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PubUilirf Emy Moraine la li Tor tr
IHepttoDf Utla SOO. (PrlTtls Bnsca ExcHuxe.)
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mous contributions, and no communica
tions to the editor will be printed ex
cept over the name of the writer.
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be returned If unavailable, but stamps
should be sent with the manuscript for
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New York RepmenUtlre. J a WILBLBDINO
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Cblcico RepmrntlUre A. R. KLATOB. TU
Hertford Bnlldini
Why Ronmama Is Neutral.
There are those among us who fail
to figure it out why Roumania, though
one of the Balkan states and a lead
ing one at that has not joined forces
with its neighborSj the Bulgars, Scrv
tans and Montenegrins, in their pres
ent determined and well nigh success
ful efforts to drive the Turks back
upon the Bopliorus and if possible,
altogether out of Europe
Of course, the Roumanians hae no
mor.. liking for the Mohammedan op
pressor than anj of the rest of the
Balkan peoples but King Carol
hands are tied And this is the caue
When in April 1S66 Prince Karl
(Carol) ot HohenzoIIern Sigmanngen
accepted the crown of Roumania, which
the Count of Flanders brother of the
late King of the Belgians Leopold II
had declined the European cabinets at
once became satisfied that the liberties
of two scarcely known principalities
Maldovn and Wallaclua which in
1856 had been united under one regime
as Roumania were destined to pla a
leading role in the destinies of the Bal
kan states whose outposts thev are be
cause bordering on the Euxme
This became apparent speedily when
it 1877 the new dual principalis dcli
catcl threw off the Turkish joke b
declaring its independent a step that
never could have been undertaken and
earned out suc-essfullj but for the
n oral and de facto backing of Germany
and Russn
Winn in Februar 6 1800 the fir t
ruler of the combined principalities
Prince Couza (Alexander John I) was
deprscd after a successful palace revo
lution and ultimately Karl of Hohen
zollern was smuggled into the cour
trv, bv the premier who had an ee
to the future greatness of his countrj
the voung prince brought with him the
strong weight of the influence of his
km at Berlin For though, of a dif
ferent faith the Prussian Hohenzol
lerns became Protestants at the re
formation the South German branch
of the family alwajs has enjojed the
friendship and good will of their north
ern relatives
It must he admitted that Prince
Karl proved himself to be the man for
the place able to introduce and carrv
out the reforms so badly needed among
his onlv half civilized populace des
cendants of the Roman Dacians who
remained lords of the soil after Goths
Huns Bulgar and Slavs in the great
migration period of the eleventh cen
tur had flooded the countrv in their
onward inarch toward the west of
Turopc ftcr giving his land a liberal
representative coiistfftrtion with two
legislative chambers he rejected the
suzerainty of the Sublime Porte which
had b en w tided since the sixteenth
cenitir ind had Roumama's indc
pendmec recognized at the Con
gress of Berlin as well as later on in
the R is o Turkish treaty of San Ste
fano It wis but natural that after send
ing 1" soldiers to fight on the side
of R isia and the fine account his small
but courageous force had given of it
self especially at Plevna, he made a
firm friend of the Czar which relation
ship was still more firm! cemented
when Prince Carol ceded to Russia his
exceedingly fertile, large and populous
province of Bessarabia, giving h:s
powerful northern ally a much desired
waterfront and taking in return the
insignificant Dobrudscha, an inland sec
tion of no strategical value.
What followed was but the natural
sequel Prince Carol proclaimed him
self a King of Roumania and the
European concert, meaning of course
Germanv and Russia, was agreeable.
Under his wise and progressive rule
the land has prospered wonderfullj He
, is independent He can gain neither
land nor prestige by antagonizing Rus
sia, which is determined to one day
herself hold the ke$ to the Levant,
the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmosa,
and the Dardanelles. He is under
obligations to the Czar, and 'tins means
that he can make no concession to nor
aid Austria to get to the Euxme. He
iasn't a chance to get a slice of the
Turkish possessions, in case of victory
or a division, for Sema and Bulgaria
are between Roumania and Macedonia
and Tliracia, and above all he is the
cousin of the Kaiser, who has kept ab
solutely out of the entanglement and
whose personal sentiments since his
memorable journey to the Holy Land
and .the profitable commercial treatj
with Turkey and industrial concession
that resulted are well known.
AMissionary of Good Will.
Under the auspices of the Carnegie
Foundation of International Peace, an
entirely new--type of missionary is
going to foreign lands. He Boes not
to Christianize or evangelize, or even
to civilize, but to promote mutual
friendship, thus preparing the way for
universal peace
That was Dr Eliot's mission, -anil
his successor in the work is Dr Ham
ilton Wright Marble, a cosmopolitan of
wide culture, who is about to sail for
Japan and, as President Butler, of Co
lumbia put it ' To five in intimate con
tact with the Japanese, to leave his
great personality impressed upon them,
and to reveal bv his acts, words, and
attitude the kindness with which the
people of the United States view the
people of Japan"
Dr Marble would not have the
Japanese imitate the Americans or the
Americans copj the Japanese, for he
believes that the hope of civilization
lies in continued vanetv of tpes He
saj, in fact, that he vvpuld look with
horror upon the prospect of. the Eas
and the West becoming identical
Which, with due respect tojhe learned
professor, is going too far both wajs
For diversitj and variety need not
stand in the vvav of appreciation and
friendship At an rate Dr Marble is
eminently fitted to promote the spirit
of good 'nil between the United State:
and Japan
D'Abruzzi and Albania
Now that the issue of arms nuj be
taken as virtually decided in the Bal
kans leading European papers begin
to concern themselves with the issue
of diplomacj We arc told that this
difficult also has been faced bv the
allied powers That is the more easily
believed because ever since the treat
of Berlin Balkan statesmen have been
occupied with tins problem of ultimate
Sir Charles Dilkc who knew the
subject as few others have done stated
in a Fortnightly Review article sub
sequen Iv included in his Present
Position of European Politics (1S871
that before the deposition of Prince
Alexander ot Bulgarn ( a Battenberg
and near km to the British rojal fam
ilv ) the Greek Minister, Tricpupis had
concluded an arrangement with the
Bulgarian government for the dclimi
tation 011 a map of the respective
phercs of influence of Greece and Bui
gana in Macedonia This was count
ing without the other tv powers who
have been allies in the present enter
prise which to-dav bring partition lull
111 view
But to dav 1 difficulty presents it
self which complicated the issue in
187S and iSbl the di position of 1
bania The Mbaiuaiis arc a separate
people, and a Luropcan people possess
ing a strong sentiment of natioinlit
Sir Charles Dilkc who was at the
foreign office (as under secretary to
Lord Granville) during the first years
of Mr Gladstone's administration had
to deal with the claims ot Grcea Ind
ot Montenegro under the incomplete
settlement of 187S The plan which
he proposed m 1880 was one to w IiilIi
in 1887 he still adhered 1 offering a
satisfactorj solution namely autonomy
for Albania subject to a personal
union with Greece under the King of
the Hellenes
In his opinion the complete Hcllin
izmg of Albania would have a rapid
and easy process because the Viuiliern
Albanians are not only largely rctk
111 religion and dress (thev wear the
Greek fustanclla) but arc Grcik al o
111 their customs This list po in is
of supreme importance for tins hardv
breed ot fighting men is well able to
make its oyvn voice heard in the dt
cision of its destiny In 1879 thev how
cd violent aversion ro enmni under
Montenegrin rule and suicessfullv -c-'lsted
ill original proposals ot Euro
pcan diplomaev Montenegrins arc rela
tivclj new eomers in that part of
Europe whereas Greece is not only n
great name but 1 mine familiar to the
mind of the Illvnan peoples since the
dawn of I uropean civilization
Albania well might consent to be
free under the hegemonv of a Hellenic
government If this were so a crucial
difficulty would have been removed on
honorable terms c have read a good
deal latclv about making tnc Duke of
the Abruzzi the ruler of Albania, but
this eems to be pure guesswork as
offering the throne of that countrv to
a relative of the king- of Italv could
be as little acceptable to the sturdy
mountaineers as coming under the
scepter of Montenegro seeing that the
King of that little mountain fastness is
the father-in law of King Victor Em
manuel, who in turn is the first cousin
to the Duke of the Abruzzi (who is
well-known to Americans as the al
leged suitor of Miss Kathcnne Elkms
wherefor no doubt it would be greatl
pleasing to many among us to see him
made a king and then offer Ins roval
hand to our accomplished countrj -woman)
But he has little if anv chance.
Turkey ma not be cheaper after the
war. but .t vlll feel a great deal
Those who are buv figuring out candi
dates for Mr Wllpon s Cabinet seem to
have overlooked Thomas Fortune ftyan
The Democratic partv at last Is In the
millionaire cLis."
Austtla persists In rocking the Balkan
Hurrah' We've rotten In the hay.
At least that's what the poets say;
Though not a poet In the land
.At ha) ins ever turned a hand.
The vegetables are gathered now.
At least so all the poeta vow.
Though not a poet that you meet
Could tell a turnip from a beet.
L nut an) how, weve stored the crops.
loe ruiauunas miu uic uiD
And all the poets smile and smirk
As If they d helped to do the work.
loo Much Politics.
Von Ppull has been a trifle hoarse for
several weeks
.ppcdxlnc Topic.
What shall ou speak of at the doc
tor s banquet '
The danger of tphus In osters"
Votraibrt IO In HUlor.v. ,
November 19 1539 Henry VIII Is se-
verel bitten by a turkey .gobbler
November 19 HS9 Joan of Arc throws
a brick through the window of the CIt
Told Conrtlng.
Hon Is It that Miss 'Wombat has no
beaux She s a prett) girl and all that '
Yes but her father Is one of these
gu)s who docsn t bellevo In heating the
Tr not the pass, ' the old man said
Uut tr to buck the line. Instead
The football hero downed the guards
And gained about 11 yards
She Explains.
Do 1011 love me, Esmeralda
Of course I love )ou Since I became
acquainted with ou I have really got
ten to admire pop ees
Onr Dally Thonnht.
The wa of the transgressor Is well
written up
PlunlsilIIr 'News
H"ar jou had some trouble at th
dance last night Anybody kilt
Notxnlj kilt Consider tblo hair pulled
out Well m daughter has been want
ing some hslr to make a wreath
Fly ttoj of A nrlety.
Fvers Thanksgiving magizlne hat a
p cture of a turkej on its cover I in
tired of it
What would jou have
I wish some magazine bv vta
varletl would give us the picture
plate of hash
Inpanrnf MIIllofinlre
Frrtn nuTrs Weekly
Japanese periodical hat complete 1 a
IHt of all the subjects of the Mikado
who mil be reckoned among the wealth
and it shows that onl 1 01s Japanese pos
W8t a capital of J-fArt or more Never
thele" if the Japanes are generally
speaking poor It would seem that the
are rapidly becctming rich for less than
ten ear ago there seem to have been
onl 441 who poesed a capital of TiO
(mo In this space of time the number of
the wealth has augmented In a rvtlo
altogether out of proportion to in thing
Knonn In the past having more than
doubleil itself and Japanese statesmen
are pointing out with alarm that the
are not Imitating the Irench In keep
ing wciltl distributed largel tmong the
people bull they gather tome comfort
fr im the reflection that the population of
Japan (including Pormosa Is now 51
Onoooo an enormous increase over what
tht ri e numtHTttl fifteen veart igo and
m re tlnn half that of the l niled Statet.
Tl e rl hest man in Japan is IJiron MIt
sul who is worth KZnOdn
Pntlnsr neforr Slerplnx
Frrtn th rmilT Doctor
Ml animils except man eat 1 efore
sleep and there is no reason wh man
should form an exception to the rule
FTting during the long Intcrvil between
supper and breakfast ind especlall the
tompltte emptiness of the stomach dur
ing sleep add greatl to the amount of
emaclitlon sleeplessness and general
weakness o often met with
It Is wtll known that in the bod there
Ik a 1 rrpctual disintegration of tissue
sleeping or unking It Is therefore nat
ural to believe that the supplv of nour
Ishment should be somewhat continuous
esrvrlillv In those In whom the vltallt
is lowered As hodllv exercise is kus
Ponded during sleep with wear and tear
torreepondlnglv dlmlnishtd. while dlges
tlon assimilation and nutritive activit
rontinut as usual the foor furnished dur
ing this period adds more than Is de
trvil and Increased veight and lm
provi'd general vigor is the result
If ih- weakl the emaciated and the
sh. pless were to take nlghtl a lihht
n-al of simple nutritious food before
going 10 btd for a prolonged period they
would le raised to a better stindard of
leilth It has been our experien e that
after digesting a bowl of 1 read ind milk
or a saucer of oatmeal before going to
Im d for a few months a surprising in
crease In weight strength and general
t ne has resulted This tourse is not rec
ommended to those persons who are
stout ind plethoric
lnm II sprmgfleld Republican
Tin tolonel and the Turk art alike in
tulliiu. it onlv the first battle
Krom lh Rnebetfrr Pot Mprnt
I,ondon chorus girls are now required
to enter Into a contract not to man-
The peerage must be protected at all
Iran the tl rinl Dupatrfi
Czar rerdinand will not lead his arm
against Constantinople as he Is afraid
of cholera War ma be what Gen bher
maii said but there are some things that
are worse
Krnm tl " louiUl Pct,
1 nele Joe Cannon has not vet been
mentioned as the next Senator from
Finn the Toiirk tiul
We gather from our casual foray
through the columns of Colliers that
Ileut Becker has al'o been convicted bv
.Richard Harding Davis
Frttn the KtnMS Citr Pur
Another result of the election was to
reveal the whereabouts of Agulnaldo
who attended a Democratic ratification
meeting In Manila
1-lron tbo New lark Sua.
Mr Taft did one of the bravest things
in his life when he accepted an Invitation
to attend the next Gridiron Club dinner
In W ashlngton
tnan the lndianatolu Mr.
That ' open door" that the PrreMt-
elect contemplates wouldn t mere! dis-
tum tne political Dusiness, It would rev
olutionize' the whole IndustrJ
frem the Clinton (Ohio) Itfni.blimn
The lnioultv of favoritism shnun k. ,1.-
nres.s Is Illustrated hi thA fmni .. .
notices given to tjie Item when Wilson
sevteti a Mutton on his trouser, though
there has never been a word snt,! mh....
the thousand and one times Taft has
busted one off playing goU.
Sustains Him in Refusing Second
class Mail Privileges to Cer
tain Publications.
In two cases Involving the adminis
tration by the Post-office Department
of the law relating to second-class
privileges, the Supreme Court ester
day upheld Postmaster General Hitch
cock These casus Involved his action
In denying the second class privileges
to New Ttork publishers who sought to
transmit through the malls at the low
er rate novels or books published In
magazine form. Issued at stated Inter
vals but carrIng a single running
stor or a series of,storics. one the se
quel of the other, the aggregate form
ing a single book
The Supreme Court held that such
publications are not "periodicals but
books, ' and being so classified, should
pay the higher rate Tho publishers
Involved were Htreet &. Smith and
Frank Tousej The publication denied
the classification thalVmtltlcd them to
a cheaper rate of postage as second
class matter were Tip Top Weekly and
' ork and Win. ' The case came to the
I nlted -States Supreme Court from the
Supreme Court of tho District of Co
lumbia The publishers sought an In
junction against the Postmaster Gen
eral to restrain him from denying the
second class rates tp their publications.
The Injunction was denied and the pub
Ushers ippealcd
Justice Holmes started a ripple of
laughter among1' the dignified lawers
which was reflected In smiles from the
members of the court when he sought
to connect one Issue of the 'Tip Top
Weekly with those following to show
Tht element of sequence may be In
dicated by a few of the titles I- rank
Merrlwell In Arizona' or, the Msteries
of the Mine 'Frank Merrlwell s Friend,
or Muriel the Moonshiner . "Frank Mer
rlwell s Double or Fighting for Ufe ,
Frank Merrlwell Meshed' or. the Last
of the Danltes . -Krank Merrlwell s
Magle or the Pearl of Tangier ' frank
Merrlwell In London' or The Grip of
Doom There Is nothing tisc in the
number except a roil of honor or list
of somo of those who have endeavored
to inert ase the circulation of the s ries
laudator letters with Insignificant com
ments and a page or two of the In
qulrles as to phscal culture purport
ing to come from readers with short
replies all more or less incident to the
muscular tenor of the tales '
Mining Engineer Passes Through
Exciting Experiences
in Africa
New ork Nov 1 With a stor of
adventures In the wilds of Africa sUf
nelentl thrilling to suit the most xact
ing Robert Overton Taltt a mining engl
neer who lives near Los Vngeles. Cal
arrived in New 1.01k to da on h s wa
home The engineer was arrompanitd
on his trip which w-is for the purpose
of prosf et ting for gold b Gordon C imp
hell a s-ot whom Talte met in Cape
The second night after our part was
encamped on the south shore of I.akt
Nanza recites Mr Ttlte, we were
aroused i a series of nerve racking
screams to find that several giant croco
dlles had slipped ashore and seize 1 two
of our negro porters One of these was
rescued but he was so bad! mutilated
that he soon died The other was evi
dent! ati 11 alive
tft r 1 m-pe-cting vainl in the Like
Nanza region we moved to the vicinit
of btamVv Falls where wt wer near!
eaten ilive b the tsetse 11 and hordts
of viuous mosquitoes We located a
little placer gold but be ni. dlssatlsried
built 1 raft and proceeded down the
One dav we ran Into a fleet of about
om thousand lilt popotaml The raft
frighuned them uppart ntl an I In their
anxiet to get awa tht raft was over
turned throwing the whole outfit Into
tht river Hv natives vttre drowned
Campbell nistlf and three natives
reached shore with ftw weapons onl
to find ourselves in 1 I ind inhabited bt
For thr e weeks w. wandered tint
lessl about dt dging ever dust r of
huts and pet urlng our food b tht 11st
of tht revolvers Wt wen nearly fam
Ished for water In tin detd of night
an Immense gnrlll 1 iltacked Hlg Tim
one of our men ind put the ntgru to
diath dt spite a gall Hit tn.ht
Then t ime 1 light with annibuls a
thrilline escape and limillv res ut b a
pirtv of Kelglm rubber hunters
seen Inn
I-1 slier
ml (
C nmiiiixlum ( onfrr
"ecreiar of the Interior Fisher ves
terda tonferred witli representatives of
water power interests and conservation
commi sions throughout the eountr
with a view to revising the recent regu
latlons ssued b the Department of In
terlor for the control of water power
sites on government land
Prof C D Marx of Inland Stanford
University, and Louis Glavls represent
fd the conservation commission and the
California State water commission
California appearing to bo the chief
Mate concerned ovt r the matter
It is t xpected that as the result of the
conference Secretar Fisher will make
recomimndatlons-to Congress for add!
tlonal legislation on the subject of wattr
power sites
ship nollders ProtrM i
Representatives of Important ship
bulldim. concerns 05terdn protested to
Assistant -secretar of the Treasur Cur !
tis against a liberal construction of the
provision in the Panama Canal actj
passed at the last session of Congress 1
admitting free of Mut materials used '
in the construction of vessels The,
Treasur Department probably will pro
mulgate new regulations within the next
few weeks
'Will Mi lie n 'Wlpt Out Diseases
Col W illlam L. Corpus head of the
sanitar forces In the Panama Canal
Zone will leave this week for Guaa
quil with anumber o experts to assist
him In remedying conditions responsible
for the prevalence of e!Iow fever,
plague and other diseases
I am the Washington Agent for all
the leading magazines Send for cata
logue Ml prices are the lowest I can
duplicate any offer made b any pub
lisher or agenc uraer Amis girts
FRASER, The Magazine Man,
SIS Keaola Bldg., 11th and O Sts.
VTslv Hral( S7S000 contest vols
Public Health Branch of Board of
Trade Considers Sections
of Report.
The committee on public health of the
Board of Trade met last night and
passed upon several sections of the
forthcoming report, which will be print
ed and submitted to the board That
section recommending a bureau of recre
ation., under supervision of tho Com
missioners., to look after playgrounds,
bathing pools and other forms of recre
ation plants established or to be estab
lished by the municipal government, was
Th committee also approved the
recommendation tLat the bacteriological
laborator of th" District be greatly
enlarged so as to bring it up to a stand'
ard of elllclene that would mako 1
useful In determining numerous facts
which lie at the btsls of scientific sani
tation It was stated by a member ot
the committee 'hat the facilities now at
the command of the District do not al
low of the proper determination of the
character of milk sold in Washington
of the water suppl) and the conditions
which ma or ma not have entered Into
the spread of contagious diseases The
report will recommend appropriations
by Congress sufllcient to make the labo
rator useful as an adjunct of the
Hualth Department
Next Thursday was the date set for
the committee to make an inspection of
the cold storage facilities, in connection
with Center Market and the wholesale
commission huusts When this Inspec
tion has been made the committee will
be In a pol'lon to pass upon the re
maining section of lln report
Country Must Have Revenue and
So Mubt Have a Tariff
To th rdltor Tie I Istor of the
Dtmocratii part furnishes no precedent
or Justfitatlon for the contentions of
the free traders Tariff for revenue
ml has alwas been a tenet of tht.
part s theoretic doctrine as an Ideal
consummation but in practice our great
leaders have as a rule agreed to a pol
ic of a fair end reasonable Intldental
tariff protection We must have the
rev 1 nut then wh not have the benefits
of fair and needed protection'
The prudent men of the Democratic
part have no more desire to enact a
fre. tnde measure than the pruednt
men of tht Republican part des re to
enact a tariff law that would absolutely
prohllit all Importations Tariff laws,
as well as most other laws In this coun
tr must and will vr he in a large
in asure the result of 1 ompromises b
twten partlts. I-verj intelligent man In
the 1 nlted Mates knows that we are not
g lng to havt a free trad tar ff 1 iw It
must and will be a compromise between
the 1'e-il theories of the two old polit
nal parties Lven though It should Ik
a thoroughl Demmratic measure It will
be in keeping with the party s practical
point ind not with its theoretic Ideals
The imptrtant question is how far will
t lean toward fostering spetial In
t rests or how far will it lean toward
t rotectlng the general welfare of the
ptopl tureful and s ientitlt down
ward revision in the Interest of the peo
pit net 1 not tt unfair to an honest
ouslness interest It ma be that there
should Ih1 1 gradual reduction in some
1 f th s htdul s m order that the ( oij
gress may inittiousl feel itst wa to
1 fair and Jut solution of the rates
If we appeal to tht old leaders Jeffer
s n M nrr ind Jackson w,- shall tin 1
that the did not object to im idental
prottction. but were rather in favor of
gvlng our manuf uturers the t eneflt of
a fair an ! reasonable tariff 1 it tectloyi
nr tiunroe -iavcaiea ann signeti a pro
tcctiv meisure whilst vte And Andrtw
J it kson suyfng that the rule to be oh
rved In graduating the duties upon for
ign produt t was that which would
lace our own in fair competition with
them w vv l sviITU
Wu-hiiftcn I ocmh- ! 11
e in Hie ( I
Im t
T th. I litor Th. iniuguritiiMi of
th Department of lttir as a regularl
rtsognlztd 1 ram h of th, a Iministration
will in rtast tht niiinh r of departments
to ten When at tht beginning of his
servle. in 1 Presi lent Ja kson nvittd
tl t lostmist r ,eneral 10 take a seat
at lis tonntil tahle mint if his , oun
try nun thr light I e w is making the al
in t s, large 1 1 be unwieldl I our
pemons did ill the nulive business
ef lie governmtnt in W tshiugton s time
as President One 1 t-etntarv if the
Nmvv wis nddt d during tains serv
ice and there the expanson stopepd un
til Jackson mtered t flice when hi male
the Postmaster (.eneril a member of
his officii fami!
There were stories at the time that
the reason wh Jackson w inted to have
the Postmaster General pre mntetl to
Cabinet rank was so that he Jackson
tould have more control over the few
thousand subordinates of the department
than he could exer If that offliial re
malned as he ind been merely the lie id
of 1 bureau This of course was an
error for though Jatkson s clean
sweep among the office holUrs touched
the postal service as el s i mil at as
man) points as It di I ant of the other
departments, he could hive done this
just as readily had the servne remained
as It was under his pndecessors The
postal servhc had bet n growing rap
idl with the growth of the countrj
ind the Postmaster General was too lm
portant an official to be left nn longer
in the subordinate ranks w hi h he hell
In the first third of 1 cntur ot the
The six Cabinet posts of Ja kson s das
have grown to nint in Roosevelt s an 1
the expansion has bet 11 noiu too rap d
for the duties which the heads of tht
abinet perform Tht Department of the
Interior came In with Talor That of
agr culture dates from the latter part
of Cleveland s first texm an 1 that of
Commerce and Labor to Roosevelt s
Each of these new Cabinet officials has
had mucli Important work to perform
The same will be true of the head of
the Department of Labor In the das
when four officials the heads of the
State Treasur and War Departments
and the Attorney General omprsetl all
the members of the President s council
the United States had onlv 4OJO000 or
S,CO0CKX Inhabitants. While tht popula
tion of the eountr has been multiplied
b twent since the cloe of Washing
tons das and while the governments
activities have been expanded in a far
higher ratio the Cabinet has onl been
a little more than doubled I-ach of tin
nine executive officials of 1112 has nn
Imemasurabl) large fit Id to tovtr than
d d an) of th,e four of 19 s
On But Creek. STJ niilei fnrnt I Vnsrto, a lars
hjdrcveltctric plant is now tini huilt. Current
from thii tuat mill b cmdueutl Los Acftin U
1 YolUi of txtwtta 113,000 to L'5,000.
.-,'. -sVag.
6th and N. Y..Ave. N. W. Washington, D. C. f
Old Friends Are the Best j
Every Wasliingtonian looks upon Libbej's. Old Reliable t
Lumber Yard as if it were an old friend, for this vard has been
doing business in Washington for nearlv a hundred years In 4
that time we have gained the confidence of the people bv honest 4
dealing, and ccrbodj thinks of Libbcy the first thing when they f,
want good, sound lumber and millwork at fair and reasonable J
Wr$e 1 '! " 't
Author of "At Good Old Slrrosb."
An umbrella Is a circulating medium
which passes from hand to hand like
I mbrcllas are designed to keep the rain
off of the wearers hat and deposit It
n his shoulders The) are made of
loth stretched tlghtlv over steel ribs.
The rib is the umbrellas vital point A
man may break a rib or even have it
shot away and still live to become Presi
dent but when an umbrella breaks a
rib It Is good onl) to lend to a personal
Lmbrellas are so made that the) can
be opened and closed with great ease
except when the owner is trying to get
nto or out of a street car w hen an
umbrella Is brougl t Into the house it
is folded up neatl) and stood in a corner
to drain On a wet di) enough water
Is tarried into the bouses of this nation
umbrellas to fill the big lock of
the Panama Canal
1 mhrellas were Inv nted in I- ngiand
many ears ago and when the first um
hrella owner appeirtd on the streets
lie was stonyd b) the indignant populace
which roresaw tne trounie n was goins
to have keeping its e)es free from the
noxious thinks In bad weather
Wearing an umbrella requires as much
skill as tacking a ship in a heavv wind
n experienced navigator can enrr) a
a lufge umbrella through a gale of
w nd and rain sutcessfullv but the green
hand is compelled to push It before him
and mow down pedestrians in rows
I mbrtllas are mad in great variet)
ind numbers but their cost is unknown
er) few people pav for umbrellas s
a rule a man s umbrellas are the assets
fur 1 rksl Prtneetllnisx
flristow- dams chairman of the spe
i ial join commute, of seven at point
ed b) the Board of Trade Chamber of
I ommcrce an 1 the entral Labor
l nion has etarnel to the tit) after
an absence of severel wteks ml an
nounce vesterdav that lie wouiu im
mediately call the committee together
to carry out the work with which It
was charged This w is to dispute the
rikht of the Commissioners to raise the
water rates
Mr Adams purposes to raise a fund
b) subscription to fight the proposition
in the courts iu the Supreme Court if
necessar) If is assumed bv the com
mittet that tJOO will b. sUmient fur
the rjrst 1 gal tussl over th iiucs
tlon ind Mr dams thinks it will be
tas to raise this amount
The case which Is to he tried orlgi
nated last lulv when W s Uransom
refused to pa) a higher rate and was
threatened with hiving his water sup-
pi) cut off The ease is on tht docket
f tin District Mipreme ton t an I
litre the tlrst battle of the tampaisn
, ill 1 e fought beginning probabl) De
tmber lb
t a meeting f the convent ons iom
ilttee if the t hambcr of Commerce
eslerdit il was il. lileii to "end lit
rature nd ill Invitation to the Vmer
l an Poa lilders Association t i bold
ts cnven ion in Washington nivl
ear I-ce I (,al rill sup, rintendent "f
nd lh.
meeting of th- issulatlon In incm
niti next month ind will be the ht ir
to the assort nion of the lnvltiUon
tomi io Washington
Adds Healthful Oualiiiesioferood
(l Ume PhosphatmsX I
i !
of his absent nflndedness Lrabr Has an
lead pencils are two articles whlih i
be stolen without .endangering tht r
tation The easiest way to obta i
umbrella is to step up to a total Strang :
Eaot sh water is eamei icto th honva ef th
nation by umbrHlaa tn f 11 ih tag
bl lock of tha I aiujca Onal.
lard claim the one he is carrying Ten tt
on he will apologize as h- hands '
Somewhere In the world are the dc
voted f-w who bu) the umbrellas f r
the millions, but no one has as )et start
ed an agitation to erect a monument to
! their m.mor)
c rrrliiit !"H r Otorrs MatthfW AiUxe
Public I lllltlea Commissioners XV III
Meet Here To-day.
The twtntv fourth annual, convent!
of th National Association of Raiiwa
Commissioners will be held n this c
beginning to dav
It is p.ct-d that about fo-tv elg
d legates r presenting State commit
sions i ublic utilities commissions and
other similar bodies will be in attend
ance Among the Important matters tt
be discussed b) the convention will b
legislation b) Congress providing for
the ph)sical valuation of rallwa) prop
ertie demurrage ic and it is ex
pelted thit the convention will go
record as favoring the reforms dire t I
bv the Interstate Commerce Commlssio
in connecti n w th the express m
panies of ti e countrv
It Is prolable that the convention wi
tlis uss the Commerce Court and go on
record as to whether it should be cm
Charles s. Morton, Noted EvnnKrllst.
Surtuitilis In .(hlcnkn
The death of harles -. Morton f
merl) iniernatit nal secretary of t
Florence rittenton Hope and Help M
slon In this iltv and a life long m s
and evangelistic worker has been r
noun ed in this eitv
Mr Mt rlon died In Chicago last S
da He was about lift) five )tars I
an I latei) w is enmged in writing a 1k
up n his eerientes in rescue work II
is survived bv his widow ard two daugh
qj Tartar.
fry. ;?- "' T

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