing trio in either league.
They can fleld. hit, and throw. They
make the Red Sox a stronger offensive
club than the Giants, and to offset the
margin of superiority Mathewson and
Tesreau must pitch a stronger game
than Wood and Collins.
Reports from Boston state that bet
ting odds there are still 10 to 7 and 5 to
3 on the Red Sox, with little or no
u.ant monev in sight. It is a fact that
Red SOX money la rain? benrlne In War
The Red Sox will return to Boston from
Philadelphia on Sunday and have their
final workout at Fenway Park on Monday.
Christy Mathewson and Rube Mar
quard, had a lot to tell their team mates
about the Red Sox to-day. Matty and
Aiarquara spent yesterday at Sh be Park
and saw the Slahl team In action
against, the Athletics, and what was
more Important, saw Joe-Wood pitch. The
lesult was a Mathewson lecture in the
Giants' clubhouse after to-day's jraxne.
The eternal Impulse
From Jodre.
Fair Suffragette And now. if anv one
who, has heard my speech wishes to ask
a question, I shall be happy, to "answer.
Masculine voice (from rear of nail) If
you haven't any other comoanv. nav I
see you borne this evening!
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