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The United
to the Sea from
Is the Answer?
here. U an excellent high-trade school.
Intended (o prepare pupils to enter vari-
the Owe Fear River, Making it wcMdi
Fayetteville. What
Continued from Pi-ecedlnB Ps;r.
produced on tlie lands of the South from
year to car without deterioration, pro
lded the seed or an equal quantity of
plajit food is put back on the land- Cot
ton raisins is a simple occupation and
can be successfully conducted by a green
farmer. Good lands, close to the market,
ran be secured in this section at surpris
ingly low figures. The reader Is cau
tioned not to construe the low price as
an indication of inferiority, but that
there is an abundance of good land
adapted to several purposes, and these
people offer it low because they need
an urgent need-the thrifty farmer of
the North and West to settle here and
Intelligently cultivate these lands. The
opportunity here for the thrifty Hollan
der. Swede. German, &c, possesses a
roseate hue and merits investigation.
Many Huge Mills
Are Located Here
Facttcille is already a manufacturing
center of no mean proportions. Here
are located some of the great cotton
mills of the countrj. The Holt-Morgan
Mills are weavers of gingham, for which
tlicy spin their own cotton. This com
pany operates 10,000 spindles and 434
looms. The Victory Manufacturing Com
pany, located here, has 14,33 spindles and
403 looms, the Holt-Williamson Mill oper
ates 9.776 spindles, and the Tolar. Hart
& Holt Mills 14.593 spindles. The latter
two are spinners of cotton yarn. The
Hope Mills consist of four mammoth
plants, and manufacture a large -variety
of cotton fabrics, ginghams, and dress
goods. Here are also located the Ashley
Bailey Silk Mills, the silk spun and
woven by this concern being of a very
high quality.
It is needless to state that these huge
concerns would not be located here were
not the conditions ideal for manufactur
ing purposes and the transportation fa
cilities of the best. These enterprises
give pleasant and profitable employment
to thousands of workers at a good scale
of wage.
Labor, both white and colored. Is
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abundant in Fayetteville, and there are
no race or labor troubles or strikes of
any kind.
Opportunities Here
Are of Golden Hue
Here are some of the manufacturing
enterprises that Fayetteville wants, and
is admirably fitted to take care of:
Knitting mill, shoe factory, shirt fac
tory, pants and oerall factory, paper
mill, fertilizer plant, cigar factor,
wagon works, harness factor, furniture
factory, sash, door, and blind factory.
Planing mill, broom factory, machine
shops and foundry, trunk factory, and
arious other concerns.
Each one of the above-mentioned in
dustries can be successfully operated
here. If they can be made to pay at
any point In North Carolina, which is
an accomplished fact, success most as
suredly awaits the builders of such en
terprises in this community. Faet'e
ille posseses a great advantage in the
matter of transportation, water and rail
routes being available. Freight rates
from this point is another decided ad
vantage over other communities at the
present time an advantage that will be
overwhelming on the completion of the
work on the Capo Fear River and the
inland waterways.
There is no better point than Faettc
ville as a manufacturing and distribut
ing center for soap, paper bags (cloth
and paper), crates (for truck),
and barrels. The present trucking in
dustry in the immediate vicinity is al
ready of proportions to consume the
whole output of an ordinary establish
ment making uch articles as truckers
require for marketing their products.
All those essentials arc now being pur
chased elsewhere.
Fayetteville is on the main line of two
great railroads: thirty passenger trains
arrive at and depart from this town
every day; is at the head of navigation
on a river navigable to the sea; the
surrounding country abounds with ag
ricultural richness; and Faettellle is
inhabited by a people keenly alive to
all they possess, chuck full of the spirit of
progresslveness and extending the open
hand to every one that will come here
and help them In their problems. Think
It over, Mr. Manufacturer, Mr. "Whole
saler, and Mr. Fanner.
-rhota by Paton. FareUs-rllls.
God-fearing and
Law-abiding People
Fayetteville Is emphatically a church
going town, and has some of the most
creditable church edifices in the State.
The church membership is large irr pro
portion to the population, and the great-
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er part of the members arc active in
church work and worship. While the
religious spirit is dominant In the town.
It Is a broad and liberal spirit with re
gard to denomlnatlonallsm. Almost all
religious faiths are represented in the
city, and tolerance Is the rule, all
churches working In harmony and 'co
operating to as large an extent as pos
sible. The Methodists, the Baptists, the
Episcopalians, the Presbyterians, the
Catholics, and the Christian Scientists
each "have congregations In Fayetteville,
and the people of the town attend their
churches and support the ministry of
the gospel. From the earliest days the
community has been a God-fearing one,
and while material progress has come,
tt has not worked the destruction of the
softening, uplifting Influence shed abroad
-etoe PetcB. IVretUrtM.
by-the present of a live religious sen
timent. Home District Is
Town's Chief Charm
One of the chief charms of Fayette
Tllje Is the resJdentltl section. Believ
ing that pleasant, home surroundings is
an Important factor JnMhe making of
business success, and because these kindly
and lovable people bold sacred home ties
and l:lleve that Hospitality is para
mount, their homes are of the type cal
culated to express their Ideas of the
home's purpose.
On every side, oroad avenues, lined
right and left with great spreading
trees, lead Into the various residence1
sections that abound with every type
of abode, from the coxy bungalow to
the superb mansion. Surrounding these
homes are wide and deep green lawns
where the lads and lassies may romp
and play to their heart's content and
grow up to be strong, healthy men and
women. Here there is none of the con
gestion so conspicuous in the home life
of the larger city. Here there are no
flre-trap tenements, with their small,
stuffy, disease-breeding holes, called
rooms, shoved up against one another
in an effort to squeeze out another dol
lar of revenue for Its owner.
Here there is none of the noise nnd
bustle of the larger city, but peace and
quiet reign supreme. Here the air Is
not germ-laden, but fresh and sweet
and scented by the odor of the rose and
honeysuckle. The home life of Fayette
ville typifies tho ideal home life. These
people, content in the knowledge that
they live in the midst of plenty, enjoy
to the fullest extent the blessing of
heartsease. The charm of the place Is
irresistible and the same measure of
happiness and contentment awaits the
Sheltering Arms
For Unfortunates
Two largo and modern hospitals are
located here providing excellent atten
tlon for the sick or injured1. Each Instl
tutlon maintains a complement of skilled
surgeons and efficient physicians, as well
as a corps of trained nurses. While
probably not so large as similar instl
tutions located elsewhere. et adequate
to the needs or the community, there
are no Institutions in the land more fully
equipped for taking care of their pa
tients than St. Luke's and Highsmlth's.
' The Cochran Annex, connected with the
Hlghsmith Hospital by a covered corri
dor, maintains a sufficient number of
beds for the care of charity patients of
the black and white races. This insti
tution Is the result of the generosity of
Mrs. Eva 8. Cochran, and perpetuates
the recognition of her munificence In
Its name.
At the Cochran Annex none are so
poor as to be debarred Its sheltering
arms In emergency or sickness, and It
Is a laudable fact that those unfortu
nate enough to seek the aid of charity
receive every attention that the skill of
physicians and the watchful solicitude
of trained nurses are capable of bestow
In&i Believers inPorter
Of Knowledge
The citizens of FayettevHW can point
with pardonable pride to their public
sckool buildings and the highly efficient
corps -of trained teachers employed to
preside over them. Two large, handsome,
bright, and well-ventilated school build
ings have been erected during the past
year, and a third one Is noarlng comple
tion. The schools, located In different
.sections of the town, are constructed astnc
modern" Unas, equipped with every un-to;
data convenience and perfectly sanitary.
In the three buildings there are twenty
four recreation rooms, two auditoriums,
'teacher' and superintendent's rooms,
libraries, and rainy-day playrooms. The
public-schools are run by a special tax
to supplement the regular county fond,
and WW has bean voted by- the town
for necessary Improvements and ,enlars
mert. 'The Deaaldaon Military Behoei, tocats-t;
These people reaUxethat knowledge U
power, and that an educated people Is
a strong people. They believe In pre
paring the youth of the community for
life's possibilities, and Intend that their
youth shall grow up to reflect credit
upon the town that gave them to the
world, and that they shall assist In the
world's uplift and Fayettevllle's reflexive
renown. Fayettevllle's citizens are a
high-purposed people, and with the fu
ture of the town n the hands of the
present red-blooded generation the world
at large can sit up and wait for the
great things that will surely emanate
from this active little community of do
ersnot dreamers.
Hotel Facilities
Are of the Best
Very few of the smaller cities- afford
better hotel accommodations than does
Fayetteville. The hotels, restaurants and
boarding houses of this city are more
than able to meet any requirements
thrust upon them, as to possessing ade
quate space to take care of the city's
guests, and are also of the better qual
ity. There are here three hotels, several
first-class cafes and numerous boarding
houses. The Lafayette, the most pre
tentious of Fa)ettevllle's hotels. Is a
handsome four-story brick structure.
containing elKht-flve rooms, forty of
which are equipped with private bath,
while all are supplied with telephone,
electric light, hot and cold running
water and furnished, not elaborate, but
modestly elegant. A spacious rotunda,
conveniently arranged. Interspersed with
settees and rockers of luxurious ease,
provide an inviting place of rest for the
visitors. Elevator service Is maintained
nicht and day, and the building is steam
heated. A sufficient number of bright,
clean, sample rooms make glad the
heart of the sometime disheartened
traveling man.
The kitchen is presided over by a
corrs of competent cooks, and delicious
meals arc temptingly served In a cozy
and comfortable dining room where the
belief prevails that cleanliness Is akin
to godliness.
Tho other establishments the Cumber
land and the Atlantic while sllghtly
Iower in price, are high tpes of their
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class. Providing such excellent accom
modations for the knight of the grip, it
Is not surprising that he makes it a
point to spend Sunday here, and halls
Fayetteville, with its excellent hostelrles.
as a beacon of relief from the tedium of
having to spend a few nights at towns
that do not provide so generously. Fine
hotels and restaurants In a town is most
assuredly a manifestation of progressive
nets on the part of its citizens that leads
to greater things.
Lafayette Theater
Is Pride Structure
A photographic reproduction of Fay
ettevllle's leading theater'shown on these
pages will tend to give the reader a
fairly good Idea of the spirit of pro
gresslveness that prevails In this thriving
little community.
Modern in construction and equipment
and of adequate proportions to seat the
entire theatergoing public of Fayetteville
and the surrounding country and stage
the most pretentious productions, too
much credit cannot be extended or ap
preciation shown the promoters of this
commendable venture. The writer cannot
recall having ever visited a town of this
size that could boast a playhouse the
equal of this. There are many cities five
and ten times larger than Fayetteville
that would be proud of this theater.
The attractions booked are of the bet
ter class, and on the occasion of a per
formance special trains bring large
crowds from the neighboring towns. It
was indeed a display of shrewdness and
farsightedness that planned and erected
the Lafaette Theater. To give an Idea
of the character of the productions
booked by the management, lithographs
are up announcing the coming of the
Aborn Opera Company's stupendous
presentation of "The Bohemian GlrL"
with its orchestra of thirty-five pieces
and cast of 100.
Here as everywhere throughout the
land the "movies" entertain thousands
nightly. Two moving picture establish-
ments are located here, booking syndi
cate and independent films, giving the
public nightly changes of programme. It
Is assuredly an indication of "wlde
awakeness" when the citizens of a small
town enjoy and liberally support a first
class theater.
Chamber of Commerce
Deserves Much Praise
The story of the rise of Fayetteville,
from a deserted and stranded village to
a place of prominence among the thriv
ing little communities of the South,
would be incomplete without a word of
-Pho. hr PstOB, -TBietssfUl.
praise for the Chamber of Commerce.
The Fayettevlle Chamber of Commerce
unlike the commercial body of many
cities. Is more than a name. This or
ganization la composed of the leading
business and professional men of the
city; of men who are unselfishly con
tributing time and money to assist In
promoting the town's welfare that all
living therein may enjoy prosperity. It
Is an organization that Is happily free
from petty jealousies and local feuds
that are so often the stumbling block to
success. The members of this commer
cial body are of strong character, deep
thinkers, and broad-gauged. Each mem
ber recognises the fact that concerted
action Is essential to the upbuilding of
the community. Matters coming up for
consideration are handled Impersonally.
Each member is loyal to Faysttevfll
and a royal supporter of every movement
that will tend to advance the town'
welfare. Each member of the organiza
tion Is ever ready to do his share, feel
ing that when he falls to perform his
share of the work he Is retarding the
town's progress. Thafs the caBber of
the men who are making things hum in
Fayetteville! That's why the old town
is making progress!
Quoting from the introductory page of
'a booklet published by the Chamber of
Commerce. we learn that they are In
terested In:
"The correction of prevailing etutoma
which hinder progress and hurt our cftl
zenshlp." "Welcoming strangers Into our midst
and locating them as citizens."
"Improved methods of conducting busi
ness and better Ideas relating to Its ex
tension." "Helping every citizen to And his work
and happiness In It."
"Upholding law and order."
"The discouragement of selfishness and
"Boosting, broadening, and building a
city and county unequaled. noted for
energy, liberality, generosity, and good
Because of the activity of the Fayette
ville Chamber of Commerce, and Its mod-
ern method of doing things, thousands
of persons far distant from Fayetteville
are to-day learning that such i. town
exists and holds out hope for the man
that wants to settle in a live, prosperous,
and growing community.
The organization, under the leadership
of President Hubert Ramsaur. has ac
complished a great measure of good for
the town, and Its record is not yet
rounded up. This body of lojal citizens
are but at the beginning of the work
planned, which, when completed, will
substitute for the Fayetteville of to-day
a Southern metropolis, to stand as a
monument to the energy, ability, and
loyalty of the little band of hustlers that
compose the Fayetteville Chamber of
Commerce to-day.
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