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Fiiiiitol Cktto to AtMWB .,.
long proctamationvisi :i"i
J thenSmstry of the, inteiorld:
-uuts tfie Turks Tdeioi tad &-
imates -that the, fafl oVCam&ttim-
pk is inmihwit The. prodaniadoii
says m:pait:
' -"The war Yfith.tfce BaHtanstate.
through dmae-decree, has abtrha!
(the satisfactory. KHrtcome, oeswea.
Thus -the Turkish army lias heea
compelled 4o withdraw to the tees
of Tchatalja, where, complete con
centratioriLls proceediagJ "
. "The presence of .the eaemy atl
tlie gate of the capital aaecu
greatly the tranquillity of the-cap-ital.
Whjle 'it is necessary; to corn
nlete defensive' measures, it ii
.equally- rmportant- to contemplate
the possibility of faUure there, even
if the chance 'of faiiure is. bnlv
sliEht'1 i ..
. The, ministry holds the dissem
ination of "erroneous .reports''' re-
s sponsible -'for thei presence in the
.;? "J i'xt-x Li t.:. .j
declares hat furtheficircalatipB of
such reports will be. regwded- a
,1"-- --
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Moslems Commit -
Tehitfle Atrocities
LoBdon."Nov.,$LNeirlT every dUpateh
antrlng lit London from the acena et the
Balkan war deacrtbea. roercUeae maaaa
crea of CbrUtlaba. Including women and
children. IndlcaUnr'that the Turks, have
not ehanEed',lh this regard In the MO year
since they 'flrst' became the terror of
Southeast Europe. -The beaten army In
Macedonia pauses, long enough In Its,
flight-before the -victorious allies toiDurn
tillages, pillage, slaughter men, and carry
off .women.-
Even "the rabble In Thrace.- plunging
headlong to Constantinople 'after suffer
ing 'disastrous defeat by the Bulgarians.'
according to accounts, mutilate the
bodies of the enemy and massacre the
Inhabitants- of the country.' From the
Island of Psara. in the Aegean, now oc
cupied by the Greeka, report eosae.that
wild Ifoslem bands .have been burning
and. pillaging Jusl as la 1S24. during the
Greeks war lor inaepenaence,i in
habitants, numbering over SAN. "were
massacred' almost to a man by the
"Andre Beaumont, special war corre
spondent of the London DaUr Telegraph,
who Is going over the battle areas tea
motor, car. described the neart-rendlng
Incidents and scenes of terrible atrocj
Itles at. almost everymlle of his Journey.
He says:
"kn- the. course tit my Journey across
the border I- have come across Innu
merable.' reports of Turkish -atroeltiea
cgmmltted', In 'towns, and villages. I
purposely mentioned .as little as posel
.Me until I could have -ocular proof of
these, which I now',have. I, have seen
graves of women- and children. recently
tortured, and hare spoken with' sur
vivors of ,thom acres.
"At- Blmetll I came across the. first
victim of the atrocities. -Brmetll 1st
small village with u. few acere houses.
r grouped, together.. (-Every house has
beenabandoneVL Only a few doc re
main howling and searching for food
among the ruins. Ooiens of houses
.--were burned. (The only, Inhabitants
who remained -were three Bulgarians.
One told me that beroremalctna; flight
the Turkish' regulars brok; latsnls'
house, 'seised him" by the neck, 'and
threatened to cot. his throat lf-h 4Id
not -give them Kir money. The, other
told the same, tale. Be said' that -hU
llfes savings were COO groschea. Ho
gaveXlt, being glad toeaeape with Us
life. " j- j
""The third man was-very' poor, but he
t bad two daughters, still very .young: As
the Turks could, gat, no sioaey from
him.' they took his daughters. For sev
ersi.eys I have beenquestlonlsg fas-
unv: u' iiMiie mm 'nscy,
this side of. the. Border: whe are. Wed
ding is -rags- and .MKersf slowc ,'tha
roadsT msirr nf-thtwi wnnMsi. eftesil -carrying
beblee stuae ts isMks lverfi
uw "c?- -"v.-"-e as soesi-oa
war-waa Xhreateaed beeasae-tte Turks
had'totd them that ' on vtae-Orat-out-
i, break of traotttttei they woaM alauch-
' ter aU Bulewra. A-i ' 't
' Frleesisra' Thveatta Cait. vt
.. "Co'mlVw fcrbte';'! wall stewn J&)
graves ofatto snWsevas.mi . oss
womSB. sad a kir.er.aiBAwha satf seen
' J .s,.ll.2a - ml-7- - -V ---J-
kissh wmvmmom m-wmmm
.' r.' weaiti-e'J'iaT!.--;
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a asssn seosea.ereas
' BSd -SBBt .saaa mtmmf.
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? fi&sv-i,r!asjBajBM -.-::n-rBBBTawam-: - -bbbbbbbbb.jb- '.aHr dl3h.'.'t -
tf-JU-tfe'SjsJSa--."- s-feBiiMMF:HiBMfc' 255L&T'S.fi5w?vS2r
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I. ri f TrTJir'T!i' Ami
m aUyttJT'fAlBft
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l.f sMeRnTHrt - eTvVWvW IV
K r . -v '''-5-'' ' --..
, Princeton,- K. J., 0v., t.-Oov. "Wilson
will devote, the' whole of next week"
preparing the State bf Nuw Jersey form
house-cleaning. Th'e Prealdent-eleot n
.nounced to-night that he-was pretty' well
up wlth-hU-elecltoo-day correspondence.
and that he woend be .free to look
his own State now thoroughly
cratlc In, every branch by -M onday.
"I hose I win be-far enonah advanced
with my correspondence iir Monday it
m.mmmmmimmm mmmmmmmmmMim;
?-mx-i-, -y e ' .iriiii"'rvi: .VtaT.iu aw. i-i.-- r-ij.' -e
-rV rrTV-CT V-v, A.-7- jr-fc-rL V-.T.-J3 "r-frit'V-L.:'fc I- . ' ,j-ar. ;g 'i iwi'm- .. -. . n.-
JRBS . L. " k T' - BBB
b : - J 1 n ' '
1 " v j.
Tra M flcMtav MaA f 'm
3t -A. ! Ti iay,
t7; -r ?'-1& J
TivJr r ".- ..
,-,3- '- f-
r .T
taice up etate, Business." he aaiu. "I mAloelved to-clght practically make it
f ni1 in Amnrnltk th 'pV in th RtatM T
preparatory to somr away, on my vaca
tlon.-There are quite a. number of an-
pomttnents to be. made. Many of them
are small. -Of course.. It Is. too" early to
take up specific legislation at .this 'time,
but the State demands my "attention and
shall have It." ", ...
This la. the first time; that the Legisla
ture has been Democratic In both
branches since Woodrow -"Wilson's" elec
tion-.as Oovernor. He has.' naturally.
been seriously Jhssdlcapped In1 carrying
out the reforms set xortn in the platform
upon which' heaes elected. Now. he bail
a new platform,. the one upon which the
party won Its. .fight .In the-State 'at the
election, that contains an admirable pro
To Clean Boaee. .-' 4.
- z .-- - ' -
The Governor, expects -to have the, sit
uation'. In New" Jersey m( well, unhand
that when he returns from his vacation
on December U, he. will be 'able' to take
op. the task of .reform vwlth an Intelli
gent conception of what Is. required. The
Governor hss'alreadyannounced that; he
purposes making amodel State of. New
Jersey" before Jie goes to Washington .to
undertake tho-usger. and pore important
work of economy. - -Speaking
'of hls-rvacation, upon-iWhlch
he will embark, the" latter part' of-fnext
week, the Governor , emphasUed to-day
the fact, that he -will not receive ptfUU-
dans, he Will not talk politics, and that
It win be useless for 1 any one to. under
take to pursuade him to so: so; -. ';
"My friends have, agreed f to , leave 'me
alone during -that. perioa." he said. "11
any one comes; I shall not see hk.:thafs
Even -Jtccombssad Mr. .McAdeo
understand this -and 'they will ."remain
sway.- X shall-not .talk'polincs'nader any
circumstances,' either . for -publication or
for' prtvste-consumBtlon,'' "
- ratekea Fwotkeai Ctansie,
The Oovernor was sbleV to put la-some
Issrd work on hta correspondence .to-day
he ilosstod i BsasBitcT In .an . nper
room,wtth Ws assosjrapser;. and would
mot allow.any one'. to disturb hhn.. ..
rWe-are In s Uttle'room upstairs' he
said.- .-where the j wicked cease, from
treoDBng ana tne weary, are.at, resu'
-TUs.,sAarnoonthe Governon'weht to
University . JTeldandxwatched the last
half of the. "Frmeesw-TaJe'treshtaen
foothaUgame. whleb.Jrssutted.ina Ue.
and NewToskTJnlversRy..: bet7,Tef-
desyleet-WsaJad s seat m tne bleach'
era wKhlslrbrVtherB-Btw.iFipsatMk-
L0. I
' ---
ton.Axs.';o PrSoeteiTvcwa.-BSoye
anajasc aiiisas nse sssn.were jne oover-
or-ajsaisrsiii .-: Masa'.JestleXssMr, -
7Tha Tlaalsll'sMlsi " sjief -'-- --- -- - -
M3m -isaKesaas&mamfm 5?33.
";" ui.:iia 1 i.-.we m .- j.. - --- .--- .. .i.- -uu,Ub-i
BB?innp:"BaV iBBaR'BBalWa Ibl fcaaTaal ?"' : Waspy' ..fc , -'ilfjri 5f22H
im 7-- gBKtsgggjggafs, ife f late ti iiAYlilt
-4stSsst' arlautaslkssl
lUsjajffi IsieaTMSssKsas kfs 'tevasfts)
sld.paysteai conaltiwi TsnJ-ls the. first
cbsnce.I havahad'to unsanstiilils hhm
personasV. cartalaiy,;-sv. sae crest
slessnrar.as ear ssl.-- ;''' '
jQahmbr eaaae o Bas-aheOsssrast
-flsoarx uanmwa 'Maw aBtaae
CTs f eJaaeon. ..ts-v.o4wsCTt
Btiiai -Isstsaafl.VTia,
dfiateCait3IirH3eM'lUtpcd-Bn the
aftts.-, Tt .asvernetf efcia hands: wita.;
thh,- lusism that'hetsk a seat with
htm.', looked' huh .over Uke, a loasv loot
brother,- wiped same dust from the piush
collar or his coat .and talked, not poll
tics but about .the .football, game.
.'Wnsnthe' game was over the players
of-the" New Tortc Cnrrerstty eleven'' came
upon the, stand 'and shook hands with'
the Oovernor, and' then gave hhn.eneof
their uproarious yells. Not to be out
done- tne Princeton ibors gave-him a
locomotive yell." than which. there Is
.none more riotous. The Governor was
mightily pleased with -his. reception and
left-the grounds irlth a broad smile on
his, face., .-.-
I .Reno,7er. Nov.t. Late returns re-
tain, that, K. T. Ptttman. Democrat, baa
been elected ITntted States Senator over
Judge, "Messey., . Republican. Including
waso county, tne largest in the State,
Plttman has .7,885 votes to 7.743 'forMas
sey. The small .districts yet to be beard
front may, cut dowa this lead a' trine,
but not; enough:' to elect "Ms any.
.-, - ' - ' -
111, Jtooae. leader v Coafera with
xfittsbnTg ZdttoT Orer Penaament
Organizatisii of Third Party.
Oyster Bay, N. Ti. Nov. . In a--con
ference -with .Alexander. Moore., the
Pittsburgh Buty 'Moose editor, COL
Koosereit to-osyc gave, the assurancei
that he proposes to kep in touch with
the .Progressive' pariy's affairs. While
he prefers .that some. one. else under
take the leadership,. we will-not refuse
tosssume lt;.lf the progressives Insist.
For' the present, however, the. colonel
wants' to .rest. , , ;'
' Moors .lunched 'with the colonelVat
Sagamore Hill." 1 aijar told the colonel
that - the Pennsylvania. Progressives are
Immensely tickled, over ' the" 'result In
the Keystone. State election, and' they
wiurkeen their organisation rolnr for
Cangresalonal fight In 114. ' ,
' Tor the.nrat time since his removal
rrom.cnioago to .recover, from the hni.
let' wound," CoU Roosevelt to-day ' went
norveuova. ruunm;. xn- xormer presi
dent, occupied . nlmsett, in. the .morning
with dlatatlng letters toochlna- noon
thb future bf the Progress! e party.
He rods-his favprtU-horse, Sirdar, for
53"; - -' ,-vawgtwus
nxsa.. 4 n v -
t ' i-.-U H' '
kei Ini t 'isaailasBi -fs.a A.a0 h. TTTT
Sa lsl'as.rsaaUk iflf sasalaia. JJI t If 4., , e
- '. . '.1 ,- sarwsjapa- VaaaZ .'TsbbbI
4nt-eieHvneete:iGvV',WB; Frotl
lllllmi 111 Blllen. ' - ---'-- I
sBi.;Xr-wassa.;SlMBlBlisaBee, be
WW aoa ;taka?eBto,-lUs7I.'B7eai3
. i'f '"!.-V a?'7j I'Twl"(4 .WW"W'W I '-, t J.-fc I- -'.T'-ft- . 'waw VY-."'
K,';V-V; juiuiiu-iiy
'jkrack. by s,ew. I isajwg Jree Mmb and
yu, tweive-yeejoiaason:ec7Jisrt B.
Roosevelt, cousin'. of. 1'CaI Thtnra
swsevett. 'yeaterssy. aftehiooi sastalaed
nrui but. not.seness Injuries, while
loping, along a. bridts path-'in Rock
tekPark; ' .. - '"
Uff.and sore from the. Joh', the gritty
i4 Instated on naosittlns: hbi horse and
.riding boms sMne. Jsat, as though he
wanted to snow that the ;nerve which
was shown by the. famous, colonel after
the recent shooting' hi! Milwaukee Is a
family heritage to .which allby the name
01 noosaveii-.can jay Claim. ,
With a, number" lofl small cuU'snd
scrsUhes, beneath '. the chin' where the
branch had scraxed him. and his rldta
clothes, covered with .mod. young' Robert
enierea tne,-wTilU marble residence of
his father, -Jan. Massachusetts Avenue
Northwest, "with as "much -unconcern -as
taotighv nothing had. happened.
'iSet Sertesnly Mart.
Questioned cleaelr..'RoberV told the d.
tass of the accident reluctantly and then
smiled at the .fears, of. his pnreau when
xner insistag on sammonlnr a-physician.
After examining ,tha-bay. the physkrlan
said Robert bad, escaped serious injury.
but nrobaNy would be unable to. ride
for several days. Bruises .mad minor
cots' were bis moat serious hurts.
Although usually accompanied br
groom, young Roosevelt, rode away .alone
yesterday afternoon.' aefrlda or . mount
mat- many an l adult horseman would
view with alarm. In Rock Crack' Park's
bridle paths, the boy. probably glad of
an .'opportunity to ride without- the da.
talaing-'volce of a cautloua-groota. and
aairtiaratea by the fresh -autumnal ah-,
Burthe horse to a-gaUoiV '
wept trasa taUte. ',
The anadenand uneapactsd hook of an
auto -honi,.ld the rest. -and .!:--law
seconds the a-alies-'wM-'asBaha& the
properaaens-of. a
Mosertv-seat on;
tne. MiUhiiI h
tspsas BcaeUV en
unser.tas'ehla -r s siaajt ' THfi 1r Hf '
taeerse.gsllsH fe"7"W
, am wroH ur see .aorsa.aaa-cxar
a long search met Motbteyae.ToUceenan
Trena, ot tne ueventh
who was leadlna- tha snhnsl "Trieis had
caughr the horse, after a. fast ride.' The
policeman .wanted to lead, the boras until
be oouldUflnd a- man to take the aalmal
to the stable, but Robert demurred at
thought of returning- home 'on a street
cat. " ' . .
Smtir 6tfi litimti$ Til!
V ' fttW if Tirlffr"v
j. i .. . V-'
That: the .tariff j programme of the Dem
ocratic party win be dependent la soma
degree at- tMst upon the Progresslres In
the Senate was. Indicated last night by
senator Thomas F. Gore of Oklahoma.
who returned, to Washington .yesterday
after a . strenuous summer utilised la
electing GOV. .Wilson.
Senator GoreT believes that tariff mvI.
stott will be the flret and most Important
urorlr' nf tfiA ntW mlnlatratlnn ,ut
that the jnarrow Democratic majority in
the Senate win necessitate an appeal to
the 'Progressives for 'support In some of
the schedules' at .least, providing the
vemocrais .qeciae -upon- Bcneauie Dy
schedule revision Instead .of af blanket
cut as in the ease" ot the Payne-Aldrlch
wn."5r .
'The tariff Issue is paramount' m the
minds of the .'country, and undoubtedly
will be the, first work attempted by the
Sixty-third Congress,'", said Mr. Gore last
nigni. "xarin: revtnQn.wiu-10 some ex
tent settle " the, trust question-It, Jai
true. If trite, saying that' the tariff U
the mother ot the trusts. Time was
when to adjust the one' would settle the
other.- but 'time time' has 'gone' by. now,
and It nrobabiy will require some addi
tional legUIatiOn to 'adjust the. f trust
HHnuvH.' .
"We .have, at 'coursc-a- large maiorltr
In the Hous aBdwm have, rnijortty of.
liroin us oenaie. now uit-.vrfvana
elected a Democratic-Senator.''. . .. 1
Senator Gore 'was- reminded that the
Ma .Ufldi4SanT
DemocraU.had not always 1 stuck totretherJBirates, tried to pasa it by. going Yull
when the -House was sending over tariff
revision ' bIBs'nssf session, .end -It-' was
suggested that this majority of. two -might
prove, Insufficient m .the cases. of
schedules, as.-; 'for 'Instance, the
ehoddte: fromrwhlch -the' House' 1
moved Jsk 'duty. -It wss.soggested In-the
cas of this schedule that thetwo'Louiaf-l
ane-seiurtors haa votes wiuv tne'Mepao
Ucamrraotat)an,.and'that tterrflnlsht
be i twootaersuie- (senators - rrora ueio-radc-whoj
would not care-, (r aave the
duty! entirely removed from- the-li sly
nmlinkl he ncmr-'lndustrr .tarthaer
State.'-: f- , -.' 'V "$''&
-WeH.tvreturned the Oldahoma.-sotsau
f 'the' Pi uai isstsi t, have shown avdws
r.. !. .-. . ... , .. a -j
siuomto'go aiosg-WHD us on-nrex lesaa-'i
lation." Ayr, . v. -y vr??ft-
Waitoat aot'mean.1 la tile easiest tMa;
soaarisskiliilf that a.i nawrniiaai" IM
tavete l. struck. such?a;rese;in,-
the ajnsiosr; sasar,
. .-'.i.'-'. v.
essVJsetearet ta-'
1 -ehaoces'.of aa
sow mse:sissiBB,-;re JwweHaoverasv-RepaBll
.r . t.Krvft, n: 'u .-'" t- -.:? .-r.' .
'-'--..v'ei'Z' JJ8;-Malajasr Nov: t-Tna.
MiTrr weesair: Clarke Reoabllcan.
i-4 r '. T T? : ,- IT. 3
r -I: - " " a ssCT IJL.
, ejB,Bi.-, aeB . ei s
fi t a. .-" . . -..-., --.- .-.:-
, - r.i. - '.'- . .. -
tM$4 If Cihitt iriir
... . 3 " W2 'I.
, After- eiHilM .hundreasf.ot mftes'-of
ilsninA raeila hi search orthsittsat
rot the qaartetdf . wen who ran" etewaa
kIUr Charles -Satterfieid and -tlamnas
in an;.suto, leaving him to die 3 In .the
street;, the auto posses of dsteemwea. po
Heemen. -sbernTs. and deputies who left
Washington yesterday wKa taaavswad
Intsation of not returnisar -wtthoesLfssir
nrlsoners were last, night, lepottsll W
have picked up the trail and to be.elosjng
ln on the, quarry.- ' . r
Brief .telephone advices received at-police'
headquarters. In this city, from tad
posses, scattered in ranee users aaa
Charles counties, lata last night-encour
age, police officials to believe' that the
foor fugitive autolsta' sought for- Satter-
flelds death will be in custody thte mora
ine; before the' church bells begin pea Hag,
and 'the arrest of the quartet before night
fall Is regarded In the light of a certaaMT.
According to the word --.telephoned to
the; officials directing' the hunt, the
posses have learned the Identity of .'the
man whe-owns the" anto" which, ran' down
Satterfleld. as wen as the Identity of the
four, .ateau who: occupied the machine
whea.K struck Satterneld. sad their sap-
, whereabouts' "The -last word re-
oslveaf'fromtne posses was that they
haeLotarted for the place where tney ex
pect to. capture the. men. ana as taw
place." was mues from the location ef
the posses wnen tney. teiepnonea, no rat-
tber wordrfrom them. is expectM untu
Maj.- Sylvester lost no time, .yesterday
morning la ortwnesaaf the search for the
aateista He began thedsy by offertag
s -reward of Isa.-t Detectives MsUhv
.Warren. -Ann at rune Grant, "in limine,
and O'Bnea'stsrted in pairs f or Mary-
laar;ach'of te three palrVot. plala
cisoae men-einsieu an aaiu auu nic tne
ytty, for Marytaad. eachantet
. , . . i
rTas'thne" autos, all big. high-powered
maoWnes; with: chauffeurs capable ot
driving' them at maximum-- speed over
the country roads.- ran from. morning aa-
tn late at night, covering- nearly evary
puts, road, and by-way In the two coun
ties, -Communication between the poaeei
was established, through fnlln TTuflijaar
tra hM - "
If the four men la the machine which
killed Satterneld are captured to-day aad
likely that- Coroner 'Nevltt wOl hold aa
inquest .over- Satterflejd's- body at -'the
District' morgue to-morrow. WhfU noltce
officials will not revear the supposed
Identity ot the' quartet ,of autolsta ' or
their supposed whereabouts. It ia known
that, the' men.-are residents-of Maryland.
'''' -. r r , . . v r. ',
ifKj?1'!01! Misirtwa aWfa sfnii"yaTevt-;waWv i' m
??llr"P!sa?fl -.,- '"5- oweewvos.' sieanserrfvIIJcivlJ'ittwslasa ttl : law
woeranrJTi 1--oeputien in ranee ueorgr i.w ..-..A-"iiaa-;i.i rki., JaaH M nil
laalCaaneo Counties Joined la theisaa. ; - -.- -. . - r- as' eaeiAjOttte
This fact explains the eagerness of taalwsre represented, but' neither the Demo
men, to- escape over, the Pennsylvania
Avenue Bridge tin Maryland after run
ning ..down Satterneld at Pennsylvania
Avenue ; and Fifteenth Street Southeast
on. Friday night.
.The police have, found -witnesses of the
tragedy who say they. can. identify the
auto ana Ms occupants and tec; this rea
son 'the police expect -Ihst a coroner's
Jury wUP hold' the- lour autolsta for the
action of. the grand Jary in the event
that, the fugitives .are apprehended.
Arrangements '" for- the. funeral of Sat-
tsrseid. who was thu-ty-nve years old
and a. paperhanger living' at 721 Seventh
Street Northeast, have' not been com-
pleted. r ,
Pirates" Steal
Private Yaght;
RunUp Black Flag
,. New -Tot,' Nov. . A pirate story of
fact rivaling those ot fiction. In which
the 110.000 motor yacht, ot J. B.,Hem
mond. millionaire typewriter man, mlghrvthe 'form of Shadputa shaggy Airedale
have reached the Spanish machine under
,the black flag, came to light to-day with
the arrest, of Domlnlco Curat, seventeen
teen' years' -old.
Gusto's' arrest followed that ot three
other "members of a pirate crew organ
ised early In the autumn by "Dock"
'"". twenty years old, graduate ot
a'- reformatory, who stole' a'tiOOO motor
boat rft Albanyy brourht It. down the
Hudson 'to. New Tbrk. repainted and re
named It the -"Serpent," and started on
a career of ' brigandage. On the night ef
October S they crept alongside the Ham-
mood yacht, went aboard, and in twenty
minutes had her under" way, headed for
ins open sea.
. Wvnft mlrht hav tinnnjui ttt mim.
fully trailers did not happen.- because an
unsympathetic cable.-stretched-across the
entrance to a cove, stopped the yacht
before she had gone 'a loo yards. 'The
speed.ahead, but the cable, was to strong.
They then abandoned the yacht,' jetumed
to-the Beroen t. and made off. "
.Those ot the crew who have been w
rested confessed, and as a result tha
nonce" have i recovered several hundred
doBars, 'worth of plunder., taken from
motor yachts In night raids ,ln a cave
mjHoOk Mountain, near Nyack. N. Y.
TaeaeUce estimate that the 'gang stole
aisaerty,;worth at- least 10,p). '
, tt May Leas Idaho.
Idaho. Nov. f. Latest returns
ii Isaaor show President Tafu in the
Isadb'asmall margin, but aa themiss-
iSBftrlots"sre normallv Democratic
"a-ty- plr.ee this. State" In. th
ealnmn.. Haines. Kepuwican, naa
Been, cieotea.-yoyBrnor,
feaa. -
reaaraf . rrsaV aA';bt'flve. countisa.
xmwwjm, w-wy,g.
g,: " ysjV .'.'h:
?9r$K&c 'P"avwe
Paffaaat If Isaaaaia W aaaaf 4
laaaBsw, HI ..HlsvnwtW arww-
Ylllf' laallwa0rlfl '
strung marched la wight down
a, "silaiBnihig asphalt-fairway in FJfth
Avaue.from"Phua.to CnioB.Sqnare. It
was las great torchKght parade organised
to ostebrata the map changing events of
last Tuesday ;whlch added foor stars to
the list -of suffrage -States.
This evening for more than an hoar
New -fork's most famous boulevard re
sembled the lawn of a Chinese man
darin oa fete nights. For- two mllea a
broad. Una of crimson" fire ran down lower.
Fifth Avenue, touching wRh its magic
glow he' Wonderfully dlversMedcoatames
of the asereners a-norse ana a-root
Muawaatlna- the faces of half
caooraar sympathisers,' who crowded the
windows. roofs,"Nsad aVtewaBta adjacent
to.the line of march. ',
And to them all. every -Jag that sew,
every trumpet that blew.'f every lantern
that gleamed and glowed, betokened the
ultimate success of a eaose that has come
to star. As Mrs, O- H. P. Behaoat pat
It triumphantly at the -dose of "the pa-4
rsdes v ' . .
Oar aleaan' Has aeen Vlctorjr in New
rTork;ta int. Perhaps we 'shall change
It to yjctory In, Wr " . ,
u tne same sptnt osspmres ubs -ing
la shown at the next suffrage aaeauR
uooa'- the Leaislature tt will be a
latighly statesman. Indeed, who votes
against the suffrage amendment.
-Vases. Like Xssatara.
I WKh' the nerve- aad spirit of a wen
rnitimlssertnd aimy. the hosts or sar-
fragV-men sad women, cavalry aad' In
fantry awept dowa Fifth Avenue at a
Mae fermaaon.K perfect that it remind
ed one of a aceas. on . tbeiWeet Pomt pa
rade-grounds. Not an untoward i.lnoi-
0081' martsd- the demoa'stBUIesi..
.The parade;wss Ied,basurlcetForbe
Square a moment-
she turned Into .Fifth Ati
rra' wo5f'
Ication of the.aew
Photograph was taken.
togrssher another Indlratii
order Otvth!ngs. Behind the grand
anai came twenty trumpeters
white ' robes, ten moon tad
and a "California chorus.'
Cora For, cnanUng'the Zastrn Wom
an's Song; "composed byVMlss Foy:
flamlag torches and . gleaming lanterns,
miners lamps, worn hi. the hats of the
men marchers: red. white, and green
glass uiumlaatlve effects; and hundreds
of poundsoT-red powder 'burned, along
the line -of march and afterward In
Union Square.
The Progressive and Socialist parties
crats or Republicans seat their promised
delegations. The Progressrres and So
cialists were represented and held meet
tncs in Union Square with the suffragists
later In -the evening. There were dosens
of these meetings In greater New York
to celebrate the western victories, and
tons' of suffrage literature waa "distrib
Candy Is Dtotrlhated,
Tha man's division of the great parade
was led by William 8chleffelln, preat-
dent ot the Citizens' Union. The Men's
College League marched vwlth 100 Bar
nard girls In cap, and gown, headed by
Mrs. Charles Tiffany.- In Mrs. O.
Mackays suffrage organisation marched
Mrs. Egerton Wtnthrop. JrMrs. Henry
Wisemllier. Miss Caroline Duer. Mrs.
Frederick .-Nathan, and other well-known
society women.
The youngest pander waa a nine-month-old
baby In arms carried by a So
cialist -woman .marcher, while the oldest
perader-waa Miss-E.; P. Miller, eighty-
five, a nose advanced age made It neces
sary for her to ride In a carriage. There
was also. .a canine suffragist In line In
terrier, v the sronertv- "of Miss SvrrL-
Lotoea. . of 'Brooklyn.
A strDrtnsnote of color was given the
moving picture by a -decorated automo
bile bearing Chinese women',. In native
costume and holding aloft transparlencies
telling- ot tne accomplishments of the
celestial empire since suffrage has-been
ranted the women. Another unique fea
ture waa the distribution bf 5,000 boxes of
candy wrapped -In suffrage literature by
Dr. .Mary Halton. In substitution for
stones with which "English- suffragists
feed tne puouc" as aha explained.
' Austin, Tex,- Nov. . It waa reported
herev to-day ,Utat -tlnltad States' Senator
Bailey ihaVreslsned from the Senate, to
lake effect before the. December session
Of Congress begins, and that.lt waa hid!
intention to enter ins practice-ot .law.
Gov., COtquKt adrefltted that some- of
the.Senatorclosesfriends bad mentioned
the matter, to him. "and the executive
proeaptly - announced' that he would ap-'
point .BV..M. Johnston, of. Houston.- to' ail
the VBoaacyV IT. the resignation; was ..offi
'OtSaTSsV.Sfaeite-raalB Denweratle. "'
.Portlaad.:.Oreg.JNov. i. Returns frata
everyy.csBBir'in Oregon" practically 'ceea
pteU,te"ssy:lneuns 'another Democratic
UnHed'.asateaiSenator from' thai "state;
Tae! aeaaterial'vote: ,Lane .(DsaL, M.i
XT;iMte.CRsB;)rH7a: BounwURap.).
tks aasBBSBaatKr;: Clark (Frag.).- Ham
aryrtaa;ua,t:?AwiiaoB, mim: c
yyf V
WJ -t -. - -- T
. - . T
Hew., see. Nov. -4atjaafc FSMbS
viesBry.T, a 'BoMassantaBaaalaass
-- ?- -- ' ' . tvr ufei
MW-MaMHU. onwiii Jam vaa. z. - . . -w
. 1 1 . m. . . -T-.. . "i
- jw .wi..iw- eaanev 'nils'
under Miss
saa'-ets-ei-i -aw tt . i - , .. - " -SW As-ua.s; UM...S.
-- - ..-v asF-a-ieLis'-"-. ," "' ,t i -a . - -t... i jn, a is r'' mssaaaB r- eBawea , - assok-BBSBBBBBBamassB- .-r-ai
,3seaaSBBsaBBjbaBBBBib--?& , -tS6vW , "iw- - BBffF .aBjaSBMBBaajB -aW.wapSKlE5.'--'.f?.5
., .viCaKlt.T --. .,-..-jL,,3ffllBtS, - .i-Xki---.. ;iSrsia l...i. ,.. -J' -s..a-. -4K...
sjuajaaBjlfaSati.fiSMeufaOwjjBjk .fll
VV-V aasjpTlM ItVjl -,v
'vwie"" 'WaaPBaw'if,afBfarWfH
aasWIVi-AsBinBt rfafBaBBBrt mZ''K'A "?
i. , . ri isBvn v j. . r a - . i j
i-v. -'-:mmm
lw5:5xaaf jbbk' miJaBBBFiSsBBBB&-
"& -Xswlg-.f BaSJ?I5a IfSHi
"OJ9 tBafaaW" '--- ZrZZ.-.
Jastiea aear.iWaw - ZTL,Tl-rir
Roeenthel. tto.taiTft
. :mmUmM --..... ..
l.'t.K - - .. ' - "SPe,T-C-SP".-ltl'
T2!if ?" I,"saBBBj- tae war at .-
27 ""v way nave Beea'aaUraBBBSHtftWfl
Tba.ataunaa.wae-1 ZTJ
the-" Teatba 'rereeiai . -'-- '-- - '
happy ameeV-aaa d not show ta. " ----'
eat anetilatfci.1 ... ..-: ITT: . ". 'Jij-
w- v siwr ox
mem. or the seriou
'. .is.
Mm. mM -. ... ..- . .?
" " jiueeiuuity taat BBS
amy be the .forfeiture o taaa-;
snimiiaauui ,ior the. erisaa.
anas aa-fv'VS.
the raerHa lor their m.amEZrL
-' . 1 .. . mmm w mm mmm im- ,1.
SrS'fTcMK tht ".taaF1 Starr,' - '
Ms told to any twelve-men was, Tai .
eleeted-to sit ta Jadgmeat on theat.taa
verdict wm be raot guBty.". - .
"ago rranar aad "Lefty Louie'-eMd VI
most or the talking, while nthnr ' ,
caakmal. word in, vertacatlea. ar as , i
"SSthJn wbt coatraass wl. :
We have' been tela.v M.S.'ilt- "
ll'i."11" ' t oviSBals foVak ' ';
t tea ln.advaaoe what wVrevg-tag-tr --
aoeence, but'L can see ao oMectkm td. V ''
saaa the'troth anytime or aarlace. "2
7 wlala llsi'l'sa ' ' t
X caaaot explain where ah n i "Ttl
nri'iK-n. si - : -' .-: ''jiifiM
IT 'v- - -"" rees. MBsre is . -a jl
story that see or aU of as are geias ta.Vl'3j
make .a full confession and stake aa ''
appeal for. the-acceptanoe of a ales e?i3?l
muroer la -iae second degree. Noti stea'-iS" V51
ot us.has thought of 3Si Z2-ft-;51
ftnlm . -I.-. .w.iTTT. !L"1 K .ii',Vrl
pies t
i?.MjBjiatasl laBrrg
dMST Kn-ilh "-
-trial,: and, Ia-aa see
as in tae
'''Then there -is another thing that an
f7"- Jt been represented thai
Lam a hop aad Coke fiend.
"The trutir-.la that I hav. nv -,,'a
opium, morphine; cocaine, or any other
drug In my life, snd if you want to'-flnd
out If this is not so ask Dr. McGaire. the
Prison physician T'f
'This confession business," chimed In
"Lefty Louie, "makes me tired. I know
aU that ray pels here know, and any con
fession that we can, make will show-that
we are Innocent of this charge.' All that
we ask la for the' Judge, the Jury, the
District Attorney, and the newspapers to
give. us a square deal." -
"How are you going to get over the
testimony of, Shapiro; the chauffeur'
asked a reporter.' "He says he took yo
all .to the Hotel Metrepole. and after the,
shooting he took you all away In. the
murder, ear."
"Don't. worry about. Shapiro." replied
"Lefty Louie." "We shall take' care of"
him all right."
One of the reporters shuddered, at tha
possibility that" Shapiro might be taken'
care' of in the same way Rosenthal wasC
and the roving eye "of 'Lefty Louie"
caugnt tne meaning of the expression oa
the' reporter's face. . '" '
"Lefty-.' Claims Vlrtae-, Tes-
T don't mean." quickly spoke "Lefty"
Louie, "that ne;wuVbe taken care of In
the way you think."
-''The gunmen exchanged glances. ana
laughed heartily.
"Whitey Lewis'' exclaimed: "Nothing
doing in that line Just now." -.
"They have 'me down also" continued
Lefty'' Louie, "ta a -eoke' fiend snd
smoking "hop. Why .1 never smoked
even a cigarette In, -my "life let alone
the' pipe. I smoke a. good cigar when I
can get tit; but I have not scon many
good. ones, recently." .
"How are you golngvto overcome the
positive. Identification of several ej .wit
nesses of the .shooting of the two .men
who fired the. shots at Rosenthal-'
"Those identifications." replied Lefty
Louie; "won't stand investigation. Take'
Xrauae. the waiter.- He couldn't pick
out a, feather bed. When' I was brought
to .court. I saw some one who waa with
Krause point me out to" htm. At" that
time I had.' my watch chain hanging
outside my coat pocket: and Jie carried
that In hta mind. The next -day when
we -were taken to court Chad my watch,
chain concealed In my vest and Whitey'
ILewta put his chain on the outside, ot-
nia coat, just to test tne warier. r ,
Picked Wrens; 'Man.
"krause. after looking around far
theS watch chain, then picked" out:
LWhltey as me, and .Kraiise could, not.
understand why we laughed' at' him.
"Tne way the' identifications have
been arranged ln the District. Attor
ney's ofljfje Is an outrage.' A mad dor.
would be given, a fairer chance." J'
."What answer can' yon make to
Rose. Webber, and Vallon. who will
testify-that you were hired aad' paid
ll.Oeo 'for "shooting Rosenthal at the-
Hotel: Metropoler -'; x
V -.That n, what .they have said." per
plied- rLetyLouU.'V-We cannot teli
now. what .wU be said to brand that.
storr'as talon., but Just, wait, until wa
aave.taschaaes to tell the truth aaeat'
otrt-n-atteaajrvlth Rose;- Webber, aa
Taflon."..'..X i S , t
Just 'waaVV. -cafaned Is "OVs-cthJ
Btood.'' -J'TWs.wat to mil the story bo
att(eVi"JMaal,'pat la'Ka,'
trastaaMUBa.'taa-lBaaw agalaet as.aa.
was Java eaaraeav na wka lain
crnae.yM.-ar.--waiiaaiB 'ataats to
.. .UMI - Ij "'. i
tbv story. keiwfll aava; a caaaoa.-;
KMMitm.r. v-swi jf aate.
r.-niBBBBBVaBrvssV'.BBea .Discnct At-. :.
Ms torasr; w Ml aa.'"wat-a.M-hMr thW-. '-
' f ' aawcBB:f aaaMBmiary 'evtasaM-lalaiS
iOaly ;J
nr -aBifff7isreTTrTir-.'"" ' " mawrr .-btJi

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