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CsJXrtb enthusiasm of an audience. may
Su :?," Taken aa a crilerjon otthe-worth-of a
t1&plsar.,tinay f-iMitZomet Oa.t,Xhe
F&ptcicaV premiere, of Vswtstanaej. C.
tiPltAi,ripreentea,by'Cotao & Bftmafat
tklB"Katfonal last' nlghl.'jpraif sfc'oir
iSSrwfcetalBB success, for. aB?snslyf Urge
TVtS'flrst-nlrht audience received Douglas
' JsSlLifji enthusiasm of kb audience. may Ifcr more' than quarter er.sv:eenlrr ttatV pictured are -oo 4 1 Mel-is .-.
i Fairbanks and his newtstarrlng Teblcla
oS&fc with n approval which was so nearlytah,
SKjJ ovation as .to be at least Its next door
k SF ,.ll.h..-
.r 'Pagan, the eminent Iondon dramatist,
Hf. fnr II r Fairbanks' debut. as a Cohan &
Harris star could not bare been better
chosen, for it fits the peculiarly buoyant
Qualities of the comedian to a nicety.
The tale Is a romantic comedy In four
acts, satlrlca"! In vein and effervescing
-with American spirit. Younc Antnony
TTamllrnn Hawthorne? a haDDV-eo-lUCky
American, actuated by a thirst for the!
exploration of the more obscure .King
doms of Southeastern Europe, motors
along the highways and by-ways of the
Old World until be reaches the garden
of the summer narace near the 'capltaJ
of Borrovina", a small Independent' State
In Southeastern Europe, wherein be
meets a princess of royal blood and In
advertently becomes Involved In the tur
moll and Intrigue of an embryo revolu
tion, which has for its object the up
heaval of a government and the'' de
thronement of a King.
Hawthorne's- adventures'- begin and
end in a lovely old garden, wherein is
an unaffected Princess and an old Sun
DIaL But outside of the" vine-covered
garden -walls there lies a field of action.
whereon there 1 fought a battle of wits,
the young American opposed to a pre
tender lw the throne of the father of
the girl he loves and an army under the
pretender's control. An ancient rojal
house on the verge of disaster, n bank1
rupt monarchy honeycombs by inter
nal dissensions provide ample scope for
tense dramatic situations and action
thst goes with u ilp. With typical
American expediency and that little
game we call "blurf.'," Hawthorne Jre--vents
the sacrifice of the Princess for
reasons of state, and. incidentally brings
the most astounding prosperity to "the
little country which the. Princess lavas
"better than anything else in the world,
with the happy ending of his own affair
cr"the heart, which no conscientious
fjtywrlght coold well deny him after
tn-t ing- mm through so. many heroic
its lor the girl of the garden and the
.H-n. Dial.
Th romantic side of the piece, with
t 'ialut Old World setting. Is cntrane-
r , whilo tha principle figure in the
tnce. the Princess Irma and Havv-
e Impersonated last night by
flas Fairbanks and Irene Fenwick,
I fcht to It an additional charm
A. is Kenwick Impressed one as some
princess of some fairyland, so sweet
a: ' unaffected a bit of femininity did she
e, the unsophisticated Princess of
ovlna. the spirit of the old garden,
e 'joung Hawthorne found her alone
a i the Son Dial, kissing the hours ot
fc eomlng.
it was all like the rroverblal "story
t"S a storj book" and a fairy tale at
t with the quick wit of America,
ia spontaneity and expedlen-j of one
rf tSr representative citizenffepliced In
? s character of the good-f ellow-w ell
BV joung American Is drawn with an
u racy which leads one to believe that
"VI- Fagan. the prottge and namesake of
tjt ge Bernard Shaw, has something
, than a fondness for the citizen of
1J. t. S. A to Ms creilit.
J 3dr. Fairbanks hands the charac
t -atlnn was a delight, a fact whicn was
aited by applause so insistent that he
sjras jfurced .to come before the curtain
'I & end. of tbe-thlrd.act and express
'appreciation of the sraclousness of
vatalngton a reception of him In tbe
stttler role of, the new play.
Aside from the American hero and the
Jtrmress, whom be wins by drastic meas
V there are but, two other roles which
- much of their"imperonators King
.ustus III. rcjgnlng monarch of Uor
mtfcia, and Prince VJadlmir Halberstadt,
rreltnder to the throne.
Tf it was Mr. Fagan s idea to make the
ne of Borrovina a thoroughly asslnlne
V colorless character Allan Pollock
It v a consummate fulfillment of the
"purpose, for old Augustus was such a
spineless Individual that he became
something of a bore before It finally
penetrated his cranium that love was
the incentive for nil the activities of the
icung American in Borrovina.
Martin L. A!op plated the pretender
with a satlsflng dash and vehemence.
The role of Rodney Blake, the boon
companion and lnreperable friend of
oung Hawthorne, was in the hands of
Ss-m B. Hardy, who as a friend was
alwavs "Johnny-on-the-spot" but as .a
love-maker was decidedly unappealing,
quite the nnlthesis of joung Hawthorne.
The supporting cast was large and ca
pable In small parts, while the produc
tion was elaborately and artistically
"Hawthorne, U. S. A." made an un
deniable appeal to Washington theater
goers last night and deserw-dly, for It is
a good romantic tale well told and well
acted. J. c. SIANZ.
t William J. Dooley. as "the sheriff, that's
t$i. aH," Is easily the star of 'The Star Re-
"-Sfl " tha Vlr Imrantla mn.li.l ll
- - " ju.vu.re iuumi JlCdUllllUr
of this week's bill at the Cosmos Thea
ter. He bad four capacity audiences
yesterday afternoon and last "evening in
an almost constant roar of laughter.
JThe remainder of the troupe, of tn
inerry joungstera gave imitations of
'TJlUan Russell. Eva Tanguay. David
Warneld. Irene Franklin. George M.
Cohan. Bessie McCoy, and other bril-J
nam Hgnts oi tno stage, and some of
them, notably the last four, were ex
ceptionally well done.
"PariseX the French accordion-pianist,
quickly won an ovation with his queer
Instrument and his delightful selections,
and Gypsina, a pretty girl with a pretty
voice, who plajs her own obligates on
the violin and docs It, nicelj. shared the
nonors witn tne French musician. Tar
ber and lie Voe artistically present a
aainiy ana eniertaminff comedietta nf
"merit, "Just Like Other Women' I
Pickett and Brown, a cleier girl dancer
and aTboy humorist, and the Ralstons. a
man and a mldeet. in a nonsenntrai nf.
ferine, with the film features, headed by
the Pathe weekly review of current
world events, complete a programme of
eoou ana vanea entertainment.
A concert band of twenty soloists and
the youngest bandmaster In the world Is
the ibis- surprise of the Casino Theater
Din una ween, signer Amadeo Passerl,
mo 1-uuiJK atrector. nas cathnre.1 a
galaxy of brilliant bandsmen, who offer
a programme oi high merit" In a th6r-
ougniy arusuc manner.
Supplementing, the bur musical f7.xt.n-o
Z1J Is . vmfIaH titn xt Ann ..ji..-
l&r . music BUly- Barlow, the old mlnstreL
. siui snows ne nas power to make his
audiences laugh, while Marie King Scott,
In BVtr .f l Um.u .. r ..
K' oughly- entertained with her comical
? jTuionuioguc ano nonsense. -iJbbey and
fcg; r Trajer present a skit called "The New
e.-'X."BtuTalo BUL" which, received Its har of
fegN laughter' and applause, "and Faust .and
gr Faust." bUled-as musical clowns.. give a
u ..... -vctmg uk aau cutxnint; cnac
ter thaa. Is naM4ht.M .Hinv.M.vi.
M..cent,nd.CarrJiave a novel SMeiralk et-
5j- too. with -laughable resnlts,and'the no,
iLLd. - uun HCtuna u minntvar mntt vYvrvn
&r. r zz a r.-s-.7." - ?tt
lr more" than a auarter of a: I tu lair
thejilrs- of the Inqiiettj0peCL,,5rh
m,in ne itfntnuuivlt, ham. hacacsiuis!
nnUr:thervairaaiarJti aimok-Mry-
wne, . a "s nwyji mmL , z'v 53r"
ound,ontJonao4e(J)Cef 6Ye MnwM
through pianolas and ' ecrfcechedthelr:
way over the 'discs or pnonograpns. b?i
there s,tlll ar;inaojr wno renaemoer-wnen
the opera -was first produced ln this
Bo popular has- been ''The Chimes or
Normandy" that It baa, served most
amateurs who first break Into opera. In
most every community there Is a Wed
nesday Afternoon Club or a Dorcas so
ciety wnicn, in an enort to raise money
for some, charitable purpose, has selected
-The Chimes"- to be produced by the lo
cal-talent of the village or the organ!
zation. until tbe. .music has become so
familiar that themlnd of the average
person does not recall when ne nrsi
heard It.
The Aborn Opera Comlque Company
presents the opera this week at the
Belasco. Last night a fair sized audi
ence listened to the piece as presented
by the company. In the., audience were
man- distinguished, persons In Wash
ington official life. Many were of ia
generation ago. and there were some
wl heard William Wolff sing the role
of Gaspard for the second time. Ana
one lias to turn back about twenty
seven .iears to recall when the opera
was first Droduced and 'this veteran.
then a vounz man. first counted his
xold and 'filled the galleries with that
mellow barytone voice -of his.
Washington has rarely seen a better
cast than the one which sings Its way
through the opera. Of course, time has
changed conditions, change tastes, Tut,
n pi erthelessA there is something ap
neallnt: about the old things, whlchj
sound to the musical ear like old wine
tastes to a cultivated palate.
Honors aro scattered through the cast.
Serpolette Is well played and sung by
Vlnle Daly, a relative of an illustrious
theatrical family. Her vlvselousness.
her voice, and everj thing else about
her portrayal of the part, not to forget
hrr dancing, makes her -a prime favor
ite with the audiences. -
Daiv Leon, as Germalne, shares hon
ors with Miss Daly. She sings well, has
a, good stage prcence, and a decidedly
pleasing personality.
But to William Wolff goes the honors
ot the performance. One cannot rtcall
anv one who do?s si vvell In an old
part after a lapse of so many jears as
Wolff. He sings like a jouth. acts like
a veteran, and got the honors of the
evenings last night.
Others in the cast who deserve men
tion are Carrick Major, who sings the
role of the marquis. He has a fat part,
but don't seem to live up to It- W. If.
White as ,the bailie also deserves men
tion. Johnson Fljnn. Carl Hadn. and
Edno Perdleton have the other principal
The chorus deserves praise. The
scenery and costumes are bright and
new, and "The Chimes of Normandj"
proves to be good entertainment for loth
the old and the new.
Introduced In the fair scene I' the
family of seven Grunathos, who appear
In a sptclalty. Four of them later do a
Bus&ian dance. .
A programme of more than ordinary
merit is Poll's offering of the week, and
a largo audience last night attested to
the popularity of this pIahou-
The Five Musical Lawjers are the fea
ture of the evening. They present a
novel and entirely original musical act.
In which tbe furnishings of a business
office are used Jn producing harmony.
Their best effect Is a combrration of a
clock? file case, nnd book case, which
when played Is an organ.
This act makes a b'g hit with the audi
ence and deserves considerable crVdit.
Another novel bit of .the programme Is
that of Karltcn and Kllfford, who paint
several pictures nlth rapidity and skill
under entirely new rireumstances. They
were well received Clare and West have
ringing and dancing act which took
and had to answer to a number ot en
Carl Stntzer find company In "Dick's
Kids" afforded their auditors a number
of merry moments. Billy McDermott
gives a very clever monologue which,
keeps the house laughing most of the
time. This p-rt of the programme is
good, but a little too long drawn out.
Bert and Lottie Walton have a good
number and the male portion of the
sketch Is a very good knock about acro
bat and does a number of difficult feats.
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What Eczema Is
Eczema las dbcace of Uio blood and affects an parts" ot
tha body the face. Uu.ans. bands, feet, genltat organ, etc.
tmrroas-TellcwUh red arontlon: tha ptorka or patches
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Tarn' Years Guafranioo
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i3k -rtce ww in isr-g?ga " -
al, rf
Last V jeaaon WasWsjgteo;. playgoers
wTdHhfed wlth-an uwasoAJ eomedy
of the feminine, one, by a sromsn,abot
wotneft, "andicompetenUypresentedby
women, and the" mox appreciated be
cause of Its'delldously, amusing expo
sition: ot thet delicately' difficult art of
husband holding. Thlsseason,the oppor
tunity Is" again offered Mo enjoy "The
Ileal Thing? fin a comedy.. Henrietta
Croiman being at the Columbia this
weec in uamenae unianoim .-usnmt
appropriately named domestic comedy.
There is a wealth of entertainment in
The Rest Thing." The. situations are
laughable, the dialogue rich in welj
turned epigrams.. 'each with a bit of tbe
truth In Its turn, and all laugh provok
ing; while the story is amusing, well
told, and presents its little 'moral, but
only tbe aide, so to speak, for Ilka a"
good -moral, it does not make Itself un
duly conspicuous.
Many of the fada and foibles, pecu
liarities and eccentricities of the genus
feminine, about which the mere man
may possibly have heard, but doubted.
owing to Insistent denial on, the part of
those questioned, are 'humorously pre
sented, to the delight ot their possessors
In tbe audience and the edification ot
the possessore' escorts. And one enjoya
hugely seeing Just what one lone widow
can do for a sister who has fallen by
the wayside in the art ot husband hold
ing aforementioned, who has let her
children and her bouse almost come be
tween her and that which above all she
most cherishes.
The widow straightened out her sis
ter's troubles to every one's liking, and
had lots ot fun doing It, but when it
came to her own case, that was a dif
ferent story, and one that make the
third act ot "The Heal Thing" some
thing to go to see and enjoy. Of course,
her troubles end with the fall of the
curtain, which Is too bad, for time could
be. no object while enjoying Miss Cros
man's efforts ut the telephone.
-Miss Crosman as Jesse Loralne has a
role much to her liking, and you have
only to see. her to realize that she mak;s
It her own. Josephine Lovett continues
her remarkably effective performance's
Kate Gravson. while Albert Brown's
.Torn Bradley. Is, If possible better than
last Kiason. Fred Tidcn again scores aa
BJchnrd "Grajson, and Wclba Lcstlna
Pleases as Olive Wicoff. Dorothy and
Jack arc competently' portrajed byJojce
Fair and Joe vkallace.
"Tho Real Thing" Is thai and more.
Polite Vaudeville.
Including a humbcr'of attractive for
eign novelties. Chase's this week pre
sents u programme which Is amusing.
Instructive, and entertaining, and Its
popularity was nttrsted to by a large
and enthusiastic audience last night.
Arthur Deagon. the well known comic
opera comedian, keeps the audience In
good humor with his arrangement oi
songs, dances, stories, and dancing bj
plays. His methods are somewhat simi
lar to those 6f the late Peter Dalley, of
Weber-Fields' Music Hall fame.
Pouchet's Filing Ballet, a most Beau
tiful foreign novelty from the Theatre
des Arts where It created a sensation,
was received with much favor. This
spectacular feature is led by Mile,
vvonne Baumler, premiere danseuse
aerlalistlque, whoe artistic work Is sup
plemented by five coryphees de ballets
They present the "The BMterfly Ityl-
Kt' ana "rne uanct oi ine uoves.-- me
series ot aerial evolutions concluding
with the beautiful finale. "The Homing
of the Doves." In which a large number
of doves are released from the gallery
and fly toward the stage where they
perch on the heads, shoulders and arms
of the ballet artists who describe grace
ful flights suspended In air by Invisible
wires. Multi-colored lights, special scen
ery and.other accessories lend spectacu
lar beauty to this unusually attractive
Hal Stephens, the well-known comedy
player, and company appeared int "Fa
mous Characters and hamous bcenes
Introducing portrayals of "Shylock
Mr. Pickwick." "Rip Van Winkle.'
and "Judas Iscariot." Mr. Stephens
efforts were effective and received roer-.
lted arplause. t
Laura Guerite. an attractively gown
comedienne, and Arthur Conrad, the
musical revue comedian, featured In
skit called "Without Rhjme or Reason
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Life-Savin ExhlblttosC "Oscar eHrwss:
the BuH Mooae CaaaHlB." ."Beview of
we Peruvian Troops.' VTBe' AtMatle
Meet at Lendos," 'Stsale' MeCorcaad
nicnara 'Harding i-Davis at ihm,'i
Tb,e, -Flower CarnlTa,at Rome-'U. -
Hasjy HmIIkbm.
'Happy Hooligan." whose troubles awl
escapades have, been paraded In thou
sands oLrDWspapers'all over tha coun
try, pleased a. crowded house at tbe
Academy last night. In an elaborate re
vival, of Gus Hill's famous play ot, that
The chorus of pretty girls suns well
and j danced gracefully; Everythlnginew
Jn popular muslo swas sung, while the
merry quips and Jests of the company
were right up to the minute. ,
The play Is In three acts.- Hooligan
figures In every one. everv miauln of
the time. In the final scene.-' court
house, his -humor Is irresistible :and he
keeps the house In 'hilarious lauahter.
The play has everything in It that makes
lor tuneven an , Irish "cop." Then
there Is a widow, who. of course Is
closely associated with all the fun of the
piece, especially with the antics of
Hooligan and his-friend, the "cap." Con
tinual amusing complications arise in
the course of the search for the blue
coat with brass buttons, which really
forms the chief motive of the ploU
The songs are Just as lively and as
good as tuneful music and agile ' feet
could make them, and with the efforts
of the principals, a fine comedy quartet
and a well-trained chorus tbe audience
may be said to have its hands full de
manding encores. 4 Several new "glides"
are Introduced, notably the "Hooligan
Glide," led by Happy and his band of
merry maidens. "I Could Be Happy" Is
also another- suitable musical number.
and It took 'the house by storm.
Dannie Simons,' In thet title role ot
Happy. Is everything the rase reaulres.
Simons makes an' excellent Hooligan and
keeps the audience roaring with laughter.
Paul Qulnn. Maurice Barrett. . Joe
Mitchell. May Shirk, and Billy Ensor, In
leading roles, add much to the great suc
cess of the play.
"lie Monttn Raose Company."
The Kew Ljceum has the "Moulin
Rouge Compan)" for this week and It
gives first class evening's entertainment.
Corinne De Forrest Is featured and la
ally assisted by a capable company,
among whom Joe Rose and Patsy Bar
rett as comedians, and the I-ee sisters
and Margy Bennett on the .female side,
are the best. William Mack Is well liked
for his dancing and singing.
The scene of what plot there is is laid
in tne Aiounn nouge in rani, ana
shows the attempt of two fathers to find
their children In Paris. I"aiy Barrett
la Michael Sullivan, who Is looking for
his daughter, and Joe Rose Is Adam
Souse and he Is looking for his son.
Naturally they do not find them until
the end of the. show when they find that
tiey have been with them all the time
In the gay set at Moulin Rouge. There
are a number of good songs in both acts
Amnnr the best were "Can't Live With
out Girls," sung by Rose and Barrett:
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be a part of the body, as It clung to tha
spot, no matter ,,F"'"" " ':
It would be a verltablj Ood-ssnd to
the nrrfortunata who suffer frotn ti
mr. ir all oould prooure tha Brooks
I Rupture Appliance) and wear It. They
I WOUia cenaviniyi '.a."' .
H My rupture Is now aU healed up and
nothing ever aiu n mi iwwi kM.v.
Whenever tha opportunity presents It-,
self I will say a good ford for your
Appliance, and also the honorable way
In which you deal jWiin ruprorsa peo
inle. It Is a pleasura to racpmrnend a
good thing among yur frisnds er
OStrsngers. I am. t
. roorsrvsry stnosrafy.
10 Sprlnr SU BsUOshsm, Pa.
Recommnd' from
Texas Farmer
fiifttW drty ti Ut you. aad also
all paoole affllcteoTaa r was. know what
TamrAPPlianee has dona for mev I have
been ruptured for many, years and havs
worn many tauaiaai u-uwansa, wua. uom
cot anr'ralUf until I got yourAppll-
any raust s
rlr wmt it
ha4 TSBrHlttto'ifUth ta. It; but
SV t-vai mwm antes- V kar 1
?ay have had lt,oft, for two
jaaa ninawwii t,w
out most
said It
V. and" doing- ir kinds of ..farm -work with
,V'" . . - y 'ftjr-r
.jjrsfer"Wtaalas rWMsisyr1
JTre4HirV Ttonlng WMoV'tT1ea
atthe Oayety yesterday! irtth' capacity
fcouaesst both afternoon.-and sValisf
rui IIIBII !! . Vi. kMrV B ahAW'fcm
average- attractions staged r at burlesque
VcHtseaasd Is well acted by" a competent
u-Tbe. show., it a? musical comedy,' with
OBM.semblance'jat a ploL. the "unravel.
mar, or which brfnu ahout manv loiwh.
aMe sltuatioos. It' tells 'the story 'of
two, retired .Hebrew business men, Sol
.oraon Fink, sr.. and Isldor KaU. who
re ardent suitors for the band ot "The
Winning " Widow." played by Alt
The.'charaetera were .well" taken, tha
DrinclDal corned v narta' falllna to Bam
MJcales and Lou Powers, 4fmk, r.. and
Kats. respectively, while the work, of
Lew' Christy, as the bogus barorC was
excellent, his danci rig' being about the
best seen In the houso this season. Mike
Dowd. as Rufus Jones, gave a very good
sketch of the old time darky and con
tributed, several well rendered parodies.
Edltb Powers... as Bessie Katt, has an
excellent voice whlchj she uses to good
advantage, being" a 'cslse. second to' Miss
Phlpps In the, vocal line. Alta Phlpps,
who assumes the title roll most ac
ceptably, wasWery good in her several
(numbers, and scored heavily, in "Let's
All Go up to Monies.'. The song bit of
the evening. Mae Rose, mskes a very
good French girl, and hod several num
bers In, which she was repeatedly en
cored. GABDEff.
With' a full orchestra and a showing
of feature first-run films, the Garden
Theater, In Ninth Street, has made for a
5-cent admission an Innovation In motion
picture entertainment not equaled else
where, and the large attendance ot yes
terday from noon to 11 o clock was strong
testimony' of the public appreciation ot
the Innovation.
To-daJ- "and Wednesday the feature will
be "The Great' Jewel .Robbery." with Kid
McCo, world-famed as a fighter. In a
stellar role. Four other flrst,-ran .films
will be shown, with good music by the
Garden orchestra. '
Irregularity ef employment, the most
serious problem of modern life, reaches
Its climax In Atlantic City, says Marsl
garet S. Brett, In Tho Survey. None or
her occupations Is of the Industrie Yet
hundreds arrive monthly to seek employ
ment. The man' unfortunate become
stranded, and appeal to charity for
transportation back home.
When the'-elty first commenced Its de
velopment no thought for the housing of
the serving class was given. Huddled
at the back of the luxurious hostelries,
the present living quarters of the poor
roan are precisely the outcome of what
such a planless plan would be two-room
shacks, worn-out homesteads. Ill-con
structed houses, all cellarless, and few
The worst living conditions are found
among the families of the bay fishermen.
WJth few- exceptions they abide In house
boats hauled up on the marshy Islands
of the Inlet For the most part these
boats are neither sanltar) nor weather
proof. Many are so low that It Is Im
I posslblo to stand upright in them. The
Sent on Trial to Prove It
Wear a Truss Any Longer.
rsf Experience
n, and Children
V '
, !" i 1 I jjaj j lllimiai
c vtlll mTBaaaaaaaHpi.aaaaaaaaaay
SaaaaaaaBiflaaaaaasP '
Tae abw ban. Brooka. the tavrata-r, mt Marskalt, Mich,
wka haa bcm esortasr ruptmr tor var SO ysaza.
If rauatmi, wvtta ktsa ta-4ay.
la grtppa and coughed a great dsaL bat
It held all right. Words cannot express
my gratitude toward you and your Ap-
fillaaoe. Will recommend tt to all nrp
uredpeople. fours slnosrwly.
'J. E. LONO.
Bald. Prairie, Tex.-
Other Failed, But
the Appliance Cured
a. fl
JUrahall. Mlcb,
Daar Sir:. T
Tour Appliance did aU you darm for
the little boy and mora, for It cured him
sound and welL We let him wear Itjfor
about a year In all. although It cured
him - months af tar h had begun' to
wear It. We bad tried several othar
remedlea and gotto raltef, and I snail
oertalnly. recommend IMo friends, for wa
surely owe t to you. Tour reapaotfalsy,
(,W5f. PATTKao
Ka. -Ot Mi aala Akron, or
Apetfect Bearfy ftrCLsaft'. I
nnn ! hum ii iimi
IVHtwr-- -r . ,
" -wih-imiim
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
parents and any number of children
sleep fn one bed. Ia one houseboat, six
teen feet long and four wide, lived a
family of six. A bed occupied precisely
hair of the Interior, an o'l stove and
wooden bench the other half. What
dishes and provisions there were were
thrown together In a pocket-like cup
board under the forepart of the boat.
In order to wash, to cook, or to comb
her hair, the woman was obliged to
Atlantic City, viewed by the charity
organization worker." becomes a study In
black and white. On the avenues are
the visitors, served hand and foot by
an army of blithesome negroes. In the
allejs throng negroes, who are taken
care of when neceasftry which Is often
by the resident white". "In season
and out ot season" that Is Atlantic
City. "In season" relatives and ac
quaintances are urged to come to this
El Dorado, and come they do in battal
ions, happy with the vision of picking
up, like shells from the beach, gold that
the visitors waste. And then they wake
up. "Out of season" a city of 200,000.
all of a sudden in the moisture of a cold
wave bas dissolved to 100.0CO, and In two
weeks the recently arrived are paying
room . rent with promises and subsist
ing on the sea breezes.
We tided over one youth and girl who
came to Atlantic City for their honey
moon, evidently under the Impression
that the railroad ticket included in
definite shelter and sustenance, for their
JassTiMt " I
WSGiit ?
I Have Produced an Appliance
that Actually Cures Rupture.
Cured at the Age of 76.
Mr. a K. Brooks. Marshall. Mich. '
Dear Bar:
I began using your Appliance for the
cure of rupture (I had a pretty bad case)
I think In May. 1905. Oa November 20,
1991. I quit uing It. Since that time I
have not needed or used It. I am well
of rupture and rank myself among those
cured .by tbe Brooks Discovery, which,
considering my age. W years. I regard" as
;Very sincerely yours.
Jamestown. N. C. SAM A. ROOVKB.
Child Cur.ed In 4 Months
tl Jacsen St. Dubuque. Iowa.
Brooks Rupture Appliance Co.
Gentlemen: The baby's rupture is alto-
gather -cured, thanks to your appliance,
nnd 'we are so thatkful fo you. v If we
could rnly have k-.own of It sooner our
little boy would not hae had .to suffer
near as much as he did. He wore your
brace a little! over four months and has
not went It, now for six weeks.
- Tours very truly.
"r:i&i. -i?
."UK '
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
tms esaiMW mtmmm s. citt.
supplies ran dry in one gay, thoughtless
week- On Sunday evening they spoke
to the minister, who found for them
cheap lodgings and assumed the rent
Next night they decided that to-return
home without funds would be a dis
grace. The following day they both
got work, and the bride bravely wrote
for her trunk. Her position held out
for a week: .the boy's for three dajs.
The next Sunday night, with hearts
liowed down, they humbled their prides
allowed us to telegraph their parents
to prepare a welcome, and accepted the
railroad fares which ended the honey
moon. One Philadelphia youth left a good
Job as a stenographer, which he had
had for two ears. confidently relying
on somebody's advice that all ou had
to do In Atlantic City was to stroll
alomr the Boardwalk ard decide in
which hotel ou would rather be an
amanuensis. During a short sojourn he
accumulated Boardwalk feet, nervous
prostration and a plentiful lack of clean
linen, all of which he took back with
him to the "City or .Steady Jobs."
Tbe importance of rest l.-rtMs la school work
sud ct jw mudi fmh air loarlM ia nnrht
aizM hr rcornt arienUfle lurvtlcatiouj. Ucb karc
shown that tbe ncxiiucns of tbe Uimd enrpuscte
ta cbiltlren 1 far 1m famrabte after rncclai ex
ertion In scboo! than after hard nbisical eSort.
In tht? rrocHctwo t licm xsA mSre the Uattrt
htitrs rink truth, cucjimmd with ether amstiie
of the world-
- V
Ten Reasons Why
Yi Starfd Set. for hrtkM' tap.
tare Applii
inn absolutaly tba eoly Ajsylkjt
id In
oi tne xicd on tne market toay, and In
It are aabodied the BrtnojsVes that ia-
ventors ilvc zsgnt alter lor years.
S. The Appliance Toe retaining the
rupture cannot be thrown out of posi
tion. i. Be'.nx an air cushion of soft rwe
bar It eUrca closely to tba body, yet
never blisters or causes Irritation.
i. Unllki tho ordlsxry SarraUarl Paai,
used In other trccsaa. It la net csjtnsar
soma or untfilaly
L It Is sTcail, soft, ana oUahle, and
ficfUirefar casnst be deteesjetl tareac'i
be clothing.'
CTha soft, pliable bands holding tha
AppJIanoe do not gtre one the unpleasant
sensation of wearing a harness
T. There is nothing about tt te gat
foul, and when It hearses sotted can
be washe. wstaoat Vajurtag It SB taa
t There are its metal springs as the
AppUaace ta tsrlure one by cutting and
bnnstng tae Cen.
t. AI! of the material of which tha
Appliance are made Is of the vrr beat
that mener can buy. making It a dur
able and safe Appliance to wear.
10. My reputation for honesty and fair
dealing Is so theret:ghly established by
an experience of ever thirty years of
"dosllng with the pubUe, and mr prices
are so reasonable, my terms so fair, that
there certainly should be so hesitancy m
ending free coupon to-day.
I send my AspissDce on Mai t prove
what .1 aar is tnee. Tea are to bo-tfee
judge. Fill out free coupon tulirsr aSd
mall to-day.
a B. Brooka. IW Itata ft.. Xuiha!), Cot.
Pxre amd sa ny oalt In r-'aia w-pptr year
tlhlftrttut bni aad foil l&bn&ltfc abukt JOOT
AppUaace far tke enr af ropscra. '
Kama -
..F. D. ....
3. 5
t--W. m. t
mov aa'jr BfTyii & "
., 5&
x. t
- -f i
&9 o
s.,ae r . t
B-. '-'.-. .
aai?tii y-
--:i,kMM-MMMl.r-,.J 'kJ.i',..kL '.' " .'.-,..'., k. i

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