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Princeton Meets Harvard To-day-G. U. Tackles
nnriTiinaAii wnnwi lnnntimnn M I If A ' X ?i.
North Caroling
Orange and Black Ken Still Claim
a Victory Although Steady Sain'
Has Dampened -Their Spirits.
Princeton. N. J., Nov. L Few things
could shake Princeton's self-confidence
as effectually as to-day's steady down
pour has succeeded' In doing:. The one
burning question here Is whether Jupiter
"Pluvius will favor Harvard or whether
a watery field will help Princeton aa it
did against Tale last year.
It may not have rained at Cambridge
as It has at Princeton, but even If It
has, the Tigers are not going to give up
a victory which they look upon as al
ready belonging to them. The general
tone of conservation was not so bright
a the train pulled out In a drenching
rajn this afternoon but the confidence was
still there and Capt. Pendleton la ex
pected to bring back a still undefeated
Twenty-six men picked as the varsity
squad left on the 9.33 train this morn
ing with the coaches and Kerne Fltx
natrlck. They were glen a rousing
send-off by several hundred undergrad
uates who cheered and sang continuously
for fifteen minutes. Just as the train
began to pull out. the last strains of
"Old Nassau" rang 'out and were fol
lowed by a "locomotive" cheer for
Princeton which made the puffing of the
real locomotive sound like a toy.
When the undergraduate special went
out this afternoon it was crowded by
nearly COo students bound for Cam
tridse Harvard the Heavier.
The Crimson eleven aerages six
sounds to the man heavier than the
Orange and Black, but little attention
is paid to that since overcoming a
tweKe-pound handicap in the Dartmouth
Neither team can hope to win by a
large score, but Capt. Pendleton's team
lias not only a clean record to keep
clean, but a precedent to live up to since
Harvard has won only two games from
the Tigers in all their football history.
Not the least Incentive to do their best
is the fact that the 191; football cham
pionship probably hinges on this game.
The probable line-up leaves "Hobey"
Baker on the side lines to be rushed in
when his fresh strength will be most
effective. Pendleton, Dewitt, and Waller
will make up the backfleld trio and
"Stew" Baker will stay at quarter back.
The flank positions are subject to the
most frequent changes, but Wight and
Dunlap will probably start and Andrews,
Trenkman, and Streit will more than
likely get In before the end. The for-
relt,IK. , WlsM.UK.
Starer, IT. Pkllllaa, lT.
FemBck.Ia. Sckcak.IhG.
Psmaemter.C Blswmthal, C.
TrsjaahaU.i-G. Lean, R-O.
H!teheek,R.T. Taakssaa,R.T.
Callage, KUE. DaalaftlLB.
Gardaer, .B. a. Baker, -H.
HarttvrSek, UH. Peadletam, UH.
BrlekJey.R-H. Waller, R.H.
Weaaell.F.B. Dewitt, F.B.
OSelal referee W. 8. Ui
Far, af Trinity. Cssalra C E.
Willi ii. af Vaivarattr af Feaa
aylvaala. Bead llaeswia T.ltat.
H. M. Nelly, of Weat Pelat. Tlssa
lS-astaate awartera.-
Philips. Ehenk.
Trenkman. and
wards will be Wight.
Bluthenthal. Logan, E.
Butler Will Play.
Ithaca, N. Y.. Nov. 1 Cornell and
Williams will battle to-morrow in what
to Cornell promises to be an Important
game. This Is not because a victory
over Williams is expected to gain the
Ithacans much In rating, but the con
test will determine whether or not Cor
nell has advanced in the last few weeks
and whether or not the regular team
will have any chance, at all In
Capitol Hill Adrkor Afree Vet to
Vie Cohill if Gaau Z Pokipemed.
t Principal Object.
the big
to come. Should the Ithacans
win by any kind of a score they will be
encouraged to hope that for the balance
of the season Cornell will make a
creditable showing.
For the first time since" the Colgate
game, on September 3. Capt. Butler will
be at the head of the Cornell team in a
game. The coaches have decided that
his physical condition is good enough to
warrant their using him In the line-up.
The rest of the team will be as strong
as the coaches can make It. Eyrlch and
O'Heame will play ends, Munns and
Williamson, tackles; Collier playing for
Larrowe, who Is ill, and Champalgne,
guards: Whjte. center: Butler, quarter
back: O'Connor and Fritz, half backs:
and Hill, full back. Coach Sharpe will
use Taber, Whyte, and Miller to replace
his regular back field. If necessary.
The Williams team arrived here at
noon, twenty-one strong, ana went to
Rogues Harbor, where they held practice
this afternoon. While seeral of the
Williams placrs are out of the game
because of condition and Injuries, the
Purple expects to show Cornell some
thing to-morrow, remembering that a
few years ago they beat the Ithacans.
and that last ear nothing but Butler's
field goal in the last minute robbed them
of victoo-
O. A. C. naaVet-ball Team Orgaalsra
The Oakmont A. C. basket-ball team
has organized for the season and would
like to arrange games The prospects
are bright, as new material nas neen
de eloped and some of last year's team
are back. All teams averaging n io
13) pounds, which would like to arrange
games for Wednesday, Friday, or Sat
urday evenings or Saturday afternoons,
address all communications to L. M,
Peine. Kens on Apartment House, Four
teenth and Kenjon Streets Northwest.
Yesterday's High School football gam
between Eastern and Business waa post
poned to next Tuesday. Rain and tha
soggy condition of .the gridiron are tha
reasons given by the board of faculty
advisors. .,
The faculty advisors of Eastern and
Business, Messrs. Crandall and .Wallls,
held a conference yesterday at noon, and
declared the game postponed, much to
the chagrin of the Stenographers and
to the delight of the Eastern squad. It
was figured that should the gams b
played Tuesday. Capt. Cohill and sev
eral other Eastern stars would be in
the game.
Advisor Crandall, of Business, spiked
this, however, when he refused to agree
to a postponement unless the same eligi
bility rules, which would have governed
the game yesterday, would be In affect
Tuesday. This will allow all those who
did not fall In their studies In the first
advisory to play, and will prohibit those
who were eligible before the mark
went In from playing. la this way,
Capt. Cohill. of Eastern, will not be
able to get in the game Tuesday.
But there is another angle to the
story. Principal Small, of Eastern, it
is said, stated yesterday afternoon that
cohill would play Tuesday, or there
would be no game. This is in direct op
position to the agreement made by tha
racuity aavisors.
Crandall, of Business, wanted to play
the game, as did Wallls, of Eastern, but
Principal Small, of Eastern, refused to
allow the team to play, and the game
was called off.
Now. under the agreement made yes
terday, should Cohill be played In tha
game Tuesday, somebody will be break
ing a promise, and that will not loak
very good for the party Involved.
Why the game was postponed In tha
first place -1 a mystery hard to solve.
It is trtfe that It wss raining about noon,
but it cleared up later and the gams
could have been staged. This idea of
calling off football games on account
of wet grounds Is foolish, as football
does not require the same kind of field
as baseball The game rould hate and
i suouia na e oeen piayro. ana ii eastern
sends Cohill Into the battle Tuesday the
Capitol Hill Institution will have slipped
. something over on the Stenographer
good and hard.
Tech will lose five men Monday. This
was announced b the Tech coach last
night. They are: Doleman, end: Hardy,
guard; Kort. half back: Harrison, cen
ter, and Chase, guard. Three of these
are regulars There Is a possibility of
the Manual Trainers losing Capt. Ecken
dorf and Montgomery.
Two men will Join the squad Brosise
and Gibson. One Is a back and the other
a tackle.
The Tech coach stated last night that
unless he Is able to put a well-trained
and conditioned team on the field next
Friday, he would refuse to play Central.
But it is a safe bet that the Tech-Cen-trcl
game will come off as per sched
ule. Business will lose one man. Schrlve, a
sub end. will not pass This is good
news, as it will leaie the entire team in
tact. Coach Farmer stated last night
that Business would defeat Eastern
Tuesday by at least two touchdowns.
P-B-if&Mark of Qaaliiy.
mirY ' .
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asBsBsBsBsBsBs8asBssVv-- ' Rfi asata .bsbBsbbBbl sMsKtk - bBsbBsbBsbI-' IbssbBsbH'
.awsBBswawsBBsBBsCTnI H IlLawsV AwsbbbbPbsF JaRaBsBBaattlTissasssBvBsBBsBBk bBsbs,. .awsBsBBsaBsBBBK tfO
bBsbHI IiiJbUsbBsV SBBBRk 1bbbbbhII1 llniM! BanWIaWJIaasHaaB asaaMIIan llilill BBalllllll kWHfl bbbB H Ih aBsna? aU Ilvsaai
BBBBaHlilsBBaVaVaVaVaVsBBallsBs --.JlnlJilllnlsn'saHijsT lpRpRpRpRpRpRpRaRpRRaBaVaRaHBMlinnifwM B U
sHnYsBBBaBaBVBBrr. llllllMnllMlltXB
My Own Importation
The Ideal Men's Garment
These coats embody all there is new in style possessing-
all the grace and elegance in cut, design, and
finish that the latest ideas in fashion demands. .
They are here in Blues and mixtures of all the very
latest "novelty shades," and are distinctively individual.
They Are Rainproof Also
Hats Caps Shirts Neckwear
Hosiery Underwear Pajamas
Canes Leather Goods .
In truth, everything the gentleman could pos
sibly require to complete his needs,
for the season is here.
We give Herald MUM eaateat rates.
Washington Clnb Tacklei the Fait
Sons of St George of
Washington fans will see one of the best
soccor games ever staged In the Dis
trict Sundav at Capital City Park, when
the crack Washington Soccor Club,
champions of the South, tackle the
speedy eleven representing the Sons of
St. George, of Baltimore. Last Sunday
the Washington aggregation defeated
the local Sons of St. George team, and
the Baltimore clubmen are out for re
The local team has played three games
this season, winning them all by good
sized scores, and the game to-morrow
should be by far the best of the year.
There Is bitter rivalry between the locals
and the lads fom the Monumental City,
and a battle rojal.may be expected.
Manager Mortan and Capt. McGlnty
have been working hard all week to get
the men In shape for a hard battle to
morrow, and they stated last night that
when the Washington team goes on the
field to-morrow, the best succor outfit
which has eer represented "he District
will be seen The succor game will start
at 3 30 o'clock, at the conclusion of the
Marcury-Menaian football game.
Ohrirtr Vtthmoo tan tbe sac in be drm
opM In tha didv mouth of the mm, sad which
molted In bis lir-off Inn Sentembtr B witil he
broke Into the world's serif, wss the flrst tranbla
of the kind he hsd soffmd stnos ZKH. when Horses
ytsTl tnea to mat Brit bueosn out of him.
I .
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JpCClaU .MliMlutti ss
Hilltoppers Take on Southerner in
Bichmond, Va., This
Georgetown's football squad leaes this
morning; (or Richmond to tackle the
eleven from the University of North
Carolina, and while the came is not
looked upon as a sure thing, the Hill
toppers will not show anything startling
as the Virginia game is too near.
The enure sauad will leave union sta
tion at 9.40, with Coaches Dalley. Bennls.
and Gargan In charge. The team will
line up as ioiiowb mis siKrnwa. i, nue.
Furr. Van Dyne, and Costello in the
backfleld. with Derby and Bergln on
the ends. Petrltx and Hegarty will play
the tackles, with Rltch In center, and
Barron and Moriarity as the guards.
Rltch will play against his former
team mates, as he played center last
year on the university eleven, .and bis
work will be watched with InteAest this
afternoon. Date White reported yes
terday and wUI more than likely start
the game this afternoon.
Rhelnschttd will not be able to play
the remainder of the season. It was an
nounced yesterday. It was found that
the big tackle had two broken ribs, and
this will hardly allow him to get in the
Virginia game.
Gallaadet Plays Washington College
Coach Crofts and the Gallaudet squad
left Washington early this morning for
Chestertown. Md . to meet Washington
College this afternoon in their annual
gridiron game.
The Buff and Blue team Is in prime
condition for the battle. A thirty-minute
signal drill was the only work in or
der yesterday.
with the return of Classen to the line
up. Crofts believes he has solved the
backfleld problem Marshall will hold
down the right end position again, as
Kocrwell is still limping around. Mar
shall is a clever tackier, and when ne
shows more dash on the offensive he will
make a great performer.
ine coach has made no predictions as
to .the outcome of the battle, but If the
Kendall Greeners put up such an exhibi
tion aa they dlsplaed against 'the Nor-
roue Blues last saturoay. uauauaei
should come out the victor. The follow
ing msn will start the. game: Foltz, I. eJ;
Basmnssen. L' t; Martin. L g.; Decker,
c-; Buttarbaiifh. r. g.; Cuscaden. r. t.:
Marshall, r. c; Moore, q. b,; Kendall.
L h. b.; Jacobaon, f. b.; Classen, r. h. b.
While Cfcubbr Chsrlw Munr. nwntr of the
Cubs, tbs oa lb. trsln tirdltig- Kist. Manifrr
elect Johnaj- Even mlced s tine rtiaoo! to lull
nff Mcoe trades.
Senator his tried ait the hslfmile trie snd
pronoasced H excellent, lie ttjmU thit raited
mrneis be plieed it the tarns in order to rtoduca
mora freed.
You're sot to hind it to tb. Clerelind club for
hsrlnz vlthtn-reieh i somber of ' pinch mini
rent." Storill and Birmlnghim ire the men.
Trainer Hike Uirtln. of the Nitionils nulled
on the hlt-and run pUr ycslerdijr iu niftr fashion.
Gnntlsnd Rice, of the New York Mall. Kf
tests that Charier Mcrpfar. of the Oim. make a
teat cue by artinc wslrers on himself.
Hanr Costello is to Georgetown what Leftr
fljna u to Xue, and then some.
''How to Life to Be a Hundred." in lorn-
row's pink sporlins section of The Washington
Hersld is a fsttore no reader of this newtimfr ran
afford to mlsL Fhrsical Director Beckett. f the
T. U. C A . Is th. author of the irtlcle
It is reported that Technical Hijh Shrl hia
lost, lis tbe frank route, its ferocious end "Pos-
Cll Doleman.
rieiae msj we go out to pUr.
They ssked rh acbool adrlaor.
Yea. my boya, the teacher repfled. but
Don't go near the water it might riln.
The foregoing bit of doggerel was contributed
by the ahoctstop on the Buiineas High N.h 1 rnnt
ball armad. ss soon ss it was kirned that the Bust.
rera-Eastern gam. wis cilled off for fear it might
rain. Really, it would be a shame for twenty two-
bnsky young football puyen to bare gotten their
Icet wet.
Yon mmt hand it to Eastern, for when it
comes to alipiing atuff over, the Capitnt IIIK
crowd ka right on the job. Eastern refined to rjy
the Stenographers yesterday, claiming the ce'd it
Union Leigue Tsr was not in ahape to iwmit of
a game
Read th. BowUxg rags of The Washington
Herald la-morrow. AL Maebler. who m ably
edited thia page last seasoa. will igiiu hate ill
tha news and goaup of local rollers.
Y. M. C. .. Plays To-nlicht.
"The game with the Martinsburs Y. St.
C A. to-night can come out two nays."
sajd Coaclt C. Edward Beckett, of the
Washington Y. M, C. A. bas'ut-bali
team, last nlsrht. "We art beat or they
get best. "Of course, I don't say any
thing about the third way It comes out
that Is. a Ue. .But, net er mind. I'ie got
the squad picked out. and nere it Is:
Forwards. R. E. Hall. G. Frazier. O. L.
Varela. and H. Almon: center; I F.
Iloppe: -guards, E. K. McKay and E. E.
Manaarer Aahtnn, of Holy "iimr, De
fies Ollverl's Team.
Slanager Asliton, of the Holy Name
football team, o.ic time champ'ons of th
District, stated last night that the Holy
r.an-.i olien ha r,. rcanlzed for we
reason, n till the xpress purpose ot
plajlns the Vig.'nr.ts for the champ 01
slup of the D.Mrict.
"You can say for me." said Ashton,
"that the Holy Xame team will play
the Vigilant;, any day after No ember
20. for the entire gate receipts, or for
any amount they may put up. This Is no
b.uff. and I will force the Vlgilants to
play me. or stop claiming the Independ
ent championship of the Dltrict."
The Holy Name club held an import
ant meeting last night, with about
eighteen members in attendance. P'ans
were discussed for the reason, and as
vine of the best (new ill pjcrs In the
District were on hand last night, a good
Uiim could be gotten tosuher.
The following are thj iroidates for
the Holy Name ele.n-
Jimmy Kerr. Burns De Mar. L. Webb.
Joe Geibel, John Carr. Tom Kerrigan.
R. Berger. F. McCormack. Clements, It.
Koontz, Lacaronla, A. Palmer. Burlln
game. Ashton Reg. Rawllngs. rarker.
Umberger, Collins, J. Priest.
It mnat hsre been rather a shock to the school
autlioritle, of Boaton. Mm, to Wara that the lint
fcrintii fnntblll injury cf the season waa caused in
a srerrr game when Capt. Dare Hoffman, of East
Boston nuch. suffered a broken wriat In the game
against South Boston High last week.
November 1 to. 12, inclusive
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Ffcaaa t.
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804 Seventeenth
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At Druirfitts, or are skis express 1
receipt ot iu Fnu particolsrs mailed ea !
largest Morning ,CircnlMM
t vjgj
? J
i m
t .
Is '
- Mm
Iftw,', J-VWii.TfrJt!:
-, . - .
- LtTAl-r, ZT
Sf.r.VT ?ia
Sl.V-.-n, AteXZ
1. i
, a. 5J -
.aaawfT !".
: 'MT i

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