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i Sliced Breakfast Bacon,
I lb" I
l 25c
Sliced Breakfast Bacon,
Pare Sausage Meat, lb.,
little Pig Fresh Hams,
little Pig Smoked Hams,
Pare lard, lb.,
little Pig Fresh Shoul
ders, lb.,
Little Pig Smoked
Shoulders, lb.,
Compound lb.,
Pig Tails, Corned, lb.,
New Saner Kraut, qt
Fancy Home-Dressed
Baking Chickens,
Brookfield Creamery
Butter, lb., 35c.
Selected Eggs, doz ,
Millbrook Eggs,
Extra selected and graded
for weight and size, in
sealed cartons Each egg
guaranteed, doz,
Swift's Premium Oleo
margarine, lb., 23c.
Special for To-day Only
2 Heads for 5s.
Fancy Large Florida
Oranges, doz. 18c.
Guaranteed Sweet.
Cape Cod Cranberries,
Qt, 10c.
Extra Fancy Eastern
Shore Sweet Potatoes,
V2 peck 12c
1 peck 23c
Old Dutch Market,
03O L. tie. . .
Nth and E M. s. K.
31st and 31 St. . 1.
7th A Que Ms. X. AN.
1111 11 M. IS. E.
1633 'orth Capitol St.
3420 Ga. Ave. V. "W.
1B3S 14th SI. N. 1.
th S. B 5t. . E.
1778 V Mi-ret . A.
3113 141b M. . VA.
Grier's White Pine
Cough Syrup
differs from any other offered la
Washington. It Is unquestionably
the most successful treatment for
bronchial colds obtainable. See that
It bears the name of "Crier."
We tlTe Tlerald $23,000 contest Totes.
Call up Main 1419 for AH Kinds
of Printing Supplies.
623 D Street N. W.
e Glss Votes In Tin Heralds gSAOs Contest.
fMVe firs Her ,
.ifv'oSf 7th &HSts.N.E.
C Stops filling fcalr. rtllerea daodrofi. soofnea,
blTigorstes. W
LCtrlsr's Laboratory Ca.
JOS F M. m. rat L.
ask for Carters Bhampoo Cream, -
Q Osr label redeemable In 13.09 contest for R
one sots for each pennr represented la tat
retail sals prk.
Ws Gin Votes la tap Bei-.VTs CUES Count.
Eee me for up-to-date Ideas. Estimates
gladly sires.
H.1695-M 1451PSLR.W.
XVm aire Herald tSBJOOO eontest -rots.
m The Market o!
ill Economies
Largest stock ever carried. Also Laces,
Drr Goods. Hosiery end
;U0 Georgia. Ave. N. W.
We alrc Herald S23.000 coatest to tea.
Tropical Beauty, Beautiful Gowns,
and Fair Southerners in .
Dazzling Splendor.
Busy Day Spent by Daughters of
Confederacy New Orleans
Next Meeting Place.
a hriniant rerrntlon In honor of the
tti4 ni.,-hi.r nt the Confederacy, at
at the Pan American Union Building last
night, was a climax to the busiest day
that the Daughters have had since they
opened their nineteenth annual conven
tion, at the New Wlllard Hotel Wednes
day morning.
.to..-., tia wkn tvrn Inner. Ions aesslons.
and when the second was aajournea.
early last night, with the selection o
New Orleans as the Daughters" 19 con
.iah !. , a final retention O'
numerous report! disposed of. the dele
gates were eager for the pleasurable re
laxation afforded by one of the roost
elaborate affairs ever given at tne .ran
Tniin n.n.it th director ceneral o
,, itntAn h.r1 flasnHiiteA with himself
..wtmlmant Rnnth.m ttiti Of WftflhlnBTtOn.
Including offlclals of the Southern So
ciety of Washington, and tne bouinern
Commercial Congress, which were Joint
Va ,!,. li iftrlnp rawnl nf the
union, and they had co-operated to make
the reception one or sumptuous comineic
.. XT. nsmtt urhn hnii evinced great
inAMA In h& RnnthAm Stntea In their
relation to the Pan-American Vnlon. had
taken unusual care lor mis gauicrius a
delight, and the Interior of the Pan
American Building was almost dazzling
In Its beauty.
Scene of Tropical Beauty.
Th. nntln Into which the cuests entered
was a scene of tropical beauty. Its ex
otic plants and Bowers ana us murmur
ing fountain, with an exquisite toning of
unh ae a nu as nf another clime
upon the women of the South, coming
into the luxuriant cnarm 01 nu cr,u
farther South than uixie.
at- n,, nnrf Yi receiving nartv
stood Just within the ballroom on the
second floor
Tia (nuv.a tt thn W MflM In the IeCel
t II.. rivals In lf.?)Lnr those worn
bj them on Wednesdai night at the re
ception at the isew mara iira. pram
Odenhelmer. acting president general of
the V LI v . wore n nanasonie guwn ui
'ack lace over white cninon. tnmmea
l.k )i9ni1,nini nrhlfi. Inn She StOOd at
the head of the general officers of the V.
D C In the receiving line Mrs. J
Drury Ludlow wore apricot satin
trimmed with white lace and crjstai
f rinse Mrs Roy Weeks McKInnes wore
... .. . , l T Cj4i,avi4
wnite satin ana puini w, -i i-u.
Carl bchmbel. a quaint gown of flowered
silk, trimmed with handsome lace. Miss
Mildred Rutherford, red ehet gown, the
elvet of which was made In Georgia
from cocoons grown there, Mrs C B.
Tate g-a saUn, hand embroidered, Mrs.
James Marlon Butler, white chiffon, Mrs.
L. H Raines, black and white chiffon,
and Mrs. Rosalie Bocock, white satin
and gold lace ...
Mrs Charles rf Merwln. black lace;
Mrs. Frank Anthonv Walke black chif
fon Mrs. Matthew T Scott, president
general of the Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution, wore white lace over
white satin and diamonds, Mrs. John
Miller Horton regent of the Buffalo
Chapter D A R , wore w hite and sil
ver brocade satin handsomely trimmed
with duchesse lace, and wore diamond
and pearl ornaments; Mrs William II.
Dennis white embroidered crepe de
chine. Mi's Nannie Randolph Heth. pres
ident of the Southern Relief Society,
black lace overyhlte chiffon. Mrs. W J
Behan. president of the Confederate
Southern Memorial Association, whit
lace over white chiffon and diamonds.
Among those who attended the recep
tion were Mrs bhort A Willis, who
wore a handsome French costume of
white chiffon trimmed In French lace.
Wears Irlh I.acc.
Mrs Claude Swanscn wore Irish lace,
trimmed with --llver. over charmcuce.
Mrs Allerton Cushman. In turquoise blue
satin draped with white chantlllv lace,
Mrs Ten Ejck WendeL In salmon pink
chiffon, rhonestone trimming', Mrs Ber
tha Lincoln lleustls, in blue flowered
white chiffon over bleu satin. Miss Dor
nhv nmniu. white satin: Miss Hannah
Tavlor. pink chiffon Miss Olive Wilson,
pink chiffon over pinrc cnarmeuse
Miss Harmon wore American Beauty
chiffon over white satin. Miss Lenta
Sikes. the joungest page in the Con
gress and secretary of the Texas dele
gation, pink chiffon over pink satin, and
ermine scarf. Miss Bessie Edes, black
crepe meteor and point lace. Miss Sallle
Teachy, black crepe meteor with touches
of blue. Miss Cary Peachy, black crepe
meteor and white lace. Mrs Tvson, of
BalUmore. Md . white lace over white
satin, trimmed In silver. Miss Daniels, of
Philadelphia, blue beaded net accordion
pleated, over ping chiffon
ir- TlilncrclAn Rill lfT WOrA CtlAntlllV
loce and rose point pearl ornaments, Mrs.
Philander Claxion, wue 01 unuea oiuies
r t,...tn.A. nf 'P'Hnf.tfn'n immrtnl
eown of American Beaut), hand embroid
ered in self tone. Miss uiaxion. pintr. cnu
fon, Mrs Johnson, black satin, Mrs M
K. Brvan. of Houston. Tex., black crepe
metoer and black hat
Mrs Dr. Chlsholm wore black lace ana
American Beauty scarf. Mrs Thomas
TS-... , Vilanl mt nnrl lot and enA lnpr
Mrs. H FiUhugh Ward, black meteor;
Mrs. xnomas v. oiuweii. usui muc sauu.
Miss Collins, black charmeuse and pearls:
Mrs. W. C Ball, of Tex., black net and
spangles over purple silk, Mrs E.
Graham-Banks, of new uneans, oiacs.
ret over black charmeuse
Mrs. W. E. Spell wore white lace over
American Beauty; Miss Spell, white chif
fon over blue satin and mop cap, Mrs
E E. Merrideth. of Virginia, black chif
fon and lace and diamonds, Mrs. Hugh
Wallace, black spangled net, Mrs Archi
bald Grade, gray net over black char
meuse; Mrs Walter Allen, of Richmond,
green charmeuse draped with black net
and passamenterle
Miss Blanche Allen wore old rose mes
sallne and gold trimming: Mrs Jajne.
omcJi uci uti . .-. u. ww...
Walker, black Jet over black satin; Mrs.
Harry Jee ttusu Diaca cnarmeuse, silver
Mrs. John H. Moulton, black lace over
white satin; Mrs. Stephen B. Ayres.
white chiffon over white satin; Mrs. Lew
is, of Buffalo, N. T.. black lace over
whtte satin and diamonds; Mrs. T. W.
Thrash, blue crepe de Paris with steel
beads embroidered In daisy design, and
diamond ornaments; Mrs. H. L. Rlgglns
white charmeuse and point lace: Mrs.
Clifford William, black chiffon.
Embroidered In Gold.
Mrs. George Edwin Owens, of New
York, wore yellow silk with tulle over
dress embrollsred In gold and cut-steel
beads, Mrs. Hunt Breckinridge; of Chi
cago, 111., gray charmeuse, embroidered
In pink and steel beads; Mrs. John Ad
ams Lee, president of the Illinois 'divi
sion, lavender' crepe meteor, with over-
beads, Mri. CantrU, of Kentucky, black
jgowji of sulfianlcot Jt,ni4 or-
Mrs. 'Hal TY. Oretr wora Mjoral char
mtUM witf coral necklace and earringm
and. hair .bandeau: Mrs. John'T, Sifford.
blue charmeun: Mlis Kate Toeat. white
lace: Mrs. T. Q. Burke, pal Wua char
meuse, hand embroidered In (haded blue
tones; Mrs. Joseph B-'Dlbbla, whlU satin
with brocaded train frlngs and hand
embroidered lace In 7Uow and white,
diamond ornaments, and In her hair a
spun-glass aigrette.
Mrs. 'John J. Hsrrisoa wore- whlta chlf.
fnn embroldsred In old rose: Mrs. John
iRenthan, rose-colored crepe -meteor and
a crystal robe: Miss usee isnar nest,
whits satin veiled In black laoe. gold em
broidery; Mrs. It H. Wood, blue crepe
de chine with pearl embroidery; Mrs.
Thomas R. Harflaway. 'white crepe de
cblne and pearl ornaments; Mrs. W. R.
Clement, white laoe over white satin:
Mrs. George C Stone, coral satin veiled
with gray chiffon. .
Mrs. E. S. Wallls,, black charmeuse
and lace trimmed In pearls; Miss I H,
Wood, blue crepe de chine with prl
ornaments. v , i,
Mrs. T. Jj. Durr wore white satin
and antique pearls and orchids: Mrs.
Homer T. Sloan, president of the Ar
kansas division, wore black velvet trim
med with handsome lace, and diamond
ornaments: Mrs. Mary E. Bryan black
crepe de chine trimmed with shadow
I.e. unA mbraldery: Mrs. 8. A. Kim-
bertey, yellow brocaded satin trimmed
with jellow chiffon and point lace and
colonial pearl ornaments; Mrs. J. Addi
son Clark, black cbarmeute and white
beaded lace.
In Florida Party,
A party of handsomely gowned wom
en from Cainesvllle. FJa., were Mrs. A.
H. Harper, who wore black lace over
green with gold embroidery: Mrs. George
K. Brown, black lace: Mrs. Fred W.
King, wh'lte satin flowered chiffon
caught with garlands of June roses;
Mrs. J D Strlngfellow, white charmeuse
with lace and silver trimnr'ng, and Mrs.
Robert Howard Gamble, black charme-
and black velvet and ante beUum seed
Mrs. L. M. Bashlnsky wore a hand'
some gown of black charmeuse with
diamond ornaments: Mrs. S. E. Dllllon
old rose satin: Mrs William II Dial,
elegant black chantllly lace robe over
white satin, ornaments of pearls and
coral. Mrs Rosselle C Cooley, black
charmeuse with drspery of Jet and steel
beads and trimming of Mechlin lace
Mrs. J L. M. Whlttler. white brocaded
satin; Mrs. .Frank Porter, blue charmeuse
embroidered In pearls and blue and pink
tones: Mrs Matthew F Tlghe, blue ana
silver brocade and American beauty
roses and rose point lace: Miss Jane
Dinwiddle, white crepe meteor embroid
ered in pink. Mrs. I. W. Falson. laven
der crepe de chine
Conns of Pbrci,
The pages added a. pretty touch to the
scene, and their costumes were partlcu
larly pleasing and girlish
Miss Anne Selden wore pink satin with
silver overdress. Miss Nora V. Randolph,
American Beauty chiffon over white
charmeuse; Miss Genevieve Small, blue
crepe meteor: Miss Frances Saunders,
cream chiffon embroidered in gold; Miss
Margaret Williams, green crepe meteor
with rhlnestone trimming: Miss Eva Pey
ton, jellow eatln draped with spangled
tulle. Miss Agra Bennett. lavender char
meuse draped with pale pink tulle and
embroidered in crystal and silver. Miss
Nell Rose Baggett. old gold chiffon over
old gold saUn, with bands of marten fur;
Miss May Addison Chew, white satin
hand embroidered In gold and rose; Miss
Mary Younger, sunset pink crepe meteor
with a white flower In her hair. Miss
Pansle Wlllson, pansy brocade satin
with touches of pale mauve chiffon. Miss
Gay French, blue chiffon embroidered in
shaded pink tones. Miss Carrie Lee
Chamberlain, chiffon embroidered in to-
iPaz and emeralds
' Miss Anne Darlington, white draped
charmeuse trimmed with gold thread
lace. Miss Olive Williams, pink chiffon
crystal overdress: Miss Helen Daniel,
white silk drapped with pale blue crystal
net. Miss Marat Young, white charmeuse
veiled in yellow chiffon. Miss Emily
Bowie, handsome white lace gown over
whtte satin and chiffon. Miss Helen Grif
fith, black velvet trimmed In rhlnestones.
Miss Angela Small, yellow satin and
chiffon with Jeweled overdress. Miss
Harriet Douglas, gold brocade satin
draped with spangled tulle. Miss Ida
Bowie, blue brocaded satin and white
lace. Miss Harriet Bowie, cloth of gold
brocaded In blue velvet. Miss Janetta
Ayres, white chiffon over white satin.
Miss Virginia Griffith, white and sliver
brocade with crystal chiffon overdress,
Mlsi Katherlne Bowie, pink chiffon crys
tal trimming. Miss Rosalie L. Small, pink
satin and pink flowered chiffon: Miss
Margaret Breckinridge, lilac charmeuse
and chiffon embroidered in gold
In the receiving line were
lloii John Banvtt, dlrtctor ffentrml ef the Psn
Amcrican I'nion Mrs. Alrcsndcr B White ItcsI
dent tnrrsl rl the V. T) C. Mrs. P. CI (Men
hcimtr, first vice prnidmt of the U D C Hon
Duncan U Ftrher rcesident of the Sonthrn Cora
mrrcisl Oocrmfl Mrs. Donrsn C. FMrher Ur
Girrnre J Owms. msnssjrjf dirsrtor of the Sooth
cm Commerriil Congress and past cnmmsnneMn
chief of the V. S C V. . Mia. Clanno J. Onens
Mr VVQIism H. Bstroders, resident director of the
Southern CommereUl Cocfress. Mrs. vviuuun ll.
HanndCTB, Hon R. V llobson. president of the
Southern Kodetr of Wsshlngton. Mrs. R. P Hob
son Mr Charles A DoozUs. chairman of the exeen
tire committee of the Southern Sodrtr of Washinx
ton, Mrs. Charles A Douglas Mlas Nsnsle Heth
president of the Southern Relief Sodetr of VVasbinc
ton. Mrs. liszle George Henderson, of Mississippi,
put president general of tie U. D C . Mrs. Cor
nelia Branch Stone, of Texaa, past president general
of the U D. CL- Mr. Edward Csrl Schnabel. of
Louisiana corresponding seeretarj general of the
) C . 'Mrs, Rot W McEinner of Rentacar.
recording secretarr general of the U. D C. Mrs. C
B Tste. of Mrguiia Uessuiei general of the U. D
C . Mrs. Drtnr C Lndlcnr. of Washington. D a.
second Tire president of the U. D. C . Mrs. Jsmts B.
fisntt of Missouri, registrar general of the U Da.
Mrs. U n. Bsines of Georgia eustodisn of Cross of
Honor, Miss Mildred Bntherforrl. of Georgia, histo
rian general of the U D a, Mrs. Prank Anthony
valke. of Virginia, costodlsn of flags and pennants.
tin. Matthew Trier Scott, president of the D 1.1.;
Mrs Willlsm Commings Star, of New Tort CUr.
Mrs. John Miller Hortoa; CoL Hillsrr Herbert,
chairman of the Arlington Monument Cornmittee.
Mrs. Manon Butler, president of the U D. C of the
Dietiict of ColnmbU: CoL Wmiam Jennings Brian.
Mrs. William Jennings Bryan. Mrs. Chams Clark.
Miss M. Frances Saunders aponser of the Cbnfeder
ste Veterans Mrs. Stonewall Jackson Miss Mary
Cutis Lee daughter of Gen. Robert E. Lee; Gen.
Bennett H Young, commander la-chlef of the U. U
V Mrs William J. Behan. cf Lr- ulana Resident
of the Confederate Southern MemIal Aaaodatlon.
Hon linen l'. aoraeet, or Tennessee, commander-
in-chief of the U. B. C V : Hon. .Nathan Bedford
Fbnrt, of Tennessee, adjutant general of the U. S
c r
After the formal reception of the guests.
there was dandng
Dr. Clarence J. Owens, managing di
rector of the Southern Commercial Con
gress, first proposed the Idea for a re
ception to be given by the Pan-American
Union, the Southern Society and the
Congress to the U. D C.
Business Session.
The proposal that the United Daugh
ters of the Confederacy take over the
Home for Needy Confederate Women In
Richmond was put before the conven
tion in yesterday afternoon's session, but
it failed to cause' the stir that was ex
pected. Its formal presentation. In fact,
was not that the Daughters take It over,
but that a committee be appointed to
consider the feasibility of acquiring It
from the board of managers that now
have charge for the local organ'zatlon of
daughters, over which Mrs. A. J. Mon
tague, of Richmond, presides. Mrs, Mon
tague, who was granted ten minutes to
address the convention, set the matter
forth In a formal statement, followed by
spirited appeal mat the daughters.
when once tbey had discharged their
pledges for Arlington and Ehlloh Monu-1
ments, devote themselves to the care ot
needy Confederate women.
Speaking of monuments being raised
while Confederate women are In want,
Mrs. Montague declared that the very
stones cry out against misdirected; gen
erosity. Mrs. Lizzie George Henderson.
of Mississippi, offered a resolution that
a committee ol Sve be appointed. Mrs.
eBfilfejr ljJsft3MaalenamygsammmmW
,. -Photo by O. V.Bwk.
Of New Orleans. la., president general ot tie Con
federate Memorial Association and prominent ia
the U. D a Congress.
Lillian Pike ltoome, of the District,
and 'Mrs. Norman Randolph seconded
the resolution, which was adopted
without a dissenting vote.
Selection of New Orleans for the
next convention city was marked by
briskness Mrs. James Henry Parker
withdrew Invitations of New York In
favor of New Orleans Mrs Parker
said that she did this regretfully.
' It shows the Inconsistency of wom
en." Mrs Parker said. "The delegates
to previous conventions said they
wished to meet In New York. We pre
pared for the convention to be held
there in 1913, and now the delegates
will not come there "
Mr W L. Durr. of Alabama, chair
man of the committee on Confederate
seals, reported that 1,000,000 seals are
to be placed on sale this winter.
Ualon Mart labscrlbca.
Taking of subscriptions to Shlloh and
Arlington monuments occupied much of
the tlmo at yesterday's sessions J N.
Lawrence, a Union veteran, living In
Washington, subscribed 1100 to the Ar
lington monument fund. Capt- John
Hlckey. of Camp No. 171. United Confed
erate Veterans, making the announce
ment to the convention under special
privilege Col Hilary A. Herbert chair
man of the Arlington Confederate Me
mortal Association, addressed the con.
ventlon In the morning on the work of
the association
Mrs. Matthew T Scott, president gen
eral of the Daughters of the American
Revolution, addressed the convention
yesterday morning
Many women attendant upon the con
ventlon went to Annapolis yesterday.
They were received by Gov and Mrs
Goldsborough. and were entertained at
luncheon at Carvel Hall by Maryland
Division. U D C After a sight
seeing tour through the Naval Academy
and other Interesting places, the dele
gates returned to Washington
Mrs. Frederick W King, of Galnesv Hie,
Fla., entertained a number of guests at
luncheon at the New Wlllard yesterday
In honor of tier mother. Mrs George K,
Brown, a delegate to the U D C con
vention. The guesti were Mrs A R.
Harper, Mrs J D Strlngfellow. Mrs
Robert Howard Gamble. Mrs William II
Dial, and Mrs Rosselle C Cooley.
Mrs John Miller Horton entertained at
luncheon yesterday In the New W illard
Hotel Among her guests were the gen
eral officers of the V D C Mrs Mat
thew T Scott and the national officers
of 'the D A R . Mrs William Jennings
Bryan. Miss Nannie Randolph Heth
Mrs Leonard Wood. Mrs Amos C
Draper. Mrs. S A Klmbertey. Mrs How
ard L. Hodgin". Sirs J u. iewis. .airs.
Randolph Hopkins. Mrs George Henry
Ayres. Mrs Daisy Ayres. Mrs. Francis
Chlsm. Mrs Baugher, Mrs Lawrence H
Qulrollo, Mrs Jame Tarvln, Mrs Mann,
Mrs E. Homer Clark. Mrs. Charles oas
sett. Miss Amaryllis Glllett. Mrs. James
Baumbaugh. Mrs Watson. Mrs Halse).
Mrs. Pierce Home. Mrs Harriet, and a
number of others The table was beauti
fully decor-ued with roses and lilies.
Gen and Mrs Elmer Black entertained
at dinner last night at the Chevy Chase
Club In honor of their niece. Mrs. A B
Howard, of Texas Among the other
guests were Mrs Henry A Cilne. Mrs
Corinne Munn Corn, and Mrs William
Mrs A R Robertson, of Columbia, S
.. an ardent worker In all patriotic
movements Is one of the best known
members of the Palmetto delegation
Mlas Jane Dinwiddle, of Roanoke, Va.,
is one of the handsomest younger women
at the Congresa, .Miss uinwmuie i co
nsents the Roanoke chapter.
uiu Mildred Lewis Rutherford, his-
toH.n weneral. U D C . of Athens. Ga ,
Uas Issued an Important pamphlet to
Daughters stimulating; mem in
patriotic endeavors In this circular sne
has Included an imc ., .."
don'ts" to Daughters ineywe
"Don't allow our Memorial Day to be
called Decoration Dal. The latter term
belongs wholly to the North
Don t. even in spun. ic. -" ".-
self as a Rebel There was a reDelllon.
but it was north of Mason and Dixon's
"Don't give your Indorsement to a
book until you are absolutely sure it is
true to the South as wen as me un
Prominent among the candidates, past
onrt nresent. for president general of the
convention are Mrs Livingston R. Schuy
ler, of New York, ana Mrs. umsr an--Laurln
Stevens, of Mississippi Mrs.
Schuyler was the candidate of the New
York, division at the election in Rich
mond. Va, last year
Mrs Stevens Is an avowed candidate
for the leadership of the organization
at this convention She is a daughter
of the late Senator Anselm J. McLaurln
of Mlsslsslpp Her husband was Judge
Forrest Stevens, whom she married dur
ing his father's Incumbency of the Gov
ernor's chair Judge Stevens died a few
years ago. Mrs. Stevens has since made
her home witn ner wiuuv.cu i" "
Brandon, Miss
Miss Decca Lamar West, of Texas.
Is one of the cleverest women attend
ing the convention, and often nreaas
into discussions to smooth over little
difficulties which may arise.
Wn' Marshall Williams, the newly-
elected president of the North Carolina
division. Is spoken of as a president
areneral possibility, airs, tv imam
very beautiful. Mrs Williams is tne
house guest during the convention of
Mrs. Marion Butler, the president of
the District division.
The eown of red velvet which Mrs.
Mildred 'Rutherford wore last night to
the reception was made of cocoons
raised In Georgia; woven at silk mills
In Georgia, and especially maue tor
Mrs. Rutherford to be worn it social
vents of the convention.
One of the prominent women at the
convention Is Mrs. W. S. Clements, of
Oklahoma, who Is former president of
bar division.
Southern women domiciled In Washing
ton bear a prominent part in the conven
tion ceremonies. 'Mrs. Marlon Butler,
wife of former Senator Butler, of North
Carolina., and president of the District
of Columbia division. Is chairman of the
entertanment committee of the conven
tion: Miss Mary Ambler.- chairman of the
afternoon teas; Mrs. Leigh Robinson,
chairman of the Annapolis trip: Mrs. W,
A. Smooth, chairman of the Alexandria
committee. The entertainment commit
tee Is composed of fifty women well
known In Washington society circles. It
was assisted by the delegation of men
from the camp of the Confederate Vet
erans and the camp of the Sons of Vet
erans, and by Mr. Frank Martin, with a
small committee, acting as floor manager.
Mrs. A. A. Campbell, of WythervUle, Va.,
president of the State division, led a del
egation of 303 women of the Old Domin
ion. This Is the largest voting strength
of any one State delegation, excepting
The election of officers will take place
at to-day's session ot the convention.
Mrs. Alexander White, the president
general, in the ordinary course of events
would be re-elected to office. Her ab
sonee from the scene, owing to the Ill
ness of her husband, leaves her cam
paign in the hands of lieutenants
Mrs. Leonard O. Hoffman, of Wash
ington, Is a prominent member of the
District of Columbia division of the U.
D. C, and is chairman ot the committee
on decorations at Arlington. Mrs. Hoff
man Is the wife of Lieut. Leonard G
Hoffman. U. a N, secretary to the
Admiral of the Navy.
Mrs. S E. F Rose, president of the
division, wilt address the meeting of
Mississippi women resident In this city
to-night. Others In the delegation are
Mrs Lizzie Henderson. Mrs. Monroe
McClure. who responds to the address
of welcome; Miss Annie McNeill and
Mrs. M. V. Jones.
Mrs Simon Baruch and Mrs. Henry
Pearson, who have been promfnent at
the session of the U D C, left Wash
ington yesterday for New York, where
they will attend the charity ball of the
Southern Society there, which will be
one of the principal social event In New
York to-night
Mr and Mrs Emit Berlinger entertain
ed at dinner Monday night In honor of
Mrs George E. Owens, cousin of Mr.
Berlinger. who Is a delegate from the
New York City Chapter to the U. D. C.
Mrs. J. Addison Clarke, of New York,
Is a delegate to the convention from the
New York City Cnapter Mrs. Clarke Is
a niece of Judge W 8 Owen, Confed
erate Senator from Texas
Mrs Frank G Burke, of New York
City, entertained at supper at the New
Wlllard last night In honor of Mrs. J H.
Parker, president of the New York City
Chapter. Covers were laid for twenty
Among the delegates from Illinois are
the President of the Division. Mrs. John
Adams Lee, Mrs Hunt Breckinridge, and
Miss Margaret Breckinridge.
Mrs George Edwin Is one of the most
active workers from the New York Chap
ter A striking display of Confederate
monument work has been placed on ex
hibition In the lobby of the convention
by Yhe Southern Marble and Granite
Company, of Spartanburg, 8 C One of
the chief works of the V D C Is me
morial building, and this exhibit attracts
much attention
One of the most delightful and charm
ing women In attendance on the U D
C convention Is Mrs A R. Howard,
president of the Texas division of the
United Daughters of the Confederacy,
whose career In the society has been a
notable one Mrs Howard Is the niece
of Gen. Howard of the Civil Serv Ice Com
mission Mrs Howard did noble work in
the building of the Confederate Women a
Home This home represents one of the
noblest works of the V D C. the care
of the aged gentlewomen of the South
in surroundings suitable to their birth,
breeding, and history Mrs. Howard Is
an eloquent orator and possesses mag
netism and executive ability She Is
prominent in the D A R also, and will
probably be one of the candidates on the
national ticket next "Pring for one of
the national offices
No one with a touch of patriotism in
his vens can help being thrilled by the
f refluent 'rebel yell ' which these
Daughters know so well how to give
When Its shrill, sweet cadence breaks
through the convention hall at Dixie
or when the delegates get overwrought,
one can understand how It inspired the
men of the South to fight for what they
deemed a divine cause
Mrs W O Shannon, of Henderson, N
C Is a guest of the New Wlllard Hotel
Mrs Shannon Is one of North Carolina's
patriotic daughters She is a Colonial
Dame, one of the State historians of the
Daughters of the Confederacy, and ex-
btate treasurer of the Daughters of the
American Revolution She la organizing
an order to be entitled 'The Royal Order
of the United States, or Daughters of the
Miss Mary Stoddert Mason and Mrs. C
E Mason, of Tarrytown-on-the-Hudson
N Y . are attending the convention of the
United Daughters of the Confederacy,
and are at the Raleigh Miss C E.
Mason Is president of the International
Council Patriotic Service, an organiza
tion which is active throughout the Unit
ed States, Canada, and a number of
foreign countries.
The Texas women are to the fore In
all the proceedings of the general con
vention U. D. C, and hospitality extend
ed the visitors here Thursday, a party
Including Mrs. Corinne Munn Corn'. Mrs.
A. R. Howard. Mrs Henry A Cline. Mrs.
S H. Watson, Mrs A B Small. Mrs.
Westbrook. and Mrs W. H Aldrldge,
called at the White House during the
receiving hour from 2 to 6. Mrs How
ard, who Is a niece of Gen Black, a
commissioner of the civil service, was
formally presented to the President She
graciously presented Mrs. H Cline, a
past historian of Texas, who presented
Mrs. S. H. Watson, honorary life his
torian, to the Chief Executive as one of
the women of the Old South who appre
ciated the cordlalltv he had shown the
Daughters of Texas Mrs Watson pre
sented a copy of her book of old songs
to the President In recognition and appre
ciation of his masterly address at Con
tinental Hall Tuesday evening President
Taft was profuse in his words of ac
ceptance and pleasure
Among the U. D. C members at the
reception at the Pan-American Union
Building last night were Mrs Emma
rtenry loung ana ner aaugmer. .mo
Marie Young, descendants of Patrick
Henry. Mrs. Young is a charter member
of the D. A. R.
One of the pleasantest speeches of tne
convention was that of Mrs. C D Mer
wln, former president of the District of
Columbia Section. United Daughters of
the Confederacy, who extended to tne
general society at Richmond last year
the Invitation to meet In Washington.
President Taft has arlven you the free
dom of the city." said Mrs. Merwln. "and
our division president. Mrs. Marlon But
ler, has welcomed you on behalf of the
Daughters To those welcomes I can add
onlv mv own weleom and an expression
of my pleasure at seeing you here through
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sons sought out by delegates here
Comrades of Camp 171. United Confed
erate Veterans, received delegates to
the convention at Confederate Memorial
Hall, US Vermont Avenue Northwest,
last night, and the five hundre who
accepted the invitation of the old sol
diers and put on their best to meet the
boys In gray declared the occasion one
of the happiest incidents of the con
vention In the receiving line were MaJ T vv
Hungerford. commander of the camp
Miss Nannie Randolph Heth. sponsor.
Capt Fred Beall. first lieutenant com
mander D C Grayson, second lleuten
ant commander. H II Marmaduke. ad
jutant. R- S Denny, financial secretary
and other members of the camp.
The committee in charge was compos
ed of Capt. Beall. John T Callaghan
John M Hlckey Lorlck Pierce, and Or
lando Smith, as'lsted by Mrs George
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Mrs. J E. Mulcare Mrs E. P Jone.
Mrs, Belle Riley. Miss Zole Beall. and
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Sessions this morning, this afternoon
and to-night will bring the convention
to an end Elecfon of officers is on the
programme for this morning
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COPPOn Thursday morning, Novem
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his age
Funeral services at the First Congre
gational Church. Tenth and O Streets
Northwest, on Saturdaj, November
16. at 3 p m
NOBLE On Fridaj. November IS. 1312.
at s p m . at ner residence, istj La
ment Street Northwest. GRACE
LINCOLN, the beloved daughter of
Ellxa C. and the late Col. Joseph No
ble. Sotice of funeral hereafter
PLANT On Ftidaj. November 15. 1912,
at lu a. m.. at ner residence 2u
Georgia Avenue Northwest, AtARI
Funeral at Church of the Sacred Heart
Mondaj. November IS, at 9 a m .
thence to Alexandria. Va
Established 1ST. CHAB. 9. lUBHORSTMgr
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