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Crier's White Pine
. s -
Cough Syrup- .
differs from any other offered la
Washington. It VJ unquestionably
vthe most successful1, treatment for
bronchial colds obtainable. See that
It bears tho name of "drier."
We give Herald -a4a mint
.H k. nr
823 6 Hrwl Isrtktttl.
Ask for a
r.rAf '
i ar.it i
Tell You
About It
We tin Vote, ta Th
Heralds 13.00a Conttst.
Phone Main 1031.
1223 New Yerk Ave. Rerthwest
"If It's a Button We Have It.".
We (.ire toln m Hmld J25.0CO Contest.
The Choicest the Market
Affords Can Always
Be Found at
4th and H Streets N. E.
W e sire Herald S254M etnteat Tote.
Jobfact tt M la tepo4 to BMteJt Mla;waorMctMd vtaa
iTVe have raad "about the
lui swept throtta-hrthe SUtn'ofi
Ukm" heavy ton 'from the'Hissiaad
leaving-' farmers ."tdly; ertpatod htxmca
tlielr'tenecV The?HUU is, oat.. of-the
dutches? ofthe plaBe4ow;-ot the
hones are aone and namr" of the farm
ers -are jlef' practkHyhelples';iBf the!
harvestrairof. their arvK'-fkX
the spirit.' of, oo-operatlon that has da-
eloped. wlththef passing- of the ep
demlc j ' 1 , t
Perhaps " you--did1 not 'run acroaa the
notice that one- of the whole-souled
farmers posted at the country store and
school In the district where he 'lived.
It makes' pleasant reading:
i ,
. t-
NotlceabrL horses have cone through
the epidemic , without loss, andrtthave
twenty head to loan topless lorrunaie
neighbors. iwlthontcharge.f forv plowing.
Those who need. are welcome to them.
Peter Schoned. -.
, TTleJ tfiwwers--
Isn't-that gratitude that counts, snd
neIhborUness-tooT -And they tell us Jt
is typical r of the way the farmers are
helping each other out, offering whatever
is at their disposal to offset the costly
Horses are loaned, traction engines to
pull plows are transported free'-of charge
and the spirit of brotherly love that we
sing aboutrwhen'all goes well Is beauti
fully' exemplified In the days when dis
aster, comes knocking at their doors.
It aires one a more abiding faith in
the good In this old world just to read
about such things, because we always
nave the' pessimist In our midst, ready
to repeat that old prayer;.
TH.w ma aivwt fnv 'sHf m
'My son John and his wife, "
'Us four and no more."
And it brings to mind another hap
pening among farmer folk out In the
big West. t
tea: of .anrlax
ak.ear.lm k'kBitasa a areat worry
tawtactaway atWalTatoa-VHe.was aUU
m the grtp oT'fha aEiaiadyjtiiatjha aept
ensj pBvm-fyum
tlM'abir.waa'fast working around to the
tha:twlenthevsollfmust be prepared
anei:air-tae farm machinery 1 set in mo-
tla-st tterB-wr-to, -rtch -harvest
oy, ana t ny.v Ana. as;-uie aun outside
grew brichter' and brighter and Ms
netetiDors were all a-bustle with activ.
ltyheVbecame discouraged and' was
afraid to 'look ahead;',
"He had 'hot guessed' that while the
dearth -.was being' warmed to new) life
was a; gracious spirit at work in tne
nearsi ox nia neiaauors ana inai.eonie
flae mosBlns: wben"h looked out over
his. j fields he,. would" behold a sight that
wouia.,make nim sing -ior very inana
xuiness.t - -
Cava Hiss Aelr' tabors.
JBut that Is what .happened, for one
day when 'he awoke, feeling pretty
gloomy and afraid, he heard a great
commotion outside,' a lot ot talking and
tha mopt mysterious sounds. And there
were his neighbors ready for work, with
plows, drills and harrows, and the fruit
of their labors was all for him.
The curtain was drawn right there,
but It 'did not shut outthe eloquence
ot the simple sermon on why, it
might be made to cover a multitude of
things. But, most of all it makes one
think of all the homely, everyday op
portunities that slip from our grasp
while we are protesting our creed of
life and talth. ,
For, after all. It Is the practical
"friend In need," whea need is the
greatest, who makes the world under
stand the real spirit of brotherly love
In, the human heart and of, Christianity
Which stands the test of "deeds, not
m'sftT'ssllr '
us&& ?,. . -r-gyiT'.?-
"V - txtt-' VKVT :S' V."'".! ,Jt
jf&f'SLx' igji&l4JheZfJJ2fr v-
atfflr anoor',art. aka; Washing
ton thmoat'popwjar convention dty'ln
the.couatry was rasde. yesterday whan
Granville 'Hunt introduced a '"resolution
at a nvlnc-olie-ctiambariorCom-roerce,.nstrpcUni.tae
District Commu
slonera.tp include. In their 1912 budget an
Item calling for the appropriation of ,3
boo -to be expended In attracting gather
ings oi ine.,raemor8 ot otwc and sdeni
ttflc organisations to this city. .
- The resolution" was referred to aapa-r
clal committee.--oonilstlng of Mr. "Hunt,
as 'chairman and "Oliver Metaerott, A
canvass of soma of tbe ' members of the
ChamDeiMast, night IndlcaUs that ,when
the resolution Is called un at the .next
meeting It will be adopted with little .If
anr onnositlnn ' -
It Is confldent1y"xDected that favor
aoie consideration win be given such an
Item by the District Committee, as It Is
agreea oy the lawmakers that Washing,
ton Is the lotfcal.Eolnt.for the country's
great conventions.
Could Offer Inda
i .
Herald's Pattern Service.
5Z6 H Street N. IZT? r
Newly Opened'
Washington's latest and most up-to-date
Sample Shoe Store has. re
cently opened with the most com
flete stock of oample shoes ever on
he market. Twill pay you to call.
We ar've Herald aas,oao eaateat tea.
W Gin Votes in Tb Benld's CM Cootestl
Cowrs at Special SsUnmt lake.
513 12th St. N. W.
We CIt Tctci in Tie Benld's X3.cn Contsst.
2106 Pa. Ave. ' W. 25
W Gl Votes la Ths Hssld'stSltD Contsst.
Two yards crepe de 'chine, 0 Inches
wide, at ILM a yard J100
One spool sewing silk 10
One card hooks and eyes 10
Paris, pattern No. 1003 10
Two and one-half yards linen, 3S
Inches wide, at 50c a yard $1 S3
One spool thread OS
Half a doxen pearl buttons, at 30c
a dozen 10
Paris pattern No IOCS .. 10
The tailored blouse has its own place
fullness over the bust. The front Is laid
In a box plait stitched at the edges
Many of these tailored waists are being
made of silk to match the coat suit, and
crepe de chine and messaline are both
suitable, f
Howeer, thetub blouse will never go
out of .st 1c. and this pattern may be
developed in white linen, the wash silks,
percale, gingham, and madras.
Fancy pearl or crystal buttons add
much to the appearance of the tailored
blouse. It Is well, when making the
,,- ..r f .hM .k'hnm. alst of silk to use muslin or linen, or,
, ., ,.,. .... i. In fact, any wash material that may be
chiffon or lingerie blouse can oust it, at hanl Mtttn the cuffs ,, C0llar.
and. perhaps, one of the reasons for this Tne aDOVe pattern may be ob
is the ease with which it may be made, talned in ulie.i 22. SI. 2t 25. 40. jmd
4-Rven-the -amateur dressmalfer' could and will be sent postpaid by the Fashion
fashion the blouse illustrated. The back Department of The Washington Herald
Is perfectly plain, while in front a tuck 6h receipt ot. 10 cents. Be sure to state
over each shoulder gives the necessary number and size.
With the1 money in hind the conven
tions committee of the Chamber of Com
merce- would be in a position to offer
more attractive Inducements to such na
tional organizations of the United States
as noia annual conventions. It Is con
templated In the resolution that the
Chamber will be empowered to make ap
propriations from such fund to be offered
" uunuses 10 prospective visaing con
gresses. The money would also be avail
able for, entertainment of delegates and
for such other general arrangements as
are necessitated by the presence of hun
dreds of transient visitors.
Congress already has appropriated
money for the purchase of a site for the
proposed Oeorge Washington Memorial,
which, according to present plans, will
take the form of a mammoth convention
hall, a public utility In need of which
Washington, has long stood. Congress
will be told that, having laid the founda
tions for this enterprise. It should appro
priate money to assist in filling the halt
Mr. Hunt last night told the money
value of conventions In Washington. He
was borne out in his contentions by
John Doiph, chairman of tha comentlons
committee of the Chamber of Commerce,
Both claimed that should the ICO.000 ap
propriation be made It would be more
than repaid by the lsltlng delegates.
Nigh-class -rteariaa, Meats, fnmmt
Connecticut Market
WAHL CO. 92 lPti, sx. jr. w.
We give Herald S3S30O eeateat -votes.
Iowe, Bros.' H. a Paints
cover from So" to 100 mora
I square feet than the ordl-
I nary paint, and If lasts
' from 2 to 3 years longer
therefore. It costs less. It
won't chalk or blister.
IllMl St N.,W.
We Gin Votes In Th Benld's HOT Cants.
Robespierre Model Looks Well with
Tailored Suits.
Really business-like looking is the
new Robespierre collar of flat shape, and
Just the accessory needed for the tail
ored shirt waist of J he girl who spends
most of her waking hours In an office
If she possesses sufficient energy, after
the day's work Is done with, she may
make one of these collars for herself
from fine white linen.
The collar proper Is a turn-over fitting
flatly across the shoulders 'and extend
ing 'half way to the sleeve tops, rather
narrow at the back, but In front form
ing Into, two squares which overlap tha
Jabots. These Jabots, which like the
neck portion of the accessory, are finish
ed with a double row, of ajour work,
are composed of triangles ot the linen
closely plaited at the top and falling
into .loose, but flat. folds.
The smart, touch, about, this neck
piece Is the satin" covering- of the- tiny
buttons which. In groups of two. de?
flne'the Inner edge -of t he-Jabots, f Black
satin buttons look smart thus employed
because the magpie effect in neckwear
Us always good, but dark red, bright
green, dull purple, or Dutch blue may;
be used. -And old gold, the fashionable
shade of the present season. Is at Its
best on whlta.. 5 .i j- i
Narrow Sailor Shape. .
Ajour work also finishes .a new; Robe,
splerre . collar .'of finest Irish -Unsrv, cut
in a narrow sailor -shape and having
points extending- balf-way-to -the arm-
tops and then sloping abruptly toward
the center of the breast This collar,
which is Intended for use-wlth a bodice
having .a rather low-cut. front , to be
filled In with a transparent gulmpe, sup
ports double frills of accordion-plaited
plain "net , border 'Very widely with
shadow lace ruffling, also accordion-
Each frill 1s attached to a band of
lawn reaching ffom the Inner edge ot
Will buy you, the best made Three
piece Suit of Clothes. "I-button, single-breasted
coat with high cut
vest and medium peg- pants. Tour
choice of all-wool (rood a
437 Seventh St. S. W."-
We give Herald gtw e test vatest.
Phona M.' M64.
Electrical Contractor. i
05 HER.K.W,
Electrical Supplies and Novelties.
.W Qlrt Votes to Tb HenU'sm Oosaat,
largest stock ever carried. Ala tVacaa,
Dry Goods, Hosiery and '
Embroideries.'- T.
J420 Caorgta Ava. N. W.
the collar's fronts to the waist line, the
top edge of the plaiting .being caught
against the collar for as far as It ex
tends outwsrd and the remainder of the
frilling falling loosely and forming- a
rippling edge for the outer side of the
Jabot. This Robespierre model practi
cally covers the front of a bodice and
makes possible continued wearing of a
blouse which has seen Itn best days.
Black Satin Effective.
A broad, straight, upstanding coflar of
DiacK. satin belongs to a Robespierre
neckpiece which is Ideal for street wear
with a severely tailored suit. The high
Bad, made sufficiently long to go about
the attached collar of a Jacket or a
frock, fastens with invisible hooks and
eyes and overlaps flat Jabots made or
two layers of broad creamy lace ruffling
which cascade from the shoulders over
the breast and merge Into a sharp point
near the waist line.
Defining- the Inner edges of the Jabots,
which hock, invisibly, are tiny buttons
covered with black satin, and this treat
ment gives -the neckpiece something of
the appearance of a lace waistcoat Al
though the advance model .shows a
black satin collar and rows of buttons,
these details -would best be In a shade
precisely matching thatof the tailored
suit - ' " ,
Aunt Sally's Advice
, to Beauty Seekers
Red Nose The nose Is a more deli
cate onran than most neonle1 fmnirinf
It shouIdvbe touched as little as possl-
uic. 4joi uruub ngnns tne treatment
recommended in following paragraph
will be found effective. -Annlv with.
out rubbing.
Muaay SKin. Tne sanest, safest and
surest method bf giving a clear,
healthy, transparent appearance to the
complexion Is to apply ordlnarv mer-
collzed wax. every -night for- from oneJ
to two weeas. this wax obtainable
at any .drug- store, (one ounce la suf
ficient), actually takes 'off, a badtoom-Dlexion-.
by aentlV and 'smdnaii k.
sorbins? the thin veil ot surface skiiC
The new akin c then lnyldencc,a as
fresh and -velvety as a young girl-.
The wax Is applied like coldvcream
and washed off , mornings. .
"Wrlnklea .AvharmfMa IaMam m,iI. m
follows has-been found very effective
o wriBKics ana .nanalness:
Powdered aaxollt. i rilAi..j i.
witch hazel, H -pt Bathe the face In
,.., j - ,j to THE" FORE AGAIN
i t .,
With our pretty! round walking skirts
fur edgings are coming very much to
the fore again, although it must be owned
that the fur Is as often not used with
thin materials as. It Is with cloth and
For, Instance, there la a charming frock
made of mousselinede sole In two tones,
theTtop and. upper part of the skirt, which
reaches half ;way to tha knees, being
carried-out In rich emerald green, while
tha rest of the skirt is In 'snuff-colored
moussellne de sole with a border of
skunk. This Is a very successful toilette,
the color'scheme being both orldnai an
Pleasing', while 'the skunk lends It a spe
cial note of richness. In detail the gown
Is simplicity Itself, the. corsage Joining
ucauj Hi me mruat. wnere there Is a
frill of fine lawn, while the sleeves in
put Into a 'seam Just below the turn of
tho shoulders, and the fronts are fastened
with crystal buttons set Into little bows
or aarx crown veiv et . .,
- ta.
" BaYariaa Salad.
Two small onions, J head's of lettuce
pulled to pieces, 1 boiled beet (cold
and sliced), 3 tablespoons salad oil. 2
of vinegar, yolk, of l raw egg-, l salt
spoon of salt and same of made 'mus
tard. Chop the onions exceedingly
small and. beat Into the whipped egg
the aalt, mustard, the oIL last ot all tha
vinegar. J?ut tha Jettuee Into a salad
bowl. covt .with the ?i-)troot. pour on
the 'dress) nr.rpst til salad to each
guest-Jo help t ijpiselvea, - ,
"'jTellowli'sCflWtUpverr attractive
In -shape anfij JiK-d- Eij. are so cents
eacn at one jwjtjt.ijri.-nixj snops. Tea
raakers.' wis'".', ".atfth!. top ot a" driiH
pots' oOthe fvH ,!
handles I sr fJaVrarvd'tl
.' ..i. -.. T
Problems of Navy Yard Administra
tion Taken Up with Acting
Secretary Winthrop.
Commandants of the nlne naval sta
tions and navy ards on both the Atlan
tic and Pacific coasts met In Washing
ton esty-day and conferred with Acting
Secretary of the Navy WInthrop In re
gard to problems of navy j anL adminis
tration. One of the most Important questions up
for discussion is the proposal that me
chanics in navy ards be put under the
civil service. It has been found that
there are a great many practical-difficulties
In the way of putting such a
pian Into execution.
It Is feared that.it would be most dif
ficult to make tha examinations of me
chanics, especially the practical portions
ot such examinations, absolutely Impar
tial and at the same time Intelligible
to the civil service commission, which
would of course have to administrate
the operation of the scheme. Navy of
ficers believe, however, that some method
will be devised for successfully solving
tnis pnase of the problem.
The conference will continue for sev
eral da) a
irft wht wicker
hiVaMaeae tea,
iaT'-BMB'r-Bmw-Tne aat, la
wwsa-w-a.asB-ssBs-ae-aB-tss-aF''r -tiwr-gavsassr-a- , iu III I II llallsl I 1 n lIsTlaals ---ar -ssaa-u-Br ay- -- M Taam ' Tsran-r tsss, ste.wr c - s.j. .-
r i :- t ' --- i r" a 'zzitt iyrwKK -j . - . -vr.
w . - - r ' .jt -tzj--- r. i iv-v-,-sn:jaa -"w. r 9 " -
.. - . . tliialBEt-rT-afi -- sz2jn6nmii2vniQmrnmi' i r TTti nl f ifflf T " i TTim Vn rtfti TrJl Mlillll lIMIiil .T &m 2, -rft -fe'Aw: ZJ& f&-k-?ZZrS$ ltt&$r.tt??Z&ttaB&z ZL3-iXZ
Maj. Biwie's Widow Buried from
Edifice Built by First
Bishop in 1730.
In historic St. Thomas Episcopil
Church at Croom, Prince George County,
erected in 1730 by. Bishop Thomas John
Clagett. the first Episcopal Bishop or
dained in America, from whom she was
descended, funeral services over Mrs.
Elizabeth M. Bowie, widow of Maj
Thomas F. Bowie, who died Saturday
at the home of her son. W. Worthlngton
Bowie, S30 University Place, were held
esterday. Rev. Frank McManus. rector
pf Trinity Cburcli, or Upper Marlboro,
officiated. . -h
The body of Mrs. Bowie was Interred
In the family burial ground .it "The
Vallei," where nine generations of her
ancestors the Bowies, the Conteea. the
Worthlngtons lay buried. Many friends
of Mrs Bowie left Washington for the
services. The pallbearers were Charles
Thomas Clagetr, Hal B. Clagett. Bowie
Clagett, Oulger H. Clagett. Maxwell
Clagett, and Charlton M. Clark.
Mrs. Bowie, as .was her husband. Mai
Bowie, wag descended from Gov. Bowie
of Maryland Her family is one of the
most prominent of that State - Since 1700
they'have been prominent In social and
business life. Maj Bowie was a member
of the staff of Gen. Fltzhugh Lee. of
Confederate fame, and served through
the civil war with distinction.
For a number of years Mrs. Bowie had
made her home .with her son, Walter
Worthlngton Bowie, in University Place.
Her death last Saturday,- while not un
expected, caused grief among her large
circle of relatives and friends. She was
eighty-six years old.
"Jumi Say"
Hlbtat ?
Qrlflttl aa-l IwmIm
Tht Fewi-aVisk f tr AH Apt.
More healthn. tnttfe or Ge.r
Agree with tn, weakest JigaAmS
DeskaoisVBsvssoi-aaaTtg'aW BUtrtioot,
T-t tIL.atJ.inariw li
I aswau isis iisa aw ! li jv
LPT OdmnimiiaticmL
ISA. & irti.
rVmiZwm;rMm -
sffal MaE-asar;:-'-:
3 , " - t-1-! ff . -
fkr ' ' V C .-1 "- " I. '". rT6iv - - - .ar
Yesterday with eager and appreciative customers irom the.
moment -the doors .were- opened, and-the. IMMENSE!
out the day gave. us the LARGEST'DATS SALES in
4tlie 19 years of our BUSINESS LIFE, for which, we ten
der to our friends and customers our heartfelt thanks.
That this sale CONTINUES ALL) WEEK, and that for
to-day we mention just a, FEW of the REMARKABLE
during this Birthday Celebration. Hundreds of lots not
The Most Brilliant Bargain Event off the Season
Is Represented in This Birthday Ottering off
$30 to $45 Suits,
Coats & Dresses .
Women who have Investigated, shopped around, and compared values will quickly recognize the full ex
tent of this remarkable birthday item. Iso argument Is needed to convince them of the extraordinary charac
ter of the garments, which include the best productions of the most noted designers of this country. If you
have been rortunate enough not to have purchased your new fall suit, coat, or dress, you will surely hall this
event with pleasure.
The efforts we have made for months to prov Ide unusual Items at unusual prices for this 19th Birthday
Celebration have borne fruit. Just see what jour money bus:
$45 En.r.idered Slits, $19
$40 Epuge Slits, $19
$35 Chevitt Slits. $19
$45 Braided Slits, $19
$40 Diagonal Slits, $19
$35 Wirstci Slits, $19
$45 Broadcloth Slits, $19
$35 Whipcord Slits, $19.
$30 Serge Slits, $19
$30 to $45 Coats, $19 $30 to $45 Dresses, $19
Ever good model. Every winted fabric Every desirable color Is represented Sizes to tt every woman.
Extra salespeople to accommodate the rush sure to come for these garments.
Suit Store Second Floor.
Beaiti.il Kiaoios off
Serpeitiie Crepe
$2.01 and $2.50 Yalies
Exs-w'site toeriigs Artistic Re
signsLatest Styles
Newest and daintiest models. The
very qualities that nre eagerly
bought on our counter at regular
price. Floral, Persian, and Orien
tal effects In pinks, navy, Copen
hagen, brown, green, sage, lavender,
tan: also a few In solid colors
Some are made with sailor col
lars, some have lay-down collars,
some have pointed collar effect in
the back, others have collars that
are Inlaid and many are in varia
tions of the empire effect. Choice
any style In the lot. SI 39.
Women's Wear Store Second
Birthday Price
Reasons Why
Tou Should Buy Xow Tour Fall and
Winter Supply of
Ribbed Underwear
Read Them. Then COME for YOUR
Women's Union Suits Medium
weight bleached cotton; Jersey fit
ting? high neck: lonp sleeves; ankle
length or low neck: sleeveless; reg
ular and extra ize. In seconds of
the $1 00 and SI 39 grades. Blrthday
Regular AQr- I Extri en
siles 4tC I sizes -
Women's Vests In Swiss lisle;
low neck: sleeveless, shell stlch tln
Ish. with silk tapes In neck a f
vnd armhole", ;Sc values. I f
Birthday price .
Women's Vests Winter weight:
fleece ribbed bleached. Jersey fitting1;
high nek. Ions sleeves; ankle
length French band pints 5.
to match; JOc value. Birth- JjfC
day, price, garment w w
Soft. Puffy, Light. Warm. Comfort
able. Silk-Covered Comforts
Fully Worth 4fcE CA
$7.50 - - SpO-OU
If ou could only see this com
fort In vour mind's eye to-day Just
as It looks spread out on the coun
ter and thei imagine It on your own
bed on a cold wintry night it would
take a mighty strong will power on
our part to resist ordering one on
the spot.
In the first place, regarding- the
question of comfort, they are so
light and at the same time so warm
jou will need very little other cov
ering. The filling- is of pure lamb's wool,
practically in one even sheet.
Then in the matt or of looks the
covers are of lovely large floral pat
terned China silk, chrysanthemum,
and rose designs, in delicate blues
and pinks, with backine or linings
of plain colored Jap silk to match
tne predomina-tinir tint of the upper
side. Each is finished all around
Iwith a 9-inch border or the plain
suit, anq me iullihk is aone Wltn
siik riDDon.
Dedwear Store Street Floor.
Is the Pr.cn You Did Wonder How We Could
Do It When You Saw This Great Collection of
12,000 Yards of Beautiful 25c to 75c
And scissors and yardsticks were humming at the Wash Goods Store all day yesterday. All other offers of silk
and cotton fabrics pale into Insignificance as compared to this. Mr- THERE IS XOTHING LACKING every
weave In the silk and cotton family Is Included every good color the newest designs, and. best of all. every
yard fresh and perfect. Just another Instance of the maker's co-operation to give us something- our custom
ers would remember for months to come. LOOK at the great variety of weaves; then we know YOU will ba
Silk and Cotton Voiles.
Silk and Ctton Eoliennes,
Silk and Cotton Foulards.
Silk and .Cotton Pongees, silk and Cotton Scarflngs, 3S-lnch Wonder Silks.
Silk and Cotton Crepes, t-ilk and Cotton Marquisettes, Silk and Cotton Reps,
bilk and Cotton Poplins, bilk and Cotton Jacquards, Silk and Cotton Shirtings.
Light grounds with silk stripes, colored grounds, with figured designs, small figures. large patterns, tinted
ounds. plain white, plain black. We cannot begin to describe them cold tpe fails to do them Justice
Widths range 19 to 36 inches- How many yards do ou want, madam, for your party or evening; dress or
lay aside for Xmas giving? Street Floor Bargain Tables.
- i
- si
Xew Areountlna System LooklaK
Toward Kconomy Plaaned.
A more modern and efficient accounting
system is being planned for the District
public schools by the Board of Education.
Dr William M. Davidson, superintendent
of schools, has been authorized by the
board to make a study ofs systems In
use In New York, Boston, and other
Eastern cities for this purpose. Dr.
Davidson asked that the services of
Alonxo Tweedale, auditor for the Dis
trict, might be given him. The Commis
sioners granted this request, and Dr.
Davld'on and Mr. Tweedale will leave
to-morrow night. " "
Ana kAjae'v t "! avatam fa mri'tsl nfhana.
by the cost of operating one school may
be compared with that of another, and
the system aa a whole with the public
schools of .other cities. It la believed
that with a more modern system of ac
counting many .economies, can be ob
served. . . .j.,- ,
.Davidson and Mr. Tweedale will be
gpne about a week, and upon their re
turn will make a report containing their
recomm-ndatlons to the Board of Education.
Meat. Lorett Call, a Wnshlnsrtonian,
Join Army Fliers.
First Llent. Loren Call, of the Coast
Artillery, a Washington boy, esterday
reported to Capt. DeForest Chandler, in
charge of the army aviation school at
College Park, for aviation duty. Lieut.
Call is one .of "the oung army officers
vho recently answered the call for men
tc. develop the uses of the aeroplane In
What machine Lieut. Call will learn, to
fly will not. be known for several days.
He will make a study of the Wngtt and
Curtiss fliers and then make choice.
He la entitled to make, his 6wn selection.
Second Lieut. Eric L. Islington, ot the
Third Cavalry, !s-expcctcd to Join, the
army's flyiar souad. within. the--nxt ten
ronrn.-r -. -3
Duauui, o&au xo BOua&SlZjL f
. . . : - . ' .. I
no 11.1.1 ni. . ' '"" -1
The Washington High School Band,1 r A
wnun was sucn a success last season. ' w
will re-organize for the year to-mor- V.
row. While nnlv ahont twiklm, nw flf- t i
tun H,an,hu. t.... r ,,, n.ut ... t .Y.
there are quite a number of new mem. f'
wra, una tne uors are jooKing torwara A T.
to anotner successrui year. . , !
The principals of the different schools. -
nave oeen requesiea to ass: ail ooys
In their schools who play band Instru
ments to be present at the first Jre-hear-oi
Rehearsals are to be held -every
Wedneday'afternoon at 3 o'clock;
l- room 10G. McKlnley Manual Training
Tho band will again be under tha
baton of J. Rasmond Wells, of'Teehni
cat, white the business matters will 'bo
looxed. after by Frank Cheney, of Tech
nlcal;(anl Walter Bradford, of Busl-
aess. Harry Whlte again will-aot itni
the capacity of faculty
fefc "VA.
mt&ratfnjaumcmmiwix-'". srEmamitmmmmemxtat.saja.itiemamimss.MSKaaimtAiBimuHaasKMM-' xezvk. risi'i aan i tttt-t ' r tt itt i aTEtarTTaai riTr i i t i n inai i in

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