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We-ctre Bent HHI
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Gricr's White Pin
; Cough. Syrup
aiffera from any other offered la
Wahlneton. It la unquestionably
the raoit fraceeufnl treatment for
bronchial colds obtainable. See that
It bears the name of arter." .
We rtn Hermla KM aaateat ve4ea
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Maw Office .ri Wtrks
623 G Street J. W.
x .fttrwy aire Herald 3fta)0 e teat -rotes.
Butter Toast
Bive the labels. Good for S yoles la
125.000 conUst. "'
The Choicest the Market
"Affords Can Always
Be Found at
4th and H Streets N. E.
We sire Herala ajn.HI eeatest tea.
Fine Confectionery, Cbocob&s.
and BoBboas.. ?
' We Bive Herala CUM coateat vatas.
The Neil Mai's Sftni
HlKh-class fnrnlihln at prices -to
Interest money saTers. , ,
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See me for' up-to-daU Ideas. Xattsamtsa
Cladly slven. 1
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jpCo'ncenilns; Paints and -Enamels'
i? will prore "raluable' to you. "
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fri aTiTaTiaiir-altftlllr'sl-slslir'lllsssTfllaT " 1 al ' "
United Daughters,:
vrawaaalfSjtBB. Tueataytaeret
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.au MiKHn yearsioc nee orgam
?!lB';t' 'ywrlyjcoBgraag'haa been
" uiiaiiuaiuie weaaacs .of 'Dunaland a
oanoerted, effort rHI, baimaaeby men
and wemea 'alike to extend to, the. South
ern Visitors that luMolullev-wtk.v, k.
Beath kas always boastedrncTjaaas for
mmar ncau evenu are:nw,in.tha'maK-
One of the prlnelpal' feataaestaf the
unsjrfSS will oecar Tiieil r M, Iv4b
of the corner stone'' to. .the mnnament In
Arlington NsiloaalCsmetarS'Uaatriia ta
be erected to the mianry ef-tBesolalers
of the. Confederacy burled thereC Frsl
dent Taft TrltT -trnlrrmifre rteknalns to
the nation'a ""'" and WllUnn- Jes.
ntags Bryan -will deHver.-th eflilifai at
ftbe layrag of tne-'ccne'steeMV-Saary A.
Beroerc secretary or UeNavy -under
President devehuig. will preside oatr the
ceremonies. .The -War DeDartmcnt haa
lent lta co-operation' In the arrangement.
jtunc aunng tne laying of the corner
stone win be .provided by. the Fifteenth
Cavalry Band,' and fully lfl.000 people are
expected to attend the ceremonleal
Flaa aTatertatasaewt. r
Mrs. Marion Butler, president -of the
Dhrtrlct Daughters, win have charxe of
tne cays programme, and .with hereon
the platform' will, sit the officers of the
organisation and many government offi
cials. Bishop Robert Gibson. f Rich
mond. wUI deliver, the Invocation..
. -mere wm .be various, private enter
tainments, big and little, and several
official evente. President and Mrs. Taft
wiu receive the delegates In the East
Room of. the White House Thursday aft
ernoon, and one. of the most pretentious
affairs of the week will be the reception
held, Friday .night from' to 11 o'clock
by the Southern. Society of Washington
and the Southern Commercial Congress
la, the Hall of the Americas, Pan-American
Union Building.
Miss Nannie Randolph Heth. president
of the Southern Relief Society, has' In
vited the ;U. D. .C all of the Southern
societies of the District of Columbia, the
United Confederate Veterans, the Sons
of Veterans, the Daughters of the -American
Revolution, Colonial Damea, and the
Loyal Legion to meet the general officers
of the. United Daughters of the Confed
eracy In the Library of Congress Mon
day evening from s to 10 o clock.
Mrs. Marlon Butler haa announced the
ushers appointed by her to act at the
laying of the corner stone. They are
Messrs. Charles A. Douglas, Henry F.
cavia, Edwin c uutton. Thomas Rumn.
William H. Robeson, Edward & Mun
ford, A Rosier' Dulanyi-Abner H. Fer
guson, William De C. Ravenel, Clarence
J." Owens, i -Benjamin Mlcou, Absalom
Waller, Clifford Kt Berrymanv and MarJ
Ion Butler.
Tuesday night the welcome meeting
win be held at National I continental Hail,
when President Taft will extend his and
the nation's welcome to the Daughters.
Mrs. Alexander D. White, president gen
eral of the organization, will speak In
response. The first business session on
Wednesday morning will be opened with
prayer by Cardinal Gibbons. The busi
ness sessions win be held morning and
afternoon until Saturday.
Kotaalea to Attend.
Mrs. atathew T. Scott, president gen
eral of the Daughters of the American
Revolution, will give a luncheon to the
national officers on Wednesday at Memo
rial Continental Hall, and. Mrs. P. P.
Claxton. of 1103 Connecticut Avenue, win
give, a tea In honor of the Tennessee
delegates 'from S to 7 o'clock. She wUI
be assisted by Mrs. Alexander B. White.
Wednesday afternoon, the Texas dele
gates. will be the guests of Mrs. Short
Adam wiIUs at her home. 1H1. Nine
teenth Street Northwest. She wlU be
assisted by Mrs. Cornelia Branch Stone.
Mrs. Rosenberg, of Dallas, Tex., and
Mrs. William Cummlngs Story, of New
In the evening the national officers will
be, formally. presented to. the delegates
at a reception at the New WUIard. V
Saturday afternoon the. Mississippi 'di
vision 'will receive In Continental Memo
rial Hall, and other receptions and so
da! events of various kinds 'will fill the
week,. Many side' trips to'points of in
terest around Washington will take up
the afternoons. , , ,
Two ex-presidents general, Mrs. Llszle
George .Henderson, of Mississippi, and
Mrs.- Cornelia .Branch- Stone, of Texas,
will attend the' convention. Gen. Bird
Grubb.' of the -New, Jersey Volunteers,
IT.- S. A and Mrm.iGrubbwill be the
the aSBual'
guests 'of CoL Hilary -A. Herbert and stood that Mrs. Bryan, either has under
Mrs. William Cummlngs .Story, of Newtgone recently 'or is about to -undergo a
Xork. candidate. lor. president general ot
the D. A.'K win j attend. Rev. Landon
Mason, of Richmond, .will be one of the
Ylsitors.Vand" Miss.'' Mary Lee,- daughter
of:Gen.--Robrt.E..Lee,-.wIIl be' the guest
pf Mrs.-PhUllps'xeatman In.-Alexandria.
t ' ' - "'-'' vt''t
. jreWS JTOTES. n.'-D; C.
- 1 HW . 7
-.-Mlsi Cornelia .Branch Stone, i of Dallas,
Tex, Is : considered one of1 the finest
pafliamenUrlans In the South. She has
held -seven Important' national division
offices in the,u: D.'C. .
Mrs. Matthew T. 8cbtt. president, gen
eral of the" 'national society of' the
daughters of,, the American jKevolutJon
andrbo.has a long.'Une'of -distinguished
Southern'' ancestors. Is. also a 'member -of
Mrs. James Marlon Butler," president, of
the District of -Columbia division,' has
bad' to do much of the work Incident te
preparing for the convention.. Mrs, But
ler Is the wife of the. distinguished for
mer senator or -xvortn Carolina.
'Mra James Tarrln, widow of theN fa."-'
moue Judge Tarvtn. ot Kentucky, is the
egldent Head or the press conmlttw
aad has been 'hard," at work preparing
nmtter-for the preas during the but few
wsesi, -t
Ai , .. - i '-
,Tbe programme of the; laying, .of .the
eener sten'e ctheAritnatoa-'Monumeiit
an, Tueeday. CoL HUsry fA. Herbert;
asilaila i ii a mia I n . r ' .Hh. ..
am irvauMvuvmm .- - - - v
BfcMtcal irogTaunm to lwslTn Tiy'
.FUlMth CavalTT B-rnd. Artbra'.a-.WWt-
vyj ?., -v-j
r-IS5'!lt! '5P?
afftebstavesmsretasav "
&Ui .'J-.Jaa
gtsaiiXST-V 'Ci''vJV'
lawsg mini ii -.:.....rst, .pMsw AMaaat ' iffl-.32-.'MB-m nl'-i-, ,V
Oaastsaa.' -la. fin rias ' s ei li"?fajJ.j i k vm-wamsA7TwaH'a
alarara. AhBBaat1a7wia7 mm avtgaas, m.- assfjpa. .JBaw. a.t."
ESlSr?a-?W - - .iiMaWliJ,Kisiiia,Ki
Psa StSSSK- -' Ai?.-Jvi ?guJiJ..asiaaaw hl w ri,
?MS-a Tt tWaTp.TrTxiny fvKivaK.iiivtoimffiv'4
Mine SE4-v?3K5 0aSpW( M,M WSill
y,-vt : :r2T irtMaLiUE'.asrsrsS' tifeT?. sj;ytaiM?yEifflCi
Mrs. -WraaMCWr
Orleaas,' MwMaasH
general of ;eaB-.tSsMsaUl .
known. aa.Masab'gBwS3inwrf
a..tlreless warjsartalasnfeor'
factor' ln:tBe?.usMai."riagalsm'-ac-tke
then' was eleoted ttae flo,'o(
Vice preeMeBt:tiW.Jss;imapprT
elation. of heraHpaatevwortCiafce was
pUoed otoa tin att-;ofjte SaaJor cei
era! of JoeJslaaa3a?rMoBr;-lfio United
Confederate. VetairssiVwlth;,taa rank of
major. JUBoay.Mr.arlsia aSbssesslons
Is her commiaataa.i slajaed?br the late
Bteahen d. Jjaa. -' ibT' wa, aetms;
custodian for "te ZJatnaians. Soldiers',
Borne, aha haAieharaa of the Carletmaa
feast and presents seat by the chapters.
It was due toMrs.JBcaabers asoru
that the money for the "Beauregard mon
ument la New Orleans was raised.
Mrs. Srbnanel' la a member, of the
Bhllob ;monument central committee, the
Jefferson Davis Moaiuaeuf Association
of- New'Orleans. and chairman 'of the
MmnlHu 'ftf AMI mmm far the
entertainment of the cotrrentlon In 'New
Orleaas to Hit, '
Xra, John P. Tee Is Ibr president of
the largest chapter. In the society the
Baltimore 'atr Cbanter. The next larceat
chaDter la the Richmond Cnattar. of
which Mrs. Norman Randolph Is the
president.' j'
- Mrs. Walter W. Preston. president v of
he Maryland Bute Dtrlalotv U the
daasbter ,of Mr. and Mrs. Blchael E.
Pue, of Harford County Md. Two of
ner Drotnera serrea in, toe uimeoeraie
army. She was a charter member of the
Harford County Chapter, and waa later
made lta president, and a year, ago was
elected to the State presueacy.
Mrs. Homer F. Sloan win represent Ar
kansas at' the conVentlorC She has lust
completed two successful terms as presi
dent of the BUte drrlsJon. Mrs. Sloan
Is a woman of great executive ability,
ana It has been .said .of her -that she
never falls" to accomplish anything she
undertakes. She presided over- the Bute
convention with .rare tact and grace,
which won for her .the praise of her
SUte'a people. She Is an active member
of. the .Daughters of the American Revo
lution and of UH .uaugnters ox uiz.
However, her most ardent work naa
been in the Interest of. the;U. D. U.
In September; 111. aha had the honor
of presenting to the United States gov
ernment the. monument erected, on the
Shlloh battlefield. by the U. D. C. or
Last November, during the, convention
of the U.-D. C In Richmond, she. pre-.
sented a memorial window, at memory
of that boy herb. -David Dodds, to
(h rvmfUalj ,lfnauBS thane In
name of the Daughters of Aiariaaa.
It was placed In the 'Arkansas room of
the museum and. represents the work of
loyal Arkansas women.
During the last year, aa president of
her chapter, she baa bestowed over OO
crosses of honor on the Confederate vet
Williaii Jeiudagi Iryan to Spend
Hearly a Week'ia
Waikiagton. i
WUUam Jennings Bryan, 'three-time
candidate for the Presidency, and one
of the potent Influences in the nomina
tion and "election ot Woodrow Wilson.
win reach Washington to-day, stopping
off here- for the. greater .part of this
-wv n miit a to hla a winter home in
Florida, where he 'wUl'rest after thel
arduous labors of the campaign.
Mr. Bryan wUI be the central figure In
two public meetings while here, the lay
ing of the cornea stones of the Confed
erate monument at Arlington, Tuesday.
and, of the new Sibley Hospital Friday,
at both of which functlona he wUI de
Uver the principal address.-
The Commoner will stop while here
at the home of his Son, WUUam. Jen
nings Bryan, Jr.; 18 Belmont Street
where Mrs. Bryan now la. It Is under-
surgical operation at' the- Providence
HoaplUL This' Information could; not be
confirmed et the -Bryan home, last night
where lnaulries were met with the state
ment-that, CoL Bryan ; alone' would give
out any information to' be made pontic
or. the subject Close .friends ot 'Mrs.
Bryan .were .not aware of her alleged
lUnesa.-and it the report ;is correct, it
Is" believed the, operation was of a minor
character. . ' : t , N J'
J May Cowslder Jtew.jBnis.
'Although passage of appropriation .bills
preclude, much", general (legislation during
the comlng-.short sessloa" of Congress, it
was learned J yesterday ; that the Demo-
crate are pledged to certain action this
"winter upon; two.. Important and-vexatious
lie linns erficnilmfnf of the Jmmigratlon
laws and Philippine Independence. . Pledges
in black and, white are. la the hands of the
House leaders for early consideration of
the Dillingham-Burnett Immigration" bill
and the t Jones Philippine bnL Both of
these 'were sidetracked last summer. vThe
Immigration measure, met oppoeitioa'.be:
cause ot a- proposed nilteracy test-for
Immigrants.. ", '
Labwr Xts Bte-clcvtesV
Three .Wsshlngtba ,1 officers of the
AmericSn ".FsdsratloB . of Labor, were, re
elected at -the osavestion In Rochester
ytsteroay.s'vTBey .wers aames ticonnell.
presxient. or uer metai:trsaes- branch :of
tBS' ieaerauon; .aiasn, .T.,Berree. and
Thomas ' F, Traoey. ssss ilaiy-treastlrcrs.'
respectively of the vestal ttsdes anCtbe
iwkm lalKrttTadea brasehes. K-&i
r ' y .; k' ' '.' . 'j ' . -r . Ji
BTa M t lVKaBIl
'"''sgtsaHi'Ti'il T's'
Bsh&&'Trssaassr..-jr' r U V?' v
'f' 'rwf" "? "
-jy- g:"---.
j !! -w t?. to"' 'z.a --!- )i-ji.aaw.ijrit-rssff.i. ti
r.jllr'JWWart.-X S.StetuVWWViSwX:;fe r
- .aix-aA -ss bbbbsu aa. ssjassBBBrwxssssr Vl-xr !'t.i.?Ii' PL. i . . BaBarl
mtSSL -Tims:.,tiLiLliiV
f&PV: BJ-I?viTlaar1fg1?ft'gi-TtaaJ
t.ww i jiyyy.. : . . usiigy -x
r .-vt!ijs.as,rif3.-!!rvi"r v-
.ibe-oaaapeigatfferxfwsager.the sraM
antral traSS gSaiaVtf aw-iiliiwiai f
ml new xura ana.-aioaga. aajasspisnaa
;tba lata WPaim Bootlu Geaeral efilM
atvaUoo Aimy. who dledAugst''V l
soldiers of wW"; arary-las
rwiearhiytaeXaeBt Boac:so;
long led aaalnst- Kb and dlsaaae wU
hold outv-Aa hasab tn.'appealte tt4
people of th;lTsawal CapHal far aid, to
a practlcar.'prsjsl .which the Oeseral
himself held rer te his heart." not, as It
la' now. planned -o -be, a, glortttaUlon ot
kla name and spirit but a means to make
the soUtera strong si. the osptaiae aad
the lieutenants" wiser In their putting
wrWatTO Oe. 1 flT ISMaaVVs.
Adjutant L. M. BrasJer said last night:
There are only, a few details to be set-'
tied. In the mala, our" plans have been
agreed upon, and we are confident we
shall win success.
'"The total of the funds needed for the
memorial Is IG50.000,. and as people every
where are asked to contribute the mak
ing up of the whole' amount ought, not
to be a heavy tax upon any community
or Individual. We do not expect to raise
a very large amount here, but we are
very anxious to raise It quickly."
SaMten Caatriaeto. 1
The officers and soldiers themaelvea'are
to bear a remarkably large part, ot the
voluntary contributions. For the first
time In the history ot' the Salvation
Army. Adjutant Braaler said, an appeal
had been made to' bis officers .and sol
diers to contribute a specific amount of
money to a specific. purpose. '
"The specific amount asked Is not a
small one either: every soldier, or pri
vate, of the Salvation .Army la asked
to contribute one dollar: and every of
ficer la 'esked to contribute ten dollars.
When It Is considered that the officers
of the Salvation Army are paid only
small salaries, and that the soldiers, men
and women who volunteer to take part
In the 'street services or the missions or
home vtsttstlons. are generally persons
of small mesas, the one dollar, and the
ten dollars are large assessments.
"Tea, I expect both soldiers and officers
of our post to contribute what they are
asked," Adjutant Braaler declared when
asked If she the adjutant la a woman.
you, know believed the local warriors of
righteousness would be able to do, this
task. "It will be hard upon some of us,
but we ahall do It we shall do If
Contributions of money may be sent
to the Salvation -Army headquarters. W
Pennsylvania Avenue .Northwest Checks
should be made payable to the Salva
tion Army. . . -
.aChe direct, anneal took members of
I ue, Salvation. Army, was, made by Com-
JJuanderJCvaageUne ( Booth, daughter
risootn, asugwsr or
TGen. Wtlllam Booth, to the various
posts and other divisions of the Army.
LHer brother. Gen. Bramwell Booth, has
approved the plan.
Commander Booth's letter waa writ
ten from her national headquarters In
New York, and Is aa tollowa:
Cesssaaader's Letter.
"My dear Comrade: Nothing unites
the members of a family quicker and
closer than a great sorrow. Hearts
draw near each to the other In sea
son's of darkness and storm. So In
the greatest bereavement which has
fallen upon the Army's world-wide
family, in the death Of Its founder and
first general, we have loved and needed
each other aa .never before,
"The general was my father by ties
of blood relationship, but he waa your
father also by ten thousand ties of love
and service, aa you have followed in
the tracks bis dear self-sacrificing feet
have marked. Some ot the most beau
tiful lettera I have received during
this tlme-of heaviness have come from
my soldiers, and even if your assur
ances have gone unspoken, they have
been so heartfelt that I have known
you to be with me, your spirit uniting
with mine in sorrow and triumph.
"How can we memorialize the general T
Marble and bronze- are not enduring
enough to commemorate him. Whatever
moriument we lift must play an active
part In the saving of men the passion
and purpose of his whole existence. So
It has been decided to erect as America's
memorial two large training colleges In
New York and Chicago, from which wUI
go better equipped' than ever before the
saviors of mankind.
"Perhaps some to whom these lines are
written will one day participate in its
advantages, perhaps some will send their
children there: but every one or you may
have a share in the memorial scheme it
self I "know you will want to have a
share. The soldiers of the army my
father raised have been Its very blood
and bones in a thousand battles, snd tbey
cannot must not be overlooked In the
lifting of his memorial. , .
Therefore, I eak every soldier of the
United States to donate, toward the
JKV.OOO needed, the sum of L, To some
of you this sum win mean sacrifice, yet
I feel not one will want to be lert out
In this unlaue undertaking. The Army
can .only have one founder, and therefore
MIC uppurcuxuiy cu ucver iwuiv.mu.
"My brother, uen. .uramweu sootn.
has cabled me his fuU agreement with
the-scheme.' which will fulfil one of our
father's sreatest ambltlona tor tne work
Jut' America-end I' know that there are
no "contributions which would mean more
to our' general now in glory, and to our
general who now leaaa ua on. man we
contributions' from-.our rank and file. Let
not your name bemlssingi
-'"I 'km arranging,' In the columns de
voted In 'the War Cry week'by week to
the memorial scheme, to print- a- sub
scription list giving each, soldier's name
and gtft'aa they. come ln.i I want' and
expect "yours to be there. .But first
I am aaklnr you to fill up the. inclosed
card prbmlalnjr' to let me- have, your
dollar by January tt . "
- "Many times I have appealed to i the
soldiers or my command, ana never nave
they failed me: but this la the first time
I have asked so directly '.and- personally
for-your help, and.for our glorified gen
eral's, saxe, ror our precious werara sase,
aad Hfraay. I say It?) for, ray 'sake, to
whom -all, my life both the. general and
tbe;work have been so dear, X claim your
help and. reckon, upon -It. ,. '.
"ttToar 'leader In the deathless' fight
r -Evangeline Booth;, Commander."
. " "i -
-.t-S, :irSPaMa "-wa .f-asaa.
tHss-feclstitetT was to-day aeclarwtmayor
I stcsateo by Judge w . j.jjariBB. '.-rne
"sa;.lrieit- tnerutsagtwas aaae
W fa?yeiaJAJTjrBbW'
gaBaVrmwaamfawammwh aaiastr.aWlamwa rfBSajaiir
9& r?iWrj,Tt'f"-yTF
itaMaiw'-waaThart-- Prar
? iBa?taa--aaaaeat
ujjit&V&&&i&ij'' .v
tl,wsjaBajBaaJ3i.aaww wjajasssajaare
FaBa,tiafii WW. '-
'iJ ttl" llArtA. - ;. -, .
; waaaa W'jaavat wweeiaWee
OwfivOM JatlbaH Wt Ii JTriffct-
- '0tgTleii. , ,
Bohbog oae girl aad attemptlac to
rob aaotaar wXatn a period of two
a negro peoketbook snstrher sad
beaan operations la Wsslilisiii'ia
Isat ight. prtlag'the polios on thaw
nakttle,.aad maktag himself the ohleet
oCaicRy-wIde aearoh. '
'Mlsa-Marleissiiisii. ot SU Corooraa
Street Northseat, Just about to turn a
noraec from Ssveteenth Into Corooraa
Street. to go to her home, encountered
the -thief shortly before o'clock, bat
screamed no loudly that, he took flight
without getting her handbag,
,Less than two hours later '.Mlse Anate
Shufctx, olVft H Street Northwest when
Just about to enter, her home, felt a tug
at her handbag and turned to see a
negro mailing away. She screamed, and
although a score of persons were la
sight yo 'one' pursued the negro. '
Before midnight every policeman on
doty. An the Dlatrlct had been instructed
to -watch for the snatcher. He Is not
naW than twenty years old and, la alight
oCAeOd. Both Miss Waasmaa and Miss
SbtUts feel confident that they oka Iden
tify the negro. They aaw him dearly
and gave the police a minute description
of the roan.
la the handbag snatched from Miss
Bhults were 75 cents, three car tickets,
and a key. The bag waa sliver mesh
ana is valued at 15.
Pareaaee af Jefenoa'i Resae Place
To honor Themaa Jefferson, father of
Democracy, wUI be'the first set of the
Democratic House whea Congress o
venes next month.
"You can autborlze'the statement that
the first business brought up la the
House will be consideration of Use pur
chase Dy tne government of Montlcello,
the home ot Thomas Jefferson," waa the
statement ot RepresenUtlve Henry,
chairman of the House Rules Commute.
He said a pledge had been made In writ
ing to give the Montlcello matter first
place, by a special privilege rule, prob
ably on the opening day of Congress or
certainly within the very first week.
Montlcello Is now the Virginia country
place of Representative Jefferson M.
Lsv of New York. Its purchase by
Uncle Sam has been urged through'
committee of prominent women, headed
by the wife ot Representative Martin "W.
Littleton of. NewTotk.: Vj " '
OM Soldier Tells Police ot Held-ap
by Xesrroes.
WUUam J. McConnelL a veteran of
the civil war, yesterday reported to Deak
Sergeant Shelby, of the Fourth Pre
cinct that he had been, held up and
robbed by two colored men while passing
alonr Four-and-a-half Street, near Vir
ginia Avenue, at about E o'clock in the
The old soldier claims that the rob
bers took a nlcke watch and fob. a
gold stickpin, with a fox head design,
and tSJO in cash.
C 8. Drst et Afrfeidten, Wmtber Bums,
Waahinftan. Satanlar, Konmbcr f-t p. av
It sin b irermer Bandar in the Lake lertoo. the
Oectnl Valler and the Seolh. and wanav Moodar
In N EfafUad and tbe Middle atlastic State. It
win be colder Sundar In Um eztienM Nortlmt aad
older Moodir In tlM Xortlnrat anxnllj and the
MMdl Plateau.
The winds aloof tbt New Enrland and Middle At-
antle Comsta will bt modente northwest, beoominf
tarlaUe Bnndsr Blfht; en ta sonta Auantss uaat
modus! north and norttieast: en the East Golf
Coast madenia norUHast to cast: on tbt West Gulf
Coast moderate east to south: on tbm Lower Lakes
moderate west to sooth; tbe Cpprr Lakes moderate
southeast to south. stitUna ta northwest bj Uuodsx
on Sapniar sod Northern Mfcbifan.
Mldclitit M; 3 a, in., ; t a. m.. R; a. to.. 47; S
l a.. : M a. m.. : II noon. S): 2 p. m.. : 4 p.
m.. 0; p. m., C; I p. m.. tt; s) p. m.. U. Hlah
est. Uilowaat. 44.
Keunre nomimtr-s a. bl, si; s p. m.. ; a n, m.,
L B.rTn nan. to f n, m.). a Hours ot sun-
shlne. Is; per cent et Tssafble srmshlne. 7Z.
Tsmptratani ratae date last Tear Hlaneat a: w-
est. O.
Tesaperatares la Other Cities.
aantnaami in other ctUes. tesethet with tbe
SBDant ot fatatall tsr the twentr-foat hooni tadsi
st I p. ta. yaaterdar, an as follows:
Maz. UJa. 1p.m. tall.
Aeherills. N. C...-. H 4t 4S
Atlsirta. Oa............. M tt a
AUsrdlc Cltr, K. J..... a 44 41
Bismarck. N. Dak.......... M 30 U ....
Boston. Mass........ m 42
Bntals, N. T....... 41 40 a 0.04
Ctdesso.' IH.......... X 44-
Clndnnsti, , Ohlo......... H 40 50
Cheyenne. Wro........... 44 44 41 ....
DaTcnpart laws............ St X 'tt
Denver. Cblo........ It X H
Dea Molnaa. Iowa :... 44 34
Dnhrth, Mmn..... ..'.. 34 34 M
OslTertae. Taz....r. W a 64
Bslena, Mont-.....u... 14 W 44
ladisaapolia, lad.:....... B 36 M
JsckJOotUK ria....... T4 H
Kanssa Cstr, J4o...u. .- 13 40 tt
Uttle Keek, Ark........ n to U
Los ASseraa CaL....'. U tZ
KsiQwrUs. Xtah...........vra 34 3 4-tt
Memshls, Ttnn.. .....,
43-A '
Kew Orleans. Lsw......
New Xork. X. Y.....,
KoruVXIatte. Ksbf.
Omaha. ItteT......--nusdeuata.'
rutaavis,, ra;.........
PorUaad,, Ma.J...w...
Portlasd. Ores:. ........
Salt lake CRr,, Utah...
St. Lours, llo......
St. Paal. attrm........
San KTsndsro; CaLV....
8priasjreld.. 'Hl.........
Tansss WlsV....
a t
as w
. 44
at ....
42 43
S 44
3. 49
. 35. SI
a . 0.B
,41 M
Jl 69
, H .SS .S.4Z
' 35 40
42 0.41
M. 4M
40 44
S2 4
Tampa, Ha.,.........
Totede.' .Oalo.,..;,,,.,..
. rs-3Wkle.' t
' Tty-rJei'. tidef iitT a. as. and' I 'p. m.
Lew Une. 1 a. SLtsad 3SI p. 'a.
Tsamisi ensktale. taV-a.Y: and M p. nC
Law tld.afa.tsm..-asd 3T p. as.
aU.-ms RECORD.
'. .,.2r?'v
Unrd SL.bsia. H stssk-'Oesamment Hosot-
tallnssas-T '. a. 7' .''
a wstAJtasJat J..twa Aataeta. 3d and O Sta. sw;
, JJBJtsSjss; k tax Astaets. 3d
1 IlsstSiL . rrtlsnd.
rtm asasajtt ULiSSp
Ctaeaw, XX W ib. ss-aJk.'Ci
MUKfi . rvOT. im. mi. .. HW.
yniin vugigrm'i miiin
sTajgTawsaw aaaataaaa - P." tOaaaaaat aaaM atKaaaa Saw agK' V. taS .jsjs
m.tM!&JMmmJkWLmj. . ,5- xL-iZ&zwWFW mt
$25.00 Round Trip
WiskinciM to
November 19th
Ask J. A. PRIDE, Oen.
Sutte 427.
0A1 P0I80I110 FATAL. '
t s
Aared Wtaarar' rssaad ITearly Ufeleas
la Ber steoas.
Falling to turn .off the gaa when she re
tired last night Mrs. Georgia Orrick,
seventy-two years old. a widow, without
relatives in this city, was overcome by
gaa -In her room" In a boarding-house at
311 C Street Northwest and died few
hours later at Emergency Hospital
Mrs, Orrick: left' the dinner table' Vhort
lv after B o'clock. She 'went at once to
her room, which waa on the third' floor
of the bouse. She had been tn tne room
nearly three hours when the odor of U
Itinunattng gaa was detected by other oe-
The door was forced when Mis. Orrick
failed to respond to summons, and her
almost Ufeleas body, clad only inj a
nightgown, was found m bed. After. Be
ing removed 'to Emergency HoaplUL Mrs.
Orrick lived but three hours. -X
Mrs. Orrick Is survived by a daughter;
Mrs, Nettle. Gallaher. ot St Charles, Mo
and a. son. Roger Orrick, of San Ber
Tsanoino, yau. . yr
Harry nssiewer Was Jast Maklasj
Call ea Frle-ael.
Harry Oangewer. fifty-eight years
old. of 4S5J Wisconsin Avenue North
west who "disappeared" on Sunday and
was reported to the police as "myster
iously, missing." was found last night
hale and hearty aad much surprised that
he had been made tB object or a, po-
Mcer search.
Gengeker left his home, saying he in
tended to visit a clergyman. The min
ister waa not In and Gangewer went to
the home of a friend, where he has
been eteying. Gangewer's failure to no
tify his landlady of his whereabouts
caused her anxiety.
(Unmwer waa employed as a clerk
In the Treasury Department for forty
one years, resigning on October 9 to
take a year's rest He was found at
hi. friend's home last night by his
daughter. Mrs. Emma Perry.
Dirid and Mabel F. Todd. bar.
H. 8. and Graoa A. Bassett. boy. .
Nathan B. and Laura M. Osborne, sirl.
Norman g. snd fisoa Mclndoo, bor.
Charles T. and liUlsn M. Mar. airl.
Morass L. snd Helen Ucord. boy.
Vtrail snd Daisy Hstton. boy.
Darnel B. and AUie Ottaore.- bow.
Wmism B. and Cora (SiSord. cu-L
Darld O.'and Msrisn H. FabrbUd, fin.
William a. and Bertha DsrmsUsd. etrL
Bsrtolo and Orosenm Durso, bor.
Lcmss and Norsh Carpenter. strL
William A. and jabel Csmpbeu. aW.
Richard and Josephine majl. box.
Htram 8. snd Ada V. Boae", bar.
Geonje W. and JIarr E. Boberta. bur.
Junes H. and Sarah Marshall, bor.
Lesrlssnd Bebeecs Dent, boy.
Said he once overheard a lady
remark to a popular author:
"What I most admire about
your books is their fine style."
"But I never think about my
style,",was his reply.
"I know you don't," said his
admirer, "and that is why I
like it, so much."
People feel the .same way
about Craftsman Furniture. .
They know we make it not
for 'looks," but for use and
comfort, yet with as much
beauty as possible. ,
Incidentally, we have created
' an' original' style-'of furnish
ings. '
And the fact that the style
is incidental not intentional
y emphasizes its: sincerity. . .
gustav arnc3CLETr
CbW3tssa--Ietw-TOIllC. arOSTOaT.
I Chrlitiai Xancier's I
P.t- " ,,BaaaaaP7.m.w-.t . ,
raejsM:. ,-av v--; j-j-aa
. ,
"'w' ---v igxff.a.oss.m-'i hb
nv- iY irffiTr;v,T'aa-t:r, ' as
sac,' 7'"2?..T' -i'T,v.-s.-
:' - -' a?.
aiaaee.aad aave a
WlU be awajwsd,vssaabla piaufc'i
.2&!Si tat?taa;,isi .p. J
Make aa early can at -,&.
438 7ihSt: N. W.
Mm Fa
and Deotmber 3d.
lnT. Asefit, , A- L. Ry
Norfolk, Va.
Bring back iwsttesV hi eases each
order receives the urn in mil
attention. IrrespeoUvs aCsaav
Ton wm'frad our setters free
from dark edges, srekea type.
eypegraphlcal errors, she.
Ton can safely tatrust Impor
tant form lettera to us. betnr as
sured that they will be cmreruUr
edlted sad delivered oa tlava.
floor panntVATivz
F. STEWART.IttftlSlt.
Wa Gree Votes at The Barak sjasa Coots,'
rles snd Chemists, with stores. 43 ah St. n. 4S
Pa. Are. n. tth sad Fa. Are. sar and Unloa Ter
minal Station.
After Tmfent requests br marrj of our patrons, w
decided to sdd an up-to-date Optical Detartment at
one of our stores, which is centrally located st 43
Sth St. nw and hare sucoreded in ssttlns the serr
Icss of Dr. Arehlbold Vtsieosrs. who will be in
charce est the ck-sutmont and t m.tIj sxsralne
Tbe doctor needs no inrrodnctjoei. as he Is profes
floosJlr known, barins dented his prscUce for the
last thirtr lean to the nttinc aad -!"-t of
Only tbe best make of spectacles snd eyedaases win
be supplied, snd ss an introductory, uaiunemina
NOVEMBER 1L the doctor wiC easmina eres and
furnish slsaass for half the usual price.
"0-year cuarantee Oold-aUed spsetades and Era-a-UsseaV'B.ca.
SoUd UoU from COO va. and a roll line of Arna-
cUl Ejra snd Ear Ihones, st 43 tth St. nw.
Apotbecarirs aad Cbemists. nonVa
tssnsnrslfsl: sa-nssa book free. Apply by anea. as
ColoraAi BldsV Ttm lectara fox wosssa Wsdaesdsjs
at IS p. av. Ss-a
For Breakfast To-morrow
Ifll I CI'C " sniddle cakes made at VILL.
eiU.CH ER-S SetfrsMns- Buokwhest.
Cslf.ntslssr Toull nummjn, tbem the aoest
Oni-ISIMlB you-re era- tasted. Order a pacts-.
iKMeit E.0 ",ta- -
ga-At roar crocers. No uauuiuas suppUsd.
Whsltsahis. Uth aad Sta. S. at.
KERMAK Suddenly, on Saturday,.'No
vember 9, IMS, at 1M a. m...at Ster
ling. 1IL, JOHN KERMAK.. brother
of Mrs. John Gallaher.' of 14W Cha
pln" street .Northwest, aged sixty-six
. Interment n' Macomb. IlL-
LEDERER-On ! Friday. . November 1
1S1A at 7:S0 a. m, CHARLES W.. be
loved . father ,ot Minnie and William
Funeral from his late residence. 1107
Sixth Street -Northwest, Monday. No
vember n. atv 2 p. m. Interment in
Coagnsalonal Cemetery.
SCRA'nCR-On Saturday, November .
- lSlX'st, his, residence. MH O Street
Northwest. . FREDERICK, beloved
V husband of Susie E.' Scbafer (nee
Notice of funeral hereafter.
tjwoal vaicrois.
,010101 P. CTH01ST,
SB BiSV C4PrfOI a. '
abas aW. CsTAJL aV'sTrOkHOBTT. Mas
. eraXUaar -Lsjaa,
ssglahiJBSr. Uearyta
srssuV.si3atoawm AM
WaSjsaasjMSL a, a
IHioneclwJeia .
laUUtaVA. StraVUlK. H-tatV
. r
-"V.SfK A-
. i;
- j, r .
.'. rt tf Jui iT aM asr
.aw)BBaIi..i .-"
-crTm.-rrTi-ssr .TwT-.rria.c5tri?,:
eatr Masai to Seam,
flmli Prleesi a sa. SMasa S-tea,
I t40O Street I
Faaeral JOlreeJes
SBSawMassBis-AwBL" snv -oSbbBmbm -- QSa.
" a1
'J-:Smi!iiSSm.'S!Bmmt ' 'afaaaBwVwarlaa
'fcityT-i .m l
'V--r VEJ tf-li "ssj
aasaB-aawga-sji-.r'-Baasai1 asjas
ili-i-rrL'aKSisiVavf- ai.i
sjasras, .eBsjpssjssHssjsssjb,wssssssBE. ssr -.jBsssssssssv-Bwassssssssp'Bwas.sssjvaBsssa.Bwaa u.r t. '.Wsi ' eBBV - , i - - i r - -w jrffla - -ssr-- ' a - -. aaaT
tJMtmKy-WBmBSmmtmiiKr ' . fJkajisjMSSIsBxaJtsjbss
Ikk2r -" T rftrr' flllaTllMl

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