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TIE Union Trust
Company co-operates
with Its de
positors Jn the further
ance of their financial
affairs by conferring
and advising- "with them
whenever they care to
call upon Us officers .for
Information or sugges
tions that the bank may
be able to extend. Two
per cent Is paid on
checking and 3 per
cent on savings ac
Defease Completes ,Cae, and State
letrattal yfttnesses Take
Stand To-day.
Counsel for Defendant Puts State
on Defenriveby Attack
on Testimony.
All are eligible and without
You should call at the studio
at once and have a sitting
Tour picture will at once be
placed In the exhibit to be passed
on by a competent Jury, who will
select the most beautiful por
traits The winners of this contest
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Remember, that there Is no
cost attached to this contest.
Make an early call at
The Harvey
438 7th St. N. W.
Our Stock of Teas
Is Complete
There Is no one article that you -want
with a better flat or. more delicious, or
axreeable than the tea you serve. W
offer you the best.
Ridgway's 5 o'clock Tea Tc
Capitol Household Tea BOc
S Bottles Pure CaL Wine $1 00
1632 HlhSL B.W. Phone North 813
XV aHve Herald S2SJ0OO contest Tttl-
"H' ! 1 1 ! ! i
I I 11)11111 ?
Engraving Company,
Illustrators and Designers
Wuhingion Pssi BIdg. M. 673.
' We Dirt Veto In The Herald COCO Contest,
heant. Ac.. &c Call or phone for further
W. W. DEAL & CO.,
Old Shoes Repaired
After we get through
with them they look
like new. It costs lit
tle. It saves much.
719 Ninth St. N. W.
Work Called for and Delivered.
We Gin Votes in Tie Herald s 3,000 Costal
New York, Nov, IS. Monday night will
bring with it theTfatjof the flour gun
men cnargea wun xne muraer or, nenwu
To-day witnessed the completion of the
case for the defense. To-morrow the
State's witnesses In rebuttal will
heard. And Justice Goff ordered, when
adjournment was taken to-night, that
both sides be prepared to sum upon
Monday in order that he may charge the
jury and turn the case over to It by
nightfall. , s
Jn this situation a curious, one might
nlmnitt uv A. fHtlrotl- atftffi. nt thn entire
Rosenthal case has been reached. In the
desperate fight which be has been mak
ing to save the lives of his four clients.
Wahle, counsel for the defendants, has
for the first time forced the State into a
defensive position.
Jack Rose. Bridgey Webber. Harry Val
Icn and Sam Schepps have been granted
Immunity from prosecution for the mur
der of Rosenthal on condition that It be
not shown that they participated In the
actual killing that they fired no shots.
Must Defend Themselves.
For reasons of his own. the District
Attorny did not call Webber, Vallon and
bchepps In the presentation of his main
case. And then the defense went on and
built up their case on the testimony of
half a dozen witnesses who swore that
the actual shooting was done b Webber,
Vallon and the mysterious stranger who
has been frequently referred to
In consequence, Webber and Vallon
must lake the witness stand to-morrow.
nominally as witnesses against the ac
cused gunmen, but in reality to refute
charge that they did the shooting
and save themselves from being forced
lo trial for murder. It is Wahle's plan.
In striving to create a reasonable doubt
in the minds of the Jurors, to argue that
his clients are as worth of belief as the
men who accuse them. The final desper
ate blows In this last stand of the gun
men of New York will be struck to-morrow
Picturesque Ch name tens Testify.
The closing scenes In the presentation
of the case of the defense were replete
with all the picturesque incidents of the
preceding das of the trial. With the
exception of "Dago Frank," who made a
really excellent witness for himself. It
was the day of the supernumeraries In
this stirring drama of the underworld.
Wahle dug down deep into the heart of
the Tenderloin and produced a cast of
characters, including bartenders, 'night
hawk" hackmen, gamblers, news ven
ders, district messengers all distinct
types of the night lire 01 ew lore.
Mrs Louis Rosenberg, otherwise wife
nf Ifiv Louie." Dialed her brief part
on the stand. Jelling of a visit of Jack
dm. o her husband, and tor a onei
ivHnj ih fortunate spectators present
saw a grand assemblage or an uie raw
acters In the drama, saving Charles Beck
er and Herman Rosenthal Schepps,
Rose. Vallon. and Webber were brought
Into court so that Giovanni Stanlsh might
declare they were not among the men he
saw with guns In their hands on the
night of the shooting
Society Represented.
Society was represented on the occasion
by Mrs. C K. G 'Billings, the well-known
horsewoman, and the Baroness Batdorf.
In the motley throng were all the well
known types, and the customary crowd
clamored outside the gates, held In check
by a detail of fifty policemen
"Dago ' Frank was the star of the oc
casion He put the finishing touches to
the alibi which his associates had built up
for him, and other wise he followed close
1 the story which G p and "Lefty"
and "Whltey" had told
On direct examination his story fol
lowed the well-known lines. With the
gold from several filled teeth gleaming in
the half light of the witness chair, there
flashed every now and then a character
istic touch He told of Jack Rose's ef
fort to convince the "Av enue boys" they
being Zellg's gang mat ne had not
been responsible for the arrest of their
leader "Whltey" Lewis had accused him
of this
"Boys from Missouri.'
"I said to Jack," Frank testified'
The boys Is from Missouri, an' you
got to show them, for myself, Jr don't
care ' "
ThK he said, was on the night that
Roe called with Schqpps and Vallon and
carried the "Dago ' downtown to Web
ber's poker parlor, whence all handB went
around to the Metropole, where Rosen'
thai met his death
The witness testified that Rose asked
him to go down town that night to meet
Bteinsrt and White of the strong arm
saaad. and learn from them- that ha was
sot guilty or having caused Zellg's ar
rest- tiott, ne said, was very nervous.
Ho denied that ha bad a revolver that
night, or that anything had been said to
him about killing Rosenthal, whoss
name was not even mentioned. He de
nied that i)s "had ever seen Rosenthal.
It was on cross-examination that he
showed to best advantage. He admitted
having been sent to Elmlra for being
found with a gun and a slung shot on
his person. That, he swears, was the
only time he "has been sent io prison.
Kept Opium Den.
But he frankly admitted having been
a silent partner with Abe Harris In an
opium .parlor uptown. He admitted also
never having been married, but denied
that Jean Gordon supported htm. He
claimed to have been at her flat 'when
the shooting took place. The cirl had
been arrested and It was while he was
out trying to secure ball for her that he
heard that Herman Rosenthal had been
killed. "You knew that vonr friends
had been In a. shooting In Forty-third
Street," said Moss, 'twhy didn't you
wake up the boys when you got home
ana leu tnem about ltT"
"It .didn't Interest moj' .replied Frank.
Justice Goff next nut a series of Ques
tions, but the witness deftly side-stepped
every attempt, to implicate him In any
feature of the' shooting of the gambler
or any guilty knowledge of the crime.
He left the stand smiling; and then there
followed a procession of Tenderloin 'hab
itutes, each of whom had their little bit
of testimony In the inetrest of the ac
cused. None of these witnesses had any
thing of Import to give.
Cholera Chief
Fear of Turks
Continued front Face One.
garlans act swiftly and handle the posi
tion firmly, everything points to a peace
ful entry Into the oft-threatened center
of the Ottoman Empire.
Refugees, who for days have been
camping in the streets and courtyards
and on the floors of mosques, are being
removed In shiploads to the Asiatic side
of the Bosphorus. It Is estimated that
500,000 have passed through the city. The
overcrowding on the ships is terrible
The sanitary arrangements are hopeless
ly Inadequate, and a serious outbreak
of disease Is Inevitable. The plight of
the fugitives, left to shift for themselves
as regards clothing and food. M de
plorable. Packed like cattle on board
ship, they present a most pitiful spec
tacle, especially the very young and the
very old
The weather here Is very wamjjsnd the
atmospheric conditions favorable to an
outbreak of the disease.
Newspapers More Bofd.
I visited several mosques to-day. In
cluding St Sophia. They have the cor
ners reserved for religious ceremonies.
The whole building Is still taken up by
soldiers and refugees, eating, cooking,
and doing all sorts of work.
For the first ttrr the Constantinople
papers, which have hitherto Veen pub
lishing but official statements, to-day give
the public an intimation of their serious
position by stating that Turkey is about
to open direct negotiations with the Bal
kan allies
I was at the war office toda, and
found complete chaos reigning there
Squads of raw recruits and reservists
were being drilled outside the building
In elementary military exercises. Their
awkward movements were watched .by
an Idle, chafing crowd.
These and hundreds of other soldiers
cannot be sent to the front because there
are no weapons available. I saw several
hundred troops who were sent to Tcha
talja without rifles returned to the city
to-day because there were no arms for
them at the front.
I endeavored to find the press bureau
at the war office, but failed It has evi
dently been abolished for lack of work
All the censors, no longer having se
ttling to censor, doffed their, uniforms,
and ore now seen in civilian clothing
I am Informed that If an armistice Is
signed the peace negotiations are most
likely to take place at Sofia.
Son of Nippon
Weds Fair Swede
in the Capital
John Connor Goes to. Cellar and
Shoots Himself Through
the Head..
John Connor, of 636, New, Jersey Ave
nue owner of a-iaaloorf at 100 G Street,
went to the basemeiuunder his place of
business yesterday .afternoon about 4
o'clock and, shot himself through the
head. The shot was heard by. the bar
tender, William H6rne." who went to the
cellar, fcsinfcthe body of Connor, a bullet
through his head,- and a revolver lying
Connor had "been in 111 health and de
spondent for soma time. He seemed as
well yesterday as usual, and when he
told Home he was going to the cellar to
tap a keg of beer, the roan thought no
More of It until the shot came. The bul
let had peuetrated the head at a point
Just above the left ear; and death was
Home Immediately called Dr. Lewis A.
Walker, of S2 New 'Jersey Avenue, who
has been In attendance on' Connor." Dr.
Walker came, pronounced Hhe man dead
and himself went to the Sixth Precinct,
and reported the case. Patrolman Mc
Keever went to the premises and noti
fied Coroner Nevltt, but on Investiga
tion, the coroner signed a certificate of
suicide without holding an Inquest.
Dr. Walker said last night that Mr.
Connor had been In Hi-health for some
months and of late bad showed the
symptoms of melancholia. He had tried
to persuade his patient to go to a sana
torium for rest and treatment, but to
no purpose.
Mr. Connor had been In business on a
Street for a number of years, and was
well known. He was a widower, and
leaves one daughter. Miss Buraadette
connor. Tne funeral arrangements will
be made known at a later date
BroLer Stabbed by Irate Husband
Absent When Case Is Called.
New York. Nov. 15 Frederick. 3. Jud
son, the young Chicago bond broker, who
was slashed with a knife last Monday
afternoon while visiting in the home of
Mrs. May Dencker, in the jsagemers
apartments, in "West lOMh Street, failed
to appear In the West Bide Pollco Court
this afternoon when the case against
Otto Dencker. the woman's husband, who
ia accused of dolnir the slashing, waa
tailed by Magistrate Murphy
juasons lawyer xoia me masmraio
that Judton was still suffering from the
wounds and did not appear on the advice
of a"-private physician. Magistrate Mur
phy adjourned, the hearing until Monday.
He, also Issued a body attachment for
the young, broker, but be said that If
Judson appeared to-morrow he would
withhold the body attachment.
The magistrate said he understood that
Judson wished to drop the case, but this
could not be permitted, as a complaint
of felonious assault had been entered
against Dencker.
Beleased on Bond and Is Then Re
arrested on Charge of
Chicago, Npv. 15 "Jack" Johnson, the
negro pugilist who is charged with 'vio
lation ofthe Mann act, was released on
bond to-day after a weary week In Jail
which wore the radiance of his 'golden
Smile ' to a fraxzle.
Immediately after the acceptance of
his bonds the pugilist was re-arrested.
charged with assault and battery by
Edwin F Welgle, a newspaper photog
rapher, and waa driven In his automo
bile to the Chicago Avenue Police Sta
tion, where he waited until friends could
go tothe bank and cash one of the
negro's checks for 400, the amount of
his surety In this case.
A little later Johnson waa served with
notice of a suit brought by Edwin
Welgle for J 10 000 damages for the as
sault. '
Gee' 'Ks am Friday Mah unlucky
day!" muttered the pugilist whose Jo
over his release was mingled with for
bodtng that It happened on the sixth
aa or the week.
Johnson's bondsman In the United
States Court was Nat Baldwin, a real
estate dealer of Evanston. who made
haste to explain that his connection with
the matter was due solely and simply
to a fee of fTSO paid by Johnson for the
accommodation and an agreement signed
by the negro that a private detective
employed by Baldwin and paid by John
son should be with him day and night
until he Is surrendered In court
It was stated by Baldwin during his
examination that he did not know John
son, and had been Induced to become
his bondsman by W O. Anderson, who
Is the negro s attorney The financial
arrangement between Johnson and Bald
win was said b Judge Carpenter to be
perfectly proper
Physicians Announce Former Sena
tor's Condition Demands Knife.
Chicago, Nov. 15 After a conference
of physicians to-day it was decided that
an operation for appendicitis would be
performed to-morrow on William Lorl
mer, former United States Senator.
Dr. Arthur Devan announced the fol
"Although Mr. Larimers condition Is
Improved, w e have decided that an opera
tion would be best"
Kansas Kan Then Cnta Ills Throat
svlth Razor.
Hutchinson, Kans , Nov, IS. Frank
Parks, a former merchant of Canton,
Kans. beat to death a woman supposed
to have been Mrs. Lily Green, twenty-
nine years old, of Kansas City. In
rooming-house here to-day and then
committed suicide by cutting his throat
with a razor
Amatoor Thespians Give Initial En
tertainment at Jheir Home in
New York Avenue.
The Players' Club, consisting of am
ateur devotees or the drama, held a
houeewarmlng at the new clubhouse, 13M
New York Avenue, last night, the at
tendance being limited to members and
a few invited guests.
roe opening address was made by Dr.
Paul W. Evans, chairman of the com
mittee. Edward Walsh. vices nresldent
of the club, spoke In the absence ,of
" jujrron jo. j-arxer, tne president.
The entertainment was In charge of
James A. White. Jr. chairman of the
entertainment committee.
Among those who contributed to the
programme were Louis A. Potter, jr.
Earl Clabaugh. SoL Minster. Miss Agnes
C. Whelan. Miss Richie McLean. Mlia
.wary Hnerierr Arthur B. Pierce. Joseph
F. W. tYhlttemore. Miss Brett. Mr
Bowie, Mr. Hammer, Arthur G. Deibert,
Mrs. Van Riper. Mrs. Pierce. Mr. Klein,
Mr. Gilder. Mr Mills, Mr. Carbaugh,
Mr. Gardner, and Mr. Moore
E 5M
K .& feilRn V WIS
I tie mj tub
Shnnnf 115111 Shnnnf
Style ilJlftSa.irff
jp .
V. 8. Dv. of jLcrtailtCT Wotin Bunts.
uhtngton. Fridir. Norcmivr tt-S p. a.
0inr to the tsmulnz hlrh mam. raenllr
dear ttemtfcer with modenle low tanpeniam mv
va npm-ica annus id next mm dS ofer tb
Eutera ul Soutbm cartlani of tb axratrr nd
dnrin the neit two dijs otr th West, txert in
the Cratnl tad Southern Rocfcr Xtountain rtgions,
vbere local snows or raios tn probable br Satuniay
ini or oanosT
The winds aJoni the New BocUnd and MiAll At
Isntle Ooaats will bo moderate- Dorhwest asd north,
on the Sooth AtUntio Oust moderate northrrir on
tha East Gulf Coatt modrrate tx-rth and northeast
on th West Gull Coast lljht rarUMe. on tha Ixrrer
Laics moderate mostlr northweM. on the trrer
Laxew lixht rsrlible becomlnc northwest br Smufsr
X.oeaI Teraperatnr
Mkfciijht. c 2 a. m. C a. m.. U. ( a. m.. C.
b m m v.. vi a. m., u, iz noon, , z p. m., V 4
mm.. O. p. m. O 8 p. m.. to 10 p. m M. Hlfh
est. 41, lowest. SO.
Kelatite humlditj- am. SI 1p.m.. S3.Sn.rn.
60. RalnfaJl (S p. m. to S n. m.), 0.00 Hoars of
sunshine, af per cent of possible sunshine 7
Temperature same date last jresr-Hlrbest 54 fow.
est, U.
Temperatures In Other Cities.
Trraprrttum In other cities, tersther with tb
staount of rsinfsll for the twrati four hours ended
at I p, m. jrster&u, are as fellows:
Msx. If'a. 1p.m. tsU,
La Grippe,
Hay Fever.
Cold in Head
Fifteen Cents.
Twenty-four Tablets
15th SL and Pennsylvania Ave. S. E.
VTe Pits Totes to The Heralds tSso Contest.
fjttn nt0f.rtT?"fgac g
Or 3 quarts for JL0O.
BEN ROSENFELD'S, 218 44 St. S. W.
VT Olra Votes In Tha Herald's E5.0CO Contest.
Goldsmith's Cold, Grippe, and Ualana Cap.
sales will help jou -when ail others fin. Qusr.
Christian! Pharmacy,
CBchlfimaa tt Goldsmith),
fth and M Sts. X. W. Phone IT. 28.
We Gr Votes la Tha Herald S3.CD) Contest.
In Good Taste and Appropriate
la the rJrtuf of arudes of Jewelry, OoU, Sflrer'sM
Plated Wan, Choice Cut Glass pieces, tc, for wed
ding or birthday presents. Fom our Urge and select
array of trtisua tad prettily dealcned arodee, say
article will please the recipient.
COLE & SWAN "w "tt st, it. w.
V fclvo Herald 2S.00O contest votes.
LHRIinr Machine Man
Will repair your aewlncr machine
properly, no matter what males.
Send postal, or phone M-1215.
Cornor 3d and H Stroats N.W.
WsOIrt Votes ta Tb Herald's J3.0M Contest.
Gas Logs,
Andir-glis, etc.
To counteract that
chilly atmosphere.
C. A. Muddiman
&Co. '
616 12th Street N. W.
' 1204 G Street N. W.
We elve votes In The Herald
$33,000 contest.
"This Is a good business town I pro
poe that we set married here and
now," said HJlra Eokumaga, an enter
prising son of Japan, to Miss Ida
Swenson, a fair daughter of Sweden. Eo
kumaea and his companion had come all
the way from New York to look the town
oer In a critical sort of way Little
Dan Cupid it as buzzing in their ears
throughout the whole Journey, but they
heeded him not until they had consulted
those oracles which foretell business fu
They reached Washington early, and
spent the entire morning in search of a
promising place to open a modest busi
ness. So shortly after noon, Eokumaga,
after critically eunejing a small place,
and evidently satisfied that enough Amer
ican dollars could be earned for a young
couple Just starting out In life to live
happil), despite the high cost of living,
said to his fair companion. "I propose
that we get married here and now."
His prospective bride, not -ntshlng to
seem bold, remained silent, and the son
of Nippon remembering the old adage
that silence ghes consent. led the way
to City Hall, where a marriage license
was obtained With the precious paper,
they wended their way to the residence
of Rev. W. I. McKenney, pastor of Trin
ity Methodist Episcopal Church, where
they were married.
The couple Intend remaining in the city
for sei erat days before returnlne to New
Da) ton. Ohio. Nov li Miss Olivia
Schmidt wss killed to-day by a Cin
cinnati. Hamilton and Haton train at
a grade crossing E. IJ. Adams, cross
ing watchman, made a heroic attempt
to save the girl, but was also caught
by the train and killed The girl was
on her way to church and was so Intent
upon counting her beads that she failed
to sec the approaching train
MAN HE Trnx.vn $3 A
New Tork, Nov 15 Joseph Bush was
to-day ordered by Justice Crane, of the
Supreme Court, Brooklyn, to pay S3 a
week for one car In lieu of spending
that period in Jail, to Mrs. James Mc
Namara, widow of the man whom he
killed In a street car fight In nhlrh v.
era! men participated The Jury found
him guilty of assault in the third degree
When McNamaras widow declared she
wouldn't accept the money, the Justice
ordered Bush to place It to her credit
in tne Dank, which ha cheerfullv irrmi
to ao.
AsherOle C .
Atlanta, r,i.
Atlantic Cttr, V J
Bismarck S Dili
Boston. Mses. . ..
Buffalo. T
Chleaxo III
Cincinnati. Ohio. .
Cherenne, Wtol . .
IHrenport. Iowa
DenTfT Colo. . H
lea Moines Iowa
Duluth. Minn
Galreston Tex . .
Helena Mont
Indlsnapnlls, Ind
JseksonrCle FU
Kansas City Mm ..
Little Rork. Ark . .
Los Anreles. Csl
Msrqurtte Mlril
Memphis. Tenn .
New Orleans La
New Tork. N T
North Platte Nebr . .
Omaha. Nebr
Philadelphia Ia
nttsburr Ts
rortlsnd. Me . ..
rortland Ores
Halt Lake CUT. Ltah
Re, Louh Mo
fit. rani Minn ..
Ran Francisco Cal ..
nrhacleld. in . . ..
Tlcotna Wash ....
Tampa. FU . .
Toledo OMn
Mrksstmr. Miss.. .
Tide Table.
To-day-HUh tide 1131 s m sod IS p m.
tide, 731 a. m and IKS p. m.
To-morrow High tide l-4t a. m sod ; 18 p.
low tide 8:3 s ri. and 828 p. o.
Condition of the- Ttlser.
Cable Trouble in Powerhouse Ties
Up Traffic During Busy
Evening Rush.
Cable trouble In the Potomac Electric
Power Company's supply lines near Bn-
ning Bridge stopped street cars and
darkened streets and shops and homes
all oer the city last night for periods
arylns from tle to thlrtv-flve minutes.
The accident, the short-circuiting of cur
rent at a mannoid in the conduit. Injured
no one ikkhij.
The streets were crowded with the us
ual early evening crowd, when lights
suddenly dimmed Into darkness and street
cars of the Washington Railway and
Electric Company rolled helplessly Into
Inertia at whatever spots their waning
strength could drag them to. The lights
came back soon, there being but a brief
space of blackness, but some of the car
lines were Idle for over half an hour
The United Daughters of the Confed
eracy were In session In the Wlllard
when darkness fell upon part of the city.
out as tneir nail was lighted from a nri-
vate plant, their deliberations were not
Attack Christian Science.
Concord, N II . Nov. 15 A sharp at
tack was made on the Christian Science
Church In a petition filed In the Merri
mack Superior Court to-day In It I
ueorge . Clover, through his attorney,
former United States Senator William
E. Chandler, asked leae to amend bis
bill contesting the bequeathal of CCO0.000
to the Christian Science Church by his
mother, the late Mrs Mary Baker O
Eddy. The petition alleges that the prac
tice of that church has been grtevousl)
harmful to the health of the people of
New Hampshire, and will continue to be
harmful so long as It Is allowed to continue.
Take Elevator
and Save Money
New styles In women's foot
wear are shown here as fast as
fashion produces them. We are
style-leaders. You get as much
style and quality hers at 1150
as 13.50 to IS 00 will buy else
where. The difference Is as good
in your own pocket as In the
I if N
if 37
f v A
Ask to see the smart new mod
els pictured In this ad. They're
the handsomest of the latest mo
ment shoe creations.
Fourth Floor Washington
Loan and Trust Go.
Open Saturday Evenings.
BinTiis rtEronTED.
Senator Isidor Rayner, who has been
seriously HI for several days, has been
In a critical condition since Thursday,
ana is graauaiiy growing weaker.
ah hope or his recoery has been
abandoned .
His family is constantly within call,
prepared to hear any moment that the
senator is aying
Reports of disturbances In Constanti
nople are without foundation, according
to advices "of the State Department yes
terday. Ambassador Rockhlll cabled that the
city Is quiet. Cholera Is reported to have
Increased In the Turkish caDltaL a n,
manlan warship has Joined the interna
tional , fleet at Constantinople. Reports
received from American missionaries la
the Interior of Turkey are entlreiv re
Shot from Ambnsh.
Cumberland, Mi, Nov. 15. Samuel
Croston was shot frpm ambush early to
day while returning home from Phimr,.
W. Vw, He died instantly. No motive
to svijvyu. -
Has Plnrallty In California, but
Contest May fhnnie Itrso.lt.
Los Angeles, Nov 15 Theodore Roose
velt had a plurality of seenty-two
votes oer Woodrow Wilson In California
when the final count from all the pre
cincts In the State was completed. But
that didn't settle the case. Instead, a
recount In Los Angeles County Is Immi
nent. Mary Foy, a Democratic candidate for
Presidential elector, secured a writ of
mandamus In tho District Court of Ap
peals to compel the county board of
supervisors to give a fair and honest
count of the votes cast In the election
of November 5. It was alleged that the
ballots cast In secral Los Angeles pre
cincts had been tampered with and the
return sheets abstracted. The writ is
returnable Monday
Jsmes A tod Hazel J Mootgomerj er
Patrick F ard Lillian C. Downey toy
Cl-tdorairo and TOa. B retrpne firL
Bhert M and Helen Ashlen boy
William It. and Dorothy E, Thompwm boy
Lotus and Retina Friedman boy
Joseph B sod Julis E. Klein rW
Oecrie H. snd Jteephine A "kanford bny
Karl F and Lizzie it Pfleifer. irlrL
Guy and Cora. Murray boy
Harry and Joseph Will leu. rirl
Marrin W and Marraret n Town rirl
Frank Into- and Edith M Williams rH
WiUlsm 8. and Pearl C Maephenon xM.
Charles and Susie Louis bny
Charles E. snd Sadie C Ilamann hey
Wrnlam T and Gertrude Hall bay
Wniuus and Ellen O Johnsmi boy.
Louis A and Era, roindexter girl
Samuel and Nellie Mills, boy
Jsmes and Carrie Hlckey, siri.
Charles M and Julia. M. Dorsry. hoy.
nenry sad Carrie Ward sirL
John R. and Lottie F Herbert, or!.
John W. and Maud M 8 Cooper, boy
Albeit and Albert Dyson girl
rani H and Geonjie A narris, boy
William, and Edns 8tubbs. boy
Slakes Cheap Csmpalcn.
Albany. Nov 15. Carrie W Allen, of
Buffalo, Socialist candidate for Secretary
cf btate, to-day sent In a statement of
her election expenses of S cents, with this
You may Imagine the state of delec-
t'on to which I am reduced when I tell
you that I fondly dreamed of occupying
the chair of the Secreta-y of State for
the next few years"
The 25 cents was spent In swearing; to
the af&dawt which accompanied the letter.
Mny Call Ont Troops.
Charleston. Va.. No 15. Gov
Glasscock will probably declare martial
law In the mine strike zone again as a
result of striking miners firing late yes
terday on a train bearing private detec
tives and strike-breakers The trouble
occurred at Cabin Creek Junction, and
over shots were exchanged Reports
received here to-day said that seven mln- i
railway police and two of the strike
breakers were struck
cr300 l-lb loaves to the barrel.
Cooks Know
that success in baking
depends largely npon us
ing the RIGlft FLOUR.
It is this knowledge
which prompts so many
good cooks to order and
insist on having
C7Try "Cream Blend Flonr
the next time yon bake. It never
falls to rilOK Its superiority.
B. B. Earnshaw & Bro.
Wholesalers " Ilcr 19 ",h ""- -
wiiuiesuiers,,, .02 Mot. s
Thousand Itinera Strike. 1
Cobalt. Ontario, No. 15 More than on I
thousand miners employed In the Porcu- .
Dine Mine went on strike to-day acalnst iam J. . . .,, a ,-. .1. .;. .T. .;-;, ,;,.;.,;, ... aja j,
a proposed reduction of S cents a day In i. --...... . rt-r
tieir wages The miners emt!oed in
six other mines of the Porcupine camp
threaten to strike to-morrow or Monday '
Bring back replies because each
order receives the same personal
attention. Irrespective of slza.
Ton will find our letters free
from dark edges, broken type,
typographical errors. &c
Ton can safely Intrust Impor
tsnt form letters to us. belntr as.
sured that they will be carefully
edited and delivered on time.
2,000 LETTERS, $4.03
District National Hank Dnlldlnc
1406 G Street
Phone Main 7500.
ill &.nZ?Z
It '
Geor-rln Authorities Belles r Vounc
Woman Wasi Poisoned.
Sayannah, Ga . Nov, 13. My sterious
circumstances surroundtnc the death of
Miss Minnie Marchman, of Ashburn, to
day resulted In the issuance of a war
rant for Thomas Claghorn, her sweet
heart. He Is mlsslnff, The body of the
girl lies unburled, while chemists are
making an examination of her stomach.
Her widowed mother declares that the
girl died In convulsions. Claghorn and
the dead girl lived In the country near
Ashburn and went to Ashburn 'scvera
days ago ostensibly to secure a marriage
license. While there Claghorn gave her
some fruit and candy, which the young
woman ate. The police believe the candy
was poisoned.
Largest Morning Circulation.
Jsmes J Murray. 2. and Gertrude K O Brien 7
Iter Stephen T Morris.
Heiiro Tokuman. 33. of New Tork. N Y . and
Ida C. Sweneon, 3 of Hobokra, N. J. Rer WuTiara
Barney BUnslern ?2 of Raltfmnrr iH in E
nls Tsrcous. H. Iter M It. Yoelsno.
Clarence P. Herbert. 3. and Lillian K. Drnnlson.
10. iter ueorge m mmmrngi.
James ebrencamn, 3. of Edintmrff y a . and
Bessie F DelUnee-. 3, of Conicrille, a Iter H
Darid S. Bonders. 2, and Eds E. Grate, X. Rer.
Eureno A. Hannan
Thomas B. Shoemaker, 31, and Elsie B. Grifln,
K. Iter. E. Hea Ssrem
Robert R. Walker. 3. of Mansfield. Msss.. sad
Helen V. Perkins, E. ReT TJ G B Pierce.
Thomas F. Drifeoll X. of Salem, yiess.. and Alios
J. McNamara, SX of Lynchburz. a Ret. Henry
J. Shanbelle
W A Johnson, and Adel E. Wifxinl S.
J. H Jones, 3. and Lillian E. Gray 1!
Henry J.". Copp. years, Garfield nospiull
.stars v nowim, .ft yesrs, lirunsvlck spar
Thomas A. Allen, a years, 113 8th St. nw .
mrro nuns, -a years, rronaenee Hosuiti
jumua ij uuneron, ,j years, raos I St. i
Mary E. Arnold 2 years. L! 1
.Mary Aitkenhead, 72 years. 41 Myrtle 8t. :
Msry E. Co61. JJ years. 312 Dumbarton Arel
uawennc sprurrs. 3 years, rreedmeo'a Hosi
Mary Johnson Si years, Uttlc Misters of the I
Airred Elsie. 4S years. 1Z Rldte St. nw.
Marian Durkett. B years. MS It R. nw
Wniiam Scott, 3t yrars. fl K St. aw
bawara uoussoo, z months, 0 lit SL aw.
J. P. Oerniuilferi
641 La. Ave. N. W. t
Ebbitt Cafe
You can be sure of accommodation for
we open the handsome Crystal and Onyx
Dining Rooms for Cafe- service after the
The Operatic Four and Miss Clara
Naecker will render a musical programme
of papular and classical selections while
j on r.re being served from the especially
arranged menus. ,.
G. F- SCHUTT. Proprietor
ats iftstia-UssSss.atoi3 ,- ja ... UWsagrswAar- !fAu-t& . Sjjhxiti1 1& jjCJLr
ajfchteWi;r ssr.vi

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