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(US) U. Ar. '. W.
EM 81k 8. a
SI01 M ttt. J. W.
Ttk A Oae Sts, ST. W.
1111 H St. If. K.
MSB North Capital St.
343a Ga. Ave. I. W.
IMS 14th St. N. W.
Alexandria. Vs.. Oct .-While In a flt
of . despondency this-afternoon. Joseph
Welngart, foreman of the keg wash room
of the Robert Portoer Brewing Company,
went to 'the second floor of that estab
lishment and hanged himself with a half
Inch wire cable which "-was 'suspended
from the rafters of the building.
It was nearly- S o'clock' when the bodr
with the wire tightened around the neck
was .found dangling from the rafters by
Louis Sachs. Sachs had cone to the sec
ond floor of the building for the purpose
of chanting his clothing before quitting
wore, ana was nornnea at turning tne
body dangling nearby. He called Charles
Dllger. another employe of -the brewery,
and both began an Investigation and
found that Welngart was dead.
The half-Inch wire cable and four
foot trestle beside the body was mute
testimony of how Welngert had ended
his life.
Dr. Lewellyn Powell was summoned.
He pronounced life extinct.
Coroner 8. B. Moore was afterward no
tified and he deemed an Inquest unnec
essary, and will give a certificate of
death by suicide. The body was" after
ward removed to Wheatley'a undertaking-chapel
and prepared for burial. Ar
rangements for the funeral have- not
been made.
Welngart was forty-two years old and.
besides his wife, leaves one daughter
and two sons. He had been employed
at the brewery for many years. He
lived at 712 North Columbus Street.
Friends of the dead 'man say he had
been In a despondent mood for some time
The seventh annual convention of the
Virginia Postmasters' Association, which
convened here yesterday, was brought to
a close this afternoon with the selection
of Norfolk as the city for the next an
nual convention and the election of offi
cers. The election resulted as follows:
8. Brown Allen, president, Staunton;
C A. McKInney, secretary and treas
urer. Cape Charles.
The following were elected vice presi
dents: E. McQulmby, Suffolk: W. H.
Faulkner, South Boston: W. H. Parker,
Onancock; R. A. Anderson. Marlon; L.
O. Funkhouser. Roanoke.
The executive committee: McClung
Patton, Lexington: John B. Klmberly.
Old Point: W. T. Tiller. Emporia; W. T.
Hubert. Charlottesville; Edgar Allan. Jr.,
'Richmond. '
This committee was composed of the
following: R. A. Anderson. J. TV. Clarke.
W. L. Mustard and David H. Lewis.
The association was opened this morn
ing with an address "by George H.
Thompson, chief clerk to the Postmaster
General. This was followed by the ques
tion box by postmasters, ana addresses
mere made by the following. Brown Al
len, postmaster. Staunton: A. L. Davis,
assistant director of postal savings sys
tem: C. H. McBrlde, superintendent of
division railway adjustments: J. B. Cook,
superintendent division of supplies; R.
8. Sharp chief Inspector.
7th .
Sts. X. K.
1TTS U Street 21. W.
I' TkiMirhfi! Tkilirkiirf
"See Etx and See Btttir"
tV Cht Tot h Tbw BCTy. mw Cc
N. Rosenblatt, Prop.
Groceries, Meats, Provisions,
Home Dressed Poultry.
Orders sent for and delivered.
Phone N. MM.
We Oh Tetss ss 3b BmM'i SB.1
' ItMiLkei -No Difference
wnetner you' own a R.00 Brownie or a
ilTCodak. yon will learn How to Make
.Good Pictures from, the, handy, instruc-
' .tlve little book for the amateur, photog-
Tvpoer, OK..
.S'MCaw Hirsll asjLM MatMlYttts,
..'Largest'eteekenreremnied. Alsef Laces.
rixtS- sfJK 4Mav Hostary and
i mbrolsWrlas; v . ,-
-.. v1 sVMiJ.A.MOOT.
1 i v43fCss.iW. M. W. S
Ctoe'Totsi ht-1
The corner-sVone of the. Presbyterian
Building at "the northeast corner of
Prince and 81 Asaph Streets was laid
at E o'clock this afternoon by Alexandria
Washington Lodge, of Masons In the
presence of a large number of members
of the church together with others. The
usual Masonic ceremonies were cone
through, being conducted by the prin
cipal omcers 01 tne lodge, including e.
H. Kemper, worshipful master; S. W.
Pitts, senior warden, and Charles B.
Swan, junior warden. The corner-stone
ia placed in position and the usual
metallic box was Inserted therelng, which
contains current coins, religious papers,
coyp of by-laws "of Alexandria-Washington
Lodge, together with sopies of the
two dally newspapers.
Music was furnished by a choir com
posed of members of the Second Presby
terian Church.
At the conclusion of the Masonic rites
in connection with the corner-stone lay
ing Rev. Dr. John Lee Allison, pastor
of the church, delivered an address. He
gave a history of the Second Presby
terian Church, from records recently
compiled, and among otb,er things said
that this church in 1317 would celebrate
Its anniversary.
This building when completed will con
tain basement, first floor, and 'second
floor. The basemnt will be used for ath
letic purposes, while the flrst floor will
be devoted to Sunday school use, and on
the second floor will be located a large
assembly hall.
Flnea of $10 each were Imposed In the
Police Court this morning In the cases of
Edward Lyles and Lawrence Lowenback,
charged with violating the speed limit
with their automobiles last evening. For
the first time, under the new State law,
receipts were given for the tines collected
by Justice Caton. Blanks have been fur
nished all court officials for that purpose.
In order to comply with the speed law
Justice Caton stated that the time In
traveling ove squares running east and
west should be not less than eighteen sec
onds, while on squares running north and
south not less than twenty-four seconds.
Fitzgerald Council. No. 439, Knights of
Columbus, at a meeting held to-night, per
fected arrangements for the celebration
of Dlscovey Day Friday next. The event
will be attended by a number of distin
guished prelates of the Catholic Church.
The programme heretofore published will
be carried out. The atlalr win end at
night with a musical and literary pro
gramme at the Toung Men a Sodality Ly
ceum HalL
Sarepta Lodge of Odd Fellows, at a
meeting held to-night, conferred the de
gree work of the ode on several candi
dates. A committee was appointed for
the purpose of making plans to take part
In the Odd Fellows' rally, which will be
held In Washington November 19 next.
Benjamin Hayman, seven years "old.
son of Mr. and Mts. Joseph Haynan,
was run down by a wagon belonging to
Armour ft Co. at King and Pitt Streets
shortly before E o'clock this afternoon.
The lad had his amr and bead injured.
He was taken to the home of his par
ents. 118 North Royal Street, where his
injuries were dressed by Dr. T. M.
Jones. His Injuries are not regarded
as serious.
The board of directors of the?" Alex
andria Building and Loan Association
ess elected J. M. Duncan a member of
that Doay.
' Arthur ''Welch, winner, of the trip f to
the. world's series ctven by The-. Wash.
Ington Herald, desires to thank bis
friends -for the able assistance given
him to win the contest.
.'As; vatswtata; Sasts "
f Brooklyn. N. T..iOct. fc Hi si sxcitiBC
Battle tonight. Buu. Anderson, who was
suhatttuted for -WHMe FUScsrsJO, oat.,
potaud Italian Joe Oaaa to-night Harry
Lortr.draw wkh floUisr mtnrsuu J
Jowg DriseoH defeated Waiter- Moks.
wa NDSKswaatior mm joaws. r, :
the eneknliawWiftiJa gatt
amounT?dne" ft-F-5i,-"X ' v
Meotton wu ssaste or tte last that-the
JeWI ,Fetarvissa tMSTOty hai
durfssr'ULsi -a-seauITa-liT.
eaYvtC. 'awwsbears
ssaas aaahmet-taem. Mr.
Baumgarte said that violattwis of news
swy.reculstlons.aniaow'" rewrred to the
eisselatl ;by the Board of "BdueaUoa."
- Talsalssv atcardlng to Hr. -Baura-
gartea, caused bad feeling on the part
or the pareatsot .--the, hoys who wet
anxious to get-their children away from
hesae a as-act '.to bs botherad with
thenf "We found drhat prerloas to- our
arraagementa-crippled .'boys -were sent
ML and often boys-of B and U y
of -age .would take. a. younger brother
with .tbai .to deceive, synpathrtlc pur-
cnasers. - .- . -
"There 'are to-day ninety-two children
under fourteen years engaged" Ih.'ssiltng
fwpers and chewlag-gunu there are ill
of all creeds; thus about S per cent of
thesr children "are Jewish, which bat
eleven permits to work at trades
or stores were granted out -of a total of
Jst, or sboot't per 'cent. In addition 9
permits for children 'to appear on the
stag .were' granted, asm of whom" were
under eight years of-age. Five cases In
the' National. Training School out of
eight Jewish -bays committed during the
past onj and a half-years owe their com
mitment directly 'to: selling newspapers.'
Anneals for Casitrlbatloas.
Mr. Boumsjartsn urged the members to
do 'their 'utmost. 'In furthering the es
tablishment of an .Instltnlon for delin
quent girls and .appealed for Increased
contributions and subscriptions In order
to enable tne society to carry on Its
work effectively. ,
A vote of thanks was extended to Mr.
Baumgarten.and Mrs. Charles A; Gold
smith for their excellent' reports. A mo
tion was sdopted to crests a sinking
fund and name a committee of Ave to
submit st the next meeting a plan of
management of this fund. Julius Peyser
was appointed chalran of. the committee
The old officers were re-elected as fol
lows: Honorary president (for life), I. L.
Blount; president Lee Bauragarten. first
hvice president Dr. Abram Simon; sec-
una vice prcsuacni, ner, xa, oiern; n
nonce secretary. Mrs. Charles A. Gold
smith: treasurer: A. D. Prince: auditor.
Max Fischer: trustees. Jacob Elsenmann.
Amnon Behrend, Samuel Ganns: repre-sentstlve-fct-large
(for life). Mrs. Chaa.
A. Goldsmith; board of managers, 8.
Atlas. Mr. and Mrs. Lee BaumcartenL
Julius Baumgarten. Mr. and Mrs. I. L.
Blout. H. Blumentbal. H. Dodek. Jacob
Elsenmann. Mr. and Mrs. Max Fischer.
A. M. FlsheL Mr. and Mrs. Harry Franc
samuei uanss, K. s. o leaner. I. Golden'
berg. I. L. Goldhelm. Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Goldsmith. Mrs. C Guggenhelem, Paul
Harmel. A. Sid Heller. Mrs. B. Held.
Mrs. Joel Hillman. Mr. and Mrs. Lou
Jackson, D. J. Kaufman, Mrs. Jos. King,
A. D. Marks. Mrs. M. Marx. M. D. Mil
ler. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. I."W. Nord linger.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. Oppenhelmer, nk8. J.
Pack. A. D. Prince. L Porton. E. Rice.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Rels. Mrs. Alfred
Rosenthal.- Ben Salomon, Mrs. A. San
ders, Mrs. I. E. Schwartx. Dr. and Mra.
Abram Simon, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Etras-
burger. Rev.' and Mrs. L. tern. Mrs. Jos.
Schlffmsn, Mrs. Meyer M. Stem. Mr.
and Mrs. Louts Simon, and 8lmon Wolf.
-Asserting that! thaw had 'suit' haiaa "laage
rtls to Ue lavestlgatieai ssMuted by1
ha Ineratate Ceramerce Oaeassissdoa and
as a result of which the CosBaslaalan! or
dered substanl4al reductla j .expWs
rates I throuaholtf tHm . limit mmtm Lnri
In the rules and regiiliMensof the ex
press companies, attorneys representing
the largest railroads ia tha United
States yesterday asked the Coamlsslon
to take additional teattaony from the
railroad point of flew heara maklnr Its
order redudasf ntM aMhp
-In addition to thls attoraeys repre-
enuis me express companies aied fig
ures wth the commission which, they
sua, snowea mat- the proposed new
rates or, tne commission would result In
the express companies doing business at
a- loss.
- From yesterday's developments It
wouw appear that the express compa
nies In a last-ditch fight have passed
the contest up to the railroads. The
testimony In" the case so far shows
that the railroads get about (0 cenU
out ,of every dollar collected by the
aXDresa ramninv
The Commission's attention was also
directed to the fact that Congress has
authorised a parcels post system In this
country, ana that this wu; take away
from the express companies all of its
business up to eleven pounds, and based
on this the Commission was ' asked not
oniy 10 near additional testimony, but
to defer Its propose rates unUl It could
be seen to what extent the government
parcels post would affect the express
companies Business.
To-day's bearing was given by the
Commission to all concerned to show
cause why Its propsed reduced express
raws, regulations and c governing the
express companies of the country, should
not go Into effect sat once, and It is
probable 'that the Commission will de
vote the remainder; of the week to argu
ments pro ana con on tne subject.
It blends perfectly
with edl Whiskies
ft makes them more wholesome
Commission from Berlin Arrives in Capital and
Inspects Site for Proposed Palace.
1 - ,
OasaMlajr eat Potosnae River Case
t. Be Tested la Palle Cost.
One of the first steps In a determined
fight by the District. Maryland, and Vir
ginia authorities to put a stop to policy
playing and other forms of gambling on'
the waters of the Potomac River near
the cities of 'Washington and Alexandria
culminated last Sunday In the arrest of
Homer Wells, who operates a houseboat
above Rosetyn.
Yesterday Wells was arraigned before
Judge Fliuey. at Alexandria Court House,
on a charge of permitting gambling In his
houseboat on the Potomac Wells plead
ed lack of jurisdiction of the Virginia
court and requested that bis case be
tried before the courts of the District.
Accordingly, Wells wsa arrested yester
day by Detective 8trlngfeIlow on a war
rant sworn out before the District au
thorities. His case will come up before
ine msinci police court to-day.
When Wells' was arrested last Sunday
by Deputy Sheriff Harry T. Palmer. It la
alleged that four men and two women
were found drlnktnc on the boat. It is
also alleged that policy and other forma
of gambling are carried on there, proof
01 which u 10 oe in the possession
of both the District and the Virginia au-
Soa 'of WaahlBatOB Attaraer Ki.
plre la St. Loals Hosaltal. . . .
Donald Maenherson. lr. man of TViM
Macpherson. a Washington attorney liv
ing at fat Tenth Street Northwest, died
last Monday In the Mullamphy Hospital.
St. Louis. Mo. The body la being brought
to Washington for interment In Rock
Creek Cemetery.
Mr. Macpherson was twenty-four years
old.. He was a graduate of the Military
Academy In Aahevllle. N. C H hu
been employed for the last seven years
in the St. Louis branch of the Baltimore
Fidelity and Guarantee Trust Company.
HIa advancement with this company had
been rapid.
He was an able official, and at the
time of his death was a student In the
taw department of the University of St
A commission of building, architectural"
and engineering experts appointed by the
German imperial government, sanctioned
by Emperor William, has arrived In this
city on a mission to examine the site
purchased by the German government at
UOt 8 Street, between Twenty-second
and Twenty-third Streets Northwest,
upon wblcb Is to be erected the new
palace in which will be housed the Ger
man Embassy and the household of the
Kaiser's representative to thla country.
The commission consists of Herr Kett
ner, privy embassy councilor and refer
ence councilor In the German Foreign
Office: R. Saran. superior privy councilor
of buildings and constructions attached
to the Department for Public Works, and
Prof. Peter Behrens. professor of archi
tecture. Their residence Is Berlin, and
they have taken quarters st the New'
Wlllard. where they are attending to all
the various details of their mission, such
as making reports, drawing up details.
and collecting data on Duuaing material,
cost, architectural style of Washington
houses, and the plan for the beautifying
of Washington.
To Harmonise Arealtectarallr.
The commission has minutely studied
the character of the architecture of
Washington's most attractive public and
private buildings, exterior as well as In
terior, with a view to draw plans' for
lbs new embassy buildings which would
be In keeping with It and harmonise with
Its surroundings. Although the palace
win be of the most advanced and best
type of (German architecture. 'It la the
plan of the commission to so modify its
uerrosa cnarscier as to harmonize It
with the Washington architectural style.
Herr Kettner said It would be a buildlnr
representative of the power, prestige and
uisnuy 01 tne uerman empire, and that
the German Emperor as taking a per
sonal Interest In the matter. Oberbaurat
Saran said he did not believe that the
new ambassadorial palace would be mod
eled after the Sans Soucl. one of the
Kaisers pslaces at Potsdam, but that If
present plans sre sanctioned by the gov
ernment the proposed building would cost
"a great deal of money," and would no
doubt prove a welcome addition to Wash
ington's colony of new diplomatic homesi
That the present qusrters of the Ger
man Embassy In Massachusetts Avenue
are much too confined Is the universal
opinion of the commission, which made a
thorough Investigation of the matter.- ex
amining the building and Its appoint
ments. The distinguished visitors praised the
beauties of Washington, and said "that
before many years this city would -be
the most beautiful In the world, barring
These Messallnes are' positively
ail .pure silk: heavy, durable
quality and beautifully finished
with a high luster. We ihave
mem in an tne new and
Wanted mlnnL ItiA am
lar SSo quality, for a day'.
15c 24-ii. Strip.
Sssss- asasa asaa
There- Is- nothing prettier or
more suitable for street or af tar
neon costumes. -They are all pure
silk and come In dark grounds,
with white-and-colored ff
stripes. 85c quality, for ArlsT
Local Anxllllary to National Com
salttee Holds Meeting.
Tne District of Columbia auxiliary
committee to the Democratic National
Committee met last night In the Ralelch
Hotel to receive reports from Its mem
bers upon the amounts that have been
contributed for the campaign on outside
solicitation. Reports of the members
took up the whole attention of the meet
ing, which lasted more than an hour.
An approximate total of ROM In col
lections were recorded, and this sum will
be sent immediately to the Democratic
National Committee In Nw York by the
treasurer of the committee R. N
Fjsdwk g. sad Ben. g. x fc
WllUta A. and jsot L ..
Albert and Muy O. Rlod. girt.
Hnrr W. sad Muy C. Reynolds, sjit
Run- sad Mar Bobm. boy.
Bobert M. and Addia If. Kanty. sot.
Wfflitm a sad BsMts K. Montr, ftrt.
Chants 8. sad Sau LrU. bor.
Joto M. and BeRha L, Hcrbrrt. boj.
wmna J. and Brbtcca J. Omn. HA.
Kskna B. sad Joule A. Oeald. bar.
Hany sad ganta it. Ofifflth, am.
'ZOO 2' ?? l- OatU. tor.
"". ,Iv,", sua" 1- "rrtck. biT:
WUfnd H..aod Baulj Dub. am,
albert and Kusaeeta atwoos, atrL
Lnte JLuik. KUtsbsth WUUasu. sirt.
trausa 8. sad KeUkt Email. Ibon
Bkhant A, and Maty SUalur. cor.
-. w jtBjaea, nor.
Electric Line In Rock Creek Park
la Oae of 8aa-sTeatloas.
Establishment of an electric line In
Rock Creek Park Is requested by the
Brlghtwood Citizens' Association In a
communication received by the Commis
sioners yesterday.
Improvements for the following coun
ty snd suburban roads are asked to be
Included In the Commissioners- estimates
Colorado Avenue from Fourteenth to
Sixteenth Street. 15,000: Sixteenth Street
from Montague 8treet to Military Road.
135,000: Madison Street from Colorado
Avenue to Fourteenth 8treet, tl.000; Mon
tague Street from Fourteenth Street to
Sixteenth Street. $1,000: Van Buren
Street from PIney Branch Road to
Third Street. $10,000: Quakenbos Street
from Georgia Avenue to Ninth Street,
and Ninth Street from Quakenbos Street
to muennouM street. ZXSOO.
Coaaael Will' Arante "Joba" Did Not
Mean D) aaalt Ina.
Indianapolis. Oct. 9. Lines of defense
In. the dynamite conspiracy trial were re
vealed to-day when Attorney H. M. Hard
ing concluded his opening statement be
fore the jury In Federal court.
The defense. In a nutshell, will be thst
the forty-five defendants did not refer to
dynamiting when they referred In their
correspondence to "Jobs."
The defense further will attempt to
show that President F. M.. Ryan and
other defendants, officers of the Iron
Workers' International Union, had no
knowledge that any of their members
were dynamiting nonunion work.
Harding was followed by H. C. Tifft, of
Minneapolis, representing Charles N.
Beam, of that city, and F. J. Mooney, of
"As to the alleged Incrtrainatinc corre
spondence of these men, we will show that
they did not refer to dynamite."
West port 1'atalltr Expected
Bring Federal Actloa.
New York, Oct. .-Out of the fatal
railroad wreck on the New York. New
Haven and Hartford Railroad at West
port. Conn, last week probably will come
a Federal Investigation, nation wide In
Us scope, which will have for Its object
the enactment of laws by Congress to
safeguard the American traveling public
Interstate Commerce Commissioner
Charles F. McChord. who is here con
ducting a government Inquiry Into the
wreck, probably will make recommenda
tlona to Congress for laws to minimise
wreck possibilities on United States rail
roads In the future.
it Is probable that the government
All young officers of the navy will
hereafter serve at least one year on a
gunboat, according to a new plan an
nounced at the Navy Department yea
terdsy. It Is believed at the department that
gunboat duty la decidedly good for young
omcers. in tnat on tne boats of this class
they have a larger ranee of Individual
duties and responsibilities, thus gaining
self-reliance and self-confidence with
greater rapidity than on the battleships,
where the activities of the younger offi
cers are. extremely limited. With the de
tail of duty made but for one year. It la
expected that gunboat duty will become
RwHti'ele., Altend
fill Elulrw. fk.
Gas Portables.
Electric Starts,
will have to make additional laws giving more popular In the future under this
the Interstate Commerce Commission au
thority to enforce the safety regula
tions," said Mr. McChord.
Edwtra Most. 9. and Eaulr C BlUae, II. Ber.
t. Ootsatef.
Vernon B. Loaw. M, and Our M. BaMfnoa. U,
lee. wuttaai a. OnsL
Gilbert B. Xnekola, JL and Ad . War. 3- Mh
of Bicbawnd. Ta. Ber. . L. FUtt.
roans oateioax, S, sad EnUas J. Fletllnt. a.
Bt. IsnaUoa rraly.
WTJlkun H. Lrae. B. and Bbalatk r. rtmu,
both of glftnaend. Ta. Ber. H. SdwnoVr.
Oeoct H. Mott. B. ef WhtdMster. Tt, and J
rfclne Bahtr, ef Alseieae, Vs. Ber. Heory B. Hosier-
Jaaws X. vranebaad. M. sad .En I. 8Ub sa
both ef Xaqxrtt. Vs. Bar. Juoes 8. xfontfomciT.
uixiau &. uur, a. am kuw b. wetter, n.
Ber. A, R. Ihcausoo.
Georta. O. Ansosu, S. sad lm 8. Kins, H.
Be?. Hiish A. Curler.
Ds WKt U R. Bodta. . ef ruw v..
Era Bantaok, B,' of KoseniDe, Vs. Ber. D. C
Pepaats .Owr......M... tSMS
Whether You
Had 110,000
or ten-dollars to deposit,
you would naturally consider
Our resources ef nearly- ten-.
millions and onr conservative
nssuoomj swat s
tmi Trust Comptuix.
.Corner ,15th and N.Y; Ave.
John F. Browalov. 9L-asd Itimul K. rinV. -
Brr. G w. mam,
loarah 8. Wood. &. of Gmawirfc. V.. .tvl w.r.
K. Bodine. t. ef Catlelt. Vs. Ber. D. C. MacLeod.
-Daaid A. Boyle. 3, tad Eltt M. h'tltoo. 9. Bv.
J. A. Cwrta.
Joetj I- Kewlsad, at, of .Boooe, Ktaa.. and Set
tle J. Ckearaeod. Tt. ef LrBehbort. Vs. Ber. Juan
B. UoatsosaaT. -
Cisnaee H Slaw. S. sad atlkbsd L. Bnarae. S.
Ber. Jtaus Z. grot, f
Btaroeljf. Banxaan, Ss. sad Mar CiDatboase.
X both ef Wsrsesbon, Vs. Bee. B. L. Fultx.
Dsaiel J. Ux. M, sod AhftU U. Kieiau. tL
Ber. K. T. CoBBoDy.
'ssms X. TSwaaer.X aad Xateus M. Wetlt
Bar. Joba T. Hoodie. -.
Hear? B. Helbwter. M. sad LotttU A. KienitB.
a bot.x, j. coBBsihT
C. 8. Drrt of Afrieuhure. Ttntbtt Banes.
Wuhlmton. D. C on. I. atS-m p. m.
A froazh at Vm rfevare eilcnds from Teut
nonbrutwtid to the Kt- Lawrence Vtller, tod
ralnt hare fallen over Ibe northern portion of the
country, with torn too la tba NorUnmtera
Stain tad tba Itockj Moosttla RtVm. la the
Booth the iwealher aa fair.
It la roroklcrablj iraram ta the nntrat nUeja
and the Lake retioa and much colder in the
North'tat and the Diddle plateao. In the South
taeniirratam mntln high.
There will be local rata Tharadar from the Ohio
VaDer and the Lake ntton eaatwaid. fovowed by
mtnalbr fair weather Friday la the lower Lake
recxion. New EnsUnd. and the Middle Atlantic
Sutea. Thrra will be rain or mow Thursday in
the Central Boca? Mountain neton and toe Sooth-
wrat. followed br fair weathar Friday and rain by
Thraadty night In the Central aad Southern Platna
Htatea. eittndlnc by rHday Into the MUamn ana
Miaiauri VaUrra. In the Uolf Stttn and the
N'orthwnt the weather win be rraerally fair
Thursday and Friday.
It will be solder Thsradar in the central al
Itja and the Lake rrflan and colder Friday In the
New England and the Middle Atlantis SUtet. It
will be warmer Friday in the Northwest.
The wtndt along the New England and Middle
Atlantic Coute will be moderate southerly, thllt
ing to northweat by Friday: on the South At
lantic Cottt light ta moderate yarlable. mostly
eaaterly; on the Uulf coaat moderate aoutbeaat and
tooth; on the Lower Lain moderate west ans norw
weat: on the Cprer Lahet moderate northerly.
becoming variable Friday on Superior.
Steamers departing Thursday tor European norta
will hare moderate southerly winds with occa
sional rain to the Grand Backs.
Local Temperntarw.
Midnight. : 2 a, m.. I: i a. m.. It: a. m..
: 1 1 a, II: 18 a. ra.. Jl: n noon. ;!p,
ST: 4 p. m.. TO; ( p. m.. : I p. au O; ) p.
m.. S Highest, n: lowest. C.
Ittlatlra humWItj-J i. ., T; 1 n a, 1): I
p. -. IS.
Bamfall It p. ra. to t p. m.) 0. Hours of aon
thine. eS. Per cent of pnastble tnnahine. TS.
Tataparatara tame date Uat year Highest, IS;
Mwett, fL
Tesaaw'rarares In Other Cities,
Temperatures la other dtlea. tnttther with the
sstoent ef rainfall for the twenty-four hours ended
at p. m. yetterdsy. an as follows:
Mar. Mln. p. tv fan.
Aaherina. N. C (91
AUrata. Ga. 71 (I 71
plan, as it will not entail long separation
irom tne neet.
Officers of the class of 1911 who have
snown themselves especially efficient are
now being detailed to the gunboats.
Later, under the new plan, all young of
ficers will put In at least a year In gun
boat duty.
The same plan, somewhat modified, will
also rte applied to the destroyer service.
Officers will probably be allowed to re
main two years with the destroyers,
ChaaaTIer P. Anderson Compelled to
.IVasdos Pi-ohe? af Appraise.
Chandler P. Anderson, of New Tortr.
has resigned as a member of the special
commission of the Treasury Department
to Investigate the board of appraisers at
New York. Mr. Anderson, who is coun
selor of the State Department, gave the
press ot worst or that office as his rea
son for being compelled to abandon the
work under the Treasury Department.
The names of George E. Roberts, direc
tor ot tne mint: is. Dana Durand. direc
tor of the Census, and Charles M. Pep
per, foreign trade adviser to the State
Department, have been mentioned as his
C. A.
& CO.'
mittst. i-mift.
We alva Herald
Christian Xandsr's
909 Seventh Street
Wipg CPstgar TO 14 DATS.
Tow drwgxtet win refand stsaej if PAZO OiNT-
aisEirr bus. is ears eat esas ef axhiag. bond,
bleeding or pmtradha pBat m to H days, tsc,
rr, - ' i- . '
Lewi. O. Htaas, at yean. Batty Hospital.
Vtso Biiarttsai). fg.-ijs jnekoat Are, sa.
Marx Maekzy. ST. HH Matt. Ave. aw.
Mary g MeOaaey. st, BaOrne Hotel, lath A I inr.
Wsabeth DeaMBt, SV Vsskor K. aw.
Mar KeDsy. W. UM Mm fa. as.
Basaa BuUar. m. 9mmnmmt Baapttal Isaane.
-WinieaaJKMrsBVABWaMrKB?. .
Manas V-Hikltiis; gTsjs. w St. aw.
" ! ' aaa t. aw.,tw. . -r.
raaer. m, WatMsatsa AtyhaaBettstsl.'
BMt . W .
-"-- S- - T
The saasnifsctwra ot rnattressee; plBerws,
Atlantic aty. N. J...
Btonurrk. N. Dak....
Boston, Mats.
Buffalo. N. T
Chicago. Ill
Clncianati. Ohio.
caeynme. Wyo.......
OarenDort. Iowa.
Demo, Oolo..... ......
Dee Moines. Iowa
Duluth. Minn
OalTeKon. Tex........
Helena. Mont.
IndiananoUa. Ind...
JtcksonTttie. ria......
asntu uty, no...:.
Little Bock. Ark
Los Angeles. CaL ,
Marquette. Mich
Memphis, Teas
New Orleans. La.....
New York, N. T
North Platte. Kebr,
Omaha, Ifebr.
raUsdalpMt, ra.
. a
, 64
. (3
. 70
. M
Preston. England. Oct. 9. Thomas
Coupe, former night clerk at the Elks'
Club, In New York City, who was an eye
witness or the assassination of Herman
Rosenthal, to-day flatly declined to re
turn to the United States to testify for
tne Btate in the prosecution of Police
Lieut. Charles Becker and the gangsters
who sre charced with Rosenthai'w mti.
Are hrtng to than cmaeccsttomed to- thata.
Onr aucreas it built on our reputation to
rHieie the beret ml cf aU anxiety at ta
A Complatt. f 150 to $200
Fta-narai for $75.
W. W. DEAL & CO.,
WaaMngton'a Leaduw Cndrrtaken.
Telephone Lincoln 3SM.
816 H 8trMt NortJvtMist.
,i m
a M
ss at
Plttaborg. ra. ... C M 7
Portland. Ma. .. M 3s H
Portland. Ortc ' .......... as 40 H
salt lake City, Ctth.. st 3S 41
St, Louis, Me. C Ct 71
Be. rani. laxm... e at st
San Francssca, Cal M ts
Springflald. Itt. ......... u ts 74 , I.M
wata, .......... .. h
ru. . :. ... fa 7 ta
Ibltdo, . Ohio .............. nSstSi.lt
Vlcksbmr. Mas, .......... K U 7
Tiaa Tablas.
Ts-daxHali tide. 73t a. m.; 7 p. sa. Low
ttts. 11 a. av: IS p. sa.-' .
Titiaiit wish Ude. ta a. ta.: thS p. sa.
law tMe, . : t t sa.
CaaaUttok aTtaa Klvoia,
Bring hack replies, because each
0?e..,'cel.re tne nie personal
attention, irrespective ot else.
.Too will And our letters free
from dark edges, broken type,
typographical errors, Ac.
,.To2 can safely Intrust Impor
tant form letters to us. being as
sured that they will be carefully
edited and delivered on time.
ntetrirt Katteaal Baak BsnJatac.
1406 G Street
Pawns Mala raaf.
I gmmm-gt-ttwt.
Established lttlt.
LEO DAVIS, ltffjrwwiTi4iV
Made on the most approved lines, of the
finest fabrics at prices that appeal to
the discriminating as well as frugal
business man. I make a specialty of
satisfying the most particular cus
tomers. 730 13th ettTMt RssrttwMt
Phons Main MS.
Ulllar'e ,or 8HOCLD tell) MUkr't Satf-
IIIBI Btiaang Bnekwtatat. Uat MlUefs
Calf nlela " tue and real underattad
Oni-lalSlBf, why Its la creatar demand awary
Beekilfit. k-. GTBt snica
Whateaalera, 11th aad M Sta. g. BV
aoBsnrgieal: ptst beak fna. Apcty ar stsU. IM
Lmorsua suss, jrres satrun ur wetaea Was
at I as p. sa.
Lowe Bros." H, & Paints
cover from SO to 100 more
square feet than the ordi
nary Mint, and it laata
from 2 to 3 years. longer
therefore. It coats leaa. It
won't chalk or blister.
till II tt N. W.
we Ctre' Vote, tn The Htrald'a SB.SSI Coatrw.
Whsa yea ate a remedy gat one that eoBtslaa XO
MXXCUBT. It is tateat. ntty yearn' aaccats as
try It. It Is a tne rrataaty. Be per bottle.
McCENET On Tuesday. October 8. 191X
at 3:30 p. m.. MART E. McCENEY.
Services at .St. Margaret's Episcopal
Church. Connecticut Avenue. Friday.
October U, at t p. ra. Relatives and
friends are Invited to attend.
MACPHERSON On October T. lfli at 11
a. m.. In Mullamphy Hospital, city of
SON, Jr., ocloved son of Donald Mac
pherson, of this city. In his twenty
fourth year of age.
Remains brought for placement In
vault. Rock Creek Cemetery. No
tlce of Interment hereafter.
sa bast OAPiTOI. ST.
r. CHAJ. S. rCBHOBsT. .
J. W1UIAB jVKBV Faasial
ana nnnaawar, aavery as i
Caasat sad Medem CratM
ramwgttssia.Ata, aw. TiIsjsiisi 1
W. R. SPEARC i '
940 P Street N. W.
WAsanorait. a a.
Phones Mtun S
rlAW K A. SWCWC atantr. ,
wiTifumm, 'ttz
JtVAAWr-,-" rlSi. . Tiv,
""" A"Ji"!.-HTm',"tWsxt, an
or EearyitssBsjss
t.-c-iisi pi mm.,i-?.x-tu-
&"?r.g" 'r
. i.k. r

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