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Norambee ls-Potomac,' No. . C.: WmlaB.
Preach. Ka-lS, O. V.: AncotlaJiaa.' r. O.;
Pcntalpha. No, ZL B. B.; Mount rieaaant, Na S.
Y. O.
Norember IS-National, Na 12, M. M.! Arminlns,
Na IS. G. V.; Mitoo 1L rarkrr, Na , M. M.J
Kins Darld, No.-3.iL It ,,",,
Norember 3-Wahington Centennial. No. II. B.
B.: Osiris, No. M; King oolorjon. No. 31, O. V spt-
Norember S-Na-al. No. 4. . A.; Hiram. Na .
memorial. La rajette. No. I. T. O.; William B.
bmgletmi. No. 30. E, B. X
Norember S-St John' Na n, E. A.; Hop,
No. 3D, F. C. y.
Norember U-Waatiingtoo Council, No. I. P.
k M.
NoTember"l-L. JVrtte. No. S. special; -Hashing-
loo NaraL No. i. mii
Norember 3a-rimntsVNa I. P. 1L &;BrlgmV
vrood, aa a. . j i
Norember 21-OinttoL, No. U, R. B.
Norember 53-Eareta, No. 4, apodal.
Norember IS Orient Na S, B. B.
Norember JO-rotomae, No. 3, B. B.
Norember 19-Mithras Lodge of Perfection, Na 1.
CCZnt' A. A. O. N. M. 8. ,
Norember U-Ahnxi Temple, grand ceremonial.
Norember IS Both. No. L
Norember ls-Mlrpeb. No. 8.
November SMmae, Na 10.
Norember Xl-Esther, No. 5.
Norember 2-Tloma, Na 12; Cathedral. Na U.
Probably the most Important and en
joyable ceremonial given under Poten
tate William Hamilton Smith will occur
to-morrow night when the Imperial po
htiiit of the Ancient Arabic Order of
the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of
North America, -William J. tjunninguam.
of Baltimore. Md.. will be the guest of
Almas Temple.
T will not he an affair when the visit
ing official Is welcomed as an official
and noble of the order, but one of the
ri xrrlenmes that sroes out to a noble
who Is well known by a majority of the
nobles of Almas, and who Is coming not
only as the highest official of tne snrine.
but as an honorary member of Almas
Temple and known nnd referred to by
many of the old nobles of Almas as
".TiLrk" Cunningham.
This will be a notable occasion for!
Almas. The present recorder. Harrison
Dingman, is a past Imperial potentate,
who was elected to the highest office
within the gift of the shrine at Cleve
and. Ohio, in 1S36. His presence with
the present Imperial potentate, who Is
familiarity referred to as "Jack." will
'slve the nobles of Almas added Joy.
Potentate William Hamilton Smith, of
Almas Temple, has Issued one of the
most attract! e shrine circulars for this
event that has ever been produced. It
shows, a large half-tone engraving of
Imperial Potentate Cunningham, and
bids all tne nobles of Almas to be pres
ent In their "glad rags" to give thelr
real welcome to their honored guest.
A big time is assured all nobles who
attend, as new stunts have been worked
tip by Capt. Stewart and his Almas Pa
trol, under the help and assistance of
Potentate "Ham" Smith, who works in
co-operation with the patrol to the
Kreater benefit of the ceremonials. A
large number of novices will be taken
across the "hot sands," and following
their disposal and the closing of the
temple stunts of a novel nature, enter
taining to all. will be put on.
Imperial Potentate William J. Cun
ningham has served In the official line
since 1903. and was elected to his pres
ent high office at Los Angeles. Cat, last
May He Is a past potentate of Bouml
Temple, of Baltimore, and past grand
commander of the Grand Commandery,
Knights Templar, of Maryland. He has
been visiting many of the temples of the
shrine In various parts of the country,
and Is expected to come to Washington
from Boston, Mass., by way of Balti
more, where he will be Joined by the
present potentate of Bouml Temple,
Frank W Dryden. and the Baltimore
representatives to the Imperial Council,
who will accompany him as a guard of
honor Imperial Potentate Cunningham
and the nobles accompanjlng him will
be given a welcome by Potentate "Ham"
Smith and the nobles of Almas that they
will long remember.
In the last circular sent out by Mount
Pleasant Lodge. No' 33, the master,
Charles H Bradley, takes occasion to
thank the members for their support
and co-operation and to bid them attend
the annual visitation of the grand mas
ter, accompanied by the oSlcers of the
Grand Lodge, F A. A. M., of the Dis
trict of Columbia, to Mount Pleasant
Lodge, which will occur November 36 at
the Arcade, Fourteenth Street and Park
An unusually attractive programme
will be given for the entertainment of
the visiting grand officers, following
their regular visitation ceremonies.
Moses K. Clapp, United States Senator
and a past grand officer of Masons of
Minnesota, will deliver an address, and
an illustrated travelogue, entitled 'The
Wonders of the Great American Desert."
will be given by C. J. Blanchard, of the
Reclamation Service.
To-morrow night Mount Pleasant
Lodge will confer the F. C. degree at
Its stated communication.
Columbia Lodge, No. 3, F. A. A. M..
held Its memorial service last Friday
night. The exercises were very impres
Hive and the programme, with the names
of the deceased members who have died
during the past lodge year, with the
names of those who gave the addresses,
was as follows: Selection, by the lodge
quartet. "Brother Alexander F. McMil
lan. Died February 23, 1912," address by
Brother Luther F. Speer; "Broker Will
iam WInans, Died June 13, 1912." address
by Brother Lemuel Fugitt; selection, by
quartet; "Brother Philip Scheer, Died
July 2S, 1312," address by Brother Jaco
bus B. Jones; "Brother James W. Wel
born. Died November 4, 1912," address by
CaTnrE the CUB
Ot Baltimore, MjL. imperial potruuta of Shrhwn of
North America, wfco will be cueit of Ahnaa Temple
tomorrow nJcut.
Brother Frank B. Curtis; selection, "by
auartet: an address by Rev. Brother W.
J. D. Thomas, and a closing selection by
the quartet.
The grand visitation to the New Jeru
salem Lodge. No. 9, F. A. A. M-, took
place last Thursday night The lodge
room was very tastefully decorated with
palms and ferns and "Old Glory," under
the direction of Senior Warden Thomas
Keely. Past Master William McNelr
was chairman of the committee onar
Following the usual visitation ceremo
nies, the programme consisted of a bary
tone solo by Maltland S. Wright; a trio.
by Sol. Minster, lolln; Dorey Wolf-
stelner, 'cello, and Raphael Koester,
piano: a barytone solo, by William Cla-
batrgh, and an organ recital, by Raphael
One of the events of the past week at
the new Masonic Temple was the com
pletion of a fine new pipe organ in lodge
room No 1 The organ was Installed by
Droop & Son, and Harry Hall, of the
Hall Organ Company, of New Haven,
Conn., completed the work of Installa
tion last week, and lt was used for the
first time at the stated communication
of Harmony Lodge, No. 17.
The organ Is of the latest design, and
is finished in San Domingo mahogany.
It Is thoroughly up to date, and has a
concave and radiating pedal board. The
specifications of the orgnn arc as fol
lows Great organ. S-foot open diapa
son. 61 pipes; S-foot dulclana. 61 pipes;
8-foot melodla, 61 pipes, swell organ, 8
foot stopped diapason, 73 pipes; S-foot
sillclonal, 73 pipes: 8-foot aeollne, 71
pipes; 4-foot flute harmonic 73 pipes;
pedal organ, lR-foot bourdop, 32 pipes;
couplers, swell to great 8, swell to great
4, swell to great 16, great to great 4.
swell to swell 4, swell to swell 16, great
to pedal, swell to pedal, other accesso
ries, two adjustable comblnatlona on
swell and two on great; reversible great
to pedal, and balance crescendo pedal,
bringing on all the organ from the soft
est to the loudest
There are two other organs In the
temple, but none of a finer construction
than the one Just Installed. The lodges
that will use this orgau arc Federal.
Na 1; Lebanon, No. 7: The New Jerusa
lem, No 9, St John's, No II; Washing
ton Centennial, No.. 14: Benjamin B.
French. No. IS; Dawson, No. 16; Har
mony, No. 17. and Lafayette, No. 19.
Takoma Lodge, No. 29. F. A. A. M.,
received the grand master and grand
officers of the Grand Lodge on the occa
sion of their annual visitation last-Tues
day night. The programme was In
charge of Brother J. B. Klnnear, and
consisted of a tenor solo by Brother
Clarence F. Owens, a bass solo by
Brother Luther W. Hawley, piano
companiments by Brother Raphael Koes
ter, ana an aaaress Dy rasi urana Pias
ter Lurtln R. Glnn. who spoke on behalf
of the Masonic and Eastern Star Home.
At the conclusion of the address a reso
lution was unanimously adopted pledg
ing the lodge to a contribution of $3 per
capita of Its present membership.
Dr. Frank E. Gibson, generalissimo of
Columbia Commander", K. T., No. 2,
representing the five local commanderies
of Knights Templar, left Washington
last Tuesday for Denver, Colo., where
he will arrange for accommodations for
the Washington knights who will attend
the thirty-second triennial conclave of
Knights Templar, to be held there Au
gust 13, 14. and 15. Washington and Coi
lumbia Commanderies will send drill
teams to the conclave to compete f or
the 310,000 in prizes that has been of
La Fayette Chapter, No. E, Royal Arch
Masons, will have an Interesting address
following Its stated communication next
Tuesday night w. H. H. Smith, a weU
known speaker, will give an address on
"The Building and Dedication ot King
Solomon's Temple, illustrated with
Mr. Smith Is not a Mason, but a thor
ough Bible student and has constructed
these models from descriptions given" In
the Bible and early histories, which will
make his lecture of especial Interest to
the Masonic fraternity. The members
es7" '-- asscassssssl
' zVv';SBHBiSBlzH
XT 4
aro Invited to bring; their ladles and
other friends to the lecture.
The visitations of the grand Water
and other Grand Lodge officers this week
1 will be HO Benjamin B. French Lodge,
4 No. 15, to-morrow night; Arminlus Lodge,
N o-25, Tuesday night, and to King
Solomon Lodge. No. 3L Wednesday, at 3
o'clock p. nv The ' visitation will bo
concluded next week to Mount Pleasant
Lodge. No. 33, November 26, and to Na
tional Lodge, No. 12, November 29.
A most comprehensive circular has
Just been Issued by Federal Lodge, No. 1,
F, A. A. M' setting forth the history of
the organization of the lodge and Its
participation In Important events since
that time. .
This lodge was first chartered by the
Grand Lodge of Maryland on September
IX 1733, as The Federal Lodge," for the
Instituting of Freemasonry In the new
Federal City, and rechartered by the
newly formed Grand Lodge of the Dis
trict of ColumhJa on February 19, 1S11.
as "Federal Lodge, No. 1'
Organized by Irish and Scotch brethren
engaged In building tire Capitol and
White House, this lodge paraded at the
laying of the corner stone of the Capitol
In the presence of President Washington,
A. D. 1793. Many historical events In
which the lodge participated are enu
merated in the circular, as well as the
great work of progress that has been go
ing on during the past lodge year. This
lodge had 286 members at the beginning
of October, 1911. and 292 at the close of
September, 1912.
La Fayette Lodge, No. 19, F. A. A. M..
celebrated "Ladles Night" recently with
one of ,the largest attendances of Its
record. The committee having the en
tertainment In charge, waa composed of
Edwin Callow, chairman; William H.
Dorsey, and Stacey L. Heacock.
The programme was as follows:
Quarter, "In Ttlj Ilour of Softened Splendor"...
n 4 .T... t i-iXl!i t B.-k,
Bee4, contralto; Bra. Itichtni P, BacUnf,
tenor; Bra Edwin Callow, baa.
Sect, "Tne Or of Barbel" Turner
Mrs. Beed.
Monolocue. "The Puddins" Flat
Mr. Mande Howell Smlln.
Trio. "Bercetuei' (tndard
llro. Sol. Mlnater, Tldudat; Bra Dora WolfRelner.
iloilocrliiit; Bra Oacar FranMin Comstocx, pumat.
(a) OI!non. .pv d'Uardelot
MiM Orennan.
Monologue, "The Man With the Sinrle Bair"..Wood
Mr. W. Alfred Falconer.
Mrs. Edwin Callow at the ciana
cPiano aolo
(a) Etude in C Sharp, minor Chopin
(b) Walta in E minor Chopin
Bra Comstock.
Beadinz. "Why JUllle Left the Church" Itaner
Mm Smith.
(a) "Snow Flaxea" Cowen
0 "The Ould Plaid Shawl". Uajsea
Mm Ueed.
Violin olo. Mazurta Voir
Bra. Minster.
(a) "Between Two Loree" .Daly
(b) "Da 'Merlcana Girl" DJj
Mr. Falconer.
(a) "Where Mr Cararan Haa Beared" Lonr
(b) "A Spirit FlowerV Tipton
Bra Backing.
Bra, Oku Franklin Comstocx. aconmpanUt.
Kalllpolls Grotto. No. 15. Mystio Order
of VeUcd Prophets of the Enchanted
Realm. Is making additional arrange
ments for the large number of "proph
ets" and their friends that have signi
fied their Intention of attending the an
nual "Ladles' Night" Wednesday night.
November 27. at S o'clock, to be held at
the headquarters at OH Fellows Hall.
In Seventh Street Northwest, between D
and E Streets.
Monarch-- Raymond B. Dickey and the
various committees hae been busy mak
ing plans for the entertainment c of the
guests on this occasion. Castleman P.
Boss, chairman of the committee on" ar
rangements, has received the hearty sup
port of the members of the grotto, and
wiU have some new stunts for the sur
prise and entertainment of all who at
"William B. Chronlger, the genial and
popular sentinel of La Fayette Chapter.
No, 5, Royal Arch Masons, has returned
from his old home, Pittsburg, Pa., where
he went two weeks ago to cast his bal
lot and visit relatives and friends.
Washington Council. No. 1, Royal and
Select Master Masons, will confer the
council degrees on a large class to-mor-
ac-JAw night
Thomas H. Toung, grand lecturer of
Masons of the District of Columbia, an
nounces that he will hold a school of
Instruction In lodge room No. 2, new
Masonic Temple, Thirteenth and II
Streets Northwest Wednesday evening.
November 27, and urges the officers and
members of the several lodges of the
District to be present, as he will take up
secret work of the three degrees of
the Blue Lodge. At this session the
grand lecturer will communicate the se
cret work of the three degrees in its cor
rect form, and all roaster Masons are
united to be present
Washington Centennial Lodge, No. 14,
. A. A. M.. will hold Its stated com
munication Wednesday night A num
ber ot Important matters will be dis
cussed, and a large attendance Is ex
Capital Lodge, No. 24. Knights ot
Pythias, conferred the rank of knight
a class of esquires at its regular
convention last Tuesday night Past
ChanceUor Dony presided during the
conferring of the degree. He was as
sisted by Past Grand Chancellor James
W. Carter, Past Chancellors Skldmore.
Viedt and Hyde, and James 8. McCar
thy. Edward Wilson, James W. Carter,
Jr., and Capt Fred M. Pelzman, of the
uniform rank.
Scoop Visits a
Nonmber It-Ouzo Trlb.. No. C nftls sad O
Hlml, "
, Norember K-Idafco Tribe, Na . Nortieaml Tem-
V. Tvflh ami II streets porueast; uooioia
tribe. Na is. Tnmalblown, D. a
Norember B-Locui Tribe, No, t. Bed Mali's Uatt,
Wfenoiia Aremw asd N Street NorUnreit: Sioux
Tribe. Na U. OdA-FeUo Ball. K Btrset, gaar
rouraid4-faalf Street Suothweat, great chiefs rkv
tt,uln- - ..
Norember 22-8eneea Tribe, 'No. 11. Bank IIa&,
Ml I'ennajlraiila Amnio Boatheatt; llineola Tribe,
Na It. Amxaatla, D. C
Norember 0-Whlt Eia Council, No. 4, Fifth
asd O Street Nortbveat.
Norember 8-Idaho Council. Na 1. Narthaat
Temple, Twrlnb and II Street! Nortbeait.
The competitive drill between the var
ious tribes will take place on Wednesday
sleep, the 20th sun. at Northeast Tem
ple, Twelfth and H Streets Northeast.
All chiefs and brothers are requested to
attend. A good time Is promised for'alL
Osage Tribe, No. 6. held Its regular
meeting on Monday sleep, the tilth sun,
beaver moon. The stumps were properly
tilled with Tom Sabens, sachem. Busi
ness of Importance was transacted and
reports were made by several commit
tees. Talks were given bj' the visitors
and members, after which refreshments
were served.
Waneta Council, No. & held its regular
meeting on Tuesday sleep, the nth sun,
beaver moon. The council Are was kin
dled at 8 run and quenched at 10 run.
Being the great chief's visitation, the
following were visitors: Mamie Inscore,
Margaret McKee, Gertrude McKee. Jennie
Lenard, Bessie' Wolfe, John M. Kempner.
Lottie Zeer, Roy T. Algate, Lewis M.
Bernstein, Sister M. K. Sweeney, Ma
mie Steves, and J. E. Dougherty, all of
White Eagle Council, No. 4: Great
Sachem R. W. Thompson. WlUlam B.
Garner, Ellle Garner, Sarah" Thayer,
George W. Thayer, of Idaho Council. Na
L and John I. Bunch, and Wash. P.
Evans, of Sioux Tribe, No. 18.
The great chiefs were R, W. ThomrP
son, great sachem of the District;
.Pronhet John M KemDner. J. E. Dough
erty, John I. Bunch. Roy T. Algate,
W. P. Evans, David E. Harvey. Charles
A. Carlisle. Lewis M. Bernstein. Mar
garet McKee, Ellle Garner, and William
B. Garner.
Sister Annie E. Owens was elected and
raised by Ellle Garner as Wenonah of
the council. Talks were given by R.
W. Thompson. W. B. Garner, Ellle Gar
ner. Mamie Inscore. Mamie Steves,
Allle Martin. M. K. Sweeney. Margaret
McKee, Bessie Wolfe, Annie Owens, Sis
K. O. T.'M.
Nomnber 14 National Tent, Na L old Masonle
Temple; Mount Vernon Tent. Na 4. Northeaat
Temple, initiation. Anacoatla Tent. Na T. Masoclo
Ball. Anaeoitla.
Norember 19 Brlghtwood Tent, Na B. Maccmbe
Ball, Brightwood. Initiation!.
Norember 3 ajeorgetown Tent Na i. Odd Fel
low Hall. Georgetown; District Tent Na S, Mar
riner' Temple, initiations; MetropoUUn Tent Na
12, Pythian Temple.
Fred N. Webber, a member of Na
tional Tent No. 1. Is quite 111 at his
home, at 526 Third Street Northwest
Last Monday night National Tent No.
1, held Its regular meeting in old Masonic
Temple, at which time assurances were
given that the degree team of tho tent
would soon be Kept busy initiating new
Mount Vernon Tent, No. 4. held a well
attended meeting last Monday night at
Northeast Temple Plans were perfected
to put n the degree work next Monday
night In full amplified form on two can;
Anacoatla Tent, No. 7, held a well at
tended and Interesting meeting In Ma
sonic Temple In Anacoatla Monday night
where scera! of the members spoke of
the good that had been done by the
tent and the open field for more to be
Tuesday night Brightwoed Tent, No.
S, held a largely attended meeting, and
Potomac Council held its regular meet
ing Monday evening. Grand Knight
nil-nurd A. Curtain presiding, and a
large attendance of members .present As
this was the Drsl meeting oi mo countu
held since the Installation of officers for
the new year, the business affairs of the
council took up the attention of the
members, and a long eeslon was held.
At the meeting of Washington Council
heM on Tuesday evening the grand
knight Dr. Joseph A. Mudd, announced
the personnel of the various council com
mittees for the ensuing year.
Grand Knight Charles W. Darr pre
sided at a very interesting and enthusi
astic meeting of Keane Council Thurs
day evening. A large number of appli
cations have recently been made for
membership In this council.
Carroll Council will hold its regular
meeting next Tuesday at the hall, and
an entertaining programme has been pre
pared by tho lecturer of the council.
The meeting of Spalding Council next
Thursday evening will be In the nature
of a Thanksgiving reunion, with a num
ber of unique and Interesting features
of a programme which ,1s now In prepa
ration under the direction of the grand
knight, Francis J. P. Cleary, and the
lecturer. James Meegan. At this meet
ing an exemplification of the first degree
will be held under the direction of the
new council officers.
The ways and means committee Is con
templating holding a klrmess during' the
Very Fashionable
ter Davis, Mollis Henderson, Sister Thay
er, Sister Stewart, John M. Kempner,
Lewis M. Bernstein, and George W.
Thayer, after which refreshments were
served and a good time enjoyed by all,
Sioux Tribe. No. IS, held Its regular
meeting on Thursday steep, tne jun
sun, beaver moon. The council fire was
kindled at S run and quenched at 10 run.
Arrangements for the coming great
chiefs visitation. Lewis M. Bernstein, ot
Seltese Tribe, No. 16, was a visitor.
The Great Spirit has called to the happy
hunting grounds Brother John Carroll, ot
Logan Tribe; No. &. He died on the
Uth sun, beaver moon at Georgetown
University Hospital and was burled at
Oak Hill Cemetery. The brothers of
the tribe attended and the regular Red
Men ceremony waa given. Tho memoers
of the tribe and of this reservation ten
der their heartfelt sympathy to those
wno survive mm.
Seltese Tribe No. 16, held Its Tegular
meeting on Wednesday sleep, the I3tn
sun, beaver moon. The council fire was
kindled at 8 run and quenched at 10
run. by A. H. Ragan, sachem. All stumps
were properly filled and business of much
Importance was transacted.
Visitors E. H. Clemenson and Thomas
Wlntermyer, of Logan Tribe, No. 8. gave
very interesting talks, followed by
Brothers Frank; Toung. A. H. Ragan,
George C Gllck. Lewis M. Bernstein.
H. C Hudson, and others.
White Eagle Council. No. 4. held Its
regular meeting on Wednesday sleep.
the 13th sun. beaver moon. Palefaces
Sadie E. Anderson and Hattle C. Ander
son were elected to membership and
adopted Into the order. Sister Ora Thor-
nlley. of Waneta Council, No. 6, paid
the council a visit.
The degree team was composed of Dr.
W 8. Whitman, Mamie Inscore, Ma
mie Steves, Sister M. K. Sweeney, A.
Stevenson, Mary Price. Allle Rader,
James Rader, Jennie Lenard. W. M.
Alexander. Martin Hoke, W. C. Wice, T.
E. Anderson, Maria Parezo, and Bessie
Talks were given by Margaret Mckee,
Roy T Algate, Fannie Hoke, Lizzie Pe
trle. Sadie Carey. Mrs. Tom Sablns,
Lewis M. Bernstein, Gertrude McKee.
Ora Thornlley. Dr W. S. 'Whitman.
Mamie Inscore, M W Sweeney, Ma
mie Steves. A. Stevenson, Mary Price,
James Rader. and W M. Alexander,
after which refreshments were served,
followed by dancing.
the degree team Initiated In full ampli
fied form three candidates. The deputy
assured the members that he would hae
at least ten applicants for next Tues
day nlxht This tent has outdistanced
both Georgetown and Anacostla tents In
numbers, and Is still climbing. It hopes
to reach 200 by the end of the year.
Thursday night Georgetown Tent, No.
6, held Its regular weekly review In Odd
Fellows Hall. Georgetown, with a large
attendance of members.
District Tent No. 8. will hold Its
regular review rnd a big time Thursday
night when several new members will
bo Initiated
In Metropolitan Tent, No 12, Oie
pledges of the members are being made
good, and on Tut-sday night a large num
ber of new members wiU be Initiated.
' Brightwood Hive. No. 5. will entertain
the members of Brightwood Tent No. 5,
on WednesJay night December 11, when
closer relations will be formed between
the two working bodies, both of which
are doing so much in the fraternal field.
State Deputy Supreme Commander D.
W. Gall will make Official visits to New
port News and Richmond this week.
Thn tents In the District of Columbia
are in a better working condition than
they have been in J ears, and much good
is being accomplished.
month cf January next and already ar
rangements are being made for a suc
cessful affair. The personnel of tho
committee Is to be augmented by ah aux
iliary committee of twenty members
from each of the eounclls. and It Is ex
pected that with the earnest co-operation
of the officers of all the councils,
which Is assured, the klrmess will be one
Of the most successful affairs held In
the history ot the local Jurisdiction.
Columbia Camp, No. 11923, Modern
Woodmen of America, held a very Inter
esting meeting last Thursday evening In
the camp hall, in Pythian Temple. More
than 100 neighbors were present to wit
ness the degree of woodcraft which was
conferred on a large class of candidates.
The degree staff exemplified the work In
a most ixcellent manner. The "booster"
committee. In charge of Deputy W. C
Boteler, prtsented the camp ten new ap
plications, which promises to keep the
degree team busy for the winter. Clerk
F. A. Royse reported that all but seven
neighbors have changed to the new rates
which go Into effect on January 1, 1911
This seems to show that the neighbors)
are entirely satisfied with the new plans,
which place the society on a permanent
basis, with a total membership of 1,200,
tOO. Under the head of social entertain
ment several in'orestlng talks were
given and a musics programme was ren
dered by the Columbia Camp Glee Club,
under the direction of Escort C. W.
, Norember U-TJaloa. Na 11, and Lufdoa. Na S.
bnslneas: Coeenant Na. 13. and Harmonr. Ka I
(pedal meeting)., degrea work; Beacon, Na 19;
Norember B-TJoIden Hnla. Na 21, (at n, m.1.
degree work; grand raHj at New WOlard Hotel tor
all lodge.
Norember 3-Easin. Na f. Harmony. No. t,
Friendship, Na E, and Federal Clrr, Na 29. bast-
sea meeting.
Norember H-Cotambta. Na 10. Excelsior No. If.
and Salem. Na & baarness meeting.
Norember 2Z-Orntral. Na 1, Metropolfit No. Is,
and Phoenix. Na 3S, bnainwa,
Norember 20 Mccmt Nebo, Na 6. degree wort.
Norember lt XaomL Na L dearee work.
Norember 30-Bsth: Na 1, and Martha Washing
ton, Na 3, degree work.
November 2-Dorcaj, Na I, .degree work.
Norember ;s-Cnton Washington, Na 1, degree
rehearsal and aodaL
Esther Rebekah Lodge met In regular
session last Monday evening and approved
the report of the committee on "Rebekah
Rally." There waa an unusually large
attendance, and the Rebekah degree was
conferred upon three candidates.
Among those noted as present were
Brother and Sister F. D. Tillman and
Brother and Sister B. M. Enyder, of Es
ther Rebekah Lodge. No. 20, of Hyatts
vllle. Md., and Brother John Kynock, of
Ells DIel Rebekah Lodge. No. 264, of Co
lumbus. Ohio. Applications were received
from two candidates, and the lodge de
cided that all candidates accepted from
the present time to December 12 will
be held for the degree work that will be
conferred at the "Rebekah Rally," which
will occur on that date in Odd Fellows
Hall auditorium, the work to be perform
ed by the Rebekah assembly degree staff
of Maryland.
The several Rebekah lodges are putting
forth every effort to make the coming
"Rebekah Rally" of December 12. a grand
success. All six lodges are receiving ap
plications for membership, and the Indi
cations now nre that the number to re
ceive the degree will jequal If not exceed
the number the subordinate lodges ot the
District of Columbia will have for the
occasion of the Joint rally to be held next
Tuesday evening. The sessions of the
general committee have been well attend
ed and great enthusiasm is being shown
In preparing for rally night
On last Wednesday evening Grand Mas
ter George Gerberlch. accompanied by his
grand officers, paid Harmony Lodge, No.
9, his annual visit The officers were ex
amined In the unwritten work, and made
a very creditable showing The reports
of the grand secretary and acting grand
treasurer showed that the lodge has In
creased In membership since January L
also that the finances of the lodge are all
that can be desired. At the close of the
visitation the secretary, E. L. Dunn, read
a very Interesting report covering the
lodge history from the Institution of the
lodge to the present time. Many Inter
estlng facts were shown by the report
one of which being that at the present
time there are on the rolls twenty mem
bers of the lodge forty or more years, also
Last Monday evening Brightwood Hive.
No. E, Ladles of the Maccabees of the
World, held a most interesting review.
thirty-five ladle being present One can
didate was Initiated and three balloted
for. This hive now numbers sixty-six
members, and is working hard to carry
off all the honors for the present ear.
A guard team of sixteen young ladles
was rehearsed In a fancy drill by Mrs.
Minnie Melville, captain. Great prepara
tions are being made for the entertain
ment of the sir knights by this hive the
first of December Refreshments were
served at the close of the evening, and
a social time enjoyed by alL The com
mander, Mrs. Detwiler. has reason to be
proud of her successful administration
of hive affairs.
To-morrow evening Independence Hive,
No. 4. will hold an entertainment and
euchre at Pythian Temple. This hive has
now reached the 100 mark, and hopes to
retain the District banner won by them
in July.
Georgetown Hive. No. 10. held Its regu
lar meeting Friday night with a large
number in attendance. Mrsj Etta Degen
hardt the record keeper of this hive, has
the distinction of being the only officer
In the District to have won the locket
and chain offered by the Supreme Hive
for closing a six-months period with no
The new camp of the United Spanish
War Veterans recently organized In this
city has been designated "Gen. M. Em
met Urell Camp. No 9."
Department Commander Jere A. Cos-
tello. Department of the District of Co
lumbia. United Spanish War Veterans,
has directed Department Mustering Offi
cer Lyman J. Laughton to Institute the
new camp at the assembly hail of the
camp. Perpetual Building Association's
hall. Eleventh ana E streets ronnwest
at 8 p. m. next Wednesday.
The new camp has a membership or
about seventy-five. The charter Is being
held open until December 31. 1912, to en
able old comrades of the late Gen. Urell
to affiliate with a camp organized to per
petuate hfs memory.
The officers of the camp who will be
installed on the night that the camp is
Instituted are Commander, Henry Leon
ard, major, U. S. M. C, retired, senior
Ice commander, Joseph B. Morton, cap
tain, U. S. V.; Junior vice commander.
James McDonald. Eighty-eighth Com
pany, C A. C; officer of the day, Bert
PerselL Troop G, Thirteenth Cavalry:
officer ot the guard, Frederick A. Dellar,
Company B, Third U. S. Infantry; trus
; that the . present financial secretary.
George 8. Stewart, P. a and the present
treasurer, Marcus Richardson, F. G
have both held office as such for twenty
three consecutive years, with honor to
the lodge and themselves; Grand Master,
Gerberlch was presented by Past Grand"
Master Thomas 3, Gates, on behalf of
Harmony Lodge, a, handsome) silk um
brella, and same accepted- by a. few wall
chosen words by the grand, master. At
the close of the lodge all adjourned to
the supper room, where refreshments
were served. The attendance of the lodge
on roll call showed present flfty-tTarerj,
and reported by letter twenty.
The past week has been a busy one In
all of the subordinate lodges, as almost
every lodge had a class for the Initiatory
degree, and preparing their condldatsa for
the coming rally degree work. On Tues
day evening the general committee on
rally met In the blue room. Odd Fellows
Hall, anil completed all arrangements for
the coming event. The reports from tho
subcommittees showed that the beautiful
banquet room of the Wlllard Hotel would
be prepared to accommodate all who may
attend, and that the degree work that
would be given Tuesday evening, Novem
ebr 19. at said rally would be all that
could be desired. The report of the sev
eral lodges from Maryland. Virginia, and
the District of Columbia, showed that at
least 200 candidates would bo present to
receive tho three degrees. By soma un
known means lt appears that the word
has gone out that there would be refresh
ments served at the rally meeting, which
Is an error. There Is no supper or ban
quet provided nor will be provided on that
occasion. The Indications are that the
secretary of the Sovereign Grand Lodge.
O. O. F.. John B. Goodwin. Will
be present and make a few remarks prior
to the conferring of the degrees.
Several of the Grand Lodge officers of
the Jurisdictions of Virginia and Mary
land have been Invited to be present as
well as several active and prominent
members from said States. The doors
will open at 7 p. m.. and the general exer
cises will comemnce promptly at 730.
and the degree work at 8 o'clock. All
members other than members of degree
teams, candidates, and- committee mem
bers will be admitted by way of the F
Street elevators only. Members of degree
staffs, candidates and committee mem
bers will take the Pennsylvania Avenaa
lobby elevators.
Last Tuesday evening. Esther Rebekah
Lodge. No. 6, gave the first of Its month
ly series of assembly dances. There was
a good attendance, and all present ex
pressed themselves as having had a good
time. The next dance will be held in the
auditorium of Odd Fellows Hall, Wednes
day evening. December 11.
Next Wednesday evening Canton Wash
ington, No. 1. will hold the second of Its
series of assembly dances, and all who
desire Invitations can procure same from
any of the members or from the superin
tendent of the halL This is the third year
of' canton assembly dances, and all who
have attended In the past have appeared
to thoroughly enjoy themselves.
suspensions. Georgetown Hive is plan
ning for a literary and musical enter
tainment for Georgetown Tent during
Liberty Hive held one of the most
pleasant reviews of the year Tuesday
evening, when a report of the rummage
sale committee showed 333 cleared by this
enterprising little hive. This hive has,
recently initiated two candidates, and '
bids fair to close the year successfully1
as a progressive hive, which Is the
earnest desire of their efficient com-
mander. Mtu Whlttleton.
Thursday evening Union Hive, No. 6.
held a most successful euchre at North
east Temple. This hive is organizing a
Junior guard team, and expects to give
an entertainment in the near future
Tuesday evening District Hive, No. !,
and Washington Hive, No. 9, held a Joint
review, with a large number In attend
ance. District Hive reported success
with Its rummage sale, thanks to Lady
Battles, chairman. Washington Hive.
No. 9, In planning for an entertainment
on November 26.
Columbia Hive No. 3, held a pleasant
meeting November 12. This hive is mak
ing plans to return the hospitality of
Metropolitan Tent K. O T M In the
near future.
tee for three years. Alfred R. McGon
egaL Company K.Flrst V S Volunteer
Engineers; trustee for two years, Charles
M. Forrest: trustee for one year. Frank
H. Smith. Company M. Seventeenth U.
S. Infantry.
The appointive officers of the camp are
adjutant Robert E. Wallace. lieutenant,
First Kentucky Volunteer Infantry,
quartermaster. Harry F. Patterson, First
District of Columbia Volunteer Infantry,
historian. John Murphy, Company I,
Fourth U S Volunteer Infantry, and
surgeon. James W. Hart contract sur
geon, U. S. A.
Commander Leonard, of the new camp,
will In the near future appoint Chaplain
G Livingston Bayard. V. S N . as chap
lain of the camp
National Conclave. No. 661, Improved
Order' Heptasophs, a unit of an aggre
gate membership of nearly 80,000 In
numbers, held an enthusiastic meeting
on Thursday evening last at Eagles
Hall Plans were formulated for mak
ing the meetings during the oocolnK
winter attractive for the members. Fol
lowing adjournment the members retired
to a nearby restaurant for a light lunch
eon. , "By HOP"

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