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; - -e -"--"7-tw" . ' ctportM. irom jksx.co iaai bwwi,iwwi fgju
5c Yard .
' Silk Applique, In white, cum
and blsek. In rood width aad
pattern. We only have ... lim
ited quantity of thla lace left.
which sold regularly -for 25c mnd
JScTard. Special price Be
Silk Veiling. "In plain and fan
cy mesh, chenille dots and hair
lines. 'Always sold at SJe yard.
Sale price, yard Me
All-over Shadow lace. It
inches wider In white and cream:
very neat designs; exceptional
value at 75o yard. Sale price,
per yard .:
"We have a lot of Cotton Ap
plique and Point d'Parls. which
sold regularly at c and 8c per
yard. Sale price, doz. yardsiOe
Four Sptcial Birfiiis hi
Infants' Whiti FlaiMls
These flannels have Just enough
cotton In them to prevent shrink
ing. Our regular - numbers re
duced for a day.
S7Hc 27-ln. Infanta' White
Flannel.............. 9Be
39c 36-!n- Infants' White
Flannel. ............... ... Sev
0o 27-ln. Infants White
Flannel. ......... . ... "ssv
9c :s-in. Infants' White
Flannel 43c
Old Mutmic
Ladlas Opticians far Over Qear.
ter of Ceatnry
Oculists' Preecilptlou Filled
Eyes Examined
Wc Cm Vote la Tba Herald's
Our Candles are much better
than the factory kind. It Is pure,
sweet, and wholesome made by
eznert candy makers. In a clean
g kitchen.
I 229-231 PA. AVE. S. E.
H We aive Ilerald 133,000
g contest votes.
Crier's White Pine
Cough Syrup
differs from any other offered In
Washington. It Is unquestionably
the roost successful treatment for
bronchial colds obtainable. See that
It bears the name of "Grler.-
We clve Herald fS3,000 contest votes.
Particular People Patronize the
Main Office and Works
623 G Street N. W.
We give Herald 135.000 coateet votes.
The Choicest the Market
Affords Can Always
Be Found at
4th and H Streets N. E.
We arlre Herald B33400 contest votes.
Fine Confectionery, Chocolates,
and Bonbons.
We Klre Herald 135,000 contest votes.
The Idea! Mil's Store
High-class furnishings at prices to
interest money savers.
, 3044 14TH ST. K. W.
ffl rlT raitt In TU Herald gS OOP cactMt
CEtor- tallisf btir. rtUrres dindnxO.
CrUr'L-.lortry C.
3C5 si. . no.
m na r.ttep'j BtiHinM rHK
B Oui bbd Rdmubto in VSM cootoa (or B
sua Tott (or oca vtnnj irptatsud s tba
eun ult trim.
W CIt Totei la Tt BertM'i TSWt Ctantas.
'FllimiRE CtfEIIH. v
Eee me for up-to-date Ideas. Eatlmatts
Kladly Ktven.
r. 1IS5-M 1451 r SL 1. 1
Wo jv Herald tsajbOO cteot vtee.
If toot abc sole aad hwli an worn Um .
C meatf to throw tbam away. Tboaa part f
dm boo omv ccmmwjn w warn ay no saatna aa
tfjeala the Ufa of tfaa aboa, 80 taka tbtm a
TonyCuiffre, .
Ban ta orfct. Orthowdle wort. No IiTiiiIH
We ah Vota Is TW Htnld BsUBi
Largest stock ever carried. Also Lacea,
Dry Goods. Hosiery and
;30GeorAve.-. W.
We srtvo HmUflMH eeates voces.
Everything for father, mother, and
the children.
aa04 Ga. Av. Cal. 1334.
(M rat Teta tae la Ben!2 sHi Cestssk
"i-J' JK 91
Democrat to heeeei Semttor ftl
liager at let f the '
Few Isportaat Ckuges Coitea-
plated in the Howe
Aside from the fact that a change In
leadership of the Senate, will place the
District committee there in the hands
of the Democrats, retiring Senator Jacob
H. Galllnser,v ofNew Hampshire, from
the chairmanship, there will be a num
ber of changes In the District commit
tees of the House and Senate resulting
from the election verdict of Tuesday.
In the Senate committee Curtis, -'of
Kansas, who has acted largely as vice-
chairman of the committee, was beaten
In the spring primaries by Gov.
Stubbs, whose election to the Senate is
by no means assured In the Sunflower
State, where the control of the Legisla
ture still Is In doubt. The place occu
pied by Lorlmer. of Illinois, was not
filled In the closing days of the last
session, Mr. Lorlmer having been de
prived of his seat In the Senate. Ken
yon, of Iowa, who la up for re-election
probably will be returned whether the
State goes Democratic or Republican.
late returns Indicating that the Repub
licans and Progressives will control the
State Legislature between them. Other
Republican members, Galllnger, New
Hampshire: Dillingham. Vermont: Jones,
Washington: Oliver, Pennsylvania, and
Words, California, are not affected by
the election returns.
Martin Probable Chairman.
In point of seniority. Senator Martin.
of Virginia, is In line for the chair
manship of the committee under the
Democratic regime. Senator Martin oc
cupies somewhat the same position
among tne Democrats as Senator Gal'
linger did among the Republicans, and
it ine Virginian accepts the chairman
ship of the District committee he will
be In a position to obtain for the Dis
trict the ear of the Senate majority.
Senator Painter of Kentucky, the next
In point of seniority among the Demo
cratic members of the District Committee
in the present Congress, was defeated for
renomlnatlon by Representative Ollie
James last spring, so there will be a va
cancy there to be filled. Other Demo
cratic members. Johnston, Alabama:
Smith, Maryland: Pomerene, Ohio, and
Lea, Tennessee, all will be members of
the Sixty-third Congress.
Recapitulating, there would be one
Democratic and two Republican vacan
cies in the committee, except that the
majority will be swung to the Democratic
side, with the result that the Republican
vacancies probably will not be filled,
while two additional Democratic mem
bers will be added.
In the House side, the District Com
mittee will continue, as in the present
Congress, In control of the Democrats.
Ben Johnson of Kentucky Is chairman,
and If he desires to continue in that ca
pacity probably will be retained on the
committee. There are now twenty-one
members of the District Committee of
the House, fourteen Democrats and six
Republicans, and one Socialist. Mr. Ber
ger. This ratio may be changed when
the committee assignments are given out
next spring. 5?"
Democratic Changes.
In the Democratic majority, there will
be three changes. Carl Anderson, of
Ohio, recently was killed In an auto
mobile accident; Edmund J. Stack, of
Illinois, will not be back, and William
C. RedSeld, of Brookljn. retired after
having been gerrymandered Into a
strongly Republican district. This leaves
a bare majority of eleven Democrats,
Johnson. Kentucky: Aiken. South Caro
lina; Rothermel, Pennsylvania; Hamll.
New Jersey: Adair, Indiana; Dies, Texas;
Oldfleld. Arkansas: O'Shaunessy, Rhode
Island; George, New Tork; Lobeck, Ne
braska; and Konlg. Maryland, who from
present returns have been re-elected. In
the case of Representative O'Shaunessy,
of Rhode Island, final returns may
change the present Indications.
The Republican minority is badly bat
tered by the Democratic landslide. Rep
resentative Kahn, the ranking minority
member, may be defeated by the final
returns from California. Cary. of Wis
consin, probably will be returned, but
the result is by no means decided. Csrui
A. Sulloway. the New Hampshire giant
and the most picturesque figure In the
House, appears to have been beaten for
re-election, despite his old soldier pension
efforts. Dyer, of Missouri, the most ac
tive Republican on the committee last
session, seems to have been returned
Judging from available EL Louis re
turns. De Forest, of New Tork, seems
to be out Judge Prouty, of Iowa. Is re
turned. Victor Berger, the lone Social
ist, of Milwaukee, seems to have been
Summing up the House committee.
from available returns, there are three
Democratic vancandes and probably
the same number of Republican holes In
the committee.
Drops Dead at 'Work.
While at his work in the electrical shop
at the navy yard. Benjamin N. Taylor,
aged fifty scars, an electrician, of 1611
Galen Street, Anaceetla, dropped dead
yesterday morning. It Is supposed death
was caused by apoplexy. Coroner Nevltt
gave a certificate of death from natural
Ansel E. King. 3. and Bertha B. Carter. S
James it. IVior
Bobert A. Johnson, 3. and Uarr L. Greeler. O.
of Boaton, alaas. Her James A. mrth.
FranUin H. TVentworth. , of Boston, Mass., and
Alice Chapman, a, of noodtille, Mass. Ber. Doo-
aja u. stacioa.
Henrr J neper. ZJ. of Tt6j. V. I, and Mary
"A. Carter, a. of Baltimore. Md. Ber. 0. w. Tan
Albert a Lett, X. and Mary E. Holt, 11 Ber.
Patrick ainrphr.
Luther J. lamm, 34, and Zola V. Coflmsa, 24, both
of Dartoe. Vs. Ber. A. S. Uowbrar.
Wallls G. Irr. a, ot Westpoint, Miss., and Marl
uoojmt annaer, 2i. ner. 4. d. Alnir.
Bichard F. Parne, zt and Carrie E. Sinclair II
of Uarshall. Va. Ber. John XL Lohlck.
rrseauB E. Ballard. 21, and France E. Worriaon.
IS. Bar. Joseph XL XL Gray
Baser XL Howard. S. and Ttsbccs B. Xtiddletoa.
B. Ber.'O. W. Van Fosses.
Stnart V. Job, Zt, aad Bene L. Harris, a. both
ot Cbarlottssrill. Va. Bar. A. H. ThcanwonT
rotter H. BarbnrD. at. aad Anna Lawrence la.
both of Clifton Forge, Va. Ber. Gaoige W. Swift
Thomas . Carter. X. ot Kaoonier Coontr Va
and Llasle Mitchell. X, of Straabmr. Va. Ber Pan!
B. Wattlngton, ' ""
Job and Flaby Salloom, boy. '
Joseph 7. and Mary E. McOowan. slrL
Frank R. and IU. U Moore. fdrlP
IjwU W. and Leah N. Kephart. boy.
Sf1 5&- B- Atal R- Semente, Voy.
Wb, W. and Lena C. Bates, boy
James E. and Kstelle V. WlUlsms.
Tom ctrnsebt will refund moner if Plan rKW-
X(IS(T tills to ears say ess of trelrrng. attnd.
Minting er ssetmdlsg pils t 1 1 M daja r'
nbetimta mnllno in
until Uclsratf,aBjaatavMa could
be learaed. Tkat.awr ebarges ted been
fiBeaiM oy mi.
Daniel but Mr. Tsfcjfcer aad Carotaa W.
Harris, coloredslsst 1 1 that the dls-
against the BriosjBOrs' official character.
The argWMBt; seesawed back ana
forth warmly for, some time and was
only ended by the defeat of the substi
tute and the victory of the original mo
tion -to adopt the recommendation, by a
vote of five ta two. The Bam of Roscoe
C. Bruce assistant superintendent for
colored schools, was affixed to the re-l0"" on a trip around tne-world.
!zl!rS . wr!U5SrV u..n1 Mr. Wilson had shows no symDtotas ot
tummcouauvu, -"'-" . T
one of the colored members of the board
was In the Ave that voted for It
After the declaration of Mr. Horner
that ha wished to know the charges
against Prof. Evans; President Oyster,
demanded: '
But you do know the charges. Ton
asked for them before the meeting and
you knew them when yon sat down.
Now, didn't your "
Mr. Horner bad no answer.
Among the minor matters, it was de
cided that permission shall be granted
the District to erect a water tower on
the grounds of the Stanton school to
supply the Good Hope section and "that
collection of the usual thanksgiving fund
for the Associated Charities Tuesday,
November 2 shall be allowed.
The follhrlng appointments were an
APBolBt kSMir Cot ensmfctn tsachtr. Cental
Blfb School, tteunmur.
ArpotBt r. A. watts uosur, csaua araoe.
Appoint U. r. Italer. jr. rtnartitrr tttcfcsr, Os-
tral High Reboot.
Appoint Mia Both Blstr tnebtr, eighth fnde,
Appoint Wat X. T. Browne nhutnU siirhesurlni
teacher. Wuhtafton vUte hifh schools.
Appoint O. W. HodsUns subsUtste taasbsr of
dries, ceoncale. history, sad linnipo. Washing
ton whits nisi! scaoola,
Appoint Mist M. L. Cbspta sobitituto tocher la
hlitorr and lutuafr. WUhtnfton watte high
Appoint Mbs Kathrrlns BUaftr mbstttate ImoV
er. whlta high schooli.
Appoint MUs Hud Brown mbaUtoto tauter of
Erlhh. hlitorr, and Flwnch. white alga schools.
Appoint Ulm K. G. Digsttt drawing tnuhtr la
graded Khoola of tint nine QlrUiom.
Transfer Miss Grace Wsnsull. trsebar, fourth
grade. Addison School, to Thrdkeid School, and as
sign as principal.
Transfer MUs A. H. Clke. teacher, fourth grida.
ban ThreUeld School to Addison school.
Accept resixaiUon of Miss R. E. Brock.
Aimoint . G. rhiillsa manual training taaeher,
graded schools of first tone dlrWcna.
Appoint MUs I. L. Collins tint grade tauaer,
Tiler School.
Accept reslgnstinsy of Hiss Wllaraina Marrow,
teacher, second grade, rvtwortta School.
Appoint Mlis H. & Crossler. sseoed grade teach
er. Petworth School.
rromota Miss L. V. PrwtU front thbd trade to
fourth grade aad transfer from aavtrr to Pstwortn
Promote Mian K. H. Wards from is son a te third
grade, Emery School.
Transfer Mlas KUrabeth Mnrrar. taaeher. ascend
arada. from Eddnaton to ZxaefT Bchnd
Promote Miss M. A. Banaaa from first fnde te
second grade. Eckngtan echoes.
Armoint Misa M a Altcbeaoa. first and taaeher.
Biightwood Park School
Appoint Mia X. C Btockrtt Brtt gran taaeher.
Force School.
Appoint Miss B. E. Abbott taaeher mat grade,
H. D. Cooks School.
Accept resignation of Mlas L. T. Bpser. tasckar sa
ond grade. Bradley School.
Appoint Miss E. V. Fttihngh taaeher second grade,
Bndlay School.
Accept resignation mas B. E. Behrataar, teacher
fourth grade.
Transfer Misa E. XT. CUR. taaeher fourth grade.
Corcoran to AlrHn -
Appoint Mlas B. E. Backer taaeher seronth grade,
Webster School.
Appoint Misa M. E. Beadl teacher fifth grade;
Congress Heights School.
Appoint Mlas Sarah Mnsaon teacher of th fourth
grade, langdon School.
Grant Irate until June 90. IfB. to Miss T. G.
Whitney, teacher third grade, Greenlraf School.
PromoU Silas E. T. PMlngal from first grade to
third grade and transfer from Smallwood to Qremleaf
Appoint Mlas Sara Koenlsbener teacher first grade.
Smallwood School.
Appoint Miss D. D. Ward substitute teacher traded
schools of flrat nine dlrlstone
Appoint Mrs. E. W. Lalng mhsmute teacher
graded schools of first nine dlrlslons.
Accept resignation of Mia M. C Lssrls, taaeher
first grade. Bell School.
Appoint Misa 8. I. Arrfngtoa taaeher first trade.
Bell School.
Accept resignation of Miss M. E. Feaitst . teacher
second grade. Lorcjoy School.
Appoint Misa F. IV Johnson teacher aeond grade,
lKejoy School.
Transfer Mlas P. R. Turner, taaeher fourth grade,
bom BurrrUle to Bell School.
Transfer B. E. Madden, teacher fourth trad, from
Bell to Burrrill bchooL
Approre amice of Miss E. 3. Rldgway. substitute
sewing teacher. McKlnlay Night School.
Accept resignation Miss J. 8. Whitney, teacher
Franklin Klgbt BchooL
Transfer Mlas M. M. Doaoran from Jefferson Night
School to Franklin Night School.
Appoint Man L A. Applabea teacher white sight
schools, Jefferson Night School.
Appoint MUs E. J Riaghwsy substitute sewing
teacher, white night schools.
Appoint Mia M. E. Alton, sshatltuta teacher,
white night schools
Appoint Miss Katberise Morgan sabstltate taaeh
er. whita graded night schools
Accept resignation of Misa G. N. Earlat, teacher
of domestliT art, Armstrong Night School.
Accept resignation of Miss B. B. WflMason, teach
er domestic art, Strrana High School.
Appoint Mass R. E. WuUama taaeher of domastto
art. Stevens Night BchooL
Appoint B. H. Brown taaeher. Sterna Night
Accept resignation of W. A. Hamilton, teacher,
Phillips Night BchooL
Appoint Mia A. U Hurley teacher, Fhtmre Night
Accept resignation of Mrs. J. W. Shaw, domestic
science teacher. Armstrong Night SehooL
Appoint Miss G A. Coleman, domestic sdaoce
teacher, Armstrong Night BchooL
Chief Wltkle Will Let WHsoa Select
Bervlee Mes.
John Wllkle, chief of the Secret Service
division of the government, will submit
to Gov. Wilson, within the next few days,
the names ot four or Ove men of his
service, from which the Governor will be
expected to choose three as his body
guards during the remainder of the time
until his inauguration.
It is customary for the government Se
cret Service to put a guard over the
President-elect, the same as the Presi
dent. ,
Instead of sending three men at once
to Gov. Wilson, Chief WUkie will give the
future President opportunity to select
his choice from a list of all mete who are
now available for that work.
John T. Wild, Tt years, 738 23d SL nw.
James Byrne, 68, U. S. Soldiers' Home,
D. C.
Clara M. Lusby, 88, Providence Hpsp.
BenJ. N. Taylor. 60, Ids Galen 8L se.
Carrie M. McMIchael. CZ. 229 P St. nw.
Nellie Creamer, S. 2013 Columbia Rd.
Wm. B. Monocure, 62, Govt. Hosp. In
wane. Borden Brittenham, 1 month, 218 Id-St'
Frank Scott. 27 years, JW, 1st SL sw.
Charles Smith, eg. Casualty Hospital.
Horace Smith. 10. 10(4 13d SL nw.
Jane Bell. . 173E E SL nw.
Jessie Johnson, 18. 77S Kenyon SL nw.
Harriet Gaines. 71 Home for Aared and
Ean Johnson, is. ireeamen's Hospital.
Lilile Johnson, 2, 1M0 Del. Ave. sw.
Wm. O. Kelly, CC, 2SK Ga. Ave. nw.
.Eicon Beale. SB, 414 I SL nw.
Albert C. Adams. 40, GK-L SL nw.
Arthur Montgomery, m, m Fenton PL
nv. . . . ''...
rannie iinasey, n, waan. Asylum Hosp.
Thomas Lynn. 0, 710 4th SL nw.
Amanda Jamison. XL 431 N SL aw.
a nr own bat I
sxatiys amusai
cemve la
Wilkrm JUtoL
John L. Wilson, of Seattle.
United. 8Utes Senator from Washington
and owner of 1fre Seattle xPost-Intelll-gencer.
dledof r suddenattack of heart
disease yesterday morning at the New
WlUard. wbera be was topping with
airs. Wilson for a few day before em-
m- v w .i .,.. ..
-" nucu w inuwt . awBi,Ma
the election returns at the National Press
Club. About 1 o'clock, Mrs. Wilson,
asleep In an adjoining room, was Awak
ened by sounds from her husband's room,
and,' on Investigation, found him half
iainung. a physician wss called, and.
shortly after bis arrival. Mr. Wilson feU
into unconsciousness, from which he
never roused. The end came about S
o'clock. i
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson arrived In Wash
ington Monday from their former home
In Crawfordsvlile, Ind., where the former
Senator had labored In the Interests of
the Republican party, and they were to
leave soon for Europe.
The funeral will be held In Crawfords
vlile, where the body will be taken to
night, accompanied by Mrs. Wilson and
her daughter. Mrs. W. W. Crispin, who
was summoned from New Tork. Henry
Lane Wilson Is In Indianapolis and Is ex
pected to Join the fsnufy at Crawfords
vlile. Le-BsT la Pabltc Life.
Mr. Wilson was sixty-three years old.
He was bom snd educated at Craw
fordsvlile. His father was prominent In
the social and political life then, a warm
friend of Gov. Henry B. lane, for
whom ex-Senator Wilson wss named.
After having been admitted to tho bar
Wilson was elected to the Indiana Leg
islature and served a term.
President Arthur appointed him re
ceiver of public moneys at Spokane, on
tne recommendation of Senator Daniel
W. Voorhees. although Mr. Wilson was
a Republican. In Spokane. Mr. Wilson
promptly entered politics. He succeeded
senator voorhees' son as a delegate from
the then territory of Washington.
He was the first member of Congress
eieciea xrom the new state. Later he
was sppolntd United States Senator to
fill out sn unexpired term.
After retiring from the Senate Mr. Wil
son purchased the Seattle Post-Intelll-gencer
and devoted his time since then
to the newspaper and his other private
business affairs. He was a Taft delegate
at large to the Chicago convention.
Bnll Uoose Chairman Claims Elec
tion Puts G. O.T. Officially
in Background.
The Progressive tarty is now the on-
position party, according to a telegram
amen National Committeeman Frank
J. Ilogan received j esterday from Joseph
ii. utxon. chairman of the National Com.
mlttee. The telegram reads:
'According to reports ud to noon tn-dav
we nate sureiy carried Illinois, Mlnne
sola. Kansas. Michigan. Pennsylvania.
ooutn uaKOLa, and Washington with
total of 11 electoral votes. California
and Ion: are In doubt. We have polled
4.000,000 otes in the entire country, which
is between SOO.000 and 1,000,000 votes more
man Tart.
Taft has carried Utah. Vermont, anrl
Idaho, glMng him a total ot 1! electoral
otes. Wyoming with three otes Is In
doubt, but may be for Taft, In eery
omer state, except me, we are second.
This makes us the opposition narty. In
all such States, hereafter, we have the
minority representation on the election
boards. The old Republican organization
officially becomes a third party.
we are greatly encourcd and send
you our best thanks and congratulations,
and hope eery man is on the Job to hold
every root of ground gained, and move
forward to complete victory in the Con
gressional elections tno years hence. I
nave, called a meetins of the National
Committee to meet In Chlcico on Decern
ber 10. to which Is Invited ajl state chalr-
uich ctjjtf canuiaaics lor governor.
Alabama Lavryers on Way to Homes
After Successful Campaign.
John Morgan Burns and Robert H.
Mangum. well-known lawyers of Ala
bama, spent yesterday In Washington on
their way home, after spending a month
campaigning, stumping New Tork, New
Jersey and Connecticut for the Demo
cratic ticket
Mr. Burns and Mr. Mangum were un
der the immediate direction of the speak
ers' bureau ot the Democratic National
Committee, and delivered most of their
speeches In doubtful districts of Presi
dent-elect Wilson s own State.
"We found the same sort of Democ
racy In the East that we are used to,"
said Mr. Burns, "and the message we
carried to the people was well 'received."
This was not Mr. Burns' first expert
coco m siumuius ftnieru oiaviee aur
Democracy, for he spoke for Bryan
throughout the entire campaign of 1908.
Mr. Mangum had never before stumped
In the East, but he has long been an
active campaigner In his own State,
where he Is well known as a State's
prosecuting attorney. It Is understood
that Mr. Mangum is prominently men
tioned for United States District Attor
ney In Alabama.
At Fountains & Elsewhere
Ask for
The FMa-irWc fir' AH Apt.
ait ratuiramts, bocek, and (ooBtams.
Dtfciou, bvigortin and Natkunbg.
Keep it on your sjrjeboarr at hoate.
Don't travel without .
A nick anack fnpmi a
If In" doubt as to what kind of
paint or snamei to use, aaa
Hodgkin. .
Dtatn. -tho AmeaHcsjjfiiewspaper writer,
daaorted from Matieo last month. aoeoreV
tofrto KitiasTtai made aU-efae Depart
Mat of 7ttdey.TIte.Mexlcaa
PWTWHIII Ifc- OTM N4WIUWi !! ft, !....
ttea reserved a rights to maze ctaw
- la Dun's behalf, aad op-
nanrtafilt for alas ta close no hU nersonil
satmirs.ta Measoofore trtitig-deported
raa aaso asseei i c
taaraea aaamet tutted Btatsa Ambas.
idor Wflsvon. refared to la Dunn's
story of his deportation from Mexico, are
not proved by too facts la the case. It
was declared at the State Depertmept,
la retard to the case of C. F. Z.
CaracrlstI.'who'was deported with Dunn,
It was stated here that there to consid
erable doubt about his citlseashlp., Car-
aerlsU cans himself a Virginian, but he u
said to be a "cltlsen" ot mora than one of
the latin-American countries and not en
titled to protection as an American elU
sen. He has figured. largely In dlsturb
ancae In the Dominican Republic) and
other revolutionary regions in toe tano-
bean during. the last tea years.'
i ty'ir '
Stewart E: . lidurdi, Who Left
Homt, Seem by Friend ia
Mystery surrounding the disappearance
of Stewart E. Richards, forty-five years
old. the clerk In the War .Department
living at Mount Rainier, Md., who van
ished last Friday shortly after he re
ceived his salary .envelope, was psr
tlslly cleared yesterday when the police
of this city were Informed that Rich
arda was in Baltimore on Tuesday.
Aa the result of this Information a
warrant charging nonsupport and deser
tion wss Issued by Justice of the Peace
Joyce at Mount Rainier at the Instiga
tion of Richards wife. Efforts to com
mualcste with Justice Joyce last night
were unsuccessful. According to the
polke. Richards eloped with the wife
of van employe of the northeast plant of
the Potomsc Electric i-ower company.
ThU woman. It was said. Is the mother
of fie children, the youngest being three
months old.
A friend who declares he could not be
mistaken In the lndentlty of the missing
msn sajs be saw Kicnaras wanting in
Charles Street. Baltimore. The police
are withholding the identity of the In
formant. The wife of the missing man and their
seen children are at tnetr nome in
Mount Rainier. Before procuring a po
sition in the War Department twelve
jears ago. Richards conducted a bicycle
store at Fourteenth and S Streets North
On the day thst Richards vanished
Mrs. Richards met him shortly after
noon In front of the War Department
He gae his wife $39 and left her. say
ing he was going to the river to look
st a motor bosL After waiting four
days for her husband to return. Mra.
Rlchards appealed to the police, saying:
"I don't think any harm has come to
my husband, but he left mo with seen
children, and I don't know what I will
Democratic Women Celebrate.
Members of the Women's Democratic
League held a Jubilation meeting last
night at the home of Mrs. L. E.
Swords, at 23 Seventh Street Southeast
Speeches and an Impromptu entertain
ment were part of the celebration.
Holland has no lurr trial arstem.
Was once describing a certain
"It's the most beautiful desk
I ever saw," she exclaimed.
"Exquisitely carved, polished
like a mirror, and so slender
and graceful! It has only one
defect it wobbles when you
write on it."
Our furniture isn't caned
or slender or highly polished.
But it .doesn't "wobble."
It's made for use.
At the same tfrne", it has all
the beauty we can give it
through well-balanced propor
tions, good materials, rich col
oring, and careful finish.
Whether you know it or
whether you are still a stranger,
th'ere,a welcome for ou at
our store!;
Caratal. H OBJ oot
CixUrtded Pnotj crrrr. ltwao
Derails Qrer. 1,000 OPS
HpHE fact that you
haven't much
money to deposit
is not the question. We
want YOUR bank account,
large or small
and whether you deposit ten dol
lars or ten thousand dollars, ev
ery banking advantage is YOURS.
XTRemetnber. we pay a uni
form rate of Interest.
National Savings
and Trait Company.
Corner 15th arid N. Y. Ave.
rertr-etxth Tear.
Christian Xander's
909Svnth 8tret
A National Cash Register is a
guardian of morals, money and
It protects the rights' of mer
chant, clerk and customer.
It pays for itself out of a
share of the losses it prevents.
The National Cash Register Co.
Dayton, Ohio.
Can be had bv purchase of
cithers a
Gas or
Electric Stand
Both at same price com
plete $1.65 $2.00
$2.50 $2.75
And others in various artis
tic effects.
C A. Muddiman
616 12th 1204 G
We sjtve votes la The Herald
B38,00O contest.
Mrs. Emily Freeh Barnes,
143 Eleventh Sr.N.E.
Lincoln 1719.
WasMiitH School ot Accountancy
Pntfeadooal adoration ia secmmtaocT. preparUs
fee Stats eertiilcate tt eertiaed public artuuntant
and ke Tmsliis administration. Practical wort
especially adapted to sun rar4ojd during- uv day.
tj-pus boDetta on itrroeet. Call er address. Direc
tor of Ksaoatioe. X. at. O. a-. 113s Q St. K. W
Boolteertns. BhorthaBd. Trpewrltlnj. and :
an tanstt ta sou wir Day aad Mr&t
Good rrJtV"a ar securea for sradaatss.
arm, or poop jaajai saj w ia.
Hall-Noyes School
ri.. aarl r,nusafnrattfrwialf Ttlth ! ttwmum
"Tst Sf.
ladlvMaal Iastraetlea for Teeasr Girts.
TH. garllaa-tea. aU Idea t. . W.
Switzerland Is bnUdlrrg a new railroad,
li5 per cent of the line of which will
be through.nnnels and ( per cent over
Sjgttj, (gZrS-ZeQ
Spt. 30. Ortdfd, Mn. and BtttiDea coon. Aim
" ?iAtia&Sin HALL. ,.
bridge, . -
Bring back replies, because each
order receives the same personal
attention. Irrespective of size.
Ton wilt find our letters fr.
from dark edges, broken type.
typographical error, etc
Tou can safely Intrust Impor
tant form letters to us, being as
sured that they wUl be carefully
edited and delivered on time.
2.0N LETTERS. $4.0
District Xatloaal Beak BaUdta.
1406 G Strait
Paoae Mala 730.
Elected by the People!
Ull I EH'? Miller's Selfralxlag Badtvheat
ILLCis 0 is the rcxular ehole bacaoa it
Calf rllelsr nner fails la maaa load. Alwar
OCII-ltlillS yields deUdoos, wholasom (ltd-
Bickwkeit ffisS-- "
t3TM your Erocer'a. Ko mreimsT sspclled.
-Maoleaalers, litis aad M Its. S. STL
aoosarglcal: tOO-pace book free. Apply by aaaO. at
Odorado BIdf. nea lector toe
at 230 p. KB.
ATJTK Suddenly, on Wednesday. No
vember 6. 191. at 3:13 a. nw OTTO
AUTH. of 4S-S School Street South
uest. beloved husband of Anna C
Auth (nee Werres), and son of Resrlna,
and the late Santus Auth. aged
thirty-eight years.
Funeral from the residence of his
mother. Blandensburg Road. D. C
on Friday, November 8. at 8 JO a. m.
Regulem mass al St. Mary's Church
at S 30 o'clock. Interment at St.
Mary a Cemetery.
DALY On Tueday, November 5, llTJ;
at 1 p. m . IDA M. DALY, daughter
of Alice V. Daly.
Funeral Friday, November SV from heri
late residence, S1SS Eighteenth Street, t
PrUate and no flowers.
FEAST On Wednesday. November ,,
1S1 at his residence, SOH F Street
Northwest. LONDON FEAST, hue-1
band cf Mary Feast.
Services from St. Stephen's Church,
Twenty-fifth Street and Pennsylvania
Avenue, on Friday, November 8, at
a. m.
BstsbHshed UST. CBAB. 8. XCBBOBST. star.
J. WILUAM LIE, Fsweral Dtrecte i
and girrelmsT. Urrry ta coeDsetloa. Cbaaaaaoasee I
Chapal aad Mooera craraatarraaa. slodaat
a PsDaaylaula Are. aw. Taarpboo Mala X
940 P Street N. W.
Phones Main S
Ot gravy DssuHhIlm Mirtassuly Fraaat
Fifteen thousand miles of motion-
picture films were exported from tba
United States In the year ended wltai
June, and nearly LOW alia weea laa.1
lWto4,, -I
k : - '
A -
I J - " "t.j .'
-?ft:-BaVrl '4&V. '-WT -r-aaajgsi

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