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Pic dition of NatiOBife Dimmr 1912 SeKOfl Alwiys
Ready to Aid
Bmm kv pltrtf wh X eels abeat as ajek at beart aa Fred 9aad
crau. He U Bill CMrifia. . .
111 expected to ratea every game at tfc warld'a aerlea. He tally m
treeted to catabllah himself aa tap brat eateaer ef the Major Iraarara. Bat
he showed the vrerat Mad ef Jadgmrat la the two games' he -caaa-ht, aa
Maal relied ea Cady the rrauUaacr at the series. '
Carrlgaa wraa farteaa. He la the eata with' half the. members af
the Red Sex team. He will he a Ilfetoag earaay at the Baaaagemrat af the
club, aad If he la aot with the Red Sox la 1013 as 'ear la Beatea will he
aarsrlard. " t. .
The altaatlea la like the aae o the w Tark dab la the warld'a
aeries of 1905. MeGraw beached Frank Bewenaaa, Mataewaoa'a rrgalar
battery male, aad aaed Roger Brraaahaa throaghoat the aeriea.
Carrlma cangat great ball- dartag the regular Aairrleaa Lcagae sea
aea, bat, like aeTeral other atara, failed toahow elaaa la the world's arrlea.
"Hey, .Mike, come here and take a look
at this! My arm feels sore, give me a
pub, willyer?"
"There's something the matter with
this ankle of mine. Can you fix me
risht7" , .
"My throat Is all stopped up and, I
can't breathe got any dope bandyt"
"My trunk has gone astray where do
you suppose It Is?"
"Say. Mike, tell Griff that I was awake
all last night with a toothache, and that
I cannot play to-day."
"Lend me a quarter, Mike. I'll pay
It back next week, cross my heart."
Mike Martin, the Nationals' trainer,
general handy man, and usually the
goat. The foregoing questions will let
Capital fans peep intoMhe workings of
the Nationals during the past season
and the trials and tribulations of a
"Who Is Mike Martin?" a rooter from
Southwest asks.
Martla Is the man who Is responsible
for the pluslcal fitness of the members
of the Washington baseball club, and Is
easily the best trainer who ever drew
wages In the Capital, in fact, he Is con
sidered the most capable man In the
.American League.
Griff hooked up with Mike when he
handled the New Yorkers way back in
the first days of the American League,
and has stuck to him ever since.
Funny thing about Griff, when he gets
a man who can deliver the goods he
neer lets him go. Mike Martin will be
a tralnei under Griff just as long as the
G1Q Fox holds down a managerial Job.
3 he two are Inseparable.
Where Martin has it on a lot of so
called trainers, is that Mike uses com
mon methods and possesses brains. He
has made the nrt of training ball players
a life long study, and knows more about
muscles and ligaments than three
fourths of the famous osteopaths.
During; the season just closed, not a
member of the Washington club's twirl
ing staff complained of a lame arm.
Candll. Foster, Shanks and others at
various times met with accidents while
sliding to bases, such as sprained ankles
end the like, but.it did not take Martin
Icng to locate the trouble and get them
hack Into the game again.
Frank Laporte. a plajer who up until
the time he joined the Washington club,
v. as alwa hurt, managed to finish the
season without a scratch.
Mr. Mane, the well known qwrterbark and
coadi is mrtictle la hu nuke-up vbrn filling the
role of prfrwe!
The btnrlinfi trasca hi not etrtM full blast
jet. Wait until Florist Sdiaefrr and Safe Blower
Hamner hook up for match games at W a throw.
Is Joe Turner the wrestler in the bote!
, Central ha iti "Mnrph" Kins nd not to be
cutdone BnainfM hat nicknamed. iU atocky halfback
candidate "Catey Klnc
Every time Griff wigns new mitfielder. Howard
Shanks anna and remarks, TheTn 8 hare tn
chow little Howard I am in the bis show to
Jack Saffrl and other experts racked the New
Tort Giants to win the Uf series. r
Goueresnnan Bflly Murray of Boston had hh
pictnre in all the Beantown papers Ust Friday.
Ask him about it!
Lan&bcrch, former Western High Hdiool star,
on of th well-known inth Street merchant, in
at the CniTeruty of rennsrlrania and will try
for the quint this winter. He U also a candidate
tor the Pennsy golf team,
"Dogzie" IKJeman rlaxing on ths Tech foot
hall team is said to- be a TicKms end rush,
Bad Wymard. the handsome .brother of "Skip
former Georgetown foctbsU crack. rprared on the
Cathoita TJnifenuty field " Saturday equipped in
baseball rants. Jim Dam tried this stunt once,
bnt soon saw the enr of his way.
They're out for business at Bwineaa thisfaU.
Cbach Cnppy Farmer thinks he has few tricks
tip his deefe. Wouldn't ft be funny if Busineai
hould beat Trrt!
Walter Johnson, the well-known srribev b ex
pected in the Capital to-day. Instead of harinz
his tonsils removed he win call upon a few friends
who owe him money and honk out to CoffeyTille,
Kan . in his anU-mobUe.
Vten Dap Dsiley was captain of the 1911
Georgetown football team and avatd for a rrdicttoD
as to the outcome of the Ueotytnwn Indian came
htn last October be Informed the reporter who
calked "that the team which scored the mostvpointe
would rery likely win." Wonder what Graduate
Mansjrr of Athletka Dsiley has to say of next
.Saturday's game.
Among the 3UDQ fane who witnessed the open
Sng game of the World Series in New iork was
Jack Nolan, the old Potomac Boat Vtnb oarsman.
Jack made a striking picture on Broadway with his
fuxxy -hat and his walking stick.
Yfo Gauzza, the crack inflelder of the sand lota.
My that be does not blame Snodgrass for dropping
that Sao.000 fly, .and adds, "Why. I myself miss one
cues) in a while. This bit tf news should cheer
up Rnodgrass a whole lot,
Florist Blackistane, an ancient fare would Ska
to aee the woman's page abolished and more apace
Cisco in the local papers to detailed accounts of
ball game. We unite agree with Blacklstone aaect
the execution of the woman's ps. but the man
who pay th salaries cannot aee it.
There Is a letter at this office for Mr. U D.
Bale. Inquire of sporting editor.
It Is bcIWd that Griff will keep Walter John
JDQ another Teat.
Jack Gass. the football referee, think wall of
thfl Georartowa tram this season.
, Says Jha Isamhiger. the Spotlight man.
GoaUB am-wtea aa Booacrass zaucea."
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tr39 ,
Oct. 2L TTarrmM
Cornell Vr to meet on the; track
ter for avjiumber of years if the
piana 01 uie aavuory track: com-
of Harrard w throutrh. The two
'trait IM Will htlVal iiakl 1v naa
i5remrly-e3tt.May. while Ithaca, win
tJfe the amroec In lt To make the
Wce at arms with CoajelK'a-.postJ:
t4jqr Dartmouth will be dropped from
Bsa TTe l s a i iT hMMnm ThtaAiwMt(An
be ZaJ4 before theHarrird .athletic
uot) uu vset y
Harrardl footban- MQtd J-rffi be
Mil sreek preparta - for er ?prt
ie or,iiH.eaOB. that wUfc'BrdWai
:. -!-.
- - c.iiicLisi:-1-rAi.'-
Rival VUftts.' r
Such ailments -as a physical collapse,
the case of Eddie Alnsmlth, or the
wrenching of a knee, which put John
Henry on the shelf, 'for three weeks,
could not be treated' by a trainer, but
the other bodily Ills were looked afur
by Martin, and all cases cured.
When it comes tof handing out bou
quets, the fans in Washington should
not oierloolr Mike Martin, the Na
Natlonals trainer: and he's some
trainer, boys, don't forget that.
A sample of,- Martin's efficiency t was
demonstrated last spring- The writer
was coaching Gallaudet's baseball team
at the time, .and when the battery can
didates were called out. Batttste. the
Indian. lio made such a name for him
self as a twlrler during the season of
1911. reported with the others, but Im
parted the information that his arm
was "gone," so lame. In fact, that he
could not take oft his hat without suf
fefing a twinge of pain.
Mike Martin was asked, to look the
Indian oer and see what he could do,
and he made the Journey to Gallaudtt.
It took Mike three seconds to locate
the trluble. He discovered a hand-
lump In the region of Battlste's right
"You must hae pitched on a cold day
and failed to protect jour arm?" the
trainer Inquired of the Indian.
Battisre happened to remember that
just such a thing occurred. '
"That's all right; I'll fix this up Jn
a Jiffy. Can you stand a little pain?
Battlste was willing, and Martin began
massaging and pulling the contracted
cords and ligaments) back Into place. It
sounded like somebody breaking twigs to
build a fire.
Three days later Battlste was out
pitching with an easy swing and all pain
had vanished. He finished the season
and neicr once complained of a lame
The writer happen to know tha at
least a dozen ball plajers on rlal Amer
ican League clubs during the past peason
have gone to Martin on the quiet and
asked him to help them. Ignoring com
pletely their own trainers.
Mike has always done what he could
Tor. them and done It cheerfully.
Everybody is agreed that Washington
was" lucky In drawing such a capable
manager as Clark Griffith, but don't
overlook Mike Martin, boys, the best
little trainer In the business.
mike: martix,
GrilT lxuidy nun. nvpnotiMfl for the s&rt muliUon
of Ue Naticcab dinlns Ihe leaaoa Juit doted.
Defeat Parmrrlrr In Connotation
Slagtra -at Columbia Clab.
E. O. Lech won the consolation single
at the Columbia Country Club yesterday
In the final match of the tennis tourna
ment, taking'" three straight sets from J.
K, Parmerlce. 6-3, 5 (. and 6-3. -
Parmerlee put up a- god game, but
the fast overhead work of Leech was
too big a hanclcap, and be was forced
to bow to defeat.
BaSkaWaWal 1 aSkaSaaWaWBi
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COCGteJS a A. V'J TVli-a; -h vh VIrcaifcVXP v- M. .Tf1
"T " . 1 -wfc. -aL - - v --vw.wawwwwwwwmrBW.Tamwmmmmi aw mmummai - "awmwn M v. aomari r - " - 'mwjw v j . . -- . . . ... . . . . w .
V ' " - aaJaaw.aaJaaaBWWBBaSatmmWa.i.iaWJCa.a. ' -. " " "'-, lljJJJJJTea-
"5 y?-i iT - c " Zf?f w . e-' -V , . k
wJS ,'t - - -'. --. ' . ; .-t .'r?l "..., t. . i J ..-.V, 'i. ' . f 5 l'
GMtVCmrt tm JGlSmr Ctrl,
J aaaat rC a iv aaa "
Xfcm r Imritwt .
Hwie ir Imt.
Laurel, Md.. Oct. a. With an unusual
goodTMonday arternoon card, six events
were -run off t-day at laurel Park. Pa
Torltes split even, three ,belng home
first, while the remainder of the winners
were outsiders. In the first race, a Ave
and a half furlong affair. Briar Path
had things his own way. He won by a
length, betting Jaris Queen, who in turn
was a neck In front of Ralph Uord. an
extreme outsider.
The second race, a steeplechase, over
the short Course, sent an even half
dozen ."timber toppers" to the post.
Shannon River was made the favorite
for the simple reason, that Allen rode
him. He was never dangerous at any
stage of the race and finished. In the
ruck. Mr. Chetard's bay gajdlng. Prince
Hampton, proved the best, and was able
to last ft -out long enough to beat Lucean
by a length, while Black Bridge "was
The third race at six furlongs brought
an extra large field to the barrier. Rose
Queen had many supporters, but the
best she could do was to finish second
to Hoffman, who beat her a length.
Cheery Seed was third.
The upset of the day came In the next
eent. when Hedge, who was consid
ered to be "home" was beaten off by
her field. It was no fault of Hedge
that she did not win aa he was pocket
ed and could not get through. T. C
McDowell's star.. Jasmine, turned up the
winner, while Sticker was second, and
Ringling was third. Hedge's defeat was
the severest blow that the "talent" has
recelied in some time, aa he wa looked
upon as one of the classiest horses at
the track, and there is no doubt had he
had clear sailing the story would have
Deen tlinerent.
Irish Kid Wlu.
Irish Kid, who. has been knocking at
the door for some days managed to
make good to-day. He beat a 'fair lot
of selling platers In the fifth event.
The final race on the programme went
to oakhurst. I'. M. Walker's big Chest
nut gelding. The result of this race was
neter In doubt. Key, an outsider, n
second while Springmass was third.
The crowd to-day was the largest
Monday afternoon gathering that has
assembled at the track this meeting.
On Wednesday the Anne Arundell
stakes with an added Aalue of JI.500
will be run. This will bring some ot
the classiest two-year-old horses at the
track to the wire. It should prove a
great contest. On Saturday the Annap
olis Juvenile stake will also be run off.
This will' carry an added value of
K.0C0 to the purse.
Manager Brown announced to-day that
ne would put on another novelty race,
the date to lie mentioned later and
which will be entirely-different from the
two previously held. The nature of this
eent has not been made public as yet.
The summaries:
UlUI KACE-Two-jur-olds; lellint: lit and
ene4ilf fnrinno Ilriinalh. 102 (Kirrtrtl. I to .
woo; l'ri gurrn, 197 (Small), 7 to L second;
lUim Xlcid. IB (SdntWt). 30 to 1. tblnL
Time. 18. Montrenor. Cai. Elliott. Mia Edith,
ana I'anaanna aio ran.
8EC0M lUCK-txltlne: ttraibchaae: three-Tear
olda and nrnrard;, afoul two milev Trince Hamp
ton. Ml (J. Ljnctl. 5 to L -on: Lnrran. Ill
UIowkt). II to S. arcond; BUckbridie. US (Krat-
intl. . to I. uura. TUnr, J5f-a. Uqlt Mat.
8harrjon Itlrrr. and Banner alio nn.
THIRD UACE-Thne-icar-olds and uswart; wll-
lns: ax rnnotunu Homnan. 13 (Martin), s to I,
won; Koae Qnna. 107 (Karrkk), 11 to 5. arawd;
Cnerrr Heed. 106 (KdmtUnfcr). 7 to 1. third. Time.
1 .133-5. Suloo. Affable. lienoue, Obalnf Com.
Tom Uaaiie, Jack Ximnallr, Deduction, Ben Loral.
and Atnorrt also ran.
FOURTH RACE-nntn and mam: ill asea: one
mile: Htar Jamfaie, 103 (Byrne). to 1. won;
Stickler, in (UUaa), 3) to 1. aeeend; Rlncttng. si
(Harriet).- 30 to I. third. Time. 11. Honej Be.
Amelia Jtnka. Flamma. and Hds alao ran.
FIFTH UACC Three-vear-olda and upward; one
mile and aeratr Tarda. Innh Kid. MS (Teahan),
5 to 2. won; Partner, KB (Karrlrkl. II to J. aee
md; CoL Cook. 1H (Mdntrre). I to I, third.
Time. 1.15. Molt. Cbeerup, Henrr Iltrtchlnaoa. and
and Lord Elam aim ran.
ttlXTll UACaV-Three-jear-olda and tipward: one
and one-aixtecnth muea. Oakhnnt. 109 (Teaban),
6 to 5. won; Iter. 101 (Hoffman), 30 to X, aerond;
Srrinzmaa 101 (Connotli). U to 1. third. Time.
1 l-s. Triton. Mamawh. Banorrlta. Mr Ual.
Nanshtr Lad, CKm. and Lonchand abo ran.
FIRST R.tCE-Flre and a half fmirosa. L'Mepra.
U ((Sni), .. von; Luther. 1M (Andrnn). T 1.
eoond; Trrmnich. In (nooee). .. tbud. Time,
1:07 t-S. Rnjal Amber. Klnabnx, Loekiand. Barnard.
Earl of Sairr. Lonla WHrti. Kins Ktalaart, Dr.
Jaekaon. and Roneter alaa ran.
SECOND RACE-FITS and a half furlonst; two-Tear-olda.
Gnlde Foat, IB (lUtrp), IK.70. won; In
qalta. 107 (CSilIahan). KtO. aerond; Katinka. 10(
(noose), KU. thlra. Time. 138. KerUle. I'ollr
Worth. Old rronrb. and Benlah 8. aba ran.
THIRD RAC&-Mue; mne: for Urn jMr-olda
aad upward. OirUcoa, 93 (McCabe). SSS.8D. woa;
Imrreaslon,- 10! (Buxton), 10.40. second: Hwannanoa.
K (Steele). 2.30, third. .Time. 135 4-S. Mlnning
Witch and Elwah alae ran. .
FOURTH BACK-Handicap: pane an; mile and
ftEfentr Tarda. Thiev-rcar4ds and upward. Bell
Bone, HE (Gana), KM. won; Joe Morria. IU (Lof
tnal. K3t. eeond: CM. Hollowar. KB (Buxton). t3.a,
third. Time, 13 J-5. Oobton. Enaeld and Man
aaef Mack abn ran.
FlFTIt RACB-FIra farlonga. J. n. Barf. IU
(Fain), tULW, won; Imprudent. 115 (IXk). I3M.
mmd; Tuy Bor. 1M (Callahan), SUB. third. Time.
Iffill FcUdtiek. Alt Red. Tbeo. Cook. Jeff Bera
rtein. Raton. Tdaon d'Or, and.Ethelrn B. alao ran.
SIXTH RACE-MU and a farlons; threa-rrar-elds
and upward. Carlon dab, 101 (Vandnaen),
tX50. von; John Lotus, 107 (Henrr), few, aerond;
Dick Baker, 110 (Cam). J3.10. third. Time. 1:33 1-&.
MoonUcbt. Fatrnche, Charier Strata, Belfait, Spin
dle, and Tanker ab tan.
BUI Sweeney, the hard-hitting Inflelder
of the Boston Nationals, has become an
actor. He put In a week at the close
of the season at a vaudeville house in
Scoop Takes a
w - -' - if ai s icatrnuai I lutiAvaiiuka. I ATwa - imsaniFjri s I -
Friok Gtrgaa aid Edtjic
m STi s? v
Wffl Wki Bif lUttlc-Vw Biocklin
- .
Nasse Pa. Weftaat
Vaa BroekHa, L. ..'..., IT
RaefaacallaV L. T...... 1M
Marlarltr. l -G......... M6
stlieB. v. .......... tf moM
Barraa. R. a.. MB
Heaartr (rapt.), B. T. . . 17
Derby, R. B. la
Caatelle, ,). B. I3t
Marray, U H. 1SS
aJaaBf R. H. ,.... lffa
wValtat P. B. ..... JBS
' &
Bj ,C. W. SWAN.
Glen Warner's Carlisle Indians, with
Jim Thorpe, the Olympic hero, as the
chief attraction, come . to the Capital
Saturday afternoon to meet Georgetown
University on the Hilltop gridiron, at 3
o'clock In the first football classic of
the season in this section of the country.
The-Indiana, although held to a tie by
Washington and Jefferson three weeks
ago, always play great football and on
Saturday defeated the University of
Pittsburg ta to 7. and Pitt has a good
eleven. Whether Georgetown will be
able to cope with the Indians powerful
attack lr problematical but the Hllltop
pcrs are confident of making trouble.
Last year I lie Braves took a K to 5
victory away with them, and this season
the Blue and Gray gridiron warriors
hope to retaliate with a vengeance.
Coaches Bennls and Gargan. ef the Hill
top squad, went to Pittsburg for the
express purpose of seeing the Indians in
Coach Frank Gargan yesterday had the
following to say; "The Indians are a
great team. There Is no denying that,
but I think that with a week ot hard
practice, the Georgetown eleven will be
able to give Warner's tribe a tough bat
tle. In the game with Pittsburg Satur
day, the Indians showed great team
work, and used several trick forma
tions which were puzzles to the Pitt
team, but 1 really belle', e our team tll
defeat the Indians next Saturday."
Rentals Alao Conldenf.
Eddie Bennls Is al'o confident of trim
ming the Redmen. "While the Indians
pUyed good football Saturday, said
Bennls, "I think that the Georgetown
eleven will be able to win the game
Saturday. There are several faultr that
can be remedied In the Blue and Gray
team, and by the end of the week we will
be In shape to give Warner's tribe the
battle of the jear."
Campazzt reported to the squad yester
day. This gUes Coach Gargan another
Captain of the Wc-tcrn Hllh SchAol football team,
who fa confident of defeatinff BuADeaa
today at Union Uue Park.
I'poa their retara from the
Carlisle Iadlaa-Plttsbars came
the Georwetowa Valveratty
eoaeaea had this to say aboat the
red mea nka will llae aaalaat
the Blae aad Gray Best Satarday
oa the Hilltop.
EDDIE BEXNISt "The work of
the ladlaa team last datarday
vraa af the htaheat caliber, hat
with a week af cood. hard work
I am eaatdeat that GeonretowB
will be vletorlaaa srer the Abo
rlalnee." FRANK GARGAN I The team
work of the Carlisle ontlt vraa
vrltheat daabt ara ta the ataad
ard mt Glea Waraerw laat yeara
team. .The red mi evrtalaly
have a trreat maehlae. hat I have
every rasaleiee that oar 'team
vrill wla Satarday by at least aae
teaeadowB. Oar mea will atght
the Iadlaaa aatll the laat Whistle
aad la my oalaloa It akaald he a
real Geanretowa victory."
Wait until Scharfer ana Attrock smear before
the footlizhta-then lama.
.ml.Rm .''jwrrrrrrrrrI
BTBTBTBa aTaaTaaTBaTBTaK. at aaaTaaTaaTaaTaaTaaTH
Lmam aaaLaSRaa 1 t aaaBaaBaaaaRRat
LaaSaaaaaSRRaa aBaaBaaBSaVr
BBaBBBaBBSRBa" w aRaBaaaaSRaWl
Straw Vote of the Engineers Result in Doubt -By "HOP"
-4 A.
. r i--
" L
Beam Sty, Georgetown
Nasae, Pea. Weiitat Beigat
WHIlasaa, R. E. 1(4 SA
vatar R. T. ......m..... I8P C
Baaca R. C,.. 18S 0.1
Berets, C 1M SJt
Garlaw, V. G '. IS sjl
Gayaa. U. T. 17S ,1
Larwe, L. E. 17.1 KM
Welch. Q. B. IU SJf
Arcaaa, R. H 1M 3.7
Tkarac itupt.) L. H 183 0.11
I'owell. K. B. 17B " 5.10
man In the backfleld. and with the re
turn of Van BrocUlln. who was injured
in the Washington and Lee gamt, to
day the outfit will be complete. Van
Brocklin will start the Indian game at
left end. with Derby on the other end
of the line.
The line-up. for the game has not been
settled by Coach Gargan. but it Is safe
to say Jhat the men who started the
A. St A. game will start the Indian
battle, with Van Brocklin at left end.
Neiv PJaya tor Teas.
Coach Gargan will give the men sev
eral new plays this week, and scrim
mages will be held but seldom. It Is
planned to meet the Indians' attack with
a defense able to throw the runners
back, and also to use several formations
new to this section, against the Red
men. A new feature of the contest will ,be
the method In handling the crowd. This
season mora than a hundred ushers will
be in the stands to take care of the
crowd. There will be every possible
way msde to handle the crowd expected,
and those holding reserved seat coupons
will have no trouble finding their seats.
The first half of the game will be the
fiercest. There is no doubt of that.
Georgetown will start right off the reel
wt. t,.i' niav. and nun formations. In
an effort to get the Jump on the lads
from Carlisle, and coacn uargan siaiea
last night that the Blue and Gray would
score In the first period, and that the
Indians would be heid by the Hilltop
Another feature of the Blue a"hd Grar
...!,. .hi vir wilt rw the forma-
tlon of a second backfleld. It is planned.
if the day 11 warm, to use i :. "i
backfleld men. and In this way keep a
fresh outfit on the field all the time.
Willie the first team backfleld will te
Costello, Murray. Dunn and White. It
Is an assured fact that Fury. Campazzl,
Von Dyne and Foley wIJJ get into the
Opening Contest in the1912 Scho
lastic Football Series
to Be Staged.
The first game of the scholastic series
will be plaedahis afternoon at Union
League Park, the Western aggregation
hooking up with the eleven from Busi
ness High School at 2 o'clock.
The teams appear to be evenly match
ed from ail reports, and while Coach
Morse refuses to predict a victory, claim
ing that several of his stars are out
ot the game, the memDers oi tne team
say that Western will win by at least
three toucl-downs.
Coach Cuppy Fanner, of the Business
eleven, has been working Hard witn
the team, and while many of the men
are green, tho Business coach fully ex
pects to win the game.
Capt. Howard, of Western. Is confi
dent of taking the long end of the score,
and remarked last night that Western
would win by a 20 to 0 score. Capt.
Schafer, of Business, is also confident
of victory, and a battle royal is expected
this afternoon. .
Cltauer Mar Manace- Buffalo.
Wllkesbarre. Pa.. Oct. n. When the
season opens in the International League
In 1913 It Is probable that "Derby Day"
Clymer. who brought two pennants to
Wllkesbarre and lost the third by the
margin of one-half a game, will be
found at the head of the Buffalo team.
This news comes from President Jacob
J. Stein, president of the Buffalo club,
who has announced that Manager
George T. Stallings will not be with the
Bisons next year. He has stated that
he has not yet selected his manager,
but declares that the choice lies between
Hugh Duffy and "Derby Day" Clymer.
with the odds In favor of the "Wllkes
barre man.
Vaskera Reserve Thlrty-foar Men.
New York. Oct. a. Frank Farrell. of
the New York Americans, has reserved
thirty-tour ball players for next season.
The names included in the list are
Barn, a first baseman: Galser and
Grenler, or "Paddy Greene," a sensa
tional young; pitcher that the Giants
were after. His reservations also in
clude Hoff. Priest. Thompson, and Da
vis, who have all been seen In New
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Mcintosh Dora ot Want Johnion
to Battle In. Auatrnlln.
SydneysAustralla, Oct. 21. Hugh Mc
intosh, the fight promoter, to-day cabled
his Chicago representative. W. V. Kelly,
to cancel all negotiations with Jack
Johnson for fights in Australia. Mc
intosh .had offered Johnson $30,C for
three j fights, between Johnson and Bam
lingford, Sam McVey. and Joe Jean
nette. Mcintosh's action was taken as a re
sult of the negroe's connection with the
alleged abduction case In Chicago. The
tight promoter stated that the feellnc in
sporting circles had become so bitter
against Johnson that the proposed
matches were no longer desirable.
.Following the close ot the season a
number of Pittsburg players went on a
barnstorming trip under the direction
of Assistant Secretary Walter Smith and
Howard Camnitz.
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&i ?
.' - .i. ' t

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